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14 Incredible Tiger Battles Caught On Film

  • 14 CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera


    Top 10 Crazy Epic Wild Animal Fights Caught on Film
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    Lion vs Crocodile
    Snake vs Bunny Rabbit
    Giraffe vs Lion
    Snake vs Mongoose
    Shark vs Octopus
    Lion vs Buffalo
    Badger vs Fox
    Leopard vs Lion
    Snake vs Crocodile
    Iguana vs Iguanna
    Bison vs Lion
    Crocodile vs Wild Boar
    Eagle vs Fox
    Squirrel vs Cobra vs Mongoose
    Lion vs Tiger

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    From cobra vs mongoose to lion vs tiger we countdown the top 14 biggest animal fights caught on camera. Shocking fight, between a giraffe and a lion in the plains of Africa, most would assume that the giraffe would be defeated easily by the king of the jungle. However, this is no jungle and the giraffe manages to use its long legs and high jumps to stomp the lion repeatedly, causing the giraffe to win the fight. In this amazing video, two rather small but deadly animals go head to head. The cobra and mongoose take shots at each other respectively. Until the mongoose gets a firm bite on the head of the poisonous snake, and making itself the unexpected winner. In this fight in the Australian outback, a giant snake and a crocodile take each other on. At first the crocodile grabs the snake between its teeth. The python snake then coils itself around the crocodile, and strangling it. The fight lasted for hours, but the snake emerges victorious. In this shocking fight, a jaguar slowly emerges behind an exacting crocodile in the wetlands of Brazil. The jaguar sinks it teeth into the back of the crocodile in order to constrict the crocodile. The jaguar then carries off its prey, after the destruction it has just caused to the crocodile. In this video, a cobra snake has just discovered a nest of mongooses. As it plots to sliver in, a mongoose uses a tunnel to sneak up behind the snake a strike. The mongoose bites the snake in the head and they begin attacking each other. The snake then wraps up the mongoose in an attempt to strangle it. However, the mongoose frees itself, and begins to take painful bites at the cobra, eventually killing it. In this video, a shark is peacefully swimming through ocean territory. However, it’s swim is interrupted when an octopus disguised as coral rises up and wraps its tentacles around the shark. The giant pacific octopus was able to easily defeat the shark in this unlikely match up, despite the octopus being far lower down in the food chain. During this animal fight between an hyena and a pack of lions, the hyena uses their amazing dexterity to run quickly away from the lion pack. However, the hyena was soon caught up to by the pack, as they surround it and begin to bite it. In this unlikely match-up, a cobra and an eagle to head to head. The eagle tries to use its size to stand and peck at the cobra. But the cobra fights back attempting to bite back. However, on one bite when the cobra’s mouth is open, the eagle strikes and bites the cobra in the mouth. In this wild battle, recorded deep in the jungle a tiger and a huge lion go head to head. The pair spend hours wrestling and biting one another to see who the real king of the jungle is. When suddenly the tiger rolls over in defeat, after hours of fighting with the massive lion. In this shocking piece of footage from South Africa, a lion who is attacking a buffalo is suddenly changed at by 2 other buffalos. The lion is the launched 4 meters into the air by the giant male buffalo. The animals scuffled for a little while longer, but all walked away with no major injuries. Despite this, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the buffalo won this round.


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  • When Tigers And Lions Face Each Other


    You definitely don't want to get between a predator and its prey lest you become the prey! Those clenching teeth, the giant claws… you don't stand a chance! But what happens when two alpha predators face off against each other? Certainly, a lot of injuries that won't be easy to recover from! They rarely get into fights, but sometimes if they're hungry enough, they'll just go for it. And when they do, it gets ugly pretty fast!
    Welcome back to 4 Ever Green, where today we're going to look at some of the incredible apex predators in our world battle it out with each other.
    Before we start, we want to know… which animal do you think is the top predator? Is it the lion, the polar bear, or the sperm whale? Leave your answers in the comments below!
    Alright, let's dive in!

    It's anyone's guess which animal will come out on top when 2 apex predators fight it out, but you get a lot more clarity when you learn that one of the predators is defending its baby! This tiger decided to mess with the wrong mama when it tried to make a meal out of the sloth bear baby.
    This fight took place in Tadoba National Park in India, between a Tiger named Matkasur and a sloth bear that was heading to a water hole with her cub. When the tiger gets too close, the mama bear pounces, and the battle begins! Witnesses say it lasted a good 15 minutes, with the tiger roaring constantly, but that didn't make the sloth bear back down! Luckily, bears have thick fur, which protects them from the worst outcome.
    Sloth bears usually weigh over 200 pounds, compared to the tiger's whopping 700 pounds! But when you are defending your child, size is not a factor!
    family friendly pg clean
    #4evergreen #lionvstiger #predators

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  • Top 15 Horrifying Battles Between Animals


    It’s a known fact that conflict is required for good drama and there is plenty of that in the wild. Have you ever seen two bison’s fight each other? What about two yaks? If you want to see some angry animals take the stage, keep watching as we look at the top 15 horrifying battles between animals.

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    Tiger Vs Tiger

    These two tigers get into a battle, but it doesn't last long. The two felines continue to walk together as if their differences have been resolved. These two tigers engage, biting and scratching each other for a few seconds, after which they calm down, only to go at it again for a few more seconds. I guess they pull fits in sequences and need to pause between them. These two tigers fight over a piece of meat that looks like another animal’s leg. One of the tigers retreats and submits to the dominant tiger. A tiger sneaks upon his friend, and they engage, but it doesn’t look too serious. It looks more like they’re playing cops and robbers and having a little fun. This hybrid tiger tries to intimidate a tiger and he does a good job of it, as the tiger backs up and submits. These adult tigers get into a scuffle in front of a few cubs and show them how it’s done. Or perhaps, one of the tigers is telling the other one to behave. That’s what married life is all about

    Bison Vs Bison

    Some people, I guess, like to go camping in the wilderness, and when they do, they're bound to see some amazing things, like two Bisons going head-to-head. These two beasts are smacking heads in the middle of a campground, and they're not joking. More Bisons, as well as some humans, are watching the show. I just hope no one is sleeping in that small tent because they could be crushed in an instant. During mating season, bison bulls compete for the opportunity to mate with over fifty females. Bulls demonstrate their dominance by wallowing, bellowing, and challenging other bulls. When a female is close to estrus, a bull will stay by her side until she is ready to mate. These bulls are massive and vicious, and their fights are exciting, with the strongest male taking home the prize.

    The males begin to taste the air in order to pick up on the scent of any females who may be ready to mate. Competing males walk in parallel before a fight, assessing one another. They spray urine on the ground and then roll in it to wreak havoc on their own hormones. These ritual displays can deter rival males without resorting to a potentially dangerous fight, but they do not always work. Even so, most fights are resolved in a matter of seconds. A few, on the other hand, escalate into full-fledged battles. They weigh nearly a ton and use power and speed to try to knock each other off their feet. This male is fortunate to have escaped a fatal stabbing. The prize for the winner is a whole harem of females. These males have harems, just like humans, with the exception that humans do not fight for control of their harems. They just make it up as they go along and keep it a secret. The guys sniff the air for a potential mate, but there's plenty of competition, so they'll have to deal with more than just a bunch of pretty women!

