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Apple Music – Drake vs. Bench Press

  • Drake: Inside OVOSOUND Radio | Apple Music


    Drake sits down with Zane Lowe on OVOSOUND Radio and talks The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and more. Listen to Drake on Apple Music:

    00:00 – Intro
    0:45 – Producer 40 and OVO’s Work Space in Toronto
    2:30 – Other people in the studio while he’s working
    4:30 – Announcing his album 2 years prior to release
    5:32 – Working with Boy Wonder and 40 and releasing a mixtape
    8:52 – Future’s stride when creating music
    11:10 – The song he had the most fun recording with Future
    13:18 – Vocal performance and inspiration for Views
    14:56 – Creating music he wants to listen to
    16:25 – Getting stuff done vs getting it done right
    17:23 – Hotline Bling becoming an unexpectedly huge hit
    19:25 – Hotline Bling video
    21:05 – Toronto’s seasons being a theme throughout Views
    22:40 – The album being a reflection of his feelings
    26:50 – Jay-Z’s feature in Pop Style
    28:50 – Kanye’s pool and being neighbors
    30:32 – Friendship and collaboration with Kanye
    32:28 – Collaborations on Views
    33:40 – Working with Oliver and 40
    34:20 – Too Good with Rihanna
    35:48 – Not getting to collaborate with Skepta on Views
    37:38 – Making a mark in hip-hop culture from Toronto
    42:25 – Drake on it being his time
    44:28 – Friendships since becoming successful
    45:51 – XO and The Weeknd
    48:28 – Reflecting on Toronto becoming a creative hub
    51:28 – The Young Money/Cash Money controversy
    51:58 – Relationship with Nicki Minaj, Birdman, and Lil Wayne
    53:28 – Relationship with his mom with his name in the media
    55:06 – The most memorable advice he’s gotten from his parents
    56:53 – Relationship with his dad and inspiration from his parents
    1:00:34 – How his music affects the world
    1:03:14 – Acting again and building a home in Toronto
    1:05:15 – Next projects in music and in fashion

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  • AirPods Pro — Snap


    AirPods Pro offer unprecedented control. Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound. Transparency mode to interact with the world around you.

    “The Difference” by Flume feat. Toro y Moi

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  • Apple at Work — The Underdogs


    Four colleagues. Two days. One chance.

    Learn how Apple products help employees do their best work at

    Song: “Nature Fights Back” by Hauschka

  • Apple Music – Drake vs. Bench Press


    Distractingly good. Apple Music.

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  • Apple Music – Taylor vs. Treadmill


    Distractingly good. Apple Music.

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  • Apple Music – Drake vs. Bench Press


    Distractingly good. Apple Music.

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  • Drake and Will Ferrell Handshake Lessons - NBA Awards 2017 | NBA on TNT


    Coach Palmer (Drake) and Coach Murphy (Will Ferrell) are brought in to up the handshake game on DeMar DeRozan's basketball team.

  • Drake Hilariously Lip Syncs & Works Out To Taylor Swifts Bad Blood


    This episode is Un-leashed by T-Mobile. Stream all the music you want on the network built for unlimited data. T-MobileONE™. One price. All unlimited. For everyone. Visit for full details.
    More Celebrity News ►►

    Drake lip syncs to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” in a brand new Apple Music commercial!
    So THIS is what Taylor and Drake have been working on?!?!
    We’ve seen rapper Drake and singer Taylor Swift hang out a LOT lately. And now we may-sorta know what they’ve been up to. Apple unveiled it’s latest commercial at the 2016 American Music Awards last night. It features a sweaty Drake pumping iron in the gym with his personal trainer. But when his buddy peaces out, we find out what Drake really listens to at the gym. Drake goes HAM lip syncing and doing some of his infamous dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”- you gotta see this!
    Hashtag #SwiftGains! Move over Rihanna, there is definitely a new lady on Drake’s mind right now. At the end of the clip Drake can’t lift his bench presses and falls off the bench because the music is “Distractingly Good” according to Apple Music.

    The ad is in response to Taylor’s Apple Music ad where she lip synced to Drake’s song “Jumpman” and fell off her treadmill. Drake has been rumored to be dating Taylor after coddling her at his birthday party and this commercial increases our speculation. Sounds like there is no bad blood here, just mad love. Tell us below what you think of the new Apple ad- love it or hate it? Then you gotta check out our winners recap from the AMAs last night, just click right there. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr, I’ll see you next time.

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  • Apple Music – Drake vs Bench Press


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  • Drake Introduces Apple Music!


  • Drake DETHRONES Taylor Swift & Breaks Huge Streaming Record


    More Celebrity News ►►

    OMG, you guys… considering that it wasn’t that long ago, we’re sure you all remember the impact Taylor Swift made when she dropped the first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” off her most recent album, Reputation. After being out for just one day, Taylor set the global first day streaming record for Spotify with over 8 million streams of that one song alone.

    To be honest, we didn’t know how long it would take for someone else to come around and take the title right out from underneath Tay, but lo and behold, around five months later, it has happened.

