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10 Mythical CREATURES That Actually Existed

  • 10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed!


    10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed!

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    10 Mythical Sea Creatures
    Who doesn’t love a good bed time story? The thing is, if any of these monsters we are about to tell you
    about are in the story, I guarantee they would occupy your nightmares. Today, we will be looking at 10
    Mythical sea creatures. Number one is the granddaddy of them all so make sure you stick till the end.

    Number 10. The Cirein Croin
    Let’s start this list off with a sea monster that, if you aren’t Scottish, you’ve probably never heard off
    before. In Scotland, this monstrous sea creature is known as the Cirein Croin, and it reportedly loves to
    terrify its victims before gobbling them up in a single bite.
    It has been described as a water dragon or sea serpent type of creature, of a humongous size and an
    even bigger appetite. Local legends state that this animal is so voracious that it can consume up to seven
    whales in one sitting.

    it uses its shape shifting ability to transform itself into a smaller fish, usually silver in color, small enough
    to fit into the palm of your hand. It’s not really known why such a large, ferocious monster would go out
    of its way to camouflage itself as something infinitely more valuable but I personally think that it’s the
    creature’s hunting strategy. If, in its tiny form, is caught by any unsuspecting fisherman, it would
    suddenly transform back into its original terrifying state and swallow the fisherman whole.

    Number 9. The Jengu
    To put it simply, the Jengu is the African version of the mermaid. They are described as nearly identical
    to the more popular merfolk, with a few slight differences. They are said to have dark skin, have long
    wooly hair, and wide, gap-toothed smiles. They are also said to be very fond of wearing jewelry, that is if
    they don’t hamper their swimming, obviously.
    They are further differentiated from mermaids by how they are perceived by locals. They live in rivers
    and the sea and are said to bring good fortune to those who worship them. They are also reported to be
    able to cure disease and act as intermediaries between worshippers and the world of spirits. For this
    reason, a jengu cult has long enjoyed popularity among the Duala peoples. Among the Bakweri, this cult
    is also an important part of a young girl´s rite of passage into adulthood.

    Number 8. The Kappa
    From Africa we now fly over to Japan where exists a sea creature who was formerly feared, but is now
    celebrated in pop culture.
    The Kappa is a water imp that was known to inhabit bodies of water in Japan. This terrible creature was
    known to have a humanoid body, with superhuman strength and terrifying speed. They were known to
    wait by the edges of water, and sometimes in bathroom toilets, for victims to come by. At this time, they
    would pull their victims into the water and drown them in order to steal their shiri, a person’s life force.

    Women were sometimes able to survive a kappa attack, but they would often be sexually assaulted by
    the beasts because the Kappa gained sexual pleasure from being able to touch the shiri.
    But in modern times, that fear has greatly dissipated, and the fearsome kappa has been turned into a
    local mascot. The Kappa Matsuri is a Japanese festival in honor of the mythical Kappa. It is held during
    summer, usually involving parades of people dressing up like the kappa and is celebrated in various parts
    of Japan that include Tokyo, Ushiku, Komaki, and Misawa.

    Number 7. The Leviathan
    One of the most famous sea monsters was brought to the forefront by Christianity. This monster is
    Leviathan; one of the first creatures to be created by God. Leviathan started out as a gentle creature
    that was content to roam the seas with its partner. Soon, however, it was corrupted and became a
    creature that loved to cause chaos and destruction.
    In order to save the world, God was forced to destroy the female Leviathan so that they could not
    reproduce. The male Leviathan was left for the time to roam the oceans and cause mayhem. He was
    known to have many dragon-like abilities and to be impossible to kill. This combination made him the
    most feared monster in history. He was known to delight in causing the water around him to boil at
    intense temperatures – causing the skin of sailors to melt slowly and painfully. It was thought that to see

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures That Exist In the Wild


    10 Mythical Creatures That Exist In the Wild
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    Cute, fluffy, or fearsome as they may be, most of the world’s animals look fairly normal to us. But there a few real creatures on this planet that are so amazingly unique, you’d think they jumped out of some fairytale or fantasy movie. We’re talking mythical birds, deep-sea monsters and monster moles straight out of a science fiction movie. Are you ready to meet them?
    Here are 10 otherworldly animals almost mythical in nature that do actually exist in the wild.
    And if you’ve ever wondered whether there’s any truth to the legendary bloodsucking chupacabra, you’ll definitely want to stick through to #1 and watch us solve the mystery!
    Let’s get started!

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures That Existed In Real Life


    We've all heard mythical tales of enchanting mermaids and bloodthirsty vampires–but there may be some fact to those myths after all! Thanks to some of the latest science and a healthy dose of imagination, you’re about to see hard-proof that many of these mysterious beings actually existed. We’re talking legendary creatures like the blood-sucking Chupacabra, magical Unicorns, and even a newly-discovered fossil that could prove dragons were once real. Better stick around for #1 because this TRUE Werewolf story will literally give you the chills. Here are 10 Mythical Creatures That Existed In Real Life

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    The Kraken

    When you're out at sea these days, the worst you're afraid of is the boat sinking titanic–style. But for the pirates of the past, it was the Kraken. The myths talk about a giant squid-like monster who wrapped its tentacles around a ship, breaking it to bits and then taking it to the bottom of the sea with them, and while there isn't any proof of a ship-destroying monster anywhere in history, we have some idea about what the sailors must have seen to inspire such stories. Giant squids have been spotted recently in the ocean- the first sighting of them being as late as 2005 by a group of Japanese scientists.

    We really don't know much else about them, except that they're there, and that the biggest ones we've seen so far measure 45 feet long. Who knows how big they can actually get, down in the depths of the ocean?


    Now, we know that magical elves and fairies might not be entirely realistic. But what about little humans with funny ears? Evidence suggests that a different subspecies of human beings known as homo floresiensis existed with our very own homo sapiens over 18,000 years ago. And that's not all! They used to live on a remote Island in Indonesia along with pygmy elephants and Komodo dragons. A fully grown adult Homo floresiensis would be no taller than three meters, and the body of a female Homo floresiensis was found in a cave that led to this discovery.

    She weighed no more than 55 pounds and was just 3.3 feet tall at the time of her death at 30 years old. They're the most remarkable discovery historians have made in a long time, and while they might not have had any pointy ears, who's to say

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures That Exist In The Wild


    Story-telling is one of the things humanity has got really, really good at. So much so that some of the mythical creatures you read about, might have been based on real creatures that we never really understood in the past. Such as this big bad wolf which has been around for centuries. Whether it’s the real version of something like the mighty Kraken, or a creature so small it can’t even be destroyed, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of them from your grandma or in storybooks.

    Here are 10 Mythical Creatures That Exist in The Wild!

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    Vampire Deer

    “I want to suck your blood!” is not something you would hear this creature say. That’s because this mythical creature is actually a vampire deer, also known as the Chinese vampire deer. With their long fangs and chubby bodies, it’s kind of hard to decide whether they’re scary or downright cute. The reason behind their tusks is that…uh, well we don’t that either.

    They’re herbivores so they don’t use it to hunt prey to anything. And they’re facing downwards so they can’t use it as a weapon. We’ve come to the conclusion that mother nature was in an experimental mood and that is why these cuddly creatures exist!


    What’s scarier than mythical creatures? Immortal mythical creatures, of course! These might not look too scary, but Tardigrades are the only creatures that have been to outer space and survived! In fact, they belong to an elite category of animals known as the extremophiles, or animals that can survive the most extreme environments. This means that they can live at temperatures as cold as zero or above boiling.

    They can live up to thirty years without food or water! The fact that these tiny critters are only 1.5mm big palsy into the fact that they can literally live forever. When conditions get way too bad to survive in, they squeeze all the water out of their bodies and just roll up into a little ball and basically sleep till things are better. Mythical creatures have usually been big in stories, but these are the only exceptions. However, if you do like the might mythical, then you’re going to love it.

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  • 7 Mythical Creatures That Existed in Real Life


    7 Mythical Creatures That Existed in Real Life
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    4 Ever Green is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people, beautiful animals and cute things that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    On 4 Ever Green, we will help you in mindset productivity, whether it's how to make more money videos, beautiful animals, cute birds or going over the biggest mansions in the world, we show everything here! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos every week!

    For the most part, myths are stories of old once told by those who wanted to explain a phenomenon or by parents who wanted to scare their kids into good behavior. But because we're so much more rational than our ancestors were, we modern humans know better than to believe in them. Most of us, anyway. (We're looking at you, Bigfoot hunters.)
    But what if you knew that some mythical creatures actually existed, or at least were based on reality? How would you feel knowing you’re sharing the planet with terrifying, vampire-like creatures and gigantic deep sea krakens?
    Well you’re about to find out.
    While most myths are based on nothing but a bag of popcorn, today we’re counting down 7 Mythical Creatures That Existed In Real Life. Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, and if you’re wondering whether the werewolf is more than just a legend, then you’ll definitely want to stick around for number 1, because you’ll be terrified.

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures That Were Actually Real!


