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30 Biggest Animals Ever Captured !

  • 30 Biggest Animals Ever Captured !


    Some animals are huge, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to find. In fact, many of the giant animals you’re about to see have very little information. That’s because they like hiding way too much. That’s why we compiled some of the freakiest and weird-looking creatures for you. So make sure you subscribe and hit that little bell icon for guaranteed safety from these massive creatures!
    Here are 30 of the Largest Animals Ever Caught on Camera
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  • 10 Biggest Creatures Ever Captured


    10 Biggest Creatures Ever Captured

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    Humans are so lucky not to exist in the Jurassic era, where most of the biggest, spookiest, and deadliest predators in all of history walked the planet. While many of these creatures had gone extinct millions of years ago (or so we believed), other animals are roaming our living world today that relate us to their titanic sizes.

    Though some of these animals still lie undiscovered in the deepest parts of the universe, many had been captured and displayed for us to marvel at. And in today's video, we give you the ten biggest creatures ever captured.

    Watch out for the biggest champ holding the title for countless generations in the animal kingdom. Without much dilly-dally, let's take off.

    Number 10: Megabat

    Bats have long been at the center of many horror flicks, as blood-sucking demons or merciless women-killers. And with the recent news of massive bats the size of a man, there might be some basis for these stories in real life.

    One of these human-shaped bats was captured by a military personnel group some years ago in the Filipino forest. Though the image may appear unbelievable at first, these massive bats do exist and are called large flying foxes or the old world fruit-bats. They are found lurking the local skies in the Philippines with a wingspan that can extend nearly up to 6 feet.

    However, other than their terrifying sight, you have little to worry about when close to megabats as they don't suck blood or eat fetuses as fairy tales paint them to be. Rather, they feed on nectar, big fruits, and pollen.

    As you would have already figured out, Megabats are the largest bat species ever, with a size comparable to some adult pterosaurs, believed to have gone extinct for more than 60 million years ago.

    Number 9: Asian Giant Salamander

    When you debate the size of a salamander with your friends, the highest figure on your list would probably be a description that can fit right on your palm. But we have to impress on you that these slimy creatures that look cute in a blood-curdling sort of way can grow way beyond that.

    They can extend up to 5 feet and weigh up to 143 pounds, especially if it's an Asian salamander, like this one stranded beside a road close to the Kamo river in Kyoto, Japan.

    While little information is known about how this giant creature got there in the first place, the animal could have easily measured well over 3 feet or the size of a big human baby—thereby placing it on a high-wanted list of local hunters. But kudos to the local response team who secured a safe passage for the animal back into the river.

    Though it's unusual to see one wander so far out from its comfort zone, Asian giant salamanders are known to be the largest amphibians and one of the world's rarest kinds today, with a population that declines every day owing to habitat loss.

    Number 8: Lolong

    Measured at 20ft 3 inches and weighing 2,370 pounds, Lolong stood to be the largest crocodile ever caught and placed in captivity. He was also one of the biggest crocodiles ever measured from snout to tail, and we've talked lots about him and other massive crocodiles in our video titled the top 10 largest crocodiles in the world. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out.

    Lolong was captured alive in Bunawan Township on September 3, 2011. And like all saltwater crocodiles, the search was launched when he was suspected of attacking several people, including a 12-year-old girl whose head was found near the river,and a fisherman reported missing some days before. Even after mapping out the Lolong's hideout, he was hunted over three weeks, and it took around 100 people to bring him onto land.

    Though he became aggressive at several points of his capture, breaking his restraining ropes for more than twice, Lolong surprisingly became docile after a few months in captivity at a Crocodile Farm in the Philippines. His excellent tolerance for humans caught many people unaware, and he led locals to a deeper appreciation of the natural world around them.

    Number 7: Whale Shark

    On Tuesday, February 7, 2012, this big shark's carcass was found off the shore of the Arabian sea in Pakistan. Though this is not the first time such a massive creature would be hauled in the Pakistani seaport, Karachi, this is one of the biggest catches ever in its history as it closed up to the largest confirmed 41-feet whale shark record.

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    World’s 10 Biggest Animals of all Time

    Welcome back to another video about animals! We just can’t get enough of them and there are always new things to learn about the animal kingdom. Whether big or small, scary or cute, passive or aggressive, animals can be studied in many different ways, so I hope you’re ready to learn more about them.

    In today’s video I’ll be introducing you to the World’s “10 Biggest Animals of All Time” Maybe you’ve already watched the video about the 10 biggest animals in the world, and if you haven’t - you should check it out! But today’s video will focus on the ten biggest animals of all time, which means, we will include animals that are already extinct - at least that’s what we believe! Stay with me all the way to number one and find out if the biggest animal of all time is one that still exists today or perhaps a new one.

    Let’s begin.


    I think some of you were surprised when the elephant wasn’t included in the world’s biggest animals! Well, today I’m giving you something bigger than the elephant. And it’s not the mamut. I’m talking about the paraceratherium, which holds the title of being the largest land mammal that has ever lived. They were about 7 meters tall, which makes them taller than modern day giraffes, and they weighed between thirty-three and forty-four thousand pounds. This makes them almost three times heavier than the heaviest elephants we have today. Just like elephants, they were not an immediate threat to other animals or humans because they were herbivores. But with a size that big, I’m sure they were intimidating and kept predators at a distance. It seems like they went extinct when the landscapes in Central Asia started to transform, making it hard for the paraceratherium to find the means to survive. I wonder what it would have been like to see one of these in the wild. I’m sure we would have been able to spot them from very far away.

    Whale Shark

    And here is one that we previously saw on the biggest animals in the world: The Whale Shark.
    So let me refresh (or introduce you to) some facts about this impressive animal. First of all, the whale shark is the largest fish in the world! That’s right, although its name implies otherwise, this animal is not a whale, but it’s a fish. The name is a reference to its massive size and if you haven’t seen one yet, you’d probably think it’s a whale. They can reach a size of 14 meters long and can weigh up to 41,000 pounds. They are known for having long lives, some of them make it to 150 years!

    With their enormous size, they could easily reign in the underwater world - especially when they move across the major oceans. However, they’re filter feeders, which means that they mainly eat plankton and small fish that get caught in their big mouths. They are quite friendly and sometimes they can be spotted swimming with humans!


    While the whale shark is the largest fish in today’s world, it is not the largest fish in history! There’s a fish that was larger and that’s the leedsichthys, but it’s actually not far from the size of whale sharks. Earlier estimates stated that a leedsichthys could be about 27 meters long. However, later studies have shown that they might have been only 16 meters long, which is still a bit bigger than the whale sharks, but not for that much. Also, they were heavier, weighing about 43,000 pounds. And just like the whale shark, the leedsichthys was also a filter feeder, eating plankton, shrimp, jellyfish and any small creature that got stuck in its mouth. I wish we had the leedsichthys today, but at least we still have the whale shark, which is close enough!

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  • 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    The animal kingdom is getting a little chubby! These animals may have eaten a bit too many treats! Here are the fattest animals ever seen.

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  • Unbelievable Giant Animals Caught on Camera - Biggest Animals in The World


    Unbelievable Giant Animals Caught on Camera - Biggest Animals in The World

    When asked about the biggest animal in the world, what picture comes to your mind? Is it a giraffe, an anaconda or a blue whale? These are some of the biggest animals ever caught on camera. You might be shocked at with this unbelievable giant animals.

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    World's Biggest king cobra caught in India


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  • 12 BIGGEST Animals Ever Caught


    12 BIGGEST Animals Ever Caught
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 12 BIGGEST Animals Ever Caught! Here are some of the biggest monster animals that have ever been caught! From the largest snake in the world caught in Malaysia to the worlds biggest alligator caught in Florida and the largest crocodile in the world which was captured near the Panama canal! #Animals #Monster #Facts

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  • 11 Biggest Animals Of Their Kind


    From giant dogs that look like miniature horses to slimy black slugs, here are 11 of the biggest animals of their kind.

