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1000 Sparklers VS Fire Extinguisher | Shocking Results

  • What Happens When a Spinning Basketball is Thrown Off a Dam!


    While at the Gordon Dam doing our World Record Basketball Shot we decided to see how back spin affected a basketball when dropped from 140m up. The results were way crazier than we expected!

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  • What happens to METAL in a MICROWAVE?


    Will it melt? Will it catch on fire? Will the microwave explode?! We put the metal experiment to the test! Check out what's inside microwave popcorn before you cook it HERE:

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    Filmed in 4k on this camera:

    WARNING: Experiments like this can be dangerous. We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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    Hey Guys Walcome Back To Chitransh ke Experiment and aaj ki video m humne patile ke neeche ek bat fir se ptakhe lagaye h ..

    1) Crackers Testing
    2) crackers unboxing
    3) chitransh ke Experiment
    4) cke
    5) patakho ki testing
    6) firecracker testing
    7) patakhe din m
    8) patakhe rat m
    9) firecracker testing din m
    10) firecracker testing rat m
    11) fireworks test
    12) fireworks Unboxing
    13) fireworks testing 2020
    14) fireworks Unboxing 2020
    15) firecracker testing 2020
    16) Firecrackers unboxing 2020
    17) patakhe kaise Chalaye
    18) patakhe safty se kaise chalaye
    19) bahut sare patakho ki testing
    20) fireworks stuff
    21) firecracker stuff
    22) patakho ki dabba khol unboxing
    23) Firecrackers night testing
    24) some new crackers
    25) patakhe hi patakhe
    26) chitransh ke Experiment ki new video
    27)new crackers testing
    28)diwali stash 2020
    30)green patake kya hai
    31)Pataka' video
    32)2019 diwali crackers
    35)Diwali pataka
    36)Diwali pataka sound
    37)crackers testing
    38)fire cracker, pataka
    39)fire work
    40)firwork Crackers brushing
    41)Firecrackers stash
    42)Holi pataka video
    43)World biggest firecrackers
    44)biggest firecrackers
    45)World of crackers
    46)Bottle Rocket
    47)Sky Shot
    50) seeta geeta bam
    51) anar bam
    52) rocket bam
    53) udne wala rocket
    54) light fireworks testing
    55) ujale wale patakje
    56) aavaj wale patakhe
    57) happy diwali crackers
    58) golden willo rocket
    59) cock brand ke patakhe
    60) new Firecrackers testing
    61) bigest fireworks testing
    62) bigest firecrackers testing
    63) bde patako ki testing
    64) noice crackers testing
    65) chakri
    66) top spin cracker
    67) chakari wale experiment
    68) fun experiment
    69) sky shot testing
    70) different types of sky shot testing
    71) sky shot ki ladi
    72) diwale stash
    73) patakho ki Unboxing
    74) fireworks Unboxing
    75) bigest fireworks stash
    76) sabse saste patakhe kha milte h
    77) different type of SkyShot Testing
    78) skyshot
    79) 2 sound skyshot
    80) pentagon skyshot
    81) 3 sound skyshot
    82) 2 rose brand firecrackers
    83) cock brand firecrackers
    84) cock brand firecrackers stash 2020
    85) skyshot Testing 2020


    Thanks for whatching plzz keep shaport...

  • Diwali Anar Vs Bulletproof Glass - Will It Survive ?


    In This Video We Are Going To Show You Strong Bulletproof Glass Can Be
    We Use 50 MM Thickness Bulletproof Glass For This Experiment And We Put A Simple Diwali Cracker Upon The Glass And The Results Are Pretty Amazing For More Watch The Entire Video To See Full Demonstration.

    And This Video Is Just For Demonstrations And Entertainment Purposes Only Please Don't Try This At Home Or Anywhere Just Watch And Enjoy

    Thanks For Watching Have Fun.

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  • We Spin Apple At Crazy Speed 100000 RPM - इस सेब ने तो होश उड़ा दिये


  • 24 Carat Gold VS Mercury | सोने और पारे को गलती से भी कभी साथ मत रखना | Paisa Barbaad


    Hello guys, is video me humne gold or mercury metal ki reaction karwai hai.

