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A new way to support my work

  • A new way to support my work


    Relying on ad revenue sucks. It’s unreliable and feels dirty. Plus it doesn’t pay much, so I am often sidetracked by commercial work. So I’m reaching out to you all directly. With your support I can make more content, more regularly - and with enough patrons I can level up my work, by bringing on VFX artists, writers, narrators, and other pro collaborators.

    If you don't know Patreon, it's a way for fans to directly support artists. You get rewards for supporting me at different levels. Head to to learn more. Thanks and cheers my internet friends!


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  • How working couples can best support each other | The Way We Work, a TED series


    It's possible to have a successful career AND a successful marriage. Professor and author Jennifer Petriglieri explains how you and your partner can make choices that work for your life together -- without sacrificing your individual aspirations.

    The Way We Work is a TED original video series where leaders and thinkers offer practical wisdom and insight into how we can adapt and thrive amid changing workplace conventions. (Made possible with the support of Dropbox)

    Visit for more!

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  • #137 New Way of Using Bloom Technique! I call it Dry Blooms! #acrylicpouring #fluidart #bloom #Art


    #acrylicpouring #fluidart #bloomtechnique #Art
    Thank you for watching my channel. This is a great experience for me to share my experiments with you. Please watch, like and subscribe my channel.

    My cell activator (the black paint at the end): Behr Deep Base 8300, Minwax Polyacrylic and Jo Sonja Gloss Varnish in 2:1:1 ratio

    Base coat: 8 parts Gidden Essential eggshell white interior paint with 1 parts GAC 800 and 1 part floetrol the navy is mixture of many colors.

    Want to see how I mix my paints?

    #ColourArt Pigments:
    Hot Tamale
    Flamingo Feather

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    #acrylicpouring​ #abstructart​ #acrylicpaintpouring

  • Wrote a song about my friends mom


    Listen to it on streaming services:
    Studio video of the whole album:
    Behind the scenes:

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    Headphones - lots of hype
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    Small audio interface
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    Analog preamp/comp
    How I learned synthesis
    Mic 1
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    Glenn Owens
    Bam Bam 123lol
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    James Dai
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    Russ Creech
    Patrice Breton
    Curtis Chambers
    Brian Estlin
    Corey Frang
    Robert de Forest
    Luke Gilliam
    Kaitlin Sebbage
    Edmon Cruz
    Silas Reaper
    Kristopher Charles
    Peter Vermeychuk
    Nick Simmons
    Tobias Gurdan


    If you're new here, my name is Andrew Huang and I'm a musician who works with many genres and many instruments - and I've also made music with many things that aren't instruments like balloons, pants, water, and dentist equipment. For more info visit my website:

    You can also stream and download my 40+ albums and EPs at or check out my other videos at

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    I make videos about analogue music formats such as vinyl discs and cassettes, Hi-Fi systems, comparisons, tests, reviews... My creations not only show and test different components but also are made from an artistic point of view, combining high fidelity music, nostalgia and a bit of video editing :) I try to do my best but this is only a hobby and my creations demand a big investment of my time and money. If you enjoy my videos and you'd like to help me maintaining my channels with a small donation, I will gladly keep them going.

  • How To Support Your Ally Decidueye - Pokémon Unite


    Every match I’ve been playing in lately had Decidueye in it so my job is either to hunt it or support it! In this match I play Blissey! Let’s make sure our squishy carries live long happy lives! Yeehaw Support The Channel & become a YouTube member today!:

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    Pokemon Unite playlist! -

    Beginner tips and tricks, Beginner guide, Advanced guide

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    IG @jakeissupercool

    #PokemonUnite #Decidueye #blissey

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  • I’m leaving Australia. Time for a new way of life ✌????


    It’s time for change. Join me! Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video! To get 10% off your first month of therapy, go to to sign up today!

    It feels so damn good to be travelling internationally again and back out there adventuring! How do you think I'm going to handle life at sea?

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    Song 1 Lucky by Sheffield
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    Song 3 Wild and Free by Mike Mains

    New logo made by the talented Maxime Bèdard -

    Occy and have moved into my van to join the van life movement in Australia, allowing me to live, work and travel full time! I cannot wait to get out there and overland Australia ????????

