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5 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened On Earth

  • 15 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened On Earth


    The world can be a crazy place. Just when you think you are educated enough to understand how this crazy cosmic rock works – BAM! Something truly peculiar happens and we’re all forced to admit that none of us are truly clever enough. An awful lot of strange things happen, can YOU explain them? These are strange natural phenomena that happened on Earth!

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  • 11 STRANGEST Natural Phenomena In The World!


    From water that disappears into a hole in the ground to massive migrations that shut down roads, here are 11 of the strangest natural phenomena on Earth.

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    11. Devil’s Kettle
    On the easternmost tip of Minnesota, not far from Lake Superior and the US-Canadian Border, the Brule River drops 800 feet in an 8-mile span. At one point, the river splits into two. One side flows down into a normal, respectable waterfall. The other disappears into a hole in the ground and no one knows what happens after that. People call this area Devil’s Kettle Falls.

    In both the Arctic and Antarctic circles, there are different kinds of ice layers. There’s the standard ice that we’re all familiar with, but underneath that, is a layer of soil that stays frozen year-round called permafrost, and it’s very difficult to work around. For example, when gold miners in the Yukon or Alaska hit a layer of permafrost, thawing it out is an expensive, time-consuming, and specialized process. But we gotta get to that gold!!

    Nicknamed the “Door to Hell,” the Darvaza gas crater was formed in 1971 in what is now Turkmenistan. At the time, the area was under Soviet leadership, who scanned the land for resources. A pocket of methane gas was discovered, so the government set up a drilling station to harvest it.

    Clouds are very diverse, and lenticular clouds are one of the most peculiar types of cloud. Lenticular clouds are stationary, lens-shaped clouds that form among the high altitudes of the troposphere. Their shape and size often dwarves those of other clouds, giving them a perfectly-sculpted, deliberate look.

    Put simply, bioluminescence is the ability of a living organism to produce and emit light and for a long time scientists were confused as to why this phenomenon existed. At first, this trait was only thought to be possessed by fish who live in deep, dark parts of the ocean.

    Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, and features one of the world’s most unique annual crab migrations. The island’s red crab population usually lives in the forest, but every year at the beginning of the wet season, which is usually during October or November, they travel en masse to the beach, where they mate and lay eggs. Males arrive first and dig burrows.

    5. Light Pillars
    Light pillars are an optical phenomenon caused when flat, hexagonal ice crystals refract lights. These lights tend to take on the color of the light source and are usually produced by streetlights. However, any light source, under the right conditions, can create a light pillar.

    Canada is home to a fascinating lake that looks like any other body of water for most of the year, but during the summer, everything changes. The appropriately-named Spotted Lake, which is also nicknamed “Canada’s most magical lake,” is located northwest of Osoyoos in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

    Ice is typically a mere cold substance that can be annoying if you slip on it, save for its occasional useful purposes for things like ice cubes and skating rinks. Especially creative people may see more potential in ice than the average person and create beautiful sculptures and even buildings out of large blocks of it.

    The Northern Lights are one of the most well-known phenomena on Earth - it’s on many people’s list of places to go before you die because of its sheer beauty and mystery. This extraordinary light show occurs when the sun releases electrically charged particles, which collide with gases like oxygen and nitrogen when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

    1. Volcanic Lightning
    Active volcanoes are one of the most dangerous natural phenomena on Earth. Throughout the world, there are islands, cities, and regions that are constantly on edge because of a nearby active volcano.

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  • 15 Strange Animal Phenomena That Happened On Earth


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    Nature never ceases to amaze . These animal kingdom oddities may seem like urban legends, but they all actually happened and had real-life scientists scratching their heads. Here are 15 Strange Animal phenomena that happened on earth .
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  • UNSETTLING Natural Phenomena that Cannot Be Explained


    Who doesn't love a good mystery and our planet is full of them. What's incredible is that many strange phenomena exist that have no explanation. Many have proved challenging and left scientists baffled as to where such things came from or how did they occur? In this video, you’ll be blown away knowing about weird incidents, like strange cloud formations, weird sounds and, ancient geometrical spheres. Some of these are so strange and mysterious that researchers have no clue what causes them. Take a look at twelve unsettling and unnatural phenomena that cannot be explained. Don't forget, stay tuned till No 1 because that's truly a shocker.

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  • 5 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened On Earth


    5 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened On Earth

  • 5 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened On Earth


    While there are unexplainable happenings that we consider to be a miracle or just simply a science blunder, there are many things that were unusual, yes, but eventually explainable.

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    In recent years various natural disasters has appeared more and more often All over the world there are cataclysmic events that should make us begin to seriously think about the future of our planet . Here are 5 Strange Natural Phenomena that Happened On Earth.



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  • 5 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened on Earth || HMW || YouTube


    5 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened on Earth. Subscribe for more interesting and informative videos. Thanks

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  • 10 Strange Animal Phenomena That Happened On Earth


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    COLORFUL TRAVEL MIGHT conjure up images of larger-than-life street murals or pastel towns, but when it comes to truly unique and vibrant spectacles, nature displays the most awe-inspiring moments.

    Whether it's thanks to bio-luminescence, annual migration patterns, or just heavy rainfall, these phenomena can often be devilishly tricky to predict and timing your trip to catch a glimpse can be unpredictable.

