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15 Most Mysterious Islands On Earth

  • 15 Most Mysterious Islands On Earth


    Since our planet is made up of around 71% water, we all technically live on islands. However, if we’ve learned anything from movies like Cast Away or Madagascar, it’s that not every island is filled with volleyballs and talking animals! From a little-known diamond island to a full-scale alien planet in the middle of the Indian Ocean, here are the 15 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!

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  • 15 Most Mysterious and Unusual Islands on Earth


    Mother nature sure is weird! Today we're taking a look at some of the most unusual and mysterious island formations ever discovered.

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  • 8 Most Mysterious Islands Youve Never Heard About


    Some of these islands are so mystifying that most people don’t even know they exist. Some have such a gruesome history that many don’t want to talk about them. Did you know there’s an island that seems to have disappeared from the face of Earth? And another that is said to be home to thousands of wandering ghosts? Get ready because these 8 islands are bound to give you goosebumps.

    Socotra 1:10
    Diego Garcia 2:11
    The Eye 3:04
    Isla Bermeja 3:58
    Okunoshima Island 5:09
    Ilha de Queimada Grande 6:15
    Poveglia Island 7:28
    Island of Dolls 8:36

    #islandofdolls #secretisland #mysteriousplace

    Preview photo credit:

    The Eye, or El Ojo de la Tierra in Spanish, is a strange island that moves and rotates on its own axis: By Google Maps (34°15'07.8S 58°49'47.4W),

    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    Music: Bent and Broken by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

    - Socotra is so isolated that there are just a few roads for its 40,000 inhabitants. It’s also host to 800 rare species of flora and fauna, a third of which are found nowhere else on Earth.
    - Diego Garcia is located over 1,000 miles south of India, isolated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is occupied by the US military, who leased it from the UK. The island is home to 2,000 military personnel, communication facilities, combat vessels, and 12,000-ft runways that can hold large aircraft.
    - The Eye, or El Ojo de la Tierra in Spanish, is a strange island that moves and rotates on its own axis. The Eye is fully circular, sits in a circle of water, and is located between the cities of Campana and Zarate in Argentina.
    - Isla Bermeja is shown on maps from the 18th and 19th centuries, but the island was not found in 1996 when Mexico conducted surveys. Nor was it located in an extensive study in 2009. Though it is clearly marked on maps, the island is currently nowhere to be found.
    - Okunoshima is a small island nestled in the Inland Sea of Japan. The island is small enough that it can be explored in under 2 hours. It’s grassy, and there’s a beach resort. But the best part of this island is the inhabitants: hundreds of rabbits roam the island.
    - This island has the highest concentration of venomous snakes in the world! For that reason, it is known as Snake Island. It hosts a population of over 2,000 lancehead vipers, one of the most dangerous species of snake.
    - Because of its macabre past, Poveglia is thought to be Italy’s most haunted island. This is a place for only the most hardcore ghost hunters and people who love a good horror story.
    - Island of Dolls is one of the creepiest places you can imagine! Though it was never meant to be a tourist attraction, hundreds of people visit the place each year.

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  • 9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!


    Islands throughout the world that are shrouded in mystery! From Mexico's creepy Island of the Dolls to the Naval Base on Diego Garcia

    #9. “Island of Socotra”- Off the coast of Somalia in the Indian ocean is an island that seems as though it belongs on another planet. Socotra Island has long been theorized as a location for the biblical Garden of Eden, and just by looking at pictures of it you can see why. The island is home to several species of plants that are can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. There are the Dr. Seuss looking Adenium socotranum which have big bulbous trunks and tiny gnarly branches that sprout from their tops and bear flowers that are a marvelous shade of pink. There odd appearance makes them kind of look like giant root vegetables. Then there are the Dragon’s Blood Trees which look like perfect natural umbrellas. The have trunks that resemble that of an average tree but their thick tightly bunched branches shoot upwards and form a mushroom like crown. Socotra is also home to three geographically unique species of bird: the socotra sunbird, socotra grosbeak and socotra starling. There aren’t many other creatures that inhabit the island other than that of bats and insects and the last time it was home to man was around the year 100 A.D. Adding to the mystery, the island has been the site of dozens of shipwrecks over the years.

    #8. “Palmyra Atoll”- Though technically not an island but an atoll that formed from coral the mysterious nature of Palmyra Atoll cannot be ignored. Also known as Palmyra Island, the breathtakingly beautiful ringlet sits between American Samoa and Hawaii. Though it is full of lush vegetation and appears unblemished by man the island has long be the subject of superstition and folktales. There have been several cases of violent shipwrecks and mysterious disappearances of ships on and around the island. Those who have observed the island and survived to tell their tale have claimed having seen some extremely bizarre sights like that of floating lights, ghosts and sea monsters. It is also reported to be the home of an incredible amount of sharks who may have developed a distinct taste for humans. There is also the story of lost Incan treasure that may still be on the island. These tales and others which cannot be discussed do to their graphic nature have made Palmyra the stuff of legend amongst sailors and Pacific Islanders for centuries.

    #7. “Vulcan Island”- Vulcan Island in the Philippines isn’t necessarily an island that is shrouded in mystery but it definitely is a mindblowing locale. On the northern Philippine island of Luzon there sits a lake named Taal and in that lake there is an island called Taal Volcano, inside this island is the world’s largest crater lake and inside of this lake there sits yet another island, known as Vulcan Island. Not only is Vulcan Island one of the most fascinating of natural recursion it happens to be located on one of the most active volcanoes in the entire Pacific Ocean. Because of this fact it is incredibly dangerous to visit Vulcan Island as it has been quaking and bubbling consistently since 1991.

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  • 12 Most Dangerous Islands You NEVER Want To Visit!


    Top most dangerous islands you don’t want to visit! These are the craziest and scariest islands and most dangerous islands you never want to visit!

    #5. “Saba”-- Netherlands Caribbean
    If you are willing to brave the rocky but short twelve minute plane ride from St. Maarten to Saba, the smallest island in the Dutch Antilles you will be graced with a view like none other, a place that looks trapped in the ancient past. Upon arrival you will find a village nestled upon a volcano that is full of vibrant atmosphere with live music, family owned restaurants featuring fresh caught cuisine and plenty of outdoor activities like scuba-diving and hiking for nature lovers. But all this comes at a cost. You might say that the locals have become such experts at having a good time because at any moment it could all be destroyed. Tourists have been known to call it ‘The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean’ but it could be more accurately described as ‘Hurricane Island’. Because of its location right in the Atlantic’s hurricane alley, the island has been noted for being hit by the most hurricanes of any island on Earth. Despite the constant attacks that mother nature brings down upon Saba its people still find a way to survive and rebuild time and time again.

    #4. “Rockall”-- Ireland
    The tiny 80 foot wide island known as Rockall which lies nearly three-hundred miles off of Scotland’s western shore has such an imposing presence it has made its way into Irish and Scottish legends as well as popular culture through music, books and television. People have long been entranced with its simple yet powerful structure with some ancient myths going as far to name it the location where the apocalypse will begin. The real life danger is in the fact that the island itself, is essentially a large granite rock sticking out of the ocean--the remnants of an extinct volcano. Because of its steep incline on all sides there is really only one place for a person to stand, the peak, which you can only get to if you are a skilled rock-climber. Even if you are it isn’t recommended that you try climbing the relatively short summit of 65 feet as the island is smack dab in the part of the ocean that boasts waves which reach upwards of 100 feet. Despite their being no natural value to the island other than its looks, Rockall was considered an extremely important strategic location by the United Kingdom who claimed the island in fear of it falling into the hands of the USSR and being used to house a missile silo. Britain’s claim to the island also has the historical distinction of being their last modern day territorial acquisition.

  • 5 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!


    5 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!

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  • 15 Mysterious Places You Wont Believe Actually Exist!


    Be it Niagara Falls, Ayers Rock or the Northern Lights- the world is full of incredible and mysterious places that tourists flock to in their droves! But there are some intriguing locales that are so tantalizingly strange, that you simply won’t be able to accept they’re real at all! These are mysterious places you won’t believe actually exist!

