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15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen

  • 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    The animal kingdom is getting a little chubby! These animals may have eaten a bit too many treats! Here are the fattest animals ever seen.

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  • Top 15 Most CUTE Baby Animals


    The most cute baby animals on the planet. What makes these animals so cute? Let us know if you agree or disagree with our number 1 pick!

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  • Top 10 FATTEST Wild Animals Ever Seen


    Obesity is on the rise, but apparently not just for humans. Today's video is on the top ten fattest wild animals.

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  • 15 Abnormally Strong Animals That Actually Exist


    Strength can be measured by many means. Whether it’s mental fortitude, willpower, or the unlimited strength of the human spirit, as people we understand that power can take many different forms. In the Animal Kingdom, however, whilst being smart often pays off--more often than not, it’s brute strength that makes the brawniest of the bunch. From ridiculously jacked Kangaroos, to the most unassuming of Beetles--here’s 15 Abnormally Strong Animals That Actually Exist

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  • 13 Smallest Animals In The World


    Aww, small animals are so cute! Check out this adorable list of the worlds tiniest little animals!

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    6 - Speckled Padloper Tortoise
    Also known as the speckled cape tortoise is the world's tiniest turtle, you can find them inside South Africa. These little critters usually measure between six to ten centimeters in length and weigh around 95 to 165 grams. These little guys are most active in early mornings and live in rocky terrain usually feeding on small succulents which grow in between the rocks. Their babies are usually born under seven grams and are only 30 millimeters long, the hatchlings emerge from their shells between 100 and 120 days.

    5 - Spaghetti Snake
    This charming reptilian can most commonly be located inside the Caribbean Islands native to Barbados and are said to be about as thick as a spaghetti noodle, hence their super cute namesake. This tiny member of the snake species called the blind threadsnake, they usually only grow to be about four inches in length and coil easily onto the width of an American quarter. The biologist who discovered this adorable reptile was S. Blair Hedges of the Pennsylvania State University who unearthed the tiny find from the soil of Barbados where they burrow in the forest dirt for their favourite meal, insect larvae. Though these snakes are blind, teeny tiny and lay just one egg at a time, they have managed to survive in the harsh wilderness of Barbados forests, proving once and for all that big things really do come in small packages.

    4 - The Philippine Tarsier
    These little guys are some of the world's smallest primates, they are known for being jittery and shy. These marvels of the modern world have grey fur and have a nearly naked tail, head and body length only stretch to about 115 to 150 millimeters and weigh an approximate 110 to 145 grams. These Philippine-born critters are best characterised by their gigantic eyes, slender legs and fingers and jumping prowess, they can hop up to twenty whole feet, which is pretty darn impressive for such little guys. These miniature Tarsiers also have a very distinct neck, they have specially evolved vertebrates which allow them to turn their heads to nearly 180 degrees, making for the cutest exorcist movie ever!

    3 - Denise's Pygmy Seahorse
    Look carefully, can you spot the little adorable horse of the sea? This adorable little miniature seahorse can be found in the Pacific ocean, most commonly on the Western side, they are sometimes referred to as the yellow pygmy seahorse with a standard tiny size of around two and a half centimeters. These teeny-weeny creatures have short snouts, slender smooth bodies and a prehensile tail. These little darlings are most commonly found at depths between 13 and 100 meters below sea level usually hidden inside fields of sea fans. The male is the one who gets pregnant and broods the eggs inside its ventral brood pouch and utilises adaptive camouflage, changing it's color from yellow, to orange and sometimes to pink in order to remain not eaten by predators.

    2 - Dwarf Three-Toed Jerboa
    This amazing tiny wonder is hailed as the smallest rodent in the world and also, the cutest. This teeny weeny rodent grows to be an average of about 1 and a half inches in head and body length with the tail stretching an approximate 3 inches, these adorable critters usually weigh around 3.75 grams. These critters can be found in Pakistan and Afghanistan frequenting sand dunes, gravel flats and sandy plains in hot deserts. These cute little guys are best known for their long hops and magnificent balance thanks to their long tails. These cute fellas tend to live inside burrows under small bushes and feed on wind blown seeds and scattered leaves.

    1 - Pygmy Mouse Lemur
    Get ready for an absolute cuteness overload ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the world's smallest species of lemur, the pygmy mouse lemur. This adorable little guy is only approximately five inches long and weighs a microscopic two ounces. These tiny little adorable creatures were discovered in the year of 1993 along the forested areas of Madagascar, These nocturnal primates prefer deciduous forests and are usually brown and white in color, they have long tails which they use to hang from trees and look even more adorable than usual. Oh man, just look at this one, he's sticking out his tongue, ah! So cute!

  • The 10 Most Fattest Kids In The World


    The 10 Most Fattest Kids In The World

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    The 10 Fattest Kids In The World
    These days, people are generally more careful about what they eat. Although obesity is a major problem
    around the world, people are slowly realizing that eating healthier is generally better. However, there
    are instances wherein people have no choice but to gain weight. Like these 10 kids on our list, who
    gained a lot of weight through no fault of their own, nor their parents. You might be familiar with the
    boy on number one on this list, as his image was used for a very popular meme a few years ago. Find out
    who he is as we give you 10 of the fattest kids in the world.

    Number 10. Justin Painter
    At only seven years old, Justin Painter from North Carolina already weighed 250 pounds, and it landed
    his mom in hot water.
    You see, Justin’s weight gain was so out of control, Social Services has actually threatened to remove the
    boy from his mom’s custody, giving her 2 months to show progress in making her son lose weight. Social
    services officials said they consider their situation as an act of abuse or neglect. They actually went as far
    as placing Justin in foster care for about a week, before giving him back to his mom.
    He is now on the road to losing weight, but it’s just sad to see that it takes government intervention to
    have some parents take action against obesity, which will definitely have negative effects on their kids in
    the future.

    Number 9. Aliya Saleem

    Aliya Saleem was only 10 months old back in 2015 when she became a viral sensation on YouTube, but
    not for very good reasons. At that tender age, she weighed a whopping 53 pounds. She was born
    normally, weighing around 9 pounds, but started gaining weight uncontrollably at around three months
    of age.
    It’s quite difficult to find the original video now, but it has been reported that it has garnered more than
    70 million views on YouTube. But despite all of these views, there was little to no help given to the poor
    girl. That was until Aliya’s father came into contact with metabolic surgeon Ravikanth Kongara and
    brought his daughter here for treatment after trying hospitals in New Delhi and Ranchi.
    It was found out that Aliya suffered from Leptin deficiency which explained her constant hunger and
    obesity. Dr. Kongara performed bariatric surgery on Aliya when she was 2 and a half years old, a very
    difficult procedure given the age of the patient, but it was eventually successful. Aliya lost 30 pounds in
    just 4 months and is on her way to losing more.

