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5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases Ever! (Some Illegal)

  • Amazing iPhone Gun!


    Ideal Conceal Unboxing, Cell Phone Gun, iPhone Gun, Conceal Carry

    This video does not promote the sale of firearms and does not violate Youtube Terms of Service.

  • ILLEGAL and BANNED Fidget Spinners


    By now everyone has a fidget spinner, but I found some of the most dangerous and illegal fidget spinners. These should be banned!

    LAST VID ►► Weird Tech for $1

    Spinner 1:
    Spinner 2,3,4:
    Spinner 5:
    Spinner 6:

    I'm sure you all have the $4 fidget spinner now if you didn't win one in the world record fidget spinner giveaway. After I made 100 layers of fidget spinners I went on a search to find the most dangerous fidget spinners and all of these are also illegal.


    Hey what’s good I’m Keaton! Come check out the rest of my channel! I post videos Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun at 3PM PST….and sometimes BONUS VIDEOS!! On here you’ll get LOTS of fun videos on the new iPhone 7, banned mobile apps, weird tech, tech hacks, and so much more! I also do CRAZY challenges that you guys tell me to do! Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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  • 15 WEIRD iPhone Accessories You NEVER Knew Existed!


    10 ODD Features That Went A Little Too Far!

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    Is the $1,000 iPhone X a bit out of your price range at the moment? Never fear, here at TheHub we have rounded up fifteen of the weirdest iPhone accessories around. Use these to make your existing phone a bit more interesting, or just let them make you feel grateful for the standard phone that you have. We will show you a phone case that will let you send a kiss over a great distance, and one that will make it look like you’re holding a giant baby bottle. Watching videos on your phone is great, but have you ever tried using your iPhone along with a hat for the ultimate movie theater experience? Or if you’re going to relax on the beach, you might want to grab the Hi-Sun towel which has built in speakers that connect to your phone. We assume you just don’t want to get this particular towel wet.

    For copyright matters please contact us at:

  • 5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases Ever! Some Illegal


    The Most Dangerous & Illegal iPhone 7 Plus, 7 & SE Cases. iPhone Gun Case, Stun Gun Case, Brass Knuckles Case, Knife Case & More!
    This is not an original video.

  • 10 iPhone Cases With Unexpected Features!


    Draw With FIRE! | 10 Strange Chinese Products ➡
    10 Strange Chinese Products ➡

    Welcome to DOPE or NOPE! Join us today as we open 10 fun and strange iPhone cases with unexpected features! We'll unbox these 10 iPhone and smartphone cases, test them out, and let you know if they're worth the money or not! We hope you enjoy this hilarious video.

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  • The Worlds Most Dangerous iPhone Case


    Yellow Jacket iPhone Case (USA Link)

    Yellow Jacket iPhone Case (International)

    The Yellow Jacket has to be The World's Most Dangerous iPhone Case. Would you put this case on your iPhone?


    You Wish You Got THIS For Christmas...

    The Most Requested Smartphone I've NEVER Featured...

    Apple Is Deliberately Slowing Down Your iPhone

    OnePlus 5T Limited Edition Unboxing + Easter Egg

    Unboxing Google Home Mini With Demar DeRozan!

    The Coolest Laptop You've Never Heard Of...

    You've Never Seen A Mouse Do This...

    Could This Phone Be The New Bezel-Less Champ?

    The $12 Smart Watch - Does It Suck?

    DON'T Buy The Batband, Unless...

    The Smartphone For Superheroes...

    4 Unique iPhone Accessories

    Unlock Any MacBook Without The Password

    DON'T Buy The iPhone X

    The Super Smartphone You've Never heard Of...

    This 3D Audio Experience Will Blow Your Mind (Wear Headphones)

    How LOUD Is The Razer Phone? (vs iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Note 8)

    OnePlus 5T Unboxing - Is This The One?

    The Most Insane Workstation + Gaming Setup

    Removing The Notch From iPhone X

    The Best 9 Dollars You'll Ever Spend...

    Switching to the iPhone X

    The Smartphone Battery Life World Champion - 10,000mAh!

    The Dual Screen, Foldable Smartphone Is REAL!

    The $2800 Game Console You Didn't Know Existed...

    How terrible is a $58 smartphone?

    The iPhone X Unboxing You Deserve.

    Razer Phone Unboxing - My New Daily Driver?

    You'll Never Guess What's Hidden In This Hat...

    Google Pixelbook Unboxing - Could You Switch?

    DON'T Buy A Wireless Speaker Without Watching This...

    Xbox One X Unboxing

    The Most INSANE Dual 75-inch Screen Setup!

    Unboxing The iPhone X Clone Edition

    You've Never Seen A Keyboard Like This...

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept

    You've Never Seen Shoes Do This...


    The Fidget Spinner Phone Is Real...

    They Say It's The Fastest In The World...

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  • This phone case is ILLEGAL...