    The bison bulls will continue to fight until one is victorious. The valley has been transformed into an arena for the biggest fight of the summer. This one-ton colossus is only interested in one thing. He is the stallion of the herd, and he intends to keep it that way. He does, however, have a problem: there are far too many females. He'll have to fight on multiple fronts because many of them are in heat at the same time because he doesn't rule over a harem. He is not the females' owner. When they're ready, they mate with the first dominant man available. That male bison has been identified as this bison. Hundreds of adversaries fantasize about mowing the grass beneath his feet. He must completely persuade them. He easily defeats most of his opponents, but he is never without a challenge.

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  • Tiger Attack On Tourist vehicle In Indias Bannerghatta Biological park



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    0:00 intro
    0:06 tiger Attack on vehicale
    1:28 tiger Attack on Warthog
    1:56 tiger Attack Sambar Deer
    2:41 tiger Attack Monky
    2:50 tiger Attack Deer in Frnt of Tourist
    3:10 tiger Attack on Ox
    3:40 tiger Attack Got
    3:53 tiger Attak Buffalo
    4:11 tiger Attack Indian Gaur

    All Credit goes to the copyright owner

    Disclaimer - video is for educational purpose only.Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

    A video of a tiger trying to Attack on safari vehicle with its teeth has gone viral on social media. Filmed at the Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park, the video shows a curious big cat trying to bite the rear end of a tourist vehicle.

    Footage of the tiger gained massive traction over the weekend after it was posted on Twitter by wildlife enthusiast Mona Patel, according to The News Minute. In the one-and-a-half-minute clip, the tiger is seen biting and pawing the rear bumper of the vehicle and grabbing it in its powerful jaws. It then appears to drag the vehicle backwards - although some on social media have pointed out that the tiger is not 'pulling' the car, as has been claimed, but rather the driver is reversing it.

    Tiger Attacking tourist vehicle in Bannerghatta park , Bengaluru, wrote Ms Patel while posting the video. Since being shared three days ago, the video has garnered over 18,000 views and dozens of stunned reactions.These caged guys in the vehicle should be in jail for reversing the vehicle on the tiger, wrote one person in the comments section.

    The vehicle was static for a while due to battery issues and the driver could not start it again. As the vehicle was stranded, the tiger out of curiosity approached and played with the vehicle. Later, the vehicle was towed safely by our rescue team, Ms Singh said.
    Had it been aggressive, it would have jumped on the vehicle and attacked, she added.
    Last week, footage of a leopard 'playing' with a group of people in Himachal Pradesh had gone massively viral on social media.


    Tiger, (Panthera tigris), largest member of the cat family (Felidae), rivaled only by the lion (Panthera leo) in strength and ferocity. The tiger is endangered throughout its range, which stretches from the Russian Far East through parts of North Korea, China, India, and Southeast Asia to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Siberian, or Amur, tiger (P. tigris altaica) is the largest, measuring up to 4 metres (13 feet) in total length and weighing up to 300 kg (660 pounds). The Indian, or Bengal, tiger (P. tigris tigris) is the most numerous and accounts for about half of the total tiger population. Males are larger than females and may attain a shoulder height of about 1 metre and a length of about 2.2 metres, excluding a tail of about 1 metre; weight is 160–230 kg (350–500 pounds), and tigers from the south are smaller than those of the north.

    The tiger is one of the largest and most awesome predators in the world. This species undoubtedly fascinates every eye it meets. The body length of the majestic male ranges from 275-290 cm and of the female around 260 cm. The size and colour vary according to the geographic location and climate. Tiger is solitary and territorial and the territory of an adult male may encompass territories of two to seven females. It is carnivorous and hunts for prey primarily by sight and sound. It feeds on deer, wild pig, bovid and sometimes even other predators like leopards and bears.

    The Indo-Chinese (P. tigris corbetti), and Sumatran (P. tigris sumatrae) tigers are bright reddish tan, beautifully marked with dark, almost black, vertical stripes. The underparts, the inner sides of the limbs, the cheeks, and a large spot over each eye are whitish. The rare Siberian tiger has longer, softer, and paler fur..

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  • 15 Incredible Moments Of Animals Escaping Death Marvelously


    Even though predators maintain the balance of different ecosystems by hunting prey, everyone including me likes to see the underdog defy the laws of nature by escaping the grasp of a mighty predator, occasionally. If you like seeing innocent animals escape to live another day, you’re at the right place as we count down 15 incredible moments of animals escaping death marvelously.

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    Impala Escapes Wild Dogs

    This impala looks like it’s in trouble and getting by these wild dogs seems to be an impossible task. However, after resisting a few wild dog attacks, the impala finds a way to get deeper waters away from the threat. Usually, when a wild dog has an animal in its grip, the animal doesn’t have much of a chance of surviving. However, in this instance, an unlikely hero comes to the rescue of this impala. A crocodile scares the wild dog away, but the impala remains in the water and takes her chances with the killer reptile. The scuffle lasts long and to be honest, the impala seems cooked, fried, and roasted, and believe it or not, the dogs wait to see the outcome of this battle, just in case, they may be able to steal the dead impala from the crocodile. To everyone’s surprise, the impala is not dead and by the time it manages to escape and get out of the water, the dogs have left. This was an incredible feat by the impala

    Rabbit Escapes

    This rabbit is running for his life when two white wolves are chasing it. The wolves think it will be an easy hunt, but they haven’t seen the rabbit’s moves yet. This rabbit zig-zags all over the place, it’s making the wolves dizzy. The rabbit manages to escape and the wolves, exhausted, abandon the hunt. It’s too much effort for such a small prize. This leopard spots a rabbit and when he goes for the kill, the rabbit bounces off the ground like a super ball, avoiding the deadly leopard’s claws. The leopard comes up empty and will have to find something else to eat. For centuries, Goshawks have been used to hunt live prey such as rabbits, pheasants, and other animals. With its exceptional agility, speed, and razor-sharp eyesight, this bird of prey is the ultimate hunting bird. This video depicts one of nature's most dramatic hunting scenes, a goshawk hunting a jackrabbit.

  • 15 Breathtaking Hunting Moments By Birds Caught On Camera


    We often see predators hunt prey that simply does not have any defense mechanisms capable of fighting back. The only thing they can do is run and hope for a lucky break. But there are animals out there that are similar in strength. For instance, the yak and the bull, or the rhino and the cape buffalo. If you want to know what happens when they meet, keep watching, as we countdown 15 battling moments between animals that are evenly matched

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    Elephant VS Rhino

    This elephant casually pretends to be out for a walk in the bush. The rhino does not want to cause any trouble. The elephant slams into the rhino's backside. Almost knocking her out. The rhino responds by swiping back. The white rhino weighs more than two tons and has a five-foot-long front horn. The horn has the potential to be a lethal weapon, as it is made of keratin, the same material as claws and nails, is rock solid, and is anchored deep into her thick hide. Its large neck hump is made entirely of muscle, and it uses it to lift its heavy head, giving it a powerful upward swing. The elephant continues to approach and slams into the rhino with the weight of two SUVs. If the elephant topples the rhino, he may kneel on her, crushing ribs and vital organs. Because of the rhino's body shape, it has a lower center of gravity and good balance, making it difficult for the elephant to roll her over.