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    11. Great Dane
    Great Danes are famous for being the tallest dogs and some of the biggest in general! Standing at about 2.5 feet tall, they usually weigh about 100-120 lbs. Originally bred in Germany about 400 years ago, they descend from mastiff dogs that were used to hunt wild boar, but their ferociousness was eventually bred out of them.

    10. Mosquito
    In April 2018, disturbing headlines emerged reporting that a scientist named Zhao Li had discovered the world’s largest living mosquito. Zhao, an entomologist and director of the Insect Museum of West China, found the supersized insect at Qingcheng Mountain in China’s Sichuan Province.

    9. CATTLE
    The Chianina is the world’s largest, and one of its oldest cattle breeds, with a breeding history that possibly goes back over 2,000 years. Originally hailing from central Italy’s Chiana Valley in the province of Tuscany, the Chianina has a modern presence in Russia, Australia, parts of Asia, including China, and the United States.

    8. REPTILE
    Native to parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, and Micronesia, the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is the world’s largest living crocodilian and reptile, and arguably the one most likely to eat a human.

    7. SLUG
    Who would have thought that a slug could get so big!! The black sea hare (Aplysia vaccaria) is the world’s largest slug, and it’s also the biggest gastropod on the planet. As a sea slug, it occupies the waters off the U.S. state of California and Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

    6. Largest Insect
    As I mentioned, entomologist Zhao Li discovered the world’s longest insect species in the form of a two-foot (61 cm) long stick bug in China’s Guangxi Province. This female stick insect was about the length of your arm! He made the incredible find in the middle of the night in 2014 after spending years searching for it based on descriptions from locals.

    The wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) is a large seabird distributed throughout islands in the Southern Ocean, such as South Georgia Island, and Prince Edward Islands.

    4. RODENT
    The capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) is a semi-aquatic mammal found throughout northern and central South America, with a small established invasive presence in Florida. It’s closely related to guinea pigs, but as the world’s largest rodent, it's many times larger. Often described as a stouter, heavier version of an average Labrador retriever, capybaras weigh between 77 and 145 pounds (35-66 kg) and measure up to 4.2 feet (1.3 meters) long, standing at around two feet (60 cm) tall.

    The world’s largest jellyfish species is the lion’s mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata), which dwells primarily in the cool waters of the Arctic and North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Its body can reach up to eight feet (2.4 meters) wide and its tentacles can grow at least 90 feet (27.4 meters) long, making the lion’s mane jellyfish one of the world’s longest animals.

    Butterflies are beautiful and harmless to humans so this might be a case of “the bigger, the better!” The world’s largest butterfly species is the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing (Ornithoptera alexandrae), which is found only in the forests of eastern Papua New Guinea’s Oro Province.

    The largest bivalve mollusks come from the Tridacna genus, with the giant clam (Tridacna gigas) reigning superior among them. After choosing a permanent home along the seafloor among coral reefs in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, a giant clam grows up to four feet (1.2 meters) long and can reach over 500 pounds (227 kg).

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  • 10 Giant Creatures Caught on Camera


    10 Giant Creatures Caught on Camera

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    10 Giant Creatures Caught on Camera
    The earth was a land of giants. Why prehistoric animals had the tendency to grow to humungous
    proportions, I don’t know, but these giants died down long ago. But, there are still giants roaming the
    planet today, most of which are commonly known, some quite bizarre. Others are known and bizarre,
    like the number one entry so you should stay tuned for that. Here are 10 giant creatures caught on

    Number 10. The Strange Blob of Acapulco

    In this modern day and age, people still believe that giant unidentified monsters still roam various
    bodies of water worldwide. In fact, it seems that advances in marine exploration technology have even
    reinvigorated the search for these legendary creatures. That and the fact that stuff like these get washed
    up on beaches worldwide.
    Back in March of 2016, a 13-foot, unidentified blob from the sea washed up on a beach in Acapulco,
    Mexico. Some scientists believe the creature to be a whale, and others a squid. And of course, people
    the Internet think it's a "terrifying monster."
    Whatever it is, the creature appears to have died shortly before beachgoers discovered it. Though it was
    not fully decomposed, it was well on its way.

    Number 9. A Giant Anaconda

    If there’s one thing that you don’t want to see while working at a construction site is a giant anaconda,
    and that’s exactly what these construction workers came across with while doing some construction
    work in the Cave of Altamira in the northern state of Para, Brazil. They discovered the giant snake
    immediately after setting off a controlled explosion.
    At 33 feet long and weighing 63 stone, or 462 pounds, it’s one of the largest anacondas ever seen, dead
    or alive.
    After making the frightening discovery, the workers chained the animal to a crane and later lifted it up
    to reveal its yellow spotted under belly - a move which was criticized in the comments when the clip was
    uploaded to YouTube.
    People say the builders killed the snake rather than leave it in its natural habitat but this has not been
    confirmed. Others believe the animal may have died in the explosion, possibly being hit by falling debris,
    as its head appeared flat in the video footage.

    Number 8. The Jacksonville Dinosaur

    Not many dinosaur sightings have been reported in the past few years. Highly understandable because,
    if you didn’t already know, these giant reptiles have been extinct for millions of years. But despite that
    fact, there is still a large number of people that believe in the possibility that some of these creatures
    somehow managed to survive to this day, existing in secret in some far flung unexplored jungle or at the
    bottom of a particularly deep and murky lake, or standing in plain sight in downtown Jacksonville,
    The video looks like it’s that of a reporter covering some story in downtown Jacksonville. Some sound
    must have startled them because they suddenly panned the camera to look over the fence into what
    looks like a construction site when they saw the large reptile. The camera was so shaky; we can’t really
    see if the thing was moving.
    So, did they really capture a giant dinosaur in Jacksonville? Or was this video uploaded at around the
    same time as the construction of a dinosaur attraction in the Jacksonville Zoo and was done to promote
    the thing? Probably the latter.

    Number 7. A Cassowary

    When big birds are the topic of a conversation, ostriches and a certain giant yellow bird from Sesame
    Street comes to mind. The subject of this entry on our list doesn’t get much love, which is quite unfair
    really, because they are certainly fascinating creatures.
    They are cassowaries, a large flightless bird much like the ostrich. Scientists say that they are direct
    descendants of the dreaded Velociraptors, and their ferocious reputation shows this relation. You see,
    they are far from being mild mannered.
    In this video, you can see one of these giant birds attacking a zoo keeper, who’s trying to desperately
    defend himself with a rake. I don’t know what’s more terrifying; the fact that those legs end in sharp
    claws, or the noise that it makes when it lunges forward.
    Despite their ferocious reputation, some people do keep them as pets, and as expected, there are
    reports of one of these birds fatally attacking its owner. One such event happened in Florida when a
    man was attacked by his pet cassowary when he accidentally fell to the ground while in the enclosure.
    After the attack, he was surprisingly still able to dial 911, but still succumbed to blood loss.

  • 7 Mysterious Animals Ever Caught On Camera


    From The 7 foot Mysterious Dog Like Creature To The Giant Mysterious Cat

    #Mysterious #Creatures #CaughtOnCamera

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  • 10 Biggest Snakes Ever Captured !


    Of the over 600 species of venomous snakes on the planet, about 200 can cause real damage. Even with those odds, if you're afraid of snakes… that's smart. Snakes have quite a reputation for being aggressive and attacking humans even when unprovoked. Their mere presence is intimidating, and they are the last animals you want to mess around with! Let's not count the non-venomous snakes out either; those can cause just as much damage.
    You already know not to provoke them, but what do you do when you come across them in your home or walking down a street? You may not have enough time to even think about it… some of the people in this video didn’t!
    Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, Today, we're going to take a look at ten of the biggest snakes ever found, some of them in the most unlikely places and make sure you stick around to see which snake is deserving of the number 1 spot on this list!

    family friendly pg clean
    #4evergreen #beautifulanimals #snakes

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  • 15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!


