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15 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed To Visit!

  • 10 Forbidden Places In The World You Are Not Allowed To Visit


    There are countless beautiful destinations to visit around the world. But some places are either too dangerous, too protected, or too mysterious to explore. Several locations across the globe—from man-made buildings and structures to natural habitats that contain dangerous species, religious mysteries, and secrets—make these areas forbidden to outsiders. Here are 10 places on earth which are forbidden and you are not
    allowed to visit .

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  • 10 Forbidden Places You’ll Never Be Able to Visit


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    10 MORE of the Most Heavily Guarded Places on Earth

    Top 10 Most Remote Places in the World

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    10. The Lascaux Caves Contain Ancient Cave Paintings
    9. Only a Few Select People Can Access the Vatican Secret Archives
    8. North Sentinel Island Has a Tribe Isolated From The Outside World
    7. Surtsey Island Is An Active Volcano
    6. The Pine Gap Facility in Australia Houses American Spies
    5. World Leaders Will Escape to Mount Weather At The End of the World
    4. If You Step Foot on Queimada Grande Island, You Will Probably Die
    3. You’ll Catch Your Death From Gruinard Island
    2. Technological Secrets are Hiding Inside Area 51
    1. Poveglia Island is Probably Haunted

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    These insane locations are illegal to visit, dangerous beyond belief, or so haunted I dare you to try and visit them! Hit thumbs up if you enjoy this mind-expanding top 10 countdown!

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    Top 10 Most Forbidden Places on Earth
    10. Dulce Base, USA
    Dulce is a tiny town situated near the Colorado border in New Mexico with a population of 2,600. Under this town is an underground laboratory where unbelievable experiments take place. It is said that the Dulce Base is a massive subterranean compound that houses incredibly advanced technologies and human-animal hybrids. This military research facility has very tight security and is regarded as one of the top forbidden places in the USA.

    9. Snake Island, Brazil
    As the name suggests, this is an island in Brazil infested with thousands of deadly snakes. No human dares to tread on the Snake Island. It is regarded as the most forbidden place in Brazil. In fact, it is so dangerous that the government has made it illegal to visit the island. There are thousands of golden lance-heads on the island – the deadliest serpents on the planet.

    8. North Sentinel Island, India
    Home to the Sentinelese tribe, the North Sentinel Island is a small, heavily forested island in the Bay of Bengal that is completely encircled by coral reef. The Sentinelese tribe have lived on the island for over 50,000 years under the protection of the Indian Government. This region is strictly prohibited for visitors of any kind.

    7. Doomsday Vault, Norway
    The Doomsday Vault is a seed bank situated in the heart of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. This is a highly secure vault hidden under a frigid cold, hostile environment. The Doomsday vault preserves a variety of plant seeds among other things. The vault is forbiden to the public.

    6. North Brother Island, USA
    Located in New York City, North Brother Island is one of the strangest abandoned regions in the USA. Originally developed as a quarantine hospital, it was the home to Typhoid Mary, the first American to carry the typhoid fever. Later, this place became a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. Now, North Brother Island houses a bird sanctuary and access to the island has been permanently forbidden to the public.

    5. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China
    China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang is buried deep underneath this pyramid for more than 2,000 years. It is one of the greatest discoveries of all times but remains a mystery for historians and archaeologists. The Chinese Government has prohibited all excavation of the site.

    4. Niihau Island, USA
    Elizabeth Sinclair purchased Niʻihau in 1864 for $10,000 from the Kingdom of Hawaii and private ownership passed on to her descendants, the Robinson family. The island is off-limits to all but the Robinson family and their relatives... and strangely U.S. Navy personnel and government officials.

    3. Poveglia Island, Italy
    This small island is located between Venice and Lido in northern Italy. The Island was a quarantine station for the Bubonic Plague and the island has been used as an insane asylum. In 1968 the island was abandoned. It is one of the most haunted places on earth.

    2. Vatican Secret Vault, Vatican City, Italy
    Buried deep within the walls of Vatican City, and mostly underground, is a highly guarded vault called the Vatican Secret Archives. This vault houses historic documents and official correspondence, some of which date back to the eighth century. The archives, which are the official property of the pope, have been estimated to span over 52 miles of shelving with more than 35,000 items. Access is strictly guarded.

    1. Area 51, USA
    Area 51 in Southern Nevada is always wrapped in conspiracy theories. It is a US military base and has the reputation of being the testing ground for futuristic weapons and aircraft, leading many to believe the technology being tested isn't human. Conspiracy theorist believe the technology is alien. The US Government used to never even acknowledges the existence of Area 51.

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  • 10 FORBIDDEN PLACES You’re Not Allowed to Visit!


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  • 12 Most Dangerous Islands You NEVER Want To Visit!


    Top most dangerous islands you don’t want to visit! These are the craziest and scariest islands and most dangerous islands you never want to visit!

    #5. “Saba”-- Netherlands Caribbean
    If you are willing to brave the rocky but short twelve minute plane ride from St. Maarten to Saba, the smallest island in the Dutch Antilles you will be graced with a view like none other, a place that looks trapped in the ancient past. Upon arrival you will find a village nestled upon a volcano that is full of vibrant atmosphere with live music, family owned restaurants featuring fresh caught cuisine and plenty of outdoor activities like scuba-diving and hiking for nature lovers. But all this comes at a cost. You might say that the locals have become such experts at having a good time because at any moment it could all be destroyed. Tourists have been known to call it ‘The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean’ but it could be more accurately described as ‘Hurricane Island’. Because of its location right in the Atlantic’s hurricane alley, the island has been noted for being hit by the most hurricanes of any island on Earth. Despite the constant attacks that mother nature brings down upon Saba its people still find a way to survive and rebuild time and time again.