    The rhino is faster and manages to flee. When this rhino and her calf are confronted by a trio of elephants, one of the elephants pushes the rhino aside. The calf is not harmed, but it is irritated by his presence. The elephant even attempts to strike the rhino with a tree limb, but the rhino remains calm and firm. To scare the elephants away, a man slams his truck in the background, and it works. This massive elephant runs right through this rhino, crushing and trampling it to the ground. If this rhino wants to play with the big boys, he'll have to rethink his strategy because getting in the way of such a beast is not the way to go. These two appear to be doing the jitterbug. I mean, the rhino is bouncing up and down, and the elephant is extending its trunk as if it is inviting the rhino to join in on the fun. I suppose they can have a little fun and games every now and then

    Lion VS Tiger

    I'm not sure who thought putting tigers and lions in the same enclosure was a good idea, but a fight breaks out, and it appears to be evenly matched. Many of the fights in these clips between lions and tigers are forced because they feature two species of animals that do not share the same continent. Of course, the chances of a fight breaking out in this situation are extremely high this lion is enraged by this tiger, and he goes to confront him. When the lion turns around and walks away, the tiger defends himself but does not attack. I'd say the lion is in charge. He is locked in with a few tigers, and they're not ganging upon him, so that says a lot.

    All these tiger and lion fights occur in forced environments, and you can see in these clips how things turn out. There is a lot of tension between the felines, and fights break out almost all the time. I think lions and tigers should never be in the same enclosures, but hey, what do I know? More tigers and lions in the same enclosures, not getting along. Whether they are male or female, the result is the same, most of the time. This male lion is enraged when it confronts this tiger. The tiger is pitted against the wall and remains in defense mode

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  • Tiger Attack: The Full Video & Behind the Attack!


    This is THE famous Tiger Attack video!

    A tiger attacked forest rangers in Kaziranga National Park, in the north-eastearn state of Assam of India, in 2004. This is the story of what actually happened that day, including an interview with forest ranger R. K. Das.

    It happens only in India! See a steady stream of similar strange, shocking, fun, India-only content at

    You've seen this video on Google Video ever since Wilderness Films India Ltd. launched its content on the site, in December 2005. Due to widespread compromises to our IPR, we decided to withdraw the video from the internet. We're now back on the internet, with Youtube, and the world now gets to see our viral videos and other compelling content under our 'Visual Mapping of Asia' project.

    So enjoy this video - one of the Top Ten Viral videos of all time, and one that is copyrighted by Wilderness Films India Ltd. through the US Library of Congress. Every other version of this video that you see online is possibly a plagiarisation of this WFIL copyrighted content.

    This clip of professionally-shot broadcast stock footage belongs to the archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., and has been filmed on either Digital Betacam or 1080i HD. Please write to us for licensing queries at rupindang (at) and

    tiger attack tiger attacking defining moment animal attack shot Tiger - Angriff in Indien

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  • LION vs TIGER: Battle Of The Big Cats | BBC Earth Unplugged


    We visited the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent which is home to some of the most endangered big cats in the world. Using enrichment techniques developed by the big cat keeper, we looked at the cats agility, intelligence and strength before crowning a winner.

    We'd like to thank the WHF for their great work. You can find out more about the work they do to help big cats here

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  • 10 Rarest Most Dangerous Animal Hybrids


    10 Rarest Most Dangerous Animal Hybrids

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    Just like normal offspring, animal hybrids inherit certain characteristics from their parents. And in the case where these parents are some of nature’s most feared members, the hybrids inherit some of this viciousness too.
    Let’s check them out – the 10 rarest and most dangerous animal hybrids.
    #10 Beefalo
    Beefalos are the offspring of domestic male cattle and a female American bison. While the hybrid has been documented since at least the mid-1700s, it wasn’t until the mid-19th century when intentional breeding started.
    Specifically choosing a domestic bull and a female bison means the probability of more offspring which in turn translates to more meat. Flipping the sex of the parent pair significantly cuts down on the number of beefalos that can be born.
    The main idea was to have an animal that embodied the best qualities of its parents for maximum meat production.
    While bison meat has been found to have lower fat and cholesterol content compared to regular beef, keeping the animals isn’t the best of ideas due to them being hard to control. So combining their genes with that of domestic cattle tons down their unpredictable behavior while keeping the meat quality almost the same.
    But that doesn’t mean beefalos are as chill as cattle. They still retain some aggressive traits, so handlers are always advised to watch out.
    #9 American Pit Bull Terrier
    Pit bulls date back to 19th century England where they were first bred from bulldogs and terriers. Initially, the hybrids were referred to as bull and terrier and were bred specifically to be aggressive – a trait that has earned the breed a fearsome reputation to this day.
    Up until 1835, owners would use their dogs in bear and bull-baiting; two blood sports that were considerably popular at the time. After that year, though, the sports would effectively be outlawed after the introduction of animal welfare laws. So instead of baiting, the owners switched to pitting their dogs against each other since this was easier to organize and was more discrete.
    The downside was the emergence of irresponsible breeders solely focused on having the most vicious pit bulls. In the hands of an inexperienced owner, that’s a big problem which is probably one of the main reasons this hybrid gets bad press around the world.
    Apparently, it’s so feared that some countries have specific legislation either straight up banning or restricting ownership. These include Puerto Rico, Denmark, Australia, Germany, and Spain to mention just a few.
    #8 Liger
    The liger is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger, two of the most ferocious cat species alive today. It borrows a lot from its feline parents both in terms of physical appearance and some behaviors.
    From the tiger’s side, the liger inherits a striped coat pattern and a love for swimming while on the lion’s side it gets a tawny shade and sociability. That being said, the specific physical characteristics tend to vary with the parents’ subspecies and the general interaction of the genes in the liger.
    In terms of size, though, ligers take their own route, growing to be way larger than either of the two parent cats. With males growing to lengths of up to 12ft, the liger is basically the largest cat known to man thanks to rapid growth and the fact these hybrids take longer to reach their full size.
    The biggest recorded liger was bred at the Valley of the Kings Animal Sanctuary in Wisconsin and tipped the scales at slightly over 1,200 pounds. Named Nook, the male liger died in 2007 at 21 years old.
    The massive size does come with a few problems, most notably a higher rate of injury compared to purely bred lions and tigers. This is one of the main reasons animal rights activists use against the idea of breeding ligers.

    #7 Tigon
    Tigons are basically just like ligers except for the fact that the parents here are swapped. Instead of a male lion and a female tiger, the breeding pair consists of a female lion and a male tiger. You would think this makes no difference but there’s quite a bit of it apparently.
    While ligers have their coat pattern strictly limited to stripes, a tigon can have both the tiger’s stripes and spots from the lion. Yes, female lions carry this gene which shows up prominently in cubs and fades away as they grow, although a few retain it to adulthood.

    Tigons are also smaller than ligers but not necessarily smaller than their parents which has been a common misconception.
    Another distinct tigon feature is the mane on the male ones although it’s usually way shorter and less noticeable than a lion’s.