    10 Mythical Creatures That Were Actually Real!

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

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    10 Mythical Creatures That Were Actually Real!
    People see strange things, and that has been true for thousands of years. Early civilizations always tried
    to explain everything around them, including strange animals, giving rise to amazing description of
    animals that can’t be considered nothing else but mythical. As it turns out, some of these so called
    mythical creatures actually did exist, with most of the ancient descriptions often exaggerations of what
    the animal actually looks like. Today, we’ll get to know some of the animals that were previously
    thought of as figments of someone’s imagination. Here are 10 mythical creatures that were actually real.
    Number 1 is definitely a prime example of this, and is actually one of the most recent previously
    mythical creature that was proven to be real. Stay tuned to find out what it is.

    Number 10. The Duck-billed Platypus
    When European naturalists first encountered this bizarre creature, they were understandably baffled.
    Accounts described it as a venomous, egg-laying mammal with a duck bill and beaver tail. Many
    prominent British scientists deemed it a hoax when presented with a sketch and pelt, in 1798. Even
    when offered a corpse, scholars suspected that it was an elaborate, sewn-together fraud.
    Today, this bizarre but fascinating creature is known as the platypus, one of only five living monotremes
    or egg-laying mammals. While formerly recognized by science, it is no less unique today: this semi-
    aquatic creature, native to eastern Australia, swims with webbed feet, uses electrolocation to hunt, and
    possesses an ankle spur that, in males, can deliver a powerful injection of venom. While non-lethal to
    humans, this venom is excruciatingly painful and is not responsive to most pain-killers.

    Number 9. The Komodo Dragon
    By the early twentieth century, Western science had determined that giant lizards were nothing more
    than a relic of the prehistoric past. Thus, when pearl fishermen returned from the Lesser Sunda Islands,
    in Indonesia, with tales of monstrous “land crocodiles”, their accounts were met with overwhelming
    skepticism. An expedition from the Buitenzorg Zoological Museum, in Java, produced a report of the
    creatures, but the legendary dragons of Komodo faded into obscurity as World War I took precedence.
    Then, in 1926, an expedition from the American Museum of Natural History confirmed that the tales of
    giant lizards were true. W. Douglas Burden, the leader of the expedition, returned with twelve
    preserved specimens and two live ones. The world was introduced to the Komodo Dragon, a massive
    monitor lizard that grows up to ten feet, making it the largest lizard in the world. Komodo Dragons
    possess massive claws and fangs with which they can kill almost any creature on the island, including
    humans and water buffaloes. One particularly bizarre attribute of these creatures is their venomous
    bite, which has been attributed to bacteria-laden saliva or venom glands in the mouth.

    Number 8. The Okapi

    Central African tribes and ancient Egyptians described and depicted a bizarre creature for centuries,
    colloquially dubbed the “African unicorn” by Europeans. It is known locally by such names as the Atti, or
    the O’api, resembling a cross between a zebra, a donkey and a giraffe. Despite descriptions from
    explorers and even skins, Western science rejected the existence of such a creature, viewing it as
    nothing more than a fantastical chimera of real animals. Determined expeditions uncovered nothing,
    and it would seem the “African unicorn” was just as mythical as its namesake.
    This changed in 1901 when Sir Harry Johnston, the British governor of Uganda, obtained pieces of
    striped skin and even a skull of the legendary beast. Through this evidence and the eventual capture of a
    live specimen, the animal now known as the okapi was recognized by mainstream science. The okapi is
    no less unusual today: it is the only living relative of the giraffe, sharing a similar body structure and its
    characteristic long blue tongue. However, the markings on its back legs resemble that of a zebra’s
    stripes. Okapis are solitary creatures that remain captivating to scientists; although not endangered,
    there is still much to learn about their habits and lifestyle.

    Number 7. The Mountain Gorilla
    For centuries, tales of large “ape-men” in East Africa have captivated explorers and natives alike.
    Numerous tribes have legends of massive, hairy creatures that would kidnap and eat humans,
    overpowering them with their ferocity and strength. The creatures go by many names, among them
    ngila, ngagi, and enge-ena. In the sixteenth century

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  • TOP 10 MYTHICAL CREATURES That Actually Existed?


    Join me on TWITTER:

    Compiling a list of mythical creatures and their stories is going to be one of the toughest.

    You might notice that a lot of the monsters listed here are from ancient Greek and Roman origin. As this list of mythical creatures starts to grow the Greek monsters will probably shrink down relatively, but the truth is, Greek monsters are the heart and soul, and in many cases the origin of where our more modern monsters come from.

    To that degree I'm going to lump all of the mythologies together. I hope you'll explore the areas that you may not be as familiar with along with the creatures you think you know well.

    Since certain creatures have so much information about them, I've made more than a single page for a select few of these mythical creatures, including Vampires and Werewolves.


  • 10 Mythical Creatures Were Glad Dont Exist


    10 Mythical Creatures We're Glad Don't Exist! Subscribe to see weekly List / Fact videos!
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    This list features: (Spoiler Alert)

    1 - The Kappa
    2 - Leshy / Leshi
    3 - Hulder / Huldra
    4 - Púca (Irish for spirit/ghost), Pooka, Phouka, Phooka, Phooca
    5 - Aswang (or Asuwang)
    6 - Selkie
    7 - Nephilim
    8 - Banshee
    9 - Kitsune
    10 - Wendigo

    Music by Kevin Macleod (
    Images and videos are used under YouTube's fair usage policy.
    Licensed Under Creative Commons
    Stock photo / video from

    Thanks for watching 10 Mythical Creatures We're Glad Don't Exist!

  • Top 10 MYTHICAL CREATURES That Actually Existed


    Top 10 MYTHICAL CREATURES That Actually Existed

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  • 15 Mythical Creatures That Existed In Real Life


    Throughout the many mysteries and mythologies of human civilization, one theme has been at the centre of heroic tales and impossible deeds of bravery: the Monster. After all, there’s a reason why many ancient maps are marked with the phrase, “here be dragons!” However, throughout our history, it seems that many of these mythological creations were, in fact, based on very real and terrifying animals. From life-like dragons breathing poisonous fire, to gigantic fish that have since become the serpents of legend--here’s 15 Mythical Creatures That Existed In Real Life

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  • Mythical Creatures That Actually EXISTED!


    Check out these mythical creatures that actually existed! Who knew that animals like griffins, cyclopes, unicorns, dragons, rocs and big foot could actually be real!

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    List of Mythical Creatures that actually existed:
    6. Griffins
    Scythians were nomads and warriors, and some of The first people to master war on horseback. Over 1,000 years ago they were searching for gold in the vast Gobi Desert of central Asia. In the heat of the desert while mining for gold, the miners not only battled the blazing sun but also the mighty griffin: A fierce mythical creature that was half-eagle, half lion that guarded fantastic treasures of gold. Greeks wrote down the stories of travelers who reported having heard of these great battles between the Scythians and Griffins and Brought back evidence of these large beaks and bones that proved that this had to be true.
    Millions of years before humans arrived in the Gobi, some parts of the desert were home to strange animals that Seemed to combine body parts of eagles and lions. But these animals weren't griffins--they were dinosaurs. Certain areas in the Gobi are littered with dinosaur bones, including those of The four-legged, beaked Protoceratops. For thousands of years, Protoceratops fossils, like the one pictured here, could regularly be seen eroding out of hillsides. Ancient gold miners working in the desert may have seen these fossils--and Tried to come up with a rational explanation of what that animal must have looked like. Probably pretty terrifying!!
    5. Cyclops
    There’s An enormous amount of stories with cyclopes littered throughout mythology. I also just learned the plural form of cyclops was cyclopes. From getting their eyes jabbed by Odysseus to Hercules uppercutting them to the moon, to the new God of War games, where Kratos tears out their eyes by the dozen. The point is, cyclopes are everywhere, and the ancient Greeks are to blame. But ancient Greeks were Unfamiliar with the idea of massive animals that no longer existed, and many believed that the enormous bones they found were the remains of human-like giants. Any nonhuman traits in the bones were Thought to be due to the grotesque anatomical features of giants.
    Those skulls that spawned the very myth of the one-eyed giants weren’t cyclopes skulls at all. They belonged to an Ancient elephant-like species known as Deinotherium giganteum, and it looked like this.
    If you see this skull, what are you supposed to think? If that's what the skull looks like, what if you come across a live one??
    The “eye socket” in its skull is really where it's trunk was, and it’s hard to imagine something so simple being the reason that myths about the cyclopes first started.
    The ancient Greeks took the idea of these skulls and ran with it, Telling stories of giants, describing them as flesh-and-blood creatures who lived and passed, and whose bones could be found coming out of the ground where they were buried long ago. Even today Large and surprisingly human-like bones can be found in Greece. Modern scientists understand these bones to be the remains of mammoths, mastodons, and woolly rhinoceros that once lived in the region. The long bones of elephant relatives and humans are Similar enough to be confused. Geological events tend to destroy the skulls of prehistoric elephants, leaving only enormous, human-like long bones, ribs, and vertebrae. Ancient stories often Reported finding the remains of giants hundreds of feet tall--much bigger than an elephant or any other animal. These reports may represent attempts to reconstruct the bones of several animals found jumbled together as a single giant.
    The people of Tingis (modern-day Tangier, Morocco) once Boasted that their city's founder was a giant named Antaeus who was buried in a mound south of town. To test the claim, Roman soldiers dug into the mound in 81 BC. Much to their surprise, an enormous skeleton surfaced-- which they then reburied with great honors. Modern scientists confirmed that it was an ancient elephant fossil.
    4. Unicorns
    These majestic creatures Symbolize all that is pure and good in the world and possess magical power. While no unicorn remains have been found, in 1663 a German archaeologist decided to Create a unicorn skeleton using mammoth and rhinoceros bones. His work, which he claimed was a true unicorn skeleton, was eventually discovered to be false but stories of unicorn sightings persist to this day. Unicorns have been seen in Scotland, and A unicorn lair has been reportedly found in North Korea. While most admit unicorns to be a creature of pure fiction, some continue to insist that they do or did exist.

