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Are you experiencing signs of COVID-19? Here’s what to do once you know them l GMA Digital

  • Are you experiencing signs of COVID-19? Here’s what to do once you know them l GMA Digital


    Cardiologists and authors of “Am I Dying?! A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms and What to Do Next” break down different scenarios of symptoms from “chill” to contacting your doctor immediately.

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  • Making sense of the many symptoms of COVID-19


    Because COVID-19 can present with many different symptoms, it can be hard for the public to know whether something like a cough means they have the virus.

    Dr. John Lynch, medical director of infection control and prevention at Harborview Medical Center, explains one way to distinguish if something is a possible coronavirus symptom is whether it's new. So, if you suffer from chronic migraines, is the headache you're feeling similar to that or something new? Lynch adds if you are concerned and have access, get a test. Otherwise. you should self-isolate for the current recommendation of 10 days. just as if you were infected.

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  • Coronavirus - Symptoms and Getting Checked Updated 7/14/20


    This video covers the symptoms of Coronavirus, including how they overlap with more common illnesses like seasonal flu. The video also explains what people should do if they suspect they may have COVID-19 including contacting your doctor, contacting the ER ahead of coming in, and getting tested.

  • Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019


    Know the symptoms of COVID-19, which can include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell.

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  • How To Identify Early Symptoms Of COVID-19 | NBC News NOW


    President Trump said that anybody who wants a COVID-19 test can get one. NBC News’ Alexa Liautaud explains the step-by-step process to getting tested for the virus, and why some people are hitting roadblocks.
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    How To Identify Early Symptoms Of COVID-19 | NBC News NOW

  • Shareable Science Beyond The Blog: COVID-19 Timeline And Symptoms


    What are the primary symptoms of someone infected with COVID-19? How long does it take to start showing symptoms? How severe are the symptoms resulting from COVID-19? Neil Lamb, PhD, answers these questions and more in this week's Shareable Science Beyond the Blog video.

    The content in this video was filmed on March 22 and reflects data given to that date.

    If you have questions for Dr. Lamb please send them to

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  • COVID-19 Symptoms PSA


    People with COVID-19 may be short of breath, have a cough, fever, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, chills, fatigue, runny nose or congestion or loss of taste or smell. Sometimes, people may throw up, get diarrhea, or their stomach may hurt.

    Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

    Talk to a doctor, a local clinic, or use the screening tool on the Minnesota COVID-19 Response website to help decide if you should get tested. (

    For more information about COVID-19, visit:

  • Flu, Pneumonia & COVID-19: Do you know the symptoms?


    All three are respiratory diseases. There are both similarities and differences in symptoms among the three. For more information visit

  • COVID19 - symptoms of COVID-19, testing and tracing


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  • What to do if I have COVID-19 Symptoms


    If you have COVID-19 Symptoms, contact your primary care provider for proper course of action.

  • I HAD COVID-19 - My Symptoms and Recommendations


    #covid19 #coronavirus

    I meant to say Advil and Tylenol by the way, that’s what I took. But you should check with your doc before doing what I did.

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  • How to do a coronavirus symptom self-check


    It’s as easy as brushing your teeth—and could be the most important thing you do all day. Before you leave for campus each morning, check your symptoms and stay home if you’re sick. Can you name three symptoms of #COVID-19? Performing a quick daily self-scan can help stop the virus from spreading.

    Symptom Self-Check

    Coronavirus resources at the UO

    This won’t be a typical year on campus. But if we work together, we can make it a great one.

  • 11 Symptoms of COVID 19 - Updated CDC guidance


    In this video, you will find the main 11 symptoms of Coronavirus disease according to the updated USA CDC guidelines in August 2020.

    Visit and find simple and practical information from reliable international sources regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

    Coronavirus Youtube playlist:

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    Video Sources:
    - WHO:
    - CDC:

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  • COVID Symptoms, Headache and fatigue



    Headache and Fatigue

    Dark Horses of COVID Symptoms

    Most commonly experienced early symptoms are:

    Headache, 82%

    Fatigue 72%

    This is the case for all age groups

    9% of COVID-positive adults aged 18 - 65 didn’t experience headache or fatigue

    1% of people who reported fatigue and/or headache tested positive for COVID

    3% of people who tested positive had headache and fatigue alone


    Having either or both of those symptoms alone is unlikely to be indicative of COVID.