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  • I Spent 24 Hours Straight Locked In A Tiger Cage


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  • 15 Animals That Could Defeat A Tiger


    15 Animals That Could Defeat A Tiger

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    #viral #amazing #FactFile #animals

    Tigers are top on the list of fearless predators and can finish a whopping 80 pounds of meat in one sitting. Since they are lords of their habitat, many animals dare not cross their path or drag prey with them. However, some wild creatures do have guts and must go for what they want, even if it means fighting the tiger. Without further ado, we look at the 15 animals that can defeat a tiger!
    15. Lion
    Lions are prodigious cats found in Africa and Asia. They are social animals that live in packs called pride. A pride consists of at least one adult lion and seven lionesses. The males spend their lives defending their family while the females are active hunters. It is only when there is aggression from a big mammal that the male intervenes. While an adult tiger can grow up to 10 feet tall, the African lion grows only to 9 feet. In a fierce battle, the tiger would have a hard time taking the lion down. Physically, both creatures are an embodiment of strength, resilience, and courage. However, an altercation is rare because both animals live in different habitats.

    14. Crocodile
    The forest experiences the battle of titans whenever the crocodile and tiger clash. Crocodiles are aggressive to each other when trying to impress a potential mate. In rare cases, they would leave their competitor and find another prey. To kill, this animal clamps their large jaws down on the victim and swallows the meal whole. On the other hand, the tiger would sneak on their prey before biting them on their neck or the back of their head. When both animals met in the Indian mangrove in 2011, both were ready for a big fight. It is the first documented case of an encounter with two animals, and it was worth it. Guess who had the upper hand? The crocs did!

    13. King Cobra
    The cobra is one snake that can take the tiger down in a few minutes. They kill with their venom, and their common prey are small animals, lizards, snakes, etc. They'll likely attack the big cat using the same technique as regular victims. These snakes spray their venom from their fangs at more giant creatures, and immediately it touches their eyes, it creates a burning sensation. If the cobra bites a big cat, it gets excited, and this increases the circulation of venom to its organs. It causes irreversible damage to the kidney and other vital organs, which eventually kills the tiger.

    12. Python
    Pythons belong to the constrictor family of snakes. It means that they do not kill with their venoms; instead, they squeeze the life out of them with their mighty muscles. Their prey hardly survives the force except help reach them within seconds. When the victim drops down, they munch the remains. This snake grows up to 30 feet long and weighs as much as 90 kg. Pythons live in woodlands, swamps, rain forests, dunes, grasslands, and shrubs. They're likely to be found in Oceania, Africa, Asia, and Australia. They feast on large and small animals, including tigers. Sometimes, the big cat breaks out from their grip, but in most cases, they don't.

    11. Another tiger
    Tigers are their number one enemy. They are known to attack themselves, especially when they're under pressure. Altercations often happen because this animal loves to mark its space aggressively to keep rivals out – including members of their species. When another adult invades their space, it leads to a deadly confrontation. Two males can also fight for the love of a female until one dies. The victorious one becomes the father to the cubs, and a new family is birthed. Unfortunately, the tigers in captivity outnumber those in the wild. This isn't good for them since they prefer to live in their natural habitat.

    10. Gaur
    The Gaur is a massive monster. It is the largest species of wild cattle that inhabit parts of Asia. They grow up to 10 feet and can overpower just about any creature that exists. An adult male weighs a mind-blowing 1,496 which sends the right signal. They are considered one of the most dangerous in the Asian forests and are even more dreaded than the tiger. Tigers are experts at ambushing, but their tactic doesn't always work out with these wild cattle. If the Gaur gets hold of their trick, it starts chasing them until they're caught. Poaching and habitat destruction have drastically reduced their population, so the tiger has nothing to fear for now.

  • LION VS TIGER - Who is the real king?


    LION VS TIGER - Who is the real king?

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    ➤ Narrated by: David McCallion

    ➤ Credit:
    Kiang West savanna.jpg -
    'A Lion and Tiger in Combat' by Johann Wenzel Peter.jpg -
    File:Sir Peter Paul Rubens - Daniel in the Lions' Den - Google Art Project.jpg -
    Siberian Tiger - Author:freaki
    Lioness Resting on Rock 04 - Author:Stand Up for Nature
    White-lion-images-20.jpg -
    Lion waiting in Namibia.jpg -
    Lion male+female montage.jpg -
    Lion d'Afrique.jpg -
    Contented 01.jpg -
    Timelapse of Clouds Passing Over Black River Gorges - Author:Videvo
    Lion distribution.png -
    Delacroix lion hunt 1855.JPG -
    Lion-map-2.png -
    Panthera tigris tigris Wild tiger in habitat Nagzira maharashtra India.jpg -
    Shola Grasslands and forests in the Kudremukh National Park, Western Ghats, Karnataka.jpg -
    Lion and Giraffe (37073930813).jpg -
    Hunting lionesses ngorongoro3.jpg-
    Hunting tiger edit1.jpg -
    Sleeping Lions (Panthera leo) (12818473734).jpg -
    Lions at night.jpg -
    Lioness Resting on Rock 01 - Author: Stand Up for Nature
    Photo by Keyur Nandaniya on Unsplash
    Tropical evergreen jungle, Khao Lak, Thailand.jpg -
    Male and Female Tigers.jpg -
    Bengal tiger in jungle-1920x1080.jpg -
    James Ward Lion and Tiger Fighting 1797.jpg -
    P.t.altaica Tomak Male.jpg -
    Photo by Paul M on Unsplash
    Lion's Pride.jpg -

    ➤ Sources:

    #Wildlife #Lion #Tiger

  • Massive 1000lb Tiger Shark caught while Bottom Fishing in the Bahamas - 4K


    While I was bottom fishing in the Bahamas, I hooked a massive tiger shark on my Shimano Tiagra 130. We estimated the size of this tiger shark to be 14ft in length and weigh around 1000lbs. I was fishing out of Old Bahama Bay Resort in the Bahamas. We started the day deep dropping directly out front of Old Bahama Bay Resort. We caught a yelloweye snapper on our electric reel, then we switched gears and traveled north to go wahoo fishing. The ocean was very rough, too rough for wahoo, so we decided to head into the shallow water and try bottom fishing. I hooked a reef shark while bottom fishing and out of nowhere a massive tiger shark swims to the boat and eats the reef shark on the end of my line. It was unbelievable!

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  • Lion VS Tiger - Tiger VS Lion - Blondi Foks


    Lion VS Tiger - Tiger VS Lion - Blondi Foks

    Today we will compare Lion and Tiger with stars. Many people wonder which one is stronger? We will learn the difference between the two animals. Let's get started. Who would win a real fight? Comment!

    ???? Husky VS German Shepherd Real Fight

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    Tiger and lion, the strongest big cats in the world.
    If we compare these two animals at the point of aggression, we can say that the tiger is more aggressive.
    Although lions are strong in general, tigers are in fact stronger. They are more muscular, more active and have better agility compared to lions.
    Tigers in general can be more ferocious than lions. The logic is simple. Tigers are normally solitary creatures; lions are social.
    Tigers have fewer methods to fall back on if they fail to protect their cubs than lions.
    Lions and tigers are in no way aggressive to humans. They don't find us all that threatening but if you're near one and it's hungry it will eat you.

    Tigers have more muscles in almost all regions of their body. A tiger has 72.6% muscle mass and a lion has 58.8% muscle mass. Clearly, the tiger is much stronger.
    Muscle translates to pure strength. Tigers and lions are the most muscular animals in the world after Hairless Chimps.

