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15 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing!

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  • 15 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing!


    If you’re one to believe everything you read on Facebook, then you’ll know that the zombie apocalypse is approaching. But while most of us are trying to make KFC chicken that will hopefully distract the zombies for a while, others are building fortresses for some reason. From a Polish fortress designed to survive anything to a house with a drawbridge, here are 15 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing!

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  • 15 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing!


    If you’ve ever watched a Zombie-inspired movie, you might have some idea of how to keep Zombie’s away in the case of an apocalypse. Unlike the movies, however, building a house to keep Zombie’s out, can take more design talent than you might think. From an architectural wonder to a lonely house on a remote island, here are 15 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing!

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  • 15 Zombie Proof Vehicles You’ll Regret Not Seeing


    When the zombie-apocalypse comes, we need to be ready. And that doesn’t just mean stocking up on tinned beans and bullets. You’ll still have to do food runs, and that means having a car that can handle it. These are zombie proof vehicles you’ll regret not seeing.

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  • 10 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing!


    10 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing!

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    #viralstory #amazingpeople #50MVideos10 zombie proof houses you’ll regret not seeing!Like and subscribe right now, or this spider will crawl on your face when you’re sleeping.If you are a very particularly paranoid person, then ease your mind, for in case there is azombie apocalypse, which wouldn’t be surprising seeing as how the majority of this year hasbeen, we have you covered with some of the most luxurious homes. And on that note, let usget into 10 zombie proof houses you’ll regret not seeing10) Survival condo, KansasThis home used to be an Atlas nuclear missile silo built by the Army Corps of Engineer. TheSurvival Condo is situated in rural Kansas and boasts an impressive 20,000 square feet ofsafe underground space. It can withstand just about anything as the silo is protected by twoarmored doors, and its hardened concrete walls are nine feet thick and can hold their ownagainst a direct nuclear hit, as well as severe flooding, tornado winds and of course a tribe ofzombies. Should nuclear, biological, or chemical gases be leaked inside, an air filtrationsystem will protect residents. The underground complex has all the necessary facilities neededto sustain 75 people for more than five years! There's even a farm that produces fresh fruit andvegetables. The creators of this ultra-safe underground world have left no stone unturnedwhen it comes to providing uber luxury. 9) Beverly Hills mansion, CaliforniaThis luxurious mansion is tucked away in California and comes with a rather large secret.According to several reports, the house was built at the height of the Cold War by a cautiousbut extravagant property developer who wanted a palace that could hold its own against anuclear attack. It is said to have some pretty interesting features. The house was built with twobomb shelters, one in the house and one under the pool and this 18,000-square-foot mega-mansion sits securely behind a security gate on more than 2.15 acres of land. It’s been hometo a number of stars over the years including Elizabeth Taylor and Prince. With 10 bedroomsand 13 bathrooms, staying locked up inside is not going to be a problem for even the mostspoilt person.8) Casa Caldera, ArizonaThis beautiful modern house in the San Rafael Valley was designed to meet a very distinctchallenge: it had to be impenetrable. With concrete walls measuring 18 inches thick, thestructure is a solid as a rock and can be locked up like a fortress thanks to the hefty steeldoors on either side that form the only ways into the house. Named Casa Caldera,the spectacular home is hidden from the world thanks to the main building material ‘lava-crete’,which consists of a pulverized red lava rock with water and cement. The minimal electricalappliances are powered through solar power and there's a well on-site to provide freshwater. The interior of the house is sleek and minimal; allowing the texture of the materials setthe tone. On one side of the house there is a hand-built wooden kitchen and dining area, andon the other there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.7) Safe house, WarsawThis home is considered to be the world’s first zombie-proof home; this fortress is located inWarsaw, Poland. Upon a first glance, the property looks more like a massive art installationthan a homely abode. The owners of this concrete cube wanted it to be as secure as possiblewhich was what helped the architects design its unusual aesthetic. The exterior walls of theSafe House can cover every seam to create a seamless box, closing the entire property offfrom the outside world should the need arise. Concrete doors are present on hinges and canbe opened to let the sunlight in when there is no danger. Encircled by impenetrable concretewalls and a gate, any intruder that manages to get into the grounds will enter a restrictedsafety zone. The safety zone is guarded by a smart retractable drawbridge that can be loweredto allow entry. When raised, the bridge forms part of the property's tough outer shell. Theclever contraption also offers direct access to the roof, offering the perfect way to escape. Thehome's exterior facade can even be removed to create a sealed courtyard or a fortified wall tosurround the entire property and its grounds. If a zombie attack is incoming, we know exactlywhere everyone would want to be! Other moveable elements include large shutters that reachup to over 11 feet in length, adding an extra layer of protection to the home. These securityfeatures are operated by built-in electronic engines which can be controlled from inside thesafety of the house. This estate also has a rather stunning swimming pool which has its veryown pool house, among other things.