    A Spotify representative recently confirmed to Pitchfork that Drake did in fact break the record with his new song “God’s Plan,” which was released as one half of a two-song EP called, Scary Hours, on January 19th.

    The rep said, QUOTE, “We can confirm ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake now holds the U.S. record as the most streamed track in a single day on Spotify. The song has overtaken previous record holder Taylor Swift with ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’”

    But, it seems like Spotify’s first day streaming record may not be the only record Drake broke with his new song. Why? Well, because Apple radio DJ Zane Lowe claimed on Twitter that the rapper also broke Apple Music’s first day streaming record with an unbelievable 14 million streams!

    Even though this is obviously a huge feat for Drake, he’s actually no stranger to breaking records. In fact, he held the number one spot on Spotify’s most-streamed artist chart for two consecutive years, in 2015 and 2016. And in 2016, he set the record for the platform’s most streamed song EVER with “One Dance.”

    Anyways, how do you guys feel about Drake’s new song? Is it better than “Look What You Made Me Do?” Sound off in the comments section below, and then click to the left to find out why Demi Lovato is offering free therapy on her upcoming tour. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time!

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  • Nicki Minaj: Her Love For Drake | Apple Music


    Nicki Minaj discusses her feelings about Drake with Zane Lowe. Listen to Nicki Minaj on Apple Music:

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    #NickiMinaj #Drake #AppleMusic

  • No Brainer-Apple Commercial




    Apple WWDC 2015 highlights included the announcement of Apple’s new music platform Apple Music. So what is Apple Music? Apple music was among this years Apple WWDC 2015 best moments and is a direct shot at competitors Spotify and Pandora. Apple full WWDC 2015 was full of new apple product announcements and features but nothing quite compared to the announcement of Apple Music. Apple music is full of features and is planning on replacing our social media feeds with the announcement of Apple “Connect.” Apple Connect will allow artists to share all kinds of information with their fans. To announce the new service Drake made an appearance. Drake at WWDC 2015 Apple Press conference was an unexpected moment that’s taken the web by storm. In addition, Apple announced a new 24 hour streaming radio station called Beats 1 that will feature world renowned DJ’s Zane Lowe and Julie Adenuga.

    iOS 9 Beta Features Revealed!
    Apple Watch Review

  • Daquan Wilshire & Drake Apple Music Commercial


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  • Taylor Swift forces Apple to pay up


    Nicholas Thompson tells Kristie Lu Stout how Taylor Swift managed to get the world's most valuable company to pay artists during Apple Music's free trial

  • Drake Sweats, Grinds, and Lip Syncs to Taylor Swift in New Apple Music Ad


    The 2016 American Music Awards offered up a variety of A-list highlights, including performances from Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Sting, and more — but as it turned out, it was a commercial that stole the show…Apple Music used the platform of the AMAs to release its latest ad, featuring Drake, which turned out to be hilarious for a variety of clever reasons.
    In the spot, titled “Drake vs. Bench Press,” Drake is shown in the midst of a tough weights workout, gritting his teeth, flexing his muscles, and screaming, “No mercy!” When his lifting partner leaves to answer a phone call, Drake reaches for his own phone, flips through his Apple playlists — and promptly begins a no-holds-barred lip-sync to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” including full-out dance moves, facial contortions, and an eventual major #gymfail when he drops the barbell on his chest and falls off the bench…The ad, of course, is a fun play on Taylor Swift’s Apple spot “Taylor vs. Treadmill,” in which the pop star fires herself up for a cardio workout with a Drake hit, to the point of stumbling and making a decidedly un-glamorous splat flat on her face.

  • Taylor Swift Raps To Drake & Falls Off Treadmill In New Apple Music Ad


    Kylie Lip Gloss Kit ►►
    More Celebrity News ►►

    Taylor Swift has teamed up with Apple Music once again for an ad that puts her rap skills to the test against the wrath of a raging treadmill. Spoiler alert, the treadmill wins.
    The new ad is called Taylor vs. Treadmill. A story that Taylor says is based on true events.
    Despite being the super star that she is, there’s always a relatable quality to Taylor and this time it involves a rap jam sesh on a treadmill and an unfortunate loss to gravity. Check it out:
    Then she went to work
    Nobody can drag me…
    Except that treadmill I guess. Taylor posted the ad on instagram this morning with the caption saying QUOTE – “Based on true events.” In the post, she also made sure to tag Drake and Future. Tay’s been trying to spit her rap game for awhile now but sorry I don’t think it’s going to happen for you baby girl.
    Taylor’s relationship with Apple music has truly come full circle. Just last year she called out the company for not giving artists proper compensation for their music that was streamed during Apple’s free trial period. However after Taylor’s letter, Apple made the big announcement that they would change their ways and start compensating artists during the free trial. It was a big deal. And then shortly after removing all of her music off of streaming sites, Taylor announced that she would happily be releasing 1989 on Apple Music because of their change of heart. I guess this whole thing goes to show that you should never say never because look at their relationship now! Taylor’s has fallen for Apple Music and is kissing the ground. Literally…
    So what do you guys think about Taylor’s Apple Music ad? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to learn all about Kylie Jenner’s new lip gloss kit. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Ryland Adams and I’ll see you next time.

