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15 Expensive Fruits Only The Richest Can Afford!

  • 15 Expensive Fruits Only The Rich Can Afford!


    List of the top 15 expensive fruits only the rich can afford! Fruit is nature’s candy of the world. Fruits are healthy, they’ve got vitamins, we can eat them raw, cooked or in meals and desserts!
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    If you think lychee and starfruit are exotic, you’re in for a ride! Here are 15 Expensive Fruits Only the Rich can Afford! You might need a platinum card to indulge in some of these specialties.

    Are these world’s most expensive fruits that worth the price? If you enjoyed this video list of the top 15 most expensive fruits in the world. Comment: #Fruits #Fruit #BabbleTop

    0:00 Expensive Fruits Only The Rich Can Afford!
    0:17 Miyazaki Mango
    0:58 The King Of Cherries
    1:39 Northern Territory Mangoes
    2:23 White Jewel
    3:11 Buddha Shaped Pears
    4:01 Sekai Ichi Apples
    4:57 Sembikiya Queen Strawberries
    5:52 Cherimoya
    6:51 Cubed Watermelon
    8:01 Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes
    9:05 Densuke Watermelon
    10:23 Yubari King Melons
    11:17 Dekopon
    12:16 Ruby Roman Grapes
    13:28 Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan

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  • 10 Expensive Fruits Only The Richest Can Afford


    Fruits have developed in all shapes and sizes in nature due to animals' preference for the sweet taste. To all this diversity, humans have contributed the most. Not only did we prefer plants that made sugary fruits, but we also started growing our own fruits and even altering them, sometimes with insanely expensive results. Stay tuned through the video to learn what are the 10 most expensive fruits in the world. You'll be surprised!

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  • 8 Expensive Fruits Only The Richest Can Afford!


    8 Expensive Fruits Only The Richest Can Afford!

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  • Foods Only The Rich Can Afford


    Have you ever wondered what the most expensive foods in the world are? Lets take a look at extremely expensive foods from around the world!
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  • Expensive Foods only Rich People can afford


    Expensive Foods only Rich People can afford

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  • Expensive Foods only Rich People can afford


    Expensive Foods only Rich People can afford

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    Foods that are available only to the rich

    Hello Food Lovers! We made a video especially for you, because we know that food is a very important part of our lives. Food allows for great conversations and it’s a great tool to connect with people from different cultures. Wouldn’t it be nice to try all the dishes in the world one day? I would definitely like that. Today I’ll introduce you to a variety of dishes that you probably haven’t tried yet, unless you’re super rich or you have rich friends who treated you to it. So get ready for “Foods that are available only to the rich.” You might be surprised to learn that not everyone has access to these foods, and if you have tried one of them, you are in a very privileged group and you should be thankful for it. Some of these foods come from animals and plants that I didn’t know existed. Or maybe I did, but didn’t think anyone would want to eat them! So get ready for a culinary adventure. I promise: it’ll be an eye (and probably mouth opening) experience.


    I’m sorry we have to start with a dish that involves animal cruelty and probably, the breaking of some laws, but I’m just here to tell you about these dishes.The ortolan is a song bird that’s been considered a delicacy in the French Cuisine for a very long time. Also, it’s been the target of lots of mystical tales and controversies and here’s why: In order to prepare this dish, they lock the bird inside a dark room or they blindfold it just so it can gobble on a crazy amount of grains. The bird is then put in lots of alcohol, before they prepare it and serve it whole to fancy rich guests at prestigious high class restaurants. Whoever dares to eat this has to put a napkin over their head, which apparently covers their shame from other people and divine entities! In 1999, the dish became illegal, but apparently there’s still a small percentage of the world population that has access to it, even though it is an illegal and horrible practice.

    Goose Barnacles

    When I think about barnacles, all I can think about is getting scratched by them while swimming near piers and other platforms in the ocean. Those things are painful! But apparently, some of them also make for a very exclusive and delicious dish. The goose barnacles, also known as percebes, are sources from the coast of Galicia in Spain, and they have become the ultimate ingredient for one of the creations by Justin Horne, a private chef who specializes in serving the stars. But Justin is not the only one using them. These barnacles are highly popular in different parts of Spain and Portugal, but of course, only among the people who can actually pay for them. The sad thing about this is that there are at least five people who die each year while harvesting this rare type of barnacle. No wonder the dish is so expensive - fishermen put their lives at risk while getting it! Even if they don’t lose their life, they could potentially get injured. Something surprising about this rare dish is the fact that it used to be eaten by the indigenous peoples of California - way before it became an expensive and hard to access delicacy.

    Foie Gras

    Like Ortolan, foie gras also involves the overfeeding of a bird. In this case, the animal in question is a duck or a goose. Breeders force the duck to eat twice a day for twelve days and a half, and if it’s a goose - they feed them three times a day for seventeen days in a row. After a long wait, the days of the animal come to an end and people get Foie Gras out of their liver. People who’ve tried it say the taste is buttery, rich and very delicate and it doesn’t compare to eating the liver of an ordinary duck or goose. Sometimes it’s sold as a whole, but it can also be sold as a mouse, parfait or pate. And it’s also a great accompaniment to other main dishes such as steak. According to the French law, Foie Gras is part of their cultural and gastronomical national heritage. But even though France is the largest producer of this dish, you can also get it in other European countries as well as in other places like China and the United States.


    Who knew spices could be that expensive? I never thought so, but it looks like some spices can actually be very expensive if you buy them raw. In the case of saffron, the price per pound starts at $1,500. They usually sell it by gram and they come from the stigmas of tiny flowers - I don’t know how familiar you are with biology, but the stigma is the central part of the flower from where it reproduces.

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  • Simple Everyday Foods ONLY The Ultra Rich Can Afford


    The Most Expensive Items In The World

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    When it comes to food, it all comes down to taste and price. There might be some amazing foods that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but they don’t taste all that great. But, then you might have a dollar cheeseburger from a fast food place that tastes fantastic! The food industry is a funny thing, and you never know just how much money you’re going to shell out for to get some sustenance. Most of us gravitate towards cheap foods and that’s because it either fits within our budget or we have simple tastes. But if you’re someone who makes a decent amount of money, you can afford to buy a baked potato that costs more than dinner for a family of four! Some cheap foods are worth it. Yet, you just know some ambitious chef will come around to make a more expensive version of a cheap food - like ramen!

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  • 10 Foods Only The RICH Can Afford


    List of the top 10 foods only the rich can afford. Did you ever wonder what the most expensive foods in the world are? Let's take a look at extremely expensive foods from around the world!
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    Money may not be able to buy you love but it sure can buy you some outrageous things. Love may be free but these one-of-a-kind food experiences definitely are not! Let’s see what a ton of cash can get you with these 10 foods only the rich can afford.

