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Android Gets An Apple Watch: Oppo Watch Review

  • Android Gets An Apple Watch: Oppo Watch Review


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    You simply can’t talk about the Oppo Watch without acknowledging that it was made to look like the Apple Watch. From the watchfaces to the band design, even to the retail packaging – I look at the Oppo Watch and all I can think about is the trademark standard “likelihood of confusion,” which I read so much about back in my legal-books-on-tape days. Further, the notion of taking Google’s inconsistent Wear OS software and putting it inside an Apple Watch lookalike – to me it sounds like the worst of all worlds. So when I agreed to review the Oppo Watch ahead of its European release ... quite frankly, I expected to hate it.

    Imagine my surprise, then, when after a week of using the thing … it actually won me over. It's still too close to the Cupertino product for me to keep it on my wrist, but the Oppo Watch is one of the most interesting, and most consistently reliable, Wear OS watches I've tested in recent memory. Join me for all the details, in MrMobile's Oppo Watch Review!



    MrMobile's Oppo Watch Review was produced following seven days with an Oppo Watch review sample (model OW19W8) provided by Oppo and tested with a Motorola Razr 2019. Preproduction device running pre-release software. The sole sponsor of this content is Withings; neither Oppo nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage, and Oppo was not given a preview of the content or offered copy approval rights concerning same.


    Oppo Watch [UK Site]:

    Oppo Watch Release Date, Price, and Everything You Need To Know [TechRadar]:

    Likelihood of Confusion definition [FindLaw]:



    This post may contain affiliate links, which afford MrMobile / Future plc a commission if you make a purchase. See our affiliate link policy for more details:

    Additional information concerning MrMobile’s ethics policy can be found here:

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  • Oppo Watch Review: Apple Watch for Android?


    Does Android finally have an Apple Watch alternative in the form of the #OppoWatch?

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  • OPPO WATCH – Buying & Reviewing: An Apple Watch Alternative?


    Buying and reviewing the Oppo Watch can it replace the Apple Watch? Let’s find out! Please, like and subscribe if you like! Thanks for watching!

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  • OPPO Watch VS Apple Watch 5 – Comparison


    Comparison between the Oppo Watch and Apple Watch 5! Please, like and subscribe if you like! Thanks for watching!

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  • Oppo Watch Review | A Worthy Wear OS Smartwatch?


    Full review of the Oppo Watch (46mm) after two weeks of testing, including a closer look at performance, battery life, fitness tracking and the overall experience. Although it cribs the design from the Apple wearable, the Oppo Watch is still one of my favourite Wear OS smartwatches of 2020 - although some little quirks keep it from being among the very best.

    This bigger 46mm model costs £369 in the UK, compared with £219 for the compact 41mm version. However, you don't just get a bigger device for that extra cash. This premium wrist rocket also adds improved water resistance, a sharper AMOLED screen, eSIM LTE support and more bonus features.

    Wear OS serves up a huge selection of watch faces to boost the small but respectable selection provided by the Oppo Watch. I struggled with the Google Assistant support, but the NFC works well for contactless payments and you have full fitness tracking support. This 46mm model also includes cellular support and you can take calls with the built-in mic and speaker.

    Battery life is typically not great but you'll get a full day of use with all of the features active, and you also get a Power Saver mode. So let me know what you think of my Oppo Watch review and if you're tempted to grab one yourself!

  • Oppo Watch | Unboxing & Full Tour | Smartwatch For Apple Haters


    Unboxing and full tour of the Oppo Watch, a premium smartwatch that's been compared with Apple's wearable, except with Wear OS on board. Ahead of my full review here's a hands-on exploration of the specs, performance, features and design of the 46mm Oppo Watch. Possibly the best Android alternative?

    This bigger model is £369 in the UK, compared with £219 for the 41mm version. However, you don't just get a bigger device for that extra cash. This beefy wearable also adds improved water resistance, a sharper AMOLED screen and other bonus bits missing from the smaller, budget-friendly Oppo smartwatch.

    Wear OS appears in its natural form here, with a couple of little tweaks to the look and feel. You still get a huge selection of watch faces that you can customise, Google Assistant support, NFC, and full fitness tracking. This 46mm model also includes eSIM LTE support and you can take calls with the built-in mic and speaker.

