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12 Most Mysterious Things Scientists Still Cant Explain

  • 12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Cant Explain


    When it comes to life on Earth and human history, scientists and historians have some of the answers, but not all of them. They're great at their job, and they can reach grand conclusions based on tiny clues and pieces of evidence, but sometimes they encounter something that leaves them totally stumped. That's what today's video is about. These are the strange and wonderful places all over the world that are amazing to see, but impossible to understand even for a scientist!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Things Scientists Still Cant Explain


    The science of archaeology can tell us a lot of things about an ancient artifact, or even a whole ancient city. It might be able to tell us the age of what we're looking at, how it was built, and what it was used for. It can't always tell us all of those things, though. Sometimes even the best archaeologists are left just as confused by the things they discover as we are. We love it when that happens because it means we can make great mystery-filled videos like this one!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    We’re about to go on a tour of some of the most stunning structures on the face of the Earth. They’d be a delight for any sightseer, but these structures all have something in common. They were built using techniques that scientists and archaeologists can’t explain, or for reasons they can only guess at. Is it possible that we’ve lost some of the building knowledge that our ancient ancestors took for granted? Watch this video, and make up your own mind!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Things Science Still Cant Explain


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    There's a lot we can tell about an ancient building through archaeology and scientific research. We can tell when it was built, and usually how it was built, too. We might even be able to get an idea of what it was used for, but we can't always get all of the answers. Every structure you're about to see in this list is an outstanding feat of ancient construction, and although we know a little about all of them, we're still left with more questions than answers.

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    How much do we truly know about every nook and corner of planet Earth? In the thousands of years in which humans have flourished, we have always left our mark in some shape or the other. Maybe it was a cave painting, or maybe ancient tools used for hunting, or crazier still, abandoned places allegedly used for strange experiments. As outlandish as it may seem, the world is filled with such unexplained areas which we still don’t have real answers to. Join us today on this journey to 12 of the most mysterious places which scientists still can’t explain but actually exists.
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  • 12 Most Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Cant Explain


    Even the most intelligent people in the world don’t know everything. You can spend your whole life studying science or history, but there will still be things that you’ll never completely understand. That doesn’t just go for new discoveries - it also covers objects and places that were created by our ancient ancestors. We might have vastly underestimated the abilities and intelligence of the civilizations that came before us, because all of the things you’re about to see remain a mystery to all the experts who’ve ever studied them.

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Ancient Technology Scientists Still Cant Explain


    You probably can’t remember every single fact or skill you were taught when you were at school. Our memories fade over time, and if we don’t practice the skills that we’ve been taught regularly, we eventually forget how to use them at all. That doesn’t just apply to individual people, though - that applies to the whole human race! There’s plenty of evidence that our ancestors had skills and abilities that we lack today, and this video contains all the proof of that you’ll ever need.

  • 12 Most Mysterious Discoveries That Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Just because you can see, weigh, and measure something doesn't mean that you have a full understanding of it. For everything that science has taught us and continues to teach us, there are things that it simply cannot explain, however hard it tries. Everything you're about to see in this video is a mystery. The mysteries come with theories, but none of them have one single satisfying explanation. They're objects and places that give us questions, but very few answers!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Finds That Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Imagine how boring the world would be if you could understand everything just by looking at it. There would be nothing to research and no fascinating facts to uncover! Human beings love a good mystery, and on this channel, we love archaeological mysteries perhaps more than any other. Fortunately, we're never short of them. There are hundreds of enigmatic archaeological discoveries to be found all over the world, so here's an incredible selection of archaeological finds that have been located, photographed and measured, but not totally understood.

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Artifacts Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    When you go to look at a historical artifact in a museum, it will be accompanied by a plaque that tells you what it is and where it came from. In some museums, you might even get an audio recording or a guided tour to provide you with more detail. Not every discovery comes with an explanation, though! Even with all the information at our disposal in the modern age, there are some things that are best scientists and experts find it hard to explain. See if you can come up with explanations for the things you're about to see in this video!