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  • 15 Most Mysterious Lakes On Earth


    The natural world is an ever changing, ever shifting beast. Mountains rise, valleys form, glaciers meander across the landscape; the face of our planet is malleable, ever moving. But if we asked you to name the strangest natural phenomena on Earth, chances are that nobody would say “lakes”. Bad move. Turns out these placid-seeming bodies of water are home to some of the craziest, weirdest Easter eggs of the natural world. These lakes are unique in their own ways, some even bordering on strange. But we all like a little absurdity in our lives every so often, don’t we? Here are 15 Most Mysterious Lakes On Earth

    #mysterious #strange #lakes

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  • 15 Most Dangerous Places on Earth


    The world is a dangerous place! Today we're taking a look at some of the most dangerous places and tourist destinations in the world. Have you been to any of these places? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Scientists Finally Discovered the Truth About Easter Island


    We all know that the easter island heads have bodies – that’s not a mystery at all. But how did the easter island population build hundreds of statues? Scientists have recently solved this mystery and discovered where these people disappeared to and why.

    For many decades, people's minds have been occupied with the mystery of Easter Island. A remote piece of volcanic soil, far away in the Pacific Ocean... But our planet hosts thousands of such lonely islands, what is so particular about this one?
    The mystery is concealed not in the island itself but giant stone statues covering it. Who created the world-famous huge stone heads? Did they serve any specific purpose? Where did their creators arrive from and where did they disappear?
    Well, it seems the answer is finally just around the corner!

    #easterisland #mystery #easterislandheads

    What do we know about Easter Island? 1:05
    Amazing facts about Easter Island 2:18
    How have the statues been moved around the island? 5:25
    How could create Easter Island monuments? 7:24
    What happened to people on Easter Island? 8:09

    - Where is Easter Island located?
    Rapa Nui (which is the name given to Easter Island by its first inhabitants) is the territory of Chile and is situated in the southern Pacific Ocean. And it is so, so far that you can easily consider it one of the most distant places on the world's map. It lies 1,200 miles away from Pitcairn, which is its closest neighbor.

    - What's the main secret of the statues?
    Most statues (834 out of 887) were carved from the material called tuff which is, in fact, compressed volcanic ash. Curiously, all the statues except one group face inland. It means their backs are turned to the ocean. Perhaps the reason for that was the belief that the statues were the protectors of the villagers that's why they overlooked the settlement. The only statues not fitting into this pattern can be found at Ahu Akivi, a sacred place for the people of Rapa Nui.

    - Theories about how the statues had been moved.
    One of the most popular ones among the lovers of mysteries was the belief that the statues had been created and moved by aliens. But even if you like this theory, we are sorry to debunk it. The stone the statues were built from originates from the island itself. The birthplace of most of the material was an extinct volcano situated in the north-east of Easter Island and not another planet.

    - A new study about the island.
    A new study has been conducted recently to specify the maximum number of the inhabitants in the heyday of the island's civilization.
    The results arrived, and they were quite unexpected. It turned out that as many as 17 and a half thousand people could comfortably live on the island. At least 19 percent of the land could be covered with the fields of sweet potatoes that used to be the main source of food for the population. What is more, the islanders consumed quite a lot of seafood and fish.

    - Why did people on Easter Island disappear?
    At first, it was believed that the reason for such a decrease of the population was an ecocide. The natives cut out large forests and palm trees making spare room for moving the statues around as well as agriculture. They thought the trees were going to grow back fast enough. It was a misleading concept. The deterioration of the environment resulted in hunger. And this, in turn, led to wars and cannibalism.
    Nowadays, however, such a theory has been proven wrong. First of all, Rapa Nui inhabitants seemed to be very talented agricultural engineers. They deliberately fertilized the fields with the volcanic rock. In fact, another research has shown that people had been living on the island for many centuries. And the population only started to decrease when Europeans began visiting.

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  • 15 Mysterious Places You Wont Believe Actually Exist!


    Everyone has their favorite tourist destination. For many, it’s the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But what about those that are so elusive or mysterious that most people won’t even think they exist? From a body of water that glows blue, to a naturally-occurring rainbow mountain, here are 15 mysterious places you won’t believe actually exist!

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  • 15 Mysterious Monuments That Cannot Be Explained


    As it seems, we humans have a strange habit of building weird and wonderful things in the unlikeliest of places. For thousands of years, whether we've been building strange and impossible monuments to the gods, or immortalising the defining events of an ancient world--leaving behind signs of our civilizations has been an important part of the human condition. Some of them, however, are a little difficult to make sense of. From the temples of an ancient society, to the depths of the ocean floor--here are 15 Mysterious Monuments That Cannot BeExplained

  • 10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World


    10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World
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    Everyone wishes they could spend a few days relaxing on the island of their dreams. But there are some Islands that are not your typical vacation spots. As the most dangerous islands in the world, these places are anything but serene and tranquil…

    The Carnac Island might only be 47-acres, but don't be fooled by its small size... because it’s a downright deadly place. Lying right off the west coast of Australia, almost every inch is riddled with poisonous tiger snakes. These reptiles not only possess deadly venom that can be fatal to humans, but have a mysterious past. No one understands how the snakes got to the island in the first place. Rumor has it that a man named Lindsay 'Rocky' Vane collected tiger snakes for years only to abandon them all on the island.

    #island #islands #dangerous

  • 9 Most Mysterious Lost Worlds


    From a magical floating island to caves with newly discovered species, here are 9 lost worlds found on Earth!!

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    9. Mount Roraima
    This plateau is known as the “floating island of Venezuela” It’s remote location and indigenous folklore make it the perfect place if you are looking for adventure. As the highest formation among South America’s Pakaraima table-top mountain chain, Mount Roraima is a plateau that sits among the clouds at 9,220 feet (2,810 meters) above sea level.

    8. East Scotia Ridge
    Located roughly 800 miles (1,287 km) east of South America’s southernmost tip in an isolated region of the Southern Ocean, the East Scotia Ridge is home to hydrothermal vents which consistently heat the water, reaching temperatures as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit (371 Celsius).

    7. Hang Son Doong Cave
    This enormous cave looks like the entrance to another world, and in a way it is. Life in the cave has adapted to these conditions and plants grow in some areas, reaching toward cracks of light.

    6. Melville Range Rainforest
    In 2013, a team of scientists and filmmakers set out to explore a remote rainforest atop Australia’s Melville Range. Located on the Cape York Peninsula in the country’s northeastern region, the small, rugged, nine-mile-long (15 km) mountain range’s misty rainforest appeared in satellite imagery, prompting the researchers to go and see it for themselves.

    5. Bosavi Crater
    Around 200,000 years ago, the cone of a now-extinct volcano in Papua New Guinea, called Mount Bosavi, collapsed, creating a 0.6-mile-deep (1 km), two-and-a-half-mile-wide (4 km) crater, which is home to its own unique, isolated rainforest ecosystem.

    4. Sima Humboldt & Sima Martel
    Sima Humboldt, also called Sima Mayor, is a massive sinkhole located atop the 11,500-foot-tall (3,505 meters) Sarisariñama table-top mountain, or tepui, in Venezuela’s Bolívar State. (Similar to Mount Roraima). It’s situated less than 3,000 feet (700 meters) away from another enormous sinkhole known as Sima Martel.

    3. Palawan Highlands Plantlife
    In June 2007, scientists exploring the highlands of the central Philippines discovered numerous previously unidentified species, including a large, carnivorous plant, which they named Attenborough’s pitcher plant (Nepenthes attenboroughii).

    2. Movile Cave
    Near the Black Sea and the Bulgarian border in southeastern Romania’s Constanta County is an underground cave that has been isolated for around five-and-a-half million years. Known as Movile Cave, the site harbors a poisonous atmosphere and is completely devoid of light; yet, miraculously, it’s home to a diverse ecosystem of creatures, including scorpions, woodlice, centipedes, and other creatures who have evolved uniquely due to their isolation and living conditions.

    1. Lake Vostok
    Over two miles (3.7 km) beneath the Antarctic ice, there’s a massive ancient lake that has spent the last 15 million years cut off from the rest of the world. It’s similar in size to Lake Ontario, but is around twice as deep.

    #mysterious #lost #worlds #nature #places #tourism #isolated #clouds #cliffs #beautiful #originsexplained #top10

  • 15 Places on Earth Where Gravity Doesnt Seem to Work


    If it weren’t for the gravitational force on earth, we would float instead of walk. It’s what binds us and mostly everything around us, to the earth. But in some places on earth, a strange phenomenon is at work, and the gravitational force becomes zero. From the waterfall that’s flow defies logic to the mystery anomaly in a forest outside of Santa Cruz, California, here are 15 Places on Earth Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem to Work!