    These big cats bite very strongly. The lion has a bite force of 650 PSI. The tiger bites down at 1050 PSI.Even though a lion's bite is weak (although still six times that of a human),
    their jaws are only one weapon in their arsenal. The Tiger has longer canine and slightly longer mandibles. Both animals have powerful jaws and lion's jaws are designed for a precise bite
    Big cats like lions and tigers can crush bones with their bite easly. it's like a people eating candy.

    Lion and tiger are among the most athletic animals in the world. Tigers are a very good climber. Most lions don't really climb trees unless they are really motivated by food or a threat.
    Tigers are much better at climbing. Tiger's hind legs are really strong
    A fully-grown tiger can leap over 8 meters and jump up to 5 meters vertically. Lions can run up to 50 mph for short distances and leap as far as 11 meters, almost the length of a school bus.
    Lions enjoy relaxing and lazing around. They spend between 16 and 20 hours each day resting and sleeping. Lions have terrific night vision.

    Unfortunately, we have no other evidence to suggest that tigers are more intelligent than lions.In evolutionary terms, brain size has usually been linked to intelligence and tiger's brain is 16 percent bigger than lion.

    Thanks for watching... I'm Blondi Foks

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    Thank you for your respect and tolerance.
    - Blondi Foks.

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  • 15 Moments When Animals Messed With The Wrong Opponent


    Sometimes, animals pick on smaller or weaker animals because they think it’s going to be easy. However, they don’t always get the result they hope for. Sometimes, the weaker animal shows a lot of resilience and surprises the stronger one. If you like underdogs and want to see them triumph like never before, keep watching, as we countdown 15 moments when animals messed with the wrong opponent

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    American Badger VS Dog

    Badger behavior varies by family, but they all live underground in burrows called setts. Badgers are ferocious creatures who will go to any length to protect themselves and their young. Badgers can fight off much larger animals, such as dogs. This white dog threatens a badger that has encroached on his property. The dog is barking, but not attacking the badger. The badger is cornered but stands its ground. When the dog tries to bite it, the badger goes on the offensive and the dog backs down. The dog’s handler approaches with a net, trying to capture the badger, so he can get him out of there. The fight continues and includes a few close-combat scuffles, but nothing more. These dachshunds are aggressing this badger, but the badger is well protected, with his back sitting between two logs. There aren’t much the dogs can do besides bark. The Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred to hunt lions in Africa and is known for its bravery and strength. Because they were unable to kill Lions, they were only used to following them down and holding them at bay' until the hunter arrived and shot the Lion. This Rhodesian Ridgeback gets more than it bargained for when confronted with a much smaller Badger. In the face of much larger and stronger animals, badgers are unrivaled in their bravery, aggressiveness, and fearlessness. They'll fight back and, for the most part, prevail.


    Watch this crazy Pitbull run full speed ahead and smash into this buffalo. I feel bad for the dog, but man was that hilarious. The dog bounced off the buffalo like a super ball. Pit bulls can do a lot of damage to many animals, but for a beast like this buffalo, the Pitbull is like an annoying cockroach. This Pitbull sees a deer in his driveway and a deer is nothing compared to a buffalo, but thisPitbull still knows it’s wiser to keep his distance, even though he’s tempted to approach the deer.Surprisingly enough, the deer isn’t afraid of the dog and stands her ground. This Pitbull watches a herd of buffaloes, but not for long when one of the beasts comes running for the dog

  • Robot vs. Tiger | Nat Geo Live


    Photographer Steve Winter tries out a unique gizmo to get an in-your-face view of tigers.
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    Robot vs. Tiger | Nat Geo Live

    National Geographic

  • Why Isn’t The Tiger King Of Jungle - Lion Vs Tiger


    What do you say when someone asks you who is the king of the jungle?
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    Why Isn’t The Tiger King Of Jungle? Tiger Vs. Lion

    01:00 Tiger Vs. Lion

    Did you know lions and tigers have the same family origin that is wildcats? Well, they may have come from the same species, but some particular characteristics are different in both of them:
    Difference In Size
    The tiger is known as the giant cat globally, while the lion is the second-largest cat. When we compare powerful animals like jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard with both lion and tiger, Lion and tigers will be distinguished as big cats.

    03:00 Habitat Of Lion and Tiger

    The places you can found a lion would be vast and thick forest-like Savannah's open woodlands and other scrublands. The specific lion zone is the areas that have tall trees, like in sub-Saharan Africa and India.
    While tigers live in the vast grasslands and wetlands of Siberia, India, China, and Southeast Asia, do you know due to accelerated hunting, and human conflicts with wild animals, lions, Asian lions, and tigers are becoming endangered species?

    05:00 Difference In Appearance

    Did you know you can find a noticeable difference in their appearance? As tigers have striking black stripes all over the body, there are no stripes on lions' bodies. Furthermore, you know male lions have large manes around their face, unlike tigers.
    Physical Characteristics
    Many physical characteristics make these two species differ from each other. According to records, you will be amazed to know that there are ten more sub-groups of the tiger. Surprising right? Although, some of them have become extinct.
    You know the Bengal tiger has a length of 8.8-10 feet, and its average weight is about 396-568 lb. Not to forget, the size of the Siberian tiger is up to 10-12 feet, and its weight is 396-674 lb. Woo! It's more than an average human.

    06:00 Strength And Nature

    If we talk about strength, then tigers have strong legs that help them run fast, and they are known to be more active than lions. Also, tigers tend to be more aggressive and are dominant cats as compared to lions. Often male lions are seen lazing around even they won't get up unless they need to do something.

    07:00 Hunting Capability

    There is a slight difference in hunting capabilities between lions and tigers. Lion has a speed of 80kmph, which may have less than other animals, but only the speed is not enough to hunt. The lion lives in a group that is known as pride. They go to the hunt together.
    During hunting, the pride group tries to stay close to their prey and then suddenly jumps over the prey to kill it in two seconds. So, they won't get time to escape through the clutches of lions. The lions hunt in a group for a reason, as if one gets slow, then the other can chase the prey in the meantime.

    08:00 Type of Food

    Well! Lion and tiger are both carnivores, but the type of prey they feed on might be different. Typically, lions feed on giraffes, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, impala, and gazelles. You know male lions need 15.4 pounds of meat per day. On the other hand, do you know what will be the type of food tiger takes? They attack large animals such as wild pigs, deer but they also feed on fish, birds, and monkeys.
    Why isn't the tiger king of the jungle?
    Now we have seen how much strong these animals are in every aspect. Without any doubt, we can see that the tiger is stronger than the lion. Its powerful paws can take down a single line, but lions are social animals. Their power lies in their pride as they fight together and defend each other when an attack comes.
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  • The Leopard and The Tiger


  • Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark


    Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark
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    A POD of killer whales have been filmed for the first time hunting and killing a TIGER SHARK. The footage, which is believed to be a world-first, was captured off the coast of Costa Rica by underwater photographer Caroline Power and British marine biologist Nicholas Bach. It shows three killer whales working as a team to force the panicked shark to the surface, wearing it down and taking opportunistic bites at its fins. Eventually, a large bull moves in to deliver the death blow while flipping the shark onto its back in the process - which induces a state of paralysis known as tonic immobility. The pod then takes turns at eating and stripping the seven-foot shark down to its bare bones before disappearing back into the ocean. The attack took place at Chatham Bay on Cocos Island, Costa Rica, on September 8.