    #australia #offgrid #livingsmall

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio Hosts Media Availability


    Mayor Bill de Blasio Hosts Media Availability

    Blue Room,
    City Hall

    November 23, 2021

  • Episode 195: How Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Work to Support Entrepreneurs


    Today on the podcast I got to chat with some entrepreneurial ecosystem building friends to discuss more about entrepreneurial ecosystems and how they work to support innovators in our communities. Today we connect with Christine Beech, the Executive Director of the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, Garret Lieffring, a Fellow with Lead for Minnesota working for Mankato-based Greenseam, and Jamie Sundsbak, Interim Executive Director at Collider. This September, we all virtually joined in with over 800 entrepreneurial ecosystem builders across the US at the virtual ESHIP summit, which is hosted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Tune into the podcast today as we break down lessons learned and excitement gained from this conference experience to help us all better serve entrepreneurs within our communities.

    Music Attribution: Jane Fonda by The Grand Affair is licensed through the YouTube Audio Library.

    Episode Breakdown:
    0:00 Start
    5:07 Intro to our assembled group
    7:28 Systemic impacts of racism in entrepreneurial ecosystems and affirmation of the work being done in SE MN
    8:44 Christine’s panel discussion at ESHIP about the private/public initiative Launch Minnesota and the role of states in supporting entrepreneurship
    10:35 Removing barriers to entrepreneurship through public libraries
    11:31 The role of government to connect regional communities and the value of grassroots leadership
    13:13 ESHIP as a “church of entrepreneurship” and the resultant excitement and momentum after an ESHIP conference
    15:44 Value offered by rural entrepreneurs
    16:34 Growth of entrepreneurship during times of economic downturn and the movement of knowledge through an ecosystem
    18:12 Making room for new ways of doing
    18:44 Leveraging networks and collaborating across startup communities
    20:16 Entrepreneurial ecosystem building versus traditional economic development
    21:04 Difference between a virtual versus an in-person ESHIP experience
    24:19 Validation of hard problems across the field of ecosystem building
    25:54 The ease of connection with other ecosystem builders enabled by a virtual conference setting
    29:16 Professionalization of the field of ecosystem building
    33:23 The role of ecosystem builders to unlock talent and connect entrepreneurs to resources
    35:17 The value of thinking on a systems level
    36:03 Teaching miners to code in Pikeville, Kentucky and exploring “majors” for entrepreneurial ecosystems
    47:36 The importance of regional connectivity to leverage assets
    48:43 Wrapup and final thoughts
    52:40 End

    Other links from today’s show:
    Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation:
    Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies:
    Lead for Minnesota:
    The Startup Community Way:
    Forward Cities:
    Keystone Podcast:
    The Unsung Heroes of Ecosystem Building:
    Bit Source:
    Launch Minnesota:

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  • SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Trailer Music Cover | EPIC VERSION


    This is not the official Trailer soundtrack. It is a fan-made cover.
    ♫ Spider-Man EPIC PLAYLIST ►
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    Artwork by carpaa2011:

    All copyright belongs to their respective owners.
    Original Spider-Man Theme by J. Robert Harris & Paul Francis Webster
    No Way Home Official Trailer Music by Black Hydra Music


    Arranged and Orchestrated by Samuel Kim.

    #NoWayHome #NoWayHomeTrailer #Spiderverse

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***DO NOT RE-UPLOAD on YouTube or other platforms (Soundcloud, TikTok, etc.) It is strictly prohibited to use my covers/arrangements for Podcasts (Spotify/Apple Podcasts) Also DO NOT make remixes using my covers, and DO NOT illegally distribute my music to streaming platforms.
    If you want to use my music for your YouTube videos, please visit:

  • How do Manchester United build on Ole Gunnar Solskjaers tenure? | Premier League | NBC Sports


    Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Tim Howard react to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's exit interview at Manchester United and who should come in to take the club to the next level. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #OleGunnarSolskjaer
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    The Premier League across NBC Sports Group launched in 2013 with their biggest and broadest programming commitment to-date in the United States. With live multi-platform coverage of all 380 games, analysis from best-in-class talent and extensive surrounding coverage all week long, NBC Sports Group has become the ultimate destination for new and existing Premier League fans.

    The Premier League maintains strong and consistent reach across NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, and NBC Sports Group’s live streaming products, led by the biggest stars and most prestigious teams in the world.

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    How do Manchester United build on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tenure? | Premier League | NBC Sports

  • But How Does a Support Vector Machine Actually Work?