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  • A Mystery Island That Appeared and Vanished on Maps


    Do you like stories about mysterious disappearances? Then check this one out. Mexico, 1997. A young fisherman is loading up his small boat with supplies. He’s about to sail to his favorite little island. It usually takes him a couple hours to get there – it’s a good ways off the coast. But today, something’s not right. He keeps sailing. More hours pass. Then days. He can’t find his familiar paradise!

    Bermeja Island was located off the north coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. About the size of San Marino, it was well-known and had been on many maps since the 16th century. Search expeditions started not long after its disappearance, a notable one being in 2009. But here’s the strange part: there are a lot of ghost islands all over the world! They appear on some maps and disappear on others...


    Bermeja Island 0:38
    Atlantis 1:46
    Frisland 2:25
    Sarah Ann Island 2:56
    What about a new continent? 3:27
    Sandy Island 5:36

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  • Cocos Island - The mysterious island in the Pacific - FULL VERSION!!


    Unfortunately, the previously uploaded version was not complete: It aborts in minute 22. Here finally is the complete documentary.
    Have fun with it! :)

    Coconut Island protrudes from the Pacific Ocean as the peak of a lone volcano, far off the Costa Rican coast. At the end of the 18th century, the English author Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have received the inspiration for his novel „Treasure Island“ here.

    The tiny island comprises just 25 sqm² and is covered by an impenetrable jungle. Numerous streams, waterfalls and gorges epitomise the world‘s largest uninhabited rain forest island. Due to its isolation, unique flora and fauna have developed here. Today, as a national park and world natural heritage, the island is closely supervised by park rangers.

    The outstanding underwater world surrounding the island abounds with marine fauna of every description. Hardly any other destination is as well-known for its countless large fish varieties, especially hammerhead, reef and offshore sharks. The film‘s author submerged to depths up to 400 meters on board the „Deep Sea“, a modern research submarine. During the dive, he ucceeded in shooting material of rare deep sea fish and shark species, which have never before been sighted near Coconut Island.

  • 15 Most Incredible Abandoned Homes In The World


    We all aspire to one day moving into our dream home, and for a lot of people, that idea seems far out of reach. With so many forced to rent small rooms or who can't even have a roof above their heads at all, it seems unbelievable that there are thousands of houses that have been left completely unoccupied. From stunning castles to gigantic mansions, it's time to look at the 15 most incredible abandoned homes in the world!....

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  • 11 Places More Mysterious Than Bermuda Triangle


    It’s one of the most terrifyingly fascinating places on our planet. Ships and planes simply vanish, radios and compasses just stop working, and some even say they’ve spotted UFOs there. And it's not the one and only Bermuda Triangle. There are at least 11 other mysterious places. So what are they, and how do they form?

    Ivan T. Sanderson, a writer, a biologist, and a huge fan of the paranormal and inexplicable, traveled a lot and recorded his experiences. What caught his attention the most was where the strangest unexplained things kept happening. That is, disappearing ships and whatnot. He was able to map 12 of these places scattered all over the world. But the weird thing is, 6 of them lie almost perfectly in line above the Equator, and the same goes for the 6 below it...

    The Bermuda Triangle 1:11
    The Algerian Megaliths 2:14
    Mohenjo-Daro 3:02
    The Dragon’s Triangle 3:44
    The Hamakulia Volcano 4:30
    Easter Island 4:59
    The South Atlantic Anomaly 5:44
    Great Zimbabwe 6:20
    The Wharton Basin 6:53
    The Loyalty Islands 7:27
    The North and South Poles 8:06

    Theories about these Vile Vortices:
    - Ley lines 8:52
    - Giant puzzle 9:32
    - A lot of geologic activity 10:04

    #mystery #bermudatriangle #brightside

    - Besides the paranormal theories of wormholes to another dimension and gates to the underworld, the Bermuda Triangle is really foggy due to methane gas that sometimes makes it impossible for travelers to see, thus making navigation a little tricky too.
    - The Algerian Megaliths are an architectural anomaly, showing just how advanced these people were for a time when we didn’t have the technology to help us build stable constructions.
    - Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan goes way back to the Indus Valley Civilization in 2500 BCE. Like in Algeria, this society was, for some reason, surprisingly advanced when it came to building and urban planning.
    - Heading further east along the same northern line, we arrive in Japan, where the Dragon’s Triangle, also called the Devil’s Sea, is located. The most astonishing thing about this Vile Vortex is that there’s an underwater city dubbed Japan’s Atlantis.
    - Located in the Ring of Fire, the next Vile Vortex is the Hamakulia Volcano in Hawaii. Locals treat it with utmost respect as the volcano is believed to have a mysterious power.
    - Now let’s head south of the Equator to one of the most isolated places on this planet: Easter Island in Polynesia. This is where you can find nearly 900 Moai statues created by the Rapa Nui people.
    - The South Atlantic Anomaly is a part of Earth where natural radiation flows out of control.
    - Another impressive megalith, this time in Zimbabwe. It was once home to around 20,000 people… but it’s now a ghost town.
    - Poor Australia has Vile Vortices on both sides. Heading over to the east, there’s the Loyalty Islands. A lot of strange whirlpools were found on this patch of the South Pacific as well as plenty of geologic activity.
    - The North and South Poles are on opposite ends of the planet, but they’ve got two things in common: ice and odd disappearances.

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  • Cocos Island - The mysterious island in the Pacific


    Coconut Island protrudes from the Pacific Ocean as the peak of a lone volcano, far off the Costa Rican coast. At the end of the 18th century, the English author Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have received the inspiration for his novel „Treasure Island“ here.

    The tiny island comprises just 25 sqm² and is covered by an impenetrable jungle. Numerous streams, waterfalls and gorges epitomise the world‘s largest uninhabited rain forest island. Due to its isolation, unique flora and fauna have developed here. Today, as a national park and world natural heritage, the island is closely supervised by park rangers.

    The outstanding underwater world surrounding the island abounds with marine fauna of every description. Hardly any other destination is as well-known for its countless large fish varieties, especially hammerhead, reef and offshore sharks. The film‘s author submerged to depths up to 400 meters on board the „Deep Sea“, a modern research submarine. During the dive, he ucceeded in shooting material of rare deep sea fish and shark species, which have never before been sighted near Coconut Island.

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  • 15 Most MYSTERIOUS Things Caught By Satellite!


    These are some of the most mysterious things caught by satellite!

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  • 15 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World


    Come summer there are many of us clambering for a spot at the beach. I mean, it’s one of the best places to hang out with family and friends on a hot day. But there are some beaches that are considered dangerous, particularly if you’re looking to take a quick dip in the water. From the beach located so close to an airport runway you can almost touch the planes landing, to the water that almost sucks swimmers into its depths, here are 15 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World!

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Cant Explain


    Even the most intelligent people in the world don’t know everything. You can spend your whole life studying science or history, but there will still be things that you’ll never completely understand. That doesn’t just go for new discoveries - it also covers objects and places that were created by our ancient ancestors. We might have vastly underestimated the abilities and intelligence of the civilizations that came before us, because all of the things you’re about to see remain a mystery to all the experts who’ve ever studied them.

  • 10 Mysterious Places On Earth Scientists Are Still Trying To Understand


    The most mysterious and strange places on Earth are sometimes hard to understand even by scientists. A lot of things about the world aren't well known but there are still some theories going around.

    The tools needed to solve some of life's biggest mysteries are relatively new, and it's going to take scientists some time to comb through all of the mysteries. When it comes to the inexplicably strange and surreal places out there, they can sometimes leave us feeling like there's no logical answer as to why they exist.

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    10 Unbelievable Things Found Deep In The Woods

    10 Companies Who Made 1 Huge Mistake Which Infuriated Everyone!

    Back to these mysterious places. Take the Namibian Fairy Circles as an example. Located in Africa's Namib Desert, these circles vary vastly in diameter, but they also span an area of over 1,000 miles.

    While locals believe them to be the footprints of gods who once walked across the desert, scientists have been trying to make sense of them for decades. One theory involves sand termites, but experts can't seem to agree on that being the cause.