    Get your FREE book download with 30 day trial HERE: (I recommend 'Elon Musk') Even if you dont keep using Audible you still get to keep the book. Its a win/win. You can also TEXT 'jerryrig' to 500-500 and get it that way.

    This is the most dangerous cell phone case I have ever tested... and it hurts! I would suggest staying away from the metal prongs... Here is the current pricing for the Stun Gun iPhone case: there are a few different colors too. If you need personal protection and this kind of thing is legal where you live, it might be the perfect solution. Even the sound alone might demotivate potential villains.

    This case is illegal in 5 states currently, and you need a concealed weapons permit in several other states in order to have one of these stun gun cases. So make sure to check your own states regulations regarding stun guns, and Tazers.

    The camera I used to film this video:
    Wide angle lens:
    This is the drone I use:

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    JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.

  • Crazy iPhone 7 Lighter Case


    iPhone 7 Lighter Case (USA Link) -
    iPhone 7 Lighter Case (International) -

    Here's a crazy one... The Apple iPhone 7 Multifunction Lighter / Bottle Opener Case!

    More info from the manufacturer -

    This lighter case is a new release from ZVE store. It has been updated and become more slim and light. ZVE always did the good quality to our customers.

    If you always forget to take your lighter or opener, do not hesitate to buy this HANDY 3-IN-1 HYBRID. It is more than a Shockproof Protective Case, but also a Bottle Opener and a Cigarette Lighter -- handy and useful for camping, parties or outdoor survival.

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  • Badass iPhone Stun Gun Case! + Electrocuting Myself⚡️????


    The 8 Million Volt iPhone 7/6S/6 Stun Gun Case! This Thing HURTS, Shocking Myself & iPhone 7 on Video. Yellow Jacket iPhone Case.

    Preorder One Here:

  • Dangerous illegal iPhone Cases Ever


    5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases

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    Electro-Light - Symbolism [NCS Release]

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  • 10 Secret Phone Features You’ll Start Using Right Away


    10 handy tips for iOS and Android users. Did you know that you can take photos, while you're filming a video or make your password a current time? Watch carefully for these and many other cool smartphone features!

    Smartphones are basically everything these days. They allow you to save any type of information you need and easily multi task. And even though we are all experienced smartphone users, it’s pretty much impossible to know all the tips and hacks because smartphones are getting more and more advanced, adding a lot of new and very useful features you probably don't even have a clue about!

    How to block ads 1:00
    Wi-Fi passwords 2:01
    Create your own reply for missed calls 2:59
    Android guest mode 4:00
    Secret iPhone codes 4:43
    Audio timer 5:40
    Take photos while shooting videos 6:38
    Share content immediately 7:30
    Keyboard and mouse 8:28
    Screen Lock – Time Password 9:21

    #phonecodes #phonesecrets #secretcodes

    - When you have an important level to pass or battle to win, and suddenly, completely out of the blue and at the most inopportune moment, there it is – an ad. Just turn on the Airplane Mode on your phone and the problem is solved!
    - Every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi, your phone shows you dots instead of the actual password letters on your screen. But what if you need to quickly connect the other device to the certain source of Wi-Fi and you don't remember the password? There is the app called Wifi Password Show.
    - You can create your own texts for any occasion possible! Just go to Settings, choose Phone, then Respond with Text and voilà – here you can make your own personal message that will be sent to your contacts.
    - Turn on a Guest Mode! To switch it on, simply tap the User icon in the top right corner of the quick Settings panel. Then tap Guest.
    - If you enter *#31# you will hide the number for all calls. If you need it just for one certain call, you can type #31# right before the number you’re calling.
    - Audio Timer will allow your device to turn off all the audio at a certain time. This is available only to iOS users, though, and takes only a couple of quick and easy steps.
    - Another one of the coolest features that your iPhone has – taking photos while filming a video. This option is available for all the iPhone models from iPhone 5 and onward.
    - Tap the Share icon in any app, choose Android beam from the list of options, and then just put the devices together back-to-back. A couple more seconds and your mission has successfully been obtained.
    - If it is necessary, Android users can easily use keyboard or mice. This can be very useful if your display is damaged or if you just need to type a lot of text. All you need to do to attach a keyboard or mouse to your Android phone is a USB on-the-go cable.
    - ! The app is called Screen Lock – Time Password and it will make your phone’s current time (or any other option related to time) its lock screen password. Just look at the clock and unlock your phone with the current numbers.

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  • Magnetic Phone Case Review


    Don’t buy this!! If it shatters it will leave tiny glass shards everywhere (smaller than 1mm)
    ▶▶ Open up the description for the viral vibe. ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ▼▼▼

    There you go! ☆♫❤
    ┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ notes ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    ▽ Name on aliexpress:

    Magnetic Adsorption Metal Phone Case For Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 5 6 Pro 6A Mi 9 8 lite Mi9 SE POCO F1 Tempered Glass Magnet Cover

    If this case shatters it will leave tiny glass shards (smaller than 1mm) everywhere. They are hard to see and fairly dangerous because if you step on one of them they are hard to remove because you can’t see them.

