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    A lot of you guys who follow me since 2010 asked me where this video just passed!
    It was just my absolute best video in term of views, it cumulated 6M views in 2019 :-000
    For one reason that i do not know, it was just retired from youtube, so here it is again!!

    The intro is also very nice because we see the peoples at the entry barrier and also all around the track and now due to the situation, we cannot see this anymore :-(

    HERE IS THE STORY of this lap
    In 2015 i had this incredible Ariel Atom 3 300hp, with the aero kit (front and rear) and decided to seriously going at the ring with it for training, because i already felt in love on this track and this particular car with absolutely 0 assistance so an incredible challenging car who accelerated from 0 to 100 in 3sec, which is quiet good in 2015...the only problem of this car were about the fuel tank who only allowed 2.5 laps before empty :-)
    Also not the best in term of security if big crash there :-(

    As you can see in the vid i start the lap in TF classic entry, and found by pure hasard on front of me this incredible Corvette z06 who let me passed at T13 but chased me closely till Adenauer forst then i let him pass again and he leaved at Adenau exit because empty fuel

    Ok this was not so fast lap, but this video were very popular because it was soooo immersive due to the camera mounted on the roll bar!
    The thing i touch with my left hand is the turn indicator :-)

    The car were on TOYO R888 and adjustable Bilstein suspension

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  • 3 Cars Way Better Than The New Corvette Z06


    Our Exotic Car Hacks Black Friday sale ends today. Get 80% off lifetime access to the training, resources, and community:

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  • Ariel Atom 4: A street-legal turbo track toy | RATED | Ep. 202


    Auto scribe Zack Klapman and pro racer Dai Yoshihara get behind the wheel of the all-new Ariel Atom 4. Loaded with the powertrain of a Honda Civic Type R but weighing just 1,350 pounds, Zack and Dai find out if the street-legal, bare-bones sports car is as fast and fantastic as it looks. Tune in to see how the Ariel Atom 4 gets RATED.

    Ariel Atom 4 Reveal:

    Episode chapters:
    00:00 Introduction - Ariel Atom 4
    00:35 Bare-bones refinement
    01:25 Vehicle overview
    03:12 Suspension science
    03:39 Street legal and drive-thru friendly-ish
    04:19 Totally livable machine
    04:43 A piece of cake
    05:25 Zack’s review (street)
    05:58 Worth the price of hearing loss?
    07:43 Track test time
    08:46 Dai’s review (track)
    11:26 “Let’s go fast!” (Zack feels instant regret)
    11:49 RATED - Ariel Atom 4
    12:35 Special thanks
    12:47 Oops...

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    #ArielAtom #RATED #NeverStopDriving

  • NEW Ariel Nomad R: The Most INTENSE Car Weve EVER Driven | Carfection 4K


    Henry Catchpole drives the utterly bonkers Nomad R, Ariel's hardcore off-roader turned on-roader. It's the most intense car he has ever driven.

    There will only be 5 Ariel Nomad R 's built.
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  • ☠️!!!SUSPENSION FAILURE!!! ☠️ Almost crash on the Nurburgring


    Here is my onboard from the last NLS endurance race into the CAYMAN V5 class of the team WS MOTORSPORT

    The WISHBONE ARM of the left front suspension just broken instantly for one mysterious reason....
    This happened on the last lap of the race (only 3/4 min left till finish line after 4HRS of racing!!) we were on P2 on that moment!
    I was very lucky because if this failure happened on Schwendenkreuz it would have been different consequences....????????????

    NO RISK NO FUN ????

  • Ariel Atom: Insane Speed Machine | Top Gear


    Jeremy tries to convince the middle-aged men of the world not to buy a mid-life crisis motorbike, buy the stunning Ariel Atom instead. It's then up to the Stig to see what this distinctive little car can do.

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  • Ariel Nomad | Owners Review


    Finally here - The VERY FIRST review of the Nomad by the owner!!

    We take you through the Nomad experience: we dissect every part of the ownership and talk you through it - the design, the alterations and the driving experience.