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  • 15 Most Unique Natural Phenomena In The World


    The natural world is filled with wonder; and everywhere we look, nature offers us an unlimited stream of mind bending phenomena--from the mating calls of toxic frogs, to the migratory herds of earthworms. However, whilst Mother Nature often gives life; there are other overwhelming forces at play whose sole purpose is to destroy. From Rivers of Molten Lava, to Tsunami Waves Of Razor-Sharp Ice--let’s take a look at the 15 Most Unique Natural Phenomena In The World

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  • 16 Unexplained Natural Phenomena Wont Stop Happening


    It seems that modern science has an explanation for everything that happens around us. But as it turns out, nature has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve like dancing forest on the shores of the Baltic Sea, walking rocks, raining jellyfish, and other amazing things that are so impressive, people often try to provide explanations for them that are far from correct. By the way, some of these strange natural phenomena are really scary.

    Take, for example, the throbbing hum in Taos, New Mexico that has driven locals wild since the 1990s. The low-frequency hum deprives people of sleep and depletes their energy. Even though scientists have tried to find the source of the hum, they still haven’t pinpointed its origin. Different variations of the hum have also been heard in the UK, Australia, Canada, and other areas of the United States. Luckily, only about 2% of the world's population can hear it.


    The Dancing Forest 0:01
    Continuous storm 1:05
    Jelly-like rain 1:40
    Walking rocks 2:21
    The Batagaika crater 3:02
    The throbbing hum 3:37
    Fairy rings 4:23
    Las bolas 4:45
    Glowing balls 5:20
    Devil's Kettle 6:00
    Bizarre mating ritual 6:33
    Floating lights 6:58
    Boiling lake 7:41
    Catatumbo lightning 8:26

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  • 11 Rarest Natural Phenomena Only You Mightve Seen


    Anyone would assume a column of thick clouds rising high into the sky is from a nearby volcanic eruption. But no volcanoes here! You can see these unusual clouds - along with other rare natural phenomena - no matter where you are in the world!


    Preview photo credit: 
    Upper atmospheric lightning and electrical discharge phenomena infographic: By Abestrobi, CC BY-SA 3.0
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  • 6 Phenomena That Science Cant Explain


    TechZone ►

    When we want to find out the answer to an interesting question we usually ask scientists, right? But there are many mysterious phenomena with no answer whatsoever… for now at least. So in today's video we are gonna show you 6 inexplicable phenomena. Get ready to be surprised!

  • Strange Phenomena Caught in the Sky On Camera


    There are some extremely strange phenomena caught in the sky on camera you’ll be amazed by. That’s right, here are the strangest phenomena in the sky caught on camera.
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  • 14 Strange Rains Happened Once on Earth


    July, 1957. An ordinary day in the state of Kerala, India. People walk down the streets doing their business and it begins to rain. Suddenly, people start to shout and run away in fear. Everything turns into a kind of horror movie. Because the rain drops that fall from the sky are bright red. And this is not a horror movie. It's all happening for real.

    Imagine the familiar view outside your window. What if you saw it gradually turn red? The clothes of people caught in the rain would change to pink. So what caused the red rain? There's a logical explanation for it. And for white rain, too. As well as for black rain. Wait, really? What other rain colors are there? Well, a green rain fell near Calcutta in the summer of 2002, and one day a brown rain fell in southern Russia. Let's find out more about these amazing natural phenomena.


    Red rain 0:01
    White rain 1:10
    Green rain 1:41
    Black rain 2:11
    Brown rain 2:41
    Coin rain 3:06
    Diamond rain 3:40
    Leaf rain 4:15
    Spider rain 4:52
    Corn rain 5:40
    Fruit rain 6:12
    Unusual hailstorm 6:42
    The most beautiful rain 7:15
    Watermelon snow 7:56

    Preview photo credit:

    MUMBAI/INDIA-JULY 5, 2020: People walk through a flooded street during heavy rains in Mumbai: By Manoej Paateel/,
    JIANGXI CHINA-June 19, 2016: Members of the public in Jiujiang District Lian Road serious water street into a river: By humphery/,
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  • Weird Phenomena That Are Hard To Explain


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    Our planet is known to behave rather strangely at times. From mysterious sounds to ghostly lights in the sky, here are some strange phenomena that baffle the mind.
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  • 10 Scariest Phenomena That Could End The World!



    Our planet can be a very scary place. Every day things pop up all over the world that seemingly make little to no sense, prompting many to profess that these events signify the pending end of the world! Imagine a green light, unlike any you’ve ever seen before, flying through the sky! Or a meteor crash landing into the ground, not too far from where you live! Those are just a couple examples of what we have in store today, as we examine the 10 Scariest Phenomena That Could End the World!

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  • 15 Most Unique Natural Phenomena In The World


    We’ve only got one planet - and what a beautiful planet it is! Even if you’ve travelled far and wide, you still probably haven’t even scratched the surface! The world is full of awesome sights and sounds, and there is a new surprise around every corner! Yep, all you have to do is step out of your front door, and it’s clear to see that Mother Nature is at work, filling our lives with awesome animals, beautiful plants and new life. How amazing is that? We can only hope that we get to experience some of the most astonishing natural wonders in real life and not just on our screens. From bioluminescent flora and fauna that glow in the dark, to lakes that are home to never ending storms, these are the 15 Most Unique Natural Phenomena in the World

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  • 15 Craziest Natural Phenomena Recorded On Camera


    This earth is filled with wonderful and bizarre occurrences that we are often left unable to explain. With so many of these events being very rare we are often left without any ability to experience these natural events. From The starling flocks phenomena to Pele’s hair, here are 15 Craziest Natural Phenomena Recorded On Camera.