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  • WATCH LIVE | Election results as Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania


    Joe Biden overtook President Trump in the count in Pennsylvania on the morning of Nov. 6. The count is ongoing, but Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would put Biden over the 270 votes needed even with a handful of other states still too close to call.

    Biden also took a small lead in Georgia, though vote counting is not yet complete. Thousands of requested overseas and military ballots may arrive by the deadline and there are provisional ballots left to count. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  • Episode 073: Eyeball trauma | Making It Podcast


    Making It is an audio podcast hosted by Jimmy Diresta, David Picciuto and Bob Clagett. Every week they talk about creativity, process and making things with your hands.
    Find all of the episodes and full show notes at

    Be sure to subscribe to each of their YouTube channels as well
    Jimmy Diresta

    David Picciuto (Make Something)

    Bob Clagett (I Like To Make Stuff)

  • WATCH: Texas Cavaliers River Parade


    The 2019 Texas Cavaliers River Parade draws thousands of people to the banks of the San Antonio River every year.

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  • 1000 Sparklers VS Fire Extinguisher | Shocking Results


    Hello guys, is video me humne ek fire extinguisher se 1000 fooljhadiyo ki aag ko bujhane ki koshish kari hai.



    Please watch: ₹6 RUPEES SUGAR ROCKET FLYING OVER 1000 FOOT ????

  • Satisfying Video + Magnify Glass & Fireworks


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    Disclaimer- Do not ever try to recreate anything I do, doing so can result in severe injury or death.

    This Is a compiled video of me playing around with Fire, Foam, Water proof matches, Magnify Glass, Fireworks, and other stuff.
    I thought it was kind of neat, Enjoy.

  • XRP Will Rise 100X In 2021 XRP Price Prediction - XRP News Today


    XRP Will Rise 100X In 2021 (Buy The DIP NOW For HUGE PROFIT) XRP Price Prediction - XRP News Today

    Related Videos:

    At Make Money Online, we share everyday price predictions and news about our main cryptocurrency: Ripple XRP. Our mission is to grow the XRP community and support XRP with all we have. This coin has 10000X potential to grow and we believe this will happen soon with XRP. We would love to hear your opinion about XRP / RIpple in the comments below... #XRPARMY

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    Also, let me know in the comments what you want to see next!

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    ►You will see an AMAZING video next time when I get on this video 2.000 likes and new subscribers!

    Last video ????????????


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  • असली आग की बारिश - fire rain experiment | steel wool magic photography


    steel wool amazon link :
    gear i use-



    action camera-


    How to do Steel Wool Photography -Camera Setup
    First, set up your camera on the tripod and compose the image. You can use a small torch to visualize where the steel wool will be spinning.

    Set your camera to aperture priority mode and manual focus. You can focus with the help of a torch. Set ISO to 100 and aperture to f8 to f11 and then meter the scene.

    A whisk of steel wool will burn for around 10 seconds. You need to have at least 5 seconds of exposure time to capture the spinning motion.
    try different setting for best magic photos

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Silo-Launched Model Rocket - Thoomp Flight 1


    Lots more Thoomp coming soon :)
    Music by Joe Barnard
    Help support

    Second channel, mostly for KSP:

    For more info:

  • Dettol VS Potassium Permanganate - Awesome Experiment - Unbelievable Shocking Result????


    Hello Everyone,
    Hope you all are doing absolutely fine ....In this video i will mix potassium permanganate in dettol ...which turns out a shocking result ...
    Hope you enjoyed this video...