  • Top 10 Mythical Animals That Are Actually Real


    These legendary creatures turned out to be 100% real! For this list, we’re looking at animals whose existence was once thought impossible. Our countdown includes Komodo Dragons, Platypus, Black Swans, and more! What mythical animal do YOU most wish was real? Let us know in the comments!

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  • 10 Mythical CREATURES That Actually Existed


    #mythical #creatures #viral

    Every civilization has its own version of everything from the boogeyman to dragons, and we still enjoy these #mythological #creatures in movies and games.

    You have to wonder: where did these creatures come from in the first place, and why do they exist in different regions of the world, where people never met one another? Like most stories involving things too incredible to be true, every mythological creature or #cryptid has its roots in something real.

    So, here are 10 mythological #beasts that were based, at least in some ways, on animals that truly did exist.


    The myth of the #unicorn has evolved over time from various descriptions of real animals, and the most likely source in European history stems from Pliny the Elder's description of the rhinoceros. He wrote in the 1st century CE that it has the head of a stag, the feet of an elephant, and the tail of a boar ... it has a single black horn which projects from the middle of its forehead.

    Over time, this description morphed through tall tales into the unicorn, but another source in Europe also helped push the belief in the majestic beast. Norse Vikings would take narwhal tusks to Europe, and sell them to people as unicorn horns. Because they had never seen a narwhal or a unicorn, the explanation worked, and people traded in so-called unicorn horns for centuries.

    The Bunyip

    The Bunyip is a creature of Aboriginal mythology. It lives in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds and waterholes all over Australia. #Bunyip in the Wemba-Wemba language means devil or Evil spirit.

    Aborigines used to tell tales of Creatures that stalked the waterways and ate any prey item that come close, and the creatures had developed a taste for people, mostly children. Many of the modern sightings that have come from Australian people come in a wide variety of descriptions, scaly, furry, big, small, skinny, beefy and so on. The Bunyip has many descriptions. Some say it has a dog-like face, dark fur, a horse-like tail, flippers, walrus-like tusks, and a duck-like bill. Others think the creature has an appearance similar to a snake with a man and a beard.

    It is hard to tell what the bunyip looks like because of its claims of variations but all sightings agree that it is definitely an aquatic mammal. Some candidates from known species such as leopard seals have been suggested, or an elephant seal. It is believed the Bunyip could also be a surviving Diprodoton.


    Since 1995, the Chupacabra or “Goat Sucker” has caused mass chaos amongst farmers’ livestock. Primarily affecting states in the Southwest as well as South America, the #Chupacabra by all accounts drains its prey of blood, leaving two telltale puncture holes on its victim. Captured photos and video depict the creature as anything from an upright alien creature to a hairless beast on all fours. But investigators comparing many infected coyote dogs and racoons with the photos and video seem to explain a lot of these crypto zoological creatures...

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  • Top 10 Scary Mythical Creatures That Were Found In Real Life


    Top 10 Scary Mythical Creatures That Were Found In Real Life
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    From the Minotaur to the Hydra, these mythological creatures provide a glimpse into the fears that filled our ancestors' imaginations. All caught on tape. Are they real? Fake? You be the judge. This is our Top 10 Scary Mythical Creatures That Were Found In Real Life.

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures that Actually Existed


    10 legendary beasts from mythology stories that aren't so fictional after all. Check out these mythical creatures that really did exist.

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  • Top 10 Mythical Creatures Caught On Camera


    Top 10 Mythical Creatures Caught On Camera

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    Top 10 Mythical Creatures Caught On Camera
    Can a creature be considered mythical if someone has footage of it? Have I asked this question before?
    Probably, because today, we present to you another 10 mythical creatures caught on camera. Number
    one is Canada’s answer to the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Stay tuned to find out what it is.

    Number 10. The Bear Lake Monster

    The Bear Lake Monster is a cryptid appearing in local folk-lore near Bear Lake, on the Utah–Idaho
    border. The myth originally grew from articles written in the 19th century by Joseph C. Rich, a Mormon
    colonizer in the area, who was retelling second-hand accounts of sightings of the creature. However, he
    later recanted the stories. In recent years the monster is considered to be a tourist attraction, with
    hundreds of tourists hoping to catch evidence for the creature. The creature, if it does exist, has seem to
    have gone in hiding with the last sighting reported in 2007.
    The beast of bear lake is often described as being at least 40 feet long and with short, but powerful legs.
    The beast was known to wait for its victims by the shores and then pull them in. It is also known to
    attack unlucky swimmers in the lake. It is reported as grayish greenish with the head of an alligator.
    This clip was said to be taken on Bear Lake which reportedly shows a huge creature thrashing about in
    the water in the distance. The video is so low quality that you can’t really see what’s happening.
    However, the uploader claims that it was footage of the bear lake monster. Is it real? What do you

    Number 9. The Beast of Bray Road

    The Beast of Bray Road is a hairy humanoid with canine features that was sighted near the towns of
    Delavan and Elkhorn in Wisconsin, mainly during the 1990s. It was labeled a Werewolf in local folklore,
    however, some people think that it is a cryptid canine instead. Some researchers consider the Beast of
    Bray Road to be identical to a kind of Wisconsin Bigfoot named the "Bluff Monster" or the "Eddy." Other
    names that have been applied to the Beast of Bray Road include the "Bear-Wolf" and the "Indigenous
    It has been in the media regularly since the first sightings were publicized, and even had a low-budget
    movie based on its legend. Because of the numerous witnesses who have claimed to see this creature,
    the evidence supporting the Beast of Bray Road is far greater than the evidence supporting almost any
    other werewolf legend.
    In this photo, we see a photo of a canine-like creature crossing the road on its two hind legs. What do
    you think? Beast or just an extremely clever dog?

    Number 8. The Hellhound

    The Hellhound is a supernatural canine, much like the beast of Bray Road. Features that have been
    attributed to Hellhounds include black fur, glowing red or sometimes glowing yellow eyes, super
    strength or speed, ghostly or phantom characteristics, foul odor, and sometimes even the ability to talk.
    Tales of the hellhound go as far back as ancient Greece, with the three-headed dog Cerberus being one
    of them.
    Legend says that if someone is to stare into its eyes three times or more, the person will definitely die. In
    cultures that associate the afterlife with fire, Hellhounds may have fire-based abilities and appearance.
    They are often assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and burial
    grounds, or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural, such as hunting lost souls
    or guarding a supernatural treasure. In European legends, seeing a Hellhound or hearing it howl may be
    either an omen of death or even a cause of death.
    This footage was first shown on the TV show Mountain Monsters. In the clip, the hosts were
    interviewing a man who allegedly captured the elusive hellhound on video. The video shows what
    clearly was a black, quadrupedal animal, but whether it’s a real hellhound, we would probably never

    Number 7. The Skunk Ape

    The Skunk Ape or Myakka Ape is a bipedal humanoid, possibly a relative of the more popular Bigfoot,
    reported in the South Eastern United States including Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana, but most notably in
    the Florida Everglades.
    It has black fur and glowing red eyes

  • 10 Mythical Sea Creatures


    10 Mythical Sea Creatures

    Many books, films, or legends that travel by word of mouth have told stories of mythological creatures of the sea. From stories of terrible sea monsters that destroyed ships and the sailors who sailed on them, to the accounts of mermaids who enthralled their crews with their songs to drag them to a terrible end, All these stories have survived the passage of centuries.

    That's why today, we are going to unravel ten mythical sea monsters that have become the seat of fear for many cultures out there.

    We place the deadliest and most fearsome for number one. So keep watching to find out as it will surely give you the biggest goosebumps of your life!

    Now let's ride on, shall we?

    Number 10: The Aspidochelone

    The Aspidochelone became quite popular when the movie -the adventure of Baron Munchausen (1988) hit the main screen. If you've not seen it, then you've got to! You have got to watch that scene where the captain and his crew were tossed into the water after their ship capsized, followed by the horrific sight of a sea monster that kept them all shaking. Enough of the movie excerpts, don't you think?

    The Aspidochelone is a creature of Greek mythology. A beast supposedly shaped like a big whale or a giant turtle with an ample irregular backside that makes up its upper part. This part usually stays above water, shaped like an island. Now you see why the captain thought that they had found their haven after the crash.

    Seafarers dock at its back, hoping to rest and cook. Unknown to them that they've just met their worst nightmare. The heat from the fire they make irritates the monster, and guess what happens next? Yes, you got it right. Everyone gets drowned!

    Number 9: The Jormungandr

    This creature is very notorious amongst the people of the Norse mythology. Uhmm... don't worry, we got you covered. Norse mythology is like a compendium of stories and cultural folklore about Vikings. Now that's more relatable, right?

    Jormungandr is one of the exceedingly large Norse sea ophidians, or you can call it, the sea serpent. You can liken its appearances to that of the Basilisk in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. Yes, that scary-looking snake that petrifies you on making eye contact with it.