    #4. “Rockall”-- Ireland
    The tiny 80 foot wide island known as Rockall which lies nearly three-hundred miles off of Scotland’s western shore has such an imposing presence it has made its way into Irish and Scottish legends as well as popular culture through music, books and television. People have long been entranced with its simple yet powerful structure with some ancient myths going as far to name it the location where the apocalypse will begin. The real life danger is in the fact that the island itself, is essentially a large granite rock sticking out of the ocean--the remnants of an extinct volcano. Because of its steep incline on all sides there is really only one place for a person to stand, the peak, which you can only get to if you are a skilled rock-climber. Even if you are it isn’t recommended that you try climbing the relatively short summit of 65 feet as the island is smack dab in the part of the ocean that boasts waves which reach upwards of 100 feet. Despite their being no natural value to the island other than its looks, Rockall was considered an extremely important strategic location by the United Kingdom who claimed the island in fear of it falling into the hands of the USSR and being used to house a missile silo. Britain’s claim to the island also has the historical distinction of being their last modern day territorial acquisition.

  • 10 Forbidden Places Youre Not Allowed To Visit


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    There are a lot of places in the world which you can visit but there are also some places in the world which are highly forbidden for you
    This can be either because it is deadly dangerous for you or maybe the government is trying to protect its secrets or there is a volcano which can explode anytime or that place is filled with radioactivity that can harm you
    So it is always best to know these places so that you can avoid them when you plan to take a trip in the middle of nowhere
    Since everyone is going antsy in this lockdown, I am sure that you might have picked your favorite location to visit after lockdown
    But love, these 10 places are surely not the one
    So let’s get started
    #Forbidden #impossibleplaces #Actuallyexist

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  • 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


    The Seven Wonders of the Natural World may have been named too quickly. Wonders like The Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls are certainly big, and anyone who sees them will surely be impressed—but sheer size isn’t enough to truly leave a person in awe.
    There are other places in this world, though, that are far stranger. Places that seem almost alien, as if they could only exist on a planet that evolved separately from our own. These are places that scientists have had to struggle just to understand how they ever could have been formed. Places that will truly make you wonder—not just because they’re beautiful, but because they seem to follow scientific laws that don’t exist anywhere else on earth. Here are 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

    #Science #impossibleplaces #Actuallyexist

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  • 10 Forbidden Places Youre Not Allowed to Visit


    We live in a world today where travelling is more freely accessible and affordable than ever before and many of us make the most of this freedom by exploring the world. However, as you can imagine many places remain that aren’t quite so easy to gain access to. Join us as we look at 10 places you’re not allowed to visit.

    WARNING: Spoilers!

    10. The Queen's Bedroom
    9. Vatican Secret Archives
    8. Snake Island
    7. Area 51
    6. Svalbard Global Seed Vauld
    5. Club 33
    4. North Sentinel Island
    3. Poveglia
    2. White's
    1. Room 39

    Legal Notes:

    Background audio copyright Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Top 10 Forbidden Tourist Attractions You Are Not Allowed to Visit


    Top 10 Forbidden Tourist Attractions
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    There are some places you definitely don’t want to put on your bucket list. From Snake Island, to Bohemian Grove, to the Forbidden Isle, you should probably skip these destinations! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Forbidden Tourist Attractions.

    Check out our other videos of the Top 10 Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit: the Top 10 Creepiest Places On Earth: and the Top 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations:

    #10. Ilha da Queimada Grande [aka “Snake Island”]
    #9. Bohemian Grove
    #8. Niihau [aka “The Forbidden Isle”]
    #7. Surtsey
    #6. Poveglia
    #5. Svalbard Global Seed Vault
    #4. The Chapel of the Tablet
    #3, #2 & #1???

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  • Why No Ones Allowed To Explore The Antarctic


    Find out the REAL reasons you're not allowed to go explore the antartica that is the south pole

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    The world’s coldest continent is also one of the most mysterious places on Earth. It’s as unique as it as secretive, and unlike most of the world, you can’t just hop on a flight and tick it off the bucket list. Unless you’re an elite scientist or an emperor penguin, in an effort to protect the area’s biodiversity, regular folk are forbidden to explore the antarctic. Even if you could, good luck overcoming the frostbite-inducing temperatures of nearly -130 degrees Fahrenheit (-90 C). But where did these heavy restrictions come from? It all started when American Navy officer Admiral Byrd put forth plans for a special treaty, one which declared that Antarctica should remain a completely demilitarised zone and devoid of ownership by any one nation...

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  • Top 10 Forbidden Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit


    Top 10 Forbidden Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit

    The world itself may be a beautiful places but this YouTube Video of my Top 10 secret forbidden places you have absolutely NO access to! These mysterious locations are hidden in restricted area's around the world from the general population and are impossible destinations to visit! You shouldn't even try to visit any of these places. So don't think about traveling the world to these specific places because these are the places on earth that you cannot visit or aren't allowed to visit! Did you know that there are places you’re not allowed to visit on earth already? These places are Protected from the average human.
    This YT Video is meant to be educational as well.

    There are many reasons why certain places are off limits from the general population. It could be due to hazards, military occupation, exclusive clubs, or even scientific research etc. One thing is certain though. Stay away from these places when travel on vacations!

    My Alltime Top10 Forbidden Places You're Not Allowed To Visit In The World

    10. Svalbard Global Seed Vault In Norway
    9. Room 39 In North Korea
    8. Fort Knox In Kentucky USA
    7. Device Assembly Facility In Nevada USA
    6. Vatican Secret Archives In Italy
    5. Poveglia Island Asylum In Italy
    4. The Northern Sentinel Island In The Indian Ocean
    3. Cheyenne Mountain In Colorado
    2. Snake Island In Brazil
    1. Area 51 In Nevada USA

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  • 9 FORBIDDEN Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit!


    Check out these 9 FORBIDDEN Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit! From mysterious islands in the middle of the ocean to places that are almost impossible to reach by transport, this top 10 list of places around the world you can't visit will amaze you!