    Artificial Intelligence For Everyone: Episode #9

    What is a Support Vector Machine (SVM)? How can Support Vector Machines (SVMs) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for classification tasks in supervised learning?

    This video is dedicated to teach you how to support vector machine works, and we will discuss what Support Vector Machines are - and how they apply to the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This beginners guide to svm discusses the main characteristics of it and how it is used.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning shapes the world around us more than ever, and understanding the basic concepts is an useful asset for any person, regardless of their walk in life or profession.



    ???? Instagram:


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    ABOUT OSCAR ????:

    Oscar is a leader, educator and programmer specialised in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning who strives to build a world where all leadership spawns from an intrinsic compassion for others.

    He is heavily interest in mindfulness and meditation and is a daily Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. Furthermore, he Loves lifting heavy things and reads a lot of books and believes in a world where compassion and mutual understanding and respect permeate all of our actions.

    ???? Leader of the Year (2017, All Swedish Students)
    ???? 10/100 @ Sweden's Top Future 100 Leaders 2018
    ???? 37/100 @ Sweden's Top Future 100 Leaders 2017

  • The Reasons You Need The Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse Portable Work Support System & Review


    Buy the Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse (2-Pack) on Amazon:
    Explore the Speedhorse and other sawhorse offerings from Bora Tool:
    Metal sawhorses are not the first thing many people might think they need. Eight times out of 10 you might be able to get away with wood or plastic sawhorses. When you need something very sturdy, the Bora Portamate Speedhorse is what you will grab. The Bora Speedhorse allows you to screw in two by dimensional lumber in the rails to build a platform that will not collapse. By screwing the lumber to the sawhorse, I was able to slide a tool chest off y truck and onto the workbench. After it was on the workbench, I was able to tilt it upright without the sawhorses sliding or tilting. That would not be safe, or possible, with standard sawhorses.

    Beyond sturdy, the Bora Portamate Speedhorse fixes all the design flaws in other metal sawhorses. Almost every edge is rolled so you have no sharpe areas to cut yourself. You pull one lever up and they open automatically and can be set up in seconds. Each side has a handle for closing and it does not matter what side closes first. Setup and storage of these sawhorses is perfect.

    Each Bora Speedhorse can hold 1,500 pounds if evenly distributed. We have lifted the front of our large Ag tractor off the ground using similar sawhorses and we have a lot of confidence in these as they are built better.

    If you work alone, need a strong system for a table, like quality items or simply want the best, these sawhorses are for you. They will be there to get you through the tough situations that shop life will throw at you. The video will show you what I put them through and how they helped me.

    #Sawhorse #Bora #SpeedHorse

  • COVID-19: Majority of Canadians support firing of unvaccinated workers


    COVID-19 vaccines have been available to Canadians since the Spring, but around 85 per cent of people over 12 have received both doses.

    As we slowly return to normal, many people are concerned about being around unvaccinated workers. An Angus Reid study reveals about 70 per cent of Canadians are in support of firing unvaccinated employees.

    Sharmeen Somani reports.

    For more info, please go to
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  • Sandra Bullock on Spider-Man Rumors, Son Telling Her Not to Take a Role & “Hunky” Co-Star Bill Burr


    Sandra talks about the movie she gets asked about most, her 11-year-old being obsessed with Spider-Man and rumors that she was going to be in the new movie, waiting tables at the same spot as Jennifer Coolidge - Canastel’s restaurant in New York, her new Netflix movie The Unforgivable, working with hunky Bill Burr, and she tries “Turkey Dinner” flavored candy corn with Jimmy.

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    Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy®-nominated “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” ABC’s late-night talk show. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is well known for its huge viral video successes, with over 11 billion views and more than 15 million subscribers on the show’s YouTube channel. Some of Kimmel’s most popular comedy bits include “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” “Lie Witness News,” “Unnecessary Censorship,” “Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge,” and music videos like “I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.”

  • The 2 BEST Jungle Routes YOU NEED to KNOW in Preseason 2022


    The 2 BEST Jungle Routes YOU NEED to KNOW in Preseason 2022
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    What is Skill Capped?
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    #lolguides​​ #leagueoflegends​​ #skillcapped

  • A new way to support my work


    This has my works ever.

  • SinMix Kemper Profiles - New way to support my Work BMC


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  • How to Support My Work


    For years people have helped me by sharing my work, helping with translations, or just providing moral support.