    The Jormungandr is more commonly known as the Midgard serpent. It is owing to the legend that it coils itself around an island known as Midgard. It has earned its place in Marvel's comics and screen shows. The serpent is the child of Loki and his mistress, Angrboda. What a deadly combo!

    The monster was banished from Asgard by Odin and fought by Thor, the god of thunder, to put an end to the doom that the Jormungandr was to bring. The monster's blood is poisonous, and it can produce fire from its mouth. The fire that is always ready to burn it's victims alive! That was scary even for Thor, son of Odin.

    Number 8: The Kappa

    Owing to the traditional knowledge of Japanese, the Kappa is a green monkey-like monster with webbed feet and a hard shell. Some people even described it as a miniature man with some sort of depression filled with water on its head. That is the source of its strength as it becomes weakened or may die if it loses the liquid.

    The kappa was notorious for tricking young kids into kidnaping them and luring women into raping. Then, eventually drowns them. Oh, just like all monsters, we would never forget to add brutal killing to the list. It has a very peculiar killing mode, according to legend, and that's removing the soul ball from the anus of its victims. Japanese parents use the kappa story to scare their children from dangerous swimming. Locals still place Kappa warning signs near rivers in Japan to date.

    The power of kappa stands for both pure and evil. The kappa, as the story had it, taught the techniques of bone-setting to man. It has a soft spot for cucumbers. No wonder cucumber offerings are taken to rivers and ponds in japan to appease the kappa. But you don't want to mess with an angry kappa while swimming. It might end up being your last!

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures That May Exist On Earth


    10 Mythical Creatures That May Exist On Earth

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    10 Mythical Creatures That May Exist On Earth
    Mythological creatures are more than just make-believe. They are a glimpse into how our ancestors
    once saw the world and of the fears that filled their imaginations when they heard something go bump
    in the night.
    Every culture has their own monster and each one tells its own story about what haunts or scares us.
    Mythological creatures are in essence the manifestations of our biggest fears. The stories our ancestors
    left behind about the heroes who conquered mythological creatures weren’t just stories, they were
    insights into how we wished to take some control over an ancient world that was often overwhelming or
    And who knows, maybe these creatures still roam around us, just like they once did in the ancient times
    when their legends began!
    10. Wendigo

    A group of Jesuit missionaries in 1661 went to the land of the Algonquins, a tribe of Native American’s
    that lived along the forest regions of the Ottawa River. A group of the Jesuits had already traveled to the
    land of the Algonquins but had fallen strangely ill.
    The Jesuits coming to replace and support their sickened brethren had heard that things had gone
    wrong at the mission – but what they found when they got there was worse than they could have ever
    imagined. The missionaries they’d come to replace had turned into cannibals. It was unimaginable to the
    brothers in Christ but the Algonquin tribe knew this horror all too well.
    Wendigos were said to be man-eating monsters that roamed the land near the Great Lakes. Their bodies
    were emaciated, their ribs stuck out through their thin, pale skin, and their eyes were sunk deep down
    into their sockets. They looked like men who had died of starvation, walking through the world after a
    week of decomposing in the grave.
    A Wendigo’s appetite could never be filled. It would attack other men and eat their flesh, but every bite
    would just make them larger and hungrier, until they were massive, flesh-starved giants towering over
    the trees.
    9. Qalupalik

    The Inuit children of the arctic knew never to get too close to the water’s edge because there,
    underneath the ice, Qalupalik lay waiting for them.
    The first thing the Inuit children were told they would hear when Qalupalik was near would be the eerie,
    distant hum of its song under the sea. But if the Qalupalik was too eager to contain itself, then it would
    gently tap its fingers on the ice under their feet.
    Qalupalik could be seen only for the flash of an instant before it was gone. It would leap out from under
    the water, its long, sharp fingernails would allegedly sink into its victim’s flesh and drag them forward.
    Its victim would get one, quick, brief glimpse of its face which was somewhat like a woman’s which had

    turned green and bloated from decomposing under the sea. The Qalupalik would jam its victim into the
    great pouch it wore on its back and dive back down into the sea.
    8. Minotaur

    The legend of the Minotaur begins with the sacrifice of 14 Athenian children. They are sent into a
    Labyrinth in Crete to wander for days through the dark, stone halls, and feel their ways along the
    indecipherable paths. With every step they know that they are inching closer and closer to the
    The myth goes that the people of Athens would draw lots to decide who would be sacrificed in the
    Labyrinth. The King of Crete had demanded a sacrifice from Athenians as retribution for the death of his
    son at their hands, and those unlucky boys and girls were the ones who had to pay the price.
    The Minotaur, according to Greek legend, was the blasphemous offspring of the queen of Crete and a
    bull. The Minotaur’s real name was Asterion but he was never allowed a normal life because King Minos
    of Crete was ashamed of what his wife had done. He also worried about the violent rage that lived
    inside of the beast and so had him locked inside of a labyrinth to survive only on the human sacrifices he
    was sent.
    7. Basilisk

    The Basilisk was a mythological creature so venomous that its mere glance could kill. Even if you waited
    until it was gone the basilisk left a trail of poison everywhere it went. No man, the Roman writer Pliny
    the Elder, could kill it. If he stabbed it with a spear the poison would drip down onto his weapon and end
    his life.
    A five-year-old girl vanished from her home in Warsaw in 1587. She had been out playing with a little
    friend and when she didn’t come home her mother and her maid tore through town in search of them.
    They found the girls in the underground cellar of an abandoned house that had been in ruins for 30

  • 10 MYTHICAL Creatures That Turned Out To Be REAL!


    10 MYTHICAL Creatures That Turned Out To Be REAL!

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    Mythical Creatures That Turned Out to be Real
    You’ve got to appreciate the internet. Nowadays, if you need to find more information about something,
    chances are somebody has already uploaded it somewhere. Can you imagine how hard it was to get
    valuable information just a few decades ago? So much so that certain animals existing at that time
    weren’t readily known to the rest of the world and would be considered cryptids or mythological
    animals, despite locals knowing about their existence for hundreds of years. Today, we will be talking
    about a few animals that we all thought were mythical but turned out to be real. Ending this list with the
    Kraken is so predictable, I figured I’d start this list off with him. Want to find out what number one is?
    You’d better stay tuned.

    The Kraken
    Usually, lists like these would end with the Kraken; the legendary sea monster that was reported to sink
    whole ships when it wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. But honestly, almost all of us know what
    animal sparked the legend of the kraken; the giant squid.
    The giant squid is the largest invertebrate in the world. But despite that, we know next to nothing about
    it. The largest of these elusive giants ever found measured 59 feet in length and weighed nearly a ton.
    We know so little about these giant creatures because they prefer non-contact with humans, perfectly
    content in staying the in the deep ocean where they are known to reside. They do, however, venture
    into shallower waters every now and then, which might be the basis of ancient sailors‘ tales about the
    kraken, but almost everything scientists know about them is from carcasses that have washed up on
    beaches or been hauled in by fishermen.
    Giant squid, along with their cousin, the colossal squid, have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom,
    measuring some 10 inches in diameter. These massive organs allow them to detect objects in the
    lightless depths where most other animals would see nothing.
    Like other squid species, they have eight arms and two longer feeding tentacles that help them bring
    food to their beak-like mouths. Their diet likely consists of fish, shrimp, and other squid, and some
    suggest they might even attack and eat small whales.

    The Duck Billed Platypus
    The duck billed platypus is one of those animal oddities that if you didn’t see it yourself, you probably
    didn’t believe it was real, at least, during the pre-internet age when people like PT Barnum regularly
    faked unbelievable animals to make you part with your hard earned money. In fact, the platypus looked
    so weird that, at that time, a few preserved specimens actually did rounds in the carnival and freak show
    The platypus is only found in eastern Australia in small rivers and streams within the states of
    Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. To locals, they are common animals that didn’t
    deserve a second look. To European settlers though, to say that it was a curiosity was a gross
    understatement. They have a paddle-shaped tail like a beaver; a sleek, furry body like an otter; and a flat

    bill and webbed feet like a duck. When descriptions, drawings and even live specimens of platypus were
    first taken back to Europe for study by British scientists many believed the animal was a hoax, a beaver's
    body sewn together with a duck's bill as some sort of joke.
    During the time of its initial discovery, the scientific world was moving through a new, exciting age of
    discovery and debate. Biologists in Europe were close to developing a classification system for animals,
    and theories on how those animals came to be were brewing. The platypus, with its flexible beak and
    venomous spurs, was a crowbar in the gear-work of known science, causing debates that would not be
    resolved for 90 years.
    Aside from looking like a taxidermist’s idea of a prank, the platypus is truly a remarkable animal.
    Platypuses are among the few venomous mammals. Males have a spur on the back of their hind feet
    that is connected to a venom-secreting gland. More venom is secreted during mating season, leading
    researchers to think that the spurs and venom help males compete for mates, according to the
    Australian Platypus Conservatory. The venom is not life threatening to humans, but it can cause severe

  • 10 Mythical CREATURES That Actually Existed


    Did you think these Stories of mythical creatures are real like tales? today we went to tell you about 10 mythical creatures around the world.