    Certain foods are so expensive because they are incredibly rare on the planet, in-demand and delicious to taste. The most wealthy foodies are going above and beyond to spend large amounts of money on once-in-a-lifetime food experiences. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 luxury foods only Millionaires can afford to eat: Comment: #expensivefood #expensive #food

    0:00 Foods Only The Rich Can Afford
    0:22 $195 Mac & Cheese
    1:26 White Truffles
    2:32 $100 Fries And Gravy
    3:53 Densuke Black Watermelon
    5:06 The $5000 Hamburger
    6:13 Ruby Roman Grapes
    7:31 Grand Velas Taco
    8:50 $914 Cup of Coffee
    10:07 The $208 Cocktail
    11:16 Saffron

    ???? 10 Outrageously Expensive Fast Foods You Can't Afford
    ???? 10 EXPENSIVE FAST FOOD Items You'd Be Tempted To Try!!!
    ???? Top 10 Most Expensive Foods In The World
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  • 10 Ridiculously Expensive Boats Only The Richest Can Afford


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  • 10 ऐसी चीजे जो सिर्फ अमीर लोग ही खाते है 10 Expensive Fruits Only The Richest Can Afford


    10 ऐसी चीजे जो सिर्फ अमीर लोग ही खाते है 10 Expensive Fruits Only The Richest Can Afford

    Earn Rs. 50 Lakhs by Investing 1000 per month on GROW APP (Use Link below to Join)

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  • Most EXPENSIVE Fruits In The World!


    Check out the Most EXPENSIVE Fruits In The World! From the rarest and bizarre looking food to some of the strangest edibles, this top 10 list of high priced fruit will amaze you!

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    The Buddha-shaped pear is, perhaps, the most unique-looking fruit on Earth. Right down to the facial details, these pears look exactly like little Buddha figurines. Since the dawn of agriculture, humans have been experimenting with their fruits and vegetables.

    In English, “Sekai Ichi” means “World’s Number One.” Sekai Ichi apples originated in Morioka, Japan in 1974, and are still primarily grown in Japan. They are round in shape and are one of the largest apples in the world, weighing up to two pounds each, and are a cross between Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples.

    Luxury fruit is popular in Japan because it connotes social status and is tied to cultural practices. In an interview with CNN, Soyeon Shim, dean of the School for Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explained that fruit plays an important role in Japanese gift-giving practices. It’s only natural, then, that Japan is home to some of the world’s most expensive luxury fruits.

    The ultra-rare Densuke watermelon is black-skinned and stripeless, and its flesh is known for being sweeter than other watermelon varieties. They are grown on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. Only 100 are produced annually.

    Ruby Roman grapes are grown exclusively in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture. Each grape is around the size of a ping pong ball and has a distinctive red shade. There are strict rules for selling the Ruby Roman grape. Each grape is inspected, and must weigh at least 20 kg and have a sugar content of 18 percent or more.

    These bauble-shaped, shiny cherries are primarily cultivated in the Yamagata Prefecture of Japan, where 70 percent of the nation’s cherries are grown. When fully ripe, these small cherries are bright red. They’re in season during early summer and are carefully sorted and grated, like all Japanese fruit.

    2. DEKOPON
    The dekopon is a hybrid between a mandarin and an orange, and it’s rumored to be the most delectable citrus fruit on Earth. It looks like an orange, but is larger and sweeter, and has a bump on the top.

    In the county of Cornwall in southwestern England, there’s the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a set of botanical gardens where pineapples are grown far outside of their traditional environment.

  • 9 Expensive Things Only 1% of Rich People Can Buy


    Let’s admit the truth of life: some people always try to impress others. How do they do it? Typically, with the help of things. And while some objects can amaze with their uniqueness or unusual design or outstanding quality, a number of them take first prizes because of their ridiculously high cost. And you will never guess how much money exactly people pay to own something unique!

    For example, are you willing to pay $50,000 for an umbrella made of black crocodile leather? Or $48 million for a smartphone coated with gold or platinum and inlaid with a pink diamond? If you want to save a bit of money, there are cheaper models for you to choose from. For example, models with an orange diamond will cost 42 and a half million dollars. No comment.

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    19 Awesome Cats That Cost a Fortune

    A diamond pacifier 0:26
    A vacuum cleaner inlaid with Swarovski crystals 0:59
    An electric wheel suitcase 1:44
    Golden shoelaces 2:18
    A crocodile leather umbrella 2:49
    A golden bicycle 3:15
    A bed decorated with gold and precious stones 3:56
    A golden iPhone with a diamond 4:28
    Blue dumplings 5:03

    #luxury #ExpensiveThings #brightside

    - The most expensive pacifier in the world is made of silicone. The handle is white gold inlaid with 280 diamonds. Its cost is $17,000.
    - This vacuum is so expensive and sparkly that it even got into the Guinness World Records Book. It is decorated with 3,730 Swarovski crystals and costs $20,000.
    - This cute suitcase’s price is $20,000. It’s made from different exotic materials, such as horsehair, ebony, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, and various kinds of leather.
    - A company called Mr. Kennedy produces extraordinary goods. They weave gold and silver threads into the shoelaces. To make one set by hand usually takes about 120 hours. Two variants are available: made from silver and gold.
    - A bicycle covered with 24-karat gold is a sight to behold. The bike’s price starts from $392,000 - that is the price of the gold layer. The rest of the money (as the total cost is $400,000) is paid for service.
    - This luxurious bed by Stuart Hughes costs a whopping $6,3 million. Its frame is made from the best types of ash, chestnut, and cherry.
    - Golden Gates restaurant in New York offers its customers these dumpling, where apart from veal, pork, and beef there is one more ingredient. It is the gland of a deepwater horned lantern fish, which gives the dumplings their peculiar blue tint.

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  • 10 Expensive Dogs Only Rich People Can Afford


    10 Expensive Dogs Only Rich People Can Afford

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    family friendly pg clean

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    It’s always good to have a dog in the house, unless it could eat you out of house and home. Today we
    will be looking at 10 expensive dogs that only the rich could afford. You’d think that the lovable corgi
    would occupy the number one slot on this list, but you’d think wrong. Stay tuned to find out what the
    most expensive dog is.

    Number 10. The Afghan Hound
    An ancient member of the sighthound family, the Afghan hound was first bred thousands of years ago
    by nomadic peoples of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northern India. An extremely skilled hunter, the
    Afghan was used to bring down both large and small game, including antelopes and perhaps even
    leopards. Although many present day experts doubt that leopards were the Afghan's traditional prey,
    eyewitness accounts tell of lone Afghans killing leopards by seizing them by the neck and severing the
    leopards' spines in their jaws.
    They became popular as pets and show dogs starting in the 1970s, and it’s pretty easy to understand
    why. It’s widely regarded as one of the most beautiful dogs with their flowing coats and curly tails. They
    even require daily hair brushing because their long silky coats become tangled very easily.
    You can get one of these beautiful dogs right now for $7000, but don’t think that the cost stops there.
    Not factoring in the cost of food and grooming, the health bill for this breed can easily add up, being
    predisposed to cataracts and hyperthyroidism, and treating either condition can run you up to $3000

    Number 9. The Pharaoh Hound
    Aloof and goofy, the Pharaoh Hound can be dated back to around 3000 B.C. It has long been rumored
    that the breed originates back to Ancient Egypt, but was recently proven otherwise. Recent DNA analysis
    has shown the breed originated in Malta where, instead of being the pet of kings, was primarily used to
    hunt rabbits. IN any case, the breed has been shown in previous Egyptian hieroglyphics, which lends
    credence to the idea of the Pharaoh Hound existing for centuries.
    The Pharaoh Hound is a muscular, athletic breed with a graceful stride. His original purpose was to track
    small game by using his talents of sight, sound, and smell. His look exudes an exotic and regal
    appearance. He loves to be able to play and has intense bouts of energy. This breed is athletic and excels
    at agility and lure coursing.
    So, how much to get your hands on the dog of the pharaohs? About $7500 dollars, and that doesn’t
    include maintenance costs.