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  • 15 Zombie Proof Houses You Didn’t Know Existed


    Hollywood has shown us what happens during a zombie apocalypse with shows like The Walking Dead and Shaun of the Dead, which has made us better prepared when it happens. These safe houses not only provide protection against zombies, but also against unwelcomed humans.

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  • 10 Best Zombie Proof Houses


    10 Houses and structures people have actually built to survive the zombie apocalypse. It's incredible building that keep zombies out!

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    5. Water Tower House
    While you’re on the hunt for some proper strongholds against zombies, consider looking for a water or fire watch tower to transform into your new headquarters of defense. Towers have used since the throughout the centuries as defensive structures. Offering you a 365 degree view of the land below, you could potentially spot zombies as far as the horizon. You’ll have a tactical vantage point to snipe zombies with your high powered crossbow or silenced sniper rifle.. The possibilities are endless here. A man in Staffordshire, England did just this when he transformed an old water tower into a luxury 5 bedroom home. Here in this photo you see the incredible view he has and also the numerous windows he could position his weapon. It would take zombies quite a bit of time to actually make it to the top if they were to break through the initial defense on the bottomfloor. You’d probably come up with some free water too.

    4. Lake or River Forts
    Theoretically speaking, if you could build your stronghold directly over your freshwater source like we see in this photo, that would be ideal. During World War II, the British constructed a series of sea forts, protecting the entrances of the Thames River. However, these seem to a be a little too isolated from reliable food sources and we all know seawater is completely useless. But building something like this over a fresher source could is certainly a choice you should consider. Even a ancient fort built on an island, like we see in this photo of “Por Bayzhn” built on a freshwater lake in Siberia would be a great choice.

    3. Bunker Houses
    Surviving the apocalypse is one thing, but surviving it in style is another. Once you’ve finally realized the zombies are gone, you might get a little bit bored so having a cool house might be worth it in the long run. Driving by this place, you’d have no idea what lies underneath. this house in Las Vegas, Nevada, was designed to withstand a nuclear apocalypse in the 1980’s but it’s also equipped with an underground bunker. This will keep you somewhat mentally stable and it’ll remind you of what life was life before everyone started eating each others brains. Here you got a pink toilets, hot tub, fake trees, and a realistic looking back yard. What more could you need? It’s located 26 feet below ground so the zombies should never even realize you’re there. You still might even have a chance to buy it but it’ll cost you 1.7 million.

    2. Prisons
    Let’s face it, you’d probably never consider making prison your new home but you need to reconsider this, if it was the zombie apocalypse. Here you basically already have everything you need to keep zombies out and they’re certainly designed to make it difficult to get into. Alcatraz is certainly a famous place in America but it could also be the best place in America to begin a settlement and call home. Located right near the mainland, it makes a great base for looting the mainland for resources. If you and your zombie hunting squad manage to capture this area before other survivors you should be able defend it pretty well. The strong current has made it nearly impossible to swim to. The elevated lighthouse would act as a perfect place to set up your stronghold considering it’s vantage point that’ll allow you to spot other scavenging zombies or surviving looters trying to make it to your island! The land is suitable for growing crops, the water tower has fresh water in it and it could certainly support a small population. If you got yourself a boat, go ahead and tie it up at the many boat docks, but watch over it carefully.

