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10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!

  • 12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Cant Explain


    When it comes to life on Earth and human history, scientists and historians have some of the answers, but not all of them. They're great at their job, and they can reach grand conclusions based on tiny clues and pieces of evidence, but sometimes they encounter something that leaves them totally stumped. That's what today's video is about. These are the strange and wonderful places all over the world that are amazing to see, but impossible to understand even for a scientist!

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  • 27 Facts That Will Make You Question Your Existence


    These 27 facts will blow your mind!


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  • 10 Scary Moving Statues That Scientists Cant Explain!



    The world is weird, and most often times, the world is weird when we least expect it. For example, there are things that move out there… and there are things that don’t. Typically, you would consider statues to be one of the latter, but sometimes they cry blood or even do a little dance! So brace yourself because things are about to get weird, as we check out 10 Scary Moving Statues that Scientists Can’t Explain!

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  • 10 Mysterious Discoveries Science Still Cant Explain


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    When we stumble upon something which cannot be understood through just our senses and experiences, we turn to science to shine the light and help us make sense of things. But there are mysterious events and things strewn across the world which even science is unable to answer, at least so far. Here are 10 mysterious discoveries science still can’t explain. So, prepare yourself to step into a world which has no answers but just more questions.

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  • 10 Mysterious Photos That Cant Be Explained


    These 10 real pictures were taken by ordinary people with conventional photographic equipment and certainly weren’t edited. And this fact gives us even more questions.
    While some of these stories are only interesting to your friends or family, some images gave birth to endless discussions and made history. Prepare to be amazed, as you will see evidence of time travel, ghost photos, and pyramids... on the Moon!

    A monster off the coast of Hook Island 0:46
    Hessdalen Valley Lights 1:26
    Black Knight 2:07
    Babushka Lady 2:42
    The Falling Man 3:34
    Tank Man 4:17
    A cell phone in Chaplin’s movie 5:05
    An astronaut from Solway Firth 5:41
    Sir Goddard’s squadron 6:42
    Pyramids on the Moon 7:34

    - Many people on the Internet believe this picture was photoshopped. However, it was taken long before Photoshop was created. In 1965 the photographer, Robert Le Serreс, noticed a suspicious object near Hook Island in Australia. He immediately took a photo of the monster, which is still the subject of zoologists’ discussions.
    - This shot was taken by a Norwegian photographer with a 30-second exposure. It isn’t the only evidence of the existence of strange luminous objects flying over the Hessdalen valley in central Norway. People living in the Valley first noticed and reported these strange lights in 1981. Spectral analysis shows that this object consists of silicon, iron, and scandium.
    - This unidentified object was first captured by an artificial satellite in 1960. NASA specialists immediately named it Black Knight. Since then, the mysterious object keeps appearing and disappearing from the Earth’s orbit. There is a whole satellite conspiracy theory about it.
    - On November 22, 1963, the American President John Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas. There are still many unanswered questions connected with this assassination. One of them has to do with a mysterious woman holding a camera in one hand. She was caught on camera by some photographers. The woman was wearing a headscarf in an old Russian ladies manner, so she was nicknamed Babushka Lady.
    - This shot was taken by photographer Richard Drew on the day of the terrorist attack on September 11. The photo of the falling man went viral and made it to many news sources worldwide in a matter of hours.
    - This photo was taken in Beijing during the riots of 1989. In Tiananmen Square, an unknown young man held up the column of tanks for half an hour, blocking the way with his body. It's still a mystery who that man was or what happened to him after.
    - In 2010, a DVD with bonus frames from the filming of Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 movie The Circus was released. One of the frames shows a woman holding something very similar to a modern cell phone.
    - In 1964, Jim Templeton took a photo of his 5-year-old daughter in the countryside. Jim and his wife said they noticed something unusual in the air that day, something like an electric charge. A few days later when the film was developed, it was clear there was something extraordinary about the shot...
    - There is one strange photograph in the photo album of Sir Goddard’s squadron who fought in the First World War. If you look closely at the back row of soldiers, you will see an extra face behind the fourth sailor on the left.
    - Astronauts were actively taking pictures using Hasselblad cameras during the mission. Some of them were just good material for space exploration science, but one turned out to be unique. It might look like an average overexposed photo, and it was first listed as such in the archives.

    #mysteryphotos #rarephotos

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  • 7 Mysteries Science Hasnt Solved


    Even science can't yet explain these 7 extremely cool, weird phenomena in the universe, despite decades or even centuries of research.

    Hosted by: Olivia Gordon

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    Hessdalen Lights

    Desert Varnish




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  • 12 Most Mysterious Things Science Still Cant Explain


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    There's a lot we can tell about an ancient building through archaeology and scientific research. We can tell when it was built, and usually how it was built, too. We might even be able to get an idea of what it was used for, but we can't always get all of the answers. Every structure you're about to see in this list is an outstanding feat of ancient construction, and although we know a little about all of them, we're still left with more questions than answers.

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  • 15 Unexplained Mysteries Caught In The Sky


    Mother Nature often enjoys playing tricks on her children, sending us devilishimages in the sky and terrifying noises from the clouds. They seem to be getting stranger by the day. From clouds shaped like dementors from Harry Potter to raining spiders, here are 15 unexplained mysteries caught in the sky

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  • 10 Glitches In The Matrix Caught On Tape!