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ■ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    ~ ~ ~ Thursday ~ ~ ~
    ▼ Explaining the plans for this vlog
    ▼ Introducing and reviewing the product
    ▼ Talking about my previous case a bit
    ▼ Talking about my experience with the magnetic glass case
    ▼ Getting to the dangerous problem of this case
    ▼ Talking about my next plans and calling it a vlog

    Thanks for watching! :)

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  • Weird iPhone Cases ft. BJ Novak


    You know I love to check out weird products on this channel...well this time I got weird iPhone cases with Ryan from The Office!

    LAST VID ► 7 Eleven Stole my video!!!

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    I decided to check out the weirdest cases for the iPhone 7 plus. From the gun case to the taser case these are all really extreme! It was awesome to have BJ Novak with me too and giving his opinions.


    Hey what’s good I’m Keaton! Come check out the rest of my channel! I post videos Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun at 3PM PST….and sometimes BONUS VIDEOS!! On here you’ll get LOTS of fun videos on the new iPhone 7, banned mobile apps, weird tech, tech hacks, and so much more! I also do CRAZY challenges that you guys tell me to do! Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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  • $5500 iPhone Case - Worlds Most Expensive


    A $5,500 iPhone Case. Has The World Gone Mad? Unboxing The NEW Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk iPhone 7/7 Plus Case. From $1180 to 5500!

    $1000 Case Drop Test:
    USB Killer vs Car:

  • This Text Will CRASH ANY iPhone! ????️‍0????


    ????️‍0???? This 3 Emoji Text Will CRASH & FREEZE ANY iPhone Instantly! Send This Insane Prank To a Friend! iOS 10.2.1 - 10.0

    Emergency Fix:

    Video Crash Prank:
    iOS 10.2 Bypass:

  • If You Find This In the Wall, Dont Touch Or Pull It!


    How to Protect Your Data. Who knows what secrets a simple memory stick can hold? Scammers these days make use of those as they’re getting more and more creative to steal your data and harm your gadgets. In this video, you'll find out what danger a flash drive sticking out of a wall can present to your data and safety and why you should never pick one up off the street.
    “Dead Drop” is a global art project that’s borrowed some tricks from the world of spies and espionage. Nowadays, there are over one and a half thousand dead drops around the globe. Remember it's highly ill-advised to plug some random USB stick into your computer. You can't even fathom what information might be waiting for you on a flash drive.
    Criminals can use the “lost” memory sticks trick to get access to your personal information, your passwords, and other important data. What's more, they can easily destroy your computer. USB sticks in the mail also contain malware that can seriously mess up your computer.

    How to recognize a “Dead Drop” 1:21
    The drawbacks of the Dead Drop project 3:37
    Why lost memory sticks are dangerous 5:29
    How USB sticks in the mail can be harmful 7:28
    eBay flash-drive scam 9:13

    End of Time . Ugonna Onyekwe

    -Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl decided to create an anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file-sharing network in public space and started his “Dead Drop” project. It encourages people to swap confidential information with others by hiding memory sticks all over the world.
    -You never know what viruses are lurking on a flash drive off the street, waiting patiently to destroy their next victim’s hard drive. Secondly, you can't even fathom what information might be waiting for you on a flash drive. Anyone can download videos, pictures, or text files, and this has already led to several problems.
    -Using the “lost” flash drive trick, criminals can get access to your personal information, your passwords, and other important data. One Hong Kong-based company has created a flash drive that can literally annihilate a computer. It absorbs power from the USB line until it reaches 240 volts.
    -Unmarked memory sticks dropped into mail boxes contain malware that can seriously mess up your computer. Scammers evidently rely on human curiosity and, in all honesty, it pays off.
    -If you ever see an online ad for a one-terabyte memory stick being sold for a laughable amount of money, beware. hackers have somehow discovered a way to alter the controller chip settings. As long as you don’t exceed the true capacity of your new flash drive, it works fine. But once you go over the limit, the memory stick will slowly start corrupting your data.

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  • Ugliest iPhone Cases Ever?


    Testing out really of the weirdest iPhone cases I could find online haha! What do you think was the ugliest? Check out Ro's Video:
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  • 12 Android Apps You Need to Delete Immediately


    Pay attention to the list of the most suspicious apps you may come across in Google Play. Delete them from your phone immediately to protect your personal data and extend the life of your phone.
    Their creators promise the apps will optimize your device, extend the life of your battery and protect your phone from viruses. Some of them are even supposed to be lie detectors and defragmentation devices. In fact, all they give you is ads, and what they do is get access to your data and kill your battery. Considering the huge number of apps created every single day, not even Google can keep track and check the safety of all the new programs. So the security of your device mostly depends on you!