    Number 8. The Dogo Argentino
    The Dogo Argentino has its origins in the province of Cordoba where it was developed by Dr. Antonio
    Nores Martinez in 1928. Originally developed for big game hunting, due to its muscular stature, Dogo

    Argentinos are one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Their muscular body allows the doggo to
    hunt wild hogs in South America and Asia mainly.
    Not really known to be dangerous, they do have a certain predisposition to become very aggressive.
    Despite that, they have become very popular pets and the breed successfully combines many features:
    he is a long-distance runner and a sprinter, and a ruthless hunter and a pet.
    For $8000, you can have one for your own, but then again, maintenance costs will also add up. The Dogo
    Argentino is a generally healthy dog with a lifespan of 9 to 15 years. They have a few genetic problems.
    The main health issue is deafness. About 10% of dogs from this breed are deaf in one or both ears. And
    due to their short coat, they get easily sunburned, and is also prone to hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism,
    glaucoma and laryngeal paralysis. Can you imagine the vet bills?

    Number 7. The Canadian Eskimo Dog
    The Canadian Eskimo dog is one of the rarest breeds in the world and is currently facing extinction with
    less than 300 dogs remaining in 2018. They were brought to North America from Siberia more than
    1,000 years ago and had been decreasing recently since the 1960s. And because they are so rare, they
    are also quite expensive.
    Puppies usually costs around $8750 which sounds not that much compared to other dogs in this list. But
    then again, health issues drive the maintenance cost of this breed sky high. The breed is very prone to
    gastric torsion, entropion, where the eyelid folds over itself, heat intolerance and arthritis.

  • Expensive Useless Things Billionaires Spend Their Money On


    Most people have a plan for what they’d do if they won the lottery – and everyone’s lists look pretty similar. Here are the Most Expensive Useless Things Millionaires Spend Their Money On!
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  • Expensive Things You Will Never Be Able to Afford...


    We’ve all dreamt of a life of riches and wealth, but even if you’re rich and rolling in money, there are still some things that even the richest people would think twice about before buying. It doesn’t matter how much they like splurging on extravagant things, the wealthiest people on earth might still leave these things alone - they’re some of the most expensive items on earth. Ready to see them?

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    Editing: HowlingCreations
    Music: EpidemicSound

    Coolest and most expensive things in the world! Featuring the world's most expensive and luxurious on earth. You better check out these things that will make you feel poor with your own eyes.

  • 10 Scary Moving Statues That Scientists Cant Explain!



    The world is weird, and most often times, the world is weird when we least expect it. For example, there are things that move out there… and there are things that don’t. Typically, you would consider statues to be one of the latter, but sometimes they cry blood or even do a little dance! So brace yourself because things are about to get weird, as we check out 10 Scary Moving Statues that Scientists Can’t Explain!

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  • 9 Things Rich People Never Ever Buy


    Hey you — wish you could afford the new iPhone? How about a trip to the Bahamas? Why is it that no matter how many hours you work a week, you still find yourself sitting at home, eating top ramen, dreaming of a tropical vacation you can’t afford? Turns out, you might be wasting your money on unnecessary things.

    For example, what's your way you grocery shop? Even though buying food to make at home is already more economical than eating out all the time, there are definitely things you’re doing at the market that have you spending way more than you have to. So, dry your tears: here are things you can avoid in order to save your money and live more like royalty.

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    Grooming and vanity maintenance 0:32
    The latest gadgets 1:21
    Coffee and other drinks on-the-go 2:02
    Diet fads and gimmicks 2:41
    The way you grocery shop 3:29
    You use credit cards instead of cash 4:42
    Coupons that make you buy random stuff 5:32
    Impending health expenses 6:13
    Food waste 6:58

    #savemoney #success #beingrich

    Music by Epidemic Sound

    - Try making a monthly budget for yourself to spend on grooming rituals. If you can’t afford that spa pedicure this month, maybe you can fit it into the budget next month.
    - While you really do need things like a cellphone and computer for work and personal reasons, spending all your money on the newest versions of electronics isn’t really necessary.
    - One way to close up the money pit is by making your own coffee at home! Whether it’s a sturdy tumbler or reusable coffee mug, bringing your own drinks from home will save you serious cash.
    - If you really want to get in shape and feel better about your appearance, try cutting out junk food, cooking with clean ingredients or spending an extra day of the week at the gym?
    - When you’re ready to pay for your things in line at the grocery store, try to avoid the impulse buys. Impulse purchases are things like candy bars, gum, and gossip magazines that are right there at the checkout counter just begging you to buy them.
    - Over time, your credit card balances will build and you’ll be spending more and more of your paychecks on monthly bills. And since they accumulate interest, it can often feel like you’re walking backward on a treadmill - you’ll never get anywhere and you’ll continue paying for years and years.
    - Did you ever stop to think that if you don’t do annual health maintenance and check ups, you’ll have to pay even more in the end? If you wait too long to get your teeth cleaned, you could be looking at multiple fillings, a root canal and more.
    - To reduce food waste, try going to the supermarket a couple times a month instead of just once in a while. This way you won’t feel the need to “stock up” and will only buy what you need for that period of time.

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  • 15 Luxury HOBBIES Only For The RICH


    15 Luxury HOBBIES Only For The RICH
    15 Habits of RICH & Successful People:

    In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
    What hobbies do the rich have?
    What the rich do for fun?
    What do rich people enjoy?
    What are impressive hobbies?
    What do rich people eat?
    Do millionaires watch TV?
    What do billionaires do with their time?
    How can I look rich without trying?
    How can you tell if someone is rich?
    What sports do rich play?
    What are some unique hobbies?
    What are weird hobbies?
    What are the hobbies of a girl?
    What are normal hobbies?
    How do I choose a hobby?
    What hobbies do guys like?
    How can a girl look rich?
    What do poor people eat?
    What do billionaires eat for breakfast?
    What billionaires do everyday?
    How do you act like a rich person?
    What are the big four habits of millionaires foolproof?
    What are some creative hobby ideas?
    What are good indoor hobbies?
    What is the most popular hobby in America?
    What does Bill Gates do in his spare time?
    What is Bill Gates daily routine?
    What is Bill Gates favorite movie?
    Does Bill Gates have any medical training?
    What was Bill Gates first job?
    What time Bill Gates wake up?
    What is IQ of Bill Gates?
    What does Bill Gates eat for breakfast?
    How do I become Bill Gates?
    Is there a Bill Gates movie?
    What is Elon Musk's favorite food?
    How Elon Musk spends his time?
    What is Elon Musk's daily routine?
    What do billionaires eat for breakfast?
    What does Jeff Bezos eat breakfast?
    What phone does Elon Musk have?
    How many hours does Elon Musk sleep a day?
    How much sleep does Elon Musk get?
    What time does Elon Musk wake up?