    10 Glitches In The Matrix Caught On Tape!

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    One of the toughest questions that have kept humanity puzzled for billions of years is the secret about the origin of life. And anyone with the answer to that holds the key to our liberation from the shackles of ignorance.

    Lots of theories have been in the air to rationalize life with many ways to accept the supernatural phenomena within it. A few of the widely accepted concepts include that of the matrix. One which proposes that we live unaware inside a simulation put in place by beings that are far more intelligent. Like a fan would say, we are just pawns in their videogame.

    Well, it seems that, more often, anomalies arise in the simulation that we live in. That's why we dedicate this episode to analyze ten glitches in the matrix that was caught on tape. Now would be an excellent time to draw your attention close as we are about to kick off.

    Number 10: The Breathing Land in Quebec.

    This viral recording of the ground heaving up and down was taken in the Quebec province of Canada in 2018. If you look closely enough, you'd surely see the terra firma that breathes like a human heart.

    This strange occurrence had many people talking about forest spirits and giant turtles. However, many experienced arborists have unanimously agreed that it's only a question of pull and push. As it seems, this one is between the roots of a tree and the firm soil during a strong storm. They even gave convincing footage of a similar event that occurred in Finland, 2011.

    But here's the question. What if the original programmers of our world made a mistake by copying a line of code meant for a heart unto another meant for the ground? Just look at the scenario. A creepy, almost unexplainable event happened. Not long after, a video from the past popped up to help us rationalize it? Quite weird, isn't it?

    In truth, we can't rule out the possibility of an extraterrestrial force at play. Perhaps this is one of those times when our simulators tried to cover up the glitch in the never-ending matrix they put us in. Think about it.

    Number 9: The Weird Dog Attack

    Do you still believe that the breathing land in Quebec is nothing but mundane stuff? How about dogs caught eating off a car part? --That's not just eerie; it's quite alarming.

    It was a stressful night in 2016 for Mr. Cem Acar, a mechanic in Turkey, when he decided to park one of his cars in front of his shop and went home with another. And to his utmost wonderment, he met his car banged up the next morning. Without much ado, he notified the police department.

    After much investigation, the CCTV camera close by revealed that the damage to his car wasn't done by any man. But by eight stray dogs. The dogs were seen tearing off the front part of his Toyota Corolla like some sort of fresh chicken meat.

    The local veterinarians in the area proposed that the dogs were probably avenging the death of their friend hit by a similar car. Or they were probably looking for a cat under the car.

    But here we are, unconvinced. From our view, we say that the matrix slipped that night. Our programmer on duty must have overlapped the codes of a car with that of dog food. It's entirely possible, especially if we dwell in the matrix.

    Number 8: The Magical Helicopter.

    When we first got a glimpse of this video of a helicopter suspended in the air with stationary rotors, we thought it was one of those low budget animated cartoons. But we were astounded when we found out it was genuinely caught on tape.

    The recording came as proof when a YouTube user named Chris, claimed that he saw a strange whirlybird. This helicopter took off, just like magic, while its blades were apparently motionless. Now, that's attention-seeking, especially with the current trend about humans living in a simulation.

    Photography experts from HowStuffWorks, a website that short-circuits conspiracy theories, explained that the phenomenon was actually an optical illusion. One that happens when the shutter of a camera moves at the same speed with the steering mechanism of a chopper.

    Although, we know that helicopter blades can appear invisible to the eye when it's at a very high speed. And we might have understood this one too. But is that truly what happened? Or is it evidence that we live in a video game and we don't even know it? What do you guys think?

    Number 7: The Unfaithful Mirror Image

    One thing that'll do anything you ask of it is your image, especially the one from a mirror or your shadow. It's not like they have many choices, or at least that's what we believe.

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  • Top 10 Historical Mysteries That Have Been Solved


    Check out our featured song: Crash & Burn by Derek Orsi!

    After all this time, these historical cases are closed. For this list, we’ll be looking at some decades (or even centuries) old questions that have finally been answered. Our countdown includes King Richard III’s Death, How the Pyramids Were Built, The Bermuda Triangle, and more! What's YOUR favorite historical mystery? Let us know in the comments!

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  • 10 Mysterious Things Found Trapped in Ice


    10 Mysterious Things Found Trapped in Ice
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    Every day, we learn new things about our world – new fossils are unearthed, new stories come to light that change our perception of history or science

    Over the years, scientists have found many things preserved in ice in the frozen tundras of the world; many of them are woolly creatures, but some others are truly bizarre and boggle the mind. There are some mysterious, creepy, and even incredible things to be found trapped in ice, and because of global warming, we’re rediscovering a lot of them.
    Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, today we’re going to look at the 10 most mysterious, bizarre, and creepiest things found trapped in ice!
    And make sure you stick around for number 1 to see the most mysterious 100-million-year-old mountain range

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  • Mysterious Things Caught On Camera In Church


    12 Weird and Unexplainable things that happen in churches!
    Churches are sacred places and those who go to church are looking for God, peace and comfort. And you know guys, some churches are straight up mysterious, a lot of supernatural stuff happen there all the time. Videos you’re about to see will show you things you never expect to see in a church. You will see a lot of strange things that are hard to explain.

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    Furious Giants! What Giant Animals Can Do…

    Cutest Baby Animals That Will Make Your Day!

