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10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World

  • 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World


    These are the 10 craziest and most daring pools around the world. Swim at your own risk!

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    During the Summer months, nothing is as relaxing as kicking back by the pool and enjoying the sun. From backyard swimming pools to massive reservoirs, these water features offer recreation to people all over the world. But some pools are so extreme they take on a sinister quality. Today we’re looking at the ten scariest pools in the world.

    10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World

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  • 15 Scariest Swimming Pools You Wont Believe Exist


    Man, I miss spending the day at a pool. It has been FOREVER since I have just kicked back and had a day in the water. I don’t think I have been to a water park since I was a kid! I was doing some research and thinking about getting back in the water when I came across some CRAZY places to swim, so I am going to share them with you! In this video I am talking about 15 of the Scariest Swimming Pools You Won’t Believe Exist

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  • 10 Scariest Swimming Pools You Wont Believe Exist


    10 Scariest Swimming Pools You Won't Believe Exist

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    10 Scariest Swimming Pools You Won’t
    Believe Exist
    It sure has been a while since a lot of us have had the chance to take a relaxing swim in a pool and just
    let the water surround us. Nothing makes you more relaxed and at peace than a calming swim in a great
    In this video, we’re bringing you pools from all around the world that will invigorate you and give you
    that zing of electricity with their daring heart-dropping locations and structures.
    Make sure to stick around to find out why this attraction spot in Australia is one of the most terrifying
    pools the world has possibly ever seen. Let’s dive right in!

    #10 San Alfonso Del Mar pool, chile

    So we are kicking this off with a pool that you can’t swim in. I know, I know, what good is mentioning a
    pool that you can’t even take a dip in and enjoy the water? Well, if we were to talk about some of the
    most insane and incredible pools in the world, it would be a crime to not mention the magnificent pool
    at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile.
    In this world which we know, there are regular pools, great pools, fantastic pools, Olympic-size pools,
    and then there is the San Alfonso pool. It holds a league of its own. This pool holds the world record as
    the world’s largest swimming pool. Imagine how huge that must be! The large water body is about a
    kilometer or 0.6 miles long and can hold 66 gallons of water. However, this pool is not for swimming and
    is only regularly allowed for the use of kayaks, canoes, and small boats.
    Yearly maintenance is about 4 million dollars and the cost of even constructing this monstrous man-
    made body was supposedly over three million dollars. The large volume of water is pumped in by a
    unique filter system that flushes in water from the Pacific Ocean to make the pool. Swimming is not
    encouraged because the pool is so large that if you ever started to drown, it would be near impossible
    for a lifeguard to spot you and save you in time. Isn’t that just incredible?

    #9 Hotel Indigo High Rise pool, Hong Kong

    The next unbelievable swimming pool we have on our list is this blue-tiled pool at Hotel Indigo in Hong
    Kong, China. This high-rise hotel is about 16 stories high and offers an unblocked view way over the
    skyline and over the many much lower historic shophouses around the area.
    The pool at Hotel Indigo is a charming little secret that you would definitely want to be in on.

    #8 Nemo 33

    This one? This one will terrify the guts out of you! Nemo 33 is an indoor diving swimming pool in
    Brussels, Belgium. The diving swimming people once held the world record for being the deepest indoor
    swimming pool in the world until 2014 when it was knocked over by another pool. The pool goes as
    deep as one hundred and thirteen feet and contains six hundred and sixty thousand gallons of water.
    Now, why would anyone want to swim that deep? A daredevil would ask you why not?
    The swimming facility is made for daredevils, deep-sea divers, and whatever else in between. The
    facility, although it is made as possible, can quickly become a nightmare in the blink of an eye. The
    facility allows tourists no younger than 12 years old, amateur divers and professional ones too. If you’re
    going to be in Brussels, you might want to check out this really bizarre swimming pool. And don’t worry,
    no one has died in there yet.

    #7 Golden nugget shark pool

    I’ll start by asking why. Why? Why would anyone possibly want to swim with sharks? Of all the animals
    in the entire sea, you choose sharks? You must have a lot of nerve to even think of venturing into The
    Golden Nugget Shark pool.
    Although to be fair, you don’t actually get in contact with the sharks but the design of the pool makes
    you feel like you do. This mind-blowing structure is located in downtown Vegas and has over time
    become a must-stop landmark for anyone visiting Vegas. The pool is an enclosed three-story water slide
    that lets you get up close and personal with these beasts of the sea. The structure cost tens of millions
    of dollars and even has a large team of marine biologists taking care of the sharks. If you would, for
    some strange reason, want to get an even closer look, the facility offers tank tours in which you can
    swim around but not with these marine beauties, and take a class or two, learning about the various
    species you encounter.

    There are hundreds of shark species in the Golden nugget pool so if you have been harboring a shark
    fantasy for a while now or you have just been looking for that electric thrill or excitement, here you go.
    You’re welcome.

  • 10 Most TERRIFYING Pools In The World


    10 Most Terrifying Pools In The World

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    When the summer comes, there is no better place to be than at a swimming pool. Whether it’s a natural swimming hole, or a human creation, we long to find the nearest pool where we can just dip in to refresh ourselves and overcome the heat of the long summer days. At the end of the day, the point of going to a pool is to have some fun and relax a bit, especially if we have a lot of time to spare. However, sometimes pools can be anything but relaxing. In fact, some of them are quite scary and some of them were meant to challenge our biggest fears. Today we’ll be looking at “10 of the Most Terrifying Pools in the World.” We’ll visit different corners of the world and explore some of the most thrilling swimming experiences around the globe. A lot of them can still be quite relaxing if you can keep yourself together, but some of them will definitely get your heart pumping faster. Find out what’s at the top of the list and decide for yourself whether you’d like to visit this place

    Glass-Bottomed Pool, China

    Hotel pools have usually been designed with the hopes of giving people a chance to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. In the case of urban hotels, the pools are the perfect escape from the hustle and stress that comes with the big city's lifestyle and the never ending meetings that come with it. But the people at the Holiday Inn in Beijing decided that it was a good idea to give their guests a unique experience: a glass-bottomed pool. You can find their pool on the 24th floor of the building. As you swim forward, you'll realize that part of it is hanging above ground and the only thing holding you is a thick layer of glass. This allows you to see what's happening underneath you, but it will definitely send chills down your spine, especially if you're afraid of heights. While this is a crazy idea for a pool, the concept has been built in different parts of the world. In some parts, the glass-bottomed pools are bridges on which you can swim across two different buildings. The popularity of these pools makes me realize that a lot of people like the concept.

    Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    If you like unique and fancy experiences, here's another one for you: The infinity pool at the top of Singapore's Marina Bay Sands. Infinity pools literally give the impression of infinity due to the facts that they lack any elevated edges, which allows the water to flow out. This one in Singapore is about three times the size of an olympic pool and it offers one of the best views of the city, including Gardens by the Bay, which is one of Singapore's most famous sights, and is right next to this pool. The pool is situated about 200 meters above ground, which might be a bit frightening.

    Sanctuary Retreats, Tanzania

    The next pool on this list is also an infinity pool, and it might not be that terrifying since it's not as high above ground as the one in Singapore. You'll feel long as you don't pay attention to the wild animals near you. But then again, one of the reasons people go to Africa is to have a close encounter with the Animal Kingdom. So if that kind of adventure calls you, you might want to consider staying at a Sanctuary Retreat.

    Golden Nugget, USA

    If swimming close to wild animals is your thing, then you might also want to get yourself inside the Golden Nugget. In this place, you can swim surrounded by sharks, which is an exotic and quite scary experience that you can only find in the ocean, and in places like Las Vegas, where everything seems possible. It's in this city where you can find the Golden Nugget, an extravagant casino with a pool that cost nearly 30 million dollars to be completed

    RMS Queen Mary’s Swimming Pool

    The next pool on this list is so old that it gained its spot on this list due to its reputation of being haunted. This pool is inside the Queen Mary, a famous abandoned ship in Long Beach, California. The ship was built in the year of 1930 and traveled the oceans for more than 30 years until its final cruise in 1967. Now the place is a floating hotel and one of the most interesting attractions in Southern California. But the ship is also considered a hotspot for spooky paranormal experiences.

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  • 10 Most TERRIFYING Pools In The World


    10 Most TERRIFYING Pools In The World

    In today's video we look at Most TERRIFYING Pools In The World! Don't miss out when we shows the scariest pool. Inspired by deepest swimming pool ever biggest pool and top 10 pools.

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    Inspired by Top 10 Places You Should NEVER SWIM

    Inspired by 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World

    Inspired by Top 10 Terrifying Swimming Pools - what were they thinking?

    Inspired by 15 Scariest Swimming Pools You Won't Believe Exist

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  • 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World | Top 10 Series


    10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World | Top 10 Series (2021)

    A swimming pool is a tank or large basin that is filled with water and intended for recreational or competitive swimming or diving. Pools are also used for other bathing activities, such as playing, wading, water exercising, floating on inner tubes, or cooling off on hot days. But there are some scary pools that not for playing around!

    That includes the Devil's Pool, crowned the most dangerous pool in the world, the Devil's Pool has become a hot spot for tourists all around the globe. The naturally formed body of water is located at the edge of Victoria Falls on Livingstone Island, Zambia. Also, there is a place in Hawaii called the “Pool of Death” and one watch of this viral video tells you why. we came across this video of Hawaii's “Pool of Death”. it is at queen's bath Kauai, Hawaii. Moreover, with a depth of over 45 meters (around 148 feet) Deepspot is claimed to be the world's deepest swimming pool, containing 8,000 cubic meters of water -- more than 20 times the amount as a 25-meter pool.

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    10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World

    5 Scariest Swimming Pools You Won't Believe Exist

    15 Most SCARY Swimming Pools in the World

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  • 15 Most SCARY Swimming Pools in the World


    The most scary swimming pools from around the world! Have you visited any of these places? Let us know in the comments!

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  • 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World


    Most of us are probably thinking of a nice relaxing week in the sun, most especially a lot of us are in quarantine at the moment. Just by the thought of lying so calmly by the pool while reading a book and diving your way down into the clearest water you can possibly feel. However, some pools found around the world are quite extreme where staying at home may feel like a good idea.

    If you are an adventurer who's obsessed with thrills and not afraid to take risks, maybe you fancy these pools and plan on booking your summer hols for this. But if you're easily terrified, this is not for you. Join us as we show you the 10 scariest pools in the world and make sure to watch the whole video. You won't believe how the pools are dreadly designed. In addition, do us a favor and like the video and subscribe and turn on the notification bell. We’ll see you in the next video!


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  • दुनिया के 10 सबसे खतरनाक स्विमिंग-पूल 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World


    दुनिया के 10 सबसे खतरनाक स्विमिंग-पूल 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World


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  • 10 Pools You Must TRY Before You DIE


    10 Pools you must TRY Before you DIE

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    10 Pools You Must Try Before You Die

    I can’t imagine a world without pools. I mean, they’re so useful for those hot days when nothing seems to make the heat go away. But some places around the world have made an extra effort to give us some of the best pools ever. Random colors, see-through glass, extravagant decorations...these pools are nothing like your community public swimming spot. Today I'll be introducing you to 10 Pools that you must try before you die. These pools have jaw-dropping features that will make you forget where you are. And yes, you've seen some of them before in some of my videos about scary pools. But who said we should stay away from scary? Scary is fun! But there are also pools that are simply unique, and today they earned a spot on this list. Let's check them out!

    Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    We start the list with a very famous pool. Perhaps the most famous infinity pool in the world. It’s the one in SkyPark, at the top of the prestigious Marina Bay Sands hotel. If you’re afraid of heights, you might not wanna get too close to the edge of this pool. But one thing is for sure, this is one of the best spots to get a view of the Asian metropolis. From there you can get a glimpse of the neighboring Gardens by The Bay, which features a unique light show at night. The pool is about 200 meters high above the ground and its size is three times larger than an Olympic pool. Today, this famous tourist spot has become famous on social media, so you might run into a lot of influencers and Instagram celebrities if you make your way to this spot. But don’t worry about the pool being crowded. There’s enough space for everyone! Just keep in mind, it’s a bit of an exclusive place, so you’ll have to check-in for at least one night in the hotel in order to enjoy this unique pool.

    Golden Nugget, USA

    The Golden Nugget is the perfect pool for a visit to Las Vegas. In this exotic pool, you can swim surrounded by sharks. It might sound scary, but there's a thick layer of glass that separates you from them. So you can freely enjoy the pool while the sharks watch you, or let them swim while you watch them...whatever sounds best for you! There's also a three-story high waterslide on which you can ride and pass right through the shark tank before going back into the pool. The pool cost around 30 million dollars, which honestly, makes sense for a place like Las Vegas. With that much money I better hope that glass between us and the sharks is more than enough to keep us safe. So, if you visit Las Vegas for some gambling and nightlife fun, you better make sure you also add this pool to your list! It's an experience you don't wanna miss.