    This is more than enough to keep me going. But if you are willing and able and would like to help build a larger community around this work, consider a monthly contribution on Patreon or if you'd like, a single donation via PayPal.

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    But if you aren't able to - your continued support just by sharing my work or providing moral support is still greatly appreciated. And thank you.

  • How to Support Your Out of Work Spouse


    : If your spouse is out of work, you may be sad, you may be mad, and you may be scared to death. But here’s the truth: you need to put your emotions aside so you can help them get back on their feet. But how do you do that?

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  • How to Support My Work!


    With the launch of Mahou Profile, I'm also re-launching my Patreon and opening a new Ko-Fi page to help support my work! In the short term, even just a few extra bucks helps right now (student loan payments are higher than expected at the moment), and in the long term, I would love to be able to do more for the channel and make videos full-time. So whether you donate, like, comment, share the videos, or watch the ads, I appreciate every little bit of your help!

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    Close My Mouth by Silent Partner

  • Overwhelmed at Work? 5 Steps to Get Support From Your Boss


    If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, you’re not alone: a recent study shows that more than half of U.S. employees are stretched too thin.

    This type of stress is toxic for your health, happiness and quality of your work. The good news is there IS something you can do to make a change. So before you quit a job you love, watch this video. You’ll learn a practical 5-step strategy to ask for — and GET — the help you need to stop overwhelm in its tracks and get back to doing your best work, stress-free.

    #MarieTV #MarieForleo #CareerAdvice

    C'mon over to where we answer your follow-up questions after the episode.

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  • Essential knots for tree work part 3 life support. Figure 8, Anchor bend, Fisherman’s Termination.


    A few of my favorite knots that I use for attaching carabiners.
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    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬My Gear Picks▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Cmi Rope Jack:
    Soft shackle:
    Notch portawrap:
    Pfanner Protos Arborist Helmet:
    Cardo Packtalk Bold:
    Samson Voyager Rope:
    Climbing Technology Ascender:
    HAAS Velox Ascender:
    Teufelberger treeMOTION Evo Climbing Harness:
    Petzl Zillon:
    Rock Exotica transPorter Carabiner:
    Silky Tsurugi:
    Notch Quickie:
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Music Credits▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day (Vlog No Copyright Music)
    Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
    Video Link:

  • How can the international community work together to support the Afghan people?


    -Ulrika Modéer, Assistant Secretary General and Director of Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy, UNDP
    -Carin Jämtin, Director General, Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)
    -Terje M Watterdal, Country Director, Norwegian Afghanistan Committee

  • How can organizations best support their people in the future of work?


    From embracing the hybrid model of distributed work to refocusing the physical workplace to better support experiences that can’t be replicated virtually, Herman Miller's Vice President of Global Research and Insights, Ryan Anderson, explains how people and businesses can thrive in the future of work.

    Learn more:

  • How to Support Those Missing Work?


    Julian Lute, Strategic Advisor, and Ed Frauenheim, Senior Director of Content, discuss how to support people who are missing work.

    For more assistance and support during COVID-19, please read our blog:

    And register for our next Better Together conversation series:

  • How Do HR Technologies Support the Future of Work? Get Started with Digital Transformation


    ⏩ Explore the future of work:
    how HR technologies can help business with their digital transformation.

    In today’s workplace, employee engagement, upskilling, and reskilling are growing priorities. And today, it’s more than just working remotely; the modern workplace is about a hybrid workforce that can work from anywhere and is connected in real time – to each other and to the business.

    Cloud connectivity, AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics help power the workforce of the future and the best software and technologies for HR.

    Ready to get started? For a distributed workforce – and for more traditional on-premise teams – the best businesses are driving employee engagement and success with SAP business systems. Learn more about HR and HCM software and request a demo today.
    #SAP ֳֳ#HCM #HR

    #SAPBTP #SAP #DigitalTransformation

  • Cat® Parts | Support for the Way You Work | Certified Rebuild


    Caterpillar understands that all job sites are not created equal. That's why we provide support designed for the way you work - support that keeps your machines up and running so you can achieve maximum productivity. See the value you get by watching this inside-out view of everything that goes into a Cat® Certified Rebuild.

    More information at:

  • How Zendesk Sell and Support work together


  • Posture Corrector & Does It Work - Does This Back Posture Help Support My Back?


    In this video I discuss this posture corrector and does it work.