    Then there's the confusion surrounding the Naga Fireballs. This name was given to the tiny orbs of fire that seem to lift out of the Mekong River in Thailand every October and May. People are so fascinated by this phenomenon that there's an entire festival dedicated to their ascension.

    If you want to learn more about the places that are baffling experts everywhere, check out this video!

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  • Most MYSTERIOUS Ancient Structures In The World!


    Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Ancient Structures In The World! From unexplained ancient architecture to mysterious hidden buildings, this top 10 list of mysterious ancient ruins has some of the most bizarre discoveries!

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    8. Nan Madol
    Off the coast of the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia stand the ruins of the ancient city of Nan Madol. The only ancient city ever built entirely on a coral reef, the city is made up of almost 100 artificial islands made of coral fill and stone, separated by narrow canals and protected by an outer seawall. Like Easter Island, this place is an engineering marvel!!

    7. Teotihuacan
    Before Europeans came to North America, an unknown culture arose in central Mexico and built a grand city that we have come to know as Teotihuacan. In its heyday, it was a city that covered 20 square kilometers (13 square miles) and was home to 200,000 people, all of them in carefully constructed and delineated neighborhoods where people were grouped according to the crafts that they constructed.

    6. Puma Punku
    The massive ancient city of Tiwanaku in Bolivia is dominated by a temple complex called Puma Punku that has puzzled archaeologists for decades. The city was already standing when the Inca moved into the region in 1470, although it was completely abandoned.

    5. Ggantija, Malta
    On the Mediterranean island of Gozo, one of the islands of Malta, stands a megalithic temple complex that predates the pyramids of Egypt. The two towers were built during the Neolithic Age, between 3600 and 2500 BC. They are the second-oldest manmade religious structures in the world. Number one is coming up so stay tuned!!

    4. Stonehenge
    The Salisbury Plain in England is home to possibly the most famous mysterious megalithic structure in the world, so of course, I had to mention it! Stonehenge was built from 3000 BC to 2000 BC, constructed in a series of stages. The site currently consists of a ring of standing stones, each stone at least 4 meters (13 feet) tall, 2.1 meters (7 feet) wide, and weighing around 25 tons.

    3. Newgrange
    Another Neolithic site, with important astrological alignment, can be found at Newgrange in Ireland’s Boyne Valley. Older than Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza, Newgrange was originally believed to be a tomb, but it’s actually a temple complex that was built by Stone Age farmers more than 5,200 years ago in 3200 BC.

    2. Skara Brae
    Located on the windy Orkney Islands of northern Scotland stands the Neolithic settlement known as Skara Brae. The most complete Neolithic village in Europe, Skara Brae was probably occupied between 3180 BC and 2500 BC.

    1. Göbekli Tepe
    Its name is Turkish for “potbelly hill,” and it’s the most recently found ancient structure on this list. Found on the plains of Anatolia, Göbekli Tepe is a man made hill, standing about 15 meters (49 feet) tall, and about 300 meters (980 feet) in diameter. Who cares?? Well It’s about 11,000 years old, making it the oldest temple structure in the world.

    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

  • 10 Strange And Mysterious Islands


    Here are some bizarre and mysterious islands from across the globe, most of which you have probably never heard of, probably. One of the most strange islands is Por Bajin, what appears to be a ruined medieval island palace or fortress. Some believe it was even a prison. Either way it's unknown who built it or for what purpose. But it's not quite as strange as Chiloe, an island said to be home to witches and zombies. Chiloe is known within Chile for being rich in folklore and many within the country believe legends featuring it.

    Vulcan point is an island within multiple lakes. I mean... it's an island inside a lake inside and island. It's amazing, and tiny. It's among the more light hearted entries on this list, along with the island of Rabbits in Japan. It's an island ruled by rabbits, countless of the beasts who have no natural predators. For this reason they have no need to be timid at all, and unlike most rabbits they run towards any people they see. Watch this full video for more interesting islands.


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  • 12 Mysterious Abandoned Islands In The World


    12 Mysterious Abandoned Islands In The World
    Extreme Islands
    Haunted Islands
    Expensive Insane Islands
    Incredible Big Islands

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    12 Incredible Abandoned Islands In The World

    A Scary Island That Has Been Keeping a Secret for 80 Years

    21 Mysterious Abandoned Places

    12 Most Amazing Archaeological Discoveries

    Disney Has an Abandoned Park and Doesn't Want You to See It

    5 Uninhabited Islands with Dark & Mysterious Histories

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  • Most dangerous places in the world



    Music: Unusual Habitat - Silent Partner

  • 10 Most Amazing Treasures Recently Discovered


    From finding diamond rings in a board game to enormous crystals in a cave, and even diamonds! Here are 10 amazing treasures that have recently been found!

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    LARGEST Animals Ever Discovered! ????
    Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! ????

    10. Diamond Rings In A Used Board Game
    After moving from Sydney, Australia to Toronto, Canada in 2018, couple Chris Lightfoot and Mandy Flack paid $2 for a used board game called Mind Trap at a local thrift shop. Has anyone played this game? I love board games but I've never played this one. The couple bought the game during a family trip to Prince Edward Island with Lightfoot’s parents, since “we’re not exactly going to have a wild night out drinking,” the man explained to Seven News.

    9. Stolen Books Recovered
    A treasure trove of historical books, including works by Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, and Spanish artist Francisco Goya, was recently recovered in Romania after being stolen from a Feltham, London warehouse three years ago. Estimated to be worth £2.5million ($3.2 million, detectives recovered the books in the country’s northern region, from beneath the concrete floor of a rural home.

    8. Fifth-Century Brooch
    While strolling through a forest in a village in northwestern Poland during winter 2019, a man named Grzegorz came across something flashing on the ground. He had discovered a golden brooch dating back to the fifth century peeking out from a pile of leaves! Local foresters were astonished, and scientists and explorers were summoned to the scene, where they excavated a 16-by-16-foot (5x5 meters) area of land where the brooch was found. Altogether, they collected three silver, gilded clasps.

    7. Vintage Beer Cans and Whiskey
    While carrying out renovations in mid-2019 in Kansas City, Missouri’s affluent Brookside neighborhood, a worker named Cody Marval discovered over 100 beer cans and whiskey bottles dating back to the 1940s stashed inside a porch column. Homeowner Danielle Molder, who purchased the house several years earlier, had no previous knowledge of the stash that had sat hidden for over 70 years, since about 20 years after the home was built.

    6. Planggenstock Crystals
    In 2005, crystal hunters Paul von Känel and Franz von Arx discovered the largest collection of crystals found in the Alps over the last several hundred years inside a mountain called the Planggenstock.

    5. Missing Medieval Chess Piece
    In 1831, a collection of medieval chessmen pieces, known as the Lewis Hoard, was found buried on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Ninety-three pieces from at least four chess sets and other games, were unearthed altogether. Made from whale tooth and thought to be manufactured in Norway during the late 12th or 13th century, the rare, ornate pieces are worth a pretty penny.

    4. Gold Handbag
    While cleaning out their garage in 2018, sisters Linda and Margaret Pritchard of Denbigh, Wales came across a damp, seemingly worthless handbag. The accessory had sat in the garage for years after Margaret had inherited it from a widower she had cared for, named Gwyn Jones, and the pair nearly threw it away.

    3. Rare Tudor Manor Artifacts
    During a multimillion dollar roof restoration at Oxburgh Hall, a 15th-century Tudor mansion in Norfolk, England, workers recently discovered a stash of over 2,000 valuable archaeological artifacts, including textile and embroidery scraps, handwritten music dating back 450 years, and a page from a copy of John Fisher’s The Kynge’s Psalmes from 1568.

    2. Coin Hoard In Poland
    When a farmer named Mariusz Dyl went out looking for antlers earlier this year in southern Poland’s Lublin region, he noticed some coins that had been churned up out of the ground by farming equipment. He immediately contacted staff at the local museum in Hrubieszow, who reported to the scene.

    1. Huge Diamond
    In April 2019, the Canadian company Lucara Diamond Corporation unveiled the world’s second-largest diamond ever mined. Excavated from the Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana in southern Africa, the 1,758-carat gem measures 3.3 by 2.4 by 1.8 inches (83x62x46 mm) and weighs nearly 12.4 ounces (352 grams).