    Watch Part 2 here:
    This is where you can dive deeper into the optional extras on the Ariel Nomad.

    We hope you like it! There are so many parts to it, please let us know if we have missed something out or if you have any further questions.

    Behind Closed Doors - Otis McDonald
    First Light - Racing Glaciers (Draper & Rogue Remix)

    Let's connect: @mudnomad


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  • He made Scream my GT2 RS MR like a PORNSTAR


    I do not present you Kuba Giermaziak, the futur absolute BIG BOSS of the nurburgring, just in case you do not know him yet, you can find below the link of his best lap with his STOCK 991.2 GT3 RS on michelin cup 2r

    Before all of the Computer Nordschleife expert says, ahhh he is much faster in his 3rs stock, blablabla, you must understand that:
    1/It is not his car so not pushing to the limit, and this one is the 5th ever lap he did with the car!!!!
    2/The car were on Michelin sport cup 2 N2 with 40 laps already, the R tire is 12sec faster per lap...
    3/ i was passenger 94kgs
    4/ Fuel tank were Full 90 liters
    5/ grip level of the track pretty poor as it was huge raining before that day
    6/ ESC OFF TC ON
    7/Aluminium wheels, not the lightweight magnesium

    So i let you make your own pronostic about the lap time he can does with that beast....

    Here is the story of this lap for into the GT2 RS Manthey racing, me as passenger.
    we were both on one track day, but unfortunately his car was not ready, so then he was here with his brother and because i know how he drive fucking well, i leaved to him the wheel of the GT2 for couple of laps...

    He did 4 laps before this one to understand the car, i think he need 10 laps to understand 100% of the car, for me even 1000laps with the car iam still at 70% of the potential :-)))
    this just give you an idea of the HUUUGE talent this guy have!!

    Big moment at Hatzenbach but totally under control, just he gently testing the limit of the car

    We can hear the tire SCREAMING after each acceleration, totally amazing

    Just AWESOME, thanks Kuba for the lap and also the DATA :-)

    AND YES YOU CAN HEAR ME JOKING AS FUCK AT 0:54 and his answer was that was too fast WE ARE JUST TWO CRAZY GUYS AND THAT'S IT DO NOT WORRY :-)))




    Here is one series of video onboard on a track with one TESLA MODEL 3 PERFORMANCE with track PACK V2 (500hp).
    The car is not mine, TESLA FRANCE just leaned me the car for testing and giving some feedback, data and personal report on track.
    It directly come from the « FRANCE media testing park »
    Iam absolutely not a FAN or a HATER of the TESLA brand, i just love to drive good fast cars on the track, doesn't matter which brand, price, or fuel it use, please kindly note it…
    The only think i will do is give you the detail of the weather condition on this day, the track location and the car (and other cars i chased!) SPECS. I will let you guys debat in the comments section about everything :-)))

    My only quicky personnal opinion is that;
    All car manufacturers/engineers/CEO, you should really, really, really move your ass soooo quickly for staying in the game into the next futur….

    100% stock TESLA 3 PERFORMANCE 500HP with track mode V2
    Esc: 100% off
    engine braking: 100%
    Power ratio: 70% rear 30% front (fully adjustable by 1% precision)
    Tire pressure HOT: 2.7 bars front 3.0 bars rear
    Tire: Michelin PS4S 235/35/20 all around, 50% used
    Oem Tesla 20' wheels
    Air conditionning OFF
    battery condition HP POWER (personnal feeling): When it is green:500hp…..dark green: 440…. Orange:380hp……Red: 290HP, you can remove again10% from these HP when battery are under 30%

    Even on red battery the car can be driven with no Alert, it is just a Limp mode and it need 1 lap cooling down to going back into the green.
    On this day, we started the session at 100% on the battery and after 30minutes of driving we were at 20%, then goes to the TESLA SUPERCHARGER next to the track for reloading at 100% in 40minutes.