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  • 5 Strange Phenomena Science Can’t Explain


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    5 Strange Phenomena Science Can’t Explain . There's no question that science has gone a long way toward solving some of nature's deepest mysteries -- everything from finding what black holes are made of to why zebras have stripes.
    But there are still many scientific mysteries yet to be solved.
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  • 10 Strange Phenomena in the Sky Caught on Camera


    10 Strange Phenomena in the Sky Caught on Camera

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    Ten Strange Sky Phenomenon Caught
    On Video
    Our world is a beautiful place. We have amazing natural phenomena like the grand canyon, waterfalls,
    and even the sea. The great thing about these phenomena is that we can understand them. We have a
    rough understanding of how the grand canyon came to be. For the most part, we understand what's in
    the sea, and we know why waterfalls make such thundering noise.
    But there are some natural phenomena that we cannot possibly explain— and sometimes we see these
    phenomena when we look up in this sky. Here are ten phenomena in the sky caught on camera that we
    can't explain. Stick around for number three on this list. Some say that it may be a portal to another
    #10 The Clouds Of Brazil
    There are a lot of scary things. Skeletons, for one, are pretty scary. Ghouls too are definitely terrifying,
    and vampires are probably the scariest things ever. However, a sky that's red with blood may be scarier
    than all these things combined.
    And that is what some people in Brazil have to contend with. We don't know the year or the time this
    video but recorded, but we do know that it has been making rounds on the internet. Some YouTubers
    have come out to say that it is fake because there has only been once source for the video. And while
    we may agree, we can't say for sure. It may be fake, or it may be real. No one can decide. All we know is
    that if this happened in real life, we certainly have more questions than answers regarding it.

    9 Red Sprites
    If you thought red clouds was scary, wait till you see what red sprites are. The scary thing about these
    sprites is that they do not show up in the sky in regular conditions. Instead, they show up during
    thunderstorms. That way, they are able to carry a more ominous feel than normal.
    But what are these sprites in the first place? Well, they are large-scale electrical discharges that occur
    high above thunderstorm clouds, or cumulonimbus, giving rise to a quite varied range of visual shapes
    flickering in the night sky. They are usually triggered by the discharges of positive lightning between an
    underlying thundercloud and the ground. They appear as luminous reddish-orange flashes and they
    often occur in clusters above the troposphere at an altitude range of 50–90 km.
    Sprites have been reported in the sky since at least the 19th century. However, they were regarded as
    myths by the scientific community. It took over a century for the first sprites to be captured in a video,
    and that happened in 1989. They were captured by scientists from the University of Minnesota, and
    they have subsequently been captured by other research teams many times.

    Some people sometimes inaccurately refer to Sprites as upper-atmospheric lightning. However, that's
    wrong. They are cold plasma phenomena that lack the hot channel temperatures of tropospheric
    lightning, so they are more akin to fluorescent tube discharges than to lightning discharges.
    So if you see a sprite during a storm. Don't be scared. There's no UFO battle in the sky. It's just normal
    storm stuff.

    8) The Red Moon.
    The moon is not usually red. It could be white, it could be grey, it could be greyish white, but it's most
    certainly not red. However, sometimes it does look red. And sometimes, that gets caught on camera,
    like in this video.
    There are two general explanations for the Red Moon. The first is that the it is what happens when the
    moon goes through a total lunar eclipse. The red hue that you can see is actually due to the red edge of
    the Earth's shadow, which is reflected on the moon.
    That's one explanation. The second one is more mythical and is generally rejected by the scientific
    community. It's that the red moon is a symbol of malevolence. The Inca people of South America
    believed that the deep red colouring is a jaguar attacking and eating the moon. That's an interesting
    thing to think about, is it not?
    But the people of Inca weren't the only ones with their own definitions of the red blood moon. The
    people of ancient Mesopotamia said the lunar eclipse was considered a direct assault on the king, and in
    India, it was regarded to be the result of the demon Rahu drinking the elixir of immortality. The sun and
    moon promptly decapitate Rahu, but having consumed the elixir, Rahu’s head remained immortal.
    Rahu’s head chases the sun and moon to devour them, seeking revenge. If he catches them we have an
    eclipse – Rahu swallows the moon, which reappears out of his severed neck.
    What do you think? Do you believe the scientific explanation or the mythological one?

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  • 23 Unusual Phenomena Happening Somewhere Right Now


    Fire tornadoes, tiny algae that destroy sea mammals, birds, and turtles as well as creatures that feed on them, and bubbles that underwater volcanoes produce even while they’re sleeping are some of the scariest natural phenomena are happening somewhere right now. It seems that modern science has an explanation for everything that happens around us. But as it turns out, nature has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve.

    For example, when frozen methane in the Siberian permafrost melts, it transforms into gas and boom – there’s eventually so much of it the ground explodes! It leaves behind huge craters, changing the eco-system of tundra. And no one knows when it’s going to pass the “point of no return.” So, let's take a look at the most amazing and scary natural phenomena and anomalies. Some of then still can’t be explained by scientists.