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    0:00 - into
    0:10 - Mermaid
    1:07 - Dragon
    2:09 - Kraken
    2:50 - Griffin
    3:25 - Unicorn
    3:57 - Sea serpent
    4:28 - Gorilla
    5:13 - Pouakai
    6:07 - Roc
    6:38 - Yeti

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  • 15 Mythical Creatures That Exist In the Wild


    Do you ever stop to think how many animals exist on our planet that you don't even know about? Because, believe me, there are many. So, today, we're diving into the mythical creatures that very few people even know exist! From a moth that may or may not be a hoax to a spiky little lizard with a whole bunch of names, let's discover 15 Mythical Creatures That Exist In the Wild!

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  • 10 CRAZIEST Mythological Creatures That Turned Out To Be REAL!


    Hi, it’s Katrina! Many of today’s well-known animals were considered mythological until explorers witnessed them with their own eyes. Others were discovered to be real much more recently! From the legendary unicorns, to the terrifying cyclops, here are 10 mythological creatures that turned out to be real!

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    10. Sea Serpent
    The best place for the imagination to run wild is the ocean! And sea serpents are enormous creatures believed to attack ships and terrify sailors and fishermen around the world. In a way, sea serpents are closely related to dragons. In fact, they could be interpreted as sea-dragons, because people depicted them in almost the same way, except they were drawn in the ocean on maps.

    9. The Dragon
    Dragons appear in myths and legends from many cultures around the world. Of course, the giant, fire breathing, flying beast doesn’t exist but why did so many people think that they did? The first legends recorded by the Greeks and Sumerians had to come from real creatures that made ancient people believe in the mythical beast.

    8. The Hoax Creature
    While now a platypus might seem common or normal, during the late 18th century, the first platypus specimen was shipped from Australia to scientists in England. At first, the team of experts wondered if someone was playing a practical joke on them, even going so far as to suggest that skilled Chinese taxidermists had crafted the corpse.

    7. The African Unicorn
    Nicknamed the “African unicorn,” the elusive and secluded okapi only lives in the dense and remote Ituri Rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. It’s most closely related to the giraffe, but resembles a mixture of zebra, deer, donkey, and antelope, with a brown body and striped legs.

    6. Griffin
    With the body of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle the Griffin is one of the most well-known animals of ancient Greek mythology. And it wasn’t found only in Greek mythology, as there is evidence of Griffon-like creatures in ancient Egypt, Persia, and many more. But the Griffin wasn’t only limited to stories – people actually thought it was real. According to ancient lore, the old Greeks reported that the Scythians (another ancient people) came across some griffins in the famous Gobi desert.

    5. The Mermaid
    There are three manatee species, who belong to an order of mammals called sirenians and are the ocean's largest herbivores. Manatees inspired ages-old mermaid legends and tales spanning various cultures, as they’ve frequently been mistaken for the mythical beings throughout history.

    4. The Unicorn
    In 1577, English explorer Martin Frobisher and his crew happened upon a mysterious “unicorn fish” in the Arctic Ocean while searching the upper reaches of Canada for a shortcut to India. He took the dead animal’s horn back to England and presented it to Queen Elizabeth, who stored it with the crown jewels.

    3. Wild Humans
    People outside of Africa regarded gorillas as mythical beings until relatively recently, for the most part. Various myths circulated about them throughout history, suggesting that they were seen as primitive humans, and some of these tales were based on eyewitness accounts.

    2. The Kraken
    The giant squid is the suspected source of inspiration for various legendary sea monsters, including the six-headed Greek goddess named Scylla; the half-shark, half-octopus Bahamian creature called the Lusca, and, most of all, the infamous Nordic Kraken.

    1. Cyclops
    The one-eyed cyclops is among the most well-known mythological monsters of all time. Researchers believe that fossils with holes in their skulls may explain the historical and well-documented belief in the cyclops. Take, for instance, the Deinotherium giganteum. This distant predecessor of modern elephants was one of the largest mammals that ever existed, measuring up to 15 feet (4.6 meters) tall and with four-and-a-half-foot-long (1.3 meters) tusks.

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  • 5 Mythical Creatures that Might Actually Exist


    Do these mythical creatures exist on Earth? Are they just legend or is there something more ? Today we're exploring 5 mythical creatures that might actually exist.

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures That Exist In The Wild


    Lions, meerkats, koala bears and other innumerable numbers of animals exist around us. Some of them are so familiar to us that we often ignore how fascinating their physical features are.

    In contrast, there are certain types of animals that we feel like drooling over its unique characteristics and to wonder whether they are real or not. Some of them seem to be quite bizarre as they look like mysterious spiteful creatures straight out of a gothic fantasy.

    Baffled, aren’t you? Have you ever dreamt of confronting a strange-looking creature while on an adventurous trip?

    People from time immemorial have shown an inclination to set on a quest to research on weird yet mythical creatures. Today, we present to you a list of 10 Mythical Creatures That Exists In The Wild.

    So, before we start our safari, fasten your seat belt and smash the bell icon or else the blood-sucking Chupacabra might hunt you down!



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  • 7 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed 2016


    7 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed 2016

    You've probably heard of Komodo dragon, right? They're the largest living lizard on Earth, but at one time, there were even larger. Megalania were an ancient relative of the Komodo dragon and were alive around 30,000 years ago. They grew to be up to 26 feet long and had a poisonous bite that made victims bleed to death. They were the closest things to dragons that have been totally real.

    Dire Wolves

    Dire wolves aren't just a Game of Thrones animal. These huge wolves actually existed and are thought to be rivals of Siberian tigers. This wolf is similar to the gray wolf, but is much bulkier in size. 

    Mobi Dick
    While Moby Dick, of the Herman Melville novel, was a fictional sea colossus, it was actually based on a real whale. It's name was Mocha Dick and it terrorized sailors off the coast of Chile.

    The Amazons
    The Amazons were mythical warrior women, but they actually existed. Scientists have found graves filled with battle-worn female skeletons featuring battle tattoos. They were even buried with their weapons and warrior horses.

    The Kraken, a mythical sea creature that tore apart sailing ships, was believed to be just like a giant squid. Well, just recently a colossal squid was fished out of the Southern Ocean. It was 46 feet long and had sharp fangs along its many legs.

    Berserkers were powerful warriors with an unquenchable thirst for battle. Despite being common in video games and fantasy novels, warriors like these were very real. They worked themselves into a frenzy before battle or would take drugs in order to reach that unstoppable fury.

    Korean legends of the Imoogi, enormous pythons with dragon-like tendencies, are actually real. A huge titanoboa snake was found in South America. It weighed over a ton and was 46 feet long.

    7 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed 2016
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    7 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed 2016

  • 10 Mythical Creatures You Wont Believe Actually Existed


    10 Mythical Creatures that Actually Existed and you won't believe it. Shocking real life bizarre creatures from legend. Top MostRare

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  • 5 Mythical Creatures That REALLY Existed | 5 FACTS


    Did you know that many of our favorite MYTHICAL CREATURES have very REAL origins?

    Tune in each week for 5 crazy, cool, epic, awesome, funny, weird, wild, unexpected, true facts about...well, EVERYTHING!!

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    Produced by Matt Levy
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    Camera Operator: Daniel Fritz
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    Hair & Make Up: Melissa Eastwick
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    Line Producer: Brett Hodgson
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    Asst. Editor: Ryan Murphey
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  • 10 Mythological Creatures That May Have Actually Existed


    Mythological creatures are some of the scariest monsters that have ever been written about. From Greek Mythology to Ancient Caribbean folklore, we count 10 of the scariest creatures ever said to exist.

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  • Top 10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed


    Top 10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed

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    Hello friends, and welcome to my Mysterious Story channel. Check out the most unique, unusual, amazing, mysterious facts, stories and TOPs from all over the world!
    So ask yourself if you are ready ...

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  • These Are 10 Mythical Looking Animals That Actually Exist


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    Most of the world's animals are fairly normal looking,
    but every once in a while we come across something that looks like it jumped straight out of a fantasy movie.
    In This Video we have listed 10 amazingly unique animals who seem almost mythical in nature.

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    Welcome to Top10Archive! We've already done our top picks for mythical creatures we're glad don't exist, but what about those creatures that are just so cool, we'd all love if they actually existed? That's the topic of discussion, so join us as we count down our picks of the Top 10 Mythical Creatures We Wish Existed!

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    10. Daitengu - Japanese
    9. Unicorns - Varies
    8. Leprechauns - Irish
    7. Phoenix - Varies
    6. Griffin - Greek
    5. Menehune - Polynesian
    4. Dokkaebi - Korean
    3. Brownie - English
    2. Kapre - Philippine
    1. Qilin - Chinese

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  • 10 BIGGEST Creatures From World Mythology!


    Check out the 10 BIGGEST Creatures From World Mythology! From scary mythical creatures from greek mythology to fabled creatures that are as big as the universe, this top 10 list of enormous mythological beasts will amaze you!

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  • 7 Mythical Creatures People Have Seen In Real Life!



    Since the beginning of mankind, stories of unbelievable creatures and circumstances have been passed down from generation to generation. We’ve all heard of them before. Tales of the boogeyman, and creatures like him, have been shared to scare whoever hears them. Stories of mermaids and unicorns have delighted and even inspired others. Welcome to The Supreme, where today’s title is 7 Mythical Creatures People Have Seen in Real Life!