    1.The Safe House
    The safe house located in Poland is the ultimate secure zombie proof house capable withstanding numerous apocalypse scenarios. At the touch of a button it basically turns into a giant concrete cube capable of withstanding nuclear blasts. This is about as secure as any modern home could get. There’s nowhere for the zombies to enter. Doors and windows are tightly sealed from the outside world using concrete panels. When you want to leave, a drawbridge can be lowered and is the only way in or out during lockdown mode. With a spacious interior it’s certainly somewhere that you wouldn’t mind staying during the apocalypse either. Here in this photo you can see the concrete panels that will cover the windows and doors in case the virus does break out! For further protection, another concrete wall is added around the structure which is electronically sealed. As long as their stocked up on plenty of supplies, there should be no problem surviving here. But there’s plenty of space for that. Seems like the only thing this person is missing are the landmines in the front lawn! No expense can afford to be spared for the zombie apocalypse!

  • 15 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing


    Most folk are of the opinion that zombies are nothing but imaginary creatures, dreamt up by director George A. Romero. But some people think a very REAL ‘The Walking Dead’ style scenario is imminent, and theyhave been prepping for when ‘excrement hits the room-cooling device’, some of them going to extraordinary lengths to keep their homes safe when the dead rise. These are zombie proof houses you’ll regret not seeing!

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  • 10 Zombie Proof Vehicles You’ll Regret Not Seeing...


    Vehicles are undoubtedly one of the most useful inventions mankind has ever made. In most of our lives they’re pretty much a necessity, but realistically it's pretty easy to take these machines for granted, after all they've just become so normal. I mean, it's not like they're saving you from life and death situations or anything… but then again, what if they had to? While your trusty car might get great mileage, it's probably not going to help you in case of the end of the world, or even the zombie apocalypse. Don't freak out though, you've come to the right place. In case of zombies, just track down one of these amazing vehicles and it'll be a smooth ride from there on.

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    Amazing and unusual vehicles in the world! Featuring the world's strongest and most powerful vehicles on earth. You better check out these awesome vehicles with your own eyes.

  • 15 Zombie Proof Vehicles You’ll Regret Not Seeing


    Have you ever wondered what kind of vehicle you would need in a zombie apocalypse? If AMC’s The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that an everyday car is no match for a hoard of the ravenous undead. From a luxury tank to a boxy SUV with body armor, here are 15 zombie-proof vehicles you’ll regret not seeing…and buying.

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  • 5 Zombie Proof Houses You Will Regret Not Seeing | Trend Dive


    5 Zombie Proof Houses You Will Regret Not Seeing | Trend Dive

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    Top 5 Most Expensive Houses In The World

    Hi there and welcome back to Trend Dive. Today, we are looking at the safest hideouts made for man in the event of a zombie invasion. So, if you ever find yourself caught with the walking hot on your heels, here are the “5 Zombie-Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing.

    5. The Skysphere

    Did you know that zombies don’t do well with high places? Which makes this futuristic tree house in Linton, New Zealand, a great escape. Designed and built by the owner, Jono Williams, in 2016, the all-white Skysphere is perfectly suited to ride out a zombie apocalypse. It is entirely solar-powered, which means you will never have to worry about a blackout. You can charge your phone as much as you want, which you will need to do anyway because this tower home is controlled through an android mobile app. The living quarters are comfortable and spacious with a queen-size bed, couch and carpets. And you don’t ever have to get bored.

    4. Plane House

    Remember that scene from World War Z where Brad Pitt fights off a plane-load of biting, snapping zombies? Well, unlike what happened in that movie, aeroplanes can actually make great hideouts during an invasion of the undead. Just ask Bruce Campbell, an aeronautics enthusiast who has lived in a refurbished passenger jet parked in a forest in Portland, Oregon, since 1999. This unique home is fashioned out of a Boeing 727 that went into retirement in the mid-1960s. Though humble, it has all the comforts of home – a kitchen, two toilets, a shower stall, a futon bed, a work area and even a reading room in the cockpit.