    My others video:-

    Testing the power of a cracker by keeping it under a bucket(Part 2) -

    Testing the power of the crackers by keeping a cracker under bucket [ Part 1 ]-

    Matches Chain Reaction || Amazing Domino...Domino Effects...Matchstick Domino || -

    How To Make Portable Fan At Home -

    Calcium Carbide V/S Bottle || Awesome Science Experiment ||-

    Hand on fire -

    Background music---

    Last Summer by Ikson:
    Music promoted by Audio Library
    ???? Contact the Artist:

  • Shocking Facts About Samsung 2020 | History of Samsung | Samsung Built Burj Khalifa


    #SamsungUnknownfacts #SamsungHistory #SamsungBuiltBurjKhalifa

    Everyone knows Samsung as an electronics company. But very fees of us knows that Samsung is far more than that?

    What if I told you that the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, is built by Samsung? Yes, it was made by Samsung C&T corporation in a joint venture with Bexis from Belgium and Arabtec from UAE. But samsung C&T corporation were one of the main contractors.

    They are best known for its role in notable skyscraper projects. The Burj khalifa known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration, with a total height of 829.8m. Its the tallest structure in the world since 2008.

    You probably didn’t know that. Not just that, but some of the world's tallest sky scrappers are built by Samsung.

    You will find out more about this in the video.

    We hear a lot of Apple, Google, and Microsoft, but what about the company that started 38 years before Apple? We thought it would be great if we pack up whole interesting stuff about Samsung in this one single video.

    If you are looking for any of these topics this video is for you:
    1. Things you don't know about samsung
    2. Samsung top 5 facts
    3. Amazing unknown facts about samsung
    4. What you didn't know about samsung
    5. Samsung super amazing facts
    6. Shocking facts about samsung
    7. How big samsung is?
    8. Samsung facts hindi
    9. History of samsung
    10. Samsung success story
    11. Burj khalifa built by samsung
    12. All you need to know about samsung
    13. Samsung facts and history
    14. Samsung facts 2020

  • Experiment: Egg Ostrich VS Gas Burner


    You can watch the fire forever, but on how the flame ruins other objects - even a little longer. Today we will test the strength of an ostrich egg, an incandescent lamp, etc. For strength to 1300 degrees in Celsius.

  • Explosive Biscuits! 1000 matches vs. Cream Crackers - Gun Powder Experiment


    Video - Can Matches blow up a coca cola bottle? 25000 Matches vs. Coca Cola Mega Bottle!

    Gun Powder is back with a brand new experiment with cream cracker biscuits, and 1000 match sticks to see what kind of a cool video we can come up with. Today we will use approximately 1000 matchsticks to cover up the surfaces of several cream cracker biscuits to fire up this bottle with a fireball and fire off all 1000 matchsticks all at once. What sort of fireworks will this show us this time? What will the end result be like after we fry these biscuits even more? Let's find out at the end of this video. Watch the entire footage and also view them in 60fps, 120 fps, and even 240 fps. Like, subscribe to our channel for more videos like this in the future.

    Video published by Gun Powder
    Watch the full video here:
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    You can watch fire experiments related videos on our channel, and We would encourage you to comment below to express your ideas and recommendations so that we can deliver better and improved content to all of you.


    Can Eggs and Matches blow up with a fireball? Gun Powder Experiment -

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  • Make an invisible fire extinguisher with Ellie | Discovery Week 2020


    Learn how to make an invisible fire extinguisher with Ellie from our education team!

    Make sure that you have adult supervision for these experiments. And check this page for all the ingredients and instructions:

    All this week, we've been sharing family science activities and experiments as part of Discovery Week. Check out all our other family science activities and experiments:

  • cdl hazmat material English


    Cdl hazmat hand book florida

  • Board of Zoning Appeals - May 26, 2010


  • Hot oil vs samsung mobile experiment||Boiling Samsung mobile in hot oil Experiment Dushman hacker


    Hot oil vs samsung mobile experiment||Boiling Samsung mobile in hot oil Experiment shocking Results
    Hot oil vs samsung mobile experiment||Boiling Samsung mobile in hot oil Experiment shocking Results
    Hot oil vs samsung mobile experiment||Boiling Samsung mobile in hot oil Experiment shocking Results
    #Hotoilvssamsungmobileexperiment#BoilingSamsungmobileinhotoilExperimentshockingResults#Dushmanhacker #

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • 반복재생 천일문 기본 mp3 영상 unit 7-12


    천일문 기본에 나오는 문장 mp3 영상입니다.
    문장을 두 번씩 들으면서 학습해보세요.