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  • DJ Khalid Apple music commercial


  • Maya Jama Reveals Why Drake Name-Dropped Her In Only You Freestyle | Dont Hate The Playaz | ITV2


    When Drake name-dropped Maya Jama this summer on his track with Headie One, it is safe to say social media went into meltdown. Maya finally reveals how THAT bar came about.

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  • Discover Live Radio | Apple Music


    Discover live radio. Hosted by artists. With all-new stations and dozens of exclusive shows created by the most iconic names in music. Available live or on demand.
    Listen only on Apple Music:

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  • Weight training with Optimal #HardButFair song Drake- laugh now cry later



  • Lady Gaga - Apple Music Commercial


    Video Promocional De Joanne Lady Gaga Apple Music 2016

  • Kesha: “Rainbow - Film Preview | Apple Music


    Kesha celebrates the one-year anniversary of her two-time Grammy-nominated album ‘Rainbow’ by releasing a behind-the-scenes documentary exclusively on Apple Music. Listen to Kesha on Apple Music:

    Directed by Kesha along with her brother Lagan Sebert and Kevin Hayden, “Rainbow - The Film” details the creation of the album and echoes her most recent LP’s messages of self-love, perseverance, and strength.

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  • Drakes Awkward Apple Event Speech


    by @ToddDracula

  • Apple-Werbung: So lustig sportelt Drake zu Swift-Song


    In einem neuen Werbeclip von Apple Music zeigt sich Rapper Drake von einer recht unbekannten Seite. Witzig und mit einer guten Portion an Selbstironie stemmt er Hanteln zum Song von Taylor Swift und zeigt sich dabei als wahrhaftiger Fanboy.

  • Apple Music New Version Graphical Anthem


    New Apple Music Anthem.
    Source Apple.

  • Drake More Life


    Drake's #MoreLife arrives March 18th!

  • 225 lb bench press


    Me bench pressing 225 lb. Feels good. Oh yeah!

  • 365 bench press


    365 bench press

  • 210kg bench press | how increce your bench press || kamal chauhan


    i traing 210kg bench press and i now it real a havy weight but no pain no gain. so that is why i traing this

  • Обзор Apple Music


    30 июня 2015 года Apple устроила новую музыкальную революцию и вновь радикально преобразовала то, как мы слушаем и открываем для себя музыку.
    В этом видео мы попытались разобраться в том, что представляет собой сервис Apple Music, и понять, как мы будем взаимодействовать с музыкой в ближайшие годы. Желаем приятного просмотра и призываем высказывать свои мнения относительно нового продукта из Купертино.

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  • Drake 190kg squat


  • Dj Khaled Shares A Kiss With Naomi Campbell!


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  • Apple - Music - History of Sound


    Music - History of Sound

  • The all new Apple Music


    The best way to experience all the music you love—even offline. Over 40 million songs. Thousands of handpicked playlists. Exclusive music and video premieres. New members get three months free.

    Featuring James Corden.

  • Everything in Vegas Drake @ XS Nightclub


    LAS VEGAS 2019 - DRAKE @ 10:32


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    Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

    Music provided by Audio Library

    Drake LIVE

  • 205 for 10 reps


    my start to getting a 315 max bench

  • Bench Press 160x3 26.11.2016


    ► Braće Ribnikar 54

  • Apple Music commercial with Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington


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  • Apple Music ad


    Featuring Noga Erez's Dance While You Shoot

  • Bench Press sets, 195x3


    There are some old clips in here because I need somewhere to put the form progression, but I don't think they deserve their own video.

    Videod in 4K

  • Will Smith Bench Press


    Belton High School Performance Meet 2015
    Varsity Comp

    Will Smith, 11th 300 LBS

  • Airpods Bounce 30s



  • Apple Music vs Spotify


    In this video I discuss Apple Music and Spotify and which one I use and why.

  • How To Upload To Apple Music Artist Accounts


    The following tutorial will show you how you can manage and upload your content (songs, videos, images, etc) to Apple’s iTunes artist connect.

    About Apple Music Connect for artists:

    Apple Music is for you, the artist, to connect directly with your fans. Share your ideas, audio, videos, and photos; any way you choose to express yourself is possible with Connect.

    To participate in Apple Music Connect, your music needs to be available on the Apple Music service. It’s easy to sign up and start sharing. Visit the following link to learn more about how you can get your music on iTunes if it is not already

    You can request access once your music is on Apple Music and the iTunes store, or if you already have music on Apple Music and the iTunes Store by visiting the following link

    Visit for more apps and reviews.




  • Taylor Swift Takes a Bite Out of Apple Music


    Taylor Swift helped persuade Apple to shift their policy of not paying artists royalties during free trials. Will other streaming services change their policies? WSJ's Lee Hawkins reports. Photo: Getty
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  • Drake - In My Feelings


  • Drake Buys $400,000 Custom Made OVO Diamond iPhone Case Cover


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  • CADAVER - Listen to D.G.A.F. on Apple Music


    Enjoy the new CADAVER EP D.G.A.F. on Apple Music today Download/Listen to the entire EP today, at:
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