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  • 12 Most Incredible And Mysterious Things Science Still Cant Explain


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    If understanding was as easy as seeing, archaeologists and scientists would have much easier careers. Archaeologists know their field very well, so the majority of times when they discover something new, they don’t need any assistance to identify it and explain what it is. On those rare occasions that they don’t understand what they’re looking at, they turn to scientists for help. Sometimes even the scientists aren’t sure, though - and that leaves us with mysteries like the ones you’re about to see in this video!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


    There are a lot of gaps and guesses in our history books. Our historians have done the best they can with the information they have, and archaeologists help them with that by supplying them with as much information as they can about the things that they find. The problem with that arrangement is that archaeologists are sometimes mystified by the things that they discover, as we’re about to see with the amazing and enigmatic finds in this video!

  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    They say that ‘seeing is believing,’ and perhaps that’s true, but seeing definitely isn’t understanding. Just because we can see something doesn’t mean we truly know what we’re looking at. This is a common problem encountered by scientists and archaeologists when they find relics of our world’s distant past. They might know a little about who built it, or when it was built, but they don’t always understand the how or the why. All the discoveries in this video left the experts with more questions than answers!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


    One of the hardest truths that archaeologists have to face is that they'll never know everything there is to know about their discoveries. Some of the things they come across during their work don't seem to fit with the established narrative of history, and others have purposes that we can only guess at. Not knowing all the details only makes the discoveries more mysterious, though, and we all love a good mystery! Here are some fantastic and mysterious archaeological discoveries that baffled the people who found them.

  • 12 Most Incredible Archaeological Mysteries Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    An experienced and knowledgeable archaeologist can often identify an object or artifact the moment they lay eyes on it. For occasions where that isn't possible, they turn to colleagues, historians, or scientists for further assistance. If none of them can provide that assistance, they're left with a mystery on their hands - a mystery that scientists struggle to explain! Such discoveries are the most exciting you'll ever find in the field of archaeology, as you'll soon see in this video.

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Artifacts Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Have you ever walked down the street, spotted something unusual out of the corner of your eye, and wondered how it got there? All of us have had that feeling at some point, and sometimes it even happens to experts and scholars! Archaeologists are becoming used to that feeling, because they've come across some totally baffling discoveries over the years. We've put a collection of them together in this video so you can share in their sense of wonder.

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Whenever archaeologists go looking for something, they do so in the expectation that whatever they find will help them to answer the questions they have about the past. On many occasions, they've found exactly what they're looking for and, in the process, have found out more about human history. On some occasions, though, their discoveries leave them with more questions than they had to begin with. That's what this video is all about; strange discoveries that produced enigmatic riddles. Let's check them out!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Recent Archaeological Finds And Artifacts Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Finding a historically significant artifact is only half of the battle for an archaeologist. As soon as they’ve located an object or a place, their next job is to explain its purpose or its history. That isn’t always possible for them, and nor is it always possible for their fellow experts, who they contact when they get stuck! That means some of the most amazing discoveries of recent times are currently unexplained, so we’ve put them together in this video for you to see if you can solve the mysteries!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Artifacts Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    The world would be a very boring place if we understood everything we ever saw - so we’re glad that isn’t the case! Life is made more exciting by mysteries, and mysteries crop up all the time in the field of archaeology. Our leading experts are frequently baffled by some of the astonishing discoveries they make, but if you ask us, that only makes their discoveries more interesting. Here, we’re going to check out some of the all-time great mysterious archaeological finds!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


    If you come across something you don’t understand, the first thing you’re likely to do is log onto the internet and see if there’s any information there that can help you. Archaeologists and historians don’t have that option. If they find something they don’t understand, and their colleagues and peers are unable to help them, they’re left with a mystery on their hands! We love those mysteries, though, because they mean we can make fantastic videos like this one.

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


    For all we know about ancient history, there’s still a lot of knowledge which we haven’t yet obtained, and may never obtain. A lot of our ancestors took their secrets to their graves, leaving us to guess and what they meant by their customs, rituals, and architectural works all these years later. Without better explanations being available, some of the items you’re about to see in this video are claimed to have paranormal or extraterrestrial origins. Some have been hidden under the ground, but others hide in plain sight!

  • 12 Most Mysterious Artifacts That Scientists Still Cant Explain


    You can’t tell everything there is to know about an object, a place, or even a person just by looking. Sometimes you still don’t know everything there is to know even after a detailed examination. The technologies and rituals of our ancestors are still largely a mystery to us, and that mystery gets bigger every time archaeologists pull another inexplicable object out of the ground.