    00:00 - Intro
    00:51 - Skiing
    01:30 - Yachting
    02:16 - Cigarette boat racing
    02:50 - Golf
    03:42 - Sports Team Owner
    04:16 - Exotic Pets
    05:06 - Rare Collections
    05:53 - Real Estate
    06:22 - Wines
    07:23 - Politics
    08:08 - Horses
    08:48 - Flying
    09:14 - Art
    09:57 - Travel
    10:19 - Philanthropy
    11:02 - Question

    #alux #rich #hobbies

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  • 6 Most Expensive Foods only Billionaire People Can Afford


    #food #billionaire #expensivefood #Richpeople #bollywood #mukeshambani

    6 Most Expensive Foods only Billionaire People Can Afford

    Top 12 Most Expensive Divorces Of Bollywood Actors 2020

    Priyanka Chopra Most Expensive Things

    Gauahar Khan Most Expensive Wedding Gifts From Bollywood Actors

    Most Expensive Christmas Gifts Of Bollywood Celebrities 2020

  • Rich Kids Who Are Richer Than Well Ever Be...


    As a kid, many of us dream of having a lot of money to spend in any way we can imagine, usually wishing for the newest game console, the coolest toys, or maybe unlimited trips to your favourite theme parks. Well, for some young people around the world, that wish is very much a reality. Get ready to have you mind blown as we look at some of the richest kids who live the craziest lifestyles through their fortunes of amounts most of us can only dream to ever have.

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    The richest and most famous kids in the world! Featuring the world's youngest millionaires on earth. You better check out how much money these rich kids actually have with your own eyes...

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  • Price Comparison


    3D animated comparison of some of the most expensive stuff in the world. And how much stacks of $100 you will need to buy that. From a $1 bill all the way to the value of Earth and beyond

    PS: The Hand, Man and Bus FOR SCALE at $1M, 1B and 1T respectively are to show the SIZE (how big the pile of $100 notes will look like in real life) They DO NOT mean that a hand cost $1M!

    Universe Size Comparison 3D:

    Featured Comparisons
    $1 note,
    Starbucks Brewed Coffee,
    Big Mac price,
    Movie ticket price,
    $10 note,
    Restaurant Meal ,
    Gold (1 gram),
    No Man's Sky Game,
    $100 note,
    Average Suit,
    Average Sofa,
    Average Bicycle,
    $1,000 stack,
    High Specs Gaming Computer,
    Plutonium (1 gram),
    Average Grand Piano,
    $10,000 stack,
    Yubari King Melons (Most Expensive Fruit),
    Average Car,
    Diamond (1 gram),
    Italian White Alba Truffle (Most Expensive Food),
    Average US House,
    Clive Christian Perfume (Most Expensive Perfume),
    Painite (1 gram),
    Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon (Most Ex Wine),
    Club Neverdie, Entropia Universe (Most Ex Virtual Item),
    $1 million,
    Red Tibetan Mastiff (Most Expensive Pet),
    Diamond Tom's Ford (Most Expensive Shoe) ,
    Stuart Hughes Prestige HD (Most Expensive TV),
    Heintzman Crystal Piano (Most Expensive Instrument),
    Small school,
    Black Diamond Gold iPhone (Most Expensive phone),
    Marie-Antoinette (Most Expensive Watch),
    Californium (1 gram) ,
    Codex Leicester (Most Expensive Book),
    Scorpion Venom (1 gallon) (Most Expensive Liquid),
    Ferarri 250 GTO (Most Expensive Car),
    Wittelsbach Diamond (Most Expensive Jewellery),
    L¡¯Homme qui marche (Most Expensive Sculpture),
    Interchange de Kooning (Most Expensive Painting),
    Lanai Islet, Hawaii (Most Expensive Island),
    Round Trip to the Moon,
    $1 Billion,
    Antilia (Most Expensive House),
    B-2 Spirit (Most Expensive Aircraft),
    History Supreme (Most Expensive Yacht),
    Abraj Al Bait (Most Expensive Building),
    Bill Gates Net Worth (Richest Person),
    Rothschild Family Net Worth (Richest Family),
    US Interstate Highway System (Most Expensive Project),
    Wallmart Revenue (Largest Company),
    $1 Trillion,
    US National Debt,
    China's GDP (PPP),
    Anti Matter (1 gram),
    Global GDP,
    Total value of all financial assets,
    Value of all of Earth's Resources,
    Value of the Sun's lifetime energy resources,
    Value of a Diamond ExoPlanet!

    Clash Defiant Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  • The Most Expensive Buildings In The World


    In this top ten list, we will show you some incredible buildings and how much they cost. Moreover, we will talk about some the world’s most expensive buildings. A lot of work and money had been put into them. We will explore each of them in terms of their construction costs and what is inside them. But these are not just buildings made only for luxury’s sake. One building in particular serves an important religious purpose for Muslims, and another is even an airport that cost billions of dollars to build. But what about the other buildings? Which one holds up a giant ship in the sky? Which one had to be built back up due to a tragedy? Which one has a ten-story mall inside? Which one happens to have a Universal Studios location? And just why does each building matter to the world, especially the building that only costs $210 million dollars, a dwarf compared to the billion-dollar giants? We will find answers to all of these questions and discuss even more about the buildings. We will also talk about whatever amenities are in each of them that you can enjoy. We will even give you the cost of admission for some of them. The amenities ranged from an airport theater in Japan to a water park to an art/science museum featuring Star Wars characters to a tour of a stadium. We would go on, but you’ll find out more in the video. We hope that you will one day get to go to these fabulous places. Enjoy the video, and find out each building’s worth in millions and billions of US dollars—and its significance. Tell us which of the buildings that you had learned about from us is your favorite one. We would greatly appreciate it.