    Circuit de Bresse in France, a 3.2kms track /supercharger Tesla installed 6KMS far from there (autobahn quick access in 5min), it need 30min for reloading the battery from 10% till 90%
    Outside temperature: 36C° track temp: 55°C
    BEST LAPTIME: 1.41.60 with bit traffic, new tire and battery at 100%, 1.39 is possible here

    Ferrari 488 PISTA, Tire Michelin sport cup 2
    Level of the driver: Ouch

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  • Noble M600 Track Test | Top Gear


    Jeremy Clarkson heads out on to the Top Gear test track in a new British supercar, the sensationally fast and sensationally expensive Noble M600. Subscribe to Top Gear:

    Taken from Top Gear Series 14, Episode 05.

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  • My First, Fast & Quiet Ride in a AMG GT Black Series.


    My first passenger experience with the Black Series.

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    00:00 No dolphins to be seen here

  • The Ariel Atom 4 Is NOT For The Faint Hearted...



    The Ariel Atom 4 is a naughty piece of equipment that I can't fathom or begin to understand, even after experiencing it. It's hard to review a car when all you're doing is screaming. It's no wonder this car sat on the Top Gear leader board for SO long! Reviewing if from the passenger seat was quite the experience.
    The car corners incredibly well, with zero bodyroll. Supercars would be embarrassed by this thing on a track day, and there is literally nothing like it. I need to find something even faster / scarier next. Drift car? Race car? Stay tuned.

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  • Zenos E10 R vs. Radical SR1 vs. Caterham 620R vs. Ariel Atom - The FULL Challenge | Fifth Gear


    Jason and Karun go head to head in a stripped-down sportscar​ challenge! Zenos E10 R, The Radical SR1, The Caterham 620R and the Ariel Atom 3.5 R go up against each other to find out which comes out on top! For access to exclusive Fifth Gear content and all FULL episodes, join our channel

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  • StigCam: Ariel Atom 4 Stig Lap... in the DRY | Top Gear


    In Series 28 of Top Gear, Chris Harris reviewed the brand new Ariel Atom 4 before The Stig flung it around a very wet Top Gear test track achieving a somewhat modest time of 1:25.3. So, we promised to run the Atom in the dry. And here's the result: a 1:16.0. Now... that's better.

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  • Ariel Atom 3S Review | The Most Unreasonable Car Ever Built


    The Ariel Atom 3S is one of those rare unicorns in the automotive world that attempts to blend a race car into a street legal package. Find out how fast this track toy is and if it is good as we imagine it to be.

    00:00 - Cinematic Intro
    00:52 - Driving Impressions
    03:46 - Performance Tests
    06:16 - Fast List Results
    08:43 - Driving Impressions Cont.
    09:25 - Final Thoughts
    10:30 - BTS with Insta360 ONE X2

    Speed Labs is a channel dedicated to producing unique cinematic content and in-depth reviews on performance cars. We love cool cars. We love driving fast. And we're all about the half mile and 60-130.

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    Fast List Motion Graphics by Mike Ahlskog
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    Rugged 5TB Hard Drive

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    #ariel #atom #racecar

  • 700hp Turbo Ariel Atom - TX2K14


    One of the more interesting cars at the TX2K14 Roll Race. This thing has to be a blast on the street!!

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  • 2016 Ariel Atom 3.5 Review - how fast is too fast?


    I get the chance to review a friends Ariel Atom 3.5 with the supercharged 2.4L engine. Wow, how fast is this thing???



    Welcome to another video on Forza Motorsport 7. I have tried this series before but we are now starting a brand new series of the Nurburgring Nordschleife Lap records for all of the cars in Forza Motorsport 7. Here, we will compare all the cars against eachother and create a list of the fastest cars in forza. We have over 500 cars to test so stay tuned for daily Nurburgring videos.

    Forza Motorsport 7 is a racing video game developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios, serving as the tenth installment in the Forza series.