    3. Mirror House

    If you ever found yourself facing off against a pack of zombies, you’d probably wish you had Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Well, you can have the next best thing – this invisible hideout in the forests of northern Sweden. The Mirror Cube is technically not a house but a hotel. However, it can just as easily be your safe haven. This unique cube that measures four meters on all its sides is suspended around the trunk of a tree. It is made entirely of mirrored glass that reflects the surrounding forests and sky, making it almost invisible to the human eye. Talk about perfect camouflage. To prevent bird hits, the glass is laminated with a transparent ultraviolet paint visible only to birds. While accessible by a visible suspension rope bridge, this hard-to-spot forest retreat should still manage to fool the zombies, who are better at running helter skelter than at watching and analysing.

    2. Underground Village

    What’s better than a house suspended in mid-air? An underground town, that’s what. It is a foolproof way to keep the undead away. Just take a look at Coober Pedy, an Australian mining town about 900 kilometers north of the city of Adelaide. On the surface, it looks abandoned, with barely any buildings and just a lot of red chimneys reaching out of the ground. That’s because 3,500 of its residents, or nearly 80% of its population, live deep underground in unique cave homes. The reason being the harsh climate, with temperatures touching almost 50 degrees Celsius in the summer and little to no rain relief. Coober Pedy is a wealthy desert town as it produces 95 per cent of the world’s opal.

    1. Missile Silo

    It seems underground is the way to go to escape a zombie raid. And a former missile silo – a structure built to launch and withstand strikes – could be the strongest deterrent against such an attack. Relics of the Cold War between the erstwhile Soviet Union and the United States and its allies, several abandoned missile silos still dot the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base in New York. One of these has been converted into residential quarters through the herculean effort of one man – an Australian architect with a fascination for industrial and military structures. A 90-tonne door operated by hydraulic rams guards the 180-foot, 18-storey hole in the ground.

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    10 Incredible Zombie Proof Houses

  • Top 10 Best Real Zombie Proof Houses You Never Seen Before


    Top 10 Best Real Zombie Proof Houses - Unbelievable Ideas Behind These Houses
    If something catastrophic were to happen tomorrow in the world, would you be happy to remain in your present home or would you rather find shelter somewhere else? Sure, there’s no place like home, but that won’t help you survive the apocalypse. A house reinforced with sliding walls or a movable one which you can take with you as you change location can prove to be much more useful in such a scenario. Some amazing examples actually exist and although they weren’t specifically built with the end of the world in mind each one of them could make a great zombie house. So here are Top 10 Best Real Zombie Proof Houses - Unbelievable Ideas Behind These Houses
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  • 10 Most Expensive Zombie Proof Houses


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    10 Zombie Proof Houses You’ll Regret Not Seeing...

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  • TOP 15 Zombie Proof Vehicles


    What would be your vehicle of choice in a zombie apocalypse? Today we'll be taking a look at some of the best zombie proof vehicles imaginable!

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  • 10 Zombie Proof Vehicles You’ll Regret Not Seeing... - REACTION!!!


    10 Amazing Handmade Cars That Are On Another Level...

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  • 15 Riskiest Houses In The World


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  • This Modern Mansion - Episode 14 - Top 5 Regrets of Building a Custom Home


    Today Cory and I discuss the Top 5 Regrets Building a Custom Home. The Number one is not what you think!

    We also take you on a drone tour of the Concrete Pour of second flour tie beams.

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  • 15 Most Dangerous Trees You Should Never Touch


    We tend to think of trees as beautiful, living things that can improve our health and quality of life. But while that is mostly true, it's not ENTIRELY true. Actually, some trees can pretty much end your life just by breathing near them, so… From a dangerous, unclimbable tree to a tree that humans cannot even go near, here are the 15 Most Dangerous Trees You Should Never Touch!

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  • 15 Secrets the Queens Guards Dont Like to Speak About!


    They’re often admired for their steadfast demeanor, no matter the weather or the occasion. In fact, the Queen’s Guards are revered the world over for their cool and calm exterior under the harshest of conditions, including their possible desperation for a toilet break! From a no touching policy to the rules around how they faint, here are 15 Secrets the Queen’s Guards Don’t Like to Speak About.