    Videographer / Director: Caroline Power
    Producer: Nick Johnson
    Editor: Sonia Estal, Ian Phillips

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  • Siberian Tiger VS Nile Crocodile- Who Would Win | Deadliest Animal Fight In Hindi


    Siberian Tiger VS Nile Crocodile- Who Would Win | Deadliest Animal Fight In Hindi

    -: Siberian Tiger
    The Siberian tiger is a tiger from a specific population of the Panthera tigris tigris subspecies native to the Russian Far East, Northeast China, and possibly North Korea. It once ranged throughout the Korean Peninsula, north China, and eastern Mongolia.
    Conservation status: Endangered (Population stable)
    Scientific name: Panthera tigris altaica
    Higher classification: Tiger
    Rank: Subspecies
    Subspecies: P. t. tigris
    Kingdom: Animalia

    -: Nile Crocodile
    The Nile crocodile is a large crocodilian native to freshwater habitats in Africa, where it is present in 26 countries. Due to its widespread occurrence and stable population trend, it has been listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List since 1996.
    Mass: 220 – 550 kg (Adult)
    Lifespan: 70 – 100 years
    Speed: 30 – 35 km/h (Swimming)
    Conservation status: Least Concern
    Scientific name: Crocodylus niloticus
    Length: Male: 4.2 m (Southern Africa population, Adult), Female: 2.4 – 3.8 m (Adult)

    -: Thank You For Watching Animal TV Hindi

    #animaltvhindi #animal #animals #siberiantiger #tiger #crocodile #nilecrocodile #wild #wildlife #fighttodeath #animalbattle

    Siberian Tiger VS Nile Crocodile
    Animal Fight
    in hindi
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    siberian tiger
    wild life
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    tiger attacks
    wild vs wild
    tiger kills crocodile
    crocodile kill tiger
    wild animals
    craziest fight
    dangerous fight
    beast tiger

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  • Lion VS Tiger Real Fight - Tough Creatures Ep. 4


    Lion and the Tiger are the best predators in the wild. But who is the real king of the jungle? Powerful claw swings, huge bite force, scary roars…
    In this video we are going to see who will be the real king of the wild world and why.

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  • If These 15 Unbelievable Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It #2


    If there’s one thing we’re good at here at Factsopedia, it’s showing you lot crazy video clips and photographs that you’ll truly struggle to believe. Be them weird and wonderful, or horrifying and haunting, these are unbelievable moments that, if they were not filmed, you would not believe!

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  • Documentary: Tigers Six-Peat


    Before he embarked on one of the most captivating professional golf career of all-time, Tiger Woods pulled off a feat that has never been matched in amateur golf. Here's the story of Tiger's six consecutive USGA amateur titles, and the six elite competitors who he defeated in the championship matches. Produced in 2015.

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  • Caught on Camera: Man Vs Wild: Longest ever Tiger chase


    So what happens when man meets wild - what happens when a tiger gets lost in coffee plantation. TIMES NOW bring you visuals of a tiger chasing a car in a tea plantation in Chikmagalur in Karnataka. The 150 second full sequence is on camera. Social Media Links :-

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  • MNF, Jalen Hurts, Buffalo Bills, 11/22/21 | Fantasy Sports Today


    Craig Mish and Davis Mattek are back giving you all the information you need to win your Fantasy leagues! Tune in to Fantasy Sports Today each day as the guys talk the biggest news, analysis, and advice for your sports investment needs!

  • 12 Dogs That Are Nightmares To Wild Animals


    Dogs are seen as beings with a heart of gold, animals that are ready to jump into action to protect their owners, and they are! While most of the time we’re talking about protection from other humans, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s wild animals that get on the wrong side of dogs! Yup, that’s right, from dogs that will attack bears, fight Tigers, and even take down the king of the jungle, here are 12 dogs that are an absolute nightmare to wild animals…

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    The Kangal is a dog breed from Turkey and is often even called Turkish Kangals. But in Turkey, they’re literally called “The lion killers” because of how intense these dogs can be! Kangals have always been guardian dogs, and have protected livestock throughout history. That means that guarding is pretty much in their DNA, and they show it. Although Kangals are so intelligent that they’re usually fairly difficult to train, if you can get through to them, they’ll welcome you into their pack and make sure you stay protected. Even if that means they’ll have to fight off a lion, tiger, or a wolf for it! So if they sense you, or your property needs protecting, they’re going to get out there and do whatever may be necessary!

    German Shepherd

    German shepherds are one of the most common dog breeds that people have as pets all around the world, and while a lot of that has to do with vanity, these are much more than an average “pretty dog”. These are incredibly intelligent dogs that have one of the best scenting abilities in the world! This is why you often see them as police dogs! They have a knack for finding evidence, and can easily sense danger from miles away! Add to that the fact that they’re also very loyal towards those that they trust, which means if they sense that there’s a wild animal around that could cause you harm, they’re going to go after it first. Even if that wild animal is a literal wolf.

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  • Animal Face Off - Siberian Tiger Vs. Grizzly Bear


  • The Cows and the Tiger | Stories for Kids | Infobells


    This collection of five moral stories for children are written with value building themes that children can enjoy. The friendly people and animal characters in these short moral stories for kids can help children learn important lessons of life.

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    (Warning Graphic) 5 Times When People Were Eaten By WILD Animals - Wild Animal Attack and Encounters
    How the 5 Worst Alligator Attacks Happened in Florida - (You Haven't Seen Before)

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  • Tiger VS Lion CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera


    Tiger VS Lion CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera


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  • Watch these two tiger sisters fight in a fierce battle for territory! | SWNS


    These two tigresses were caught on camera in a fierce battle over territory in a national park.

    The cat fight between the sisters occurred in a national park in Rajasthan, India, and was thought to be over territory.

    Bengal tigers Riddhi and Siddhi are 17 months old and were born in Ranthambore National Park in 2018, and the naughty siblings have been known to squabble ever since.

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  • Impala Horns Too Scary! Tiger Ambush Impala And The Unexpected - Buffalo, Warthog Fight Back Tiger


    Impala Horns Too Scary! Tiger Ambush Impala And The Unexpected - Buffalo, Warthog Fight Back Tiger
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  • Tiger Attacks Own Family - Tiger Vs Tiger Amazing Fight Ranthambhore, India


    Tiger Attacks Own Family - Tiger Vs Tiger Amazing Fight Ranthambhore, India

    A short recap of a 13 YEAR power struggle in a tiger family. T-17, the daughter of the legendary tiger Machili, attacks her family members, setting forward a chain of events which will change the history of the park.

    Edited by -

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    ABOUT -
    Nalla’s Ark is a platform to experience the inside out of India’s incredible and varied Wildlife. Be educated, entertained and learn filmmaking and the global market, and contribute towards conservation by spreading awareness in a special way from these learnings.