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  • Unanswered - Mysteries from the Mahabharata | Christopher Charles Doyle | TEDxYouth@NMS


    “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” Devoured by his curiosity, Christopher C. Doyle, in his talk, constantly questioned the stated facts of history and literature. He tried to answer the unanswered questions regarding the Mahabharata and other histories of the world through scientific explanations and reasoning. Christopher C. Doyle is an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to create a gripping story. His first bestseller ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ was a great success and now has a trilogy under its label. Mr. Doyle is one of the first Indian writers to upload an online novella for his readers. Before he embarked on this literary adventure he pursued a career in the corporate world and is a graduate from St Stephens College and IIM Calcutta. Christopher C. Doyle’s books are a beautiful mosaic of science, history and mythology with a dash of Dan Brown which makes him the most adored fantasy writer in India.

    Christopher C. Doyle is an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to create a gripping story. His first bestseller ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ was a great success and now has a trilogy under its label. Mr. Doyle is one of the first Indian writers to upload an online novella for his readers. Before he embarked on this literary adventure he pursued a career in the corporate world and is a graduate from St Stephens College and IIM Calcutta. Christopher C. Doyle’s books are a beautiful mosaic of science, history and mythology with a dash of Dan Brown which makes him the most adored fantasy writer in India.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • 100 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained | Compilation


    100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained | compilation. We take a look at these 100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained | compilation.

    It appears that the more we uncover, the less we know about the nature of our world. It seems like more and more mysterious events surface from all around that are more than just impossible to explain, they completely defy what we know to be possible within the realms of physics and science.

    So today, here at unexplained mysteries, we take a look at these 100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained.

    Thank you for watching!

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  • Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once In Their Life


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    With art being subjective and audiences unpredictable, filmmakers can only hope their work will leave a lasting impression. Directors may even prefer a strong negative reaction to a film over one of indifference. Every once in a while, a special film comes along, and whether you love it or hate it, it makes you think, stirs up heated conversation, and stays with you long after your viewing. From spine-tinglers to mind-benders, here are some films you should definitely check out at least once in your life. Some small spoilers ahead...

    #Movies #MustSee #Hollywood

    Zodiac | 0:29
    Looper | 1:40
    Snowpiercer | 2:52
    Ex Machina | 4:21
    Whiplash | 5:46
    The Invitation | 7:10
    The Babadook | 8:36
    Get Out | 10:04

    Read more here →

    Movie Lists and Features

    Big Questions We Still Have After Watching Rogue One

    Actors Whose Careers Were Almost Ruined By One Terrible Role

    Marvel Superheroes That Won't Survive Avengers: Infinity War

    The Ashton Kutcher Curse No One Seems to Notice

    The Long List Of Stars Who Strangely Passed Away At Age 27

    The Untold Truth Of Steven Seagal

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    The world is pretty fact, it's a whole lot weirder than you think. If you haven't learned something new today, you're missing out. Grunge is the place to immerse yourself in fun facts and cool tidbits on history, entertainment, science, and plenty more. It's just like reading books...but exciting!




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    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    Do you believe in angels? No? Well, these footages just might change your mind, especially when the
    footage is accompanied by a miracle, just like number one so stay tuned for that. Here are 10 angels
    caught on camera.

    Number 10. Angel on the Football Field

    On November 7, 2009, Doug Luaders was set to coach a JCYA youth football game in Fenton, Missouri.
    That very same day, a photo was taken on the field showing two smiling boys celebrating their win. But
    the disposable camera also seemed to capture a white shadowy figure floating right alongside the
    beaming boys.
    When Doug saw the photo, he was completely blown away. You see, Doug’s 20-year-old son was
    supposed to be his assistant coach that day. But on his way to the game, Kyle passed away in a horrible
    car crash after his vehicle collided with a semi-truck. The mysterious photo became public. Doug, and
    many others in their community and beyond, believe the white angelic figure was Kyle, who was on his
    way to the very football field where the picture was taken.
    I hate being cynical, and I’m happy that Doug found a certain level of solace on the photo, especially for
    what happened to his son. But then again, is it just me or does the “angel” look more like a blurred
    extreme close up of a mosquito? Believe whatever you want to believe I guess.

    Number 9. In-flight Angel

    Seven-year-old AAsher Lisles dreams of being a famous photographer. Every time he sees his mom
    holding her phone, he immediately takes it and starts taking photos. He takes some great photos, mostly
    of random things. But one photo he took while on a plane ride home from Washington may just make
    his dreams come true.
    AAsher, who was born with Down Syndrome hence the two uppercase A’s on his name which, according
    to his mom, represents the extra chromosome, which is quite clever I must say, was with his mom on
    the plane ride home from visiting his older brother. There was a lot of turbulence at the time, during
    which AAsher asked for his mom’s phone and started taking pictures.
    When Kerri, AAsher’s mom, got her phone back, she started going through the photos her son took,
    even deleting some of them. But when she got to this particular photo, she was dumbfounded.
    Honestly, it took me off guard as well so I’d rather you just look at it for yourself than describe it.
    Kerri thinks it’s Asher’s guardian angel looking after him while in flight. But what do you think?
    Comment down below.