    Number 8. Suman Khatun

    Back in 2014, Suman Khatun was 9 years old. She stood 3 feet 5 inches and weighed 203 pounds making
    her one of the fattest kids at that time. Like Aliya, she suffered from Leptin deficiency, which caused
    uncontrollable eating and thus, obesity.
    Her appetite was so huge, it was reported in a single week, she munched her way through 30 pounds of
    rice, 18 pounds of potatoes, 18 pounds of fish, and about 180 bananas. Her parents said they tried their
    best to limit her eating, but obviously failed.
    Her weight spiraled uncontrollably and at 14, she already weighed over 400 pounds. During this time,
    she underwent gastric bariatric surgery has lost 176 pound in just four months after the surgery.

    Number 7. Waylon Cole
    How heavy were you when you were born? According to my mom, I was tiny when I came out and
    weighed a paltry 6 pounds. I was born normal and was otherwise very healthy, but my mom always said
    I was the runt of the litter. Despite being the smallest and youngest of three brothers, I take solace in
    the fact that I’m still the best looking.
    Waylon Cole, on the other hand, was born the complete opposite of me, and is considered one of the
    heaviest babies ever born, weighing 16 pounds and was so massive that on the day he was born, he was
    fitted with clothes normally worn by a 6-month old baby.
    Unsurprisingly, he was born via Caesarian Section and was initially placed in intensive care due to
    breathing and feeding issues. Doctors and nurses couldn’t believe how heavy Waylon was and actually
    had to weigh the baby three times, thinking initially that their scale was broken. Despite the initial scare,
    Waylon was very healthy, despite being born twice the weight of a normal baby.
    It was later revealed that Whitney, Waylon’s mom, had gestational diabetes, a condition that typically
    causes babies to grow big in the womb and born overweight.

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  • 15 Giant Animals You Didnt Know Existed


    Huge animals have always terrified us, even more than the really small creepy crawly ones. All through history we have imagined huge monsters that might come and screw things up for us like Godzilla or King Kong. But we didn’t even need to imagine them because there have always been huge animals on Earth, and some of them are still alive today. Prepare yourself to meet some truly enormous monsters that you might never have heard of. From the enormous prehistoric snake who was as long as two school buses to the supersized snake who loves the water, here’s 15 Giant Animals You Didn't Know Existed

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  • ROLLIN` SAFARI - what if animals were round?


    Some common wildlife scenes in the world of Rollin`Wild.
    Visit our inflated animals on

    The Rollin`Safari Clips are the official trailers for ITFS 2013 ( and FMX 2013 (
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  • 10 Fattest Animals In The World


    10 Fattest Animals In The World
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    Hello, all mystery analyzing experts!
    In the colorful world with all kinds of animals of different sizes, how can we know which are the fattest animals on the planet? The answer lies in their weight to fat ratio. It is surprising that there are animals as small as the hand but the fat accounts for 70% of the body. Other animals weigh as much as the whole school! So which animals will be honored in the top 10 fattest animals in the world?
    Number 10: The pigs
    Our first candidate is an animal that is extremely familiar to everyone. Pigs are known for their bulky bodies with thick fat even when living in forests or domesticated on farms. According to the popular document channel National Geographic, their weight usually ranges from 300 to 700 pounds.
    Number 9: The moths
    In the United States, there are more than 11,000 species. The size of this animal is quite diverse, from the size of a pencil to a glove. Are you wondering why this tiny insect is among the fattest animals in the world?
    Number 8: The moth and its larva
    The moths and larvae are also known for their high-fat content. The Cosid moth larvae, also known as Witchetty larvae, contain 20% fat in their small body.
    Number 7: The camels
    Mentioning camels, you will think of the image of camels carrying people through hot deserts. But do not consider it a thin animal! Contrary to that, camels are one of the fattest animals in the world. wow, what a surprise!
    Number 6: The elephants
    It would be a pity if the list did not mention elephants. Although only herbivores, the elephant also leads the animal world in size, along with their terrible weight.
    Number 5: The hippos
    The hippopotamus is one of the largest on-land mammals and is the heaviest even-toed ungulate animal on Earth. Hippos are semi-terrestrial, residing in rivers, lakes, and wetlands of West Africa. All hippo activities are mostly underwater.
    Number 4: The baby seals
    Unlike some animals with the increase in the fat content in adulthood, other species fall into a transient fat state when the fat percentage peaks at a young age and fades as they get older. At the top of the list are the seals.
    Number 3: The walrus
    In the Pinnipedia class, along with seals, walruses are also one of the candidates for the world's fattest animal title. Their bodies contain 18% of fat and 44% of muscles. Similar to seals, newly weaned babies can achieve high-fat content after drinking breast milk. Adult walruses are easily recognized by their distinctive long white tusks and whiskers.
    Number 2: The orangutan
    A large species of primates also appears on this list, the orangutans. Orangutans are one of the smartest primates and can use a variety of sophisticated tools. Although only vegetarian with full of fruits and plants, orangutans have a muscular body, especially males weighing 50-100 kg with a height of 1.2 - 1.4m, while females have a little smaller bodies.
    Number 1: The blue whale
    And our champion of the top 10 fattest animals in the world belongs to the blue whales. Scientists claim that this is the largest and heaviest animal ever to exist, much heavier than the dinosaurs. Blue whales are the animals with the highest body fat percentage on land and at sea.
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  • 5 जानवर जो मोटापे के शिकार हो गए। Top 5 Fattest Animals Ever Seen.


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    10 आचर्यजनक बड़े जानवर जिन्हे नहीं देखा तो क्या देखा |

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    दुनिया के 5 सबसे अनोखे पालतू जानवर।

    दुनिया के 5 सबसे अजीबोगरीब विशेषता वाले साँप ।

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    From a man so big he had to be buried in what looked like a piano case to the heaviest person ever recorded at a whopping 1,397 lbs., we take a look at 10 of the Heaviest People Who Ever Lived!
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  • Hero People Saving Animals That Asked People for Help !


    Animals get into trouble all the time and even minor obstacles for us can become fatal for them. Sometimes, they just can't make it without us, so today we’re showing you 30 Animals That Asked People for Help! Watch to the end! You won’t be able to remain indifferent!

  • Let Food Be Thy Medicine


    In collaboration with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being. [6/2018] [Show ID: 33486]

    Future Thought Leaders

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  • 15-minute Sample Workout for Older Adults from Go4Life


    In this 15-minute video that features exercises for seniors, Go4Life fitness instructor Sandy Magrath leads older adults through a workout featuring a warm up; strength, flexibility, and balance exercises; and a cool down. Designed specifically for adults over age 50, this workout can be done at home, at work, at the gym—almost anywhere! You'll need a sturdy chair with arms; two equally weighed objects like dumbbells, soup cans, or water bottles; two tennis balls; and a towel. The video also includes instructions on how to modify some of the exercises to meet different needs.