    Posture Corrector -

    0:00 Introduction
    0:43 Free e-book
    1:45 Posture corrector overview
    2:45 Set up the posture corrector
    3:45 Wearing the posture corrector
    4:14 Different way for wearing the posture corrector
    5:07 Take off posture corrector
    5:20 Final thoughts

    Screen Recorder And Video Editor:

    Equipment I Use For My Videos:

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    Blog: (All products)
    Blog: (Exercise related products)

    This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission.

    Product description
    Use our spine corrector and live a healthy life!

    WHAT WILL YOU GET: Perfect working from home accessories designed just for you and FREE e-book.

    After just 2 weeks of active wearing you will correct your alignment and be able to see huge improvement.

    Posture brace corrector for MEN- Protect your body while lifting heavy weight or working-out in the gym.

    Womens back brace- while working long hours behind the desk or sitting in the office chair, running or riding a bicycle .

    Neck And Back Brace For Posture EASY TO USE: Put the shoulder straps through the buckles, pull them and adjust to your own comfort. To feel light discomfort or stiffness is normal but if you feel that it's hurting you, take it off and see your doctor.

    If you are allergic to NEOPRENE material go to your physician.

  • Succeed at Work: Tools that Support Executive Function and Focus on the Job 8/11/2020


    This workshop will showcase technology to support executive function at work. Topics will include managing time, staying organized, completing tasks, and maintaining focus. Demonstrations will include timers, task managers, and smart pens.

  • The best way to support my work...Patreon English intro


    Support me on Patreon to get the mp3's, sheet music, backtracks and more! -

    Link to the 12 hole songbook -
    Link to the 6 hole songbook -

    Thank you for all your continued support in helping me make tutorials for the ocarina. I'm so excited to continue.

  • Rising Remote Work communities | How Community Support the New Work Culture


    How community support the new remote working environment.
    Join the discussion on Highlighter:
    As the word goes remote, the question of building relationships within the org & with your customers becomes critical. The community in that case can be a very powerful way to gather customer feedback, build relationships and engage your customers. We'll talk about what it takes to build a strong community with Ryan, the one which gives every member a sense of belonging even when they're away.
    Apply to Become a Remote Developer -
    #remotedeveloper #pestotech #remotesoftwaredevelopment #softwaredevelopment #pestoremoteprogram
    Rising Remote Work Communities in 2021
    More and more companies are working remotely day by day. Thanks to developing technology, without online community remote work wouldn’t be possible such effectively.
    Upgrade your tech skills with Pesto Remote Program – No upfront fee
    Apply to Become a Remote Developer -
    Join the discussion on Highlighter:
    Pesto Remote program is an intensive training program to help software engineers in India break into international tech careers via full-time remote jobs.
    Apply today to dive deep into software engineering best practices, get paired up with engineering mentors from the US, contribute to popular open source projects and learn the soft skills required to be an effective remote employee.
    Key highlights
    • Pesto creates overseas opportunities for Indian Developer.
    • Apply for India's simplest Remote development program
    • Become A remote Developer – Apply Now – ZERO upfront fee
    • High Paying Remote opportunity

    Apply now -
    Hire software developers of Silicon Valley caliber:
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    Subscribe Today -
    About Pesto
    We believe in taking opportunities to places where talent exists. Our mission is to change the lives of 5.2 million Indian software engineers. Creating access for them to great career opportunities using remote work.
    We train and upskill India's top talent for fast-paced product organizations. Our comprehensive training program helps software engineers in India to advance their programming and being remote ready. We unlock your potential and provide global opportunities, remotely.
    We started our journey in 2018 and since then we have helped more than 100+ candidates to find their first remote job opportunity. To get our candidates placed, we have partnered with more than 200 global product based organizations.
    We are backed by Matrix Partners and a bunch of angels from Silicon Valley (list includes Ryan Hoover, Sahil Lavingia, Hiten Shah and many others).

  • 5 Ways Managers Can Support Mental Health at Work


    Awareness of the scale of mental health issues is growing rapidly, and with that follows the need to increase our understanding of how people experiencing mental ill health can be supported in the workplace.
    Mental health problems cost employers in the UK £30 billion every year through lost production, recruitment and absence.

    Employers have a duty of care toward their employees. In this webinar we will look at just 5 ways in which managers can use HR approaches to support mental well-being, which can lead to a happier and more dedicated team of staff.