    Music: Master of the Feast - Kevin MacLeod
    Creative Commons Attribution (

    Weather apps 0:43
    Social media apps 1:31
    Optimizers 2:02
    Built-in browsers 2:32
    Antivirus programs from unknown developers 3:01
    Browsers with additional features 4:26
    Apps for increasing your phone’s memory 5:43
    Lie detectors 6:14
    Defragmentation apps 7:00
    Music Player 7:28
    Battery Savers and Fast Charge apps 7:51
    Wi-Fi apps 8:23

    -There was a weather app that allowed the bad guys to avoid two-step authentication and easily get access to banking information of those who installed it.
    -Social media apps suck up so much of your device’s energy and kill the battery too.
    -Optimizers don’t make your phone’s system faster, they just slow it down and bring you ads as an added bonus.
    -Built-in browsers are mostly slow-working and don't have any protection from data interception.
    -Hackers create their own antivirus apps, which can steal users’ personal data and even completely block the phone.
    -You have at least two reasons two delete browsers from your phone: they slow it down, and require access to most aspects of the system, so they can even manage your calls.
    -You won't get more memory than your phone had initially, but will provide memory apps with access to your data.
    -Lie detector apps are about as useful as crystal balls, but they kill your battery and get access to your contacts and personal data.
    -Defragmentation apps don’t work like promised. They can only analyze how much space certain programs take up, use your phone's resources and collect your personal data.
    -You will want to delete this app because it consumes tons of data since it’s full of ads and causes a massive drain of your battery.
    -Battery savers and fast chargers can’t really change the speed of your gadget charging, but can give you endless apps even on lock screen.
    -If you don't want these apps to get access to all your data, avoid them at all costs.

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  • USB Killer vs Google Pixel 2, iPhone 8/X Fake & More! Instant Death?


    What Happens If You Plug a USB Killer Into a Google Pixel 2 XL, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone X Clone? + EMP Torture. Do NOT Try This At Home!

  • How your phone will track coronavirus


    Apple and Google are working together in the face of a global pandemic. To track and fight new cases of coronavirus, the companies plan to create a new system for public health apps, eventually built straight into iOS and Android. The system can track the people you have come in contact with via Bluetooth. If one of those people is diagnosed with COVID-19, you'll be alerted and told to self-isolate.

    Learn more about Apple and Google's contact tracing system –
    What is contact tracing?
    How you’ll use Apple and Google’s coronavirus tracking tool:
    Here’s how Apple and Google will track the coronavirus with Bluetooth:
    Google and Apple’s COVID-19 tracking system can’t save lives all on its own:
    Answering the 12 biggest questions about the coronavirus tracking project:

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  • 9 Signs Your Phone Isnt Your Private Zone Anymore


    If you think that your phone is your own private zone, you may be very wrong. So far, there is no such device that can’t be hacked. Viruses pose a serious danger to modern smartphones. They can cause such problems as personal data theft, enormous phone bills, and malfunction of different apps. Luckily, there are ways to recognize that a virus has infiltrated your device.

    Do you know, for example, that your smartphone isn't supposed to be hot to the touch? But viruses and worms use your smartphone's resources, putting a serious strain on the gadget. As a result, infected phones often suffer from overheating.

    The battery gets drained much faster than usual 1:18
    You experience disruptions during calls 1:56
    You notice mysterious outgoing calls 2:30
    There are constant pop-ups 3:08
    There are unfamiliar apps on your phone 3:46
    Your gadget overheats 4:13
    Your smartphone uses much more data than usual 4:41
    There are mysterious charges on your phone bill 5:22
    There are frequent program crashes 6:07
    The most common smartphone viruses 6:50
    How to protect your gadgets 9:25

    #phonevirus #phonetricks #smartphonesecrets

    Music by Epidemic Sound

    - If you begin to notice that the battery of your smartphone depletes faster than before, the device may be infected with a virus or malware.
    - If your calls often drop or you have strange disruptions during conversations, this should ring alarm bells.
    - You should be suspicious if you start to notice outgoing phone calls you didn’t make or texts you didn’t send. If no friend or family member used your phone, the chances are high that your gadget is infected with a virus.
    - In most cases, constant ads and pop-ups appearing on the screen are sure signs of a smartphone virus. You probably downloaded an app with adware on your gadget.
    - A very common sign of a virus is the appearance of unfamiliar apps on your phone. You know for sure that you haven't installed them, but they do exist.
    - If your smartphone is infected with a virus, you might spot a noticeable increase in data usage. A malicious bug can use the data source of your gadget to send out information and show pop-up ads.
    - An enormous phone bill is a sure sign that your smartphone has caught a virus. Some malware sends out a huge number of messages until you're left with a significant phone bill.
    - If a game you're playing on your smartphone suddenly crashes for the first time, it's suspicious. But if this starts to occur repeatedly, something has definitely gone wrong.
    - A Trojan virus can uninstall apps on your gadget or make your phone send expensive texts.
    - Worm is typically spread with the help of text messages. The worst part is that it doesn't need any interaction with a user to be activated.
    - Ransomware disables a gadget and makes its owner pay ransom to regain control over their phone.
    - Don't let your device download any apps until you enter a password.
    - Install a good anti-virus. Free inbuilt programs aren't bad, but they aren't really effective. If you use the internet on a daily basis, you should have a professional anti-virus.