    This workout for seniors begins with a simple exercise warmup. Sandy then leads the group through a series of strength and balance exercises, starting with 10 arm curls. She then demonstrates how to perform the overhead arm raise while holding the arms at a 90-degree angle using weights, such as soup cans, water bottles, or dumbbells.

    Next, Sandy demonstrates how to perform the chair dip and the chair stand to exercise the abdomen muscles. To work the lower body, the group performs a set of leg exercises using a chair. Sandy shows the group how to maintain good posture while doing a set of ten leg raises on each side. To work the hamstrings and the glutes, the group does the back leg raise. For the last exercise, Sandy coaches the group through a set of hand grip exercises using tennis balls.

    To conclude the workout, Sandy leads the group in some cool down and flexibility exercises. Stressing the importance of stretching after exercising, she shows the group how to use the towel to stretch the arm muscles on either side. The group finishes with some ankle and calf muscle stretches.

    The Go4Life Campaign from the National Institute on Aging focuses on encouraging older adults to make exercise and physical activity a part of their daily life. Use the Go4Life Everyday Exercises to practice the four types of exercise that are important for older adults: strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance:

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  • 15 Fattest Animals In The World!


    Some animals are big. Some animals are small. And some animals are just plan FAT. Every day we turn on our TVs and see animals in peak condition, running through the jungles, swimming in the sea, and climbing trees. But rarely do we ever see animals who are content just laying around and eating. I suppose that because no one wants to promote an unhealthy lifestyle. But they exist. There are plenty of animals out there who, just like us, need that little nudge to get back on the healthypath. With that being said, Here are 15 FATTEST ANIMALS IN THE WORLD

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  • 15 Fattest Wild Animals Ever Seen


    When we go big? We go big! Just like these animals. These are the fattest wild animals on theInternet in all their thick and juicy glory. In case you're wondering, there's no shortage of big andbeautiful animals online. And we’ve got everything from giant dogs, fat cats, chunky monkeys,and even the odd gigantic bear are here in this list. How could you not enjoy these plus-sizedanimals? There are fat hedgehogs, for pete's sake! Here are the 15 Fattest Wild Animals Ever Seen.

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  • 15 Fattest Animals in the World


    Out in the wild, not many animals have the luxury of overeating and piling on the pounds – margins between life and death, between starvation and being eaten by some other hungry creature are tiny. So laziness and a gut full of snack cakes is not an option for most species. But in captivity, some animals can start to adopt some of the gluttonous traits of their human masters…from the cat weighing almost 40 lbs to the obese dogs named after the Beatles, here’s the 15 fattest animals in the world!

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  • 15 Fattest Wild Animals Ever Seen


    From all creatures, great and small, its safe to say that the animal kingdom is filled with some pretty large characters. From overnight orangutans to bulls that live life like kings, Here are the 15 Fattest Wild Animals Ever Seen

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  • 15 Very Fat Animals


    Almost all of us are mad about extra pounds that we put on from time to
    time. But this situation takes place not in human but in animal world too.
    Let’s have a look at the fattest animals that you have ever seen!

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  • 15 Fattest Animals in the World


    When it comes to keeping slim, it’s not just humans that struggle. Animals have their own shares of problems. Whether it’s through a thoughtless owner, a health problem or a pure freak of nature, critters across the animal kingdom can pile on the pounds. From portly primates to tubby squirrels, join us as we countdown the 15 fattest animals in the world.

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    Cassie the dog

    The seven-year-old Collie’s weight soared to almost 130 pounds, three times her healthy size after she was allowed to feast on takeaways and roast dinners. Her elderly owner fed Cassie sweets, chocolates and crisps every day and admitted she had never eaten dog food. She was brought into the Dog’s Trust re-homing Centre in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, when her owner fell ill and had to go into hospital. It took three people to get the massive canine out of the car. Shocked staff immediately put Cassie on a diet but struggled to help the hound who weighs the same as teen pop star Justin Bieber to shift the flab.

    Cassie had to be shaved so painful bedsores caused by her massive bulk could be treated. And it took two helpers to winch up Cassie, who was so fat she couldn’t stand on her own, with a sheet so she could be taken for walkies. But even then she could only manage a three-minute waddle as she got too tired for more. Her owner admitted Cassie had been living on fish and chips on Fridays and roast dinners on Sundays, as well as fry-ups, chocolate, sweets and cakes. Cassie has been put on a diet to slowly bring her weight down, but she’s more than three times the weight she should be and is at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis so it needs to be a slow process. She initially turned her nose up at the wet and dry dog food we gave her because it’s not as tasty as the human food she’s used to but she’s getting better. Once she’s healthy enough to be re-homed Cassie will need loving but responsible new owners who can resist those big brown eyes pleading for treats and will take a tough love approach to ensure her weight loss.

    Chunky the Squirrel

    Chunky is a remarkably rotund squirrel who enjoys chomping on a nut as he lounges on a tree branch. Part-time photographer David Hoztaby was on his daily afternoon walk in Horton Park in Bradford, West Yorkshire, when the sizeable grey squirrel caught his eye. The tree-dweller was unfazed by the approaching photographer as it stood comfortably near the roots of a tree, laser-focused on eating its dinner. The rodent looked like it had enjoyed a few too many hazelnuts - although it is also possible that it was pregnant. Mr. Hoztaby was on my daily walk in the park one afternoon when he spotted the chunky squirrel.

    I’ve never seen such a big squirrel before so I got my camera out, he said It caught my eye immediately because it was just so large. I thought “look at the size of that one”. ‘He seemed really engrossed with his meal, he was just chomping away. Which probably explains why he was so big. Grey squirrels don’t hibernate over winter but are known to eat their entire body weight’s worth of food in a week during autumn to store fat to brave the oncoming cold. The greedy eaters will also collect and hide nuts to enjoy later on. You’d be nuts to keep feeding this furry fella – but tourists in California are still leaving food for the tubby squirrel. Chunky is the fattest squirrel in California.

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  • 15 Fattest Animals In The World


    Who doesn’t just LOVE a fat animal! They’re big! They’re squishy! They give the best gosh-darn hugs of them all! We here at The Genius Lemon absolutely adore a nice big chunky boy, a real thick slab of an animal! And if you do as well, you’re in for a treat. Check out these wobbly fellas! These are the fattest animals in the world!

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  • 15 Fattest Animals Ever Seen


    Here are the 15 fattest animals ever seen

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    Some animals are cute, petite, and dainty. But, if you’ve read the title of this video, you should know that those animals are officially BANNED from appearing in this list. Some of the creatures you’re about to witness are such gargantuan lumps of muscle we could barely fit them on the screen. These are abnormal. Here are the 15 fattest animals ever seen.