    Transparent Pool, Fiji

    When people have a lot of money, they can pretty much go anywhere. And that includes Laucala Island in Fiji, which is a privately owned island that functions as an island resort. If you fancy spending the night in this place, you just need to pay 6,000 dollars and then you get to enjoy all the amenities that this place has to offer - including its transparent pool, which has lately become a trend on Instagram. This pool has glass edges, which allow for amazing pictures that are very representative of this unique spot. And if you get tired of swimming, you can enjoy other things on the island such as its five restaurants and bars, horse riding, an 18 hole golf course, and of course...the many beautiful beaches surrounding this place. It definitely sounds like a very exotic and expensive experience, but if you have the time (and the money) to visit this place, you should definitely check it out.

    The Badeschiff, Germany

    What makes the Badeschiff so unique is the fact that it's a pool inside a river. In fact, the word Badeschiff literally translates into “Bathing Ship”, which is what this pool looks like! It was built out of a shipping container and then it was installed on the East Harbor section of the River Spree in Berlin. While this river looks very nasty, Germans have found a way to make the most out of this place whether it's summertime or wintertime. In the summer people are likely to stay after sunset hours all the way until midnight. That's because they have DJs and a lot of social activities that aren't limited to staying in the water. They even have table tennis, table football, and a lot of other things that will definitely make it hard for people to want to leave.



    In this world between us there are great pools, fanatic pools, and scariest as well. With this it holds a league on its own as one of the largest in the world. The water body is about 2.6miles long that takes 66gallons of water once. However, this pool is not usually allowed for swimming except trainers and those with boats. Its cost for construction was over three million dollars. The large vacuum of water is contained by a unique system that purchases the water from the Pacific Ocean to fill the pool. Swimming is not encourage, because if you start drowning, the divers around this area will not get to discover you due to the largeness of the pool, which will lead to your own death and that's scary.
    Its sounds frightening but actually its beautiful. The secret taste of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is filed with its origins of its kind. Also, the are the Mayan civilization that was used to communicate with the guards. The word Cenote carry’s the meaning secret well. However, it is easy to see the miles of the pool because the water is prestige and consumed by nature. In terms of architectural science, this pool was actually formed when all line stones around this area collapsed. Now it is an attraction for tourist since it is a 10munite drive from the landmark of Chatanita. However, they use this cave to swim in this pool. By so doing, some are expensive than others making it scaring for less privilege.
    It can be found in Utah in the United States and the creator is estimated to be around 1000years. It is one of many geothermal hot spots in midway. The geological feature of this place has attracted miners and workers passing through this area to relax. However, the temperature is up to 90 to 96 degree. It was created when the mineral rich water deposited enough sediment, this pool take about 135000 gallons of water pump per day, keeping the water clean. It is 55feet deep although loved by divers. It is very risky swimming in this pool because it takes lives. In 2010 some trainers used this pool for training and end up making their families furious because they were not found.
    It is a bottom pool of the market square tower in Houston, Texas which remains vibrant. In 2017 you needed to see the photos of great swimmers when coming out of the pool. It was as scary as the work on the side of the building. Also, standing around this pool scares so many people, because they are thinking what if it will collapses and everyone around that area dies. However, the water is full of natures which attract everyone that passes around this pool. It is interesting that citizens of this place don’t swim in this pool, the pool is been used by trainers or good divers. Furthermore, people always come for touristic view just to take a look at this pool.
    It is located in Long JN china and shares it borders with North Korea. In the architectural finally made this pool, it was having some technical fault Caused by the waves of the water that passes the banks of this pool. When the construction was taking place, they estimated the waves to flow normally but did not know that their estimation was wrong. Due to nature, the wave of this water comes heavily causing too many deaths and makes it risky. However, many people love swimming in this water because of it beautiful nature even though is life taking.
    5. Y40
    It was designed by architect Emanucle Boaretto built by the hotel Teme milepini. It was inaugurated in 2014 by Enzo Maiorca and Umberto Pelizzari. Before jumping into this pool it is quite scaring, and it’s up to 130 feet deep and has 4300 cubic meters of water. This pool is warm enough that divers don’t need worm suits before diving. However, divers always think before diving into this pool because of its length. It contains 27times more than the average water in a pool. According to scientist this pool has more than enough water but is deadly, but the water is not seen if you don’t dive into the pool.
    This looks incredible because it is the largest of its kind in the world. It is located on the 57th floor high in the Singapore skyline. However, this pool is usually optical when you swim in it. Also, the side of the pool is a sadden range but in reality that is not what is happening. Furthermore, people don’t go to this pool just for swimming but also for site seeing. The deepness and largeness of this pool makes it scaring for people to swim in talk less of divers. Am sure we can still visit this pool for touristic view to see the beauty of the place.

  • Top 10 scariest swimming pools


    It's almost May, the weather at home's still a bit dodgy and, hell, it's hump-day. You're probably thinking about booking your summer hols.

    If you're anything like us, you'll be thinking a nice relaxing week in the sun, lying serenely by the pool with a book recommended by Richard & Judy (they know their stuff okay).

    In which case, we don't recommend you go anywhere near these truly terrifying swimming pools.

    However, if you're a bit of a thrill-seeker and love the thought of a few lengths smack bang in the middle of a safari park in Tanzania, knock yourself out.

    Here's the top 9 scariest swimming pools, ranked from 'it's not that bad once you're in' to 'DON'T LOOK DOWNUntil you realise there's a glass bottom at the deep end and you're 100 metres up in the air. Nice if you want to show off your new bikini to the good people of Shanghai and holidaymakers arriving on BA flight 4567 though.It's great visiting a hotel with a pool and it's even cooler when the pool is on the roof with an amazing view. But are you brave enough to take a dip in these scary rooftop hotel pools?

    There are rooftop pools and then there are death defying rooftop pools. These are pools located impossibly high off the ground with infinity-edges that make you fear as if the water is going to run off the side of the building, and carry you along with it.

  • This Pool Will Give You Nightmares...


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    When we think of swimming pools, we think of warm rays of sunshine, crystal clear waters, and of course a whole lotta relaxation. But for some thrill seekers though, a pool experience has to be on par with some of the most intense waterslides out there. These adrenaline junkies crave nothing more than diving head first into places to cool off; that are anything but relaxing. Ready to take a look?

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  • 10 Scariest Phenomena That Could End The World!



    Our planet can be a very scary place. Every day things pop up all over the world that seemingly make little to no sense, prompting many to profess that these events signify the pending end of the world! Imagine a green light, unlike any you’ve ever seen before, flying through the sky! Or a meteor crash landing into the ground, not too far from where you live! Those are just a couple examples of what we have in store today, as we examine the 10 Scariest Phenomena That Could End the World!

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  • 7 Most Dangerous and Strange Swimming Pools in the World In Hindi/Urdu | Swimming Pools | pool


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    7 Most Dangerous , Amazing and Strange Swimming Pools in the World In Urdu/Hindi .