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  • 10 FREE Products I Found on!


    Reacting To 10 Prank Products! ➡

    Today we unbox some products we found on for FREE... plus shipping ???? Let's hope we get at least a few products worth keeping!

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  • Cell Phone Radiation Controversy - Part 1


    In Dr. Devra Lee Davis's latest book, she argues that the most popular gadget of our age has now been shown to damage DNA, break down the brain's defenses, and reduce sperm count while increasing memory loss, the risk of Alzheimer's disease, and even cancer. As this eye-opening call to action shows, we can make safer cell phones now.

    Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, Founder and President, Environmental Health Trust, Professor, Department of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health

    Event Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Learn more about NYU Langone's Perlmutter Cancer Center:

  • Danger: Humans


    - @tomscott - A message from the Interstellar Safety Council. What if the rest of the universe wasn't built on survival of the fittest?

    The post and discussion that inspired this:

  • $43 Fake AirPods 2 - How Bad Is It?


    The fake AirPods 2 are here and not like any other clones seen before! The XY Pods go for $43 and lets see how they handle in a full comparison and review vs the real Apple AirPods!

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    DollarShaveClub Starter Kit:

    $43 XYPods

    I Bought All The AirPods on Wish…

    Selling My iPhone X To a Machine at Walmart

    $4 Fake AirPods - How Bad Is It?

    $99 Fake iPhone XR - How Bad Is It?

    The $99 AirPod Killer (Air by crazybaby NANO)


    Music: Szept - Traveler (Official Audio)


    Comment the AIRKEATON if u see this ;)

    #AirPods #Tech

  • 25 Most DANGEROUS Jobs in the World


    Think you have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world? Contrary to what you might think some of the most dangerous jobs have nothing to do with big machines or dangerous animals. Many of these worst jobs are available right here in the USA and thousands of men and women risk their lives every day to do these amazing jobs. Check out these 25 most dangerous jobs and see if you have what it takes to be our number one!

    Deadly jobs can be a disaster for your health and downright terrifying. This list has some of the worst jobs in the world and you won’t believe how dangerous working can be. Think being a carpenter or a courier is safe? Think again, these common jobs are full of potential hazards. While being an astronaut might be cool, the incredibly high death rate, not to mention the risk of health problems, makes it one of the dangerous jobs on our list. Are you tough enough for these dangerous jobs? Check out List25's top 25 dangerous jobs and let us know if you have what it takes for #1 in the comments!

    Full List, Photo Credits, and Sources:


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    List25 Facebook -
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    See more lists on our website:

    Dangerous jobs are a necessary part of our society, but the costs on workers can be very high. Take e-waste recyclers and sanitation workers who take great precautions to recycle your iPhone or dump your trash. Utility linemen and ranchers also make our list because of the high risk of being injured or dying on the job. We all expect police officers, firefighters, and roofers to be on our list, but what about slaughterhouse workers? Ever think about armored car drivers or taxi drivers as a dangerous job - well it is and taxi drivers especially have a very high on the job mortality rate. Wonder where bush pilots, deep sea fisherman, lumberjacks, and landmine removers fall on our list (we bet it’s not where you think)? Check out these 25 most dangerous jobs and watch to the end to see who’s number 1!

    If you enjoyed our video, you’ll enjoy these videos as well:

    25 Worst Jobs Ever That Are Nearly Unbelievable -

    25 Ideas That Are Almost Never Ever Good -

    Music: Chase by The Brothers Records

  • Smartphone Battery Explosion? We will show you how its like! Three Brands


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  • Why Russia Hacked Our Election


    Vladimir Putin offered Donald Trump a swap at the now infamous Helsinki summit: I’ll let you interview the twelve Russian agents accused of hacking DNC emails, if you give my team access to Bill Browder. Browder is the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management and author of the 2015 New York Times best-seller Red Notice, which recounts his experience as the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005. Join Browder for an evening of conversation about Putin, hacking, and why his human rights activism has him lodged so firmly under Putin’s skin.

    This conversation was recorded during the 2019 Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado. The week-long event is presented by the Aspen Institute in partnership with The Atlantic. Prominent leaders and thinkers across business, politics, media, culture, science, and more participate in hundreds of panels, interviews, presentations, and screenings.

    Learn more at

  • Did Apple KILL iCloud Backup Encryption for the FBI?


    SPONSOR: Watch thousands of documentaries for free for 31 days AND get a free Nebula account by signing up at and using the promo code ‘vector’!

    Reuters detonated a huge controversy in the Apple and security spaces yesterday with this headline — Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained - sources.

    So, let's dive into it.