    Number 10: 747 the bear

    On the off chance that you at any point visit the Brooks River in the cut by National Park in Alaska. You'll make certain to see various mountain bears. However, there's one that is the large daddy of all. Fittingly named 747 after the kind-sized traveler fly. He's large to the point that his enormous gut practically hauls along the ground. He's frequently seen eating a gigantic measure of food. During one perception in 2018, he ate 15 entire salmon in succession which is comparable to around 67,000 calories. While is very typical for bears to be incredibly hefty throughout the mid-year which guarantees they have sufficient muscle to fat ratio to endure the long stretches of hibernation. 747 takes this to the limit. Because of his mass, he's the predominant bear along the stream and this implies he gets the best fishing spots permitting him to additional increment his size in contrast with the others. It's the idea he could be anything dependent upon one and one and a half times the size of a normal bear. Which makes him by a wide margin the fastest known one on record.

    Number 9: Squirrel

    Squirrels are hereditarily modified to spend the late spring storing and eating food so when the colder time of year starts. They're more than arranged for the coming seasons when food will be hard to come by. In any case, on the off chance that you live in North America or Europe. You've seen how squirrels would give off an impression of being getting bigger with some appearing as though they've spent excessively long in the food stores. Maybe than being the aftereffect of being overloaded or turning out to be progressively eager, this is really thought to be the consequence of environmental change. They normally get bigger towards the finish of summer yet this fat is scorched off throughout the cold weather months when they need to deliver additional glow and just have their stores to take care of off. As of late however, summers have been enduring longer food is all the more broadly accessible and winters haven't been so cold. Implying that when spring comes around they as of now have substantially more mass than typical.

    Number 8: Garfield the cat

    At the point when creatures like felines are being kept as pets it's crucial that their proprietors watch out for how much food they're eating. Also, don't allow them to try too hard. Without chasing for it themselves it makes it too simple to even consider indulging and here and there things can get way crazy. In 2012, after his proprietor kicked the bucket Garfield the feline was taken into the North Shore Animal League of America in New York's Long Island. The staff there put the goliath cat onto the scales and he said something and an astonishing38 pounds by a wide margin the heaviest they had at any point seen. The feline had been given a lavish way of life by his past proprietor and was taken care of unquestionably the best of food sources in enormous amounts. Unfortunately for him, his eating regimen was drastically changed in the wake of being taken in by the Animal League. Where a system was planned trying to assist them with losing 15 to 20 pounds practically 50% of their weight.

    Tags: fattest animals, fattest animals in the world, fattest animals ever seen, fattest animals ever, biggest animals, biggest animals in the world, largest animals, top 10 biggest animals,fat animals, fat animals in the world,animals, fat

    #viralstory #amazingvideo #top10videos

  • Top 10 Fattest Animals In The World | 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    Top 10 Fattest Animals In The World | 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen | SimplyViral

    In today's video, we'll be looking at the most amazing top 10 FATTEST Animals In the world!

    Hope you guys enjoy this!
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    In this video, I will show you the top 10 fattest animals. Those are the top 10 fattest animals to ever live.

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    ✨ Top 10 Fattest Animals Are Listed Below:-

    ????Number 10. the fattest Raccoon
    Did you know that the world’s largest raccoon weighed 75 pounds? Of course, that is far larger than the average-sized raccoon. But about how big do raccoons get? The Guinness World Record holder for fattest raccoon was named Bandit. Before his death in 2004, Bandit weighed in at 75 pounds. He was about 10 years old. But Bandit was more of a pet than a wild raccoon.
    According to the woman who adopted him, Bandit was born with a bad thyroid gland, which caused him to gain an excessive amount of weight. But he was also given access to cake and ice cream. Thankfully, the raccoons that may be causing trouble in and around your home should be significantly smaller. So, how big are raccoons that don't regularly eat sweet treats

    ????Number 9 the bigshow squirrelBandit
    In America, we like things BIG. The bigger the better. Go big or go home! Apparently that’s beginning to affect the size of our animals as well. This is presumably the world’s fattest squirrel. It’s a lady squirrel who lives at the Morro Rock State Preserve in California. She’s twice the size of what she’s supposed to be. it is often presumed that she was overfed by tourist. Damn, girrrrl — you must be nuts for nuts! I assumed that her morbid obesity was a result of her own eating habits, but it turns out it’s because of humans. And not just regular people, but tourists, who are like, the worst kind of people.

    ????Number 8 Fattest Penguins
    Like other penguin species, adult king penguins fast several weeks when they molt and at the beginning of their breeding cycle. Moreover, chicks of this species can withstand up to 5 mo of food deprivation during the austral winter. To assess possible variation in the prefasting amounts of nutrient reserves, we determined body composition (water, protein, total lipid, and ash contents) of adults and chicks of king penguins at the beginning of their long-term fasts. Accumulation of subcutaneous fat stores anticipates each of these periods and appears to be an obligatory prerequisite to fasting However, prewinter chicks contained 1 kg more fat and, consequently, had a higher adiposity (34%) than premolting chicks (22%) and prebreeding adults (18%), indicating that the higher the fat stores, the higher the fast resistance.

    ????Number 7 Fattest Cat Tiger
    The largest living cat is Hercules, an adult male liger (lion x tigress hybrid) currently housed at Myrtle Beach Safari, a wildlife reserve in South Carolina, USA. In total length, he measures 3.33 m (131 in), stands 1.25 m (49 in) at the shoulder, and weighs 418.2 kg (922 lb).
    Hercules eats around 13.6 kg (30 lb) of meat – about the same weight as a two-year-old child – every day, washed down with several litres of water.
    His brother, Sinbad, is slightly taller, but is also lighter. Hercules has four nephews which were born in 2014, Yeti, Odin, Sampson and Apollo. These are the first white ligers ever born with Yeti being the largest of the litter.

    ????Number 6 The fat rat
    If you had to list the world's most vilified animals, rats would definitely make the cut – especially giant ones. They are most commonly described as harbingers of disease that scuttle in swarms around our cities under cover of darkness. The best known species are the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the slightly smaller black rat (Rattus rattus), both of which live on every continent bar Antarctica. Our worst nightmares seem to be realised every few months when frightening photos of supersized rats are splashed across the media. But in truth, cities are not the best places to look for the world's biggest rats.

    ????Number 5 The fattest Lion
    Lions live in Africa south of the Sahara and in Northwest India. Lions don't actually live in the jungle. Their real habitat is the open savanna where they hunt mammals such as gazelles, antelope, and zebra.

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  • Top 10 Fattest Animals Of All Time!


    Title : Top 10 Fattest Animals Of All Time!

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    Hey Everyone! Welcome to a new TOP 10 PLAYBACK Video! Today we bring you: Top 10 Fattest Animals Of All Time!