  • 10 Most Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Cant Explain


    10 Most Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Can't Explain

    50M Videos is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #50MVideos

    10 Most Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Still Can't Explain
    We live in an age, in which boundless information sits at the tips of our finger. With
    a few idle taps of our screens, we can pull up anything from DIY tutorials, to the
    latest breaking news story, to even something as small and trivial as that word that’s
    caught on the very tip of your tongue. In a time such as this, it’s almost surprising to
    think that there are questions without definite answers. However, that’s exactly
    what we’re going to look at today. The following is a list of ten discoveries that still
    have modern-day scientists completely in the dark.

    10. Antikythera Mechanism
    In the history of technology and human innovation, computers (as we know them)
    are a fairly new invention. The first electric computer was debuted in 1946–– not
    even one hundred years ago!–– and has been warping and modernizing to become
    the instrument we know it as today. However, the discovery of the Antikythera
    Mechanism has completely blindsided researchers, implying that computers existed
    long before the 1940s. The Antikythera Mechanism is a hand-powered analogue
    computer traced back to Ancient Greece. Its name derives from where it was
    discovered–– among the wreckage of a ship off of the Greek island Antikythera,
    where researchers estimated it to be over two thousand years old. The device, as far
    as scientists understand, used its several intermeshing gears to follow the paths of
    the Moon and the Sun and, through that means, was able to predict certain
    astrological phenomena, such as lunar eclipses. While its processing power may not

    look like much compared to what today’s technology is capable of, it is impressively
    durable. Not even the Nokia can last two thousand years in a shipwreck.

    9. Cochno Stone
    If you’re a fan of cryptograms, get ready, because scientists have been trying to
    puzzle out the meaning of these five thousand year old writings since its discovery.
    The Cochno Stone was discovered in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland in 1887. It’s
    surprising that this ancient artifact wasn’t discovered sooner–– the stone has been
    measured to be about 42 by 26 feet, and is covered in over 90 carved indentations
    known as “cup and ring” marks. These marks are identified as small abscesses in
    rock faces, which are usually surrounded by concentric circles that have been
    carved into the stone. In addition to this, the carvings also feature a cross (in a time
    long before Christianity), as well as a set of footprints, both featuring four-toes. The
    Cochno Stone’s meaning has been hotly debated, especially after its exposure to the
    public led to several vandalisms and the gradual wearing of feet, attributed to
    tourism to the site. Theories of what the Stone’s engravings mean have ranged from
    star maps to boundary markers to simple decorative etchings. It seems that the only
    people who will ever truly know the intention of the Stone are the ones who carved
    it, their explanation lost to time.

    8. “Hobbit” people

    The “hobbit people”, scientifically referred to as homo floresiensis, are a species of
    ancient humans who inhabited Flores, Indonesia 50,000 years ago. In 2003, their
    humanoid remains were discovered in Liang Bua, a cave on the island that gives
    them their colloquial name: the Flores Man. Researchers were baffled by their size,
    as they were found to stand no taller than 3 feet and 7 inches high (about 1.1 m),
    and displayed a bone structure unique enough to modern humans to be designated
    their own separate species. However, many researchers argue that these skeletons
    belong to homo sapiens (modern humans) and are simply “malformed” due to
    inbreeding or conditions such as microcephaly, or a unique birth defect..

    7. Big Circles
    Sure, crop circles have a certain mystique, but they’re nothing compared to the
    ancient stone circles discovered in the Middle East. Only recently have
    photographers been able to acquire aerial shots of the eleven giant circles, all but
    one measuring out to be about 1,312 feet (400 meters) in diameter. The stone walls
    themselves have no openings, but they are short enough to gain access simply by
    jumping over them. Even more strange is the presence of a 12 th circle in Jordan,
    which still appears to be seemingly unfinished.
    Little is known about these circles or
    their intended purpose. Some speculate them to be about 2000 years old, while
    others insist that they are far older, possibly pre-dating the invention of writing. So,

    what could these circles be? Boundary markers? Burial sites? As of now, the only
    thing we can certainly attribute to them, is a mystery.

  • 10 Most MYSTERIOUS Recent Archaeological Discoveries!


    Hi, it’s Katrina! From ancient roman coins found by accident, to an entire lost city, here are 10 exciting recent archaeological discoveries.

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    Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! ????

    10. Roman Coin Hoard
    Last year, a Polish man named Mariusz Dyl discovered some scattered coins while looking for antlers in a 328-foot (100 meters) section of an abandoned field in Cichobórz, a village in the Lublin region of southeastern Poland. That's a fun find!

    9. Paintings On Mummy’s Coffin
    Conservators at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery in Scotland recently made an unexpected discovery while examining the mummified remains of an ancient Egyptian woman named Ta-Kr-Hb. (Probably not how she would have pronounced it, but I’m sure she would forgive me!)

    8. Oldest Human DNA
    The fossilized tooth of a mysterious human ancestor has finally been identified over 25 years after its discovery. Back in 1994, archaeologists unearthed the fossilized remains of members of this archaic group while digging in northern Spain’s Atapuerca Mountains. The largest bone fragments, which appeared to have been cannibalized, belong to six individuals and date back some 800,000 years.

    7. 5,000-Year-Old Sword
    Archaeologist Vittoria Dall’Armellina was still a PhD student when she discovered a 5,000-year-old misidentified sword during a 2017 leisure trip to the Saint Lazarus monastery in the Venetian lagoon. The monastery has been home to the Mekhitarist congregation of Armenian Catholic monks since 1717.

    6. Lead-Spiked Beer
    While excavating a series of Georgian and Victorian era cellars in Leeds, England, archaeologists unearthed a stash of 600 bottles of beer! Located under the building’s stairs at the former Scarborough Castle Inn, it looked like ginger beer! Most of the bottles bore labels saying “J.E. Richardson of Leeds,” while the others came from a variety of 1880s breweries.

    5. Medieval Shrine
    While making repairs on a railway embankment following a landslide near the town of Guildford in southern England, a team of workers discovered a cave containing a medieval shrine or hermitage of some sort.

    4. Lost Maya Capital
    An odd encounter in 2014 has led to the recent discovery of a long-lost Maya capital in Chiapas in southeastern Mexico. That year, a roadside food vendor flagged down archaeology student Whittaker Schroder and explained that his friend, a cattle rancher, had found an ancient tablet on his property. They knew that the archaeologists had been doing research in the town.

    3. Neanderthal String
    Us humans have long thought of our Neanderthal cousins as not-very-bright, more primitive versions of ourselves. One of the many characteristics we’ve cited as a distinction between us and them is early humans’ ability to make and use tools -- something we didn’t think, until recently, that Neanderthals were capable of.

    2. Early Domesticated Crops
    Until recently, experts knew of four places in the world where the world’s first domesticated crops emerged: China, the Middle East, Mesoamerica, and the Andes. Now, an international team of researchers has added a fifth domestication area in southwestern Amazonia to that list.

    1. London’s True Age
    Archaeologists recently announced a discovery that may put the age of London at 3,000 years -- or three times -- older than previously thought. Just 50 feet (15 meters) outside the historic city’s northern border, they unearthed evidence of a prehistoric ceremonial site. There were 436 fragments of Neolithic pottery.

    #archaeology #discoveries #originsexplained

  • The 7 Most Mysterious Ancient Lost Lands


    Continents, islands or island-continents, that had their own habitat, unique forms of life, and were even sometimes home to forgotten civilizations, before being destroyed in huge cataclysms or disappearing in strange conditions. Some are mythical like the famous drowned land of Atlantis, but many are actually real...

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    Image credits: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, DEA Picture Library/De Agostini/Getty Images, Holmes Garden Photos / Alamy, Anthony Aktinson, Alexander Maleev, Simon Fitch, Vincent Gaffney and Benjamin Gearey, University of Birmingham, U.K.



    Iram of the Pillars:



    Lemuria/Kumari Kandam:


  • 8 Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts EVER Discovered!


    Check out the 8 Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts EVER Discovered! This top 10 list of weird and bizarre recent archaeological discoveries has some of the stranges unexplained findings ever made!