    Battery life is typically rubbish for a smartwatch but you can charge up in a jiffy with VOOC flash charging.

    Full review of the Oppo Watch coming soon, once I've had a proper chance to test it out. Let me know your early thoughts below!

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  • OPPO Watch Overview - Is It The Best Looking Android Smart Watch?


    AD : The OPPO watch is one of the best looking Android watches out there, actually, best-looking watch full stop. It carries the same design DNA I've come to love about OPPO phones like the Find X2 Pro.

    preorder here:

    In the box, you have the watch itself with a fluoro rubber strap, charging vase, quick start guide and safety guide. The unboxing experience says it's premium. Out of the box, the Oppo watch has a Flexible Dual-Curved Display on the left and right of the unit and a 3D-curved bottom. The Straps can be easily replaced with a plethora of straps available on OPPO's website and to the bottom, we have 4 HR sensors arranged to make them as accurate as possible. On the sides, you have two buttons, a power button and one multifunctional button that can be programmed to your favourite or most used feature or app and a microphone in the middle of the buttons for Google Assistant. On the left, you have two speaker slits so you can interact with Google Assistant.

    This is the 46MM WiFi-only version, you also have the option for a 46MM LTE and a 41MM WiFi version too. I particularly like this gold version as it's stylish and elegant on the wrist. The setup is very easy and straightforward, just tap on the options on the screen till you're set up. You'll need the free Wear OS app available in the app store and OPPO's HeyTap Health app which allows you to do some extra customisations. Besides having a dual-curved display, it's also one of the brightest and vibrant I've seen on a watch with 1.91 AMOLED display, 326PPI and 100% DCI-P3 Color gamut, never thought I'd use colour gamut in the same sentence as a watch.

    The OPPO watch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and Ambiq Micro's Apollo3 Wireless SoC, 430mAh battery, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage; a combination that means you get a really smooth and responsive performance, Up to 21-Day Battery Life in Power saver Mode and up to 36 hours in smart mode, that's a lot of usages you can get out of it.

    It also uses Watch VOOC Flash Charging which you mean, 15 mins charge will get the battery to 46%, enough to last you the day. In Power Saver mode you still have the essentials, you can receive message notifications, check the time, track your steps, and monitor your heart rate.

    The OPPO Watch 46mm (including LTE and Wi-Fi versions) supports 5ATM water, that's 50-meter water resistance. using Google Fit ecosystem, you have access to multiple workout modes and 5 min workout class series.
    HeyTap Health app, gives you access to 24 hours heart rate and sleep monitoring data, get up reminder and guided breathing exercises. I also like how you can make the Oppo watch unique to you with a Picture watch face, or let it match your outfit by taking a picture of what you're wearing, and let the built-in AI do the rest.

    On the watch itself, it's very easy to use, Tap the screen to wake it up or raise your wrist, Swipe up for notifications, Swipe down for quick settings, swipe from the left curved edge for Google Assistant, Swipe from the right for your tiles, so I have daily activity, weather, my sleep record, Heart rate and workout record. The bottom side button is programmed to workout options by default, but you can change that and the top power button will take you back to the home screen and also show all your apps nicely laid out with a scroll up or down motion.

  • OPPO Watch 7-Day Review: Way More Than Just An Apple Watch Lookalike! Its Really Good!


    The OPPO Watch is OPPO's first ever smartwatch to launch and although it looks like a certain Fruit Watch, it actually comes with some pretty cool and awesome features. Having used it for close to a week now, this is my review of the OPPO Watch 46mm.

  • OPPO Watch *46mm gold unboxing & hands-on: THE APPLE WATCH KILLER?


    My first look at the Oppo Watch and all the different things it can do! Let me know what you want me to check for the review!

    **NOW SEEING ARTICLES that say that the 41 mm Oppo Watch does not have a curved screen - IM now checking to see which version of the watch I have. It's possible that the box I had just had the wrong manual (becaus as you saw it said 41mm) or there are different versions globally. im trying to find out and will update this when I figure i itall out! (put this in the desc but adding here so ya’ll see). Either way, my experience from this initial vid remains the same - and dont worry, there will be a follow up!