    In this video, we will be running with the 2013 ARIEL ATOM 500 V8 on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. We are running it completely stock with the assists on to help make the hot lap times more accurate in forza motorsport 7. Firstly, we go over the specs of the car. Everything from the type of engine it has down to the horsepower and top speed. Stay tuned for tomorrow's car which is the: 2018 MCLAREN 720S

    Recording On: MSI Optix G27C2
    Gameplay capture: Elgato Hd60
    Audio Recording:
    Car: 2013 ARIEL ATOM 500 V8
    Game: Forza Motorsport 7/ Forza Horizon 3

    Intro - HARD Trap Beat FREE (Non-Copyright) Rap Instrumental
    Background - Dj Quads - Show me (Non-Copyrighted Music)
    Outro - JPB - Up Away [Privated NCS Release]

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  • Test Driving The First Ariel Atom 4 With The Honda Civic Type R Engine


    Driving Instructor Anthony Magagnoli test drives the first U.S. Ariel Atom 4 powered by the Honda Civic Type R powertrain, and argues it's become the ultimate track toy and work-life balancing tool that can satisfy where other new cars no longer can.

    Read more:

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  • Ariel Atom @ Autoclub speedway autocross 8/15/20


    Speed Ventures autocross @ Auto Club Speedway on 8/15/20

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  • Top Gear Power Lap - Ariel Atom V8 500


    Series: 16 Episode: 01

    Top Gear Power Lap - Ariel Atom V8 500 (With Commentary)

    Time in Real Life (The Stig) - 01:15.1

    All cars are stock

    These times are hard to beat (on a wheel setup) but any requests please don't hesitate to comment and I will get it done.

    Gameplay on Logitech G920 + G29 with Shifter

    For Real Life Power Lap Times Go To

    (Please remember that the cones are placed incorrectly on the track and are not removable, anyone who knows Top Gear will know exactly where the correct racing line is, thank you)

  • 2014 Corvette vs Porsche 911 Turbo Slipstream Roll Race


    2014 Corvette vs Turbo K20 Civic Slipstream Racing Roll Racing
    Heard Porsche had a 4G63 turbo engine but dont know if it is true..
    650wHP Corvette

  • STIG DRIFTS: Ariel Atom 4; 320bhp & 595kg | Top Gear


    Yes, The Stig is back in one of Blighty's finest - the Ariel Atom 4. Now it's not the obvious choice for a drift wagon, we'll admit, but with the Atom 4's new torquier turbocharged engine, The Stig's feather-touch left-foot braking - oh, and 538bhp/tonne - let's see just how sideways it'll go... Rate this drift in the comments below, and check out The Stig drifting an M3 GTS here:

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  • Ariel Atom 4 - Spec Sheet Demystified / Reviewed


    This video was cut up over the last 3 months and it's an attempt to help people who are at the early stage of specifying and choosing all the options on their Atom 4. I know it's a long video, if you can bear my voice for this long hopefully it will be useful. You can also skip to various chapters that correspond to the Ariel Atom spec sheet for ease of navigation.

    EDIT (post video): Slight correction, when I said traction control is 0-10 - it's actually 0-7 - 7 being the maximum invasive setting - handy for when there is low grip and 0 being completely off.

    Regarding the boost controller option that allows 3 different settings to control the characteristics and power of the car as per the video I have learned since I uploaded this video that settings 2 and 3 will have the same BHP power output but slightly different maps. Setting 3 will have a more aggressive torque delivery than 2. Setting 1 will reduce the power of the car. If you choose not to spec this option (like me) then the map you get is setting 2. To me this is aggressive enough.