    15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

    From massive creatures that look photoshopped to large animals that are beyond your imagination, we count 10 giant animals you won’t believe exist today!
    15. Giant Gippsland Earthworm

    Earthworms are quite grotty when you look at them closely, but when you bump into this breed, it will be difficult to get any closer is you’re squeamish about these sorts of crawlers. The average earthworm is about a metre in length but these ones can grow three times longer and be about three inches in diameter. They can easily be confused for an adult snake. You won’t come across these creepy crawlers often, they only exists deep in the wild around Sumaco volcano.
    Thought the snake-like worms are creepy, wait until you find out what lies in the deep seas! Stay tuned!
    14. Giant Freshwater Stingray

    Stingrays are dangerous enough, but when you bump into one that’s more than four metres long and weighs half a tonne, then you my friend will have a big problem. These creatures are found in the deep sea and most divers were protective clothing in case they bump into one or any other of the dangerous creatures that live in the waters. Why are they feared so much? These animals are not aggressive, in fact if you meet one it will probably slither away, but, they have one of the nastiest venoms in the world and this particular oversized breed has the ability to break through your bones with its stinger.
    13. Japanese Spider Crab

    The largest crab in the world and also the most expensive. It is almost four metres long when stretched out from claw to claw. They weigh triple the size of a regular crab but it is very unlikely to come across any as they live far below the water surface. To get one you’ll have to go fishing specifically for them. They need special equipment as their sharp claws can cause nasty injuries, but, it seems as though they are tasty enough to be worth the risk. If you fancy a japanese spider crab for your next meal, then head on to Okinawa and have your dreams come to life for five hundred bucks.
    12. Mydas Flies

    No one likes flies. They are always on your face if not hovering around your food. Making those annoying buzzy sounds. These tiny insects can be a nuisance on their own. Now picture one that’s four times in size and a lot more stubborn. The mydas fly is what we are talking about. It can be as long as ten centimetres in length, and have a wingspan of six centimetres, but the good thing is that it’s only found in arid areas not just anywhere.
    11– Goliath Frog

    Now I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of frogs. Some people may argue they are cute and adorable but I just can’t see any of that so I prefer saying away from them. But for the purpose of entertaining you, I had to research on these massive amphibians that are rare and unique in their own way.
    The Goliath frog is the world’s largest frog. It is able to grow up to 32 centimetres in length and can weigh up to four kilograms. They can only be found along the equator of Westen Africa.These creatures aren’t dangerous and can live up to the age of 21 when in captivity. They die young in the wild as they fall prey to giant lizards and crocodiles there.


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  • 14 CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera


    Top 10 Crazy Epic Wild Animal Fights Caught on Film
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    Lion vs Crocodile
    Snake vs Bunny Rabbit
    Giraffe vs Lion
    Snake vs Mongoose
    Shark vs Octopus
    Lion vs Buffalo
    Badger vs Fox
    Leopard vs Lion
    Snake vs Crocodile
    Iguana vs Iguanna
    Bison vs Lion
    Crocodile vs Wild Boar
    Eagle vs Fox
    Squirrel vs Cobra vs Mongoose
    Lion vs Tiger

    ★ Watch another video! 16 Funniest Animals Scaring People Reactions! (Funny Videos Caught On Camera) ►


    From cobra vs mongoose to lion vs tiger we countdown the top 14 biggest animal fights caught on camera. Shocking fight, between a giraffe and a lion in the plains of Africa, most would assume that the giraffe would be defeated easily by the king of the jungle. However, this is no jungle and the giraffe manages to use its long legs and high jumps to stomp the lion repeatedly, causing the giraffe to win the fight. In this amazing video, two rather small but deadly animals go head to head. The cobra and mongoose take shots at each other respectively. Until the mongoose gets a firm bite on the head of the poisonous snake, and making itself the unexpected winner. In this fight in the Australian outback, a giant snake and a crocodile take each other on. At first the crocodile grabs the snake between its teeth. The python snake then coils itself around the crocodile, and strangling it. The fight lasted for hours, but the snake emerges victorious. In this shocking fight, a jaguar slowly emerges behind an exacting crocodile in the wetlands of Brazil. The jaguar sinks it teeth into the back of the crocodile in order to constrict the crocodile. The jaguar then carries off its prey, after the destruction it has just caused to the crocodile. In this video, a cobra snake has just discovered a nest of mongooses. As it plots to sliver in, a mongoose uses a tunnel to sneak up behind the snake a strike. The mongoose bites the snake in the head and they begin attacking each other. The snake then wraps up the mongoose in an attempt to strangle it. However, the mongoose frees itself, and begins to take painful bites at the cobra, eventually killing it. In this video, a shark is peacefully swimming through ocean territory. However, it’s swim is interrupted when an octopus disguised as coral rises up and wraps its tentacles around the shark. The giant pacific octopus was able to easily defeat the shark in this unlikely match up, despite the octopus being far lower down in the food chain. During this animal fight between an hyena and a pack of lions, the hyena uses their amazing dexterity to run quickly away from the lion pack. However, the hyena was soon caught up to by the pack, as they surround it and begin to bite it. In this unlikely match-up, a cobra and an eagle to head to head. The eagle tries to use its size to stand and peck at the cobra. But the cobra fights back attempting to bite back. However, on one bite when the cobra’s mouth is open, the eagle strikes and bites the cobra in the mouth. In this wild battle, recorded deep in the jungle a tiger and a huge lion go head to head. The pair spend hours wrestling and biting one another to see who the real king of the jungle is. When suddenly the tiger rolls over in defeat, after hours of fighting with the massive lion. In this shocking piece of footage from South Africa, a lion who is attacking a buffalo is suddenly changed at by 2 other buffalos. The lion is the launched 4 meters into the air by the giant male buffalo. The animals scuffled for a little while longer, but all walked away with no major injuries. Despite this, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the buffalo won this round.


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  • 10 Biggest Sea Creatures Ever Caught


    You won't believe that fishermen actually caught these gigantic sea monsters! Subscribe to our channel:

    SyFy recently aired the third film in their so-bad-its-good “Sharknado” series, prompting some to wonder if airborne, tornado-based sharks could actually be real. Okay, so no one is really wondering that. Still, though, the ocean continues to represent a great unknown to us, providing home to countless species, many of which remain a mystery to humanity. The more we learn about what lurks deep below the surface, the more we realize still remains uncovered. With two-thirds of the Earth’s surface covered in water, it stands to reason that a great deal of that space remains unexplored. Of course, just because humankind hasn’t covered every iota of ground along the ocean floor, it doesn’t mean that those areas are uninhabited.

    All we know for sure is that the truly deepest depths of the world’s oceans continue to offer surprises, even as scientific technology becomes increasingly advanced. New species unlike any others known before are routinely discovered, with entirely new and alien biomes in extreme environments that no life had even been thought possible have challenged our very notions of what life is and how it has evolved. Amidst the cold darkness of a low-lying ocean area with depths that no sunlight can penetrate lies an alien world of incredibly rare and mysterious species. While many are simple, harmless omnivores, they share the ocean floor with some pretty unsettling forces.

    These ocean-based creatures – those that we know about, anyway – change everything we think we know about fish. Each one has at least one predominant feature that stands out as being unlike anything seen before. Think you know sharks? Well, how about one with a saw-like nose or a frilly, eel-like body. Think you’ve seen some big fish? How about a 17-metre long swimmer or a 900-pound squid or even a 5,000-pound behemoth sunfish? Lurking within the ocean are a number of deadly, threatening, vicious creatures that are naturally designed and programmed to hunt and stalk their prey. Thankfully, most of these monsters live at pressures that humans could never survive at – not that they would survive long down there, anyway.

    In recent years, Hollywood has sparked a fascination with zombies, aliens and other forces that exist beyond the realms of our planet and that are not steeped in reality. Despite that, some of the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the universe lie beneath the surface of bodies of water with which we are, at least partially, familiar. As we sit on a beach staring out at the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean, we remain blissfully oblivious to all that lurks within.