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  • 13 Mythical Sea Creatures


    There are many dangerous sea monsters whose existence has not been proven. Sailors' historical accounts show gigantic creatures swallowing whole ships that are hostile to all humans in the water.
    Here are 12 of these mythical creatures that many sailors or regular people believed in, and in which some people believe even today.

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  • 5 Mythical Creatures That Could Actually Exist


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    Mythical creatures are fabulous monsters and fantasy creatures that originate from legends and folklore. Unicorns, mermaids, trolls, dragons, they are all mythical creatures and have been the talk for hundreds of years. But, some say a few of them could be based on true stories and creatures and here are five legendary mythical creatures, that may not be so mythical after all...

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    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    Do you believe in angels? No? Well, these footages just might change your mind, especially when the
    footage is accompanied by a miracle, just like number one so stay tuned for that. Here are 10 angels
    caught on camera.

    Number 10. Angel on the Football Field

    On November 7, 2009, Doug Luaders was set to coach a JCYA youth football game in Fenton, Missouri.
    That very same day, a photo was taken on the field showing two smiling boys celebrating their win. But
    the disposable camera also seemed to capture a white shadowy figure floating right alongside the
    beaming boys.
    When Doug saw the photo, he was completely blown away. You see, Doug’s 20-year-old son was
    supposed to be his assistant coach that day. But on his way to the game, Kyle passed away in a horrible
    car crash after his vehicle collided with a semi-truck. The mysterious photo became public. Doug, and
    many others in their community and beyond, believe the white angelic figure was Kyle, who was on his
    way to the very football field where the picture was taken.
    I hate being cynical, and I’m happy that Doug found a certain level of solace on the photo, especially for
    what happened to his son. But then again, is it just me or does the “angel” look more like a blurred
    extreme close up of a mosquito? Believe whatever you want to believe I guess.

    Number 9. In-flight Angel

    Seven-year-old AAsher Lisles dreams of being a famous photographer. Every time he sees his mom
    holding her phone, he immediately takes it and starts taking photos. He takes some great photos, mostly
    of random things. But one photo he took while on a plane ride home from Washington may just make
    his dreams come true.
    AAsher, who was born with Down Syndrome hence the two uppercase A’s on his name which, according
    to his mom, represents the extra chromosome, which is quite clever I must say, was with his mom on
    the plane ride home from visiting his older brother. There was a lot of turbulence at the time, during
    which AAsher asked for his mom’s phone and started taking pictures.
    When Kerri, AAsher’s mom, got her phone back, she started going through the photos her son took,
    even deleting some of them. But when she got to this particular photo, she was dumbfounded.
    Honestly, it took me off guard as well so I’d rather you just look at it for yourself than describe it.
    Kerri thinks it’s Asher’s guardian angel looking after him while in flight. But what do you think?
    Comment down below.

    Number 8. Angel in Ghana

    Do you believe everything you see in the news? If your answer is yes, then this next news clip will
    definitely make you believe in angels.
    A Ghanaian News Channel reported on a strange sighting in Dansoman, Ghana. In a segment called “an
    encounter with the dead”, a man was telling a story of a very strange event that happened to him. He
    said that he saw, and was able to film, a strange flying creature frolicking in the clouds above him. This
    creature, which he believes to be an angel, can be seen flying in and out of the dark clouds, as if playing.
    Again, of course, the footage is very grainy and the flying creature could be anything. It could even be a
    hoax for all we know. But then again, if the story was good enough for Ghana’s national TV, then there
    just might be something to this very strange sighting

    Number 7. The Mosque Angel

    Most people think that angels only exist in Christian religions. But the fact is, they appear in the stories
    of many religions around the world. Angels play a major role in Islamic religions. According to their
    religion Allah sends the angels to every Mosque to shower his blessings on the people. Islamic belief in
    angels is so prevalent that any paranormal activity seen in mosques are almost always attributed to
    angels of Allah. This clip is no exception.
    Muslims offering prayers at a Mosque in Azerbaijan were surprised by what they described as an ‘Angel
    Ghost’ offering prayers. Some were convinced that it was an angel and others believed it to be a ghost.
    They preferred the Angel approach as it appeared to be praying, and they believe that a ghost cannot
    offer prayers but an angel can.
    The video was shot using a phone, hence its grainy quality, making others think that the so-called angel
    may be a trick of the light. But then again, if said video strengthens someone’s faith and its effect os
    overall positive, it doesn’t really matter if it’s real or not, does it?

  • TOP 10 Mythical SEA CREATURES


    TOP 10 Mythical SEA CREATURES


  • 10 Ancient Greek Myths That Turned Out To Be True


    10 Most Crazy Things The Ancient Greeks Did
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    These stories from the Greek mythology might have happened thousands of years ago, but you will be surprised to hear that some of them became true in the 21st century. From the most terrifying monsters to gifts from the ancient gods, we now clearly understand what inspired them to write these stories. And this is why today, we are showing you 10 Ancient Greek Myths that Turned Out to be True.

    In Ancient Greece, mermaids and sirens had such a beautiful voice that any sailor who would hear it would jump into the water to join them. And hundred years later, people still believe that they saw a woman with a tail in the water. One of them was John Smith, and he claimed that he saw a green-haired woman swimming in the water which was “by no means unattractive.”

    Medusa was one of the most terrifying women in Greek Mythology. With snakes on her head, she was so hideous that anyone who looked at her immediately turned to stone. And no, we won’t show you a woman with snakes on her head. But something can actually end your life just by looking at it, and it’s called the Elephant’s Foot. You’ll have to watch our video to see what it is.

    Stay tuned to hear more about Ancient Greek myths like cyclops, the Olympics, Icarus, prophecies, the Trojan Horse, Oedipus, Scylla, and music. What is your favorite story from Greek mythology? Don’t be shy to tell us what it is in the comments. We love to hear what you think!

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  • 10 Mythical Creatures Youre Glad Dont Exist


    10 Mythical Creatures You're Glad Don't Exist
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    Hello everyone and welcome back to top ten trends today we’ll be taking a look into the anima of mythos, the life blood of imagination. I’m talking about 10 of the strangest, weirdest and most famous mythical beasts!

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    10 Things You Won't Believe Exist! ►

    10. Heckatoncheires
    9. Grendel
    8. Minotaur
    7. Werewolf
    6. Scylla and Charybdis
    5. Hydra
    4. Cyclops
    3. Mongolian Death Worm
    2. Aspidochelone
    1. Dragon

    Top 10 Trends is a Top 10 channel that produces informative, fascinating, and engaging educational entertainment list videos. Watch our viral, trending, creepy, crazy, funny, controversial, hilarious, and mysterious list videos. Your #1 facts source for Top 5 / Top 10 content!

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  • 10 Scary Extinct Animals That Actually Existed


    10 Scary Extinct Animals That Actually Existed

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    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    10 Scary Extinct Animals That Actually Existed
    You know, humans are very lucky to have evolved quite late in the evolutionary timeline. If we arrived
    maybe just a few million tears earlier, we might have not ended up being the dominant species that we
    are today. We would probably be too scared to leave our caves, mainly because of these animals.
    Number one is especially frightening so stay tuned for that. Here are 10 scary extinct animals that
    actually existed.

    Number 10. Pentecopterus
    Many people just hate creepy crawlies, especially scorpions. It probably has something to do with their
    menacing looks, painful and sometimes even venomous stings, and a couple of pincers that look like
    they can sever fingers with no effort at all. Good thing we weren’t around 450 million years ago,
    because if today’s scorpions creep you out, imagine what an 8-foot long scorpion will do to your nerves.
    Pentecopterus was a species of sea scorpion that was just discovered back in 2015. They are the oldest
    scorpion species ever discovered, with their fossils dated to be around 458 to 467 million years old. With
    the few fossils that we have, we can deduce that it wasn’t the biggest scorpion ever, but at over 6 feet
    long, it’s not really a pixie either.
    It was described as fierce and predatory, and was thought to occupy the top of the food chain in the
    waters where it called home, and it probably fed on any creature smaller than itself.

    Number 9. Hallucigenia
    Nope, despite the name, this has nothing to do with hallucination inducing pharmaceuticals. But given
    that this next item on our list is a worm with legs, you will be forgiven if you think you are hallucinating.
    Hallucigenia is unlike nearly any living animal today, although it was likely the ancestor to modern day
    arthropods. There were over 109 specimens of these strange aquatic creatures, and they ranged in size
    from 0.5 to 3 cm long. It had a round, worm-like body that was likely squishy to the touch.
    Like arthropods and worms, it was an invertebrate, so it didn't have a backbone, however it did have
    hard, sharp spikes that stuck out of its back and likely kept potential predators away. It also had clawed,
    tentacle-like appendages which functioned more or less like legs that helped it move around the ocean
    It also had a weird head which had a pair of simple eyes, and weirdly, what seemed to be a permanent
    grin on its face, like the one you see on the face of someone who’s up to no good.

    Number 8. Meganeura
    Yep, we’re still keeping it in the terrifying insect category, and when it comes to fright factor, this one
    ranks up there with the scariest of them.