    FOR REFERENCE: 46mm Oppo Watch specs:
    2 versions - LTE (e-sim capability) & Wifi
    19.91 AMOLED screen
    430mAh battery
    36hrs (smart mode battery), 21 days (power saving battery)
    71 min charging time
    5ATM waterproofing

    Confirmed from Mr. Mobile who did a video on the same watch that this version is the 46mm ver & i just had mismatched literature in the box!

    The OPPO Watch RETAILS for:
    starting at INR 14,990 in India, onsale starting Aug 10
    starting at £229 in the UK, available October


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  • Oppo Watch - UNBOXING & REVIEW


    Oppo Watch review and unboxing after 24 hours of usage. Oppo watch review with eSIM, NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi can work with iOS and Android phones.

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  • Oppo Watch vs Apple Watch: Is the copycat worth buying?


    Here's my comparison of the Oppo Watch and the Apple Watch!

    Buy the Oppo Watch here:
    Buy the Apple Watch here:

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    Disclaimer: While we do make a commission for every sale through the above links, we pride ourselves on honest reviews and do not let that influence our opinion on a product. No company paid or offered other compensation for the coverage in this video, unless otherwise stated.

  • OPPO Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: The Key Differences You Should Know.


    The OPPO Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are both flagships in the smartwatch segment. One runs on Wear OS whilst the other on Tizen OS. After using both for more than a month now, which is the better one, and which should you purchase? Watch on to find out!

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  • OPPO Watch: Looks Familiar But Theres More to It!


    OPPO recently unveiled the new OPPO Watch in India and while it does look like an Apple Watch, it's a WearOS smartwatch that packs in some really exciting features. Well, in this video, we take a look at the OPPO Watch features and our experience of the new smartwatch.

    The 41mm Oppo Watch is priced at Rs. 14,999 while the 46mm Oppo Watch is priced at Rs. 19,990 in India.

    OPPO Watch 41mm vs 46mm: What Are The Key Differences?:

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  • OPPO Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Comparison!


    These are two of 2020's best flagship smartwatches - but with varying price points and offerings; which should you get? Find out in our video!

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  • Oppo Watch vs Xiaomi Watch


    Oppo watch vs Xiaomi Mi watch, two smartwatches with eSIM, heart-rate voice-assistant, bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and more

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  • Oppo Watch 46mm Global Version Review: Not Original But Damn Good


    The Oppo Watch may not have the most original design but it is a damn good smartwatch and arguably the best in Android. This is a review of the 46mm international version. #oppo #oppowatch

    My written review:

  • OPPO Watch vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: Best Apple Watch Clones 2020?


    Watch our video with comparison and first review of Oppo Watch and Xiaomi Mi Watch. Both of them look very similar to Apple Watch. What's the difference between Oppo Watch and Xiaomi Mi Watch? Let's find out. ▼ Buy Xiaomi Mi Watch and OPPO Watch ▼

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    Buy OPPO Watch:
    ➨ - Banggood

    ➨ Watch our video with unboxing and review of Xiaomi Mi Watch:

    OPPO Watch Specifications:
    Display: 1.91 inches, AMOLED flexible, 402 x 476 pixels
    Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2500 + Apollo3
    RAM: 1GB
    ROM: 8GB
    Features: e-SIM, AI watch faces, Comprehensive Heart Rate and Sleep Monitoring, 5 exercise sensors
    Battery: 430mAh, 40 hour use time on one charge, 21 days in battery saver mode, VOOC Flash Charging technology

    Xiaomi Mi Watch Specifications:
    Display: 1.78 inch AMOLED 44mm, 368 x 448 pixels, Rectangle
    Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100
    RAM: 1GB
    ROM: 8GB
    A+G sensor
    HRM heart rate sensor
    Geomagnetic sensor
    Ambient light sensor
    OTS optical displacement detector
    Sports Mode: 10
    Health Function: Heart rate/Sleep tracking/pressure measurement
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0/WiFi
    NFC: yes
    Calling: Full e-SIM (One Phone Number Dual Terminal/Independent Number)
    OS: MIUI For Watch
    Third-party Applications: yes
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  • Unboxing OPPO WATCH EVANGELION Indonesia


    Kalau mau cari smartwatch yang bagus selain Apple Watch, kamu bisa lirik si Oppo Watch ini, dari mulai kualitas material sampe desainnya sangat premium sekali, lalu harganya berapa? tonton videonya sampai selesai.