    This list seeks to open the door to an entire world of deep sea activity, featuring a cast of creepy and spooky characters that few even know exist. These 10 fish, some of whom may seem to be borne out of your darkest nightmares, are all very real and may give you second thoughts the next time you foray into the ocean. And these are just the ones we know about…

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    10 Shockingly Large Creatures That Actually Exist

    10 Things That Will Happen When Humans Go Extinct

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  • 20 Biggest Animals Caught On Camera


    There are some regular animals we know and have even seen. But there are some really wacky creatures out there that are so humongous they don’t even seem real. They’re the product of mother nature’s boredom and experimentation. Before we dive into the kingdom Animalia, make sure to subscribe and click the bell icon or you might just find a huge side in your room!

    Here are the 20 Biggest Animals Caught On Camera!

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    video here:

    Big turtle

    When you think of turtles, you probably think of tiny little crawling babies. But have you ever seen something as big as this giant loggerhead sea turtle? It probably weighs more than 300 pounds. To get this big, you can’t possibly rely on plants. These giant creatures have an amazingly strong jaw that can crush conchs, horseshoe crabs, and much more.

    Shoebill storks

    Birds are cute when they’re small and fluffy. But when you size them up, you get these shoebill storks. They can grow up to six feet. Luckily, they’re pretty friendly when it comes to humans. They might look like a Disney character due to their bills, but that’s actually their most lethal weapon. Overall, they’re pretty creepy. But hey, you do you, little birdy!

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  • Animal Size Comparison


    Everybody knows that the blue whale is the largest living creature on Earth. But... is it? Actually, scientists discovered something even larger off the coast of Australia. They weren’t able to study its full size, but believe it can be up to 390 feet long! And what about prehistoric giants? Is the biggest known dinosaur larger than a large blue whale? Or, hey, have you ever heard about giant squids? They have 3 hearts, and their eyes are as big as beach balls.

    Okay, what do you know about the smallest creatures in the world? Some animals are so small that you can hardly spot them in the wild! For example, Kikiki Huna is the smallest known flying insect. Its name means “tiny bit”, and it can only be seen through a microscope. Let's see how big the biggest animals in the world are compared to other giants and find out what are the smallest animals in the world!


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  • 10 Biggest Sea Monsters Ever


    10 Biggest Sea Monsters Ever

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    #viral #amazing #100M #animals

    The open sea.
    Look in any direction, and the vastness of the deep blue water swallows your vision.
    Down below, the abysmal depths. Home to some of the biggest sea monsters ever.
    These are the massive sea creatures terrorizing the world beneath the sea surface. Many of these creatures stalking the waters are a little bloodthirsty, but others are downright fierce killing machines.
    Then we have those that are bizarre-looking and absolutely terrifying—the makings of our own imagination.
    But not all monsters lurking in the depths are creepy and frightening. Some are gentle giants, ruling the sea in glorious majesty.
    So, grab your scuba gear and suit up, we’re diving right into the belly of the deeply mysterious sea to find the world’s biggest sea monsters ever.
    Also, be sure to stay to the end of the video to find out more about the sea monster that’s making the blue whale look like cuddly Nemo.

    #10. Crabzilla
    In 2014, a fifteen-meter giant crab was intent on making a statement in the UK's popular crabbing location in Whitstable, Kent county.
    The giant crustacean was seen at the exact spot under the harbor, where some boys were crabbing. A satellite image of the crab showed a shadowy figure taking the shape of what looked like a colossal crab in the waters, somewhere off the English coast.
    News of the giant crab went viral after it was published in the UK's tabloid newspaper.
    While several residents claim to have witnessed the unusual crab, aptly nicknamed ‘Crabzilla,’ invertebrate experts from the Natural History Museum, London, maintained that there was no such thing as a giant crab lurking in the waters of Whitstable.
    What do you think, was it all part of some digital fakery like we see in pranks, or is someone trying to keep a ton of crab all to themselves?

    #9 The Blue Whale
    It would be awfully disrespectful to discuss huge sea monsters without mentioning the largest animal currently ruling the oceans. We’re talking about the magnificent blue whale.
    Right from birth, the blue whale calf outweighs some of the large animals we know. The blue whale calf is also one of the fastest-growing animals, gaining about 90 kgs (200 pounds) daily.
    A full-size grown blue whale weighs upwards of 200 tons and spans well over 35 meters (115 ft).
    If, for whatever reason, you had an aquarium the size of a cricket pitch, the blue whale wouldn’t fit. You get how big these sea monsters are, right?
    So here’s the interesting thing, the blue whales’ throat is only 20 cm in diameter! They cannot swallow large prey, and the best part is that they could not swallow a human even if they tried.
    Even so, there have been cases of the blue whale accidentally eating a person. Most were spat out almost immediately, albeit not without a few bruises.

    #8. Great White Shark
    Being the largest predatory fish, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the great white shark has a fierce reputation of being a savage killer.
    Though not as large as the whale shark, the great whites are the most popular types of sharks. They grow as long as 7 meters in length and weigh up to 2 tons. The largest great white ever recorded ­ -named “Deep Blue”- was estimated to weigh a massive 2.5 tons.
    These sharks are very agile swimmers; thanks to their torpedo-shaped bodies, they can cruise swiftly in water despite their massive body, reaching a top speed of over 55 km/h. It’s impressive how they can make a sudden turn even when they’re at high speed.
    The great whites are armed to the teeth, literally. With 300 razor-sharp teeth, these sharks can rip their prey apart in a matter of seconds. Their teeth are so sharp they don’t use them to chew. Instead, they rip off mouth-sized pieces, which they swallow whole.
    Although human flesh isn’t a delicacy on the shark’s menu, the great whites are known to be responsible for several unprovoked attacks on humans. Researchers claim that these are just “sample bites”, but deadly ones nonetheless.

    #7. The Whale Shark
    The whale shark is the largest fish in the world.
    Well, because they have the names “Whale” & “Shark,” it can get a little confusing, but these are sharks. They only resemble the whales in size and feeding habits, hence the ambiguous name.
    Since they are sharks, we classify them as fish because whales are mammals.
    The average whale shark will grow to 10 meters, but they are known to grow up to 14m (46 feet!) long and weigh up to 19 metric tonnes.
    With these numbers, the whale shark easily dwarfs the great white shark. Even so, whale sharks do not get as much attention as their cousins, the great whites, probably because they are not predatory sharks like the rest of the gang.

  • 10 Biggest Animals In The World


    10 Biggest Animals In The World

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    10 Biggest Animals In The World
    The earth was once the land of giants, and it still is to some extent. To this day, massive creatures exist on earth, and although they aren’t dinosaurs, it doesn’t make them any less cool. Also, this isn’t a ranking video of the largest, if I made it that way the list would be overrun with whales, but let’s rather look at the biggest members of a few animal species on earth.
    With that said, let’s start off with the largest insect on earth, capping it off with the biggest animal to have ever existed, here are 10 of the biggest animals in the world.

    Number 10. The Goliath Beetle
    Based on weight and bulk, Goliath beetles are strong contenders for the title of largest insects on Earth.
    Native to Africa, males of these species can grow to over 4 inches, and can weigh as much as 100 grams in their larval stage. They typically don't move much in the mornings when it is cool and stay in a lethargic state. But once they are warmed by the sun, they become more active. They'll fly away when they are frightened.
    Though they are believed to be primarily vegetarian in the wild, they have shown a voracious appetite for protein in captivity, and captive beetles are often fed dog and cat food. Out in the wild, Goliath beetles eat different types of plant material, fruit, dung and remaining of dead animals. They are an intricate part of the food chain, eliminating decaying matter of both plant and animal origin. Think of them as the burly garbage men of the insect world.
    They are also one of the oldest species of insect in the world. They have been feeding on Earth’s detritus for over 300 million years now, and there’s no sign of them ever dying down.