    Fire whirl 0:01
    Waterspout 0:27
    Tornado 0:53
    Avalanche 1:25
    Lightning 1:47
    Mudslide 2:15
    Red sea 2:41
    Landslide 3:08
    Sinkholes 3:37
    Underwater volcanoes 4:01
    Ice tsunamis 4:26
    “Milky sea” 4:46
    Foamy storms 5:13
    Wildfire 5:38
    Earthquakes 6:34
    Volcanic lightning 6:57
    Murmuration 7:22
    Exploding under-ice methane gas 7:49
    Bright red lake 8:10
    Colorful clouds 8:40
    Dust storms 9:02
    Red rain 9:27
    Penitentes 9:51

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  • 7 Most Wonderful Natural Phenomena In The World


    Top 7 of the most amazing and beautiful natural phenomena in the world that science has not yet explained cleary (Myth). Subscribe To Our Channel :

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  • Places The Earth Acts in Mysterious Ways


    The earth is a strange place.
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  • 10 Bizarre Natural Phenomena On Earth


    top 10 most amazing phenomenon in nature you won't believe exist in the world
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  • 5 Natural Disasters That Could End Humanity


    5 Natural Disasters That Could End Humanity


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  • If You See This Fish, Find Shelter Fast


    Can animals sense earthquakes? Nobody can reliably predict when and where an earthquake will occur. But there are animals that can be used to predict earthquakes! For example, oarfish can feel the electromagnetic changes happening when underwater earthquakes shake the bottom of the ocean. Plus, oarfish, the longest bony fish in the world, are really bad swimmers and can't withstand strong currents. That's why they drift to the shore before tsunamis.

    But this isn't the only way to predict earthquakes. Have you ever heard of earthquake lights? They don't come out before every earthquake and take different colors and shapes. From short blue sparks to huge forks of light, they look as though some interstellar visitors decided to see how things are down on Earth. They can look like ball lightning that stays up from tens of seconds to minutes. Quake lights have been spotted all across the world over the centuries, from Italy to San Francisco and Japan. Powerful earthquakes followed them... What natural disasters can people predict? And how do we do it?


    King of Herrings or Giant Oarfish Regalecus glesne, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien: By Sandstein, CC BY 3.0
    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    Oarfish 0:01
    Earthquake lights 2:05
    Deers, birds, toads, cows, and... kids 3:05
    The backing tide 4:20
    Rip currents 5:00
    Ozone smell 5:50
    Big hailstones 6:53
    Warblers 7:14
    Bees 7:33

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  • 5 Creepy Weather Phenomena That Shouldnt Be Allowed


    Weather isn’t all sunshine and rainbows—sometimes it’s rain, and sometimes that rain looks like blood.

    Hosted by: Stefan Chin

    Head to for hand selected artifacts of the universe!
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  • Rarest Natural Phenomena


    This is a list of the Rarest Natural Phenomena on earth ! I tried to select the most stunning and rare natural phenomena that occur on our planet with a brief information about each one of them . And yes ! they are real .

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    Most Stunning And Rare Natural Phenomena
    Scariest Natural Phenomena
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  • 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!



    We are living in an enlightened age. There has never been a better time in history for humans; with science and technology we’re able to understand our surroundings better than ever. However, every so often something will happen that will totally stump us. Sometimes something so strange will happen that we will question everything we know. Today’s video is the Top 10 Mysterious Events That Will Make You Question Reality! If anyone has an explanation for these goings on, then go ahead and let us know!

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  • 7 Natural Disasters That Might Happen in the Next Years


    It happened 74,000 years ago, and it was one of the Earth’s largest explosive eruptions. It caused a global winter that lasted for years. Volcanic gases were ejected into both hemispheres and moved all around the planet. The eruption created the famous Lake Toba, which covers an area of 436 square miles. The Toba volcano is still active, and if a similar eruption happens again, it will directly affect both Indonesia and Malaysia. But Toba could also pump out enough gas to affect the whole world’s climate.

    There is no bigger force than nature. Every year natural disasters occur all over our planet. Despite the fact that we can fly into space, we still can't withstand the forces of nature. Let's find out which natural disasters are possible in the future. From bad solar storms to global earthquakes and meteor strikes, these catastrophic events might threaten the world in the near future and affect millions of people.


    The Lake Toba Super Volcano 00:00
    The Hilina Slump 1:01
    A North Sea Tsunami 2:00
    The Cascadian Trench “Big One” 3:22
    The Sun's Big One 4:35
    A New Asteroid Impact 5:58
    Yellowstone Volcano7:09

    CC BY-SA 3.0
    The pipes with natural gas from the Ormen Lange field: By Bair175,
    CC BY-SA 4.0
    Data derived from, 10m datasets: By Alicia.iverson,
    Artist's impression of asteroid deflection using an innovative ring-array solar collector: By Sergv22,
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  • Mysterious Things Caught On Camera In Church


    12 Weird and Unexplainable things that happen in churches!
    Churches are sacred places and those who go to church are looking for God, peace and comfort. And you know guys, some churches are straight up mysterious, a lot of supernatural stuff happen there all the time. Videos you’re about to see will show you things you never expect to see in a church. You will see a lot of strange things that are hard to explain.

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  • 5 Strange Phenomena in the Sky Caught on Camera


    5 Strange Phenomena in the Sky Caught on Camera

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  • TOP 10 Amazing Natural Phenomenon That Happened On Earth


    TOP 10 Amazing Natural Phenomenon That Happened On Earth
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    Majestic mountains and sparkling seas always attract travelers, but there are plenty of crazy happenings in the nature that are enough to make you bite your own teeth! Here are Top 10 Amazing and rare Natural Phenomenon That Happened On Earth .