    Link pembelian Oppo Watch

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  • OPPO Watch Follow Up - A Few More Tricks Up Its Sleeve!


    The OPPO Watch is available for pre-order in Malaysia until 2 October 2020 with the 41mm variant priced at RM899, while the 46mm variant priced at RM1,299. Customers who pre-order the device will receive 2 additional watch straps worth RM199. During the pre-order the first 50 customer (located in Klang Valley only) will receive an additional 1 exclusive wristband designed by a renowned local graffiti artist, Katun. On 3rd October customers can collect their pre order devices along with name customization on the exclusive wristband by Katun on the spot at OPPO Flagship Store in the Gardens Mall on 3rd October from 10am - 12pm.





    Hey #TechGang
    This is OPPO Watch Unboxing and Review. After using this smart watch for few days. I must say this is the most value for money smart watch avalible in the market. OPPO watch has ultimate design & the overall smooth is too good. Highly recommand!

    OPPO Watch 41mm Price in India: Rs. 14,990
    OPPO Watch 46mm Price in India: Rs. 19,990

    #TechBar #OPPO #SmartWatch #India

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  • OPPO Watch New Straps & Latest Software Updates


    This is an update of Oppo Watch, the newest smartwatch from Oppo is now even better. But will it catch up with Apple Watch, let’s find out! Reviewing new apps and watch faces. Please, like and subscribe if you like! Thanks for watching!

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    Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review:

    0:00 Intro
    0:21 Straps Testing
    4:10 New Apps
    7:48 Don’t Be Shy

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  • ¿El MEJOR smartwatch ANDROID? Oppo Watch REVIEW


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  • OPPO Watch - A Beautiful Apple Watch Alternative


    Smartwatches are the new craze among Chinese smartphone manufacturers and after Xiaomi unveiled its first-ever smartwatch in China last year, OPPO has joined the party with its brand new OPPO Watch. The company’s new smartwatch comes off as a close competitor to the Apple Watch featuring a premium 3D curved design in multiple sizes like 41mm and 46mm. Similar to the Mi Watch, the OPPO Watch also supports eSIM which makes it an independent smartwatch that can be used to make calls.
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  • OPPO WATCH - Primul Android Wear care merită


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    Oppo Watch is Oppo's first smartwatch with e-SIM, ECG monitor, heart rate monitor, heartbeat monitor and fitness trackers. 1.9in curved AMOLED display, waterproof, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth 4.2, Snapdragon 2500 chipset.

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  • பக்கா Smartwatch, வேற லெவல் - OPPO Watch Review!


    இந்த வீடியோவில் OPPO Watch -யின் விமர்சனத்தை பார்ப்போம் .

    This Wear OS toting Smartwatch seems to be an excellent deal.

    This is my video review of the OPPO Smartwatch that managed to change my mind a bit about the whole smartwatch category as a whole!

    The OPPO Smartwatch comes in 2 sizes - 46mm and 41mm!

    Buy an OPPO Watch -

    If you liked our “ OPPO Watch Review - இது பக்கா, வேற லெவல்!” video do give it a Thumbs Up & Share! Comments are welcome too :)

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  • The Android Apple Watch? Oppo Watch | ICYMI #288


    The Oppo watch which by the way looks a whole lot like the Apple Watch is finally official. And here’s another alternative for those of you who are planning to buy a fitness band and this time it is from Realme with their brand new Realme Band.

    Details here:
    Oppo Watch

    Realme Band

    Got an issue with the iPad Air (2019) display? Apple will repair it for free

    Saifuddin Abdullah is M’sia’s new Communications and Multimedia Minister

    #ICYMI #News #OppoWatch

  • Oppo Watch Review Pros and Cons


    Hey guys! In this one, we're checking out the OPPO Watch. The brand's newest wearable that's one of the best looking Android based smart watches we've seen in a while.

    Yes, it bears similarities to a certain fruit-named brand based in Cupertino but what does have to offer in OPPO growing ecosystem of products?