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    Elephant Seal:
    We have an elephant seal that got his name because the male seals have huge noses. Their noses look just like the truck of an elephant. They look fat and have weight approximately 2000 kg. Whoa! Well, if we talk about the northern seal, it is the second-largest seal in the world, after the southern elephant seal.

    In Malay language, the word Orangutan means man of the forest. The orangutan survives in the lower forests and love to eat the wild plant fruits like lychees, mangosteens, and figs. They look very fat and heavy. Their weight is about 2000 kilograms.

    African Elephant:
    The African elephant is the largest animal moving on land. The elephants move in herds and wander through more than 30 countries in Africa. Also, there are two subspecies of African elephants. One is the Savanna elephant and the Forest elephant. The elephants differ in weight.

    The hippopotamus lives on water as well as on land. It is mostly called the water horse. Talking about its size and weight, the hippopotamus is the heaviest animal on earth after the elephant. Its weight is more than 3000 kilograms. They spend the whole day in water and night on the land.

    Blue Whale:
    We all have read in our books that the blue whale is the largest animal on Earth. It is true at is the largest and heaviest animal surviving in water. According to the studies, its weight it 200 tons. The blue whale is not only the largest but also the loudest animal that can be found on Earth.

    Rhinoceros are mostly found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. At the start of the 20th century, there were 500,000 in number but till the 1970's the number decreased to 70,000 and now, only 29,000 are found. According to the study, their weight is more than 3000 kilograms.

    Kodiak Bear:
    These bears are huge in size not very large. These bears are mostly found in the island named Kodiak that is near the southwestern Alaska. A male bear can be about 10 feet tall. If we talk about its weight, each of the Kodiak bears has a range of about 800 to 1000 kilograms.

    Giraffe is the tallest animal because of its long neck. This wild animal is mostly founded in South Africa. It looks fat because of its weight. Talking about its weight, it is more than 1500 kilograms. Apart from its large weight, it has a running speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

    This is the animal that can be founded in North America. The male animals are mostly large in size than the female ones. Well, the bison is 6.6 feet in height and the weight is of ranges from 421 to more than 900 kilograms. These animals live in the shape of a group or herd.

    You can find crocodiles in many areas of the world but the heaviest one can be found in Australia which is called Australian Saltwater Crocodile. It is more than 1000 kilograms in weight and if we see its length, it is between 6 and 25 feet.

  • 15 Fattest Animals In The World


    Have you ever seen an animal looking much bigger than its normal weight? Guess what! It’s actually quite common in the animal kingdom for animals to get really fat. In this video, we will be showing you 15 animals that can pack tons of pounds in different ways. Sit light, and join us as we take you through 15 of the fattest animals in the world!

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    Pixie Frog

    Pixie frogs are so named because of their scientific name. Alternatively known as African bullfrog, it is mostly seen in southern African countries such as Mozambique, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, South Africa,8 and others. It is usually found in dry savannasik,, moist savannas, subtropical or tropical dry shrubland, intermittent freshwater lakes, intermittent freshwater marshes, arable land, pastureland, canals, and even ditches. Even living in the wild, they still maintain a great fat percentage with a weight that sometimes is as much as 1.4kg for the males. For females, they are usually smaller. When these already fatty male frogs get into captivity or are being kept as pets, they tend to become so fast that they become immobile. Some begin to look like a puddle and have to drag themselves on their stomach. This happens because they are unable to control and space out their consumption of food in a healthy way. Hunting in the wild usually takes care of this, but captivity keeps the
    unlucky fat frog overfed, and with no avenue to burn out calories.


    As much as raccoons are not the typical pets humans keep, a lot of people love having them around. They are not just the garbage dwellers of urban areas as people perceive them to be. But the problem lies in the fact that they tend to be overweight when specially cared for. Perhaps, hunting in the wild gives them the ability to roam, and therefore exercise. This opportunity is not present when locked up in a cage and being fed every other minute. A significant problem with the fact that raccoons aren't the typical pet for humans is that for now, there is no standard or available food for them. Unlike cats, dogs, and pigs who have special feeds, the raccoon does not. Left outside human care, this is not a problem as they tend to just adapt and eat anything before developing an appetite for specific things over time. But with humans, they are mostly fed dog food, which is high in fat and calories. Combine this high-calorie diet with a lazy lifestyle of being locked up, and you can see this for the disaster that it is. Raccoons can grow so big that they become immobile and can only move by crawling on their stomach.

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  • 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen! In this video we go over 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen For more videos like this be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video: 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen

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    15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

    15 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist

    15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen

  • Fattest Animals in the World


    Humans love to eat. Humans also love stuffing food into the mouths of animals. They then wonder how these animals get fat. Lets collectively marvel at these obese animals.
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  • 10 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    10 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen

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    #viral #amazing #FactFile #animals

    Have you ever been worried about your weight? Maybe you gained some pounds during your first year of college or even got really obsessed about getting that chubby body ready for long days on the beach.
    Well, I'm here to tell you that humans are not the only ones that struggle to stay slim. Animals can have the same problem, and when it happens, we get some unusually-looking animals.
    Today, we're going to be looking at ten of the fattest wild animals in the world. You’ll see how these animals turned into the overweight version of their kind - some due to health issues, greed and others due to inexplicable reasons.
    As always, the best pick is saved for number two, so make sure to stick around till the end.
    With all said and done, let's begin:
    Number 10: Bandit
    A raccoon named Bandit is the 10th animal on our list. His chubbiness is due to a thyroid complication he developed at birth. For those who do not know, the thyroid is the gland that balances body growth – whether on humans and animals.
    Bandit grew up with a group of dogs and was later adopted by a Pennsylvanian woman who mainly fed him with his favorite foods that included chips and French fries.
    By the year 1999, Bandit’s weight rose to 23.8 kilos. Two years later, he weighed 29.2 kilos, which’s about five times bigger than that of any regular raccoon. Bandit rose into global prominence when he got a spot in the 1999 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the fattest raccoon ever.
    Bandit became a celebrity and was featured as a guest in plenty of major media outlets in the UK, such as the Food Network. In 2004, the raccoon reached a weight of 34 kilos and started exhibiting signs of cancer. He was finally put to sleep that year to avoid further suffering.

    Number 9: Holly, the bear
    Every year during the summer, people gather to celebrate fat bear week at the Katmai National Park in Alaska. During this event, employees of the park ask visitors to vote for the bear that has become the fattest over the summer.
    And far from being a body-shaming event, the park claims that this is a celebration of life as large amounts of body fat in brown bears indicates good health and is a strong pointer towards the possibility of their survival over winter.
    The most recent winner is a bear named Holly and you’d be surprised at how quickly this beautiful bear gained a significant amount of weight in just a couple of months. The park introduced Holly as a fabulous bear whose unusual weight would help her hibernate until the spring.
    At an estimated weight of 1000 pounds, she’s so big that its belly literally drags along the ground. Whereas, if she were only about 700pounds – which is the average weight of an adult brown bear, her stomach wouldn’t be so saggy.