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  • This Pool Should Not Exist...


    this pool should not are some pools that you won't believe actually exist!

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    Crocodile pool
    Skyscraper pool
    Deepest pool in the world
    The crater
    Pool illusion

    Amazing pools you wont believe actually exist! Featuring the coolest most insane pools in the world!

  • 10 SCARIEST Bridges You Dont Want To Cross!


    Bridges are a practical invention; they are a way of helping us cross a space that was previouslyimpassable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t kinda scary though; maybe some places should never have been crossed in the first place! In today’s video we are talking about the 10 Scariest Bridges You DON’T want to cross!

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  • Top 10 Places You Should NEVER SWIM


    Top 10 Places You Should NEVER SWIM

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    Water is fun, water is refreshing, but water can also be...dangerous! If you’ve seen my other videos you’ll know by now that I love waterparks and I am always down for a swim in random pools around the world. Whether they’re natural or manmade, it is always fun to go for a dip in the water, especially if you live in a hot place. But sometimes, bodies of water can be misleading, and what seems like a fun and adventurous journey to a swimming hole can turn into a tragedy if we go to the wrong spot. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Places you Should Never Swim.” It doesn’t matter how exhausted or overheated you are, you will want to stay away from these waters at all cost. Of course, some of you might be adventurous and you might have some experience swimming at dangerous spots, but you will find that some of these places are absolutely a “No Go” regardless of how brave you are. When you make it to the top of the list you’ll see a place that you will definitely have to stay away from, unless you want to go for the last dip of your life.

    The Ganges River, India

    The industrial age definitely brought a great advantage to humanity. good things we also get some bad ones. And in the case of India, you can see that in the Ganges River. What once was a beautiful and powerful stream of water coming down from the Himalayan mountains, is now a polluted river, full of all sorts of garbage and other disposals that came as a result of the industrialization of the area. Surely, the river has played an important role in growing the economy of the country, but it has also become one of the most dangerous places to swim at. So, if you’re used to swimming in rivers, make sure you don’t dive into this one. Just enjoy it from far and explore other cool things that India has to offer.

    Queensland, Australia

    I wish I didn't have to put Queensland, Australia on this list. After all, this is the place where you can find some of the most impressive gifts from nature such as the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays and some of the most beautiful beaches you could ever see in your life. And while it's Australia's second largest territory, it is also one of the places with the most deadly creatures in the world. Saltwater crocodiles, stonefish, sharks, blue-ring octopi and box jellyfish...if you've watched my videos about dangerous animals, you'll know that these are some of the creatures you would want to avoid at all costs. And unfortunately, Queensland is the place where you can find all of these. You will even see some signs along the coast that warn you about possible encounters you might have with these animals.

    Samaesan Hole, Thailand

    If you love exotic experiences, out of your comfort zone, with some of the kindest people in the world, you'll definitely want to check out Thailand! Great food, breathtaking landscapes, and a lot of cultural heritage - this country has a lot to offer for all kinds of travelers. Now, if you're not used to hot weather, you will find its heat a bit overwhelming, but there is nothing that a trip to the beach can't fix. Especially when they have some of the best ones in the world. But whatever you decide to do in this amazing country, just make sure you stay away from Samaesan Hole. This spot is one of the deepest areas to dive in all of the country. So deep, that you won't be able to see anything once you get closer to the bottom. As a result, you are likely to get lost in an underwater dark world, especially if you are not an experienced swimmer. This confusion would make it harder for you to find your way up and ultimately lead you to the end of your life.

    Gansbaai, South Africa

    Also known as Gans Bay or Gangs Bay, this fishing town is along the coast of South Africa. It is popular among tourists who want to spot some whales, but it is also known for its high density of white sharks in the waters nearby. While some tourists enjoy playing near sharks (going as far as getting inside cages and going underwater to see these deadly beasts), some people have decided to stay away and focus on other activities. And that is because Gansbaai has been the scenario of many shark-attack induced deaths. The place even got its own nickname: People call it the shark alley.

  • 10 Most Dangerous Water Slides That Will Blow Your Mind


    10 Most Dangerous Water Slides That Will Blow Your Mind

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    10 Most Dangerous Water Slides That Will Blow Your Mind
    Nothing beats a fun day at the waterpark, unless you’re afraid of heights and break neck speeds. If you
    are, I suggest stay away from these ten, especially number one which is particularly terror inducing. Stay
    tuned to find out what it is as we bring you 10 of the most dangerous waterslides that will blow your

    Number 10. The Black Hole
    The Wet 'n Wild Water Park in Orlando is no longer open to the public, which is a good thing really,
    because that means its most notorious water slide is no more as well.
    Many of the park's problems revolved around a ride called the Black Hole, which the Orlando Business
    Journal described as "a twisting ride where guests shoot down a dark tube on a two-person float." The
    Black Hole injured one man in 1994 so badly that he sought, and won, a $1.73 million judgment against
    the amusement park in 2000. The man claimed he was struck by something in the dark, and when he
    arrived at the bottom of the slide he couldn't move his legs. Doctors had to insert a titanium plate into
    his neck.
    That was probably the Black Hole's worst injury, but there were others, too — tubes sometimes flipped,
    people fell off, tubes were hit by other tubes — and all this happened mostly in the dark, which must
    have made it extra-super-sucky. So goodbye Wet 'n Wild and Black Hole, we won't really miss you that

    Number 9. The Master Blaster
    Standing at a vertigo inducing six stories tall a length of 1000 feet, The Master Blaster has been
    unanimously voted the best water ride in the United States multiple times. Calling it an extreme
    waterslide is quite the understatement, in fact, on the day that it opened, it fell on a different category
    on its own, the water coaster.
    Master Blaster combines the up and down thrills of a roller coaster with the unique experience of being
    propelled by jets of water. Riders ascend to the top of the Blastenhoff Tower where they find two-
    passenger inflatable boats waiting for them. Once in position on the launch platform, they are sent
    down a three-story plunge, then back up three stories and into a twisting tunnel. Riders get a brief
    glimpse of the tower they just left before dropping once again. Master Blaster continues its course,
    figure-eighting around the tower, blasting uphill and down before entering the climatic pretzel-shaped
    downward spiral. From start to finish, Master Blaster indeed is non-stop action.

    Number 8. The Sahara Sindwinders
    Like some of the dangerous waterslides on this list, the Sahara Sidewinders in Kalahari Resorts, Ohio are
    now closed to the public and will never, ever be ridden again. This is due to numerous injuries caused by
    the waterslide.