    Number 8. Angel in Ghana

    Do you believe everything you see in the news? If your answer is yes, then this next news clip will
    definitely make you believe in angels.
    A Ghanaian News Channel reported on a strange sighting in Dansoman, Ghana. In a segment called “an
    encounter with the dead”, a man was telling a story of a very strange event that happened to him. He
    said that he saw, and was able to film, a strange flying creature frolicking in the clouds above him. This
    creature, which he believes to be an angel, can be seen flying in and out of the dark clouds, as if playing.
    Again, of course, the footage is very grainy and the flying creature could be anything. It could even be a
    hoax for all we know. But then again, if the story was good enough for Ghana’s national TV, then there
    just might be something to this very strange sighting

    Number 7. The Mosque Angel

    Most people think that angels only exist in Christian religions. But the fact is, they appear in the stories
    of many religions around the world. Angels play a major role in Islamic religions. According to their
    religion Allah sends the angels to every Mosque to shower his blessings on the people. Islamic belief in
    angels is so prevalent that any paranormal activity seen in mosques are almost always attributed to
    angels of Allah. This clip is no exception.
    Muslims offering prayers at a Mosque in Azerbaijan were surprised by what they described as an ‘Angel
    Ghost’ offering prayers. Some were convinced that it was an angel and others believed it to be a ghost.
    They preferred the Angel approach as it appeared to be praying, and they believe that a ghost cannot
    offer prayers but an angel can.
    The video was shot using a phone, hence its grainy quality, making others think that the so-called angel
    may be a trick of the light. But then again, if said video strengthens someone’s faith and its effect os
    overall positive, it doesn’t really matter if it’s real or not, does it?

  • 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!



    We are living in an enlightened age. There has never been a better time in history for humans; with science and technology we’re able to understand our surroundings better than ever. However, every so often something will happen that will totally stump us. Sometimes something so strange will happen that we will question everything we know. Today’s video is the Top 10 Mysterious Events That Will Make You Question Reality! If anyone has an explanation for these goings on, then go ahead and let us know!

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  • 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!


    10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!

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  • These Events Will Make You Question Your Existence...


    10 of the most mysterious events in history

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    10 of the Most Mysterious Events in History

    History has been useful for us to understand the past and make better decisions for the future. Ancient empires, revolutions, wars and so many other things have shaped society into what it is today. But not everything in history has a clear explanation. In fact, there are quite a lot of events that just make us more confused as to what really happened in the past. Today I’ll be introducing you to “10 of the most mysterious events in history.” We’ll have a look at some moments in time that are a bit hard to explain, but they actually happened - or at least that’s what we believe. Creepy characters, supernatural encounters, and all sorts of crazy events are coming up. Are you ready for it? Let’s begin.

    Oak Island

    Captain William Kidd, a Scottish sailor who lived from 1645 to 1701, was tried for piracy after he got back from a trip around the Indian Ocean. While some historians don’t agree with people calling him a pirate, Captain Kidd did some questionable things that led people to give him that title. It is also said that he left a money pit as a buried treasure in Oak Island just off the shores of Nova Scotia in Canada. For hundreds of years, numerous expeditions have gone to this spot, trying to find the said treasure without any success. And the expeditions haven’t been cheap; they’ve cost millions of dollars! But apparently that doesn’t stop people from searching this place. I just hope the treasure can one day make up for all the money they’ve spent in trying to find it. But as of now, no one has been successful. There’s even a History Channel show called “The Curse of Oak Island” that follows a modern-day group of explorers who seek answers to this mysterious treasure and other events happening on the island. The show’s already on its seventh season and so far they’ve found an antique brooch with a 500-year-old gemstone, some very old coins, and a lead cross that apparently was made between 1200 and 1600 AD. But there are still no signs of other religious artifacts, manuscripts, or Marie Antoinette’s jewels - which according to some theories, are part of the biggest treasure.

    The Hanging Gardens

    Have you heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? It’s like an old school version of a “Top 5 Best” list, except that it doesn’t list five wonders; it lists 7! But who am I to complain? We rarely list five things - it’s either 10 or more and you love it! Anyway, back to the Seven Wonders...if you haven’t looked into that should! It includes some awesome places like the pyramids of Egypt and the Temple of Artemis. But some of the wonders don’t exist anymore, but we have more than enough evidence that supports these wonders were once the most remarkable constructions of their time...except for one: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. While there’s an established location for the other six wonders, the Hanging Gardens don’t have one yet. Some people say it used to be near to what’s now a city named Hillah in Central Iraq. Other researchers claim that the gardens were in the city of Nineveh. Either way, no one has been able to find any remains of the garden to confirm its existence. But how do we know about it then? Well, we have some ancient writings that say this was one of the most beautiful places in the world, with plants growing at impressive heights. It was built by a king to please his wife who missed her homeland in the mountains. Isn’t that romantic? Unfortunately, the current day coordinates of this place have been the scenario of lots of wars and looting, so I doubt we’ll ever get a chance to find out anything that can tell us more about the existence of this place.


    Just like the Hanging Gardens, the existence of Atlantis can only be confirmed by writings. However, when it comes to Atlantis, the place sounds a bit more fictional than the gardens. The first mention of the now-vanished land was in a story by the Greek philosopher Plato. He talked about a land in the Atlantic ocean and its people who conquered parts of Europe and Africa in prehistoric times. But then the prehistoric Athenians fought back, and eventually, the people of Atlantis, as well as their land, vanished under the ocean. No one believes this story is literally true, but at the same time, no one can fully discredit it. There is evidence of ancient civilizations that somehow fit the things that Plato described, but none of them is fully accurate. The closest one is the story of the Minoan Civilization

  • 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!


    In today's episode we will show you 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality! if you liked this video please leave a comment and like. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date

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  • MYSTERIOUS Events That Will Make You Question Everything!


    These mysterious events will make you question everything! You'll question reality when you see these mysterious events.