    Colo takes you through the Pros and Cons of this device but just in case you want more information, head on over to the website as well.

    Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest on tech.

  • Oppo Watch 46mm LTE Review Test - Die Apple Watch für Android! | JJCPictures


    Mit der Oppo Watch 46mm LTE bringt Oppo ein weiteres Modell seiner Smartwatch auf den Markt. Die Smartwatch läuft mit Google Wear OS und wird von einem Snapdragon Wear 3100 angetrieben, sowie einem Apollo 3 Chip. Worin die Unterschiede zur 41mm Version bestehen, die Akkulaufzeit, Performance und das Always On Display sich geschlagen haben, erfahrt ihr in meinem Test Review.

    Viel Spaß!

    ▬▬▬ Links zum Produkt (Anzeige) ▬▬▬
    Oppo Watch 46mm LTE (*):

    ▬▬▬ Transparenzhinweis ▬▬▬
    Vielen Dank an Oppo Deutschland für die Bereitstellung der Smartwatch. Es wurden mir keine Vorgaben zum Video gemacht. Meine Meinung bleibt unbeeinflusst.

    ▬▬▬ Inhalt ▬▬▬
    00:00 Einleitung
    00:22 Design & Verarbeitung
    01:29 Transparenzhinweis
    01:43 Bedienung & Telefonieren
    02:47 Performance, Leistung & technische Daten
    03:43 Software Google Wear OS
    03:50 Fitnesstracker Funktionen
    04:01 Benachrichtigungen, Google Pay, Google Maps
    04:23 Shortcuts
    04:34 Watchface
    04:48 Akkulaufzeit & Laden
    05:37 Fazit
    06:14 Ausleitung

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  • Oppo Watch full review


    The Oppo watch was a major surprise to us. A beautiful watch with the hardware to match, the Oppo watch gets our Technobabble recommended logo and 4 out of 5 stars!

    #OppoWatch #GoogleWearOS

    Check out our unboxing here:

    Get the Oppo Watch here:



  • Oppo Watch Review


    This is my review of the Oppo Watch that has an identical design to the apple watch with its square design.

    You can buy it here:

    The Oppo watch has a 1.2 inch AMOLED display that looks fantastic. It has some thick bezels but most of the watch faces have a black background that hides it anyway.

    The Oppo watch is running ColorOS and not WearOS. I wasn't able to find where to buy the one running WearOS so I decided to check this one out running ColorOS. The watch is very lightweight weighing in at 30.1 grams. It has all the essential apps such as fitness tracking, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch and notifications. You can also find your phone with your watch.

    The oppo watch has the snapdragon 2500 that makes the watch very snappy and with its 1gb of ram, it doesn't struggle opening and closing apps.

    My Kit-Editing Computer Build:

    Motherboard ASUS ROG Strix X570 F gaming:
    GPU Gybabyte GeForce RTX 2070:
    CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900x:
    RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB:
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    WIFI PCI Express:
    Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB NVMe:
    Silicon Power 1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 2280:
    SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND 1TB Internal SSD (game disk):
    Samsung 860 EVO 500GB:
    2TB HDD Storage:

    My Kit-Recording Gear:

    Panasonic g85:
    Samsung SD Card 4K:
    Rode VideoMic GO Microphone:
    Yeti Microphone:
    Canon Flash:


    I may receive a small commission if you purchase through my links at no extra cost to you. To help me produce more videos.

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  • OPPO Watch Unboxing And Review: Stock Android WearOS by Google On Your Wrist! ????


    OPPO Watch Unboxing And Review: Stock Android WearOS by Google On Your Wrist! ????

    With the world's first stunning 1.91 inches 3D flexible AMOLED dual-curved touchscreen, VOOC Flash Charging to charge the watch from 0% to 46% in just 15 minutes! Together with Wear OS by Google, the OPPO Watch ticks all the right boxes of being a great smartwatch that you should own!

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  • I Personally use an Apple Watch but not a iPhone


    I like watches in general and I have used a tons of smartwatches but if you have noticed I mostly wear the apple watch and in this video I tell you why even though I don't use an iPhone as my primary or a secondary phone and in general prefer android phones over iPhones.