    As described in their website, the Sahara sidewinder will let its riders experience high speeds and high
    thrills as a tube launches down dark tunnels, gathering speed before rocketing into a tight curve around
    massive saucer openings. Sounds fun, right? Not if you ask the dozens of people that have been injured
    by this thing.
    Back in 2012, a family sued Kalahari resorts for allegedly injuring a young boy while riding the sahara
    sidewinder. Although the report did not mention what kind of injuries the boy suffered, it did mention
    that management was aware of the risks due to prior reported injuries on the slide and did nothing to
    improve the safety of the slides.
    Due to the numerous lawsuits filed against them, management just decided to shut the slides down.
    Good idea for them to quit while they’re ahead.

    Number 7. The Scorpion’s Tail
    Designed by engineering firm WhiteWater West, the Scorpion’s Tail is the first, and only, looping
    waterslide in the US. You start your descent from 10 stories high and travel in high velocity down a 400-
    foot pipe. Yes, the pipe really does loop. The loop is 27 feet high and curves at an angle of 60-degrees
    and you’re supposed to go around all of it. No belts, no carts, no seats, no nothing – just you, splashing
    water and curving walls all around you.
    The Scorpion’s Tail uses sophisticated engineering to take you through the loop and down to the pool. A
    trapdoor from the tower drops you down a 55-foot chute, where you descend at a steep 70-degree
    slope. The near-vertical angle helps you build up momentum to the tune of 50 feet per second, so you
    can hit the ascending loop with enough speed to make your way around it. Optical sensors will track
    riders throughout the course of each slide, from the moment they drop down till they splash out in the
    water below.

  • Top 5 Pools You Wont Believe To Exist!


    Top 5 Pools You Wont Believe To Exist!


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  • 8 Places You Should Never Swim In


    There are lots of amazing outdoor swimming areas in the world. Some of them are safe and protected with lifeguards watching over you while you swim, bathe, dive off rocks, and play in the water. But some beaches are not just unsafe — they’re outright dangerous! Here are 8 places where you should never attempt a swim if you treasure your health and life.

    Blue Holes 1:03
    Colorful Pools 2:15
    Laguna Caliente 4:18
    Nyiragongo Crater's Lava Lake 5:16
    Pink Lake 6:19
    New Smyrna Beach 8:12
    Frying Pan Lake 9:22
    Eagle's Nest Sinkhole 10:22


    - Most blue holes are open to the public. However, some of the biggest ones have acquired a really bad reputation among divers.
    - It's hard to believe that nature created something as colorful as the thermal pools located in Yellowstone National Park. They look like something from another world: bright, beautiful...and deadly.
    - Laguna Caliente is located in Costa Rica and differs dramatically from its sibling, Botos Lake. These 2 bodies of water are crater lakes of the Poas Volcano.
    - Mount Nyiragongo, which is situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is an active volcano. Its last eruption took place in 2002. In its crater, there's a lake. But it’s not your typical lake.
    - Lake Hillier in Western Australia is indeed as pink as it looks. This is a shallow salt lake that’s beautifully edged with white salt formations and surrounded by eucalyptus forests.
    - New Smyrna Beach has been called the “Shark Capital of the World” by the International Shark Attack File. In 2008, almost 40% of all shark attacks on the planet happened in this region.
    - If you look at the photo of Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand, you might think that there's fog hanging low over the water. Similar fog (or, more precisely, steam) forms over warm water on a cold morning.
    - Eagle's Nest Sinkhole is a body of water in Florida that looks like an ordinary pond. It’s only when you get into the water that it gets dangerous. Beneath the lake, there's a huge system of underwater caves with rooms and passages that spread for miles.

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  • Most INSANE Water Slides In The World!


    Check out the Most INSANE Water slides In The World! From the fastest to the tallest waterslides in the world, this top 10 list of unbelievable water parks will absolutely amaze you!

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    The King Cobra water slide is located at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey. This is a very unique water slide that features two “dueling slides.” At the top of the ride is a figure eight that the rider goes around before dropping 25 feet and reaching speeds of over 30 miles per hour!

    The Insano, which is located in Fortaleza, Brazil, lives up to its name. This slide was once a world-record holder for the world’s tallest water slide at over 130 feet tall - that’s as tall as a 14-story building! The plunge is so steep that the ride is over in less than five seconds. It was built in 1989 and attracts thrill-seekers from all over the planet.

    The Master Blaster in the Atlantis The Palm Resort in Dubai is the world’s first uphill water slide. In Dubai, they love to manipulate nature and make it exactly how they want, and this resort is no different. It’s built on the Palm Jumeirah; a man-made island that looks like a huge palm tree!

    This water slide is located in the 70-acre Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin Dells, the Waterpark Capital of the World. Noah’s Ark is also the biggest waterpark in America.

    The monstrously tall Verrückt in Kansas City, Missouri was one wild ride and once held a world record. At 168 feet high, the Verrückt was the world’s tallest water slide! It was as tall as a 17-story building, and there were 264 steps to reach the top. The steep drop catapulted riders to over 60 miles per hour.

    Everybody loves a good race, and when you combine that concept with a water slide, you’ve got something awesome on your hands. Located at the Chimelong Water Park in the Chinese province of Guangzhou, the Head-First Racer is a sight to see. With eight different tubes to choose from, racers can line up and race to the bottom!

    Cruise ships are cool enough in the first place, but an insane water slide ON a cruise ship?! Now that is awesome, albeit a tad terrifying. A Mediterranean cruise through MSC Cruises on the luxurious MSC Preziosa offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride one of the coolest, most inventive water slides in the world while surrounded by the open sea.

    The AquaLoop is a water slide that has a near vertical slide and an inclined loop. Imagine doing a full 360 degree loop on a water slide! Now, that’s cool! It’s located in the heart of Cajun country at the Blue Bayou Dixie Landin’ waterpark in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Now, we all know that Disney World comes up with some amazing rides and water slides. Every kid in the US grows up wanting to go to Disney World, and with good reason. It’s one of the biggest, most advanced amusement parks in the world.

    This indoor waterpark features plenty of slides and other exciting water-related attractions, including a surf simulator that shoots jets of water into a wave-like form so you can ride a board on it; a giant wave pool, and even a zip-line! Within the park, there are 15 active water slides, ranging from beginner to extreme levels of intensity.

    When you think about water slides, airplanes probably don’t come to mind - understandable. However, the Evergreen 747 water slide at the Wings and Waves Waterpark in McMinnville, Oregon is based around a Boeing 747 airplane.

  • This Pool Should Not Exist...