    #Impossibleplaces #Science #Strange

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  • What If Natural Disasters Happened Every 5 Minutes


    If there were cataclysms on Earth every 5 minutes, living conditions on our planet would be almost the same as 4.5 billion years ago. Back then, seas and oceans boiled, lightning struck everywhere, tectonic plates changed their shape, lava flowed from volcanoes. And worse, no internet! The Earth resembled a vast, boiling cauldron, where life was gradually being created. If it starts to boil again, this cauldron could destroy almost all life on the planet.

    Consecutive cataclysms – won’t hurt to pretend. Let’s imagine, shall we? Okay, you wake up in a small underground bunker. The seismic sensor indicates that a 7-point earthquake will start in a few minutes. You pack a huge waterproof backpack and go upstairs. You need to leave the shelter because supplies are low. Also, yesterday you picked up a radio signal telling all survivors to go south immediately. The coordinates they gave aren't far from your location. You have to hurry, though, before the landscape changes again...


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  • 5 Natural Disasters That Could Happen By 2030


    5 Natural Disasters That Could Happen By 2030

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  • 7 Strangest Phenomena in the Sky Caught On Camera


    From The Strange Black Hole That Resembles The the gargantuan black hole from interstellar to the Mysterious Black Ring In The Sky, here are 7 Strangest Phenomena in the Sky Caught On Camera

    #StrangestPhenomena #SkyMysteries #Unexplained

  • Top 10 Scary Phenomenon Caught In The Sky On Camera


    Top 10 Scary Phenomenon Caught In The Sky On Camera
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    Apparently scary lights in the sky are not the only scary things we have found in the sky. Apparently the list of scary things in this world is never ending but thankfully i am yet to become a victim from seeing anything strange in the sky. So lets talk about people who actually have. This is the top 10 Scary Phenomena Caught In The Sky On Camera.

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  • 6 Mega Natural Disasters Just Waiting to Happen


    Our planet is full of scary events, phenomena, and natural disasters that change the face of Earth every day. Tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, fires... And then, just when you think you've seen it all, nature presents you with another startling phenomenon. Rocks rolling down the slopes of a rumbling volcano, pushing other, bigger rocks on their way, and eventually tumbling down into the ocean in a humongous cascade, causing a wave the height of which the world’s never seen before. This is what might happen if the Hilina Slump of the Hawaiian Big Island falls off into the water.

    Or imagine an eruption spewing tons of huge rocks and rivers of hot lava, pumping out clouds of ash that make countries stop air travel for weeks. And now multiply all this by a thousand. This is what a Yellowstone eruption would look like. Yes, Yellowstone is, first and foremost, an enormous caldera — basically, a slumbering supervolcano! And if dinosaurs could talk (and were at least still alive, for that matter), they’d tell you that asteroid threat is as real as it gets... Let's find out what naural disasters could happen any moment and affect millions.


    The Kilauea Volcano eruption 0:01
    Yellowstone supervolcano eruption 1:27
    Asteroid threat 3:30
    Earthquake on the San Andreas Faul 4:53
    Great earthquake in Chile 6:01
    Powerful solar storm 7:01

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  • 15 Unsettling Sky Phenomena Hard To Explain!


    Picture laying on the ground looking at the clouds, trying to make out shapes, when all of a sudden you see something you’ve never seen before. Something so out of the ordinary, that you can’t even begin to describe it because it. What would you do? How would you explain what you just saw? Would you even bother trying? Do you think anyone would believe you? The people who witnessed these videos had tomake the same choices, after witnessing these 15 Unsettling Sky Phenomena Hard to Explain

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Cant Explain


    When it comes to life on Earth and human history, scientists and historians have some of the answers, but not all of them. They're great at their job, and they can reach grand conclusions based on tiny clues and pieces of evidence, but sometimes they encounter something that leaves them totally stumped. That's what today's video is about. These are the strange and wonderful places all over the world that are amazing to see, but impossible to understand even for a scientist!

  • 10 Most Mystical Findings and Unexplained Phenomena in the World


    10 Most Mystical Findings and Unexplained Phenomena in the World

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    10.The Antikythera Mechanism

    Around a hundred and fifteen years ago an Archaeologist stumbled across something that he couldn’t quite understand. He had been sorting through objects that had been found in the wreck of a 2,000-year-old ship off the Greek Island Antikythera. Among the findings were many items you would expect, vases and pots, jewellery, and even a bronze statue of an ancient philosopher. But the strangest thing was an item made of brass gears and dials, mounted up in a case around the size of a clock that you would find on your fireplace mantel. It was called the Antikythera Mechanism, and at the time he had no idea what it was.

    The Antikythera Mechanism is made up of at least two dozen gears, laid neatly atop one another in an intricate way. Since its discovery, it has been dubbed the first mechanical computer. According to a Princeton science historian, it was used to predict the position of the planets and stars in the sky depending on what month it was. The main gear would move to represent the calendar year, and that would move all of the sperate smaller gears to represent the motions of the planets, the sun and the moon. It’s like an astronomical clock or an analogue computer that used mechanical parts for calculation.

