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10 สิ่งที่ผู้หญิงชอบให้คุณทำ

  • River Without Frontiers - The Secrets of Nature


    The Morava river with its forests is one of the most beautiful and ecologically valuable riverscapes featuring the richest biodiversity in all of Central Europe. Like a green ribbon, the riverine forests of the Morava – together with those of the Danube and the Dyje – link the Alps with the Carpathians, forming a bridge between Eastern and Central Europe. The influence of the Pannonian climate with its hot and dry summers combines with the slowly receding high waters to form a mosaic of extremely different habitats: moist meadows lie close to sand dunes, riverine forests alternate with dry primeval oak forests. This enormous diversity of habitats creates a refuge for animal and plant species, a specific composition that cannot be found in any other place.

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  • Latest Data from Perseverance. Panoramic Views and Videos from the Rover.


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    February 18th 2021 is one of the most historic dates of the new decade.
    This is the day when just another NASA’s Mars rover successfully landed on the surface of the Red Planet. What data has it received by the moment this video is posted?

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