    You can get support in relation to any HR related matter by contacting HR Solutions on telephone number 0844 324 5840.

    Find out more about our outsourced HR services by visiting

  • How to support my work? Become a member and get exclusive content


    Hola Amigos, you all always support me since almost 2 years and I keep posted useful videos for you don't worry, but if you love my work and want to support me you can join to the membership and get exclusive content like: videos, pictures, virtual tours, live chat and more.
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  • Ep 6 BH@W: How to Support Women at Work with Devin Halliday


    On this week’s BH@W, Devin Halliday shares what it means to be a “Glass Kicker” and how men can help advance workplace gender equity by being allies to women at work.

    In this episode we discuss:
    1) What makes an ally
    2) The difference between access vs. opportunity
    3) What being a Glass Kicker means

    Devin Halliday is founder and Chief Belonging Architect at Rudiment Solutions—a people empowerment company, specializing in workplace culture change, leadership development, executive coaching, and bias awareness and mitigation. He is also CEO of the Ally Cooperative, a heart-forward, people-driven, lifestyle brand that is committed to and inspired by supporting diverse communities that inspire social justice.

    Devin is a published author with his book BE/LONG/ING FACTOR and host of the Belonging Factor Podcast, where he gets to share his personal mission with the world. Devin believes that PEOPLE are the core rudiment of any successful endeavor. In other words, he exemplifies what it means to improve the human experience at work.

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    Belonging Factor Podcast:
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  • How Practice Facilitators Can Work with Leadership to Support a Culture of Safety and Quality


    This is the third in a series of five webinars to introduce AHRQ’s Practice Facilitation Model Curriculum.

    The webinar took place December 18, 2014.

    The video is also available at:



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  • How Bastions + Support Skills work - MAJOR WARNING INCLUDED - Herioc Anthem - Rise of Kingdoms


    Heroic Anthem in Rise of Kindoms (rok) now have Bastions and support skills. this video explains how they work, what you need to do and a MAJOR WARNING about a quest!

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    Track: Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona - Invisible [NCS Release]
    Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  • Tips and Tools - How to Work with Understand and Support Youth with Mental Health Issues - Part 1


    Dealing with legal issues in the courts is a stressful experience for most young people. In addition, young people frequently come to court while already coping with their own behavioral health challenges— mental wellness or substance abuse. How young people may behave in court or during a mediation session—and our reaction to it—can also be affected by cultural differences. This workshop will explore techniques and culturally responsive approaches to effectively engage with people who may have behavioral health challenges.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Identify techniques and strategies to serve youth clients with behavioral/mental health conditions.
    • Recognize steps to take when a young person is not mentally/emotionally stable.
    • Describe some effective de-escalation strategies.
    • Identify behavioral/mental health issues within juvenile law.

  • 1999 T4R Radiator Support Replacement


    This is not a video that is designed to give you education on bodywork. This is entirely for entertainment.

    I have a 1999 Toyota 4Runner that I bought used. It had been in a front end accident before I bought it. This is the not-so-accurate way of removing and replacing a radiator support. I have never done body work, I have never messed with an angle grinder, and I have never used a welder before.

    The radiator was already almost separated from the front end of the body. so when I removed the welds the whole thing came off. This is a weird situation and if you take this type of work to a body shop, they are liable to send you away (that is what happened to me) so I decided that I wanted to do the repair myself. I also decided to get the timing changed while I was in there.

    I do not show the welding part, I apologize. I will be making videos in the future showing me welding.

    Thank you for watching!

  • How Can Leaders Support Working Parents? | Work@Life


    Did you know that while nearly 100% of managers rate themselves as supportive of employees with families, only half of their subordinates agree with this assessment?

    Join the conversation with our special guest Kelly Schwind Wilson, PhD, an Associate Professor of Management at Purdue University and learn more about the emerging strategies that leaders can use to best support working mothers and their team members with families.

  • How Referrals Work | Uber Support | Uber


    Curious about how referrals work? Once you’re delivering with Uber, you may earn even more when the friends you invite start delivering with Uber, too. Find out how the referral process works, learn how you can refer a friend to deliver with Uber, how you get paid when your referral meets certain conditions, and how to track your progress.

    This video has been shot solely for the purpose of informing drivers across the world on the use of the Driver app. Therefore, some depicted features, situations and/or services might not be available in the country in which you operate.