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  • 10 Forbidden Places You Are Not Allowed to Visit


    Thrill-seekers the world over scour the planet on the search for remote locations and rare locales that few humans have been able to visit, but even the most savvy adventurer would have trouble getting to these forbidden destinations that normal civilians are barred from entering.

    From top secret locations, to underground train networks, to cult-like locations, after this slideshow, you’ll know why these locations are so secretive. Enjoy this video about places which are forbidden for you and you can not visit them! I hope you like it!

    10 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

    Area 51
    Coca-Cola Vault
    Google Data Center
    Lascaux Caves, France
    Bank of England Vaults - London, England
    Moscow Metro-2
    Snake Island, Brazil
    Vatican Secret Archive
    North Sentinel Island

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  • 10 Forbidden Places Youre Not Allowed To Visit


    There's areas of this world that you're never allowed to visit under any circumstances. Some are top secret, others hidden, sacred, mysterious and some have lost tribes.

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    When a location is deemed to be strictly off limits, it’s usually for good reason. For a number of different reasons, and with a focus on protecting both us and the location itself, try as you might but you’ll never be able to see these places first-hand. Simply put, they’re forbidden. And that’s how it’s gonna stay.

    Be it due to hoards of poisonous snakes, government secrets that must be protected at all costs, active volcanoes spurting out hot embers, or dangerous radioactivity invisible to the human eye, it’s probably best that we abide by the rules and avoid these intriguing destinations altogether.

    They say rules are meant to be broken, although we’re not sure they’d heard what was going on in the waters around Reunion Island when they said that...

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  • 10 Forbidden Places In The World You Are Not Allowed To Visit



  • 10 Abandoned Places That Are Forbidden To Visit


    From a gateway to the underworld to a crumbling amusement park, these are 10 abandoned places you aren’t allowed to visit…

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    10. The Superconducting Super Collider, Texas
    The largest particle collider in the world is hidden beneath the ground near Geneva in Switzerland, but there were once plans to build something on a completely different level. Keeping true to the state’s ethos that everything’s bigger in Texas, the desert outside the town of Waxahachie was chosen as the location for the Superconducting Super Collider which, if it had been completed, would have been more than 3 times as big as the one in Europe, with a length of almost 55 miles.

    9. Pluto’s Gate, Turkey
    Pluto’s gate was a monument near the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis, in modern day Turkey, that was dedicated to Pluto, the god of the afterlife. It’s thought to have been built around 2 thousand years ago on top of a cave that was said to lead to the underworld, but after a series of earthquakes in the 6th century, the temple collapsed and the site was forgotten about.

    8. Poveglia, Italy
    Most people think of Venice as being the most romantic city in the world, and with somewhere between 22 and 30 million visitors each year, space is definitely at a premium. There’s an island in the lagoon, though, which no one’s allowed to go to… because of serious health risks, and because it’s believed to be haunted.

    7. RAF Upper Heyford
    RAF Upper Heyford was an airbase that was first used by the British air force from 1916, and would go on to be used by American troops in the 1950s. It was used as a base for B-52 bombers and U2 spyplanes to give the US a perfect starting point for flights over Soviet territory, and had become the largest fighter base in Europe by the beginning of the 70s.

    6. North Brother Island, New York
    New York City is one of the most built-up and populated pieces of land in the world, but there still remain some places that haven't been developed… one of which is North Brother Island. The 20 acre plot of land, which lies in the East River between the Bronx and Riker's Island, has had a dark history, and because of that it's remained largely untouched and off limits since 1963.

    5. Randall Park Mall, Ohio
    Malls are a common site around the world, providing visitors with a variety of different stores under one roof. Not all of them are as successful as their developers would hope, though, and one of the biggest failures was the Randall Park Mall in Ohio. Covering an area of 2.2 million square feet, and at a cost of 175 million dollars, it was the largest mall in the world when it opened in 1976.

    4. Aralsk 7, Aral Sea
    Vozrozhdeniya Island was once in the middle of the Aral Sea between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but now, because of the re-routing of the rivers that fed the sea, it has become a peninsula that joins the mainland. If that's not strange enough, the land that once made up the island is restricted, with visitors kept well away for their own safety.

    3. Bhangarh Fort, India
    Built in 1631, Bhangarh Fort was a present for the ruler's son at the time, but has gone on to be integral to legends of the area. It's about 146 miles away from India's capital, Delhi, and rather than being in an elevated position, it's at the base of the surrounding hills to focus on beauty rather than defense.

    2. Six Flags, New Orleans
    Tapping into the vibe of the city, Jazzland was opened in New Orleans in the year 2000. Covering a 140 acre plot of land, the design of the buildings was based on the French Quarter, but due to difficulties it was purchased and re-branded as Six Flags New Orleans in 2003.

    1. The Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Lab, Georgia
    When we were beginning to understand the potential applications of nuclear power, large scale tests were needed to find out how it would affect materials and environments, so several facilities were built to do just that… with one being constructed in the Dawson Forest in Georgia in the 1950s.

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  • 15 FORBIDDEN PLACES Youre Not Allowed To Visit!


    15 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed To Visit!

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    #viral #amazing #ViralNow

    15 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed To Visit!
    We're used to hearing and reading interesting stuff about the places we could visit. Subsequently, when we find the location that fascinates us, we think, Wow, that's cool! I must add this location to my Bucket List and visit it sometime! But what of the locations we should definitely leave off our Bucket Lists? What about those places where we're not allowed to enter? Well, these places are either just too dangerous, too safe, or even too special, even for the most experienced traveler. With that said, here are the 15 forbidden places You're Not Allowed to Visit!
    15. Vatican Secret Archives

    Located within the walls of the Vatican, next door to the Apostolic Library and just north of the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Secret Archives houses 53 linear miles of shelving from over 12 centuries ago! It contains gems such as the papal bull excommunicating Martin Luther and the pleas for help sent to Pope Sixtus V by Mary Queen of Scots before her execution. The range is almost peerless, in size and scope.
    Apart from a very small staff taking care of the archives, access is strictly restricted to eligible scholars from very selected institutions of higher education and science, all of whom have to undergo a stringent application process for access to be granted entry.
    14. Lascaux Caves