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  • Top 20 Creepiest Abandoned Places Around the World


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    These terrifying places will send a chill down your spine. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the world’s most haunting spots that have been left behind. Our countdown includes Hotel Del Salto, Poveglia Island, Aniva Lighthouse, Valley of the Mills, Pripyat, and more! What do YOU think is the creepiest abandoned place? Let us know in the comments!

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    #Creepy #Abandoned #Haunted



    These insane locations are illegal to visit, dangerous beyond belief, or so haunted I dare you to try and visit them! Hit thumbs up if you enjoy this mind-expanding top 10 countdown!

    ★ Watch the 14 CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught on Camera ►


    Top 10 Most Forbidden Places on Earth
    10. Dulce Base, USA
    Dulce is a tiny town situated near the Colorado border in New Mexico with a population of 2,600. Under this town is an underground laboratory where unbelievable experiments take place. It is said that the Dulce Base is a massive subterranean compound that houses incredibly advanced technologies and human-animal hybrids. This military research facility has very tight security and is regarded as one of the top forbidden places in the USA.

    9. Snake Island, Brazil
    As the name suggests, this is an island in Brazil infested with thousands of deadly snakes. No human dares to tread on the Snake Island. It is regarded as the most forbidden place in Brazil. In fact, it is so dangerous that the government has made it illegal to visit the island. There are thousands of golden lance-heads on the island – the deadliest serpents on the planet.

    8. North Sentinel Island, India
    Home to the Sentinelese tribe, the North Sentinel Island is a small, heavily forested island in the Bay of Bengal that is completely encircled by coral reef. The Sentinelese tribe have lived on the island for over 50,000 years under the protection of the Indian Government. This region is strictly prohibited for visitors of any kind.

    7. Doomsday Vault, Norway
    The Doomsday Vault is a seed bank situated in the heart of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. This is a highly secure vault hidden under a frigid cold, hostile environment. The Doomsday vault preserves a variety of plant seeds among other things. The vault is forbiden to the public.

    6. North Brother Island, USA
    Located in New York City, North Brother Island is one of the strangest abandoned regions in the USA. Originally developed as a quarantine hospital, it was the home to Typhoid Mary, the first American to carry the typhoid fever. Later, this place became a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. Now, North Brother Island houses a bird sanctuary and access to the island has been permanently forbidden to the public.

    5. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China
    China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang is buried deep underneath this pyramid for more than 2,000 years. It is one of the greatest discoveries of all times but remains a mystery for historians and archaeologists. The Chinese Government has prohibited all excavation of the site.

    4. Niihau Island, USA
    Elizabeth Sinclair purchased Niʻihau in 1864 for $10,000 from the Kingdom of Hawaii and private ownership passed on to her descendants, the Robinson family. The island is off-limits to all but the Robinson family and their relatives... and strangely U.S. Navy personnel and government officials.

    3. Poveglia Island, Italy
    This small island is located between Venice and Lido in northern Italy. The Island was a quarantine station for the Bubonic Plague and the island has been used as an insane asylum. In 1968 the island was abandoned. It is one of the most haunted places on earth.

    2. Vatican Secret Vault, Vatican City, Italy
    Buried deep within the walls of Vatican City, and mostly underground, is a highly guarded vault called the Vatican Secret Archives. This vault houses historic documents and official correspondence, some of which date back to the eighth century. The archives, which are the official property of the pope, have been estimated to span over 52 miles of shelving with more than 35,000 items. Access is strictly guarded.

    1. Area 51, USA
    Area 51 in Southern Nevada is always wrapped in conspiracy theories. It is a US military base and has the reputation of being the testing ground for futuristic weapons and aircraft, leading many to believe the technology being tested isn't human. Conspiracy theorist believe the technology is alien. The US Government used to never even acknowledges the existence of Area 51.

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  • Most Dangerous Mysterious Island In The World | Snake Island at Brazil | Malayalam


    Most Dangerous Mysterious Island In The World | Snake Island at Brazil | Malayalam

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    Most Dangerous Mysterious Island In The World | Snake Island at Brazil | Malayalam

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds


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    If only our ancient ancestors left us a helpful instruction guide or manual buried alongside all of their artifacts. If they did, we wouldn't be so baffled by so many of the discoveries we've made about them, their civilizations, and the times that they lived in! The truth is that even the most educated experts sometimes don't know what they're looking at for sure, and so without any answers, they're forced to concede that they've uncovered a mystery. You'll find out all about many of those mysteries in this video!

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  • 7 Islands No One Wants to Buy Even for $1


    Do you ever you dream to own a private island? If you do, you'll probably find this information useful. Have you ever heard that there are whole islands out there that you can purchase for a fraction of the typical price? But the real kicker is that nobody wants to buy them! And there're reasons for that.

    Have you ever heard, for example, about Japan's Rabbit Island? They began to thrive and multiply on the island after a chemical weapons plant was closed. And these days, thousands of friendly bunnies will greet you if you decide to pay them a visit!

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    A New Continent Is Discovered on Earth In the Pacific Ocean
    A Scary Island That Has Been Keeping a Secret for 80 Years

    Islands with colonial ruins, Brazil 0:31
    Untouched nature and pine trees, Canada 1:15
    Terrible Tilly, USA 1:55
    Partly flooded island, USA 2:43
    Island with an abandoned fort, USA 3:15
    The island that disappears in the spring, Canada 4:19
    Island for a couple only, Australia 5:04
    Other islands where you can live
    Rabbits island, Japan 6:44
    Battleship Island, Japan 7:39
    Island in Venice, Italy 8:22
    The island of true paradise, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste 8:57

    #brightside #secretplaces #strangeplaces

    Preview photo credit:
    Maatsuyker lighthouse: By Jeff Jennings/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0
    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    Music by Epidemic Sound

    - For just 80,000 bucks, you can become the owner of not one but six islands situated on Brazil’s Sao Francisco River. But you’ll be subject to small annual taxes.
    - Although Little Rocky Island lies in the Atlantic Ocean, neighboring islands protect it from foul weather. There’s no property on the island, but you can build anything you like there!
    - Also known as Terrible Tilly, this island’s nickname speaks for itself. Well, it’s not technically an island in the traditional sense, it’s basically a rock with a single lighthouse on it off the coast of Oregon.
    - If you have an extra 40K, you can buy a 1-acre island with a view of picturesque Maine. There’s a little cabin on the island, and you can theoretically build some other property there too if you want.
    - You could become the owner of a historic private island on one condition: you have to restore the fort situated on it.
    - People typically associate private islands with some sort of tropical paradise. But Canada’s McGibbon Island is nothing like that. Perhaps that explains the super low price tag of 30 grand.
    - Welcome to a tiny island off the coast of Tasmania, Australia. This offer is open only for couples, and both partners should be equally eager to go to the island.
    - Ōkunoshima Island lies approximately 2 miles off the coast of Japan. From 1929 to 1945, there was a chemical weapons plant on the island that produced poisonous gas.
    - Dubbed Battleship Island because it looks like an old half-destroyed battleship, Hashima is located about 9 miles away from Nagasaki. From 1887 to 1974, there was a profitable coal mine on the island.
    - Located in Venice, Italy, Lazzaretto Nuovo is also open for tourists but home to nobody. In 1468, the island became a quarantine area for ships that approached the city. This move was meant to protect Venice from the plague.
    - Jaco Island belongs to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. This island looks like the picture of true paradise: lush green trees, crystal blue waters, and white sand. But his place is uninhabitable.

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  • 5 Most Mysterious & Unexplained Sea Creatures


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    The ocean is without doubt the most fascinating place on this planet. This quote pretty much sums it up.... Earth Should be Named Planet Ocean, Not Planet Earth. That couldn't be more true. We are surrounded by ocean, yet for the most part, we have no idea what creatures are sharing the planet with us. In this video you will see five truly awesome underwater creatures that prove the ocean has far more to offer than what we think. So, from an enormous deep sea shark, to a mysterious alien like creature that was washed up on a beach. Sit back & enjoy this video!

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  • Most Mysterious Places On Earth


  • Most Surprising Recent Underwater Discoveries


    From a newly discovered species to lost Greek fortresses, here are 11 surprising underwater discoveries.

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    Unbelievable Animals SAVING Other Animals! ????
    LARGEST Animals Ever Discovered! ????
    Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! ????