    Apple watch series 4

  • APPLE WATCH TAPI ANDROID ?? // Unboxing Oppo Watch


    Ini mirip sama Apple Watch, bukan hal yang buruk, karena itu artinya layarnya bagus, build quality nya keren dan mewah sekali. Cuman ada harga yang harus kamu bayar untuk itu semua.

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  • OPPO Watch - Top 5 features that make it a great wearable to buy under Rs 20K


    Power packed watches have become a rarity in 2020 which is why, the all new OPPO Watch 46mm comes across as an absolute trendsetter! Here’s our take on this stellar wearable's top five features which make it one of the most enticing options in its segment #DesignedToImpress #OPPOWatch.

    Priced at Rs 19990 for OPPO Watch 46mm and Rs 14990 for OPPO Watch 41 mm, it is a perfect amalgamation of style and fitness with an industry first AMOLED Dual-Curved Display. Go check out the device at Amazon and Flipkart!

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  • Oppo Watch 46mm - Androids Antwort auf die Apple Watch | Review, Test


    Oppo Watch 46 mm [Amazon] -
    Oppo Watch 41 mm [Amazon] -
    Mehr Informationen:

    0:00 Intro
    0:55 Lieferumfang
    1:20 Ladeoption & Akku
    3:00 Always On Display
    4:00 Armband
    4:35 Hardware-Layout
    7:15 Software
    10:00 Bedienung
    17:05 Performance
    20:25 Fazit

    #Oppo #OppoWatch #SmartWatch

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  • A Day With The OPPO Watch | Rowan Row


    ► A Day With The OPPO Watch | Rowan Row
    #ad #oppowatch #polytasking
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    The OPPO Watch is a versatile device with many functions that fits into numerous categories. Its sleek and modern design can be adapted to fit any style with changeable wrist straps and the AI Outfit colour display option, it will show you messages and updates at a glance without you having to take out your phone a break your flow; and contains a wide variety of fitness functions including a pedometer and wrist “5-minute mini workouts”.

    Polytasking is something we all do, but maybe don’t realise, and the OPPO Watch is the perfect companion for us to help accomplish our various tasks, jobs, and roles without stressing ourselves out or burning out.

  • Oppos new smartwatch uses Wear OS


    The new Oppo Watch is heading for a global release. The company released it's first version of the Watch just back in March, but it was only available in China. The Watch has some pretty clear influences, you could easily mistake it for a chunky Apple watch, but it runs Google's Wear OS, and promises lots of features along with solid battery life.

    Check out the Oppo reviews featured in this video:
    Hiệp Trần


    Phước Phè Phỡn

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    Trong video này, Vũ sẽ chứng minh rằng chiếc đồng hồ thông minh Oppo Watch không phải là bản sao của chiếc Apple Watch như một số người nói. Tiện đây, Vũ cũng tiết lộ bí quyết để ai cũng có được body chuẩn 6 múi như anh.

    Tham khảo các sản phẩm smartwatch tại LD Store:
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  • OPPO Watch Unboxing + First Impressions


    The OPPO Watch runs on Wear OS, supports VOOC Flash Charge and has interchangeable straps! But its design does look familiar...

    OPPO Watch official price:
    - 41mm : RM899
    - 46mm : RM1,299

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  • Oppo Watch Review: did Wear OS just get good?


    Oppo's first ever smartwatch, the Oppo Watch is offering a lot in terms of of design, display and performance — all at a surprisingly good price point. We reviewed the 46mm variant of the Oppo Watch that costs ₹19,990 and runs on Google's Wear OS. Is this the one you want to keep on your wrist? Watch this episode of The EJ Tech Show to fidn out!