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  • Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Will Make You Question Reality


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    Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Will Make You Question Reality
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    The world is filled with weird and mysterious things. Everyday we are discovering something new.
    But some of these artifacts might remain a mystery forever. From the unknown creation of the stonehenge, to inventions way ahead of their time we will talk about these and more only in today's video. Here are our, Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Will Make You Question Reality.

    #top10 #top10scary #artifacts #mysterious #mysteriousartifacts #ancientartifacts #ancientaliens #mostamazingtop10 #amazingtop10 #scarystories #Scary

    00:00 Intro
    00:43 The Ulfberht swords
    02:05 Stonehenge
    03:09 The Dropa Stones
    04:08 The petradox
    05:17 The Baghdad Battery
    06:23 The witch bottles
    07:18 250, 000 year old Aluminum
    08:32 The rosetta stone
    09:36 The Nazca Lines
    10:27 Shroud of Turin

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  • 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality! | TOP X TV


    10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality! | Urdu / Hindi |

    Hello friends, in this video we will be talking about 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality . I hope you will like this video.
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  • 10 Mysterious Events That Will Make You Question Reality!


    10 Mysterious Events That Will Make You Question Reality! In this video we go over 10 Mysterious Events That Will Make You Question Reality. For more videos that will make you question reality be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching 10 Mysterious Events That Will Make You Question Reality!

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    * Most Expensive Car Crashes!

    * Most Expensive Things In The World!

    * 10 Scary Things Found Underground!

    #mysterious #events

  • Strangest TIMESLIP STORIES That Will Make You Question Reality


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    #timeslips #stories #weirdworld
    Physicists define time as the progression of events from the past to the present into the future. But what if a person were to experience something that challenges that scientific belief and are somehow caught up in unexpected time travel called a timeslip.


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  • Top 10 Mysterious Events Science Cant Explain


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    There are many mysteries in life that simply cannot be explained. But there will always be a scientist out there willing to give it a shot. Those scientists that do attempt to find an answer usually after many years succeed, however after many years and multiple-brainy-scientists later, the scientific questions in our list still remain unanswered. Could you solve any of these?

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  • 27 Mysterious Events Caught by Google Maps



    For copyright matters please contact us at:

    In the modern world, you don't have to pack your suitcase and get on a plane in order to travel. Though nowadays, that’s also out of question. Good thing we at least have the Internet! Today, we invite you to go on a small trip around the world using Google Maps. No boring sights: only the most unique and funny shots that will definitely cheer you up. In the meantime, do not forget to subscribe to the channel not to miss the latest videos.

    00:00 - Welcome!
    00:36 - Persistent pursuit
    01:35 - Battle in hazmat suits
    02:01 - Glitch in the matrix
    02:34 - Lost sneaker
    02:52 - Magic street
    03:23 - Favorite character
    03:50 - Dead bodies
    04:34 - Unusual skiing
    04:57 - Original smoke break
    05:26 - Duel on the lawn
    05:43 - Google cloning
    06:13 - Antarctic passenger
    06:51 - Army of scarecrows
    07:49 - Portal to space
    08:27 - Unidentified objects (Preview)
    09:01 - Village of dolls
    09:48 - Plastic wrap
    10:06 - Trendy dance
    10:32 - Great musician
    10:55 - Monster from the depths
    11:15 - Farm maze
    11:37 - Unlucky fugitive
    11:59 - Zen master
    12:22 - Race champion
    12:44 - Thieves from the cartoon
    13:03 - Exclusive boutique
    14:02 - Google car meetings

  • 10 Mysterious Things That Science Cant Explain



    The pace of technological innovation began to quicken: it seems that science can now handle any task. However, our world is full of secrets, and sometimes even the best scientists are powerless to solve them. Will they ever be solved? Let's find out.

    00:00 - Welcome!
    00:25 - Cow compass (Preview)
    01:31 - Right-handed and left-handed people
    02:46 - Corridors of the Great Pyramid
    03:50 - Phantom pain
    05:12 - Hexagonal storm
    06:12 - Dancing forest
    07:07 - Planet Nine
    08:15 - The secret of purring
    09:14 - Unique mushroom
    10:10 - Strange fossil

  • 4 Questions That Will Make You Question Reality


    Reality - what does that word mean to you?

    Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico

    As well as forming a personality type out of a random assortment of chemicals, the human brain is also capable of creating its own subjective social realities, by perceiving events and individuals in a way which pleases it the most. This next entry is a little lighter than the rest because my brain is tired and I'm trying to figure out how biased and racist all my relatives were over Christmas.Elon Musk knows a thing or two about technology, at least I hope he does; has anyone actually looked inside a Space-X rocket or a Tesla car? There could be just a bunch of cats taped together in there for all we know.



  • 10 UNEXPLAINABLE Mysteries Captured In Heaven!


    10 UNEXPLAINABLE Mysteries Captured In Heaven!

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    Leave a like for more shark tank, pawn stars, dr. phil, and other tv show business content. On Top 5 Best, we like to help you in mindset productivity, whether it's how to make more money videos, or going over the biggest mansions in the world, we show everything here! Make sure to subscribe for more amazing videos everyday!

    family friendly pg clean

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    In ancient times, the sky has always been a source of mystery. Today, we feel that we understand
    almost every phenomenon happening under it, but there are still some that leaves us to question
    everything that we know. Today, we will be looking at 10 unexplainable mysteries captured in heaven.
    Number one may be the first documented sightings of UFOs so stay tuned for that.