    0:00 Power Upgrades
    1:22 Options: Engine / Transmission / Exhaust
    7:53 Options: Brakes
    9:57 Options: Dampers
    11:30 Options: Suspension
    12:40 Options: Steering
    13:43 Options: Track Day / Race
    19:53 Options: Seat Belts / Safety Harnesses
    22:25 Options: Wheels / Tyres / Aerodynamics
    23:32 Options: Other /Cosmetic / Misc
    31:38 Options: Body/Colours
    35:26 Options: Legal / On the Road

  • Ariel Atom replica


    Ariel Atom replica homemade build from audi 80 cupe, engine 1800 cc (gasoline)



  • Nsrt-4 big turbo vs Corvette C7 supercharguer


    Gana nsrt-4

  • Nürburgring Industry-Pool Prototypes 17.08.2021 | Corvette C8 Z06, McLaren 765LT And Many More


    Nürburgring Industry-Pool Prototypes 17.08.2021 | Corvette C8 Z06, McLaren 765LT And Many More

    Several prototypes/erlkönige at the Nürburgring for testing.
    Camera: JVC-EVERIO GZ-R315

    All my videos are protected by copyright, therefore no free use is possible

  • 2020 Ariel Nomad R | UK Review | PistonHeads


    To create the Nomad R, Ariel took the supercharged base of its much-loved off-roader and sprinkled it with road dust. The result is a £77k halfway house between the Nomad and Atom 4 - but is it one of brilliance or unnecessary meddling? Dan Prosser dons his racing helmet to find out.

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    Search for an Ariel here




    Here is one very nice VIDEO made by Luca Brunetti of MONDOGRANTURISMO during the Gran truismo event track day Nurburgring October 2020.

    It was very complicate condition, full wet, 7°c temp etc

    Car were on michelin PS4s and rain setup which consist to a stabilities setup in the SOFTER position.

    Please visit the yt page of MONDO GRANTURISMO, you have a lot of VR experience on track with many supercar and racer!!

  • Chevrolet Corvette Corvette Z06 with Akrapovic Catback cold start and revs...!


    This is a cold start on my C6 Z06 with an Akrapovic catback. There are a few revs with the valves open and closed as well as my impressions of the exhaust. If this video gets 10 likes I'll do a walk-around video of the car and go over the mods. Please like and subscribe!

  • Hotlap Albi 13066


    Journées RRS avec Manu Guigou le 7 février sur le circuit d'Albi

  • Corvette Z06 First Ride with THE MOD LAB


    n this video, I hand out and do STUFF with Travis from The Mod Lab on YouTube! Please sit back, enjoy, and don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Don't forget to hit that BELL and stay tuned to see some cool cars and see what you're missing out on!

    Savage Exotics Merch:

    The Mod Lab:

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  • Gold Track series #2 Ariel Atom hits Oulton Park


    Once again huge thank you to Gold Track, check them out for your next Track day event.

    What an amazing bunch of guys we had on today, huge big thankyou to you all! Top Top blokes looking forward to catching up again at the next event.
    Ibrahim Essat
    Muhammad. E
    Mo AKA Marvin

    would just like to add that future videos will be sponsored by Europe's number 1 motor sport scholarship scheme. check them out and you could be lined up on the grid next time!

  • Nissan 350Z Racecar at Road Atlanta


    This was my second visit to Road Atlanta, and my first time there with NASA. This is by far the best track value out there: a full weekend for less than $400. BONUS! You get to watch time trials and door-to-door racing in between sessions. DOUBLE BONUS! You get to walk around the paddock and get inspiration from all the cool racecars. Everywhere there are race prepped Miata, Corvette, and Mustang.

    The track is very fast and great fun. There's a lot of elevation change and fast, scary sections to enjoy. It works best for high powered cars like Corvettes and Porsches and will be a bit frustrating for momentum cars. It's always fun especially if you've ever been to a race there like Petit Le Mans. Max speed for the 350Z is around 140 on the back straight.

    The car did amazing! This was one of the first events I've gone to where I didn't have a single issue to address either at the track or once I got home. The car was so enjoyable lap after lap, but sadly, this will be it's last event for a few years.