    인트로 00:00
    unit 7(323번~381번) 00:00:14
    unit 8(382번~431번) 00:17:20
    unit 9(432번~470번) 00:32:00
    unit 10(471번~539번) 00:43:34
    unit 11(540번~584번) 01:03:21
    unit 12(585번~624번) 01:16:23

    천일문 기본 추가 학습자료▶

  • Keck Week: #4 - MOSFIRE Early Results and Prospects


    With first light in April, 2012, MOSFIRE is the latest, extremely powerful instrument in the Keck Observatory arsenal, allowing scientists to gather data on chemical makeup, distance and velocity (to name a few) on up to 46 cosmic objects at once. Dr. Charles Steidel from Caltech talks about MOSFIRE's early impact on science as recorded during the Keck Week Science Meeting.

  • Crane implosion at Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans


    Live look at the site of the Hard Rock Hotel construction collapse in New Orleans, La. Engineers in New Orleans plan to bring down a pair of unstable construction cranes in a series of controlled explosions Sunday before they can topple onto nearby historic buildings.




  • पटाखा vs पलासटिक जग pataka vs plastic jug shocking Result


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    Please don't anything at the home

  • Zoom Session 2 Painting with Light, local image editing.


    Zoom session on painting with light, local editing of images as opposed to making corrections that affect the overall image. A bit long (I talk a lot) but a good refresher.

  • Braves at Nationals 9/13/19 | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube


    Live from Nationals Park in Washington D.C., watch the Nationals take on the Atlanta Braves Friday, September 13 at 7:00 PM ET, 4:00 PM PT on YouTube.

    The MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube brings live baseball to YouTube! Watch select live games every week of the regular season. Stream the games for free across all your favorite devices on the MLB YouTube channel.

    Braves vs. Nationals Pregame Show: 00:05:00
    Braves vs. Nationals Game: 00:40:35
    Braves vs. Nationals Postgame Show: 03:57:21

    Braves YouTube Channel:
    Nationals YouTube Channel:
    Cut4 YouTube Channel:

    The game will feature a livechat with MLB, Braves, Nationals, Cut4 and YouTube creators!

    Benny No:
    FivePoints Vids:
    Movie Gaming TV:
    Sports Gamers Online:
    Sports Gaming Universe:

  • 2020 CDL Kansas DMV Written Test - Knowledge Test Class A #2


    Pass your 2020 Kansas CDL Knowledge Test Class A DMV Permit Test w/ Flying Colors. 100% Free. 99% Success Rate. Practice Now! Real Drivers Test Questions & Answers from your local DMV.

    Question 1: 00:05
    Question 2: 00:35
    Question 3: 01:08
    Question 4: 01:40
    Question 5: 02:15
    Question 6: 02:53
    Question 7: 03:34
    Question 8: 04:17
    Question 9: 05:04
    Question 10: 05:40
    Question 11: 06:07
    Question 12: 06:50
    Question 13: 07:33
    Question 14: 08:22
    Question 15: 08:59
    Question 16: 09:39
    Question 17: 10:21
    Question 18: 11:05
    Question 19: 11:47
    Question 20: 12:33
    Question 21: 13:03
    Question 22: 13:46
    Question 23: 14:34
    Question 24: 15:20
    Question 25: 16:00
    Question 26: 16:38
    Question 27: 17:28
    Question 28: 17:56
    Question 29: 18:34
    Question 30: 19:15
    Question 31: 19:53
    Question 32: 20:31
    Question 33: 21:06
    Question 34: 21:41
    Question 35: 22:22
    Question 36: 23:05
    Question 37: 24:00
    Question 38: 24:42
    Question 39: 25:33
    Question 40: 26:08
    Question 41: 26:41
    Question 42: 27:12
    Question 43: 27:53
    Question 44: 28:36
    Question 45: 29:22
    Question 46: 29:58
    Question 47: 30:33
    Question 48: 31:09
    Question 49: 31:47
    Question 50: 32:26

  • Top 8 Awesome Experiment Fireworks Compilation || Amazing Diwali Crackers Experiment 2018


    Watch Top 8 Awesome Experiment Fireworks Compilation || Amazing Diwali Crackers Experiment 2018

  • Photography Competition FAST Winners Announced by Karl Taylor


    Photography Competition FAST Winners Announced.