    Considered a Unesco World Heritage Site, Lascaux Cave is a Palaeolithic cave located in southwestern France, close to the Dordogne village of Montignac, that houses several of the most prominent examples of prehistoric cave paintings. Up to 600 drawings, mostly of animals, scratch impressive compositions into the cave's interior walls. Horses are the most common but it’s also possible to find deer, aurochs, ibex, bison, and even some felines.
    Lascaux remained open to the public for many years and tourists flocked to visit the site, recording over 1500 tourists a day!!!! It was until 1963 when visits were prohibited in an aim to conserve the site since the carbon dioxide in the human breath started to destroy the painted cave's prehistoric paintings.
    13. Ise Grand Shrine

    The Ise Grand Shrine is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu, located in Ise, Mie Prefecture of Japan. The complex is made up of various Shinto shrines centered around two main shrines, Naikū and Gekū. For the Shinto religion, the Grand Shrine of Ise is a very significant location.
    Interestingly, the shrine was constructed without a single nail!!! Perhaps more importantly, according to the Shinto beliefs, this temple is reconstructed every 20 years (most recently, it took place in 2013). And they keep on using the wood joining technique every time they rebuild the shrine anew and never use nails.
    Only priests and members of the imperial family are allowed to go there, to keep that place sacred. Everybody else can look at the temple, through wooden fences. Tourists are free to wander around the forest, including its ornamental walkways that date back to the Meiji period.
    12. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

    On the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, about 800 miles from the North Pole, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault was built 400 feet into a mountainside. The facility, which was officially opened in February 2008, now stores approximately 840,000 samples of 4,000 different seed species from around the world. It’s a long-term seed storage facility, built to stand the test of time and the risk of natural or man-made disasters.
    In the case of a major global or regional occurrence, the concept behind the seed bank is to have a safety net against unintended loss diversity. It operates much like a secure deposit box at the bank, allowing organizations or governments to 'deposit' seed variations in the vault to keep them safe. Highly advanced security systems secure the 11,000-square-foot building, and access is strictly restricted to a handful of employees.

    11. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands
    This small, heavily forested island in the Bay of Bengal is completely surrounded by a coral reef which makes it difficult to reach by boat. However, its inaccessibility isn’t the biggest obstacle to a visit. North Sentinel Island is populated by a small indigenous group known as the Sentinelese, who ignored contact with all other peoples. They’re among the last groups in the world to remain untouched by modern civilizations.
    In 2008, two fishermen were fired with arrows and stones by the Sentinelese after their boat accidentally strayed too close in the aftermath of the huge Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004.

  • 15 FORBIDDEN Places Youre NOT Allowed To Visit


    15 FORBIDDEN Places You're NOT Allowed To Visit!
    There are so many amazing places to visit on Earth, but what if I told you that there are several secret places you’re not allowed to visit. Today, we’re counting down 15 forbidden places you are not allowed to visit.

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    Video Index:

    15) 0:39 North Sentinel Island, India
    14) 1:47 Lascaux Caves, France
    13) 2:32 The Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria
    12) 3:24 Tomb of the Qin Shi Hang, China
    11) 4:37 Doomsday Vault, Norway
    10) 5:16 Area 51, Nevada, USA
    9) 5:51 Dulce Base, USA
    8) 6:42 North Brother Island, USA
    7) 7:19 Heard Island, Australia
    6) 7:46 Nihau Island, Hawaii
    5) 8:19 Snake Island, Brazil
    4) 8:52 Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant, Ethiopia
    3) 9:25 Mezhgorye, Russia
    2) 10:17 Poveglia, Italy
    1) ??? - Watch the video to find out!

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  • 25 FORBIDDEN Places Youre Not Allowed To Visit


    Did you know that there are places you’re not allowed to visit? These places are cut off from people like you and I but may have secrets that affect all of us. Check out these 25 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit.

    There are many reasons why certain places are cut off from the general population. It could be due to hazards, military occupation, exclusive clubs, or even scientific research. One thing is certain though. You want to avoid them. Check out these places that you’re not allowed to visit (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if there are other places we should have included in this list:


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    One of the most well-known forbidden places is Area 51. This secret military place is so guarded that you risk getting shot if you get too close. But that’s not the only forbidden place on this list. There’s also the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, where 1 million seeds are kept safe in case of a regional or global crisis. Then there’s Metro 2 which is a secret underground system in Moscow, Russia which connects several important government and administrative institutions. Check out these 25 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit to learn about the Coca-Cola vault, Snake Island, North Brother Island, and more.

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    Enter the Maze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

  • 15 Forbidden Places On Earth WE DARE YOU To Visit!


    When we plan our vacations, there are many places in our bucket list that we want to visit. But, what about the places that we purposely leave off our bucket list as they are completely out of bounds? While it’s hard to imagine the existence of such places, but there are definitely some places in the world that you cannot visit even if you want to. So, without further ado, let’s check out the fifteen most forbidden places on the earth that are completely off-limits for you. But, before we proceed further, make sure that you hit the like button. Also, do not forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so that you do not miss any update and keep up to date with all our latest and most exciting videos.

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    Niihau Island, USA

    Commonly referred to as Forbidden Island, Niihau Island in Hawaii is an invite-only destination. This is why people all over the world are as intrigued as us to visit this forbidden island. So, what’s so special and exclusive about this island that the entry of the general public is forbidden on it? Niihau Island is located in the northwest of Kauai. This island has been owned by private owners for more than 150 years now. But, why is this forbidden island closed to the general public? The actual reason might surprise you. The island is closed to the general public because the owners of the Niihau Island made a promise to the Hawaiian king that they will protect the island and the wildlife present on it from the outside world. Looks like the owners have kept their promise and no wonder the island is declared as forbidden. You will be surprised to know that visiting the island does not require any money or fame. Shocking, right? The only way you can visit this forbidden island is if you are a part of the US Navy or have a relative on the island. So, good news for you if you have a relative present on Niihau Island.