    Number 10. The Taos Hum
    Some of the greatest mysteries in the heavens cannot be seen, but rather heard. That statement
    couldn’t be more true for the first heavenly mystery on our list.
    Some residents and visitors in the small city of Taos, New Mexico, have for years been quite annoyed
    and, not to mention, extremely puzzled by a mysterious and faint low-frequency hum in the desert air.
    To further add to the mystery, only about 2 percent of Taos residents report hearing the sound. Some
    believe it is caused by unusual acoustics, but that doesn’t explain the selective nature of the
    phenomenon; others suspect mass hysteria or some secret, sinister purpose, the latter being the
    favored explanation by conspiracy theories worldwide.
    Whether described as a whir, hum, or buzz and whether psychological, natural, or supernatural no one
    has yet been able to locate the sound's origin. Thing is, a survey revealed that those who claim to hear
    the sounds actually hear many different sounds, suggesting the experiences may be subjective, not
    actually objective sounds.

    Number 9. The Evil Cloud
    Pakistan residents were left bemused as a black O-shaped cloud was spotted over a city. The
    phenomenon was seen floating over Lahore sometime mid-January of this year and was dubbed the
    “evil cloud” by some. Once the footage was posted to social media a slew of theories of the
    phenomenon were suggested.
    Most people shrugged it off as just natural phenomenon, even posting amusing comments on social
    media. One quite amusing post reads “Aliens only land in America, and another joked that too many
    Pakistani people were vaping at the same time. But, some people took the phenomenon seriously, citing
    various ominous explanations including, of course, the beginnings of an alien invasion.
    After the video was posted, others uploaded photos of what seemed to be like similar phenomena, this
    time happening in Dubai. But what exactly are those black rings of smoke?
    A plausible explanation would be they are smoke remnants of a tiny explosion which is formed the same
    way when smokers and vapors produce smoke rings. The thing is, no explosions were heard prior to the
    sightings, leaving the black rings completely unexplainable.

    Number 8. Cities in the Sky

    People have been seeing weird things in the sky since the first day they decided to look up and record
    what they see. Most of these mysterious objects are now science fact. But then, something totally
    unexplainable appears out of nowhere, making us question everything we know about the universe up
    until now.
    On April 21, 2017, in Jieyang, China, numerous citizens were awestruck by the image of a city floating on
    the clouds above them. Many took to the Internet to post pictures and just generally freak out, but
    there was really no cause for concern as it has happened before.
    The same floating cities were recorded at five different locations in China in just over six years prior to
    this event. This number of events has led theorists to hypothesize various possibilities: aliens are
    attempting to cross over from a different dimension, the second coming of Christ is here, or the images
    are a holographic test by the Chinese government or maybe even the US government.
    Most of these explanations are pure speculation, but there is a possible explanation: a rare weather
    event known as Fata Morgana, where light passing through heat waves causes a duplication effect. This
    would be an acceptable explanation if the images in the sky were not completely different from the
    skyline below them.

    Number 7. The Bloody Sky
    If there is one thing that most world religions have in common is that their gods or deities have always
    been associated with the sky. For centuries, people have looked up searching for answers and guidance,
    and sometimes warnings of foreboding things that are yet to come. In the predominantly

  • 15 Unexplained Mysteries Caught In The Sky


    The truth is, we humans have been programmed to study the endless expanse above us; from the early days of civilization and the ancient scholars that charted the night’s sky--to teams of scientists and high powered telescopes--there’s an open mystery above our very heads. And, of course, maybe aliens, too! Hold onto your hats--and look to the skies!--because here’s 15 Unexplained Mysteries Caught In The Sky

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  • 10 Mysterious events that will make you question!


    Our world is full of mysteries. Every now and then something out of the blue happens and leaves everyone in complete awe. Over the years, so many mysterious events have happened that barely anyone could ever explain to them. Today we will be talking about such 10 Mysterious events that will make you question! Let's get into it!
    Welcome to The Unleashed! Our platform has the most mysterious and weird facts about the unbelievable things on earth. This top 10 list of strangest things is full of mysteries and discoveries to drive you nuts. If you find our video interesting, give it thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for your daily entertainment.
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  • Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Likely Came From Space


    Top 10 Mysterious Artifacts That Likely Came From Space
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    Over the years archaeologists have come across some pretty magnificent discoveries. Some of which are weird ancient objects that they still don't quite understand. Today let's look at these objects that might have come from space. From a stone that is older than the sun and planet to a skeleton of a real life alien. Lets talk about these and more only in todays video. Top 10 mysterious artifiacts tha likely came from space.

    #top10 #mysteriousartifacts #artifacts #ancientaliens #space #aliens #ancientartifacts #ufos #ufo #mostamazingtop10 #unsolvedmysteries #unsolved #top10scary #Scary #reddit #creepypasta

    00:00 Intro
    00:40 the dropa stones | Mysterious Artifacts
    01:55 the alien | Mysterious Artifacts
    02:46 the wedge of aiud | Mysterious Artifacts
    04:00 the rosetta stone | Mysterious Artifacts
    05:15 the UFO toothwheel | Mysterious Artifacts
    06:15 the iron beads | Mysterious Artifacts
    06:50 the valuable meteorite | Mysterious Artifacts
    07:47 the ancient battery | Mysterious Artifacts
    08:32 the alien spaceship | Mysterious Artifacts
    09:38 the hypatia stone | Mysterious Artifacts

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  • 10 Mysterious Things That Have Been Caught On Camera


    Scientists Couldn't Believe Their Eyes When They Found This...
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    Technology has enabled scientists, researchers, and observers to see things that we’ve never seen before. With aerial views, high-resolution photography, and the ability to photograph long distances into space, we are discovering more and more inexplicable and curious things. Let’s take a look at ten of the most mysterious things we’ve found that have been caught on camera.