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  • Apple Watch für Android: Oppo Watch Unboxing | SwagTab


    Oppo Watch (41mm) bei Amazon: (Affiliate-Link)

    In diesem Video seht ihr ein deutsches Unboxing der Oppo Watch

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  • Oppo Watch Review în Limba Română


    ???? evoMAG:
    ???? Altex:
    ???? eMAG:
    ???? EuroGSM:
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    ????️ RECENZIA PE SITE: curând

    #OppoWatch #Smartwatch #Review

    Oppo Watch Review în Limba Română


  • OPPO Watch FULL REVIEW - Smartwatch Wear OS Yang Beda


    Review lengkap OPPO Watch! Menurutku smartwatch ini rada beda karena bentuknya yg kotak. Ya keren sih, wujudnya kaya Apple Watch. Fungsi2nya bisa berjalan dengan baik. Ada fitur power saver yg bikin OSnya jadi beda. Dan tentu ada satu kelemahan besar dari smarwatch ini, yaitu?

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    Ukuran 41mm:


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  • ¿LA COPIA del Apple Watch? | Oppo Watch


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  • OPPO Watch 41mm Unboxing and Hands-on Review | Better than Apple watch? - Tec tok by Hareesh


    OPPO Watch Super value for money!

    Watch OPPO Reno 4 pro review here ????

    Key features:
    • Google Wear OS
    • AMOLED Screen
    • Always on display ( Firmware update needed )
    • Watch VOOC Flash Charging
    • Call features over Blutooth
    • Message notifications
    • Online music
    • Mobile payment
    • Schedule management
    • Message Quick reply
    • 24-hour heart rate monitoring
    • Exercise tracking
    • Sleep monitoring
    • Guided breathing exercises
    • Locate your phone

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  • Oppo Watch Malaysia: Everything you need to know


    The Oppo Watch is here! Besides a rather familiar-looking design, it runs on Wear OS, and features a beautiful Dual-Curved display. Here's what you need to know.

    More details:

    Buy the Oppo Watch

  • NO COMPRES el Oppo Watch | Experiencia de uso


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  • OPPO Watch: Unboxing, Einrichtung & erster Eindruck | deutsch


    OPPO Watch Unboxing - in diese Video packe ich mit euch die OPPO Watch 2020 aus, zeige euch meinen ersten Eindruck und starte anschließend die Einrichtung unter Googles Wear OS.

    ► OPPO Watch kaufen*:

    #oppo #watch #unboxing

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  • Oppo Watch Specs, Features & Price - HINDI


    Alongside the Oppo Find X2 series, tomorrow Oppo will also unveil its first smartwatch: the Oppo Watch. It will not be just a random affordable smartwatch or fitness band: we will see a high-end product with a lot of features you would expect on the best smartwatch of 2020 and more. Thanks to several leaks and official renders, we know a lot about the upcoming Oppo Watch, we already know its design and form factor, as well as several specifications. We collected every info we got in a roundup ahead of the official launch which will be live-streamed tomorrow. Let’s discover together whether or not it is really one of the potential best smartwatches of the year by analyzing its known features.
    A lot of people are already calling the Oppo Watch an Apple Watch clone. Not only its name is similar to the Cupertino giant’s smartwatch, but even its design looks like the expensive Apple wearable. But the good thing is that it will be the Apple Watch for Android handsets. Oppo Watch will feature a square display with 3D curved edges. Oppo decided to ditch the twisting digital crown and replaced it with two buttons on the right side of the case. It will come in black and copper cases with blue and gold straps similar to the sport bands of the Apple Watch. According to the VP Brian Shen, the gadget is there to serve the users and not just look good, that is why Oppo opted for a square design instead of a circular display.

    Oppo Watch Specs
    Below you can find the known specifications of the Oppo Watch, but keep in mind that not everything you will read below is officially confirmed by the company.

    Square design with blu and gold straps
    1.91-inch retina display with a 326 ppi pixel density, 3D curved edges and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut
    Snapdragon Wear 2500 chipset with Apollo3 ultra low power chip
    Wear OS (unconfirmed)
    ECG sensor (just speculations!)
    eSIM support
    Calls support
    5ATM waterproof
    Yes, Oppo’s smartwatch might run Wear OS by Google, just like the Xiaomi Mi Watch. That would be a piece of amazing news since it will guarantee the best integration with the Android operating system. And after Google acquired Fitbit, we expect great news in the wearable sector. It will support eSIM, so that the user will be able to use it independently from its smartphone, even for calls. There might even be an ECG sensor (electrocardiogram) just like the latest Apple smartwatches that read the rate and rhythm of the heart and can spot signs of atrial fibrillation.
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