    9. The Nazca Lines

    The Nazca Lines have confused and entranced people for years. They are gigantic geoglyphs located near the coast of Peru that cover around 170 square miles. These lines etched into the earth itself, depict creatures from imagination and the real world. There’s a spider, a hummingbird, a monkey, lizard, pelican and even a mighty whale. They date to from between 200BC to 500AD, a time where the Nazca inhabited the area. The earliest lines were created with piled-up stones.

    While very old, the lines weren’t rediscovered until around 1927, becoming better known in the 30s as air traffic in the area increased. The idea that the Nazca lines can only be seen from the air is a bit of a myth, all of them can be spotted from the ground. That doesn’t mean we have any idea what they were for or why they were made, however. One idea is that the Nazca believed they were linked to the heavens, while others believe they may play a role in pilgrimage. We’ll likely never know the true purpose behind them though, as the Nazca people left no written records.

    8.The Shroud of Turin

    The Shroud of Turin is a piece of linen cloth, which bears the negative image of a man. It is said that this image depicts Jesus Christ of Nazareth and that the fabric is, in fact, the shroud that he was buried in after his crucifixion.

    Currently, historical and scientific evidence points to the shroud being fakery, made in Medieval times around the late 1300s. It is said that, in 1390, an artist had confessed to a local bishop that he had in fact created the shroud and that it was his forgery. This coincides with radiocarbon dating, which says the shroud would have been around that old. That being said, people do still believe that the Shroud of Turin is genuine, and have often said that the carbon-dated shards of the shroud were from pieces that had been stitched on after the fact as a repair job.

    7. The Natural Nuclear Reactor

    Nuclear reactors are deemed by many to be one of the Human Races biggest and most technologically impressive forms of energy production. The first commercial reactors weren’t developed until the 1950s. But nature had cracked it long before we managed to get there.

    1.7 billion years ago the Oklo reactors sprang into existence, 16 sites of self-sustaining nuclear fission reactors that lasted for a few hundred thousand years. These natural nuclear reactors wouldn’t have generated much in the way of power, likely averaging less than 100 Kilowatts of thermal power at any given time.

    This natural reactor sparked into existence when a uranium-rich mineral deposit became swathed with groundwater. This groundwater played the part of a neutron moderator, and a subsequent nuclear chain reaction took place. This generated heat, which boiled off all the groundwater. That slowed the reaction or stopped it completely, and groundwater was allowed to seep back in. The reaction restarted, beginning a cycle that would occur for every three hours… a process that continued for hundreds of thousands of years.

  • How Tornadoes are formed and more Natural Disasters for Kids learning Videos!!


    Why Tornado Happens and more Natural Disasters for Kids learning Videos with Ryan's World! Have fun learning with Ryan with 1hr kids video!

  • 10 Strange Phenomena That Happened Around The World


    The world is packed with all sorts of awesome sights and these phenomena are certainly worth seeing for yourself at some point. Then again, some are amazingly dangerous and should be seen only from a great distance. Before we get started, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can keep up to date with all our latest and most exciting content.

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    Bleeding Glaciers

    One of the craziest-looking phenomena that occurs around the world sounds just as creepy as it looks. These bleeding glaciers look like they lost one hell of a battle with a mysterious enemy and if we saw something like that up close and personal we’d happily avoid the spectacle at all costs. Still, bleeding glaciers do look really cool and it’s a totally natural, albeit rare, occurrence. These glaciers weren’t bleeding out and the blood-coloured liquid pouring forth is nothing more than salt water that has mixed with large amounts of iron oxide, turning it blood red. Given the fact that this is a basic chemical reaction, it’s not all that worrisome, but we can only imagine that ancient peoples without our level of scientific knowledge probably would have totally lost their minds if they came across a sight like this back in the day.

    Lenticular Clouds

    Have you ever seen a mountain wearing a set of clouds as a hat? If you’ve ever come across lenticular clouds then you know all about just how cool this natural phenomena really is. This sight will really help put things in perspective. It also shows off just how amazing nature really is and how little most of us understand how it all fits together. Lenticular clouds occur when regular clouds happen to drift over a mountaintop and end up taking their new, strange form. They really do end up looking like an inverted saucer, capping the mountain and making it look rather fashionable at the same time. These clouds are generally formed when there’s a change in pressure, forcing air to rise up quickly and then condense, settling into a perfect dome. These lenticular clouds can also be formed when wind shear forces them into position when a large weather system starts mixing things up.

    Black Sun

    The next time you head to Denmark you might be lucky enough to see this insane phenomenon in person. The name ‘Black Sun’ refers to the blackout effect that occurs when massive swarms of starlings begin migrating, blanketing the skies and sometimes blocking the sun out in a big way. Starlings are fairly innocent-looking birds for the most part and nobody’s going to get worried about a few of them flying around, but when this many congregate in one place we’re sure it can be amazingly unnerving, especially if you haven’t heard about the black sun before. Thankfully, this fluttering of countless wings doesn’t last very long and is usually over within a half hour of the birds showing up.

    Volcanic Lightning Storm

    Volcanoes are pretty terrifying on their own and lightning storms aren’t much better as far as we’re concerned. When the two mix, however, the scene gets a whole lot more startling. It also looks amazingly cool, but we’re definitely content only seeing pictures and we’d end up rocking back and forth in the fetal position if we ever saw this phenomenon happen close to us. It looks a lot like a massive gateway to hell and towers hundreds of feet in the air, making its presence known for many miles around. This electrified volcanic funnel shows itself very rarely and is caused when energy in the atmosphere causes charges to reach upward into the sky, instead of the usual top-down that most lightning relies on. This creates a feedback loop, with the volcanic eruption building up a bigger charge, feeding the storm and seemingly opening up a rift in space-time that leads straight to the realm of Cthulhu.