  • 12 Most Incredible And Mysterious Discoveries That Scientists Cant Explain


    Everybody loves a good mystery, but only when we get an answer to the mystery at the end of it all. When we as average civilians cannot explain something, we turn to an expert for assistance, but there are some things that even experts and scientists can't provide an adequate explanation for. From strange sculptures carved by our distant ancestors to possible crashed alien spaceships, we've got some genuinely baffling mysteries in this video, so watch it and see if you can provide answers to the riddles that the world's greatest minds haven't solved!

  • 12 Most Incredible And Mysterious Finds That Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Having a history or archaeology qualification isn't a guarantee that you know everything there is to know about your chosen field. It might give you an advantage in identifying a newly-discovered artefact or object compared to the average person, but there will be times when all your expertise won't help you explain what you're looking at. Everything you're about to see in this video has something in common; it's something that either partially or totally amazed the experts who found it, and still amazes them now.

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  • 10 Mysterious Things That Science Cant Explain



    The pace of technological innovation began to quicken: it seems that science can now handle any task. However, our world is full of secrets, and sometimes even the best scientists are powerless to solve them. Will they ever be solved? Let's find out.

    00:00 - Welcome!
    00:25 - Cow compass (Preview)
    01:31 - Right-handed and left-handed people
    02:46 - Corridors of the Great Pyramid
    03:50 - Phantom pain
    05:12 - Hexagonal storm
    06:12 - Dancing forest
    07:07 - Planet Nine
    08:15 - The secret of purring
    09:14 - Unique mushroom
    10:10 - Strange fossil

  • 12 Most Mysterious Artifacts Scientists Still Cant Explain


    What's the real story behind some of the world's strangest archaeological discoveries? How do we even begin to explain the historical mysteries that we can't even begin to understand? In many cases, we just don't have enough information! That doesn't stop people trying, though, and in making those efforts to try, we can find out some wonderful things. We hope you enjoy this video tour of some of archaeology's biggest ancient riddles!

  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientist Still Cant Explain


    Some of the objects and artifacts that have been found by the world's archaeologists are utterly baffling. They're confusing when they come out of the ground, and even when they've been sent away and examined by experts, they're still a complete mystery. It seems we'll never know all there is to know about our ancestors and some of their strange customs and beliefs! All of the discoveries you're about to see in this video left the people who found them with more questions than answers.

  • 12 Most Mysterious Ancient Technologies Scientists Still Cant Explain


    We're living through an incredible age of technology and invention, but we're not the first generation of people to believe that. Go back in time one hundred years, and you'd find people just as amazed by the automobile as we are by the latest wireless communications technology. Go back even further back in time, and you'll find stunning inventions that still amaze us today. We're celebrating those ancient inventors in this video full of their greatest creations!

  • 12 Most Amazing Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Some of the discoveries made by archaeologists are surprising. We don’t just mean that they’re surprising to us - they also surprise the archaeologists who find them! Not everything that our ancient ancestors left behind for us to discover is easily explained away, so today we’re going to take a close look at some of the most incredible and mysterious archaeological discoveries of all time. Strap in - it’s going to be a wild ride!

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  • MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Science STILL Cant Explain!


    Check out these mysterious discoveries science still can't explain! This top 10 list of bizarre and unexplained archaeological findings has some weird discoveries we still don't have answers for today!

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    10. The Ulfberht Swords
    Ulfberht swords were the weapon of choice of the Vikings, along with other tribes around northern Europe. They had a long, double edged blade, and a straight crossbar over the grip. There are only about 170 still known to exist today, each of which dates to between the 9th and 11th centuries! And the cool thing is they have the tell-tale inscription in the blade itself.

    9. The Drepanosaurus
    Whenever a new fossil is found, it gives further clues as to the evolution of animals, and of those that once roamed the earth. Every now and then, though, something is found that makes no sense at all in terms of scientific understanding, and requires a complete re-think of what is taken as fact. This is exactly what’s happening with a little known creature, the Drepanosaurus.