    #mystery #mysterious #science #scientists

  • 10 Space Discoveries That Will Make You Question Reality


    10 amazing space discoveries 2020 that will make you question reality. Astronomers all around the world race to find new discoveries from space. Space discovery after space discovery. These new space discoveries allow astronomers to learn more and more about space and the universe.

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  • 10 Mysteries That May Never Be Solved


    There's a certain pleasure in hearing about an unsolved mystery, with the potential answers swimming through your mind. But it's unlikely that these cases or questions will ever be answered. Let's see what you think, as we go on a dark trip through history with 10 Mysteries That May Never Be Solved.

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  • shower thoughts that make me question reality..


    shower thoughts that make me question reality..
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    ah yes, here we are again, more shower thoughts. i'm not sure what it is about these, but i'm always stunned by some of them. they make you think, question, and begin to despise reality.

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    ???? Some of my favorite books:

    Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space by Carl Sagan

    A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss:

    What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

    A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking:

    The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking:

    How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie:

    Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk:

    The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham:

  • 15 Mysterious Events That Left Scientists Scratching Their Heads


    here are mysteries that have stumpedscientists throughout the ages—and will leave your thirst for knowledge unquenched too. Whether it’s strange natural phenomena like whale groups, or birds whose wings can sing. Or micro particles invisible to the eye moving around and through us as we live and breathe.Or spies from outer space? Is this even real? Here are 15 Mysterious Events That Left Scientists Scratching Their Heads

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  • 6 True Stories That Will Make You Question Reality!


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  • Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That NO ONE Can Solve


    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That NO ONE Can Solve
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    The world has had many unsolved mysteries that are next to impossible to solve and for good reason. Scientific discoveries have us questioning reality, possibly the worst outcome in the history of entertainment, and a hidden treasure so big it could make the owner of it the most powerful person on the planet. We have all of this on today's top 10 list of the Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That NO ONE Can Solve.

    #top10 #unsovledmysteries #mysteries #unsolved #scarymysteries #ancientmysteries #disappearances #top10scary #Scary #reddit #creepypasta

    00:00 Intro
    0:15 What is Dark Matter | Unsolved Mystery
    1:15 Kryptos | Unsolved Mystery
    2:18 Who is Anonymous | Unsolved Mystery
    3:14 Deciphering the Voynich Manuscript | Unsolved Mystery
    4:26 The Steppe Geoglyphs | Unsolved Mystery
    5:36 The lost city of Atlantis | Unsolved Mystery
    6:02 How did they ruin Game of Thrones | Unsolved Mystery
    7:02 The Copper Scroll Treasure | Unsolved Mystery
    8:16 Ghost boats of Japan | Unsolved Mystery
    9:15 Was Jesus even real? | Unsolved Mystery

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  • Strange Videos That’ll Make You Question the Truth


    From a disappearing cat caught on camera to military jets seen escorting a UFO, these are strange videos that’ll make you question the truth. #StrangeVideos #ScaryVideos #SlappedHam






    6. Cloaked Chemtrail Planes
    What are the Government and Military hiding from us - Invisible Aircraft caught on camera
    5. This ghost cat disappears into thin air in my backyard
    4. Unexplained flying object with the speed of light recorded by a car!!
    3. It appears to be a kind of electromagnetic interference video...
    2. Can @SkyNews explain this? Watch the folder! Mind blown!

    Lightless Dawn by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  • 10 MYSTERIOUS Statues Caught Moving On Camera!



    I don’t know about you but I find statues kind of creepy; I always feel like they are watching me! Statues often depict notable humans or divine beings, which already gives them a sense of being kinda otherworldly. In today’s video, we are talking about 10 Mysterious Statues Caught Moving on Camera. A question for you: what would you do if you saw a statue move?! Considering I find the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who just about the scariest fictional monsters of all time, I think I would just close my eyes and cry! Let me know what you would do in the comments

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  • Top 10 Mysterious Events That Left Skeptics Baffled!



    It doesn’t take a genius to know that this world that we all are living in can be absolutely crazy! Right? It also doesn’t take a YouTube narrator to tell you that either! Haha, either way, we’re glad you’re here. Today we’ll be discussing some of the most rare, strange, and outright unexplainable events that we could find anywhere online! Welcome back to The Supreme! I’m your host Matty Willz, and today’s title is 10 Mysterious Events That left Skeptics Baffled!

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  • Top 8 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!


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    অমীমাংসিত রহস্য
    Top 10 Unsolved Mystery in bengali
    অজানা রহস্য সম্পূর্ণ ভাবে আজও জানা যায়নি
    অজানা রহস্যময় খবর
    পৃথিবীর অজানা রহস্য
    পৃথিবীর জানা অজানা রহস্য
    ১০টি এমন আশ্চর্যজনক এবং রহস্যজনক ঘটনা যা বিজ্ঞানীদেরো চমকে দিয়েছে !
    10 Mysterious Events
    Most Wonderful Natural Phenomena In The World
    natural phenomena
    top 8
    most amazing
    amazing facts
    scientifically impossible
    8 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!
    Top 8 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality

  • 15 Mysterious Events That Left Scientists Scratching Their Heads


    The biggest mysteries and answers to long-held questions are the stuff which gets scientists out of bed in the morning whilst also keeping them up all night. From a half-plant, half-animal sea slug to a liquid found flowing on Mars, here are15 mysterious events that left scientists scratching their heads.