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    Written by: Hannah Victoria Johnson
    Narrated by: Adam Newmark
    Edited by: Andrew Gut

    For copyright matters please contact us at:

    00:00 Intro
    00:35 Al-Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia, $100 billion
    01:26 Kansai International Airport, Japan, $20 billion
    02:08 Abraj Al Bait, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, $15 billion
    02:45 Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Singapore, $5.5 billion
    03:25 Resorts World Sensota, Singapore, $4.93 billion
    04:02 SoFi Stadium, United States, $4.9 billion
    04:41 One World Trade Center, United States, $3.8 billion
    05:22 Lotte World Tower, South Korea, $3.11 billion
    06:01 Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia, $1.6 billion
    06:44 Princess Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates $210 million

  • 10 Things Youll Never Buy Once You Know What Theyre Made Of!


    top 10 everyday things you'll probably skip from buying after knowing how it's made
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    We live in an amazing world. You can travel pretty much anywhere you want. You can watch anything you want on TV. You can find information on nearly anything thanks to the internet. Then there’s the food and consumer goods we buy daily. In this day and age, restaurants, stores and supermarkets have combined to offer us an incredible range of products that were only a dream several decades ago. It’s probably a good thing too, considering how much our consumer culture buys. In all seriousness, as we walk through the shopping wonderland most of us don’t even give a second thought to what goes into making the various products we buy. Some of it can be pretty interesting. A lot of it, however, can just get downright disturbing and gross.

    Ahead there are 10 products many of us buy, use or eat on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are some rather things that can go into making these products. In fact, some of you may be a bit hesitant to buy them the next time you’re at the store. There’s everyone’s favorite meat treat, the hotdog. From there we’ll discuss foods that use red and yellow food. So, if you like cherry ice cream or Kraft Dinner be ready to second guess your life choices. Even the plain old potato chip can have some nasty stuff hidden in it that may have you skipping the chip aisle. Processed breads and fast food desserts? Sure, we know these aren’t good for you but there’s actually something that goes into them which just doesn’t seem right. You’ll also notice that ground beef and gummy bears share a bit more in common than you’d ever want them to. You can wash that all down with a Red Bull while wearing your Canada Goose jacket. Yup, those also have a backstory that may just have you wondering if you should buy them. We’ll end it all off with castoreum, a product that’s in a lot of stuff you eat but you likely never knew what it was. Dinner’s served!

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  • Things Youll Never Buy Once You Know What Theyre Made Of!


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    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
    Image Credits :
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  • Ridiculously Expensive Dogs ONLY The Richest Can Afford


    Everyday Items That Went A Little Too Far

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    Here at TheRichest, the only thing we love more than outrageously expensive items are dogs. So when we started thinking about expensive dogs, well, you can imagine the pristine and perfectly trained pooches we were able to come up with. We will show you some of the most exquisite dogs out there that will have you wishing you could afford one. If you’re a fan of dogs with some fluff, we will tell you about the Chow Chow and the Samoyed. The Chow Chow is an incredible and strong-willed guard dog, while the Samoyed is known for its herding ability and its non-stop smile. Just looking at the sheer size of a Great Dane is probably enough to explain why they are so expensive. These gentle giants need a lot of food and room, and some owners go just a little bit overboarding making sure their Great Danes are comfortable. Have you ever owned a once in a lifetime dog that you felt was irreplaceable? Well, thanks to the science of cloning, you can create a replica of your most beloved pet, assuming you have the cash to afford the procedure of course. One dog that has become quite internet famous is Hulk, the massive pitbull. When Hulk sires a litter, people are all too quick to snatch up one of his puppies which can cost tens of thousands of dollars even before they go through rigorous training. If you’re looking for an immaculately trained dog, you should learn what dogs go through before they are allowed to fight alongside human soldiers on the battlefield. It isn’t cheap, but it’s hard to put a price on the service that these brave dogs provide.

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  • Top 10 Items That Billionaires Can Only Afford


    Top 10 Items That Billionaires Can Only Afford. The items on this list are things that only the rich can afford. Such has expensive cars and even owning a huge airplane. So here is the list of the Top 10 Items That Billionaires Can Only Afford.


    P.O BOX # 14015
    2408 Lakeshore Blvd W.
    Etobicoke, On M8V4A2

    Top 10 Most Expensive Surgeries :

    Top 10 Terrifying Predictions For 2017 :

    Top 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist :

    Top 10 Secrets That Will Save Your Life :



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    Ryan Wazonek

    Liam Collens

    Sasha Wood

  • Will You Be Rich or Poor? True Personality Test


    How to Know if You’ll Be Rich. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but most of us still wouldn’t mind having a little more of those unhappy bills. So let’s find out if you’re gonna have more than enough or barely enough to get by! You’ve got 10 questions to answer. Don’t overthink it; just go with the first option you like!

    This video is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. The video is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional, medical or psychiatric advice of any kind.

    Question #1 0:44
    Question #2 1:26
    Question #3 2:15
    Question #4 2:49
    Question #5 3:32
    Question #6 4:08
    Question #7 4:55
    Question #8 5:35
    Question #9 6:21
    Question #10 7:09
    If you got 100 to 160 points 7:53
    If you got 170 to 230 points 8:24
    If you got 230 to 300 points 8:48

    #richpoor #personalitytest


    -You’re offered a deal: you either get $10,000 right now or have to wait a year but get $100,000. What would you choose?
    -Will you go for the second pair of shoes you didn’t really plan on buying just to get the third one for free?
    -Speaking of shopping, do you make shopping lists and keep a budget?
    -Will you get the latest greatest smartphone model everybody’s buzzing about?
    -What’s the perfect birthday gift for you?
    -Would you go to a concert that is in 2 days for free if it’s 1,000 miles away?
    -Describe your eating habits.
    -Would you rather have a well-paid secure job that’s boring or do something financially risky that you enjoy?
    -Imagine you’re offered a promotion, but they’d have to fire your best friend. What would you do?
    -What’s the meaning of life in your opinion?
    -If you got 100 to 160 points, you’ll be living in Saving Mode.
    -In case your final score is between 170 and 230 points, you’ll be Quite Comfortable.
    -If your total came to 230 to 300 points, congratulations! You’re a Future Rockefeller!

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  • Most Expensive Thing on Earth Takes Billions of Years to Make


    ???? The Bright Side MERCH shop (ships worldwide!):

    The most expensive thing in the universe is something called anti-matter. If you could get your hands on a teaspoonful of the stuff, you'd be $250 TRILLION richer! ???? But here’s the catch: it takes about 100 billion years to create just 1 jelly-bean-sized amount, and it can only be done using the Large Hadron Collider. Well, there goes that idea! But stick around for some more incredible space facts and discoveries! ????????


    Photo taken by Rogelio Bernal Andreo in October 2010: By Rogelio Bernal Andreo - CC BY-SA 3.0
    CC BY-SA 4.0
    Beta Lyrae type eclipsing binary star: By Merikanto,
    This illustration shows a night-side view of the exoplanet WASP-76b: By ESO/M. Kornmesser -
    CC BY 4.0
    This artist’s impression depicts a Sun-like star close to a rapidly spinning supermassive black hole: By ESO, ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser -
    Zooming in on AT2019qiz: By ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2/N,
    Death by spaghettification: artistic animation of star being tidally disrupted by a black hole: By ESO/M. Kornmesser,
    Hubble sees galaxies galore: By NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team,
    NASA Image and Video Library
    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • Stupid Things Done by Rich People Around the World


    Here is a list of Stupid Things Done by Rich People Around the World. Do Share Your Views.