    North Brother Island, USA

    Did you know that there is a hidden uninhabitable island in New York that is off-limits to the general public? If no, then you are in for a huge surprise. North Brother Island is a forbidden island that you will find in New York City. Wondering what makes it forbidden and uninhabitable? The island has an extremely sensitive ecosystem and the buildings on the island have also become weak. This is why entry on this island is banned. Apparently, the island became the last refuge to approximately one- thousand people whose ship had sunk and they had nowhere to go. Afterward, the island hosted people with contagious diseases as well. You might have heard of Mary Mallon or Typhoid Mary. She is the most famous and well-known resident of the North Brother Island and the first one in the country to have typhoid fever. According to many reports, she infected more than fifty people with her typhoid fever. Although it is shocking to believe, three of the infected people actually passed away with typhoid. Perhaps being home to people with contagious diseases is what made this island forbidden for other people.

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  • 15 FORBIDDEN PLACES Youre Not Allowed To Visit!


  • Even More Forbidden Places You’ll Probably Never Be Allowed to Visit


    Forbidden places. It is precisely the fact that places are forbidden and inaccessible that makes the off-limits of this world fascinating. We’ve covered this in multiple previous articles, and it’s clear that the world has no shortage of places you’re just not allowed to go. With that in mind, here are 10 more examples of places you will likely never be allowed to visit…

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    Grim and Horrifying Archaeological Discoveries (Part 3)

    Text version:

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    10. Woomera Test Range
    9. Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, China
    8. Diego Garcia, British Overseas Territory, UK
    7. Ise Grand Shrine
    6. United States Bullion Depository (aka Fort Knox)
    5. Zone Rouge
    4. UN Buffer Zone, Cyprus
    3. Imber, England
    2. Makkah al-Mukarramah
    1. Sarlacc’s Pit, Wells Gray Provincial Park, Canada

    Source/Further reading:

  • Why no one can visit these 10 most forbidden secret places?


    #travel #places #secret #forbidden #mysterious

    Find our video : most forbidden places on earth, ten places you aren't allowed to visit, most forbidden places, places not allowed to visit, top ten places you can't visit, 10 place you are not allowed to go, forbidden places around the world, 10 most forbidden places on earth, most dangerous tourism, the top forbidden, Secre Place
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    1-Puerto Princesa Underground River:-

    Puerto Princesa Underground River is the longest underground river in the world, as it is located in the Philippine city of Palawan, 50 km north of Puerto Princesa. The river is characterized by its navigable water and its length is 8.2 km underground and its formation is due to 30 million years.
    Surrounded by a national park classified from the seven natural worlds of the world and the river was chosen to become one of the new seven wonders of the world in 2001. It is distinguished by the mountainous landscape of karst (due to lime decomposition). One of its characteristics is that it passes through a cave before emptying into the south of the Chinese sea, and some animals find a safe place for them on the beach near the cave, such as monkeys, squirrels, and large lizards. The lower part of the river is subject to strong tidal effects.

    2- Houska Castle Crafter :-

    This hole is located under a castle that was built at the beginning of the thirteenth century and is located in the north of the Czech capital Prague. This area was subjected to strong earthquakes, which led to the emergence of this deep hole, which is not yet known. Nobody landed in it, and despite many myths around it, no one has arrived around a clear and explicit definition of what goes on in it, but it always smells of sulfur. Until now, a person did not risk landing in it and knowing its depth, and it was called the Hell's Gate, and it is alba for the underworld.

    3- Little Damon Island:-

    This small island has its own cloud. Little Damon Island is a small island located between the islands of Suiri and Stora Damon in the Faroe Islands. It is the smallest of the 18 major islands, with an area of less than 1,000 km (250 acres), and it is the only unoccupied population. The southern third of the island is a rocky cliff with a height of 414 meters. Climbing its mountains is very difficult, so it is not eligible to visit tourism, but rather it is a haven for climbing sports. It contains the only sheep. It can be a tourist destination, but when the weather improves and the waves are low.

    4- Janjhar Ponsum

    It is one of the groups of the Himalayas and it is located in Bhutan on the borders of China and its height is 7570 m and is considered one of the highest mountains in the world. The Bhutan government does not allow climbing up to 1983, and therefore its sacred importance to the local population. The government opened it to visitors for a while, and then made four attempts to reach its summit, but they failed to do so. After that, they closed it again to make it one of their sanctuaries, as they see it as a place for the souls of the ancestors. Until now, no one has reached that great summit.

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  • 5 FORBIDDEN Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit


    Few people will set foot in these places during their lifetime...

  • 7 Forbidden Places Youre NOT ALLOWED TO VISIT


    Planet Earth offers so many fascinating and amazing places we can’t wait to explore, but unfortunately there are some places you’ll just never see.

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    We’re talking places that are too dangerous to visit, places that are protected by governments, and others that are just plain secretive and forbidden for all sorts of reasons.

    But they say the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. So while we can’t take you there personally, we can at least show you some of these places in today’s video as we count down 7 forbidden places you're not allowed to visit.

    Video Sections:
    0:00 - Intro
    0:44 - Tomb Of Qin Shi Huang, China
    1:50 - Vatican Secret Archives, Italy
    2:56 - Club 33, USA
    4:08 - North Sentinel Island, India
    4:54 - Area 51, USA
    5:43 - Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway
    6:32 - Mezhgorye, Russia
    7:15 - Outro

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  • 15 Magical Places Youre Not Allowed To Visit


    From clubs exclusive to rich tycoons and the social elite to interesting islands off-limits from tourists to prevent contamination, we count 15 places you'd really like to visit once, but you have almost no chance to do so
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  • 15 FORBIDDEN PLACES Youre Not Allowed To Visit!