    8. Rat Kings
    The Rat Kings are a rare phenomena from the animal kingdom that is so bizarre, no-one is entirely sure how it happens. You may have seen one before, but if you haven’t- they really are something quite unusual. They have been a part of legend for centuries, and are formed when a number of rats become attached by the tail.

    7. The Martian Meteorite
    In 1984, a meteorite fell to earth, something that in itself is no unusual thing. But this one, known as ALH84001, was found to hold secrets that no-one has been able to explain. The 4.1 billion-year-old rock is thought to have originated on Mars, having been dislodged during a collision, and floated through space until it fell into earth’s atmosphere. Unlike other similar specimens, the surface of this rock had something very unusual- what appeared to be the signs of fossilised bacteria.

    6. The Longyou Grottoes
    The Longyou Grottoes are a series of underground structures near the village of Shiyan Beicun, in the Zhejiang province in China. They are thought to be at least 2000 years old, but scientists and researchers have no idea how they were built, what they were used for, or even who was responsible for them.

    5. What was the first dinosaur?
    Since we first realized that dinosaurs roamed the earth, palaeontologists have been trying to understand the full range of creatures that once lived, with particular interest revolving around which was the first dinosaur to ever live.

    4. The Nampa Stone Doll
    The Nampa figurine looks like any other that has been made by an ancient civilisation. The mystery surrounding this one, though, is how it came to be in the place where it was found. It was discovered in 1889 near the town of Nampa in Idaho. Workers were searching for water, and dug a well, which involved drilling a borehole to 295 feet.

    3. The Piri Reis Map
    Today we take maps for granted. Satellite technology combined with the work of cartographers over the years, plus Google of course, have created incredibly detailed depictions of our planet. All we have to do is use our smartphone! This wasn’t always the way, clearly, and maps from centuries ago were just kind of close approximations based on ship voyages.

    2. The Voynich Manuscript
    The 600 year old Voynich manuscript is often thought of as being the most mysterious book that has ever been written, and still, to this day, scientists aren’t able to explain what’s inside.

    1. Dinosaur and Human Footprints
    The final mystery is one which calls into question the idea that humans weren’t around at the time of the dinosaurs, because their footprints have been found side by side. The discovery was made in the Paluxy river, Texas, where hundreds of dinosaur footprints have been found. Their foot impressions were perfectly preserved by the river bed.

    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Artifacts Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    How much faith do you have in the things that you believe you know? Are you convinced that the version of history you were taught in school was correct, or are you open-minded to the idea that your teachers might have got a few things wrong? We ask the question because we're surrounded by strange archaeological discoveries that challenge the conventions of established history, and we're about to show them to you in this video. Scientists have tried to explain some of them partially, but others are totally unexplained!

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  • 10 Mysterious Discoveries Science Still Cant Explain


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    When we stumble upon something which cannot be understood through just our senses and experiences, we turn to science to shine the light and help us make sense of things. But there are mysterious events and things strewn across the world which even science is unable to answer, at least so far. Here are 10 mysterious discoveries science still can’t explain. So, prepare yourself to step into a world which has no answers but just more questions.

  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Archaeological discoveries are always interesting. Finding out more about the people and places that came before us will never be boring, and that’s why the latest news in archaeology is always worth reporting. Some discoveries are more exciting than others, though. Much as we enjoy it when an archaeologist can tell us everything about the discovery they’ve just made, we get more excited when they find something that they can’t explain at all. That’s what this video is about - archaeological mysteries that remain unexplained!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Artifacts Scientists Still Cant Explain


    Not every archaeological discovery can be easily attributed to a specific culture or a specific civilization. Some of them have much more mysterious origins and are often attributed to lost civilizations or tribes that we no longer have any other record of. Is that too easy an explanation, though? How can we say that an object came from a lost civilization if we have no proof that such a civilization ever existed? Could they have stranger alternative explanations? Check out the mysterious artifacts in this video, and see if you can draw your own conclusions!

  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Artifacts Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Not everything that archaeologists dig up in the course of their work makes sense to them. When they come across something that they can't explain, they tend to turn to scientists or historians for help. Usually, the experts will be able to give them the answers they need, but there are occasions when even the world's best-educated people can't make head nor tail of a puzzling archaeological discovery. This video is all about those baffling finds; the ones that scientists struggle to explain away no matter how hard they try!