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  • The mysterious origins of life on Earth - Luka Seamus Wright


    Where on Earth did life begin? Explore the hydrothermal vents in Earth’s crust as simple compounds gave way to complex life.


    Billions of years ago, simple organic compounds assembled into more complex coalitions that could grow and reproduce. At the time, Earth had widespread volcanic activity and a hostile atmosphere that made it almost devoid of a suitable environment for living things. So where did life begin? Luka Wright searches for the cradle of life that gave rise to the billions of species that inhabit our planet.

    Lesson by Luka Seamus Wright, directed by Nick Hilditch.

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  • Top 10 Mysterious Places In North America


    Top 10 Mysterious Places In North America
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    Now where do you plan on taking you next vacation. Are you going to go somewhere with nice beaches and cheap drinks. Where you can lay around all day getting fat and pretending like you don't have a go back home to be an office slave. Or are you going to go somewhere full of mystery and illusion, somewhere that will titillate the senses? Well if you chose the ladder for some weird reason I've got a list for you that might help you pick a travel spot with Top 10 Mysterious Places in North America.

    #top10 #mysterious #places #northamerica

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  • What If The Earth And Sun Switched Places? | Dolan Life Mysteries


    From why fish go belly up upon death, to why the moon appears during daytime, we answer some of your most burning questions about life


    You can help support our animators (& earn some special bonuses like custom graphics, early video access and your questions featured in Q&A videos) by checking out our Patreon page:

    Danger Dolan
    Animated by: Klowncar
    Written by: Danger Dolan
    Music/SFX by: Epic Mountain Music

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    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Facts That Will Make You QUESTION Reality


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    7. Assassin Bug
    This vile Assassin Bug is just a complete savage, end of story. Anything that carries around the what’s leftover of its enemies is not something you want to mess with. That’s basically what it’s doing in this photo. There’s over 20 ants on its back.This bug injects its victims with lethal saliva that liquefies the internal organs of its enemy. They love feasting on cockroaches when they get the chance. It’s also extremely dangerous to humans mainly because they carry chagas disease and they do tend to bite people in the face as well. Chances are you won’t be too pretty after this thing gets to you!

    6. Human DNA & Bananas
    Would you believe that more than half of our DNA and genetic material is shared with Bananas! If you’re eating a banana right now, you might as well consider yourself to be a 60 percent bloodthirsty cannibal. Ever since the human genome was first sequenced in 2003, comparative genomics has shown that we have a lot in common with this potassium rich fruit as well as other things that might surprise you. Things known as housekeeping genes are needed in many organisms for basic celluar function and are shared by many different animals. However, bananas contain more similar DNA than many other foods.

    5. The McRib
    Is this sloppy sandwich actually made from actual meat? Or some type of edible concoction that’s made in a laboratory or even by aliens?!..Theres are over 70 different ingredients in this thing. Some that may surprise you. Parts like Pig Hearts, tripe and scalded stomach are found in the meat and then some other crazy chemicals to top it off. There azodicarbonamide, ammonium sulfate, and other hard words to pronounce, so you get the point. It almost seems like it could be made from every part of the pig except the ribs! It’s intentionally shaped like that to fool consumers. The pork meat is apparently chopped up and then formed into that shape which takes about 45 minutes for each slab. Some rumors out there claimed that the mcrib actually contained meat from kangaroos but that’s not the case.. Or is it! Despite all it’s mysteries, it remains a crowd favorite and there’s even a website called the mcrib locator that allows you to track the closest Mcdonald’s location selling the McRib!

    4. Surinam Toad
    Found deep within the swamps of the amazon and french guinea is a trypophobe’s worst nightmare. This is what’s known as a common suriname toad and little baby toads literally pop out of the mother's back from little holes. The mom releases 3-10 eggs which are imbedded into the skin. As the eggs continue to grow the little babies spring forward coming out in a very peculiar fashion. This is the stuff nightmares are made from and you might have already started gagging at this point. Still don’t have Trypophobia? Ok ok,,,

    3. Turtle Out Of Shell
    We always imagine turtles being covered inside a sturdy protective shell but what do you think it might look like without one? You’d probably have to photoshop in order to create the image, right? Wrong! This turtle who shares a similar resemblance to a mutated pizza, is actually what’s known as a hideous soft shell turtle which lives in Indonesia. This strange creature only has to breathe every 12 hours!

    2. Trapped Inside a Mouse
    This one hasn’t gone wrong yet but it certainly has the potential to! Researchers at the Salk Institute at La Jolla institute have found away to have human brain cells inside the head of a mouse! Imagine what mice could be capable of with the same intelligence of humans! They do this by injecting embryonic human brain cells into the brains of fetal mice while their still inside the womb. This took place in 2005 and was a success. They were able to create mice with human brain cells inside their skull. A bout 100,000 human brain cells were injected and it seems to show that human stem cells can interact in various environments! They claim that the mice’s behavior didn’t change too much, but you have to wonder, what’s going on inside its head! Could this be the mouse from the pinky and the brain cartoon show?




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