    15 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed To Visit!

    rvrox I don't care

    We’re often told that the world is our oyster. That we can explore it at will, and learn all there is to know about it. But what if we can’t? What if there are places we’re just not allowed to go? From a secret, hidden doomsday vault, to an island with thousands of snakes, here are 15 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit.

    Background Music By: Kevin MacLeod:

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  • Places On Earth You Are Not Allowed To Visit


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    Narrated by: Darren Marlar

    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Forbidden Islands No Human Is Allowed To Step Foot On


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    Forbidden Islands No Human Is Allowed To Step Foot On.
    The idea of visiting a beautiful remote island sounds like the perfect escape. Sunning ourselves on the white sands, swimming in the clear waters and exploring the tropical surroundings and the vast majority of these islands around the world are freely accessible
    but some as it turns out are a little harder to visit. some are too dangerous, too protected or too secretive, and others are among the most forbidden places in the world and its safe to say that in our lifetimes no of us will ever get to step foot on them.
    Ranging from a private island that no one has visited for close to 70 years, to another that even if you were allowed to visit, you probably wouldn't want to.

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  • Forbidden Places On Earth You Should NEVER Visit! | 23 Forbidden Places Youre Not Allowed to Visit


    #forbiddenplaces #forbiddenplacesonearth

  • Top 15 MOST RESTRICTED Places You’re NOT Allowed To Visit on Earth


    ***Used under Fair Use***
    I do not own rights. I created this video for educational purposes and can be shared freely for educational purposes.

    From top-secret military bases to exclusive clubs and Armageddon bunkers.

    -Article From: Ancient Code

    -Narrated by: Truth Perception

    Music by: Kevin Macleod

    All images remain copyright of their respective owners.

  • Forbidden Places Youre Not Allowed In


    Underground vaults hiding billions of dollars worth of Gold, and islands with nothing but snakes on them! Explorers, scientists and thrill seekers aren't even allowed in some of these!

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    As humans, we typically have free reign to roam where we please. Except these places - these dangerous, mysterious, and highly-protected spots are off limits, no matter how much we try to sneak in.

    Yes, there really is a doomsday vault - and no, you can’t see it. Around the world, a select few spots are strictly restricted to the general public. In the case of Snake Island, well, that’s for our own safety.

    As hard as we try to steal the Coca-Cola recipe, or find out what’s really behind the walls of Area 51, or hang out with royalty in the Queen's actual bedroom, we’re just not allowed.

    Although... What would happen if we tried? And why are they off limits in the first place?

    Don’t forget to check out Why No One's Allowed To Explore The Antarctic --

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  • TOP 10 Mysterious places you are not allowed to visit ! Forbidden Places !


    Most mysterious , Forbidden ,Restricted places on Earth where you are not allowed to visit.These top 10 mysterious,dangerous places are covered with great mysteries
    Top 10 list on weird pictures,terrible pictures,weird stuffs,amazing pictures,worst pictures in the world.Top 10 weird photos,diseases,scaryt,mysterious pictures in the world for more description go to -

    5 Most Mysterious Underground Places In The World
    5 Most Mysterious Underground Places In The World
    5 Most Mysterious Underground Places In The World
    5 Most Mysterious Underground Places In The World
    10 Most Mysterious Places in the World
    10 Most Mysterious Places in the World
    10 Most Mysterious Places in the World
    10 Most Mysterious Places in the World
    Earth's 10 Most Mysterious Places
    Earth's 10 Most Mysterious Places
    Earth's 10 Most Mysterious Places
    Earth's 10 Most Mysterious Places
    Amazing and Mysterious Places You Can't Visit
    Amazing and Mysterious Places You Can't Visit
    Amazing and Mysterious Places You Can't Visit
    Amazing and Mysterious Places You Can't Visit

    Please watch: Clash of Clans | 10 Insane Clash of Clans Facts | COC Facts | Top 10 Facts

  • The Amazing 25 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit


    With today’s travel technology, it’s hard to imagine a place you’re not allowed to visit. Yet, there are still places that cannot be (legally) visited as they are cut off for various reasons. Places such as secret military bases, forbidden islands, fragile natural landmarks, and even sites closed due to paranormal activities are off limits to regular people. Take a virtual tour with us on these 25 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit.


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  • 10 Abandoned Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit


    An island of venomous snakes, weaponized anthrax and an exploded nuclear reactor, all feature on our list of 10 abandoned places you’re not allowed to visit.

    Check out 10 Places Google Earth Is Hiding From You -

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  • Most Secret and Forbidden Places On Earth Impossible To Visit


    In this video we created a list of most secrets, coolest and forbidden places, which general public is not allowed to visit.

    11. Chernobyl disaster, was one of the worst nuclear accident in history. Because of radiation problem an area of 19 mile around it is inhabitable for humans, and it is believe will be ready for humans to live there only after 20,000 years.

    10.Fort Knox it is a high security building which is used to store the gold reservations of USA.

    09. Svalbard Vault in Norway it is used to store seed crops from around the world, in case of global catastrophe destroys life of earth.

    08. Mormon Church secret vault, which is located inside the Granite Mountain, is used to story genealogical documents about family history.

    07. Surtsey island on Iceland, it is an erupting volcano. Because of its importance to scientific community, humans are not allowed into the island because of the fear to interrupt the evolution process.

    06. One of the most exclusive clubs in London. White's Gentlemen's Club do not allow women to entry, except for those who work there.

    05.Area 51 is the holy grail of conspiracy theories. It is a secret military location, where it is believed that airplanes and weapons which are still in developments are being tested.

    04. Coca Cola stores it's recipe on secret vault, where no one is allowed to see it.

    03. Lascaux cave is located on France, where has been discovered paintings dating 17,000 years old.
    Because of degradation, no human is allowed to entry, expect of one staff member.