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  • 5 Mysterious Anomalies & Individuals That Science Cant Explain


    5 mysterious anomalies & individuals that science can't explain. Today, we take a look at these 5 mysterious anomalies & individuals that science can't explain.

    Over the years, mysterious anomalies and individuals have made the themselves known and its led to some interesting discoveries. Some from some mysterious anomalies discovered in nature, do a mysterious individual that confused many people, we take a look at these 5 mysterious anomalies and individuals that science can't explain.

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  • 12 Most Incredible And Mysterious Finds That Scientists Can’t Explain


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    Archaeologists and scientists know more about the world around us than most of us, but it doesn't mean that they know everything. Sometimes, a discovery will be made that confuses and mystifies even the brightest minds, and the experts are left just as amazed by it as the rest of us are! Everything you're about to see in this video is an incredible discovery from a bygone age, but one for which we have no explanation for. Be careful - this video might blow your mind!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Artifacts Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Scientists may possess more knowledge than the average person in the street, but that doesn’t mean they hold all the answers. Even the most knowledgeable experts in the world sometimes find themselves faced with things they can’t explain, and those situations arise in the field of archaeology on a regular basis. Perhaps you might be able to explain some of the things that scientists cannot? Take a good, long look at all the strange artifacts in this video, and give us your opinion in the comments!

    #Finds #Mysterious #Amazing #EverSee #Compilation #LightningTop

  • 10 Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Cant Explain


    From 5,000 year old coffins to giant footprints embedded in the rock, here are 10 mysterious discoveries scientists can’t explain.

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    10. Coffins Of The Cursed Well
    Thirteen completely sealed Ancient Egyptian graves were recently excavated from an alleged “cursed” well, where they were buried 36 feet (11 meters) underground in several niches. The wooden coffins, rare for their remarkably preserved state and even bearing some of their original colors, were stacked atop one another within the tombs.

    9. Giant Footprint
    In one of the most bizarre discoveries ever, in a rocky area in South Africa, a hunter discovered what looks like an enormous fossilized footprint embedded in the rock. Measuring four feet (1.2 meters) tall, to some it is evidence that giants once roamed the earth a long, long time ago.

    8. Mystery Coin Hoard
    Earlier this year, Israeli teenagers volunteering on an archaeological dig made quite the discovery- a clay jar stuffed to the brim with gold coins, dating back 1,100 years. They were very excited as it’s not very often that people strike gold!! Researchers and experts are now very curious about the 425 coins.

    7. Mustang Caves
    Also called the Sky Caves of Nepal, the Mustang Caves are a collection of around 10,000 artificially-constructed rock-cut cave tombs in Nepal’s Mustang District. Nepal annexed the region, formerly known as the Kingdom of Lo, during the 18th century.

    6. Saudi Desert Gates
    In 2017, archaeologists identified around 400 previously unknown stone structures, called “gates,” in the Arabian desert. Thought to be constructed by nomadic tribes thousands of years ago, the gates, made from basalt boulders, call attention to the lack of scientific attention paid to the vast region.

    5. Horned Face Ornament
    Southeast of Krakow, Poland in the village of Biskupice, archaeologists recently unearthed an ancient ornament bearing an eerie, horned face. Measuring just four inches (10 cm) across, the strange object was found beneath one of three ancient homesteads dating back to the Stone Age.

    4. Royston Cave
    Located near Cambridge, England, Royston Cave is an artificial cave believed to have once been used by the Order of the Knights Templar as a secret meeting place. Measuring roughly 26 feet (8 meters) high and 17 feet (5 meters) in diameter, the circular, bell-shaped chamber was accidentally discovered during the mid-18th century, and its origins remain unknown to this day.

    3. Ancient Human-Like Footprints
    Eerily human-like footprints discovered in Crete in 2017 suggest that a previously unknown hominid -- in other words, an ancient primate closer to humans than chimps -- wandered the area as far back as 5.7 million years ago.