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  • 15 Most Unique Bird Eggs In The World!


    Eggs are quite literally a fundamental requirement for life, and every living thing on the planet begins as a bunch of cells that replicate inside these miraculous structures. While we, as humans, emerge from our eggs before being born, most of the development of birds happens outside of the mother, so they are laid within calcium shells to protect them from the threats that come their way. They can be all shapes, sizes, and colors that you could imagine, so if you’re looking to egg-speriment with your breakfast, here are the 15 most unique bird eggs in the world….

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  • 15 Bizarre Underwater Discoveries By Deep Sea Divers


    Humans have explored and charted just 5% of our planet’s deep seas – we know far more about space than we do about the mysteries of our own oceans. Some of the things we have discovered in that small segment of the deep sea are far stranger and more terrifying than anything you might have imagined living on Venus; from an entire museum submerged in the ocean to a silver-laden WWII shipwreck off the coast of Ireland, here’s 15 bizarre underwater discoveries by deep sea divers!

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  • This is How The Richest King Spends His Billions


    Royal Families have a lot of money. Of course, they do. Kings are sat on seats of solid gold, Princesses lives in literal ivory towers and The Queen of England has PILES of cash pouring out of her ears, just watch The Crown for proof. Now it’s time for you to meet the richest royal of them all, and find out just what he spends his mountains of money on. This is how the Richest King spends his billions.

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  • 10 Most Insane Houses In The World!


    Whether you live in a small apartment, a city townhouse, or something larger, the chances are you dream of one day having your ideal home… but how far would you go if you could afford it? While most people opt for a more traditional design, there are some that go all out in search of the perfect place to live, and they certainly aren’t to everyone’s taste. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most insane houses in the world!

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  • 15 Most Incredible Things Found In Abandoned Mansions!


    Isn’t it exciting when you find something hidden in the dark depths of your house that you had previously forgotten about? You can multiply that feeling by a thousand when you discover something exciting in an abandoned house. From hair locks in a ring from a famous novelist to one of the first comic books ever printed, here are some of the most incredible things found in abandoned mansions.

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  • The Neighbors Laughed At This House Until They Went Inside


    The Neighbors Laughed At This House Until They Went Inside

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    Welcome back to Top 5 Best, for another dose of inspirational houses. I mean, we can’t really go on in life without looking at how creative people get when it comes to building and designing their living spaces. The video I have for you today is about “Houses with Surprising Interiors”. We’ll be looking at houses out there that might seem simple, old and even ugly sometimes - but once you go’ll be shocked! The interiors of these places are nothing like the way they look on the outside. At least a house on this list has made a lot of neighbors laugh and raise their eyebrows - but that all changed once people got a glimpse of what’s inside. And get ready for the houses I have at the top, you will not imagine what secrets they hold inside.

    The Texas Barn

    There’s no Texas without the barns, ain’t that right? And I’m sure a lot of people over there have made cool living spaces for humans in these buildings that are meant to keep animals inside. But I doubt any of those barn-houses can top the one I'm going to show to you today. It's a barn-house in San Antonio. Sure, if you judge it by its looks, you'd think there are a lot of horses inside this barn, waiting for their food or for someone to take them out for a ride. But once you walk inside, you realize this is actually a very luxurious and comfortable living space. Just a look at the living room will assure you that the house is anything but simple! It has fancy leather sofas and a projector to watch movies - I mean, what else do you need? There's also a dining room and an extravagant bar with high ceilings.

    The Abandoned House in New Orleans

    New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It has a lot of great food, quirky shops and of course, a lot of historical sights that reflect on the past of the nation - and that includes a lot of old houses like this one! Now, there's a big difference between old and abandoned, and when you look at this one, it is easier to put it under the abandoned category. Just look at those fading walls and the doors, I would doubt anyone lives there. But once you step inside you'll realize this is more like a luxurious mansion! And of course, it is not abandoned.