    1st Prize, Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit

  • Analyst: XRP Price Rocket Fireworks Incoming


    Follow me on Twitter: @moonlamboio

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

  • Town Hall Tuesday - Public Safety


    The Fire Department offered an array of safety tips residents can use at home and when out in the community.

  • Fire Cracker Vs Clay Pot Experiment


    Hello Guys,
    Welcome To Our Channel
    This Video Is About -
    Bomb blast inside clay pot - Fire cracker and clay pot experiment
    Hope You Like This Video.
    *To Get More Interesting Videos Regularly Subscribe Now and Hit The Bell Icon.
    Thank You.

    This video is intended for scientific and entertaining purposes only. All action in this video
    performed by professionals and in safe place with full safety equipment's.
    We highly recommend that please don't try to repeat any actions shown in this video. It can be
    dangerous. The author will not be hold liable for any action performed by you.

    Music Credit:-
    Track: Tobu - Seven [NCS Release]
    Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
    NCS Spotify:

    #VisioNil #firecracker

  • क्या सुतली बोम्ब फटेगा ? ???? 80 MM Magnifier Vs Sutli Bomb Experiment 2020


    क्या सुतली बोम्ब फटेगा ? ???? 80 MM Magnifier Vs Sutli Bomb Experiment Diwali Special 2020

    Today, from Halo Friend we will be experimenting with Maganifar. This is going to be Amazing Experiments. Surely see the video and support us. It can work to see MagniFire electronics short or large. With this we can also read the book, we can burn the fire. The size of the magnifier is 80 mm and it works like 10x zoom lenses, let's see.Today we will test the twineous bomb in with Maganifar. Can it give a fire or burst or do not burst, let's see?

    Here Is 80mm 10x magnifier Buy link online

    The review of Etin MM 10 X Magnifar also had done in Hindi language. If that video you like to see then click here.

    We also tried to burn petrol in with Maganifar. If you like to watch this video then click here

    Indian Experiments
    First Time Sperm In Microscope in India ???????? Very Special Video by Indian Experiments

    दही का बैक्टीरिया अब देख ही लो ???? Curd Bacteria Moving microscope view

    गैस सिलेंडर पर मारी गोली Gun Vs LPG Gas Cylinder Will it Survive ?

    Dropping LPG Gas Cylinder From Water box 120 Feet height Shocking Result ????

  • LifeSkills! Weve Got Issues


    Hi this is Max, Kirkland Youth Council (KYC) chairman and producer and host of Life Skills. Each year KYC creates a video on a topic or issue relevant to teens and youth. In this year's We've Got Issues video we chose a creative, fun, and informative way to educate youth on necessary life skills for High School and beyond. We all like the certainty of knowing that when a problem arises, we know the solution. That's why I and members of KYC created a game show called LifeSkills! packed with trivia and scenarios that can guide your future decisions and give you confidence.
    I would like to extend my gratitude to members of KYC and the City of Kirkland who made this production possible.
    I hope you enjoy the video!
    - Max Reisman

  • 8 ways to get past a door - Logan Woods - OzSecCon 2019


    An important part of physical security red teaming is gaining access to restricted areas. Most commonly, organisations control access using the humble door, with some sort of mechanism to prevent it from being opened by unauthorised parties. This talk will cover eight non-destructive entry techniques, from incredibly simple to rather complex, that have got the presenter past an access control door, and some ways these vulnerabilities could be mitigated


    Logan is a security consultant at Aura Information Security. With a specialization in physical security and red teaming, a large part of his job is getting into places he shouldn’t be, ideally without anyone noticing.