    Number 9. The Chinese Giant Salamander
    The Chinese giant salamander does not fit the traditional definition of “cute”, but they do have quite a fan base. Growing to nearly six feet long and weighing roughly 140 pounds, the flabby creatures are the largest amphibians in the world. Their beady, lidless eyes peer out from broad, flat heads with blunt snouts, and their mud-colored bodies have short limbs and long tails. The species’ slimy skin is not pleasant to pet, either.
    Previously thought to be only one specie, it has been recently discovered that there are actually roughly half a dozen species of Chinese giant salamander. During this study, scientists fully expected to find probably two or even three species of the amphibian. After all, finding out that there are actually more species of an animal that previously thought isn’t that rare, like in the case of the Mata Mata turtle, an animal featured in one of our previous videos. What blew their minds is the fact that there are at least 5 species of the salamander, and that’s what blew their minds.
    However, humans might have already driven some of those species toward extinction. In their endemic habitat of rocky mountain streams and lakes in China, the critically endangered salamanders are threatened by poaching and human intervention.

    Number 8. The Ostrich
    The Ostrich is the largest living bird, with a height of 9 feet and weight of 344 pounds and at 1.9 inches in size, their eyes are the largest of all birds. They don’t have teeth and can survive without water for days as they can make their own water internally and extract the rest from the vegetation they eat!
    And mainly due to its spindly, awkward appearance, we sometimes forgot just how strong these birds are. But the fact is, this flightless bird’s legs are immensely strong. Strong enough to propel the bird’s 300 plus pound frame up to 40 miles per hour.
    And being flightless birds, they needed to learn how to fight unless they want to become easy meals for any predator. And with their wings pretty much useless, ostriches fight with their feet. Their kicks are so powerful that according to the American Ostrich Association, one solid front kick from an ostrich can instantly kill a full grown lion.

    Number 7. The Saltwater Crocodile
    The largest living reptile is the Saltwater Crocodile, growing to an average length of 17 feet, although they can reach 21 feet in length and weigh upwards of 1000 pounds. They are distributed widely in brackish and salt waters in parts of India, Asia and Australia and feed on all animals they can get their teeth in to, which includes sharks if they get the chance. In other words, they sit pretty much on top of the food chain.

  • Biggest Animal In The World Discovered Underwater


    The largest animal that scientists have ever found was recently discovered, underwater off the coast of Australia, coming up from one of the deepest parts of the ocean!

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    If you thought that 2020 was already weird enough, it just got weirder. Found wandering through the dark, mysterious depths of our oceans, just off the west coast of Australia, scientists have recently discovered what is likely the largest creature to ever call our planet home.

    It spirals, it glows, and it looks like it was sent to us from another galaxy. That’s no joke.

    What is this sinister sea-dweller? Who found it? And how afraid should we really be? Those answers to these questions, and a whole lot more, are about to be revealed.

    When you’re done with this video, here’s another one to check out!
    Biggest Snake Ever Could Be Hiding In The Amazon

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  • 15 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist


    Some animals are cute, petite and dainty. But, if you’ve read the tile of this video, you should know that those animals are officially BANNED from appearing in this list. Some of the creatures you’re about to witness are such gargantuan lumps of muscle we could barely fit them on the screen. These are abnormally large animals that actually exist!

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  • Biggest Sea Monsters Ever


    The megalodon shark is one of the most famous sea monsters of all time - but the nest sea creatures are by far larger, more powerful, and even more dangerous! Would you go swim in the ocean?

    Welcome back, Richest fans! Water is pretty important on Earth. Pretty much every living creature needs it to keep on rocking. It also takes up 71% of the world. With that vast amount, the water is home to some of the most amazing creatures. And some of the biggest. Today, we’re going to look at some of the biggest animals and largest fish that live in the water. Many of which have been confused as sea monsters. We’re also examining some of the ancient beasts that once roamed the ocean. As well as a couple of mythical creatures. We’ll also see just how much money these beasts are worth. We’ll also explore the mystery, underwater noise that baffled scientists for years. Known as The Bloop.

    Now for the spoiler paragraph. If you want to be surprised, we suggest you watch immediately. Firstly, we have the Megalodon shark! We then have the mythical beasts. With the Loch Ness monster and one more mystery mythical. We have the Green Anaconda as the biggest snake. There’s the Japanese Spider Crab with a length that might surprise you. We have the biggest critter on the planet, the Blue Whale! There’s the Livyatan Melvillei which is a scary sight. We also have another sea beast that lived with dinosaurs, the Ichthyosaur. We also have the Giant Oarfish. We mean don’t mean the one in Animal Crossing. But its real-life counterpart. There are also some surprise entries.

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  • Prehistoric Creatures Caught On Camera


    Prehistoric creatures have been spotted all around the world, from the loch ness monster, to the megalodon shark, and giant snakes, to dire wolves chasing regular wolves - wait t'ill you see this!

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    Video footage credit:
    Steve Williams

    We would never want to share our planet with some of the fierce prehistoric predators that used to walk-- or swim-- the earth. From the giant megalodon shark that used to lurk in the oceans to the terrifying titanoboa snake that could be more than 40 feet long. But not all evidence suggests that these mysterious creatures are actually gone. Dinosaurs could still walk among us. Maybe they’re just really good at hiding.

    There have been sightings all over the world of strange, unexplainable creatures. From giant direwolves to land-sloths the size of elephants. There are tales of sea monsters like the Loch Ness monster and of giants like bigfoot, who could really just be the mysterious prehistoric great-ape gigantopithecus. We’ve found evidence that we were off by hundreds of thousands of years about when some of these creatures went extinct, like the saber-toothed tiger and the giant birds called teratorns. So couldn’t that mean we’re wrong about them going extinct at all?

    We’ve dug up some of the most prominent legends, sightings, and evidence that suggest that these prehistoric creatures are still alive and well-- and that they’re just hiding in their own elusive parts of our world. From tales passed down through generations to unexplainable footprints, here are all the reasons these “extinct” creatures could still be out there today.

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    Our world is full of creatures, and the largest known animal on Earth is the Blue Whale. We all know that! But when it comes to size, this planet is home to even more terrifying, and various beautiful species, including really small and REALLY BIG animals. So, in this video, we’ll look at some of the Biggest Animals in the world.

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    Below is the featured list of Biggest Animals In The World:
    At number 7: Komodo Dragon - Largest living Lizard
    At number 6: Whale Shark - Largest Fish
    At number 5: Eastern Gorilla - Largest Primate
    At number 4: Saltwater Crocodile - Largest Crocodile
    At number 3: Green Anaconda - Largest Snake
    At number 2: Brahma Chicken - Largest Chicken Breed
    At number 1: Blue Whale - Largest living Animal

    So guys, what do you think of these animals?
    And which animal was your favorite?
    Leave us a comment below..

    Thanks for watching!

  • 10 Biggest Snakes Ever Discovered


    10 Biggest Snakes Ever Discovered

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    There are over 3,000 species of snake on the planet, and they are found everywhere except in New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, and Ireland. Each of them boasts impressive and unique characteristics and is differentiated by size, color, and venom efficacy. This video beams the light on some snake species that grow to immense proportion. Prepare to be amazed as I take you through the list of the ten biggest snakes in the world!
    10. Black mamba
    The black mamba is the largest venomous snake in Africa. They are covered with olive, brown, green, or grey but are rarely black. It measures between 7.2 and 8.9 feet long, but some species grow up to 13 feet. The longest one in history is confirmed to be 14.11 feet. Not only does this animal clinch the price for one of the longest snakes in the world, but it is also the most aggressive and fastest, with speeds of up to 200km/h. They are known to attack even without provocation. Their venom is toxic and can cause a human to collapse within 30 minutes if not treated with antivenom.
    They hold smaller animals in their mouth until the venom takes effect, but larger prey suffers two strikes until it is weak and swallowed. Females lay up to 20 eggs and incubate them for 2-3 months. Babies are independent and fend for themselves immediately after birth. Although they are climbers, they prefer the solitude of the ground because that's where they lie in wait for an unsuspecting victim.