    10 Scariest Swimming Pools You Won't Believe Exist

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    10 Scariest Swimming Pools You Won't Believe Exist

    When summertime comes, there’s one thing we all want: water. Refreshing and cold water; especially if we live in places that are too humid or overly hot. And if you don’t live near a lake, a river, or an ocean, I bet there’s at least one swimming pool near your place where you can go for a dip to deal with the scorching heat of the summer months. However, swimming pools are not always the best place to be. When the conditions are not right, they can easily turn into the scenarios of chaotic events that will make you wish you had stayed out of the water regardless of how hot it can be. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Scariest Swimming Pools You Won’t believe Exist.” We’re gonna have a look at some of the craziest pool ideas that people came up with, and you’ll find out that a lot of them seem dangerous, but they’re actually very safe. And you’ll also find out that some of them look normal and harmless, but they’ve actually been the cause of some unfortunate accidents. Find out what’s at the top of the list and decide for yourself whether it’s worth to pay these pools a visit or stay away from them.

    Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangquio - Shanghai, China

    When you’re in a city, your options for swimming are quite limited. For that reason, urban hotels come up with all sorts of ideas to give their customers a great place to refresh and escape the stress of the metropolitan life. But the owners of the Holiday Inn in Shanghai took their ideas to a whole different level - quite literally. They decided to make a glass-bottomed pool on the 24th floor of their facilities. In other words, you pretty much get to swim and relax above the busy streets underneath. But can that be relaxing at all? What if the glass breaks? That sounds a bit stressful and worrying, but even though this pool is literally hanging above ground level, there’s nothing to worry about. The layers of glass are thick enough to stand your weight and the weight of the water. It’s probably not the best pool for those who are afraid of heights, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you ever decide to visit this Chinese city. And even if you don’t make it to China in the near future, you might want to check out hotels near you - because apparently, this idea has been reproduced in other hotels around the world. So go check out your nearest urban hotel and see if their pool is hanging above ground just like this one.

    Sky Condos - Peru

    One of the best things about living in a high building is the nice views you get from your room. In Lima, Peru, you can get breathtaking views of this South American city from the top of their prestigious Sky Condos. This place is so nice and exclusive that every resident in the building pretty much gets their own swimming pool, and it’s not just any kind of pool - it’s a floating pool. They don’t have glass bottoms like the one in China, but the idea of swimming (and floating) at the top of a nice city surely sounds nice. Now, the scary thing about this pool is not necessarily the fact that you’re floating in mid-air, but the fact that this zone of South America is known for its constant earthquakes. I’m sure modern architecture ensures residents that nothing bad will happen to them, but it’d still be scary to be caught in the middle of an earthquake while swimming in one of these pools.

    The Edge - Bali, Indonesia

    Bali, Indonesia is known for its lush jungle, its paradisal beaches and the warm personalities of the people that inhabit the island. But it seems like the beautiful nature is not enough for the visitors that come to the island. For that reason, a lot of beach clubs have popped up all around the island, offering singular experiences to anyone who decides to visit. One of them is the One Eighty Dayclub, which is part of a prestigious resort in the southernmost part of the island, in an area called Uluwatu. The resort is called the Edge, and that pretty much sums up the description of this part of the island - you’re literally at the edge of the island, on a cliff landscape overlooking the Indian Ocean. It’s in this dayclub that you can find a bottom glass pool from which you can enjoy the views of this part of the island while swimming and hoping that the glass underneath doesn’t break. In order to keep things peaceful and neat, they have a few rules such as: no climbing, sitting or standing on the glass edges of the pool. And I’m okay with that! I’d hate to see a deadly tragedy happening in this holiday spot.

  • Dangers of Deep Diving with a Heavy Weight


    What will Happen? Is it Scary? Is it Safe?

    Big Thanks to SCUBA Adventure for the use of their pool and expertise.
    For more information about SCUBA Adventure visit

    Music From Epidemic
    The Ministry - Howard Harper-Barnes
    Days of Hope - Hampus Naeselius
    I don't Believe You - Mindme

    Video Dialog:
    This is a Very Deep Swimming Pool. It is the Deepest Pool in The Dallas Texas area.
    And this is a very heavy kettlebell. In this video, I’m going to let this heavyweight
    Drag Me to the bottom of this very deep swimming pool. In a minute I will do this but before I jump in Let’s consider how deep this pool is.
    This swimming pool is deep enough to cover my whole house. That’s almost 20 feet deep! You Probably are wondering why I would want to get dragged so deep.
    I love Exploring underwater but the deeper I go, the harder it is to go down.
    Between holding my breath and the pressure on my ears it can be very difficult for most people to swim deep. So, before we walk off this edge and into the deep Let’s find out why this is so difficult for most people.
    This is SCUBA Adventure. Scuba Adventure is a Dive Shop in Plano Texas. They have everything you need to go deep Including this incredible dive pool. Scuba adventure doesn’t just sell cool stuff They also teach people how to scuba dive.
    These students are new to diving. They get into the water on their first day. With hands-on experience, they become comfortable with their gear and experience what it’s like to breathe underwater the instructors use hand signals to communicate with their students underwater. They teach them how to clear their mask and what to do in case of an emergency. They also specialize in buoyancy training, and they are very good at it.
    This is Brent, He’s one of the owners at scuba adventure. I’m going to ask him some questions about deep diving.
    Why do my ears hurt so much when I swim deep?
    Sometimes I forget to equalize and it hurts
    What’s the danger of breathing compressed air?
    Let’s talk a little about air pressure and water pressure. Air pressure is the air pushing on your body. And the water pressure is the water pushing on your body.
    Because water is denser than air, you feel more pressure when you are underwater. When you swim down a little bit, you can start to feel the pressure from the water pushing in on your ears and eyes. As you go deeper, the pressure increases because there is more water above you pushing down. If you go deep enough, the pressure pushing in on your eyes and ears can be so great it will start to cause pain. To show you the crushing pressure of deep water I will use this aluminum can. We emptied this can so we could show you how the water pressure can crush the can full of air. Watch the can closely as I swim to the bottom of the pool You will see the sides of the can squeeze under the weight of the water. This is why it is so important to equalize the pressure in your head with the water pressure. Watch as I go down, I plug my nose and blow to equalize that pressure. Now I can swim deep without hurting my ears.
    Now it’s time to jump in with the heavy weight. Notice how I plug my nose and blow to counter the water pressure as I go deeper. It works every time and becomes easier as I practice. The weight is also fun to use to walk across the bottom of the swimming pool.
    I can bring this 20-pound weight up from the bottom of the pool I can’t fill my back yard with water, but that won’t stop us from having some fun.
    Thanks for watching!

    Every week is a new adventure Exploring new pools, Trying new things, and meeting new people. So jump in with me, because life is fun when you JUST ADD WATER!
    Join us every week to find out where we'll take you next! We love swimming in the swimming pool during the summer but we also swim all year round including wintertime.