    02. The vault of Bank of London, hold the gold reserves for United Kingdom and other countries.

    01. The existence of Metro 2 of Moscow, still is neither confirmed or denied.

    Thatched Villagers Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    places you can't visit
    places no one has ever been
    forbidden places on earth
    secret places on earth impossible to visit
    places you are not allowed to visit
    no one allowed

  • 11 Places on Earth No Human Has Ever Set Foot on



    Places on earth no human has ever set foot on. These are incredible locations and stunning spots which have never been touched before.

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    Voiceover by Carl Mason:

    Number 11 Mariana Trench, Pacific
    The ocean is the least explored place on Earth, so it's no wonder that vast portions have remained untouched by humans. One of those areas is Mariana Trench – a narrow fissure in the sea floor, located in the western part of the Pacific. The trench is the deepest known region on the planet and was formed millions of years ago.
    Number 10 Northern Patagonia, Chile
    Hosting Chile's wildest landscapes, the area hides untouched rainforests, peaks, rivers, and lakes. The field of northern Patagonia is also home to one of the largest masses of ice found outside of the polar region.
    Number 9 Machapuchare Mountain
    Machapuchare is a sacred peak for the Hindu religion. It’s said that Lord Shiva, an important Hindu deity, lives here. The ‘Fish Tail Mountain’ gets its name from the shape of the peak as seen from a certain angle.
    Number 8 Sarlacc Pit, Canada
    A giant gaping cave was found in Canada in 2018 and it was named Sarlacc Pit, after the pit-dwelling beast in Star Wars. The discovery of the cave, concealed in the ground of the British Columbia's Provincial Park, was a remarkable achievement for the explorers.
    Number 7 New Hebrides Trench
    Although we’ve reached to the sky in exploration, very few attempted to go in the other direction. We may know more today about stars and galaxies than we know about Earth’s oceans. There are more than 30 deep-sea trenches around the world and most can be found in the Pacific Ocean. In 2013 an expedition to the unexplored New Hebrides trench in the Pacific has revealed, with the help of high-tech cameras, the abundance of crustaceans and cusk eels that live more than 23,000 feet deep.
    Number 6 Star Mountains, Papua New Guinea
    The Star Mountains is a massive mountain range extending from the Indonesian border to the Hinderberg wall. It’s a network of huge limestone plateaus, up to 6,000 feet tall and 30 miles long, that protect the area.
    Number 5 Gamburtsev Mountains, Antarctica
    Mountains the size of the Alps have been found in Antarctica, entombed in ice – suggesting that the ice sheet formed more rapidly than scientists initially thought. Using gravity and radar sensors, maps were created showing details of the Gamburtsev subglacial mountains.
    Number 4 Yucatan Cenotes, Mexico
    There are thousands of cenotes all across Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, places that once were revered by the Mayans as sacred wells, and still an attraction for people worldwide. The Yucatan is characterized mainly by its limestone bedrock, a soluble type of rock that can dissolve after being exposed to water for millennia. The collapse of limestones sometimes reveals the cave underneath, thus marking the birth of a cenote. The caves fill over time with water filtered directly by the earth, creating lakes and stunning views. Since there aren’t many rivers in the Yucatan, they were once the primary source of water for the Mayans.
    Number 3 Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan
    Gangkhar Puensum, in translation ‘White Peak of the Three Spiritual Brothers’, is the highest mountain in Bhutan, with its peak reaching almost 25,000 feet. Most of the sources say that it’s located at the border with China. However, for many years, different maps would show it as various heights and even place it in completely different locations. It’s said to be the highest mountain in the world that has still not been fully summited by man. There have been four expeditions, none of them successful due to impassable terrain and sudden weather changes.
    Number 2 Sahka Federal Republic, Russia
    One-fifth of Russia is covered by the Siberian Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia. The major part is located above the Arctic Circle. The hard soil which is covered by permafrost, make Yakutia a deadly place to live. In July, some parts of Yakutia can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, whilst the average recorded temperature is as low as -50 degrees. Sahka is one of the few places on Earth where the mountains, rivers, and lakes are still untouched by civilization.
    Number 1 Tsingy de Bemahara National Park, Madagascar
    Tsingy de Bemahara, translating as ‘Where one cannot walk barefoot’, is a national park located in Madagascar covered in huge rock formations. With the help of the locals, a set of suspended bridges and steel cables was built, allowing the landscape to be seen from the air. However, getting to the park is still no easy feat. Located on the remote west coast of Madagascar, Tsingy de Bemahara is only accessible by a dirt road, which becomes unnavigable for six months a year during the rainy season.

  • 10 forbidden places you are not allowed to visit


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    There are 10 places which you will never be able to see in your life

  • Top 10 forbidden places youre not allowed to visit|chapangwa robin


    In this video will be going over 10 forbidden places you're not allowed to visit ever!


    #Top10 #chapangwarobin #viralstory

  • 6 Forbidden Places Youre Not Allowed to Visit


    Phantom Father presents: Six prohibited places on Earth you would not be allowed to set foot on.

    Music Composer: Jesper Kyd

  • 10 forbidden places on earth you are not allowed to visit.


    This is 10 forbidden places on earth where you are not to visit.

    Please watch till end.

    5 Forbiden Places On Earth WE DARE YOU To Visit!
    Top 10 Places in India You Are NOT Allowed to Visit-हिंदी
    Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit
    10 FORBIDDEN PLACES You’re Not Allowed to Visit! - Part 2
     8 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit | Urdu / HIndi
    5 Mysterious Places Nobody Should Visit For Their Own Good
    Top 10 Forbidden Tourist Attractions You Are Not Allowed to Visit
    5 Most Forbidden Places On The Planet YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VISIT...
    10 Most Forbidden Places on Earth You're Not Allowed to Visit
    10 Forbidden Places On Earth You're Not Allowed to Visit
    Forbidden Places On Earth You Should NEVER Visit!
    5 Forbidden Places On Earth WE DARE YOU To Visit! #2
    FORBIDDEN PLACE You're Not Allowed to Visit! 2018
    7 Secret Places you are not allowed to Visit


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  • 10 Secret Places YOU’RE NOT Allowed To Visit