    Enormous thanks to Jan-Willem ( who volunteered his time to synchronize and edit all the audio, presentations and video together in order to get this presentation online.

    Check and for the latest updates. We will not be hosting a conference in 2020 however we expect to return in 2021!



    #MyExperiment #Aircraft #Awesome

    Hi friends, In today's video, I will take toy airplane and stick rocket to it!

    My Facebook:

  • Incident Management: Concepts and Tools to help ensure effective emergency communications


    20200423 Edwards

  • Its a Blast! public lecture on explosives by Col B D Shaw


    Rather a shaky old copy of the famous lecture by Col Shaw. It may be the only remaining copy. The lecture proper starts at about 4:08 after the totally superfluous introduction.

    I saw this lecture in London in 1972 & will never forget it. An amazing chap. We are unlikely to see his kind again...

  • Episode #2: Scope of Waste & Recycling Facility ????in Light of COVID19, Consequences & Solutions


  • Community Growth & Infrastructure Standing Committee - 13 Oct 2020


  • Firecrackers 1000 Attach On Bike Tyre Experiment,1000 Crackers vs Bike Tyre, Experiment


  • Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Audiobook Chapter 251-255


    Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Audiobook Chapter 251-255

    Click on CC for Subtitles


    After waking up, Jiang Tian found out that it was not too late. In the previous life, Jiang Tian was a member of Jiang family in Jinling. He suffered a disgrace that his fiancee broke the pledge of marriage, so he had to marry into the Zhao family. Although Zhao Xueqing, his wife was the first beauty in Hangzhou, he always beated and scolded her. A few years later, he went through family upheavel, and his loved ones died one after another. With despairing, guilty and hatred, Jiang Tian jumped from the cliff. But he did not die. Instead, he started a cultivation journey of as long as ten thousand years in another space. He became the supreme god, but he died in the process of opening up the universe. With the regret for his parents and the guilt for Zhao Xueqing, Jiang Tian, who remained million years of memory, swore that he would never let his loved one suffer any grievances and injuries this time!

    ☆About the Author☆

    Gang Li You Mi is a post-80's full-time webnovelist who has written nearly ten novels. He started writing in 2011 and his first novel, The Rebirthed Bigwig, got 50 million views. In addition to learning the theory of novel writing and the experiences of successful writers, Gang Li You Mi also learned many scriptwriting theories, such as the Story, which was written by the hollywood godfather of screenwritting, Robert McGee. He merged the theory of scriptwriting and the pattern of webnovel creation, and this is one of his secrets of success.

    This is an Unofficial Audiobook hence Fan-Made
    If an official has been released please support it.

    -No Copyright Infringement Intended.
    -This video is edited under by Fair use law of YouTube.
    -All rights belong to their respective owners.
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  • 2020 Budget Session 1 2019-11-14


  • Steel Wool Spinning at night


    This the first attempt of steelwool spinning from me and my friend Peter. The shots were made using action cams. We decided to go to an abandoned beach, with plenty of space and nothing flamable anywere near. in order to avoid causing any stress to other people. We also filmed next to the beach for safety reasons even though as you will see as the video begins that my jacket, which i left not far far enough, never made it back with me. We prioritised safety and ofcrourse we brought fire extinguisher which to be used in case it was needed. We were really stressed about the safety of the whole activity, we did the best that we could plan for. Peter did all the editing of the film and took care of the camera adjustments and positioning while I found the right materials for the activity.

    This is not a video made for profit and it something that's not only dangerous but also time consuming to put together. It sure is a nice activity but the possible consequences of not being prepared for it should never be taken lightly. We do not suggest to try this for any reason.

    DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar stunts and tricks, as personal injury or property damage may result. The producer of this video is not responsible for any such injury or damage.

  • The process approach: effective application in aerospace


    Hear from BSI’s Global Head of Aerospace, Brendon Hill, on the effective application of the process approach in the aerospace sector.

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