    Number 8: Uncle fatty
    For the unenlightened, Uncle Fatty was the name given to a long-tailed macaque who was put on a strict diet in 2017 by animal workers after his weight ballooned to 33 pounds, twice the average for his species.

    Uncle Fatty’s astronomical weight gain was largely due to his close proximity to a food market, where tourists took great pleasure in feeding his food addiction, and reduced the need for Fatty to forage and burn off calories.
    Although most macaques are small, agile, and never reach past 20 pounds, this massive macaque tips the scales at an astonishing 60 pounds.
    This steady stream of effortless food and tourists’ snacks has earned this king-sized animal a king-sized tummy as well as a minor celebrity status throughout Bangkok.
    Sadly, uncle fatty hasn't been seen or heard from since 2019 and is feared to be dead.

    Number 7: Patrick The Wombat
    Patrick here is officially the oldest and biggest, cutest and cuddliest common wombat known to humanity. All of that has made the guinea pig-looking become a much-sought celebrity in the animal kingdom.
    While the usual weight of an adult wombat reaches no more than 44 pounds, Patrick weighed as much as 88 pounds during his hay day. Also, Patrick may have managed to live up to 31 years – a decade more than wombats were known to live up to in captivity.
    What’s even more surprising is that Patrick, the wombat, has its own Facebook account which has up to 65,000 followers. His page listed his “personal interests” as riding in his wheelbarrow, cuddling, and eating freshly picked grass
    The soft chubby creature was finally put to sleep in 2017 at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in the southeast Australian state of Victoria, after having been featured in several TV shows in 2017, leaving many of its fans sad

  • 10 Fattest Animals in the World


    10 Fattest Animals in the World

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    Leave a like for more shark tank, pawn stars, dr. phil, and other tv show business content. On Top 5 Best, we like to help you in mindset productivity, whether it's how to make more money videos, or going over the biggest mansions in the world, we show everything here! Make sure to subscribe for more amazing videos everyday!

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    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    Have you ever been worried about your weight? Maybe you gained some pounds during your first year of college, or you got really obsessed about getting that summer body ready for long days at the beach. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone on this. Humans are not the only ones that struggle to stay slim - animals can have the same problem and when it happens, we get some interesting looking animals. Today we’ll be looking at “10 of the fattest animals in the world”. We’ll learn how these animals turned into the overweight version of their kind. Some of them got fat due to the way their owners fed them, and some others just had health issues. We even have some animals that are fat and big for no reason - a strange act of nature, I guess?.

    As always, the best is saved for last, so make sure you stay with me to the end...things will just get more interesting (and fatter) as we get closer to the top of the list.

    Let’s begin

    The Goldfish YouTube Star

    We start this video with a famous youtube star: the fat goldfish. This little guy became famous back in 2007 when user Tipownsyou posted a video in which he introduced the world to this very fat goldfish. The owner went on to confidently say that he had the fattest goldfish in the world and challenged other people to prove him wrong. The goldfish, that is usually a small kind of fish, was almost as big as someone's fist. It was then revealed that the fish had a problem in his intestines, which made him look that big. When compared to other fish in the tank, this fat goldfish could barely move or stay afloat. The fish would flip over every time it tried to turn around. Sadly, Tipownsyou came back later on to update his audience about the unfortunate dead of this unlucky fish. Although he claimed that his goldfish was the fattest one in the world, I still dare to disagree - a lot of videos about fat goldfish surfaced after Tipownsyou's got attention. And again, it seemed like all of these fish had some digestive related disease.

    A Raccoon Named Bandit

    Our next animal is a fat raccoon named Bandit. He had thyroid issues since birth, which if you don't know, it's the gland that balances your growth - In fact, a lot of humans also have thyroid issues and develop weight related problems. Bandit grew up with a group of dogs, as the puppy of one kind dog that adopted him. Later on, Bandit was adopted by a woman in Pennsylvania. Some of the raccoon's favorite foods included chips, fruit loops and even french fries. By the year of 1999 Bandit had reached a weight of 23.8 kilos and two years later he weighed 29.2 kilos - that's about five times bigger than regular raccoons! To make things official, Bandit got a spot in the 1999 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the fattest raccoon ever. This guy became a celebrity and went on to participate as a guest in major media outlets such as the Food Network and a radio show in the UK. Finally, in 2004, the raccoon reached a weight of 34 kilos along with early signs of cancer. He was finally put to sleep at the age of 10 to avoid further suffering.

    Holly the Bear

    Every year during the summer people celebrate Fat Bear Week at the Katmai National Park in Alaska. During this event, the employees of the park ask visitors to vote for the bear that has become the fattest over the summer. And far from being a body shaming event, they claim this is a celebration of life. The park sent a press release saying that “There is no shame in winning this contest as large amounts of body fat in brown bears is indicative of good health and strong chances of survival [over the winter].” The most recent winner is a bear named Holly and you can see how this beautiful bear gained a significant amount of weight in just a couple of months.

    The park introduced Holly as fabulous and as a bear “whose healthy heft will help her hibernate until the spring.” But Holly is not only famous for winning Fat Bear Week. Holly's fame dates back to 2015 when she adopted an abandoned bear. Park authorities say that adoption of cubs is rare within these bears, but for some reason Holly defied the rules of nature and took this bear in as one of her own. What a nice bear she is!

  • 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen
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  • 10 Fattest Animals Ever Seen


    10 Fattest Animals Ever Seen...

    Many animals are known for having a skill or quality completely unique to them. Monkeys are known for being smart, cheetahs for being fast, giraffes for being tall, the list goes on and on. The most popular animals have the most impressive qualities that make them famous. This is why the biggest animals are always so fascinating. But while most wild mammals are famous for their build, there are some who simply couldn’t resist their afternoon snacks and are now known for a build, unlike any others. In today’s video, let’s take a look at those animals that are definitely over their weight limits. From fluffy ponies to orangutans, here are the 10 fattest animals ever seen. Make sure to leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel if you're new. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!


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  • Fattest Animals In The World


  • 11 Fattest Animals in the World


    11 Fattest Animals in the World
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    If you think rising obesity is only a problem with humans, think again! It might be surprising to learn animals in the wild can be obese too, especially since they obviously get their regular work outs in when they’re chasing their food.

    Welcome back to the 4 Ever Green channel, where today we’re going to take a look at some of the fattest animals on the planet! If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to us and hit that bell icon to be notified anytime we upload a new video.

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    15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen.mp4

  • 10 Fattest Animals In The World


    From a Dachshund that weighed as much as 800 hot dogs to the world’s fattest orangutan that’s actually real, here are the 10 fattest animals in the world.