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  • Inventory Hive: How does our support work?


    This explainer video will outline the different types of support we offer to our users and outline how our support section works on Inventory Hive.

  • The Simulation Center and Institute for Bedside Medicine - Your Support at Work


    The Simulation Center for Interprofessional Learning and Institute for Bedside Medicine at Saint Peter's are important aspects of the ongoing training clinicians receive at Saint Peter's. Throughout the pandemic, the Center and Institute provided clinicians with a forum to safely and effectively learn and practice new techniques critical to the care of COVID-19 patients. To support clinical education at Saint Peter's, please visit


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  • How to Support Hybrid Work with Enterprise Knowledge Management - November 11 11:00AM EST/4:00PM GMT


    The future success of customer service organizations rests on their ability to continuously anticipate. Never has this statement been truer than today. The pandemic forced contact centers to accelerate their digitization, automation, and AI strategies to react to ballooning interaction volumes. These technologies automated repetitive agent tasks, and empowered agents to handle complex interactions that required empathy, and to deliver better experiences. These technologies also enabled agents to onboard faster and perform at their best every day under stressful work-at-home conditions — and have armed supervisors with insights to best manage their workforces. As the world reopens, contact centers must adjust to new ways of working, talent sourcing and management. This keynote will explore the role of knowledge management in building resilient and sustainable customer service organizations.

  • ecobee Support - How does Smart Recovery work?


    With the Smart Recovery feature enabled your ecobee determines the best time to start heating or cooling your home so that it is the right temperature at the right time. Learn more here

  • Do women really support each other at work? | Maryem Salam | TEDxIndianaStateUniversityWomen


    Women are valuable leaders in organizations. Nevertheless, many of them face various limitations when they are attempting to advance in the workplace. While we might think that women support other women to break through that glass ceiling, research has shown that the female-female relationship in the workplace is not always positive. The purpose of this talk is to raise awareness about some beliefs and behaviors that females can engage in, and that can negatively impact their career advancements, along with that of other women. Maryem Salam has a Masters’ degree in Marketing, and is currently an MBA student at Indiana State University. She also works as a graduate assistant at the Marketing and Operations department of the Scott College of Business. During her academic path, Maryem has developed an interest in the glass ceiling literature, which has inspired her to start her research journey on this topic. Currently, she is working on a research project entitled Reverse Queen Bee Syndrome: When Do Female Subordinates Favor Male Bosses Over Female Bosses?, a qualitative study that uses social identity theory to explore the nature of female subordinates' perception of their female boss, and the reasons underlying their preference to work for a male boss. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • How Payments Work with Instant Pay | Uber Support | Uber


    Want to learn more about how payments work with Instant Pay? Getting paid is simple. All you need is a bank account. And with Instant Pay, you can cash out your Uber earnings up to 5 times a day. Find out how.

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  • AMAZING Features - Server Meshing, Whales, Life Support - Work Finished September | Star Citizen


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    -September had a HUGE amount for work reaching completion, from server meshing work, creatures like whales, damage and breakability and life support,
    and lots more. It was the most productive month and I'm excited to see this all make its way into the PU. So today I go through all of the incredible work
    that has come to an end this month according to the progress tracker.

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    Music Used:
    -Miguel Johnson:
    -Pedro Macedo Camacho
    -Geoff Zanelli
    -Unofficial Soundtrack to Star Citizen

    All info in this video is available to view at the RSI website found here:

    Star Citizen is an open development, crowd funded project from Cloud Imperium. Consisting of 2 games, Squadron 42 a single player, story driven campaign putting you in the middle of the Vanduul attacks as an up and coming UEE Navy pilot, and Star Citizen, a highly detailed
    first person MMO set within a persistent universe where there are no limits. This includes, space, and ground aspects, massive space ships with full interiors and interactions, a full dynamic economy which reacts to the players actions allowing for anything you can imagine.
    It is all being built on the StarEngine (a modified version of Amazons Lumberyard Engine).
    Please bare in mind that this is heavily WIP and in an alpha state in which much of the foundational tech to make it a reality is still being developed. Both games do not have set release dates yet but you can play the alpha build for the PU MMO which makes consistent progress
    with quarterly patch releases throughout the year.

    I am an independent content creator and a fan of the game, I am not paid by Cloud Imperium however I do accept ships from them to giveaway to my community but this will by no means influence my opinion or what I say and believe about the project.



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