    9. King cobra
    The king cobra is found in Asia and is one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. It flaunts this fearsome status and would attack whenever it chooses. However, they typically avoid confrontation with humans but wouldn't tolerate provocation. They grow up to 18.7 feet and weigh up to 9 kg. The male variants are more extensive than females, which is rare in snakes. From birth till death, they never stop growing.
    After a bite from the king cobra, the victim can die within 15 minutes. Although their venom is not the most potent among other snakes, it contains high neurotoxin levels in a single bite. It is so effective that it can kill 20 people simultaneously. This poison causes respiratory arrest, cardiac failure, and eventual death. King cobras live in southern China, Southeast Asia, rain forests, and plains of India. They feed on other snake species, including lizards and smaller mammals. In Vietnam, it is a protected species, and specialized organizations like the King Cobra conservancy are recruited to protect their habitat.

    8. Reticulated python
    The most enormous recorded reticulated python is 28.5 feet long and weighs 145 kilograms. Although they are known to be aggressive, they wouldn't hurt a human until provoked. The average species is about 16 feet. The beauty of their skin makes them a target in the commercial skin trade. Their infrared-sensitive pit organs and a keen sense of smell help them identify their prey. This snake lives up to 20 years but attains sexual maturity two years after birth, depending on its size.
    Females lay up to 80 eggs which incubate between 80-90days. Within this period, the mother fasts and produces muscular shivers that warms the eggs during cooler times. Despite habitat disruptions, they are tolerant and survive still. Medusa is a reticulated python in Kansas City. According to the Guinness book of world records, it is the longest snake kept in captivity. As of 2011, it measured 25 feet and weighed 158.8 kg. As a rule, this animal swallows prey one-quarter of its length and equal to its weight.

    7. Burmese Python
    Native to the grassy marshes of South Asia, Burmese pythons need no introduction. They grow up to 23 feet in length and 90 kilograms in weight. In their early days, they spend more time on trees, but they transition to the ground as they grow older. Because of their swimming skills, they can stay submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. They feed primarily on birds and small mammals. They prey on larger animals like goats and pigs, adult deer, and alligators as they become mature.

  • 10 Biggest Animals In The World


    10 Biggest Animals In The World

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    I’m pretty confident to say that all of us here love animals! Whether it’s your pet at home or an animal you spot at the zoo or during a safari trip, I’m sure you have a favorite animal! Today I’ll be showing you 10 of the biggest animals in the world! Get ready for some big insects, big reptiles and big mammals - the animal kingdom is taking over today.

    Do you know what’s the biggest animal on Earth? If you are good at biology, you might know who’s the number one on this list! And if you don’t know the answer, then today is the day to find out! Whether you’re an expert in animals or not, I’m sure you’ll have fun watching this video. Stay with me all the way to the end to find out some crazy facts about them.

    The Goliath Frog

    The name of this frog speaks for itself. If you think frogs are scary, wait until you meet the Goliath Frog. This amphibian is so big that sometimes it can reach the same size of a domestic cat! And with a frog this big you can only expect a lot of crazy high jumps as well - the goliath frogs can reach heights of up to 3 meters as they leap around! They can easily jump over your head if they wanted to. But don’t expect any noise from them. These frogs are mute.

    Other names for this frog are “Goliath Bullfrog” and “Giant Slippery Frog.” You can find them around Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in a very limited space. Their habitat is slowly being destroyed due to pet trading and other industries that threaten their space. I understand they’re exotic and interesting animals, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they should be left alone in the little habitat they have.


    If we took into account all the birds that have existed, the one on this list wouldn’t be here. An extinct version of the albatross was the largest bird on Earth at some point. But today on this list I’m giving you: The Ostrich, the largest living bird. They can be as high as 2.7 meters and weight as much as 344 pounds. Not only their bodies are large, but their eyes are also the largest bird eyes ever - they are 5 centimeters long! Ostriches don’t fly, but they are known to be good runners, which comes in handy when predators or humans come around to mess with them - but they could easily kill you with one kick if they wanted to. If we want to keep them as the largest birds on Earth, we gotta take better care of them. Their population has significantly decreased over the last 200 years and most of the remaining ostriches in the world are in farms and parks.


    This list wouldn’t be complete without the tallest animal dwelling on land: The Giraffe. With a neck as high as 1.8 meters tall, these animals live off vegetation in high trees where other animals can’t easily reach. These animals are tall even from the moment they are born! Baby Giraffes can be 2 meters high, which is taller than most of us humans. The tallest giraffe ever, whose name was George, was already taller than 5 meters at age nine! But there was another Giraffe named Zulu at a British zoo and Zulu was close to 6 meters high! Unfortunately, Zulu passed away before documenting his height in the book of Guinness World Records.

    A cool fact about these animals is that each Giraffe has a distinct spotted coat, which is similar to our fingerprints - no two giraffes have the same pattern! This feature allows them to be easily individually identified. Although they’re a very common sight at any zoo, Giraffes can also be found in the wild throughout the Eastern and Southern parts of the African continent.

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  • 10 Wild Animals That Have Rarely Been Seen


    From prehistoric-looking birds to the new generation of felines, here are ten wild animals that have rarely ever been seen.

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    10. Shoebill Storks
    The Shoebill stork is quite an intimidating bird! It looks like something out of a 90s animated movie, not a real live animal that’s walking around in the world right now. These large birds have a very direct look on their face. Also known as the whale headed stork, they are native to the wetlands of Central and East Africa.

    9. Polka-Dotted Zebra
    In 2019, a photographer named Frank Liu captured an incredible sight in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. While he was looking for rhinos, he saw a zebra foal, or youngling, with a striking kind of coloration. Zebras wear their stripes like a badge of honor, and they can be so unique as to identify them individually.

    8. Red Panda
    Pandas are some of the cutest, rarest bears on the planet. The most popular incarnation of a panda comes in the form of the giant panda, with their emblematic black and white color scheme and love for bamboo. The heavily endangered red panda is not exactly a bear, but still a bamboo lover. Have you ever seen one of these? Aren’t they adorable??

    7. Bracken Bat Cave Meshweaver Spider
    The Bracken bat cave in Texas serves as a place of rest during the summer months to the most populous bat colony on earth. But there is another species hidden within its depths that are having a much harder time staying alive than the local bats. The Bracken bat cave meshweaver spiders hadn’t been spotted for around 30 years until 2012, when a cave full of them was discovered in San Antonio, Texas.

    6. Florida Panther
    There aren’t many pumas east of the Mississippi river. In fact, there is only one known species of puma in this eastern region; the Florida panther. Also known as a cougar or mountain lion, this panther used to flourish in the Southeast.

    5. Visayan Spotted Deer
    Depending on where you live, deer seem pretty common, but some deer are harder to find than others. In particular, the Visayan spotted deer (or just ‘Philippines spotted deer’), named for the Visayan Islands in the central Philippines which is the only place they live, are few and far between.

    4. White Lion
    The lion is the king of the jungle, but some lions stand above the rest and take on an almost mythological quality. For that matter, consider the incredible white lions. In fact, they’re not a different species of lion at all, belonging to the same classification of lions Panthera leo. But their appearance inspires great reverence and honor.

    3. Quoll
    These tiny marsupials almost went extinct, but a small population of northern quolls survived in Tasmania and they were reintroduced to mainland Australia in 2018. Quolls are nocturnal and will eat just about anything, insects, carrion, birds, and they are tough! They will hunt animals larger than themselves and will even snatch food from a Tasmanian Devil, according to Wade Anthony, founder of the Devil’s Cradle animal sanctuary in Tasmania, where some of the recently released quolls were bred.

    2. Saber-Toothed Beaked Whale
    Saber-toothed tigers went out of existence long ago, but there are still saber-toothed creatures on the earth… just not maybe where you would expect to find them. That title belongs to the saber-toothed beaked whale, or Stejneger’s beaked whale. There haven’t been many sightings of this whale, but when they’ve been spotted or washed ashore, they’ve drawn researchers from around the world due to their strange and unique features.