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    10: Chonky Siberian Tigers
    It's time to check out the fattest tigers in the world. You may have seen photographs and memes of these fat tigers circulating the Internet, and let me assure you the photographs are 100% real. There is actually a group of rather portly Siberian tigers living in a zoo in China. People have definitely been raising concern over the abundant size of the big cats, but the truth is that it's actually natural for Siberian tigers to get plump during the winter so that they can survive better.

    9: Fattest Bear in Alaska
    It looks like we have found the fattest bear in all of Alaska. According to the Guardian, there are more than 2200 brown bears roaming around the Katmai National Park in Alaska, and a bear named 747 has won the title of the fattest after a full week of online voting. In case you were wondering why the bear is named 747, it has something to do with a jumbo jet.

    8: Elephant Seal
    Elephant seals are some of the fattest and ugliest animals on the planet, there is really no denying it. They are the literal definition of chonky. However, elephant seals are fat for a reason – it helps them to survive. The female elephant seal actually gets extremely thin after she’s given birth. This is obviously a huge problem for an animal that needs to be huge.

    7: Camel Humps
    The next story is kind of a surprise. Camels are definitely not the fattest animals in the world, but they are a lot fatter than we give them credit for. Contrary to what many people believe, camel humps are actually not filled with water. According to Live Science, camels have mounds of fat on their backs.

    6: Uncle Fatty
    If you've ever visited Thailand, you have probably come face to face with some monkeys. The macaques in Thailand are basically everywhere, and they are savage little beasts who will steal your stuff and rob you of all your food. They aren't very tall, but they can certainly be pretty vicious. And there is one particular macaque living near the floating market that is causing serious concern because he is so unnaturally obese.

    5: The Fattest Orangutan
    The fattest orangutan in the world is named Oshine, and she was kept as a pet in Africa for around 13 years before rescuers took her out of the place where she had been captive and brought her to a rescue center in Dorset, in the United Kingdom. There, this ridiculously fat orangutan has been forced onto a strict diet.

    4: Fattest Squirrel
    Not only does the fattest orangutan live in the United Kingdom, but so does the fattest squirrel. This chunky tree rodent has been spotted by a photographer in the UK, and it quickly became very famous online. According to Fox News, the squirrel is apparently unable to stop eating. The man who photographed the fat squirrel claimed that he had never seen such a big squirrel in his life.

    3: The Fattest Dog in the World
    Everyone knows someone with a fat dog. Whether we like it or not, sometimes we accidentally feed our dogs a little too much food, maybe a little too much bacon, and they pack on the pounds. The same thing can happen with cats as well. But the fattest dog in the entire world is Obie the Dachshund, and at his peak he weighed around 77 pounds (35kg).

    2: Pigs
    Pigs are pigs for a reason. These are some of the fattest animals on the planet. Also known as hogs or swine, pigs are arguably the most important animal for humans. We use them to make pork, lard, glue, leather, and even some medicines. But pigs aren't actually as filthy or disgusting as we have labeled them. They actually only roll around in the mud to cool off, and this is a pretty normal thing to do for any animal in the wild.

    1: Blue Whales
    Blue whales are the fattest animals in the world. This shouldn't really be a big surprise, since they are also the largest animal that has ever been on the planet ever. I'm talking in the last four billion years. Even out of all the dinosaurs, there has never been an animal larger than the blue whale.

  • 10 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    Animals come in all shapes and sizes, and we all love tiny creatures but what about those with a little more girth? Today we are going to meet animals who got big and wide naturally, some who have been cruelly abused and exploited, and others who were just made that way by nature.

    Hold on tight, subscribe to the channel, and let's take a closer look at the 10 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen.

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    Real Life Garfield The Cat

    We are probably all familiar with Garfield the lasagna munching fat cat created by Jim Davis. But this real-life rolly-polly might give the cartoon cat a run for his money. In the real world, this cat sounds nothing like Bill Murray and his story isn’t quite as funny. Domestic animals like cats rely on humans for nearly everything, from shelter to cleaning, to nutrition. However, some pet owners seem to forget the vital role they play in their pet's life. When Garfield's owner died in 2012, he was rescued by Long Island, New York’s Northshore Animal Rescue League, who took him in and weighed him at an astonishing 38 pounds 11 ounces. Garfield’s previous owner had tried to spoil him by feeding him only the finest foods in excessive quantities. Unfortunately, while this brought the cat short-term happiness, it also left him very unhealthy and made movement difficult. Poor Garfield needed an intervention and experts at the rescue organization put him on a new diet with the aim of shedding 15 - 20 pounds, almost
    half his total weight.

    Uncle Fatty

    No not YOU’RE uncle Fatty, this Uncle Fatty is a monkey who lives in the streets of Bangkok and has gained quite a reputation for stealing food from tourists. This Long-Tailed Macaw is one of the hundreds that prowl the city streets of Thailand, originally Uncle Fatty was like many of the other local monkeys, gladly devouring handouts from local tourists, however uncle fatty decide that the handouts just weren't enough and while continuing to receive them, he started stealing from tourists and hoarding his loot. Meaning when other monkeys went off to burn calories and climb trees Uncle Fatty simply retired to his stash and kept chowing down. Uncle Fatty became so aggressive in his theory that tourists would throw piles of other food at him to keep him away from their lunches. Now, Uncle Fatty is fatter than ever and showing no signs of slowing down. While the average weight of a Macaw is just 17 pounds this massive monkey comes in at a whopping 59.5 pounds

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  • Top 5 Fattest Animals In The World


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  • 10 Fattest Largest Animals Ever Found


    Many animals are different and unique. It may be in terms of different aspects. Whether you measure in terms of weight, height, or length, there is no denying some animals are huge in comparison to others in their class. In today's video let’s look into some of the fattest animals humans have seen.
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    10. Goliath Beetle
    9. Chinese Salamander
    8. Ostrich
    7. Saltwater Crocodile
    6. Whale Shark
    5. Brown Bear
    4. Southern Elephant Seals
    3. African Elephant
    2. Colossal Squid
    1. Blue Whale

  • 10 Fattest Animals In The World!


    These Are The Fattest Animals In The World!
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    In the wild, animals rarely become overweight if they are not born with some physical defect that contributes to their obesity. But animals that live in zoos and national parks have a higher chance of being obese due to their unnatural lifestyle. With that in mind check out these fattest animals in the world.

    #fat #animal #animals #big #large #creature

  • Fattest Animals Ever Seen || T Talks


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    The animal kingdom is getting a little chubby! These animals may have eaten a bit too many treats! Here are the fattest animals ever seen.#TTalks
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  • Fattest Animals In The World


    Zoo animals have been known to be a little spoiled within the animal kingdom. Some have even become a little, well fat. From across the world, these are the biggest creatures in the animal world

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    It looks like humans aren’t the only ones who need to worry about keeping off the pounds. The world is full of chubby creatures that have gotten way fatter than their species is even supposed to. From a squirrel that looks like a bowling ball to a giant bear that’s winning awards for being the fattest in a nature park, it looks like some animals just can’t lay off the snacks.

