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  • 10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World


    10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

    Summer time is always fun time! Time to go out and enjoy the sun and feel the warm sand of the
    beach on your toes, and maybe also have a relaxing dive in the water.
    The sun, sea, and sand all contribute to the bedazzling beauty of the beach.
    However, certain beaches exist that do not fit into the description of bringing relaxation. If anything,
    they would make you really uncomfortable and well, we would even advice that you stay clear of
    some of them.
    These precarious beaches are known to be notoriously dangerous and hazardous. Several terrible
    events have the potential of happening in these beaches. Dangers could vary from environmental to
    natural perils, and from pollution to wild animals.
    So, if you plan to enjoy a relaxing time on the beach sometime, then these beaches should probably
    not be on your list. We present to you, the ten most dangerous beaches in the world.
    Let’s dive in!

    #10 – Cape Tribulation, Australia
    Well, you can guess from the name of this Australian beach that there’s something quite troubling
    about it. Its major predicament being the dangerous creatures that inhabit its otherwise beautiful
    Located in northern Queensland in Australia is a welcome abode to several deadly
    creatures such as the poisonous box jellyfish, venomous snakes, saltwater crocodiles, and a breed of
    flightless giant birds known as cassowaries. These animals are all dangerous and aggressive
    especially when they are provoked. They are also capable of inflicting injuries to humans
    Another known danger in this area is what is known as the stinging trees. Yes, trees with stinging
    hairs that cover the whole plant and when touched release a toxic and powerful neurotoxin to
    There’s surely a whole lot of warning signs to stay away from this beach of tribulation and think
    twice before swimming in its waters.

    #9 – Bikini Atoll Beach, Marshall Islands
    The Bikini Atoll Beach located in the South Pacific Island in Micronesia has an interesting history, and
    maybe cartoon character, Spongebob Squarepants could have some lead on it since he lives in
    “Bikini Bottoms.”
    Nonetheless, what we do know is that this beach served as a U.S. Marshall Island where the army of
    the United States used it as a site to carry out several nuclear tests from 1946 to 1958. One of such
    was the “Castle Bravo” test which was known as the biggest test explosion carried out by the U.S and
    it left a huge impact, about a thousand times more powerful that that of the Hiroshima bomb. Now,
    that’s massive!
    This stunning beach has therefore undergone a lot of radiation impact to its ecosystem. For instance,
    as a result of the amount of contamination, fruits grown in the area are rendered unsafe for
    consumption. The nuclear fallout also contaminated about 7,000 square miles of the area. It even
    poisoned those who were inhabiting the neighboring islands and left Bikini Atoll unlivable. This could
    probably explain the interesting and strange genetic composition of the fictional characters of “Bikini
    Bottoms” (wink)
    Its beautiful beaches however, are still open to tourists as the area is relatively safer than they were
    several decades ago. This has made the area popular, although several restrictions exist to guide the
    visiting tourists.

    #8 – Fraser Island, Australia
    This is an Island of so many kinds of danger. From very strong rip currents to deadly creatures in the
    water, this location surely fits into the perfect description of dangerous.
    Fraser Island, located in Australia’s Eastern Queensland coast is known as the being the largest sand
    island in the world, spanning approximately 123 kilometers (76 miles) and its width about 22
    kilometers (14 miles). This island boasts of several eco-tourism sites including beaches and
    swimming sites. However these beaches are known to be quite dangerous.
    The hazardous state of the Fraser Island Beaches is seen in the wild currents of its sea as well as the
    deadly creatures such as sharks and jellyfish inhabiting it. Well, if you think you can avoid danger just
    by staying out of the water, well think again; because the beach sand itself is also peril-ridden.
    Dangerous land creatures such as large crocodiles ,deadly spiders and the Australian Dingos (which
    have been known to attack children) are seen roaming freely.

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