    The Texas Pool is the Official Pool of Elizabeth Swims

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  • 8 Most Terrifying Swimming Pools


    From pools that have hurt its users, to ones that dare you to dive in and risk injury, join us as we show you 8 terrifying swimming pools.

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    8. Yulong Wave Pool
    The idea of a wave pool is rather simple and elegant, and there are many water parks all over the world that have these wave machines and people love to ride the waves. Fun right?? But at the Yulong Wave Pool in China in the year 2019, things didn't go like they were supposed to, and the results were...rather bad.

    7. Y40
    Deep pools are much more than they sound. It may appear to just be a deeper pool but they're ones that extend the pleasures of swimming to those who want to test themselves. The deepest one in the world today is the one known as Y40, aka the Deep Joy that is located in Italy via the Hotel Millepini.

    6. The Devil's Pool
    The Devil's Pool is many things, including an interesting place to take a dip in. But, it's also a place you can die at if you're not mindful of your surroundings. In Zambia there is the legendary Victoria Falls, but a byproduct of this spot is called rock pools, which are formations where water flows off of stones just enough to allow people to swim at certain tides. The Devil's Pool is one of these rock pools.

    5. Kipu Falls
    Kipu Falls is located in Hawaii, one of the most beloved vacation spots in the world, which would likely make you think that this particular swimming spot was one of great fun and enjoyment. But the problem is that 5 people have died at Kipu Falls, and thus its waters have gotten a not so nice nickname, the Pool of Death.

    4. Scandinavian Winter Swimming
    If we were to mention Winter Swimming, you might think of certain groups that are crazy in regards to just going into cold water, but the theme of this kind of swimming, and the pools they are done in, is much grander than you think.

    3. The Red Pool
    The Library resort pool in Thailand is among one of the most interesting pools in the world, for it's also known as The Red Pool because of its coloring. But it's not just red, the tiles in the pool actually change the water's color to orange as well as yellow, and it's because of this that so many want to go and see it for themselves.

    2. San Alfonso del Mar
    In Chile, at San Alfonso del Mar, they wanted to make a pool so big that you could do more than any other pool before it. The result of that notion was a pool 20 acres in size. Not to mention, one that was almost a mile long end to end. That is truly a massive swimming pool.

    1. Chongqing Pool
    In 2016, Chongqing, which is a municipality in China, was having a very hot Summer, with temperatures reaching well over 104 degrees. Naturally, the people of Chongqing decided to go to the pool that was in the city in order to cool off. On the surface, that isn't a bad thing, as it's almost expected given the temperatures. The reason that it was terrifying was that THOUSANDS of people were flocking to the pool.

    #swimming #pools #swim #water #diving #parks #waves #swimmingpool #wavepool #diving #worldlist #top10

  • Don’t Ever Swim Here...


    Now around the world one can find some of the most beautiful and amazing beaches and
    lakes to swim at, however apart from the these beautiful lakes and beaches lies some of the most
    dangerous bodies of water you should probably keep away from! So with that said, here are our picks for 5 places you should never swim in!

    For copyright matters, please contact:

    Shark Infested Beach
    Blue Hole
    Colourful Pool
    Death Beach
    Pink Lake

  • 15 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World


    Whether it’s Olympic Sized, Filled with Jelly Beans, or made out of Solid Gold--it seems that owning and operating your own private Swimming Pool has long been the pinnacle of health, wealth and luxurious living. For Millionaires and Billionaires, having access to some of the most jaw-dropping Private Pools is just another perk of the lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous, but while many of them are custom built for chill vibes and relaxation--others have been built for a more Thrill Seeking Type of Audience. From Pools Perched At The Top Of Waterfalls, to Terrifying Radioactive Lidos--here are the 15 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World

    For Copyright Issues, Please Feel Free to E-mail me:

  • 15 MOST Creative Swimming Pools


    Swimming pools now come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes! Let's take a look at 15 of the most creative swimming pools on Earth.

    Several segments are licensed under creative commons

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  • 10 INSANE Swimming Pools You Wont Believe | Strangest


    A dip in the water is always invigorating, and perhaps even more so in these ten amazing pools, which are set in daring locations all around the world.
    The following swimming pools will make your local seem more boring than ever before!
    these daring pools allow for a truly exhilarating swim.
    10 INSANE Swimming Pools You Won’t believe.
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  • Top 10 Largest Artificial Waves Scary Wave-pools!


    Top 10 Largest Artificial Waves Scary Wave-pools!
    In nature, the creation of surfable waves depends on a near-mystical interplay among winds gusting far out at sea, cycles of the tides and the moon, the shifting contours of the ocean floor and coastline, and the weather and light at the break. While a floating wave pool wouldn’t necessarily rid itself of the flaws critics like to point out, it would literally put wave pools into bodies of water. Which are most efficient artificial stationary wave in the world. Here are Top 10 Largest Artificial Waves - Scary Wavepools!
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  • Top 10 Most Insane Waterslides


    Top 10 Most Insane Waterslides
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    Top 15 SCARIEST Clown Videos Caught on Camera! (Creepy Killer Clown Sightings)

    Top 10 SCARIEST Clown Sightings Caught on Video (Scary Clown Videos)

    Top 5 Clown Encounters GONE WRONG! (Clown Attack Caught on Camera)

    Top 5 SCARY CLOWN SIGHTINGS GONE WRONG! (Real Clown Sightings Gone Wrong)

    Top 10 SCARIEST Clown Videos Caught on Youtube! (Creepy Killer Clown Sightings On Camera #2)

    #10 Aqua Duck Waterslide
    #9 Summit Plummet Waterslide
    #8 Tantrum Alley Waterslide
    #7 Scorpions Tail Waterslide
    #6 Walhalla Wave Waterslide
    #5 Jumeirah Sceirah Waterslide
    #4 Leap of Faith Waterslide
    #3 Insano Waterslide
    #2 L2 Waterslide
    #1 Verruckt Waterslide

    Music By

    Chill Wave by Kevin Macleod

  • 10 Times Wild Animals Invade Swimming Pool


    10 Times Wild Animals Invade Swimming Pool


    Nature finds its way back to where it belongs. There have been many instances where a wild animal invade a swimming pool that may have once been its home before it was torn down to make way for the residence! Or sometimes some rodents really do end up where they don’t belong, purely by accident. Here are 10 times wild animals invade swimming pool. Watch until the end, you might be surprised to see a snake going for a swim in your backyard!

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    00:00 - Wild Animals Invade Swimming Pool
    00:29 - Giraffe
    1:24 - Wild coyote
    2:24 - Bears take a Dive
    3:14 - Alligator
    3:57 - Moose
    4:58 - Baby deer
    5:45 - Racoon
    6:22 - Best Pick (Snake)
    7:35 - Rats
    8:26 - Chipmunk

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  • The 30 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World


    These Most Dangerous and Scariest Bridges in the World actually exist! Watch the full video to see the real-life photos of each of these locations!