    2. The Havering Hoard
    Popularly known as a “Bronze Age Mystery,” the Havering Hoard is the largest-ever collection of Bronze Age artifacts ever discovered in London. Unearthed in 2018, the nearly 3,000-year-old hoard contains axe heads, spearheads, and fragments of swords, daggers, and knives, as well as other objects rarely discovered in the U.K., amounting to 453 artifacts total, dating back to between 900 and 800 B.C.

    1. The American “Lost Colony”
    One of the earliest groups of settlers in the United States, including the first European baby born in the U.S., inhabited the long, lost colony of Roanoke Island east of modern-day Virginia during the 1570s and ‘80s, from which they disappeared without a trace. The group of several hundred stayed on Roanoke while their ship returned to England to re-supply and pick up more people bound for the “New World.”

    #mysteriousdiscoveries #archaeologicalfinds #strangemysteries #originsexplained

  • 7 Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Cant Explain


    There are amazing discoveries that made the smartest scientists scratch their heads for years. These experts spend their whole lives searching for answers to some of the world’s biggest mysteries. Yet some of their findings defy logic and are still waiting to be solved.

    The Maine Penny 1:20
    Gold Spirals 2:49
    Alaska Artifact 3:59
    Rujm el-Hiri 5:14
    Mohenjo-Daro 5:56
    Longyou Caves 8:51
    Swimming Reindeer 1:23

    #mysteriousdiscoveries #amazingdiscoveries

    Music by Epidemic Sound  

    - The coin was made between 1605 and 1093 during the reign of King Olaf III. But how did a silver Norse coin, the only Norse artifact discovered at the site, travel all the way to Maine?
    - Flemming and other researchers assumed that these gold spirals were part of a priest-king’s costume or headwear, which would have been worn during ritual sun ceremonies.
    - The buckle-like object had been cast in a mold with a small leather ring attached to the bar, and it was about 2” by 1”. Thanks to its leather material, the researchers were able to estimate how old the object is through radiocarbon analysis: it’s 1,500 years old.
    - Rujim el-Hiri is another remnant of the Bronze Age, and it dates back to an estimated 3000 to 2700 BCE. The megalithic structure is located in Golan Heights and is made from approximately 44,000 tons of basalt stones.
    - Mohenjo-Daro can rival the greatness of ancient Rome, though it didn’t have a “central seat of government or evidence of a king or queen” according to a National Geographic article.
    - The Longyou Caves in Zhejiang province, China, aren’t your ordinary caves with cavernous passages, stalagmites, and stalactites. The 2,000-year-old man-made caves consist of 36 grottoes covering approximately 32,000 sq ft.
    - The Swimming Reindeer is made from the tip of a mammoth tusk that is 8” long. The sculptor possessed extraordinary creativity and skill: it was beautifully crafted with great detail using only stone tools.

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  • इन रहस्यों को सुलझाने में विज्ञान हुआ फेल| Most Mysterious Things Science Still Cant Explain


    Research Tv India

    #Konark SunTemple #BrihadeeswaraTemple #SreePadmanabhaswamyTemple #Researchtvindia #Kofun #VeerbhadraTemple #Lepakshi #KailasaTemple #Ellora #Baalbek #PetraJordan

    Konark Sun Temple, Odisha
    The Konark Sun Temple had been built as one of the finest examples of Brahmin architecture and beliefs. The Sun Temple was constructed towards the end of Odisha's temple-building phase in the 13th century by King Narasimha Deva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty (whose great grandfather renovated the Jagannath Temple in Puri). Dedicated to Surya the Sun God, it was made as his colossal cosmic chariot with 12 pairs of wheels pulled by seven horses.

    Brihadeeswara Temple, Tamil Nadu
    Brihadishvara Temple, also called Rajarajesvaram or Peruvudaiyār Kōvil, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in South bank of Kaveri river in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.It is one of the largest South Indian temples and an exemplary example of a fully realized Dravidian architecture

    Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala
    The Padmanabhaswamy temple is a Hindu temple located in Thiruvananthapuram, state capital of Kerala, India. The name of the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Malayalam translates to The City of Lord Ananta.The temple is built in an intricate fusion of the Chera style and the Dravidian style of architecture, featuring high walls, and a 16th-century gopura

    Kofun, Japan
    Kofun are megalithic tombs or tumuli in Japan, constructed between the early 3rd century and the early 7th century AD. The term is the origin of the name of the Kofun period, which indicates the middle 3rd century to early–middle 6th century. Many Kofun have distinctive keyhole-shaped mounds , which are unique to ancient Japan.

    Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi
    The Veerabhadra temple is in Lepakshi in the Anantapur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Built in the 16th century, the architectural features of the temple are in the Vijayanagara style with profusion of carvings and paintings at almost every exposed surface of the temple. It is one of the centrally protected monumemts of national importance.

    Petra, Jordan
    Petra originally known to its inhabitants as Raqmu, is a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan. Petra lies around Jabal Al-Madbah in a basin surrounded by mountains which form the eastern flank of the Arabah valley that runs from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba.

    Baalbek, Lebanon
    Baalbek and also known as Balbec, is a city located east of the Litani River in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley, about 85 km northeast of Beirut. It is the capital of Baalbek-Hermel Governorate. It is home to the Baalbek temple complex which includes two of the largest and grandest Roman temple ruins the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter. It was inscribed in 1984 as an UNESCO World Heritage site

    Kailasa Temple, Ellora, Maharashtra
    The Kailasha or Kailashanatha temple is one of the largest Indian rock-cut ancient Hindu temples located in the Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India. A megalith carved out of one single rock, it is considered one of the most remarkable cave temples in the world because of its size, architecture and sculptural treatment. The Kailasa temple (Cave 16) is one of the 34 cave temples and monasteries known collectively as the Ellora Caves.

  • 12 Most Incredible And Mysterious Finds Scientists Cant Explain


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    Scientists love a good mystery just as much as the rest of us, but they have a unique problem. When we don’t understand something, we turn to experts and scientists for an explanation. When they don’t have an explanation either, there’s nobody for them to turn to! The world is full of mysteries that scientists can’t explain, both ancient and modern, and we’ve packed some of the most puzzling examples together for you in this video.

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  • 9 Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Cant Explain


    From strange formations in the mountains, to horrifying punishments from the past, here are 9 incredible discoveries scientists can’t explain!

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    9. Scottish Ghost Village
    Broo, a former farming town in Scotland’s Shetland Islands, located just south of the Arctic Circle, experienced extreme weather, including bone-chilling temperatures and harsh winds. Oddly, however, the settlement ultimately succumbed to sandstorms that began pummeling the island around 1665. While windswept sand from the shore was nothing unusual, these storms occurred on a magnitude unlike anything the townspeople had ever seen before, destroying their homes and crops, and giving them no other choice than to flee.

    8. Pyramid-Shaped Chinese Burial
    In March 2017, archaeologists discovered a mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb beneath a construction site in Zhengzhou, the capital city of China’s Henan Province. Based on an initial analysis, experts surmised that the tomb likely dates back to the Han Dynasty, otherwise known as China’s “golden age,” which lasted from 202 B.C. to 220 A.D.

    7. Royal Stone Head
    In August 2019, archaeologists digging at Shaftesbury Abbey in Dorset, England discovered a 14th-century stone head that, in the words of expert Dr. Julian Richards, “raises a lot more questions than it answers.” Richards led the excavation that uncovered the artifact, which was found with a rosary bead. The gender and identity of the head is unknown, although it depicts a royal -- perhaps the monarch Edward II -- according to an examination performed by Dr. Jonathan Foyle, director of Build Heritage Ltd. It dates back to the 1340s and boasts a similar hairstyle to other known images and carvings of Edward II of the time.

    6. Strange Mythical Bathroom Tile Beast
    While excavating the basement at the Courtauld Institute of Art in late 2019, archaeologists with the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) discovered a 14th-century cesspit that was paradoxically filled with priceless artifacts. A cesspit and artifacts? That should not go together!!

    5. Three Whale Rock
    Hin Sam Wan, or “Three Whale Rock,” is a 75-million-year-old rock formation in northeastern Thailand that when you look at from the sky, looks like you are looking at a family of whales swimming through the forest! At the right angle it looks like they are jutting out right over a cliff or mountain top that also looks like a wave.

    4. A Brutal End
    A recently published study depicts what experts believe was the first case of intentional facial mutilation in Anglo-Saxon England. A young woman’s nose was removed, most likely as a punishment. The findings are based on the 1,100-year-old skull of a young woman, whose nose and upper lip appear to be deliberately removed, and who may have also been scalped.