    The Toronto Gem

    The exterior of the next house on this list is not necessarily old, ugly or anything like that. It's just...normal! It looks like any other house on the block. However, I am one hundred percent sure that no other house in the neighborhood looks like this one does on the inside. As soon as you walk into this home, you'll travel back to the 60s. Because, you see...this house has remained unchanged since that decade and has been well preserved by its 97 year old owner. Some of its walls are painted with a variety of pastel colors and others have been covered with very unique wallpapers. There's also a bar in the basement covered with wood panels.

    The Narrow Polish House

    And now we'll revisit a home that we've seen in previous videos, but it's worth mentioning: The Keret House, which can easily be considered the narrowest house in the world! The widest point of this house is barely 122 centimeters long and yet, it allows someone to live comfortably in it. This home was built by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny who says he even had to customize every piece of furniture so it can all perfectly fit inside the house. I mean...even the smallest houses in the world can fit regular sized furniture! So this house must be really narrow for Jakub to have to go through all that extra work. This house is perfect for someone who likes to work from home! And even more specifically, for writers who love their personal space. I mean, it's really easy to isolate yourself in this house

    The Airplane House

    We've seen people living in RVs and other sorts of minivans and even making a home inside their cars. But, would you consider living inside an airplane? Just try to sleep during a 12 hour flight and you'll realize it is not the most comfortable space to make a permanent living space. However, this airplane in Costa Rica is probably one of the best homes you can find in the middle of the rainforest. With two bedrooms and breathtaking views, you can simply forget you're inside a Boeing once you find your way through this home.

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

  • 15 Most Useful Machines That Do Incredible Things


    Whether you’re a man--a machine--or somewhere in between, there’s no denying the fact that our species have invented some pretty incredible displays of engineering and technology. From the rise of the Industrial Revolution, the Tech Boom in Silicon Valley, and even all the way back to the Stone Age advent of the wheel--the human thirst for progress seems never ending. Luckily for us, in just the past few decades, some of the most astonishing machines have stepped out onto the world stage--from Deep Sea Surveyors, to Space Faring Probes--here’s the 15 Most Useful Machines That Do Incredible Things

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  • These 15 Scary Photos Cannot Be Explained!


    You’ve heard the saying ‘A picture tells more than a thousand words’, but what does it mean when you see an image that words simply cannot describe? Now we have cameras on our phone, far more strange occurrence are being captured than ever before, and it's making us realize quite how strange and creepy the world actually is. This one isn't for the faint-hearted but, if you're ready, and feeling brave, it’s time to take a look at these 15 scary photos that cannot be explained!...

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  • 15 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries In the World


    Those eager archaeologists are always digging stuff up and, in doing so, they’re alwaysfinding things that arguably never should have been found! Sometimes oddly deformed bodies, or even whole cities, can turn up! Who truly knows what is buried under our world’s dirt and earth!? These are the most mysterious archaeological discoveries in the world!

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  • 15 Most Powerful African Animals in the World


    Africa is a gorgeous place, full of wonderful and beautiful animals.But not all of them are dainty, dandyish critters! Some are huge, hulking beasts that could juggernaut their way through an entire forest, tearing down tree after tree, if they were in a bad mood! These are the most powerful African animals in the world!

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  • 15 Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Egypt!


    With such a rich culture that dates back many thousands of years, Egypt is home to some of the greatest archaeological discoveries ever made. There are plenty of mysteries still hidden beneath the sands, though, and occasionally something is found that’s beyond belief. These are the 15 most MYSTERIOUS discoveries made in Egypt!

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  • 15 Largest Abandoned Cities In The World!


    Since the dawn of time, man has come up with wonderful ideas that turn out to be short-lived, poorly executed or just straight-up stupid. But for city planners, there must be something even more painful about your perfectly-constructed city being left to rot without the appreciation it deserved. From an abandoned mining island to a 'ghost utopia' in the middle of China, here are the 15 Largest Abandoned Cities in the World!

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  • 15 Animals Who Are Evil Geniuses


    Not all animals are cute, wholesome, lovely and sweet. Some of them are far cleverer than you might expect. And not all of them use that intellect for good. Some of them use their brainpower to perform vicious deeds. You all remember that episode of The Simpsons with the evil dolphins! These are animals who are evil geniuses!

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