    Secret Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit - From an abandoned island full of venomous snakes to secrets hidden within Area 51. In this top 10 list video we take a look at 10 secret, hidden and off limit places around the world you’re not allowed to visit.
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    10. Heard Islands, Australia
    9. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan
    8. Coca Cola Vault, United States
    7. Snake Island, Brazil
    6. Camp Peary, United States
    5. Svalbard Seed Vault, Norway
    4. Bohemian Grove, United States
    3. Area 51, United States
    2. North Sentinel Island, Indian Ocean
    1. Vatican Secret Archives

    Thanks for watching our video on 10 Secret Places YOU’RE NOT Allowed To Visit

    #Secret #Places #Top10

  • 15 places youre not allowed to visit on earth


    there is 15 places you're not allowed to visit on earth
    interesting things

  • 7 Forbidden Places on earth you are not allowed to Visit


    Forbidden and secret places no one can visit
    some of them you can't visit for your own safety while others are kept secret or hidden from public. In this video we shows you the 7 secret or forbidden places on earth where You can possibly never visit

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    00:50 By Neil Palmer (CIAT) - CC BY-SA 2.0,

    01:03 by Dag terje Filip Endresen
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    01:42 by Claude Valette
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    01:47 by John Mclinden
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    01:52 By Collection gallery (2018-03-23): CC-BY-4.0, CC BY 4.0,

    02:27 by Luigi Rosa
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    02:54 By gillfoto - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

    03:05 By Murray, Colin (?). Bourne and Shepherd - Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives: NM 40922 04421302, Public Domain,

    03:40 By Collective - Video of Vatican Television Center, CC BY 3.0,

    03:56 By Collective - Video of Vatican Television Center, CC BY 3.0,

    04:53 By Tim1337 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

    004:59 By Simon Johansson - Own work, Public Domain,

    photo - 1
    By Prefeitura Municipal de Itanhaém - CC BY 2.5,

    photo - 2
    by Prefeitura de Itanhaém

  • Forbidden Places in The World Which You CANNOT Visit


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  • Top 15 Places You’re not Allowed To Visit on Earth


    Top 15 Places You’re not Allowed To Visit on Earth
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  • 10 Most Secret And Forbidden Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit ???? || TOP10slive


    You might need to venture to the far corners of the planet and make the world your shellfish yet there still are a few spots you are not permitted to visit.Today we Presenting the list of 10 most secret and forbidden places you are not allowed to visit.

    10. The Mormon Church Secret Vault, Utah
    9. Territory 51, USA
    8. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City, Italy
    7. Heard Island Volcano, Australia
    6. Poveglia, Italy
    5. Doomsday Vault, Norway
    4. Zone Rouge, France
    3. Lascaux Caves, France
    2. North Sentinel Island, Indian Ocean
    1. Snake Island, Brazil

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  • 5 Forbidden Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit


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    Lascaux Caves is the setting of a complex of caves in south-western France famous for its Palaeolithic cave paintings. They contain some of the best-known Upper Palaeolithic art, estimated to be 17,300 years old. Lascaux was first discovered in 1940 and by the year 1963, due to a high number of contaminants produced by the presence of to many visitors, the cave was closed to the public to preserve the art. Now only a few scientific experts are allowed to work inside the cave and just for a few days a month, still trying to repair the damage.
    The Ark of the Covenant was a great shrine that contained the tablets of the Ten Commandments that were received from God by Moses and it has long been one of the great mysteries of antiquity. Enshrined in a chapel in Axum, the Ark cannot be seen by anyone but the High Priest of Axum, an elderly holy monk who is charged with its care and preservation for life. He cannot leave the small yard that surrounds the chapel, and he is expected to name his successor on his deathbed. What visitors can see is the building in which the Ark is kept, referred to as a relic chapel or the Treasury.
    Discovered by miners in 2000, beneath Naica (Mexico), the Cave of Crystals is the main chamber in a complex network of subterranean caverns, containing giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found. This unexplored cavern lined with rare crystal formations lays out a combination of over 90% humidity and a temperature of 58 °C (136 °F) that can kill an unprepared human in just 30 minutes. The mysteries of the Ice Palace will likely remain unsolved at least for the years to come being that it was deemed to be economically unfeasible to pursuit exploring.
    Ise Grand Shrine, otherwise known as the holiest Shinto shrine in Japan, is a complex of shrines dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu-omikamiand Toyouke -ōmikami, the goddess of agriculture and industry. The shrine buildings at Naikū and Gekū, as well as the Uji Bridge are rebuilt every 20 years as a part of the Shinto belief of the death and renewal of nature. Even though the Ise city is a touristic attraction, the two main shrines Gekū and Naikū are strictly limited for public access. With the common public allowed to see little more than the thatched roofs of the central structures, the Chief Priest or Priestess has the responsibility of watching over the Shrine.
    The Javari tribes are a community of ancient un-contacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest, which is considered to be one of the largest Indigenous territories in Brazil and containing the greatest concentration of isolated groups in the Amazon and the world. The community is likely to be home to about 2000 people belonging to at least 14 tribes, and was first detected from satellite images. Government officials currently seek to avoid direct contact with Brazil's un-contacted tribes, instead working to identify and protect their lands from afar, carrying flyovers to ensure that there are no external threats to their free way of life.

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  • top secret places you are not allowed to visit in the world


    Top Secret Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit In The World
    these are following
    1.RAF Minworth
    2.Bohemian Grove
    3.Coca-Cola Recipe Vault
    4.Vatican Secret Archive
    5.Lascaux Caves – France
    6.Pine Gap – Australia
    7.Moscow Metro-2

    Top Secret Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit In The World
    cool places to travel
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    cool places to visit
    the most dangerous place in the
    top SECRET PLACES You Can't Go
    7 SECRET Places You're NOT Allowed to Visit
    Forbidden Places You're Not Allowed to Visit
    Top Secret Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit In The World

    Do not try to visit any of them.
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