    1. Liliger
    Napoleon Dynamite waxed poetic about his favorite animal, the liger, which is the offspring of a female tiger and a male lion. These are rare enough on their own. But what about the next generation? The offspring of a male lion and a female liger, that are fittingly referred to as liligers.

    #rare #animals #creatures #wildlife #species #rarest #animal #strange #wild #nature #originsexplained #top10



    Have you ever seen such dominance when it comes to animals showing off their savage skills in the wild? If not, here are some of the rarest moments caught on camera when these animals messed with the wrong opponent and regretted it later as they run off in shame. Watch the most aggressive fights and hunting skills these animals have when it comes to saving or feeding for their families.

  • 11 Largest Creatures Ever Existed on Earth


    The largest land animal of our time is the African elephant! It weighs more than the anchor of a cruise ship and is 5 times heavier than the tallest animal on the planet - a giraffe. But still, the elephant loses a lot to Argentinosaurus - the largest herbivorous dinosaur in the world. This giant will cover just over half of the baseball field and weighs like 3 subway cars.

    But no matter how dangerous and huge land animals are, in fact, they’re babies compared to those creatures that live in the seas and oceans. For example, the sperm whale weighs like a herd of 50 cows, and almost three times as much as Shastasaurus, while being of a similar length! Yup, today, we're talking about the largest creatures in the world!

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    7 Most Giant Sea Creatures You've Ever Seen
    10 Extinct Creatures That Could Have Ruined The World

    African elephant 0:27
    Argentinosaurus 0:45
    Polar bear 1:12
    Spinosaurus 1:29
    Sea scorpion 2:02
    Giant weta 2:39
    Shastasaurus 2:58
    Sperm whale 3:16
    Albatross 3:42
    Argentavis 3:50
    Blue whale 4:17
    Can land animals reach the same size as dinosaurs? 4:50
    Release the Kraken! 5:44
    Can a real Godzilla appear? 7:03
    The tallest tree in the world 9:17

    #giants #largestcreatures #brightside

    - The largest modern land predator is the polar bear. It is believed that on Earth, the polar bear has no enemies among animals.
    - Spinosaurus is considered the largest land predator that ever existed on the planet. Its length reached 49 feet, approximately 2 London red buses.
    - About 460 million years ago, sea scorpions resembling large space bugs inhabited shallow waters and terrified all small marine mammals.
    - Of modern insects, no one will compete with this creature.
    - The largest marine predator ever is considered Shastasaurus. It lived about 235 million years ago and reached a length of 65.5 feet.
    - The largest flying bird to date is an albatross. Its wingspan is 11 feet - almost like the length of the Volkswagen Beetle.
    - But the albatross easily loses to its distant ancestor - the bird Argentavis, who lived 5-8 million years ago. Its wingspan is almost 20 feet.
    - A blue whale is the largest creature that ever existed on Earth appears on the ring. Its size is comparable to a 9-story building.
    - Unlike land, the ocean has a much greater chance of a huge creature appearing.
    - Almost all seafarers have been scaring each other with stories about Kraken since ancient times, but the worst thing in these tales is that they’re absolutely true.
    - Around the world, since the 17th century, many Kraken sightings have been recorded. Modern scientists have given them a more scientific name - architeuthis.
    - If the organism is given a safe area and environment with unlimited food, then in the process of evolution a real Godzilla may appear.
    - The bones inside animals can't withstand enormous weight, but the body structure of almost all insects is completely different. Outwardly, they are covered with a skeleton, while soft tissues are hidden inside.
    - The tallest tree in the world is Hyperion — a Sequoia sempervirens. Its height reaches 379 feet! It is 74 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and about the same height as a 38-story building!

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • 15 Strangest Creatures Recently Discovered!


    With such a variety of animals on our planet, it's perhaps no surprise that researchers are continuously discovering new ones. From the creepy to the beautiful, to the bizarre, you never quite know what's going to be announced next, and sometimes they're beyond belief! With that said, let's take a look at 15 of the strangest creatures that have recently been discovered!

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  • 50 SCARIEST Animals In The World


    50 SCARIEST Animals In The World
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 50 SCARIEST Animals In The World! Here are some of the most scary animals, insects and bugs ever seen! In this compilation of five awesome Top 10s animated video we will look at the biggest animals ever caught, scary and mysterious ocean creatures that were caught on camera as well as the scariest bugs and insects in the world and animals with bizarre patters and colors! The animal kingdom truly is magical, if not terrifying! #Top10 #Animals #Insects

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  • 10 Most Powerful Animals on Planet Earth


    10 Most Powerful Animals on Planet Earth
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    Whether it comes to lifting, pulling, pushing or biting, some animals just possess sheer amounts of strength even the strongest humans could only dream of. Just imagine you could lift a truck with your bare teeth or push a massive rock 1,000 times your own bodyweight. These and more are the incredible strength feats you can expect from the animals in today’s video, as we count down the 10 Most Powerful Animals In The World.
    Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, and if you didn’t think an insect would be the strongest animal on Earth, then stick around for #1 because it may just blow you away.

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    #4evergreen #beautifulanimals #powerful

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  • The Biggest Lion I’ve Ever SEEN!! Call Of The Wild


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    #Diamond #Lion #HunterZ

  • Biggest Monsters in the Universe


    Who is the Biggest Monster in the universe?
    Did you it's bigger than our Universe?
    Check our Monsters Size Comparison to find out who is the biggest!!

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  • 15 Dangerous Animals You Should Never Touch


    We all love to pet a good dog or scratch a cute cat behind the ears, but not all animals are fluffy bundles of joy we can snuggle up with. Some should absolutely never be touched, no matter how tempting! These are dangerous animals you should never touch!

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  • 15 MOST DANGEROUS Ocean Creatures In The World


    If you see any of these fish while you're swimming, get out of the water fast! These are the most dangerous fish and ocean creatures that exist in the ocean.

    Several segments are licensed under creative commons

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  • 15 Times Land Animals Messed With The Wrong Opponent #2


    Sometimes, an animal thinks it can overpower another just based on sheer size. Whatever the reason, many times certain predators are in for a surprise when they decide to hunt certain prey. What do you think happens when a toad swallows a beetle? What happens to a dog who confronts a lion? If you want to see it all, keep watching as we countdown 15 land animals that messed with the wrong opponent part 2

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    video here:
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    video here:

    Spider Vs Wasp

    When you hear of a tarantula hawk, or the red spider wasp, the first thing that comes to mind is it’s a hawk that eats tarantulas. Wrong! It is a spider wasp that hunts tarantulas. Tarantulas have earned a deadly reputation as a predator capable of killing mice, lizards and small birds. But the spiders run in fear of the tarantula hawk or spider wasp. The wasp preys on its namesake, engaging in a ferocious battle that leads to the spider being paralyzed with a highly painful sting. Once stung, the tarantula becomes paralyzed within seconds. The condition will last for the rest of its life.

    The wasp then drags the sleeping spider–which can be up to eight times its weight–to a burrow, lays an egg into the spider's still-alive abdomen, which serves as a host for the young. The young wasp devours the tarantula to develop into an adult, eating the non-essential organs first to keep it alive for as long as possible. These wasps have not only worked out how to successfully attack a predatory spider, but also to reserve the best meals for their most valuable offspring. The wasps can decide the sex of their baby by choosing whether to fertilize the egg. Fertilized eggs, produce females while males come from unfertilized eggs. The sting has been described as beyond imagination. It only lasts about 2 to 3 minutes, but it is unsurpassed in intensity by any other stinging insect.

    Stag Vs Bison

    The European bison is Europe's heaviest wild land animal, and individual bison may have been significantly larger in the past than modern bison. Bison were hunted to extinction in the wild throughout the early twentieth century. The red deer is a large deer, standing bold and tall. With its huge antlers, it is an unmistakable symbol of the Scottish Highlands, but it may also be found in northwest and southern England. This male red deer wants to challenge this European bison and the bison is ready to go. The bison has the size advantage, but the red dear is weaponized with these huge antlers. A clash would be interesting and I’m not sure who would come out on top.