    Fallstreak Holes

    These awesome cloud formations happen all over the world, although US citizens are more likely to come across them. The process isn’t all that involved and fallstreak holes are formed when atmospheric conditions lead to a moisture content that leads, in turn, to these cool holes. Most of the holes, interestingly, include rainbows within them. This sight is really worth seeing with your own eyes and many people see it as proof of the divine. That being said, the effect is a completely natural one that is easily explained by basic science.

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  • 10 Strange Things Happening In The World Right Now


    You won't believe these 10 Strange and Mysterious things happening in the world! From nature’s weirdest phenomenon to things being seen in the sky, there are explanations that we’ve yet to discover. For thousands of years, we’ve blamed ghosts, deities, and other anomalies for the mysterious things we’ve encountered. Luckily, we’ve had science to step in and give us some answers. But science can only go so far.

    Interested? Check out other amazing stories about our world and subscribe to the channel! ► ◄

    Like 20 Terrifying Things Found Deep Underwater

    or 10 Most Powerful Military Weapons That Had To Be Banned

    and 10 Unbelievable Things Found Deep In The Woods

    Our world is one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system. And yet, it is also one of the most mysterious planets we’ve ever known. There are countless secrets being uncovered each day. It is truly amazing just how much we don’t know about Earth right now. You would think that after thousands of years of existence, humans might have solved every mystery already? Well, not exactly. While humans are relatively young, the earth is billions of years old. This means that human existence is just a mere blip on this massive radar of Earth’s life. We might not figure out all of Earth’s secrets by the time humanity goes extinct. At least us humans are using our time wisely. There are so many inventions and new technologies out now that makes research so much more productive. Technology has saved us a lot of time, giving us more time to discover new secrets faster than ever before. And yet, there are things still puzzling us. From the seas parting, to biological things lighting up like electricity, and weird sounds being heard all over the world, it seems like what we can’t explain is borderline terrifying. Even with all the knowledge available to us, we don’t have all the answers. We are probably the smartest generation of humanity since the invention of the internet. While we’ve all become scientists in our own right, Mother Nature is still the ultimate scientist.

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  • 5 Strange Natural Phenomena In The World


    5 Strange Natural Phenomena In The World

    There are a lot of phenomena that occur in our world. Some natural phenomena are very common but some natural phenomena are so strange and unbelievable. Today we are discussing 5 strange natural phenomena which happen in this universe. Hope you enjoy these natural phenomena. Thanks for watching it.

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  • 5 Amazing Natural Phenomenon That Happened On Earth


    5 Amazing natural places where you will find out some unbeliable activities.

    #whatonearth #impossibleplaces #strangephenomena

  • UNBELIEVABLY Strange Natural Phenomena


    Our world is a seriously crazy place, and we often don’t give it enough credit for the truly odd, funny, and sometimes deadly things that it can do. Though many of these may seem too incredible to be believed, but trust us, all of these happen and exist in nature on the same planet that we all live on. Unusual, freaky, deadly; you’ll find all of those here during Unbelievably Strange Natural Phenomenon!

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    5. Ice Storm
    Nature holds more surprises for us when it comes to the weather than with anything else! An ice storm is no exception, and it just so happens to be a remarkable phenomenon that leaves behind some crazy results! The storms are characterized and known by and for their freezing rain, which in some parts of the United States are known as a silver thaw and a glaze event in others. To be counted as an ice storm, at least ¼ inch of ice needs to accumulate on exposed surfaces, and from 1982 to 1994, the ice storm was a more common happening than blizzards, averaging sixteen every year. They’re not particularly violent or intense storms, and they usually happen calmly and peacefully, with rain falling while temperatures are below freezing outside. What they’re known for is their damage and their ability to cause destruction and disaster, as they’ve racked up costs of more than $1 billion, in one storm! Oh, and their beauty—they’re quite beautiful!

    4. Fata Morgana
    This intense happening is an extraordinarily complex and very unusual form of a superior mirage which can be seen just above the horizon. Typically, the mirage distorts whatever object you genuinely see so badly that it’s often unrecognizable, and it doesn’t help that the Fata Morgana tends to change, and quickly! They can involve any object that is seen at a distance, really, and are often seen affecting things like coastlines, boats, islands, driftwood, and more. The problem is, is that the phenomenon really throws things out of whack and can build layers of right-side-up and inverted images stacked on each other to create a genuinely trippy mirage as you can see here. This happens when a defined layer of warm air rests on top of a layer of cold air, which is known as a thermal inversion, forms an atmospheric duct. They’re more commonly seen in the polar regions, especially over ice sheets that have super cold and uniform temperatures. It is possible that the legend of the Flying Dutchman could be based on a Fata Morgana mirage and it looks, and sounds, entirely plausible.

