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あれくん「好きにさせた癖に」Official Music Video

  • Strangest Things Found In The Universe - Best Videos Of 2020


    Something Strange Was Found In Outer Space - Best Videos Of 2020
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    Mankind has always been intrigued by the mysteries of deep space. Since the discovery of the telescope, astronomers have made huge steps into understanding the origin of the known cosmos, however, even after so many years, we are finding things in deep space that no one has seen before.

    On June 26th 2020 something mysterious occurred when four strange objects were identified by the radio telescope Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder. These seem unlike any other astronomical objects ever seen before and ignited a spark of interest in the astronomical and space community.

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  • COVID-19: The Facts


    Get the facts on COVID-19 in the #Elsevier Information Center:

    Learn about WHO guidelines, clinical strategies, public information and research findings as they emerge live. Our information is constantly updated as the global situation develops.

    Video courtesy of #3D4Medical from Elsevier:

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