    After running around in circles for a few seconds, the red deer finally decides to lower its head and clash with the bison, but it’s barely a hit. In this next clip, the bellowing sound of the Red Deer fills the fresh evening air. As autumn approaches, Red Deer Bulls begin to battle and attempt to amass a big herd of Red Deer cows with which to mate; the rutting season has begun. The Deer Bull challenges this European bison, bringing this adrenaline-fueled phase of battling for dominance ahead. It’s interesting to see that even though the red deer is much smaller than the bison, it can hold its own against the massive beast. The antlers help of course and I’m wondering if the bison feels any pain.

  • 15 Amazing Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


    We humans have begun to play god- breeding animals to create all-new hybrids. If the Jurassic Park movies have taught us anything it’s that such antics may go horribly wrong but, for now, let’s just enjoy looking at cute animals and hope they don’trebel or attack! These are amazing hybrid animals that actually exist!

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  • Animals That Were SCARIER Than Dinosaurs


    Coming up are some TERRIFYING animals that were scarier than dinosaurs!
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  • 10 Cutest Baby Animals That Will Make You Go Aww


    10 Cutest Baby Animals That Will Make You Go Aww
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    Okay, so our parents are kind of happy and relieved to see us grow up and let go of our childish habits. But in all honesty, our furry counterparts could just stay babies forever – that’s just how cute they are sometimes! Just in case you thought your baby pictures were the cutest thing ever, we’ll counter that with a list of the cutest baby animals, that will make you reconsider.
    Baby animals are curious, naive, big-eyed; only, possibly making them just a wee-bit more adorable than us human babies. Learning to grow up and survive on their own takes quite some time, leaving us plenty of opportunities to capture some of these cutest animals on camera.
    Today, we’re bringing you our top picks for the cutest baby animals that will just make you go aww.
    Oh! and if thought lizards couldn’t be cute, then stay tuned for #1 because this baby critter will bring tears to even the most sceptical of eyes.

    Cute Baby Animals Time Codes:

    00:05 - Welcome
    01:00 - Baby Hippo
    02:10 - Baby Deer
    03:10 - Baby Panda
    04:10 - Baby Seal
    05:18 - Baby Hedgehog
    06:15 - Baby Tiger
    07:07 - Baby Elephant
    08:07 - Baby Turtle
    08:50 - Baby Fox
    09:56 - Baby Chameleon

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  • 10 Believed Extinct Animals Still Alive


    Top 10 Believed Extinct Animals Still Alive
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the #Top10 Believed Extinct Animals Still Alive! Over 5 billion animals have gone extinct since time began, but some animals such as the woolly mammoth and the Tasmanian tiger may still be around with us today! #Animals #Wildlife

    Many thanks to Will Burrard-Lucas for providing the black leopard photos! Check out his other photos on his website:

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  • 30 Biggest Creatures Ever Captured !



    The 4.5 ft Lion
    This lion caught on camera was so huge it made the toyota captured behind it seem so small. The lion weighs about 300kgs which is just 13kgs less than the heaviest creature ever recorded. This one must have been quite the beauty in terms of size given that the normal lion measures about 40 inches.

    Giant Ottos
    Several of these have been caught on camera and stood out for their huge size. They measure about 6.5 ft and weigh 35kgs. Thanks to their size, like other ottos, they are not intimidated by crocodiles and other predators. They are relatively stronger than the average ones. It's no wonder their other name is sea lion.

    #biggest animals #largest animals #big animals #huge animals #10 biggest creatures ever captured #Abnormally Large Animals #large animals #biggest animals in the world #largest creatures #biggest animals ever caught #animals caught on camera #creatures caught on camera #biggest snake in the world #largest animals in the world #biggest lion

  • The LARGEST Animals Ever Recorded


    Here are the 10 tallest animals of all time.

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    Humans tend to prefer cute, diminutive pets that fit easily inside a house or apartment. From puppies to kittens, the most popular animals are rarely larger than the average human. But this is not representative of the animal kingdom, which has numerous enormous creatures of varied species. Today we’re looking at the ten tallest animals ever recorded.

    The LARGEST Animals Ever Recorded

  • Largest CAUGHT ANIMALS of All Time


    Hey everybody! What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught in your life?! Don’t bother
    answering, because the catches we’re talking about today will break all your records and
    expectations. And not just catches; a giant boar, the biggest bear, biggest monkey, and even
    the largest shark. And we’ve put this all together for you into one compilation. Let't do it.

  • 30 Biggest Animals You Will Ever See !


    If you like big, then you’re at the right place as we count down 30 of the biggest animals you will ever see.

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    Largest Butterfly

    Have you ever seen the largest butterfly in the world? If you haven’t check this out. This creature is as big as this guy’s hand. This is the largest moth species in the world, and it has a wingspan of 11 inches long. That’s almost one foot long! I don’t know about you, but I would kind of freak out if I saw that thing flying around in my house.

    Goliath Beetle

    This Goliath beetle is bred in Thailand, though native to Africa is huge. The person on the video is petting it like it’s a cat. I just can’t get my mind wrapped around the fact that certain people enjoy having critters like this one as pets, but hey, that’s just me. Apparently, for an insect, this beetle is quite strong.

    #factshala #NewVideos
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  • 15 Biggest Animals Ever Captured!


    15 Biggest Animals Ever Captured! In this video we go over 15 Biggest Animals Ever Captured! For more content like this be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video: 15 Biggest Animals Ever Captured!

  • 20 Biggest Animals Ever Found In The World


    Being the very biggest of anything can be something to aspire to - like being the tallest building, or the biggest bodybuilder, or even the biggest ocean liner - except maybe not always that last one… But being the very biggest animal of your kind is sometimes basically nothing more than a death sentence and nobody aspires to that.

    From a very noisy invertebrate, to a bird-eating spider, here are the 20 Biggest Animals Ever Found in the World.

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  • 10 Biggest Animals Ever Encountered!


    From the biggest king cobra ever discovered living in a sewer to the giant marine animal that can survive for over 2000 years! Here are 10 of the biggest animals that ever lived!

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    #biggestcreatures #largestcreatures #giantsnakes #worldlist

  • 15 Biggest Animals Caught On Camera!


    15 Biggest Animals Caught On Camera!

    Looking way back into the history of animals, it’s easy to say that dinosaurs were huge. So were many other species of animals, but as humans and other predators increased in population, animals no longer grew to their once giant-size.

    Today, animal gigantism mostly occurs on islands, where the animals are isolated from the colonies on the mainland and it is considered one of a kind. Here are 15 of gigantic animals caught on camera that you won’t believe.


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    15 Biggest Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

    30 Biggest Creatures Ever Captured !

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  • 5 Largest Creatures Found In The Amazon!


    The Amazon rainforest is one of the world's richest ecosystems and is home to a variety of species not seen anywhere else on the planet. They range from the deadliest to the rarest, and every year more and more unbelievable discoveries are being made. With an environment so ideal for animals to thrive, there are some that grow bigger than you’d expect so, with some that are astonishing, and some that are terrifying… here are 5 of the largest creatures found in the Amazon…

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  • 15 Biggest Snakes Ever Found


    Believed to have first originated in the warm, forested regions of the southern hemisphere around 128 million years ago, snakes are one of the longest lasting and enduring parts of the animal kingdom that are still around today. There are currently more than 3 thousand known species that are present virtually everywhere apart from Antarctica and 4 island countries, and the variety in terms of their appearance and size is astonishing. In the right environment, they are able to grow to huge proportions so, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 15 biggest snakes ever found.

    #top10 #top15 #top20

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  • 15 Wild Animals That Have Rarely Ever Been Seen #2


    Whether by choice or design, wild animals try to avoid humans and live out their lives in solidarity. However, when humans start encroaching on the precious ecosystem, the ripple effect that can occur is unprecedented. From mysterious amphibians newly discovered, here are 15 Wild Animals That Have Rarely Ever Been Seen #2

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