    First discovered in France in

    It is generally considered that the maximum potential size of an insect is dictated by how much oxygen is
    available in the atmosphere. Today, 21% of the atmosphere is breathable oxygen, but back in the
    carboniferous era, it was around 35%. And because of the abundance of oxygen, insects like Meganeura
    were able to grow to epic sizes.
    Meganeura is likely to have hunted and fed in much the same way as dragonflies do today,

    Number 7. Dunkleostus
    Long before enormous sharks like the great white, long before even the giant marine reptiles of the Age
    of Dinosaurs, in a world where animal life had only just begun to leave the seas, the biggest, meanest,
    scariest predator around was an armored sea monster named Dunkleosteus.
    These fish had thick, bony plates covering their skulls, and with a full body length of up to 20 feet, the
    armored head gear of the largest Dunkleosteus fossils are positively nightmarish. Dunkleosteus did not
    have true teeth; instead, the skull's bony plates extended into sharpened "fangs" in front of the mouth.
    These fangs scraped together, continuously sharpening each other as the fish opened and closed its
    The actual hunting and feeding style of Dunkleosteus is also a popular subject of interest.

    Number 6. Deinosuchus
    The "deino" in Deinosuchus derives from the same root as the "dino" in dinosaur, meaning "fearsome"
    or "terrible." In this case, the description is perfect: Deinosuchus was one of the largest prehistoric
    crocodiles that ever lived, attaining lengths of up to 33 feet from head to tail and weights in the
    neighborhood of five to 10 tons. And although it’s significantly smaller than its predecessor, the
    Sarcosuchus, it was definitely no less frightening. In fact, it can be said that it duked it out with more
    ferocious opponents than its predecessor. There is actual fossil evidence that the Deinosuchus regularly
    fought, and won, against the T-Rex.

  • 10 Shockingly Large Creatures That Actually Exist


    10 Shockingly Large Creatures That Actually Exist

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    family friendly pg clean

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    When it comes to survival in the animal kingdom, sometimes size does matter. Today we will be taking a
    look at 10 shockingly large animals that actually exist. Number 1 is quite possibly the largest mammal to
    have ever existed so make sure to stay tuned and meet this humongous beast.

    Number 10. The Coconut Crab
    Let’s start with something small, well, relatively small. But considering that their closest relative is
    miniscule compared to them, they are positively ginormous.
    Native to the islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans, coconut crabs are the world's biggest land-
    dwelling arthropods. They can weigh up to 9 pounds, with a leg span of around 3 feet. Just seeing one of
    these monsters would make even the bravest of men breakout in sweat. It’s really hard to imagine that
    5the closest relative of this behemoth is the humble hermit crab.
    But although the coconut crab is a close relative of your childhood pet hermit crab, they have been
    known to eat kittens, rats, chickens and even each other. They've even been proposed as a possible
    culprit in the disappearance of the body of Amelia Earhart.
    The coconut crabs have no shell as protection from enemies, so they have powerful claws and a large
    body to protect themselves. In addition, their mighty claws let them monopolize the terrestrial hard
    foods, including coconuts, which other animals are unable to get into.

    Number 9. The Ocean Sunfish
    Looking more like a huge floating blob rather than a fish, the ocean sunfish is officially the largest bony
    fish in the world, a huge achievement considering that it doesn’t have a visible backfin. Ocean Sunfish,
    or mola, develop their truncated, bullet-like shape because the back fin which they are born with simply
    never grows. Instead, it folds into itself as the enormous creature matures, creating a rounded rudder
    called a clavus. In fact, their name Mola in Latin means millstone, which perfectly describes this fish’s
    somewhat rounded shape.
    The mola are the heaviest of all the bony fish, with large specimens reaching 14 feet vertically and 10
    feet horizontally and weighing nearly 5,000 pounds. They are clumsy swimmers, waggling their large
    dorsal and anal fins to move and steering with their clavus. Their food of choice is jellyfish, though they
    will eat small fish and huge amounts of zooplankton and algae as well. They are harmless to people, but
    can be very curious and will often approach divers.

    Number 8. The Mekong Catfish
    The Mekong giant catfish is the official freshwater heavyweight champion of the world. According to the
    Guinness Book of Records, a nine-foot-long individual caught in northern Thailand in 2005 weighted an
    astounding 646 pounds, making it the largest exclusively freshwater fish ever recorded. To put things in

    perspective. This fish is so huge that it could easily feed a small village. The thing is, they are critically
    These giant catfish were once plentiful throughout the Mekong basin, but their numbers are believed to
    have dropped by at least 95 percent over the past century. With no population figures available,
    estimates of the decline are based on the fall in the number of fish caught. Some experts think there
    may be only a few hundred, or even fewer, adults left in the Mekong River.
    Their decline is often associated with overfishing, but other culprits could also be the damming of
    Mekong tributaries, the destruction of the fish’s spawning and feeding grounds, and siltation.

    Number 7. The Oarfish
    The strange-looking oarfish is the longest bony fish in the sea. The origin of the oarfish name is
    unknown, but may refer to the oar-shaped body or the long, oar-like pelvic fins. Because of its long, thin
    shape, the oarfish fish is sometimes known as the ribbonfish. It is also commonly referred to as the king
    of herrings. They have a habit of floating near the surface of the water when they are sick or dying.
    Because of this, it is believed that the oarfish may be responsible for many of the legendary sightings of
    sea monsters and sea serpents by ancient mariners and beach goers.

  • MYTHICAL Creatures That Turned Out To Be REAL!


    Check out these MYTHICAL Creatures That Turned Out To Be REAL! From legendary dragons to chupacabras and other mysterious monsters, this top 10 list of mythological animals turns out to be real!

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  • The Scariest Animals That ACTUALLY EXIST..


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  • Mythical Creatures That Actually Exist


    These are REAL LIFE mythical beasts! Watch to find out which mythical creatures from around the world actually exist!

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  • Top 10 beautiful and Deadly Female Mythical Creatures Those You Should Avoid Any Doubt


    There's so many mythical Creatures.
    Several Years Ago, We have post about:
    The Top 10 Ancient Greek Goddesses (Greek Mythology)

    And Now, We're going to share you
    The Beautiful but Deadly Mythical Creatures
    This Mythical Creatures Killed their Prey using their Beauty

    So Who Are Thay?

    Check this:
    Female Mythical Creatures List
    Who are beautiful and Deadly

    Beautiful and Deadly Mythical Creature that you should avoid
    And Here We are :
    Top 10 beautiful and Deadly Female Mythical Creatures
    1 - Alkonost
    2 - Harpies
    3 - Echidhna
    4 - Medusa
    5 - Arachne
    6 - Hamadryad
    7 - Serin
    8 - Sphinx
    9 - Lilith
    10- Succubus
    Thanks you for your participation from my heart!
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  • 15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!


    15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

    From massive creatures that look photoshopped to large animals that are beyond your imagination, we count 10 giant animals you won’t believe exist today!
    15. Giant Gippsland Earthworm

    Earthworms are quite grotty when you look at them closely, but when you bump into this breed, it will be difficult to get any closer is you’re squeamish about these sorts of crawlers. The average earthworm is about a metre in length but these ones can grow three times longer and be about three inches in diameter. They can easily be confused for an adult snake. You won’t come across these creepy crawlers often, they only exists deep in the wild around Sumaco volcano.
    Thought the snake-like worms are creepy, wait until you find out what lies in the deep seas! Stay tuned!
    14. Giant Freshwater Stingray

    Stingrays are dangerous enough, but when you bump into one that’s more than four metres long and weighs half a tonne, then you my friend will have a big problem. These creatures are found in the deep sea and most divers were protective clothing in case they bump into one or any other of the dangerous creatures that live in the waters. Why are they feared so much? These animals are not aggressive, in fact if you meet one it will probably slither away, but, they have one of the nastiest venoms in the world and this particular oversized breed has the ability to break through your bones with its stinger.
    13. Japanese Spider Crab

    The largest crab in the world and also the most expensive. It is almost four metres long when stretched out from claw to claw. They weigh triple the size of a regular crab but it is very unlikely to come across any as they live far below the water surface. To get one you’ll have to go fishing specifically for them. They need special equipment as their sharp claws can cause nasty injuries, but, it seems as though they are tasty enough to be worth the risk. If you fancy a japanese spider crab for your next meal, then head on to Okinawa and have your dreams come to life for five hundred bucks.
    12. Mydas Flies

    No one likes flies. They are always on your face if not hovering around your food. Making those annoying buzzy sounds. These tiny insects can be a nuisance on their own. Now picture one that’s four times in size and a lot more stubborn. The mydas fly is what we are talking about. It can be as long as ten centimetres in length, and have a wingspan of six centimetres, but the good thing is that it’s only found in arid areas not just anywhere.
    11– Goliath Frog

    Now I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of frogs. Some people may argue they are cute and adorable but I just can’t see any of that so I prefer saying away from them. But for the purpose of entertaining you, I had to research on these massive amphibians that are rare and unique in their own way.
    The Goliath frog is the world’s largest frog. It is able to grow up to 32 centimetres in length and can weigh up to four kilograms. They can only be found along the equator of Westen Africa.These creatures aren’t dangerous and can live up to the age of 21 when in captivity. They die young in the wild as they fall prey to giant lizards and crocodiles there.