  • 13 Ways Poor People Waste Money But Rich Dont


    It seems like rich people can get anything and everything they want, considering all that money they have! But then why don't they drop bills left and right buying things that poorer people take loans to get? Well, the purchases that wealthy people tend to avoid might actually shock you!

    #richvspoor #richhabits #richpeople

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    7 Main Differences Between Rich and Poor People
    7 Little Things That Give Us Away Completely

    Expensive Grooming 0:24
    Numerous Credit Cards 1:05
    Junk Food 1:46
    Overpriced Homes 2:33
    Fancy Toys for Kids 3:15
    Personal coaches 3:44
    Fortune-tellers, mystics, and psychics 4:23
    Trendy Interior Designs at Exorbitant Prices 5:23
    Additional Education for Their Kids 6:09
    Video Games and TV Channels 6:53
    Luxury Brands 7:18
    Things That Won't Last 7:55
    Latest Versions of Popular Gadgets 8:22

    Preview photo credit:
    15.05.2004 Cameron Diaz sending a photo by handy to her boyfriend at the premiere of SHREK 2 during the 57th Cannes Film Festival, Cannes: By Semmer/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News,
    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    Music by Epidemic Sound

    - Rumor has it that the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, spends $19,000 on his haircut. Even if that’s true, most rich people don't share this approach to grooming.
    - Only 8% of wealthy people have more than one bank card. At the same time, 77% of low-income earners carry numerous credit cards in their wallets.
    - Despite popular myths, rich people don't eat lobsters and ribeye steaks every day. But at the same time, they try to steer clear of junk food.
    - Even though almost any millionaire can afford a spacious house in a trendy neighborhood, they still search for good deals!
    - Most wealthy people try to stay reasonable and avoid pampering their children. They opt for high-quality and long-lasting toys as well as for something simple.
    - Most life coaches target low-income people who aren't at the height of their careers. A lot of people have an inherent belief in miracles, and for them, it's all too easy to think that there is a magic pill which can change their life for the better.
    - Since logical thinking and an analytical mind are some of the most important qualities for achieving success and becoming rich, it's no wonder that millionaires don't visit psychics and fortune-tellers.
    - New trends in interior design regularly appear in stores, and some people rush after fashionable home items, not wanting to fall behind in modern style. Interestingly, most of these customers are average income earners.
    - Most wealthy people know that too much of everything won't make you financially successful. And excess tutoring won't turn you into a skillful entrepreneur.
    - Obviously, the rich and powerful can afford clothes created by any fashion designer, but do they buy up all the latest collections? Nope!
    - All wealthy people realize that the cheapest item isn't always the most profitable. When buying something, you need to consider how the price tag today compares with the thing's worth over time.
    - Interestingly, millionaires aren't gadget-crazed. They can easily use old phone and laptop models as long as they work well. Besides, even if they do buy expensive state-of-the-art gadgets, that's most likely not because they feel the need to follow the trend.

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  • Top 10 most expensive foods in the world | दुनिया के 10 सबसे महंगे भोजन


    In this video of top 10 Hindi we will discuss some of the crazy expensive foods in the world. If we do not eat food, we will not even live. Although food is our only need, but now eating good and expensive things has become a hundred. People today eat not for living but for taste. Today people do not like to eat without taste. Those who are poor eat very cheap and simple food while the rich enjoy special food. Have you ever thought that what the billionaire and the billionaire people will eat while eating, if you too are eager to know, then you will get the answer in this video, so you must watch the video till the end. Friends, there are some such expensive food in our world, knowing about the price and their benefits, your mouth will be open. Hello friends, you are watching Top 10 Hindi and in this video we will tell you about the 10 most expensive food in the world.

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  • 15 Most Expensive Things In The World


    Let's take a look as some of the most expensive things on the planet! Rare antiques, beautiful artworks and much more.

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  • How to get RICH FAST in Bloxburg! | Bloxburg


    Sooo I didn’t exactly make a description yet so this will be empty for now, but today I’m showing you How to get rich in Bloxburg!

    All music in the video is not mine. Credits to the original owners.

    #roblox #bloxburg #howtogetrichinbloxburg

  • Billionaire Rich Kids Under Quarantine


    It's no secret that quarantine has affected us all, but some more than others. The lifestyles of these royal billionaire rich kids clearly has some perks to it!

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    Welcome back, Richest fans! At the moment, the world is in a weird place. Much of the population is going through some kind of financial hardship in lockdown due to recent events. Yet for the elite, they’ve been clinging to normal life as much as possible. So much so that the rich kids of social media and celebrities have been posting about their luxury purchases online. Mostly on Instagram. Today, we’re going to see what these wealthy millionaires and billionaires have been splashing the cash on during quarantine to help ease their burden of isolation.

    Now for what you can expect to see in the video. If you don’t want spoilers, best you go and watch it now instead! We’ll see which of the expensive homes David and Victoria Beckham have been hanging out in. We also have another celeb family that’s been enjoying their second home. As well as see an incredible basketball court in Drake’s! We’ll also look at the owner of Virgin, Richard Branson, and his pricey private island. As well as another celeb who has an island. We’ll also examine some of the luxury cars that the rich kids have been collecting. Entertainment is a big factor. So, we’ll see some gorgeous swimming pools. We’ll also look at some boats and superyachts that the rich have been isolating on. There’s also the new market of designer face masks! We’ll also look at hotels with a certain King, private planes of the rich, and secret parties they’ve been attending during the recent events.

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  • Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Foods in the World Only Super-Rich Can Afford!


    Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Foods in the World [Only Super-Rich Can Afford!] l Luxuries Daily Input

    Hey you all! Luxuries Daily Input welcomes you back with yet another captivating video.
    They say you don't need a silver fork to enjoy a good meal. For a normal person, a good meal need not be very expensive. Most of the time, a Pizza or Pasta is enough to make us happy but there are people who order outstandingly expensive foods, because... well, simply because they can!
    People's understanding of the phrase expensive food varies widely. For some it means red salmon; for others truffles. However, there's actually a whole range of food products that have price tags you would never have imagined were possible.
    Luxurious Daily Input offers you the chance to take a look at the ten most expensive foods in the world. So, stay tuned until the end to know these ten things and why they are so. Nearly 98% of Our Viewers haven't even Subscribed yet! So please Like this Video, Share it with the Future Entrepreneurs & Subscribe to Luxuries Daily Input! Also Be a Part Of Daily Input Family By Subscribing to Gaming Daily Input & Tiktok Daily Input. Links are in the Description!