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  • Supercar Driving Experience - Ariel Atom Supercharged


    Supercar Driving Experience - Ariel Atom Supercharged

    5-Drive Supercar Driving Experience @Killarney Raceway
    Friday 12th November 2021

    Ariel Atom Supercharged: 2.0L, Inline 4 supercharged, 320bhp, 250kph (top speed), 2.8s (0-100kph)

    Second most fun of the 5 car driving experience day. Lightweight car with sharp steering. Great noisy engine with supercharger whine but not so audible due to wind noise.
    Most fun a person could have without affording a supercar but at least get some feeling of being exposed like driving a superbike.

    Was asked to stay in 5th gear entire lap but that was Ok from 60 to 160kph. The first gears are very very short ratio.

    #ferrari, #lamborghini, #NissanGTR, #Porsche, #ArielAtom, #supercar, #drivingexperience, #giftexperience, #experiencedays, #killarney

  • Huracan VS Nissan GTR HKS 700HP on MONZA + 918 spyder PART 1


    Great Fight with Julien and his crazy fast GTR! a LOTS of fun during 25min of big fighting on one of the fastest track in the world!

    Video are in two parts and both MUST be seen, maybe one of the best track battle of my life, we gone till max limit of both car as you will see on the part two ahahaha

    You can also see here the power of the beautiful 918 spyder with WEISSACH package.
    Enjoy and live your dreams!

  • When you watch BFMTV and then an Huge avalanche are coming to you


    I were at home relaxed time on tv when this huge avalanche Spray are came around ????
    Nobody hurt, few chalet has window broken but nothings else

    The back of this spray was one big avalanche who were stopped by one « wall avalanche barrier »
    More than 10m of snow..

    This happened in Chamonix mont Blanc FRANCE.

  • Ariel Atom 2 crash in Sweden onboardcam


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  • You wont believe how the giant steel rope is produced.


    You won't believe how the giant steel rope is produced.

  • Forza 7 Drag race: Ford Shelby GT350R vs Porsche 911 GT2 RS


    Hello everyone and welcome back to the series of Forza drag races. On Forza Motorsport 7 today, we have a head to head drag race, featuring an American muscled up 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R that's been giving a stage 3 supercharger installed to its Flat-crank 5.2L V8 Engine mounted on the front, allowing it to produce 810 hp, it is prepared and ready to take on a 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS that has 691 hp but weighs less and has a faster gearbox, so who'll take the win? Lets find out!

    Here are the specifications :)

    2016 Ford Shelby GT350R (810hp)
    Engine: 5.2L Stage 3 Supercharged Flat-crank V8
    Power: 810 hp
    Torque: 649 lb.ft
    Weight: 1678 kg
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
    Drivetrain: RWD (Drag Tires)

    2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2)
    Engine: 3.8L Twin-Turbocharged Flat-6
    Power: 691 hp
    Torque: 553 lb.ft
    Weight: 1450 kg
    Transmission: 7-Speed PDK Dual-Clutch
    Drivetrain: RWD

    Thanks to my friend ZemFlo for making this race possible!

  • Caterham 420R vs Ariel Atom 3.5


    Caterham 420R vs Ariel Aton 3.5 at Mallory Park.
    Track day on 6th August 2020 at Mallory Park.

    I'd chatted to the owner of this Atom 3.5 earlier in the morning. I was on a warm up lap with him behind me, so thought I'd let him past and see how quick it was compared with my new 420R. I wasn't at Mallory to set any lap times, what with this being the first track day in my new car, however I was surprised as how much he held me up in the braking zones and under cornering.

    It was quick however, especially the torque out of corners (although I was being lazy and using 3rd out of the hairpin).

    In the end he wasn't going to let me by, so I popped back into the pits to head out again a bit later.

    The track day was organised by Javelin and it is their picture I use in the title (free photos, and they're damn good!).

  • Hockenheim Corvette ZR1 vs KTM X-BOW Pistenclub 16.09.2020


    - Back to the Hockenheimring with Pistenclub just 1 week after the driving licence for competition
    - First time with Toyo tires : same laptimes with Toyo and Michelin Cup2, good grip, good feeling, but very noisy on roads and autobahns
    - Nice weather (but hot, about 30-34° C); ZR1 with same water temp issues as usual
    - Next tuning step is coming finally : a new special engine hood with louvers will replace the OEM one

  • INTENSE race porsche Cup Nurburgring, P9 to P1!