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    10 Shark Tank Deals That Will Go Down in History


    10 BIGGEST SHARK TANK Deals!!!

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    Ian Taylor

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  • 5 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera


    5 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

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    family friendly pg clean

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    We live in a mysterious world. Although science have come leap and bounds explaining many things
    around us, a lot still remain shrouded in mystery. Today w will be looking at 5 mysterious creatures
    caught on camera. Number one is pretty controversial so stay tuned for that.
    Number 5. Elves

    Elves have always been an integral part of fiction. From Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to
    the ever complex Middle Earth imagined by JRR Tolkien 300 years later, and of course, Santa’s little
    helpers in the north pole, these guys are ever present in pop culture.
    Elves were said to be diminutive shape-shifters. English male elves were described as looking like little
    old men, though elf maidens were invariably young and beautiful. Like men of the time, elves lived in
    kingdoms found in forests, meadows, or hollowed-out tree trunks.
    Present day movies show elves as beautiful beings who help people in their times of need. However, the
    original ancient form of these beings was quite hostile towards humans. Often enough, it is believed
    that elves would lure humans to their death.
    The most ancient form of elves came from the mythology of the Norsemen. In Norse mythology, elves
    came in pairs – light and dark elves. Light elves were appreciated and esteemed by the god Odin. Some
    legends say that the look of the elves was linked to the changes of the seasons in nature. Elves were
    mostly immortal, but they could die if their sacred oak tree was cut. Light elves or Ljosalfar, as the
    Norsemen called them, inhabited the beautiful world of Alfheim. Dark elves or Dokkalfar were said to be
    quite ugly and they lived in the world called Niflheim. While dark elves were said to be evil by nature,
    light elves regarded humans as inferior to them, so they did not hold the human race in high esteem. In
    a way, light elves can be seen as a portrait of the perfect Norseman; Blonde hair, blue or green eyes, the
    fine nose, and the close link with nature are all traits that the ancient Norsemen valued.
    And with that, I would like to show you this clip that has been circulating around the internet for
    sometime now, and although the thing you are about to see may look familiar and harmless, what if this
    is the dark elf of Norse legend?
    The short clip has gone viral after being posted to Twitter by a user who says it was put up on the
    Facebook page of a woman named Vivian Gomez. A security camera at the home captured the clip,
    which shows a small figure with skinny legs and large ears walk down a driveway and do a dance. Harry
    Potter fans will be quick to notice this thing’s resemblance to Dobby the House Elf, but what if this is a
    dark elf roaming the neighborhood at night, looking for its next victim?

    Number 4. Gnomes

    Gnomes are, for most people, are short, bearded old men that some people use to decorate their
    gardens. Yeah they are a bit tacky, but hey, don’t judge other people for liking them. Like most fictional

    creatures, the existence of gnomes became well known due to legends and folktales, most of whom
    have been passed down from generation to generation. The thing is, most legends do have a basis in
    real life.
    This iconic image of Gnomes has been around since the 1800s, but if you do a little digging, you’ll
    unearth the Gnome’s original look. It’s quite different! The original Gnome was a small, ugly creature
    who lived underground. A wild being, he paid little attention to hygiene, and he certainly didn’t wear the
    colorful tailored clothes that Gnomes today are so fond of!
    Gnomes in history were thought to live underground, and their name is thought to derive from a Latin
    word for earth dweller. They were thought to be the guardians of golden treasure, and they had great
    wisdom, not only about mining the earth, but also about managing money in general. It is said that any
    advice from a Gnome could make any man rich.
    They have a special connection to the earth. In fact, they were once considered “earth elementals,”
    meaning that they could travel through earth as easily as humans travel through air. To this day, they
    are believed to enrich garden soil, making vegetables and flowers flourish.

  • 10 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist


    10 strange and amazing animals that you have probably never heard of. Nature is truly full of surprises!
    We live in the twenty-first century, and all continents have already been discovered, all secrets of our planet revealed, all mountain peaks conquered. Just when you think you have seen it all, some new bizarre creature makes an appearance instantly restoring your faith in the impossible!

    Mangalitsa Pig, a.k.a. “a pig in sheep’s clothing” 0:50
    Rhinopithecus or golden snub-nosed monkey 1:33
    Emperor tamarin 2:13
    Patagonian Mara 3:04
    Fluffy cow 3:52
    Markhor Goat 4:44
    Raccoon dog 5:23
    Blue Footed Booby 6:25
    Malayan Colugo 7:13
    Venezuelan Poodle Moth 8:09
    BONUS 8:56

    - The birthplace of this curly-haired pig is Hungary where it was discovered in the mid-19th century. Due to the fleece covering this animal, it resembles a sheep, therefore, such a name!
    - The name of this species is roxellana, and there is a story behind it. It is believed that they were called this way after the supposedly snub-nosed courtesan of Suleiman the Magnificent (a 16th century Sultan of the Ottoman Empire).
    - They were called like this because of the resemblance of their mustache to that of German Emperor Wilhelm II.
    - Patagonia Mara is the fourth largest rodent on our planet. There are several interesting facts about them. Females often put offsprings into crèches for safety.
    - Fluffy cows are looked after by people whose work is to wash, dry and use products to style these animals, so they look as fluffy as they do! It is necessary to maintain them daily, and it will take months of regular grooming until they get this lovely look of kids toys.
    - If you see a creature which looks as if it’s trying to catch an alien radio signal from space, it’s most likely Markhor Goat. They can grow as long as 6 ft from head to tail!
    - If you can’t decide if you want to have a dog or a raccoon as a pet, we have just the thing for you - raccoon dog! Despite having raccoon-like markings on their fur, they are not very closely related to the North American raccoon.
    - Blue Footed Booby are to catch your eye if you ever visit the Galapagos Islands. They can look a bit clumsy and comical on land, but they are excellent at flying and swimming.
    - Colugo has a large gliding membrane (like a flying squirrel), and they can glide for long distances between trees standing far apart.
    - Even if the Poodle Moth may look as if it lives in Antarctica with all this fur, in fact, it comes from Venezuela, a tropical country. Its hairs don’t serve for heating.

    Cloud Antelope! This species lives in the clouds (that’s why such a name)! Its bright blue fur is the reflection of cloudless blue skies in the area of its habitat. Its diet consists of sun rays and candies...

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  • 10 Animals That Were Scarier than Dinosaurs


    10 Animals That Were Scarier than Dinosaurs

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    No one today can really get a full idea of what it was like to live surrounded by dinosaurs. While today we know that some animals like killer whales, alligators, lions and other big predators can be threatening to us humans, none of these can compare to the danger that dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals represented. Today we’ll have a look at ten animals that were scarier than dinosaurs. You’ll realize that dinosaurs were harmless and perhaps even friendly compared to the beasts I’ll show you today. I’ll also talk about some of the movies that fed us ideas of what these animals were like, and I’ll compare those ideas to actual facts that will make you understand how real life creatures were in fact a bit scarier than what we see on the screen. Stay tuned all the way to number one and find out about an animal that you’ll be thankful to know it’s gone extinct.

    10. Arthropleura

    I’m going to start with an animal that was not as big as a dinosaur. In fact, it wasn’t even a carnivore! But I’m sure you’d be quite scared and probably a bit grossed out if you were to encounter it today. And I’m pretty sure you’d rather see a dinosaur instead of this animal. The Arthropleura was a millipede that could reach lengths of up to 2.5 meters, which means, if it were to stand on the lower end of its thousand feet, it would be higher than a christmas tree! The Arthropleura is known to be the largest invertebrate of all time. With such aspect, I doubt any predators wanted to mess with it.

    9. Dunkleosteus

    Yikes! Even the name sounds scary already. If you’re wondering what this animal looked like, let me start by pointing out that the Dunkleosteus was a fish! Of course, we’re not talking about a cute tropical fish or even a shark like the one from Jaws. This prehistoric fish was 33 feet long! Which means it was almost twice as long as the height of a giraffe from its head to its feet. However, what makes this animal threatening is not only its size, but also its sharp teeth. The bones in its jaw kept growing continuously, up until a point where their edges would become so sharp as they rubbed together against each other. These were useful tools to pierce and chew on their prey . This fish was as heavy as a hippopotamus and could easily snatch its prey in less than a second.

    8. Jaekelopterus

    The Jaekelopterus was an aquatic arthropod. The best way to explain it is by pointing out that some people call it a “Giant Sea Scorpion” - can you picture that? If scorpions are scary already, I don’t want to imagine what it would be like to come face to face with a giant one in the middle of the ocean! It’s an experience that would definitely keep me away from the waters for good. The name Jaekelopterus comes from Otto Jaekel, a German paleontologist who was the first one to describe the species. Although its maximum size has not been confirmed, some experts believed the largest Jaekelopterus could have reached a length of 2.5 meters, making it taller than humans if it were to stand. This animal is believed to have lived in freshwater, making it a threat to other arthropods and smaller fish. Poor animals didn’t stand a chance against this huge creature!

    7. Helicoprion

    And here is another fish on our list! Or...maybe not. One of the craziest facts about the helicoprion is that no one has been able to properly classify it and associate it to the animal groups we have today. We can say it’s a fish because it lived in the water, but paleontologists didn’t have enough information to categorize it. Its teeth worked like a circular blade. Without any proper teeth in the upper jaw, this creature could gum you and bite you at the same time..quite scary and gross! The lower teeth were sharp, so it’s safe to assume that the helicoprion was a carnivore! What scientists can’t figure out yet is whether it fed on small or big animals - they can only speculate as they still haven’t found any remains of a skull to properly figure out what its diet was. One thing is for sure, that odd looking jaw is more than enough to scare us all if we were to encounter it in the ocean today.

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