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    Top 10 richest Kids of Dubai ►


    TOP LUXURIOUS HOTELS IN DUBAI [Hidden Gems!] Luxuries Daily Input

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  • BLACK APPLE | Top 5 Most Expensive Fruits In The World | दुनिया का सबसे महंगा फल


    Most expensive fruits in the world
    BLACK APPLE | Top 5 Most Expensive Fruits In The World | दुनिया का सबसे महंगा फल

  • 15 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist


    Some animals are cute, petite and dainty. But, if you’ve read the tile of this video, you should know that those animals are officially BANNED from appearing in this list. Some of the creatures you’re about to witness are such gargantuan lumps of muscle we could barely fit them on the screen. These are abnormally large animals that actually exist!

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  • How to Retire on ETHEREUM by 2030 or sooner


    #Ethereum #RetireOnEthereum #ETH #FinancialFreedom #BestEthereumRetirementPlan

    How to Retire on Ethereum
    This video covers how many needed Ethereum you need to support your lifestyle. It goes into great detail across valuation models and takes into account cost of living indices across over 100 countries, purchasing power, and average salaries to create a proprietary model around the cost of living tied back to Ethereum's future price. This is the most comprehensive Ethereum Retirement Plan on Earth.

    The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

    0:00 Introduction - how to retire on Ethereum all over the world, how many you need and why
    1:08 Ethereum Dominance ETH was 15% of BTC’s Market Cap in Dec 2020 = now 24%
    1:45 ETH/BTC Ratio .022 to .038 from my “Ethereum Undervalued” video on 12/25/20
    2:30 Bitcoin = Digital Gold Ethereum = Digital Oil
    3:23 Ethereum Partnership Network
    4:00 CBDC’s Need a Blockchain Like Ethereum
    4:23 ETH Coin Supply - Ethereum supply today: 114M Coins
    5:08 Ethereum Coins in the year 2030. ETH Market Cap 210,526,046,483 114M Coins in Supply ETH Supply 2 new ETH every 15 seconds. New ETH mined per year 4,204,800
    6:01 Ethereum Price Prediction 2030 $12,800 JM
    6:41 Ethereum Price Prediction 2030 Ethereum Dominance $22,938 JM
    7:30 Ethereum Price Prediction 2030 Ethereum 10% of BTC Value $55,198 JM
    9:00 Ethereum Price Prediction 2030 Ethereum 4th Model is average of $30312
    9:30 Warning from Chamath P - Ethereum could go to zero - although he has since changed his tune
    9:55 Where is the beef
    10:00 Ethereum required to retire in the Cayman Islands
    12:42 Ethereum required to retire in the USA
    13:20 Ethereum required to retire in Australia
    14:26 Ethereum required to retire in Portugal
    14:54 Ethereum required to retire in Panama
    15:20 Ethereum required to retire in Costa Rica
    15:35 Ethereum required to retire in Malaysia
    15:46 Ethereum required to retire in Mexico
    16:00 Ethereum required to retire in Mexico
    16:15 Ethereum required to retire in Indonesia
    16:15 Ethereum required to retire in Indonesia
    16:50 Ethereum required to retire in Vietnam
    17:28 Conclusions
    17:30 Conclusion Part 1 ETH news has been otherwise extremely positive, and speculation suggests that Ethereum's future is incredibly bright and will perform successfully as an investment asset, and has a solid long term value projection.
    18:00 Conclusion Part 2 Many believe ETH could be worth $100,000 by 2030.
    Raoul Pal said recently according to Metcalfe's Law, Ethereum is looking like Bitcoin, which could be the key to the price of Ethereum, and Bitcoin and Ethereum might well go up to $20,000 in this bull cycle, which was what Bitcoin achieved in the last bull cycle.
    I prefer being conservative and would be very happy if it hit my conservative $12,800 estimate.
    18:20 Conclusion Part 3Will Ethereum Survive? At the moment Ethereum is not only surviving, it's thriving. Ethereum is the most popular smart contract platform and it has more developers working on the project than any other cryptocurrency in the world. There's even more Bitcoin locked up in Ethereum than there is locked up on Bitcoin's Lightning Network.
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    19:05 SCAMMERS

  • How to make $2.1 Billion in GTA 5 Story Mode!


    In today's video I will be explaining a 3 step process on how to go from $0 to $2.1 Billion in GTA V Story Mode! In case you missed anything or want clarification, I have a written explanation of the steps below :)

    Become a member of the channel using the link below:

    Time Stamps:
    Intro - 0:00
    Important Note - 1:06
    Play through Missions and Heists - 2:19
    Part 1 of Process (The Big Score Heist) - 3:20
    Devin's Ultimatum - 5:30
    Quick Investing Tip - 6:33
    Part 2 (Lester Missions) - 7:17
    Part 3 (Stock Market Method) - 11:05
    Memberships + Outro - 14:13

    Written Explanation:

    PART 1 ($0 - $13+ Million):

    Part 1 is simply playing through the story mode until you finish the sixth and final heist, The Big Score. Once you have done that you will have made anywhere from approximately $12,000,000 to $41,000,000.

    If you are interested in even more information than what i gave in the video then I suggest to check out the website below.

    Make sure you only do the first of 5 Lester Assassination Missions as you will need to save the final 4 for part 2!

    PART 2 ($13+ Million - $200+ Million)

    Part 2 is where the big money is made. Some may even be able to make out their money at $2.1 Billion after this. Essentially you will be doing the Lester Assassination Missions while investing in stocks that the missions will affect in order to earn insane returns! The list of instructions for each mission is below.

    Multi Target Assassination Mission:
    1. Buy Debonaire stock before the mission
    2. Wait for a 40%-100% return on Debonaire
    3. Sell Debonaire Stock
    4. Buy Redwood stock after selling Debonaire
    5. Wait for 200%-300% return on Redwood
    6. Sell Redwood Stock

    Vice Assassination Mission:
    1. Buy iFruit stock before the mission
    2. Wait for a 20%-60% return on iFruit stock
    3. Buy Facade stock after selling iFruit
    4. Wait for 20%-40% or more return
    5. Sell Facade stock

    Bus Assassination Mission:
    1. Buy Vapid stock after mission
    2. Wait for a 79%-100% return on Vapid
    3. Sell Vapid stock

    Construction Assassination Mission:
    1. Buy Gold Coast stock before the mission
    2. Wait for a 50%-100% return on Gold Coast
    3. Sell Gold Coast stock

    *The expected returns are estimates so you may receive better or worse returns*

    PART 3 ($200+ Million - $2.1 Billion)

    Part 3 is a stock market trading method I have formulated over time. It has 6 simple steps, which are outlined below.

    * I suggest investing with one character at a time*

    Step 1: Create a save file before investing so there is a backup in case anything goes wrong.

    Step 2: Find a stock that has been steadily declining in price for 5 days in a row (this is illustrated in the graph from the video). Invest all of your money into that one stock.

    Step 3: Sleep in game to speed up in game time and change the stock price. Only sleep a maximum of 5 times. If you haven't seen a descent positive return by the fifth time I suggest reloading the save file you created and choosing a new stock.

    Step 4: Once you have a 1-5% (suggested amount) positive return on the stock, sell the stock.