    11. Underwater Crop Circles
    Take a look at these strange circular formations that occasionally pop up on the ocean floor. A group of divers first noticed these odd patterns in 1995, and their origin eluded both scientists and divers for about a decade. And then more and more just kept popping up! No one could see who was making them and they came to be known as ‘underwater crop circles’.

    10. Chuuk Lagoon
    Located in the Central Pacific, at the bottom of Chuuk Lagoon in the Federated States of Micronesia, sits an eerie graveyard containing a “ghost fleet” of World War II era Imperial Japanese ships and aircrafts. The vehicles sank in February 1944 during “Operation Hailstorm,” a massive U.S. Navy air and sea attack against the Imperial Japanese Navy which destroyed 45 marine vessels and 270 planes.

    9. Hellenistic Fortress
    A Hellenistic fortress was recently discovered on Cape Chiroza off Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, leading researchers to believe that they have found an important site with the potential to offer a valuable glimpse into Greek life thousands of years ago.

    8. Precontinent II
    Between 1962 and 1965, French explorer and oceanography pioneer Jacques Cousteau wanted to see if divers could live at the bottom of the sea for long periods of time. Financed by the oil industry, Cousteau’s project, named “Précontinent” after the French term for a continental shelf, was meant to demonstrate that humans could live in submerged habitats for weeks to further underwater exploration and research at a faster pace.

    7. Ancient Chicken Egg
    In 2016, scientists excavating a watery pit that once served as a “wishing well” in Buckinghamshire, England discovered a 1,700-year-old chicken egg. It’s one of four eggs found within the pit, but is the only one that was retrieved without breaking, making it the only complete egg dating back to Roman-era Britain.

    6. Apollo 11 Rocket Engines
    Commonly known as the space mission that put men on the moon, the 1969 launch of Apollo 11 deposited Saturn V F-1 rocket engines into the Atlantic Ocean. A team from Bezos Expeditions, an exploration company owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, discovered two of the engines in 2012 using deep sea sonar.

    5. Hilma Hooker Shipwreck
    On the seafloor off the Caribbean island of Bonaire sits the Hilma Hooker shipwreck, one of 60 of the region’s dive sites, and perhaps the one with the most controversial past. Originally christened as the Midsland in May 1951, the ship changed hands numerous times over the following decades. The 236-foot (72 meters) vessel was a cargo ship that eventually began carrying a very specific type of illicit goods: drugs.

    4. Underwater Forest
    In the Gulf of Mexico off the Alabama coast lies an ancient, 60,000-year-old cypress forest that once stood on dry land. The trees sprang into existence along the banks of a river at around the same time ancient humans are believed to have started migrating out of Africa. Sediment buried old, fallen trees, and eventually, sea levels rose, engulfing the entire forest, which sat undisturbed until 2004, when Hurricane Ivan disturbed the seabed, revealing its presence in Mobile Bay.

    3. Strip Club
    In 2013, a marine biologist named Gil Koplovitz released photos he took of a forgotten underwater strip club that he discovered while researching off the Israeli coast. Located in Eilat, the venue was originally a submerged restaurant called the Red Sea Star that was later repurposed as an erotic dancing establishment.

    2. Ocean Atlas Sculpture
    The world’s largest underwater sculpture, Ocean Atlas, sits at the bottom of the sea off Nassau in the Bahamas. Installed in 2014, the artwork depicts a girl carrying the “weight of the ocean,” implicitly referencing the Greek myth of Atlas, who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders. Measuring 16 feet (5 meters) tall and weighing over 66 tons (60 metric tons), the massive sculpture was assembled piece-by-piece at its current location.

    1. Miscovich Emeralds Hoax
    Hoping to cash in on the value of shipwrecked gems after plummeting into financial ruin following the onset of the 2008 Great Recession, American diver and businessman Jay Miscovich concocted a plan to “discover” a 154-pound (70 kg) hoard of emeralds off the Florida coast.

    #underwaterdiscoveries #recentdiscoveries #archaeologicaldiscoveries #originsexplained

  • 9 Most Mysterious Recent Archaeological Discoveries


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  • 15 Most Mysterious Islands On Earth


    From ‘LOST’ to ‘Cast Away’ to ‘Madagascar’ to ‘Lord of the Flies’ to ‘Robinson Crusoe’- the world of fiction has been introducing us to strange and intriguing deserted islands for a long, long time. But what if we were to tell you that there are some islands in the REAL world that make the likes of the island from Lemony Snicket’s ‘The End’ look tame by comparison. These are the most mysterious islands on Earth!

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  • 15 Most Mysterious Islands On The Planet


    15 Most Mysterious Islands On The Planet

  • SAMPUNG MISTERYOSONG ISLA SA BUONG MUNDO | 10 Most Mysterious Islands On Earth


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  • 18 Most Mysterious Islands on Earth


    From strange natural formations, to weird alien locations; Here are 18 Most Mysterious Islands on Earth

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    Cat Island
    The island of Tashirojima (tash-sheero-jeemah) in Japan has a human population of about 100 people … and the cat population outnumbers them by about 6 to 1. The felines have managed to thrive largely due to the belief that they bring good luck. A belief in Japanese cultures says that cats will bring good fortune if you encounter them. That has led to tourists making a fuss over the critters, ensuring that they’re well fed and cared for. This island even features houses that have catlike shapes, where the animals can relax in style.

    Mysterious ‘Eye’-land
    This strange location is known as the Eye … and due to its bizarre appearance and remote location, there’s speculation it could be a cover for a massive alien base that sits under the surface. The Eye is said to rotate on its own axis in the middle of a marsh. It was discovered by a film crew shooting a documentary concerning paranormal activities while in the Parana (pah-rah-nah) Delta near Buenos Aires in Argentina. The island is surrounded by a thin water channel measuring around 130 yards in diameter … both the land and water are so precisely rounded that it doesn’t seem possible to be a naturally occurring formation. Argentina has had its fair share of UFO sightings … maybe the mysterious island is somehow involved!

    The Island of the Dolls
    Almost all the trees here are adorned with dolls hanging from their branches. The strange practice is said to have started when a grieving heard the screams of a woman drowning in a nearby canal. He couldn’t save her, but her voice still haunted him at night. To ward off her spirit, he started hanging dolls from the trees. He was given additional dolls and materials from people who were sympathetic to his plight … and his ritual become something of a legend ... and gained a name as an eerie tourist attraction.

    Third-Order Island
    This island is located in Taal (taaal) Lake on the island of Luzon (lu-ZON) in the Philippines. Volcano Island is found in the center of the lake … that island contains a crater lake called Yellow Lake …. And that body of water has its own small island, known as Volcano Point! It’s an example of a third-order island … Or an island that is within a lake, that is within an island within a lake … which is located within an island located in the Pacific Ocean!

    Socotra (sa-ka-tra) Island -- It’s a remote island of Yemen that separated from mainland Africa some six million years ago. The ancient, bizarre dragon’s blood tree and uniquely shaped bulbous bottle tree make the area look like the setting for a sci-fi film … or maybe an adventure in Middle Earth. The island’s wide-ranging biodiversity results in trees and plants growing here that are not found anywhere else on earth.

    Easter Island -- Rapa Nui is a remote volcanic island in Polynesia … but it’s better known as Easter Island. And it’s best known for those famous stone heads. There are 887 of the huge stone figures that are thought to have been carved during the 12th to 17th centuries. Known as Moai (moey), they stand around 13 feet on average, weigh 13 tons, and are carved out of porous volcanic ash … then placed atop ceremonial stone platforms. The enormous monuments are scattered in diverse locations across the island. And did you know, the famous heads are actually connected to bodies underground … you just don’t see them in the majority of photographs. To date, no one knows how those statues were moved … or what their exact purpose may have been.

    North Sentinel Island
    Located southeast of the Bay of Bengal in the Andaman (AN-duh-mun) Sea, this is one of those most remote places on the planet. But it is inhabited by a tribe known as the Sentinelese (sen-TEN-uh-leez) … and some experts say they’ve called the place home for going on 60,000 years! Not much is known about them or their culture … except that they don’t like visitors. Attempts at contact have been greeted with arrows and spears directed at the intruders … in some instances, even killing the strangers on sight. There’s a lot of mystery still surrounding this island … and it’ll likely stay that that way for some time to come.

  • Most MYSTERIOUS Uninhabited Islands!