    This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details:

  • Cracked it ! - HEC Consulting & Coaching Master Class


    The HEC Consulting Club - Pascal Masson & Gregory Le Roy - with the team of HEC Alumni are pleased to present - september 2018

    « CRACKED IT ! » Master Class 
    How to solve big problems and sell solutions like top strategy consultants ?

    It’s one of the most essential, yet poorly understood skills of working in organizations: solving problems and selling the solutions.

    How can we do it better?

    Solving complex problems and selling their solutions is critical for personal and organizational success. For most of us, however, it doesn’t come naturally and we haven’t been taught how to do it well. Research shows a host of pitfalls trip us up when we try: We’re quick to believe we understand a situation and jump to a flawed solution. We seek to confirm our hypotheses and ignore conflicting evidence. We view challenges incompletely through the frameworks we know instead of with a fresh pair of eyes. And when we communicate our recommendations, we forget our reasoning isn’t obvious to our audience.

    In Cracked It!, seasoned strategy professors and consultants Bernard Garrette, Corey Phelps and Olivier Sibony present a rigorous and practical four-step approach to overcome these pitfalls.

    Building on tried-and-tested (but rarely revealed) methods of top strategy consultants, research in cognitive psychology, and the latest advances in design thinking, they provide a step-by-step process and toolkit that will help readers tackle any challenging business problem. Using detailed case examples, the authors guide readers through each step in the process: from how to state, structure and then solve problems to how to sell the solutions.

    Cracked It! provides compelling stories of both good and bad problem solving and solution selling from a variety of contexts. We learn how a new CEO quickly sized up a problem facing an aging retail chain and implemented a strategic solution that worked for him before, only to experience disastrous results; how an industrial designer of MRI scanners saw his design problem through the eyes of a child, leading him to reimagine the scanner experience; and how a seasoned scientist failed to convince people that too much sugar causes obesity, while a shrewd rival successfully sold an alternative story incriminating fatty food.

    - Bernard Garrette
    Bernard is Professor of Strategy at HEC Paris. His teaching and research focus on corporate strategy, business simulations and problem solving. He served as Associate Dean at HEC Paris, Corporate Strategy Expert with McKinsey & Company, and consultant or management educator for blue chip companies and start-ups.
    - Corey Phelps
    Corey is Associate Dean of Executive Education, Associate Professor of Strategy, and Marcel Desautels Faculty Fellow at the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University. An awardwinning researcher and teacher, he is a frequent keynote speaker, corporate trainer and consultant on topics of innovation and strategy.
    - Olivier Sibony
    Olivier is Affiliate Professor of Strategy at HEC Paris, where he teaches problem solving and strategic decision making. Previously, he was a Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company, where he spent 25 years advising leaders of global corporations, and held a number of firm leadership roles.

    Tuesday 25th September 2018 from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm at the headquarters of the association HEC Alumni
    Organized by HEC Consulting Club and especially Pascal Masson
    Hosted by Pascal Masson and Gregory Le Roy, VP HEC Consulting Club

  • Samsung Is Upset Apple Didnt Sell More iPhones


    Samsung and Apple are more intimately connected than many tech fans might expect. Samsung OLED displays have quickly become the backbone of the premium smartphone market in 2019. The iPhone X and iPhone XS wouldn't be the smartphones they are without Samsung involvement.

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  • Is It Worth Jailbreaking in 2020?


    The future of Jailbreak content on my channel.
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  • A Dad Mistakenly Drank A Lava Lamp At Bedtime. This Is What Happened To His Kidneys.


    This case is from central New Jersey, fall 2015. Different from Erickson et. al. in references below.
    Peer Review: Dr Vijay Gupta, Dr Matt Novak
    Medicine (Playlist) ►
    A Toddler Chewed Lead Paint Off His Toys. This Is What Happened To His Brain. ►
    Toxicology ►
    A Student Ate 5 Day Old Pasta For Lunch. This Is How His Liver Shut Down. ►
    A Woman Drank 1 Liter Soy Sauce Colon Cleanse In 2 Hours. This Is What Happened To Her Brain. ►
    A Woman Couldn't Sleep For 9 Days. This Is What Happened To Her Colon. ►
    A Man Drank 3 Liters Rum Everyday Since Age 13. This is What Happened To His Liver. ►

    Music by Lifeformed ►

    John Posner as Patient AW
    Anna Fagan as Sheila
    John Pierce as Attending Physician
    Amani Al-Saray as Nurse
    Leilani Cartledge as Nurse
    Production Assistant: Bradley Williams

    These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.


    [0] Erickson TB. et. al. Acute renal toxicity after ingestion of Lava light liquid. Ann Emerg Med. 1996 Jun;27(6):781-4.

    [1] Navarro J. et. al. Tetany induced on separate occasions by administration of potassium and magnesium in a patient with hungry-bone syndrome. Miner Electrolyte Metab. 1991;17(5):340. 

    [2] Kraut JA, Mullins ME. Toxic Alcohols. N Engl J Med. 2018 Jan 18; 378:270-280.