    Nalla has dedicated the last fifteen years of his life filming Tigers in India. His passion for the Royal Bengal Tiger has translated into four international documentaries which he has produced, filmed and directed - Tiger Queen, Tiger Dynasty, Tiger Revenge, Worlds Most Famous Tiger, Clash of Tigers For International Channels like National Geographic, BBC & Animal Planet.
    Main Channel:
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    Title: Vindictus
    Artist: Phoenix Music
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  • Two tigers fierce fight in FILM STYLE in Indian Forest | Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Tiger Roar sound


    Two tigers fierce fight in jungle in India | Ranthambore Tiger Reserve real Roar of Tiger
    #Tigers #Ranthambore #TigerSafari
    Two tigers fierce fight for supremacy in film style in Indian forest
    Tiger safari tourists witness fight of two tigers Riddhi and Siddhi in the morning safari of January 19, 2021.

  • The Most Dangerous Battles Of Big Animals. Rhino Fight Tiger, Elephant, Hippo, Buffalo To Death


    The Most Dangerous Battles Of Big Animals. Rhino Fight Tiger, Elephant, Hippo, Buffalo To Death




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  • OMG! Tiger Try To Hunting Crocodile | Big Battle: Jaguar vs Crocodile |Animal Attacks


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  • Incredible bear fights against tiger, cougar, wolves and walrus


    Incredible bear fights against tiger, cougar, wolves and walrus

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    ????Hello all friends, recently on the channel there is a series of releases of animals in action and all the animals were from the hot African continent links to the videos will be below in the description.
    ????You are on the channel supreme show let's now see what a beast can do that can reach a weight of 1 ton and have claws of 10 and even 15 centimeters in length, and one blow with a huge paw can kill an adult he is so strong that he can easily drag a domestic pig over the fence and even a pack of hungry wolves is not able to resist him, sit down more comfortably and we will as always start with cutting a bear in action or a bear against a tiger puma wolves walrus and even a cow. Go.

  • BİG BATTLE — Tiger vs Crocodile


    BİG BATTLE — Tiger vs Crocodile Real Fight to Death — Lion, Wolf Jaguar Leopard Bear Shark Eagle Crocodile vs Buffalo, Lion vs Ostrich, Monkey,Snake vs frog, Lion, | THE BEST NEW 2017 Here is our compilation of the most amazing Wild Animal Attacks. Enjoy it and don’t forget subscribe,like! THANK YOU Tags : Lion vs ostrich — Leopard vs ostrich real fight — Best moment Animal Fights 2016 Lion vs bull Elephant Crocodile vs Elephant Lion vs Hyena Male lion attacks Animal Victim Fight back Lion vs ostrich — Leopard vs ostrich real fight — Best moment Animal Fights Top 11 animal hunting: leopard vs Ostrich- crocodile vs buffalo-lions vs hyenas.lion vs bears CRAZY Wolf Attacks — Wolves vs Unbelievable Sheep AMAZING Dog vs Bear, Dog vs Crocodile, Giant Anaconda, Snake CRAZY Centipele Attacks Man — Komodo Eating Deer, Snake Alive AMAZING Leaping Leopard and Lion Catch Preys in Mid Air AMAZING Porcupine Kills Python and Leopard Crocodile attack Lion, tiger, ostrich, hippopotamus Real Fight Most Amazing Animals Attack #PART8 Lion vs ostrich — Leopard vs ostrich real fight — Best moment Animal Fights 2016 elephant attack in THE TOP 10 || TOP 10 CHEETAH ATTACKS Cheetah vs Crocodile, Lion, Wild Boar, Zebra, Gazelle Lions vs Hyenas ???? Hyena Trying to Eat Lion | Most Amazing Animal Attacks Craziest Animal Fights: AMAZING Baboons Save Deer From Leopard — Hyena Help Deer, Bear Saves Crow When Victims Fight Back — CRAZY Wild Boar, Zebra, Giraffe vs Poor Lion, Leopard, Crocodile — animal attacks, animal fight, animal attack, poor leopard ANGRY BIRD Attacks Tiger, Snake, Lizard, Man — Amazing animal attack, animal fight EPIC FIGHT — Snake vs Snake, King Cobra eats Python, Bat vs Python When Victims Fight Back — Crazy Wild Boar, Zebra, Giraffe vs Poor Lion, Leopard, Crocodile Mongoose vs Cobra vs Snake Lion vs Crocodile vs Jaguar Big Animals Attacks and kills Human Baboons Attacks and kill Lion Most Amazing Wild Animal Attacks Crocodile attacks and kills eat or be eaten Amazing Lion vs, Crocodile vs Jaguar , Leopard Kills Crocodile Amazing Animal saves other animal 2016 Amazing animal helps animal AMAZING Buffalo Attacks and Kills Lion MOST AMAZING Zebra, Antelope Still Alive after Crocodile attack Extreme Lion Hunts and kills Hyena 10 Strangest Animals You Won’t Believe Exist Leopard hunts dog caught on camera Hero Dog Protects Owner Amazing Animals fight 10 Crazy facts about Crocodiles Crazy Animals attacks Human top 10 ➤ Please,Comment, Like, share and Subscribe to the channel to watch more videos. WATCH MORE: ➤TOP 10 dog house  — Amazing animal attack- Funny Fail Compilation 2017- ➤ Link: ➤Facebook ➤Web: 

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    #tiger #tigerjump #tigervslion

    in 2008, 300-pound (136-kilogram) tigress escaped from its enclosure in San Francisco Zoo, killing one man and mauling other two.

    The tiger's enclosure is surrounded by a 15-foot-wide (4.5-meter-wide) moat and 20-foot-high (6-meter-high) walls, and the big cat did not leave through an open door. There was no way out through the door. The animal appears to have climbed or otherwise leaped out of the enclosure, stated the zoo's director of animal care and conservation, Robert Jenkins.

    The animal appears to have been taunted by people.

    A famous YouTube movie presents a 2004 tiger attack from India: an animal suddenly jumping from the grass and swiping a man on an elephant's back (he lost three fingers), at a height of 12 ft (4 m) above the ground!

    The San Francisco attack comes with the issue: how high can tigers really jump?

    The American Sanctuary Association, having 35 members, previously recommended 12-ft (4-m) fences in the case of the tigers; now, this will change to 16.4-ft (5-m). The San Francisco enclosure wall was smaller than the AZA minimum height recommended, while major U.S. zoos exceed the minimum, and the walls are even topped sometimes with electrified wire or overhangs impeding the tigers getting out of the enclosure.

    Experts cannot come with a precise value for the jumping ability of tigers.

    In an 1974 event that took place in a Nepal reserve, a tigress protecting her cubs mauled a researcher who had climbed into a tree. The tigress reached the man with a limb, jumping 15-ft (4.5-m) without much difficulty.

    I have seen tigers do many unusual things, such as climbing to the top of large trees when incensed-something tigers don't normally do. What animals normally do, and what they can do, are often very different things, said Dale Miquelle, director of Wildlife Conservation Society's program in Russia (the San Francisco Zoo tigress was a Siberian tiger).

    Tigers raised in captivity are generally believed not to have the same performances like the wild ones, trained by hunting.

    With provocation, they're capable of unbelievable aggression and power. These cats are a combination of strong instincts, strong emotion and no inhibition, Louis Dorfman, an animal behaviorist and chairman of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Texas, comprising 24 tigers, told National Geographic News.

    Zoo visitors running back and forth look like potential preys for tigers; provoking the animals by throwing objects at them or dangling something can wake up in them the fiercest ancestral instincts.

  • Tiger vs a Pack of Wild Dogs


    A starving tiger faces down a pack of wild dogs in the forests of India. | For more, visit

    Catch TIgress Blood Thursday 9/25 at 9pm E|P on Discovery!