    (as you can see here^^)

    3. Fire Whirl
    Oh boy, these things are pretty impressive and do you want to know what makes them even better? The fact that they’re all natural and, under the right circumstances, will give you quite the incredible show, puts these bad boys rightfully on this list! They’re known by many different names, such as fire twister, firenado, fire swirl, and fire tornado, and they sometimes only need a little whirl of smoke or wind to get started up. When a whipping, whirling Eddie of air is formed due to violent winds and an intense rise in heat occurring together, a tornado-like vortex is sometimes created, and that’s when you’re in for the show. These impressive firenados can reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and they are made up of a swirling pocket of air, and a burning core and they’re usually produced during wildfires. They typically only grow to top out around 165-feet-tall, but they have been reported as reaching more than a kilometer tall! They’re not only excellent but they’re dangerous too, so if you see one in the future, be sure to watch from a distance.

    2. Sailing Stones
    Now, these are real mind benders because, well, just wait and see! These are known by all sorts of names that describe what they are and what they do, some of which include moving rocks, walking rocks, sliding rocks, and rolling stones (creative). This geological phenomenon involves a bunch of large rocks moving their way across the ground, unassisted, and there are tracks to prove it! This sounds like some weird, other-worldly stuff, right? Well, there is an explanation for it, but the answer doesn’t make this any less strange! They say that big sheets of ice near the rocks begin to melt and break up during the day and then at night they’re refrozen and blown around by the wind and shoved into the stones, repeatedly, moving them super slowly over time. Weird, right? Racetrack Playa, found in Death Valley National Park, boasts a crazy amount of insanely long tracks and Nevada’s Little Bonnie Claire Playa also has many of the interesting, traveling rocks. Somewhat creepy, right? Picture all of those giant rocks being slowly pushed by giant sheets of ice in the pitch black in the middle of nowhere.


  • 5 Most Amazing Natural Phenomenon Happening On Earth


    5 most amazing natural phenomenon happening on Earth. Today, we take a look at these 5 most amazing natural phenomenon happening on Earth.

    Over the past few centuries scientists have been able to explore the depths of space and uncover many fascinating phenomenon that could not be explained. And it is commonly believed that there are countless natural phenomenon hidden in space and different planetary bodies that we are not yet aware of.

    The truth is that despite of all the advancements in science we have not yet been able to fully understand many of the phenomenon happening right in front of our eyes here on Earth.

    Thank you for watching!

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  • 5 Strange Natural Sounds That Will Freak You Out


    Around the world some strange and almost haunting sounds have been recorded. Some that have been scientifically explained and some that are still a mystery. So check out these 5 amazing recordings that are all thought to occur naturally........But ill let you decide!


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    The Singing Sand dunes.
    The singing sands dunes is a natural phenomenon were a loud low pitch rumble can be heard for up several minutes -
    ---------------------------------- Sound recording --------------------------------------------
    For centuries this eerie humming has captivated the people who have heard it, such as the explorer Marco Polo who believed it was the sound of evil spirits.
    This strange, almost groaning tone can be heard around the world, occurring in about 35 deserts and originates from crescent shaped dunes. The phenomenon is believed to be caused by vibrations as sand grains shuffle done the side of the dunes steep slopes, these vibrations cause sound waves to become trapped between the wet sand below and the hot air above. When this energy escapes, the result is a spectacular musical hum.

    Earths Chorus
    When hearing this recording it almost sounds like extraterrestrial are trying to make radio contact with us. But it is actually the sound of our own planet singing -
    ---------------------------------------- Sound Recording --------------------------------------
    Scientists call this alien like recording Earths Chorus and the phenomenon is caused by plasma Waves in the Earths radiation belts. The radiation belts, are intense zones that surround the Earth in a Doughnut shape and this recording was captured by two probes on a mission to map the density of charged particles. This almost whale like sound may also be linked to the intriguing killer Particles which are unusually energised particles that pose a threat to astronauts and electronics.

    The loneliest whale in the world
    In 1989 an array of Hydrophones built by the US navy recorded a mysterious sound that has been dubbed the loneliest whale in the world.
    --------------------------------------Sound Recording ----------------------------------------
    Some believe that this almost emotional recording is a lonely whale wandering across the ocean, trying desperately to find a companion, a companion that never comes. The sounds are said to be similar to a blue whale singing, but with one big difference. The key notes of the song were at a frequency of 52 hertz,which is significantly higher than the blue whales that had been recorded in the past, which sing at 40 Herz. This mysterious sound has been detected regularly in many locations since the 1980s and it appears to be only one individual emitting the lonely high frequency cry.

    Sky quakes
    For over 200 years people have been hearing Sky quakes or Mystery Booms echoing above them in the sky. The early explorers of North America where told by the natives that the mysterious booms were the sounds of the great spirit continuing his work of shaping the planet.
    -------------------------------------- Sound Recording ----------------------------------------
    These almost mechanical sounds are still unexplained and have been reported to of occurred in the sky's of many locations around the world. On some occasions the booms have been powerful enough to rattle plates within people's homes. Many people have attempted to explain them and theory's range from UFOs to meteors entering our atmosphere and causing a sonic boom. But the explanation for the scary sounds rumbling in the skys are still a mystery.

    Train (ice berg)
    In 1997 a strange steady hum was recorded deep in the ocean and almost sounds like a train travelling across the sea bed -
    --------------------------------------Sound recording ------------------------------------------
    The creepy recording was nicknamed Train and was picked up in Antarctica's Ross Sea. Although there is no solid evidence to explain what this eerie noise was, scientists think it could be floating icebergs that drift in to shallower areas, resulting in there keel coming in to contact with the seabed and creating this bizarre sound.

    Deep Blue by
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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