    [3] Hanouneh M, Chen TK. Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Ethylene Glycol Toxicity. N Engl J Med. 2017 Oct 12;377(15):1467.

    [4] Song CH. et. al. A Case of Ethylene Glycol intoxication with Acute Renal Injury: Successful Recovery by Fomepizole and Renal Replacement Therapy. Electrolyte Blood Press. 2017 Dec; 15(2): 47–51.

    [5] Laine GA. et al. Polyethylene glycol nephrotoxicity secondary to prolonged high-dose intravenous lorazepam. Ann Pharmacother. 1995 Nov;29(11):1110-4.

    [6] Funke ME. et. al. Methemoglobinemia Induced By Ingesting Lava Lamp Contents. Clin Pract Cases Emerg Med. 2018 Aug; 2(3): 207–210.

  • Top 5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases


    I check out the top 5 most dangerous iPhone cases in the world like the Taser or Stun gun case, the brass knuckles case and exploding glitter case on Tech Top 5

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    Selling My iPhone X To a Machine at Walmart

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max DROP Test!

    Samsung Galaxy S10 WATER/FREEZE Test! (Boil & Burn)

    $4 Fake AirPods - How Bad Is It?

    $99 Fake iPhone XR - How Bad Is It?

    The $99 AirPod Killer (Air by crazybaby NANO)

    Selling My iPhone XS Max To a Machine at Walmart

    Music: Szept - Fun


    Comment danger zone if u see this :)

  • DONT Buy A GLITTER iPhone Case


    I check out a Dangerous and now Illegal Glitter iPhone 7 case…that will burn you!
    DON’T say this to Siri (VERY ILLEGAL) ➡
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    A few weeks ago a pretty dangerous iPhone 7 case was found and nobody expected it to be one of those Liquid Glitter iPhone cases. Unlike the Brass Knuckle iPhone case I checked out, this case actually hurt and burned 24 people. I just happened to get my hands on the exact ones that were recalled and banned to test out if they really are dangerous!




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  • 10 iPhone Cases with Unexpected Features


    Check out these strange and interesting iPhone cases we found on the internet, including a retro camera case... that didn't do what I expected. I hope you enjoy, and let me know in the comments which phone case YOU thought was the weirdest!

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  • Top 12 Coolest gadgets for iPhone - iPhone 7 accessories for 2016-2017


    Find New & Interesting Gadgets On AMAZON (Up to 45% Off ) :

    Here we make a list of Top 10 new amazing tech inventions that will blow your mind. In this post you found some amazing gadgets and technology that makes your life awesome.

    These are the top 10 Coolest iPhone 7 gadgets you should buy.

    1. Popslate

    2. Prynt

    3. Smove

    4. Ovrcharge

    5. Universe Case System

    6. Ollie

    7.Loopy Case

    8. Sentinel Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes iDroid Type iPhone Case

    9.Asap Connect Charger -

    10. amber - A Watchcase Power Bank for Apple Watch -

    11. Pressy

    12. Piece

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  • Top 10 Phones That Are SERIOUSLY Dangerous


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    In today's list, we take a look at some of the dangerous phones that have appeared on the market over the years. Some of them catch fire, some of them explode and others have worryingly high levels of radiation - but which one is the worst?


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  • Tasing an iPhone X With an iPhone 8 Taser Case


    What Happens If You Taser an iPhone X With an iPhone? The iPhone Stun Gun Case Returns More Powerful Than Ever! Trippy Results

    USB Killer vs iPhone X:
    iPhone X Cases 50ft Drop:

    Get The Case Here:

  • Top 5 Best self defense phone cases


    A collaboration of Phone cases and self defense.personal security could not get better than these.

    for more info on the above products,

    1.the yellow jacket ;

    2.Spray tect pepper spray ;

    3;Task one ;

    4.Krudo knife phone cases ; › Products tagged “cell phone case”

    5.tactical alpha 1 ; › ... › MANTIS KNIVES ALPHA 1 IPHONE CASE

    Thanks for watching.pls note
    befor owning any of the above products,check with your local authorities to ensure no laws or regulations are undermined.stay safe and stay out of prison


  • Banned iPhone Gun Case


    The super popular iPhone 6s Plus Gun Case is banned everywhere! Many police departments such as the NYPD have publicly said this iPhone accessory is not a good idea, and could get you arrested! Definitely part of the Most Illegal iPhone case series.
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    More Cool iPhone Stuff!

    Brass Knuckles iPhone case:
    Turn Your iPhone Into a Laser Pointer -

    I somehow bought the a Gun Case for $3 and it wasn’t easy to find! Buy the Gun case -

    NYPD article -

    Guy getting guns drawn article -


    TechSmartt makes videos showcasing the coolest tech around. Yeah, that sounds like my mom wrote that first part, but really I find the coolest tech that exists. From overpriced headphones to showing off tech that somehow exists in this world.

  • Worst sister ever ????????????


