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ЮБИСОФТ ЗАСТАВИТ ВАС ПЛАТИТЬ | Assassin's Creed Valhalla

  • A Way Too In-Depth Guide on Orion


    **IMPORTANT** Unfortunately, most of the tips in the Approach Options section of this video that involve speed dodges are a bit outdated due to the removal of raw aerial and grounded speed dodges. Speed dodges now only work immediately after landing an attack. For approaching, I recommend using the same moves described with speed dodge, but replace the 'speed dodge' with a dash-jump instead (and don't worry about reversing them either). Almost all of the other tips in this video are still relevant, though.


    At this rate, my next video is going to be about as long as the second Lord of The Rings Movie...

    *Before you say, These tips don't work Steph, these players are all silver! I want to note that the majority of these clips were taken from out of actual ranked games.*

    Global Breakout:

    Image Credit:
    Thumbnail Harbinger Orion from qazmoqwerty |
    Orion Created in Paint by SuperGoatsCheese1 |
    Fsjal Asuri by Kaplan Horus |
    That... Umm that... Bodvar from Brawlhalla Memes |

    Intro: 0:49

    Approach Options: 2:43
    --- Spear: 3:17
    --- Lance: 5:49

    Follow Ups and Reads:
    --- Spear: 7:47
    ------- 0-Death String: 8:56
    --- Lance: 10:32
    ------- 0-Death String: 12:21

    Stupid Stuff: 13:03
    --- Platform Slide Charging: 13:19
    --- Signature Tips: 14:07
    --- Unarmed Tips: 15:51
    ------- Jump/Dodge Reads: 16:17
    ------- Unarmed Recovery: 17:09

    Weapon Throws: 18:12
    --- Recovery Protection: 18:36
    --- Option Coverage: 20:04
    --- Combos/Baiting: 21:28

    Other Tips
    --- Edgeguarding: 21:57
    --- Eggdrop: 23:07
    --- Lance Recovery: 24:22
    ------- Recovering Back to Stage: 25:33

    Most Beneficial Tips / Summary: 27:49


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