    3. Mummified Penguin Cemetery
    A team of biologists led by researcher Steven Emslie from the University of North Carolina recently discovered a large collection of mummified penguins in Cape Irizar. While this might not sound that strange, this is a part of Antarctica that penguins are not known to frequent in the first place. Based on radiocarbon dating, the remains range from a few hundred years old to anywhere between 5,000 and 8,000 years old.

    2. Unusually Placed Corpses
    Almazán, a town in Soria in Spain, is seemingly inconsequential in today’s world, with its small population of just 5,500 residents. But during medieval times, it was a powerful political hub that important historical figures passed through and it was the perfect meeting point for strategizing invasions into Muslim territory..

    1. The Chaco Culture
    The architectural remains of the Chacoans, ancestors of the Puebloans, are found in northwestern New Mexico in the form of a vast building complex, known as Chaco. Dating back between 850 and 1250 A.D., the structures were once home to as many as 5,000 people, who thrived in the arid, extreme climate, which sees scorching-hot summers and frigid winters.

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    Science is what makes mankind try to find answers to all the questions of the universe, the structure of our universe and ourselves. However, to this day there are many mysteries, the solution of which is incomprehensible to either a famous researcher or an experienced scientist.

  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds That Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    There is something very exciting about discovering lost civilizations and artifacts. The mysteries entombed in The Great Pyramid of Giza to the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls, our hunger for the unknown has long been tempted by such stories. There are plenty of accomplished archaeologists out there who’ve done the difficult task of uncovering some of these mysteries across the world, enabling us to live vicariously through them. But what if I told you that there are far greater mysteries out there that even scientists couldn’t fully unravel? Hard to believe huh? Today we will be going over 12 of the most mysterious archaeological finds which will get you thinking about how little we know about our distant past.

  • Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Cant Explain


    Extremely mysterious places that scientists still can't even explain


    12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Can't Explain

    12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Can't Explain

    12 Most Mysterious Things Science Still Can't Explain

    12 Most Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Can't Explain

    12 Most Mysterious Things Scientists Still Cant Explain

    Most Mysterious Archaeological Artifacts Scientists Still Can't Explain

    12 Most Mysterious Ancient Technology Scientists Still Can't Explain

    Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Can't Explain

  • 12 Most Mysterious Things Science Still Cant Explain


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    Our ancestors certainly had a flair for the dramatic when it came to some of the cities and structures that they created. They built deep into the ground and high into the sky, and used shapes and styles that are mystifying when we look upon them with our modern eyes. Some of the buildings that they’ve left behind are so impressive, and so unimaginably complex, that we still don’t really know how or why they were built. Here are some of the most mysterious ancient structures on the planet - with a couple of modern examples thrown in for good measure!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Artifacts Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


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    Sadly, time travel hasn’t been invented yet. If it had been, archaeologists and scientists would have a much easier job. They’re great at finding things that our ancestors left behind hundreds or even thousands of years ago, but they can’t always explain them. The people who came before us have left behind plenty of mysteries for us to puzzle over, and we’ve put some of the biggest and best ones together for you in this video!

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  • 3 Most Mysterious Places That Scientists Still Cant Explain


    3 most mysterious places that scientists still can't explain. Today, we take a look at these 3 most mysterious places that scientists still can't explain.

    There are a myriad of haunted places and artifacts all over the world, some dating back hundreds of years, some with gruesome and brutal backstories, some with a sense of vengeance, and some that have a little bit of everything thrown in.

    The idea of hauntings evokes all kinds of emotions, images, and for some, even memories. Haunting has been extensively portrayed in film and literature, often playing on the experiences of the unlucky few.

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  • 15 Mysterious Objects That Science Cant Explain


    Sometimes archaeologists or explorers will stumble upon an odd little artefact or curiosity that they simply cannot explain. Sometimes it will go on to be locked behind glass in a museum, other times it finds itself to a junk shop’s backroom. And, other times, it remains obsessively fawned over by those who are hungry for answers as they desperately try to figure out what the oddity of history might be... These are mysterious objects that science can’t explain!

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