    Check out the most mysterious uninhabited islands! This top 10 list of abandoned and deserted islands features isolated and haunted places with strange and unexplained paranormal activity!

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    10. Champ Island
    Champ Island is one of the most remote and mysterious islands in the Russian Arctic. It is part of the Franz Josef Archipelago. The 374 sq. km. isle has tundra landscapes and stone spheres randomly spread throughout the terrain. The spheres range in size from boulders to small pebbles that can be held in the palm of your hand. The most tame theory is that they were shaped by an ancient civilization for unknown purposes, and of course there are the usual alien theories involved.
    Some believe the spheres may be the result of concretion, a process by which the precipitation of mineral cement between the particles in sedimentary rock or soil forms a hard mass. But, scientists have determined the spheres were actually formed underwater, so concretion in this case wouldn’t have worked. Did ancient people carve these stone balls underwater? Nobody knows, but that of course, is part of its mysterious charm!

    9. Bouvet
    Bouvet is the most remote uninhabited island in the world! To give you an idea of how remote it is: the nearest landmass is Antarctica. Its roughly 75 square miles is mostly covered by glaciers. There is very little aside from moss, seals, seabirds and penguins. However, the island has been at the center of some peculiar mysteries. An early discoverer of the island documented a second island nearby that was never seen again. In the 1960s, an abandoned lifeboat and various supplies were found on the island, though nothing was ever seen of its passengers.
    In 1979, the United States’ Vela satellite picked up a bright flash of light between Bouvet and Prince Edward Islands. Known as the Vela Incident, it is now believed that the flash was caused by a secret South African-Israeli joint nuclear bomb detonation, though neither country has officially admitted it.
    Today, Norway lays claim to the island and has even designated a special internet domain for the island. As of yet, the domain, “.bv” remains unused. They’d better watch out or the pirate bay might take it over!

    8. Daksa Island
    Called the “Island of Ghosts”, Daksa in the Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik, Croatia, was once the home of the Franciscan Monastery of St. Sabina from 1281 CE to the 19th century. The small island also has a villa and an ancient lighthouse. However, it was little used after the monastery closed, and even less so after the events of 1944. At the height of World War II, Yugoslav partisans celebrated a victory by coming to Dubrovnik and rounding up 53 men suspected of being Nazi sympathizers, including the mayor of Dubrovnik and the local parish priest. Without a trial or evidence, they took them to Daksa and executed them.
    In 2009, two mass graves were unearthed on the island. DNA samples were taken from the victims of the Daksa Massacre, and some were identified. The remains finally received a proper burial in 2010, 66 years after they were executed. But there are tales of the ghosts of the victims haunting the island, still crying out for justice. The little island is for sale, and has been for several years—without any takers. Not sure who wants to buy that dark piece of history.

    7. Clipperton Island
    Clipperton Island is a coral atoll south of Mexico and west of Guatemala in the Pacific. It was claimed by the French, followed by the Americans, and they both mined it for guano. Mexico took possession in 1897 and allowed a British company to mine the guano there. Around 1910, Mexico sent 13 soldiers to guard the island. Their wives and some servants joined them, and soon children were born. One of the island residents was a reclusive lighthouse keeper named Victoriano Álvarez. In 1914, supply ships stopped coming due to the Mexican Civil War, and malnutrition set in. The soldiers living on the island started to die off, until only the wives and their children remained. Victoriano Álvarez, the lighthouse keeper, also survived.
    Álvarez seized control of the survivors and declared himself king of the island. He spent the next few years terrorizing the women and children of Clipperton Island, until they banded together to kill him. Gone was the mad king of Clipperton Island. In 1917, the last surviving islanders, three women and eight malnourished children, were rescued and evacuated by an American ship.

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  • 10 STRANGEST Islands on Earth


    10 STRANGEST Islands on Earth

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    10 Most Mysterious Islands on Earth

    Islands are definitely some of the most intriguing places in the world. Some of them are famous tourist spots like Bali and the islands of Greece, while some others are remote and almost impossible to access, which makes them the perfect spot to escape from the crowds. However, some islands are so far from civilization to the point that they’ve become the scenario of mysterious and unexplainable events - or at least that’s what some people say. Today we’ll be looking at “10 of the Most Mysterious Islands on Earth” - we’ll be looking at what makes these places so unique and we’ll try to figure out what exactly is going on in these places. If you’re someone who likes dark mysteries and a bit of a thrill, then you’ll definitely want to know more about the island at the top of my list. I know this will make you want to get on a boat and get to it right away, even though it’s not so easy to find it.

    Bannerman Island

    When you think about mysterious islands, you might think of rare remote places around the globe. But the first island on this list is just a half-hour boat ride away from New York City. When you look at this place, the first thing you might notice is the presence of an incomplete castle, which was being built by Frank Bannerman VI, who made a lot of money by reselling military equipment that he got during government-led auctions at the end of the US Civil War. With so many possessions, he needed a safe place to store them, so his son advised him to get not a warehouse...but a whole island, which he ended up naming after himself. When Bannerman died in 1918, the construction of the castle stopped. Later, in 1950, the whole island became abandoned and well, no one really wants to stay here. People just come for short visits. According to Native American Tradition, this place is haunted by evil spirits. Perhaps they’re the ones who caused Bannerman’s misfortune? I guess we’ll never know.

    Isla Bermeja

    People have known about Isla Bermeja since the 1700s - that’s three hundred years ago! The existence of this place, off the coast of Mexico, was the key point to allow Mexico to extend its claim of offshore oil and put a stop to the United States from working in that area. Unfortunately, back in 2009, a group of researchers from a Mexican University went out to look for the island and they couldn’t find it. They used all sorts of devices to try to find it within the area indicated on the map, but their search was unsuccessful. Today, there are all sorts of conspiracy theories regarding the fate of this island. Some people claim it disappeared due to global warming or a terrible earthquake. But others like to think that the US bombed the place, which in their eyes, it makes sense, because if this island doesn’t exist anymore then Mexico can’t claim offshore oil in this part of the ocean. However, Mexicans are not giving up and they hope that one day they will find the island again.

    Vozrozhdeniya Island

    About a hundred years ago, the Soviet Union was looking for a place to become the scenario of one of the darkest laboratories of all time. After a thorough search around the nation, they finally found the perfect spot on Vozrozhdeniya Island - which is in the Aral Sea. It was on this island that they built a biological weapon lab in which they genetically modified things like smallpox, the plague, anthrax and other diseases to resist medical treatment. Part of the experiments included the caging of 300 monkeys that were exposed to the germs and were later monitored to see the progression of the diseases. The project had around 1,500 people working and living on this island. When they weren’t working, they could be seen at the social club, the stadium or any other interesting amenity that the government built just so they wouldn’t have to leave the island. Eventually, the Aral Sea dried up and the lab facilities turned into ruins. At this point, all the pathogens had been destroyed by the harsh conditions around it, except for anthrax, which can survive for a very long time. However a treaty signed in 1972 banned the use of biological weapons so they had to bury the anthrax spores. Authorities claim there are no traces of any disease now, but I guess we’ll never know for sure...unless we’re able to go there one day.

    Partridge Island

    I know a lot of you are probably tired of hearing words like “quarantine.” But that was exactly the main purpose of Partridge Island, which is off the coast of Saint John Harbour in Canada. This is the place where they quarantined Irish people who were moving to Canada in 1830

  • 5 Mysterious Islands with Creepy Back Stories...


    There are countless islands in the ocean, lakes, and rivers around the world; they vary significantly in size, climate and habitation and many are seen as havens of peace and tranquillity.

    However, some Islands are steeped in mystery and in this video, we will show you five islands that are confusing, persistently avoided, and sometimes plagued with dark and haunting pasts. Hit the lights, sit back, and enjoy this episode of Top 5...

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    5. Daksa Island
    4. Snake Island
    3. North Brother Island
    2. Socotra
    1. Nan Madol

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  • ஒருநிமிடம் உறையவைக்கும் வினோதமாக தனித்து வாழும் மக்கள் ! Isolated Islands in The World


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    Here Is List Of the Most Amazing and Isolated Islands in The World :

    1. kamikatsu village- trashless city
    2. kihnu island- no man land
    3. santa cruz del isolate- football field island
    4. tale of two cities
    5. la rinconda, peru
    6. Palmerston island
    7. tristan da cunha

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