    You’ll never believe some of the lives these fat animals are living. There’s a rabbit that’s worth $1.6 million just for being overweight and a spider monkey who’s addicted to Italian food. But while some of these animals get fat on their own, overindulgent humans are definitely to blame for some of these overweight animals' eating habits-- like Oshine the Orangutan, whose owners let her eat marshmallows whenever she wants. From the fattest raccoon to the fattest big cat ever, here are 10 of the fattest animals in the world.

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  • Top 5 Unreal Fattest Animals In The World


    Well it seems obesity has hit the animal kingdom here is our top 5 fattest animals ever seen.
    This is our top 5 best of the world biggest animals ever seen
    You will be amazed by which super fattest animals make our top 5 list in the world of animals.
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  • 5 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    5 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen! In this video we go over 5 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen! For more FATTEST Animals Ever Seen videos be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video: 5 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen

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  • 10 FATTEST Animals in the World You Wont Believe Exists


    10 FATTEST Animals in the World You Won't Believe Exists
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    There are millions of people all around the world that are starving, but there are also millions of people that are obese and overweight, as well. It might not surprise you that the same is true for the animal kingdom. There are plenty of animals that are constantly moving from place to place because they are in search of food to eat, but some animals have ended up getting obese to the point where they are one of the fattest animals in the world. Ladies and gentleman, here are 10 of the fattest animals that you didn’t know existed.

    Mercedes The Dog, From Bangkok

    Bangkok is one of the biggest travel destinations in the world, but it’s also home to one of the largest dogs that you probably never knew existed. Mercedes got her name due to the fact that she was actually dumped from a Mercedes-Benz, and she was adopted by a food vendor. The dog would walk around and get food from all of the different vendors, without them realizing that they might be overfeeding her.

    Jinx, The Seal

    There are many seals in the world, and there are also overweight seals in locations where they might have access to a lot of food. However, a seal named Jinx definitely is one of the most obese seals in the world. Jinx is a rescue seal, but she started eating much more food than many of the other seal pups at the rescue sanctuary.

    The Blue Whale

    If we are going to talk about the fattest animals in the world, we have to talk about the biggest animals in the world: blue whales. Since about 35% of blue whales are fat - this would also mean that they are, technically, the fattest animals in the world. In fact, blue whales are not only the largest animals in the world - they are also the largest animals to have ever lived on Earth. Blue whales can weigh over 200 tons!

    Holly The Bear

    You might be surprised to find that there is an actual competition for the fattest bear, in the form of a celebration called “Fat Bear Week” at an Alaskan national park. One of the reasons that it’s a celebration is because brown bears are supposed to have lots of body fat. In fact, this is one of the ways that these animals actually survive the winter.

    The 27-Million Year Old Kairuku Penguin

    You might be aware that penguins have to be plump in order to survive the climates of the places where they live, but the truth is that penguins used to be much bigger, and fatter, than you ever imagined. Thanks to fossils that we have found, we now know that there was once a penguin that stood almost five feet tall and weighed over 130 pounds! It might be cute to some, but downright scary to others.

    Himmy The Cat

    This cat is one of the fattest animals that you didn’t know existed, and it might have even passed away before you were born. Himmy is a cat from Australia that actually became part of the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fattest cat in the world.

    Oshine The Orangutan

    You might expect orangutans to swing from trees to stay active, but that is not the case with Osine the Orangutan. The obese monkey arrived in the UK from South Africa in 2010. One of the reasons that Oshine had become one of the fattest animals in the world is because it was kept as a pet, where it dined on processed foods and lots of sweet snacks.

    Darius, The Rabbit

    When you think about the fattest animals in the world, you might automatically start thinking of animals like bears or elephants. However, Darius is a bunny rabbit that is a Guiness world record holder for being the biggest rabbit in the world. The rabbit weighs about three and a half stones, which comes out to about 50 pounds. The rabbit is also over four feet tall. Darius has a son that is also quite large, as well!

    The Craven Heifer

    There are some people that use the word “cow” as an insult for fat/obese people, but what about the fattest cow that ever existed? The Craven Heifer was actually quite the phenomenon in the 18th century, and its owner purposely fattened her up and took her on tours all across the country over two hundred years ago.

    Eleanor, The Echidna

    There are some animals that become known as one of the fattest animals in the world only because a photographer happens to notice them, or an owner feeds them a lot of food on purpose. The story of Eleanor The Echidna is a bit different - the echidna was so fat that it actually managed to survive a car crash! In fact, she probably wouldn’t have survived if she WASN’T morbidly obese. Eleanor was taken to an animal sanctuary, but she only had minor bruising after the incident.

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  • 15 Times Water Went Out Of Control


    Our planet is notoriously unpredictable, with constantly changing and erratic weather conditions. And sadly, water is just one of those things that is... difficult to control, for better or worse. But while we often celebrate the joys of water parks, we also need to acknowledge the sadness that comes when water just refuses to follow the rules. From a collapsing dam to devastating Moroccan floods, let's see 15 Times Water Went Out Of Control!

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  • 6 Fattest Animals Youve Ever Seen


    7 Fattest Animals You've Ever Seen

    6. Oshine, the fattest Orangutan
    5. The fattest squirrel
    4. Pancho, the sea lion
    3. Hercules, the liger
    2. The fat tigers of the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park in northeast China
    1. Obie, the wiener dog

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  • Top 5 FATTEST Wild Animals In The World!


    Check out Top 5 fattest & cutest (obese) wild animals in the world ever seen!

  • 10 Fattest Person On The World


    10 Heaviest People In Human History
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    Carol Yager – 544kg
    Robert Earl Hughes – 485kg
    Patrick Deuel – 486kg
    Michael Hebranko - 498 kg
    Francis John Lang – 538kg
    Walter Hudson – 542kg
    Robert Butler – 544kg
    Manuel Uribe- 598kg
    Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari -610kg
    Jon Brower Minnoch - 635 kg
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  • Dunya Main Mojud Sab Se Moty Janwar | Top 5 Fattest Animals Ever Seen


    Dunya Main Mojud Sab Se Moty Janwar | Top 5 Fattest Animals Ever Seen | 5 जानवर जो मोटापे का शिकार हो गए | Top 10 FATTEST Wild Animals Ever Seen



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    fattest animals in the world in Tamil//the biggest animals in the world in Tamil//fatty animals.

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    1) Cassie the dog

    2) oshine the orangutan

    3) darius the Bunny

    4)the gold fish

    5) Garfield the cat


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