    Most bridges are completely normal and safe. But, not these bridges! These are the most dangerous bridges in the world. And, if you are brave enough to cross one of them, you might not make it to the other side. All of these bridges have life-threatening hazards, such as dangerous creatures, water, or extreme heights. Yes, these bridges actually exist, and they're not for the faint of heart. In this video, we'll take a look at 30 of the most dangerous bridges. During this journey, we'll tell you exactly where you can find these bridges - and why they are so dangerous! So, if you are a brave adventurer or just a curious person, make sure to watch the whole video. You'll be shocked that people are allowed to use these bridges on a daily basis!

    Did you find any of these bridges particularly dangerous or scary? Tell us which one surprised you the most in the comments below!
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  • 10 Scary Abandoned Amusement Parks in the World | ???? ये पार्क वीरान पड़े हैं


    In today's video, we will tell you about the 10 scariest and creepy amusement parks in the world which are abandoned. There was a time when these amusement parks were full of joy and excitement. But today they are deserted. These amusement parks, deserted, seem so scary that seeing them, there is panic in the mind. So let's start the video without any delay guys.
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  • 10 Scariest Things Found In The Amazon!


    The Amazon Basin is 2.72 million square miles, big! The area covers 40% of the South American continent and is home to millions of wild animals. The rivers are vast and the forest is dense. So much of the Amazon is inaccessible and unexplored and we are still learning more about this area of the world each day! That being said, some of the things we HAVE discovered in the area can be pretty worrying! In this video we are talking about the 10 Scariest Things Found in the Amazon.

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  • 10 Most Terrifying Pools In The World!


    In this video you will see :10 Most Terrifying Pools In The World!!

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    10 Incredible Pools For Your Next Vacation
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  • Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pool in the World


    Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pool in the World. Looking for the scariest pool in the world? Here is our top 10 dangerous swimming pool. On this list are some terrifying yet amazing swimming pools. Enjoy.

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    The use of swimming pools evolves. Initially, swimming pools are for athletic training. Now, they are widely used for recreation and relaxation. There are many kinds of pools, from nature's creation to man-made structures. Some are built at great heights; some are so huge and deep. Others are amazing and scary. Here we present some of the most unusual pools around the world. Not only are they unique, but they can be scary and dangerous. So, let's dive into our 10 scariest swimming pools in the world.

    Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pool in the World

    1. Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls
    2. The SkyPark Infinity Pool, Singapore
    3. Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium
    4. Pool of Death, Kauai, Hawaii
    5. San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile
    6. Tokyo Summerland, Tokyo
    7. Sky Pool Market Square Tower, Houston, Texas
    8. Y-40 Deep Joy, Italy
    9. Golden Nugget, Las Vegas
    10. Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, Australia

    Let us know in the comments which of the Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pool in the World you want to try!!

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    What would you feel if the pool that is for fun and pleasure turns out to be the scariest? In this video we will be showing the Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pools in the World.
    “You never know what you can do until you try” is a statement that poses a challenge to oneself. These pools are may be naturally formed or architecturally design is a challenge to the person to go beyond the ordinary experience of swimming and be bold enough to take a plunge to the pool that is intertwined with excitement and fear of death.
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  • 10 Scariest Swimming Pools


    These are the scariest swimming pools.

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  • 10 Coolest Pools in the World


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    For many people, the vacation period is now over and they are back in the office again. But let’s not get upset! Instead, let's gather our strength and make plans for the next vacation. Maybe you want to visit some unusual place? Explore the wilderness? Swim in the open ocean for the first time in your life? However, even if you pick something as mundane as swimming in the pool, this does not mean your vacation will be boring. Do not believe us? Today, we will show you the most incredible pools from around the world. Each of them is unique in their own way, so ...

  • Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World || Pastimers


    There's a difference between loving to swim in a carefully-crafted and safe swimming pool at your home or going into nature and finding yourself hanging off the edge of the world's largest waterfall.

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  • 10 Deadliest & scariest swimming pools in the world


    Danish Tv brings you informational and entertaining videos!

    The most dangerous and intriguing swimming pools from around the world. Would you swim in any of these pools? Let us know in the comments section.

    Number 10 : The Devil's Pool
    Number 09 : Yulong Wave Pool
    Number 08 : Y40 Deep Joy
    Number 07 : Pool Of Death
    Number 06 : Haunted Queen Mary Pool
    Number 05 : San Alfonso Del Mar
    Number 04 : Scandinavian Winter Swimming Pool
    Number 03 : Marina Bay Sands
    Number 02 : Chongqing Pool China
    Number 01 : Nemo 33

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  • 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World


    10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World
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  • 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World


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  • Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World 1080p HD


    ####Top 10 Scariest Swimming Pools In The World [1080p HD] ####

    These are the top 10 craziest and most daring pools around the world. Swim at your own risk!

    During the Summer months, nothing is as relaxing as kicking back by the pool and enjoying the sun. From backyard swimming pools to massive reservoirs, these water features offer recreation to people all over the world. But some pools are so extreme they take on a sinister quality. Today we’re looking at the ten scariest pools in the world.

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  • 12 Most Amazing Pools in The World


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    About 70% of the earth is covered in water, but you probably know this already. What you didn’t know is that some people have created some sort of paradise with these waters that you take for granted. Having a bad year at your job and need a breather? Want to take a break from the screaming kids? Or simply want a romantic getaway? Then, dive into these lush waters, drown your stress, and come up for the most amazing air you would ever breathe in your life. Here are the 12 most incredible pools you should see at least once in your life.

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  • This must be the worlds scariest swimming pool


  • TOP 10 DANGEROUS Swimming Pools You DIDNT Know EXISTED


    If you love the adrenaline rush that pumps through you when you're on a roller coaster or when you're about to do something crazy, then you'll love this video on the 10 Most DANGEROUS Pools in the world.
    Make sure to watch until Number One, because it's one of the CRAZIEST pools in the world I've ever seen!

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  • ????Scariest Swimming Pools In The World – Do Not Swim Here! Top 10 Top Video


    Want to see the Scariest swimming pools in the world? Watch this video. Would you be daring enough to swim in these pools?

    This video is showing Scariest swimming pools in the world and covers:
    -top 10
    -scariest swimming pools ever
    -this pool should not exist

    One thing I observed when I was looking for details on Scariest swimming pools in the world – Do Not Swim here! Was the absence of appropriate info.
    Scariest swimming pools in the world – Do Not Swim here! Nevertheless is an subject that I know something about. This video for that reason should be relevant and of interest to you.

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  • 5 scariest Swimming Pools In The World




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