    Try not to laugh

  • Top 5 Most Dangerous Minecraft Creepy Pastas


    This is my first top 5 very cringe

  • How Dogs Are Trained To Sniff Out Hidden Electronics


    Police dogs at the Connecticut State Police Department are trained to sniff out electronics. They can find anything with digital storage, such as cell phones, thumb drives, computers, and memory cards. The program started in 2012 to help investigators find digital evidence to crimes.


    #PoliceDogs #Electronics

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    How Dogs Are Trained To Sniff Out Hidden Electronics



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  • This Trend is Stupid and Dangerous


    Worst car trends. This Trend is Stupid and Dangerous, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Why having a timing belt in oil inside your engine is a stupid idea. Top 10 trends that need to go away in 2020. Modern car fails. Stupid trends that need to stop. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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    8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
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    This is the people's automotive channel! The most honest and funniest car channel on YouTube. Never any sponsored content, just the truth about everything! Learn how to fix your car and how it works. Get a chance to show off your own car on Sundays. Or show off your own car mod on Wednesdays. Tool giveaways every Monday to help you with your own car projects. We have a new video every day! I've been an auto mechanic for the past 50 years and I'm here to share my knowledge with you.

    ►Here's our weekly video schedule:
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  • Best Video on Internet for iphone lovers | Iphone History | Review & Features of iPhone Full Series


    Watch the iPhone evolve through eleven years of development. Starting with the original iPhone in 2007, which revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and ending with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro in 2019. After watching this amazing video it you can say that the iPhone will remain a leader in the smartphone industry for coming years.

    For Iphone lovers:, must serach these topics as well:

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus Coca-Cola Freeze Test 9 Hours! Will It Survive ?

    iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

    iPhone 5 Concept Features

    10,000 iPhone 5 Domino

    Dropping an iPhone XS Down Crazy Spiral Staircase 300 Feet - Will It Survive?

    Dropping an iPhone XS Down Crazy Spiral Staircase 300 Feet - Will It Survive?

    Which Phone is More Bulletproof? Samsung Galaxy vs iPhone

    How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop an AK-74 Bullet?

    Introducing iPhone 11 — Apple

    Privacy on iPhone — Private Side

    Introducing iPhone 11 Pro — Apple

    Introducing iPhone XS and iPhone XR — Apple


    Found Lost iPhone, Fishing Pole and Swimbaits Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving) | DALLMYD

    I Found 8 Guns, 7 iPhones, 6 GoPros, and 5 Apple Watches Underwater in the River! Best Finds of 2018

    5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases Ever! (Some Illegal)

    Customizing 11 iPhone How I Made My Own iPhone - in China
    11s, Then Giving Them To People!!???????? (Giveaway)

    How I Made My Own iPhone - in China

    Compré el iPhone 11: ¿vale la pena gastar TANTO?

    Double Apple iFhone | iPhone Parody | Ashish Chanchlani | 4K UHD (With English Subtitles)

    Easiest iPhone Glass Fix – WITH LASERS (Not clickbait)

    CUSTOM IPHONE 11!!???????? (Giveaway)

    Breaking Peoples Phones, Then Surprising Them With iPhone 11

    Can World's STRONGEST JELLO Protect iPhone 11 Pro from 50 FT Drop Test?

    iPhone 11 Pro Max Durability Test - Back Glass Scratches?

    iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

    Don't Not Buy The iPhone 11 Pro

    iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!

    #iphone #apple #droptest

  • WARNING! My iPhone Xs Charging Incident DANGEROUS ????


    As I was charging my iPhone XS with a third-party charging accessory for cars my iPhone Xs original charging cable suddenly burst into flames and caught on fire in this video I hope to educate the audience on the dangers of not using certified charging adapters for the iPhone.


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    Apple Certified Car Chargers:
    Belkin Car Charger

    iOS 12.3 Beta 4 This is INTERESTING!

    iOS 12.3 Beta 3 This is (UNBELIEVABLE) Creepy Phone Call BUG & More...

    Whatsapp TIPS,TRICKS & HACKS You probably didn’t know Exist

    Download Exclusive LIVE Wallpapers From Marvel Movies, DragonBall Super & More...

    Fun & illegal iPhone Cases You Can Buy

    DIY Matte Black AirPods

    New Get ++ Apps /Tweaked Apps No Computer and Computer Method

    iOS 13 NEEDS To Have These Features - LEAKS & Rumors

    How to Passcode Protect Pictures & Videos on iPhone with Face id or Touch id

    Update FIX App Revokes, ignition, TutuApp, Tweakbox and Unc0ver Jailbreak

    Apple’s Smart Battery Case Broke My iPhone Xs

    Screenshot Snaps Without the other person Knowing (Snapchat Hacks 2019)

    #iphoneCharging #iphonexs #iphonecable

  • San Bernardino Officials Prepare For Surge In Hospitalizations As COVID-19 Cases Spike


    The recent spike in coronavirus cases has forced San Bernardino County officials to start getting the National Orange Show Events Center ready to be used as an emergency hospital.




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