    3 intense lap starting from P9 (total 12 cars) and finish P1 on lap 3rd!
    IA adjusted to 100% strength and agressivité 93%

    Good training especially about cold blood maintaining during the race before the season with my team WS MOTORSPORT

  • Sports car Delivered ARIEL ATOM V8


    Hello guys welcome to my new video
    Actual this car cost $200000,nearly 14.6million Indian money

  • Dodge Viper | Super Car or Garbage Truck?


    We review and discuss the 2009 Gen 4 Dodge Viper with 600HP and 560TQ V10. We talked about the evolution, development, and all of the technical details on why you would want to buy one of the few modern American Super Cars. We don't hold back and show the good and bad of this generation.
    With Hellcats and now the Ram TRX roaming the street, the Viper is still the FCA king.

    00:00 - 1:02 Intro - Grilled
    1:02 - 4:08 Interior Impressions
    4:08 - 8:33 Mechanical Discussion, Development Story and Suspension
    8:33 - 10:26 Rear Suspension and Differential
    10:26 - 14:01 Engine Discussion
    14:01 - 20:19 Driving Impressions
    20:19 Final Thoughts

  • GT2 RS VS BMW M4 VLN SCHIRMER APEX taxi on Nurburgring


    Cool lap behind the well driven Apex race taxi at the nurburgring during busy Touristenfarten with few part a bit wet and a track with 8°C temp!

    Spec of the car are made for race (VLN ENDURANCE NURBURGRING) but street legal
    570HP 700NM of torque and a lot of aero and carbon fiber stuff, race suspension etc
    for a car cost around 250K€ and made by one of the best race garage in the world here around the Nurburgring, the legendary TEAM SCHIRMER
    Congrat to make some crazy monster like that, it works very well and are close to the league of super car as you can see

  • Time Attack Castellet 11/09/20 ARIEL ATOM 300 en 22309


    Le seul tour clair des 2 journées sans être gêné.Olivier au volant.La piste était sèche mais bp de pluie 1h avant, donc pas d'attaque en dehors des limites.
    Possibilité de gratter pas 1 à 2 sec car le tour n'était pas parfait (une seule tentative).

  • Season Start | Digital Nürburgring Endurance Series


    Virtual racing on the Nordschleife! Experience the season start of the Digital Nürburgring Endurance Series presented by Goodyear! With the H&R 3h-Race the virtual Nordschleife championship starts into the third season.

    Well-known drivers from real motorsports compete against the best SimRacers. They are driving on world's most famous and demanding race track - the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

    The race is divided into 4 classes: The fast GT3 cars battle for overall victory, followed by Cup Porsche, GT4 and TCR cars, which are fighting for their class victory.

    ???? Timetable:
    ➡ 12:30 - 13:00: Qualifying
    ➡ 13:00 - 16:00: Race (3 hours)

    ➡ Info:
    ➡ About the Nürburgring:

    #DNLS #nring

  • C5 Z06 Commemorative Edition - Pittsburgh Track Day 7/6/21


    First time getting my C5 Corvette Z06 Commemorative Edition out on track. I ran the Track Night in America event at Pittsburgh International Raceway on 7/6/21. I was taking it very easy as it's a new car to me and has mis-matched tires. Quite a bit different than my Formula Vee, but I'm enjoying the challenge of driving something completely different and something with horsepower!

    My goal is to drive every road course in the US. I've currently driven 17 tracks, including Pittsburgh, but Pittsburgh is the first for the Z06. There are a lot of tracks that don't have FV races, so the Z06 will be perfect to use to add those tracks to my list.

    Other videos you may like:
    Drag Racing the Z06 for the first time:
    Last FV race (also at Pittsburgh):
    Crashing the FV at Indy:
    Crashing the FV at Watkins Glen:
    Picking up the C5 Z06 Comm Edition:



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