    Step 5: Create a new save file with your new amount of money by quick saving.

    Step 6: Repeat until you hit $2.1 Billion :)

    That's it! Feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comment section down below.

    I hope the video helped and I wish you all the best!

  • 15 Expensive Fruits Only The Richest Can Afford


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    While it can feel like we have discovered everything there is to discover, that’s not true. We are still unraveling histories of things we have discovered with no written records. Plus, there are more mysteries being made all the time when a case grows cold over many years. 2020 has been quite the year, many unsolved mysteries have been solved this year which includes the infamous stone hinge mystery. Let's jump into this video, this is the Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries That Have JUST Been Solved in 2020, exclusively on viral scoop
    These stories are almost too weird to believe. For this list, we’ll be looking at the eeriest instances of serendipity that have taken place since the year 2000. Our countdown includes Devon Saw’s Final Destination, Chris Benoit’s Wikipedia Page, The Simpsons Foresaw Trump's Presidency, and more! What do YOU think is the creepiest coincidence of the century so far? Let us know in the comments!

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    You’ve got to have a lot of money to buy things like yachts, mansions, and private jets, but would you believe there’s fruit out there that also requires having particularly deep pockets? Among them are truly strawberries, grapes that cost about $450 each, and melons that can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.
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  • Top 50 Billionaire Items Only The Richest Can Afford


    These top 50 Billionaire items are just some of the things that only the richest people in the world can afford in 2020. This is the most insane top 50 list yet!

    Join Will from Vidello Productions as he takes a look at what Billionaires spend their insane bank balances on as part of our Billionaire Lifestyles series on YouTube

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    We Ranked the Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World Based on Their Price:
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    Have you ever wondered what is the most expensive fruit in the world or how much does the world's most expensive fruits cost? Well, you're in the right place!

    In this original video we're taking a look at the costliest fruits in the world.

    In this Top 10 most expensive fruits in the world video we'll be answering the following questions:

    What is the most expensive fruit in the world?
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    What is the most expensive grape in the world?
    What is the most expensive apple in the world?
    What is the most expensive watermelon in the world?
    Is there a black market for fruits?
    What are the most expensive fruits in japan?

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    Going to a restaurant during happy hour to get a good deal might be the way to go for some, but for the richest of the rich, that is not an option as they must get the most expensive thing on the menu. The foods on this list might seem like outrageous menu items to you, but to the rich and famous, it’s just lunch.

    Today, we’ll take a look at the 15 most expensive food in the world. Be sure to stay until the end of the video and check out our number 1 pick because you won’t believe how expensive that thing is.

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  • 10 Expensive Everyday Items Only The Richest Can Afford


    Top 10 most luxurious versions of everyday items

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    We all have ways to make ourselves feel wealthy or slightly upper middle class anyway. We might indulge in an expensive steak dinner with the spouse or maybe cave and buy a better quality desk chair with those fancy ergonomic features - maybe the most expensive one in the store if you’re feeling extra generous (still hoping it’s on sale or you can bargain the price a bit lower). But what about the serious upper class folks that go so over the top with their purchases that basic everyday items have suddenly become a luxury item in themselves?

    Ah, the life of the wealthy; mansions, travelling to elusive locations around the world and splurging on life’s most luxurious pleasures. Let’s be honest; if you had all the money in the world, where would you draw the line? How far will you go to flaunt your wealth? At some point, a garage filled with fancy cars or a room dedicated to a collection of Dom Perignon just might not seem enough or maybe it’s just too predictable. Whether it’s a golden roll of toilet paper or the world’s most expensive hamburger, one needs to ask if there was even a demand for these products in the firm place that prompted business owners to go ahead and create luxurious versions of life’s daily basics.

    Maybe you don’t agree that a doorstop should run you nearly $4000 or that a shirt made completely out of gold are worth the pricetag. Clothes can already get pretty expensive sometimes but would indulging in a pair of jeans with an abstract painted design by a prestigious artist push you to drop thousands of dollars for the sake of wearing a painting on your legs to the grocery store? Well, there definitely seem to be people out there willing to pay the the cost to own some of these expensive items.

  • Strangest HYBRID Fruits You Didnt Know Existed


    Odd combos of fruit that create NEW ones you won't believe until you see them!
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    To survive as a species, we need to eat. Every living thing eats something. We are living in an age where if there’s a certain food that doesn’t exist, we can create it thanks to the amazing world of science. Through genetically modified food science and cross-pollination, we can create some really amazing hybrids of our favorite foods. Keep in mind that doing this to foods isn’t always a bad thing. It’s simply like taking two different colors on a paint palette to create a beautiful new color. With hybrids made up of two to three different fruits, it seems that we are creating a whole new world of eating that even our grandparents could never dream of. This all sounds like a fantasy, but it’s very much real. The craziest thing about it is that this is only the beginning. Solving world hunger doesn't seem so impossible now that we can essentially create any food that we want.

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  • Exotic Foods That Can Actually Kill You


    Top 10 foreign types of food that are toxic if eaten the wrong way.
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    For most of us, we are happy with a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, hamburger and fries or a sandwich when it comes to meal time. Of course, not everyone eats as we do. Around the world, different regions and cultures eat a variety of foods which we have never seen or even heard of. Fruits, meats and spices come in different forms and have varying importance depending on where you live. Often, cultural practices and regional restrictions dictate what many people in different regions eat. For instance, maritime countries often have a bounty of seafood with fewer dishes related to beef or pork. Other nations may have diets high in chicken or lamb while some may rely heavily on vegetable and fruit based diets.
    All of this variety results in a world where the definition of what constitutes food is very broad. For instance, the fried tarantula treat of south-east Asia doesn’t seem out of place to the indigenous population. However, bring some fried eight-legged treats to North America and we’re betting more than a few people would be grossed out. There is such a broad variety of things that people are willing to eat that naturally some dangerous items work their way into the diet. In North America and Europe we think of things like fast and processed food as being dangerous because in the long run the preservatives, sugars, salts and fats can have harmful effects on our bodies. Heart disease, obesity, stroke and cancers are just a few of the dangers associated with our diet. What about the rest of the world.
    Indeed, throughout the rest of the world there are foods that can be as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than the terrible things we put in our bodies. Just because these regions don’t have as close ties with processed and fatty foods as we do doesn’t mean there aren’t a few killer foods hanging around. In fact, rather than kill you slowly over time, these exotic foods can often strike quickly. The irony with many of these foods is that they trade the long term negative health effects found in North American food for a rapid and often poison related death. In many of the following examples, the exotic foods are extremely popular and consumed in great quantity every year. The catch is that they need to be prepared very carefully and in very specific ways in order to ensure there is no danger.
    Poisonous fish, deadly fruits and potentially harmful meats are the types of exotic foods most of us would stay away from because they seem gross and liable to kill you. The funny thing is that to anyone from outside of the Western World, the same thing could be said about much of the modern diet we consume on a regular basis. It’s just a matter of picking your poison.

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