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  • Tigers Shows Power As King of Jungle - Tiger vs Crocodile, Lion, Python, Bear, Buffalo


    Tiger's Power As King of the Jungle | Tiger vs Crocodile, Lion, Python, Bear, Buffalo

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    Tiger VS Lion. Who would win?

    Tiger's Shows Power As King of Jungle - Tiger vs Crocodile, Tiger vs Lion, Tiger vs Python, Tiger vs Bear, Tiger vs Buffalo

  • Tiger Facts And Information About These Big Cats


    Find out more about these Tiger Facts in our article:

    These big, formidable creatures are some of the fiercest and scariest predators that the animal kingdom has to offer. Tigers are carnivores who are known to prey on even the largest mammals like buffalos and elephants. Their eye-catching fur only serves to make them seem more majestic and powerful.

    Beyond the orange fur and black stripes, however, there is much more to these big cats than most of us know. Watch on for 30 Tiger Facts that are sure to satisfy your roaring curiosity.

    0:45 Tigers are the world’s largest cats.
    1:03 Tigers can move at speeds of 65 km/hour.
    1:20 Tigers like to swim.
    1:35 People believe that tigers have “eyes” on the back of their ears.
    1:50 Tigers prefer hunting alone.
    2:05 Tigers also feed on bears.
    2:23 Tigers can’t taste sweet food.
    2:42 A tiger will share its kill with other tigers.
    3:03 Adult tigers can eat 88 pounds of meat in one sitting.
    3:20 Tigers kill their prey through blood loss and strangulation.
    3:46 Tigers can’t purr.
    3:57 You can hear a tiger’s roar from 3 kilometers away.
    4:14 Tigers improve their roar by vocalizing.
    4:34 Tigers have the ability to mimic other animal sounds.
    4:48 Each tiger stripe pattern is unique.
    5:07 Female tigers usually give birth to blind cubs.
    5:23 Adult male tigers eat blind cubs.
    5:45 A tiger’s punch can kill.
    6:04 Tigers like to sleep a lot.
    6:20 Tigers are night owls.
    6:45 Crossbreeding between a tiger and other wild cats is possible.
    7:09 Tiger cross-breeding is banned in Taiwan.
    7:29 Tiger saliva is a natural wound antiseptic.
    7:48 Tigers are the most reserved wild cat species.
    8:04 A tiger’s pee smells like buttered popcorn.
    8:27 A tiger’s penis never gets erect.
    8:43 India is the world’s tiger capital.
    8:58 Tigers have killed more people than leopards and lions combined.
    9:18 Tigers are symbolic creatures.
    9:32 More tigers are held in captivity than those in the wild.

    Don't miss the other AMAZING facts on our website:

  • Top 10 Amazing Animal Attacks lion attack buffalo vs tiger vs giraffe vs Elephant vs leopard vs deer


    amazing animal attack videos lion attack buffalo vs tiger vs giraffe vs Elephant vs leopard vs deer vs monkey vs crocodile vs king Cobra vs Mongoose vs Ostrich vs bear vs Zebra vs Jaguar vs snake and many more top 10 animal fights video

    Elephant save her newborn baby from 5 lions

    lion attack buffalo

    tiger elephant

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    lion vs buffalo

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  • Animal Fights Caught On Camera Dangerous Fight Between Tiger Vs Crocodile


    tiger vs crocodile dangerous fight More Videos:
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  • GREAT WHITE SHARK VS TIGER SHARK - Which is the strongest?


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    GREAT WHITE SHARK VS TIGER SHARK - Which is the strongest?

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    ➤ Narrated by: David McCallion

    ➤ Background music:
    Drums of the Deep - Kevin MacLeod
    Defiant - Kevin MacLeod

    ➤ Credit:
    Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean.jpg -
    Great White Shark (14730723649).jpg -
    Great white shark Dyer Island.jpg -
    Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Underwater.jpg -
    Tiger shark(2).jpg -
    Dolphin Pod in Slow Motion - Author:Videvo
    White shark (Carcharodon carcharias) scavenging on whale carcass - journal.pone.0060797.g004-A.png
    Sea otter nursing02.jpg -
    Dugong -
    Scarface-tigershark.jpg -
    Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, November 2017.png -
    Attacking great white shark.jpg -

    #AnimalBattle #WhiteSharkVsTigerShark

  • 2000 U.S. Open Film: Tigers Roar


    Although he entered the 2000 U.S. Open as the No. 1 player in the world, many doubted Tiger Woods could win a U.S. Open based on his style of play. Woods emphatically erased those doubts with a championship-record 15-stroke victory at Pebble Beach. Narrated by Dan Hicks and produced by HPG Sports.

    For more about the U.S. Open Championship, visit

  • ► Incredible Monster Superhero War Real Battle - Tiger Hulk vs Red Tiger Hulk Destroy Everyting


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    Play an astonishing activity test system, the fabulous Incredible Monster Superhero War – Real Battle to play out numerous save missions as a genuine military hero. Battle fearlessly as a genuine Military Army saint to save your kindred harmed military armed force officer commandos in this exciting reenactment amusement. It's anything but a basic wrestling diversion or a battling amusement where wrestling hotshots battle with each other rather it is an excellent epic fight among the battling recreations.

    Check every one of the Evils from the City

    Be a terrific creature saint in this city fight battling fabulous diversion, Incredible Monster Superhero War – Real Battle and battle war as a legend. Play this fight test system diversion, and battle against Squads of lawbreakers and mafias. This terrific creature saint war is the primary epic superhuman fight test system with save missions to safeguard conventional regular citizens, saints, hero squad and beast legends to atrocity pursue.

    Welcome to Futuristic City of Superheroes

    The beast saint boxing abilities will assist you with being quick in bringing down the foes and win the robot fighting. This is the best of beast fight diversions and creature war amusements. We will give you an exciting battle of mind blowing superhuman in the reproduction condition. This last fight against the hoodlums and mafia will make the whole city sheltered and secure. Numerous beast saint battles the malicious psychological oppressors with so much boldness and valor. Begin your war against the culprits and mafia, crush them and catch them to murder.

    Mind boggling Monster Has Decided to Take a Final Revenge

    Play as a cutting edge creature saint and win the city fight. It's an ideal opportunity to ensure your city against these super reprobates with Incredible Monster Superhero War – Real Battle reproduction diversion. This is interesting creature mutant superhuman legend with otherworldly powers of demolition to safe valuable life from abhorrent robots. Crush and destruct the insidious psychological militants and street pharmacists them with your definitive mutant forces. Crash their vehicles and annihilate them promptly. Be the continuous legend in this last fight.

    Highlights of Incredible Monster Superhero War – Real Battle:

    - Attack and shoot down your adversaries to bring them down

    - Use overwhelming single and twofold punches and break the grounds

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  • Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady | Capital Ones The Match


    Full recap of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning's win over Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in the 2020 Capital One's The Match at Medalist Golf Club.

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  • THIS SABERTOOTH TIGER IS OP ! | ARK Survival Evolved DAY 23 In HINDI | IamBolt Gaming


    THIS SABERTOOTH TIGER IS OP ! | ARK Survival Evolved DAY 23 In HINDI | IamBolt Gaming


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