    The Classic Three are Still Key

    Cough, fever, loss of smell

    40% of all age groups, fever in the first seven days


    British association of dermatologists

  • Cold, flu or coronavirus symptoms? How to tell if it’s Covid-19


    It's not just cold and flu season, Covid-19 is also in the mix this year. These three respiratory illnesses are all very contagious and share some of the same general symptoms. What are those symptoms? How can you try and keep yourself healthy?

  • Dr. Hemant Kalyan on Early Symptoms of COVID19 | Manipal Hospitals India


    Early symptoms of COVID-19 may include a fever, sore throat, redness of the eye, a loss of smell, taste and appetite, says Dr. Hemant Kalyan, HOD & Consultant- Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, Manipal Hospitals Old Airport Road. Watch here to know more about the initial signs of the disease and its difference from regular flu or cold.
    Know more on Dr. Hemant -
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    Best Hospital in India: Manipal Hospitals is one of the top multi-specialty hospital in India located at all major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Vijayawada, Goa, Salem, Jaipur, Mangalore. It provides world-class 24/7 Emergency services. Our top surgeons are experts in offering the best treatment for Heart, Brain, Cancer, Eye, Kidney, Joint & all major surgeries at affordable costs. Health Check up packages are also available.

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  • How to sort out symptoms of COVID-19 from other viruses as cold and flu season approaches


    Flu, cold or COVID-19? With coronavirus rising in 37 states, Dr. David Agus addresses the symptoms and advises when one should get tested for the viruses.

  • Ask Dr. Nandi: New research finds pattern to early COVID-19 symptoms


    New research has discovered a common pattern when it comes to COVID-19 symptoms. Scientists at the University of Southern California found that these symptoms tend to appear first and in a specific order.

  • COVID-19 and Headaches


  • What are the typical symptoms of COVID-19?


    To learn more about Dr. Cohen's approach to diagnosing COVID-19, read his Mayo Clinic Proceedings article:

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  • I have COVID-19


    Covid-19 symptoms via CDC: see link above. My Covid Toolkit:
    massage gun:
    pulse oximeter

    Update Video:

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  • What Does an Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infection Look Like?


    Some people who get sick with COVID-19 don't feel any symptoms of the disease, but what does an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection look like?

    Hosted by: Micahel Aranda

    CoVID-19 News & Updates playlist:

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    Dr. Samir Gupta, clinician-scientist at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, personal communication

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  • COVID-19 symptoms show a distinct order


    코로나 증상, 일관된 ‘발현 순서’가 있다...발열→기침→근육통→구토→설사

    The symptoms of COVID-19 are known to vary widely.
    In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified 11 symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.
    And a recent report suggests that those come in a distinct order,... which can be helpful in detecting patients faster and more efficently.
    Choi Jeong-yoon explains.
    The length and severity of COVID-19 can vary dramatically, with some people showing no symptoms at all, and others suddenly getting very ill.
    I couldn't taste or smell anything. I was eating but it just felt like chewing an eraser. And I suffered from a terrible headache, as if my body and mind had been separated.
    Such a wide spectrum of symptoms has been making it difficult for health authorities to characterize the virus... leading to increase in infections with unclear transmission routes, as asymptomatic patients spread the virus unknowingly.
    But a recent study has identified a distinct order of symptoms among nearly 55-thousand COVID-19 patients.
    Most symptomatic patients started out with a fever, followed by a cough.
    After that, they experienced a sore throat or muscle aches, which transformed into nausea or vomiting, then, finally, diarrhea.
    COVID-19 also differs from general influenza, where coughs come before a fever.
    With MERS and SARS, patients started off with a fever, but tended to develop diarrhea before vomiting.
    Defining a typical progression of COVID-19 symptoms could help officials prevent the spread of the virus.
    Knowing that each illness progresses differently means that doctors can identify sooner whether someone has COVID-19, or another illness. This can help them make better treatment decisions.
    Since COVID-19 patients are understood to be most infectious at the start of their illness, a fever, the first symptom could be effectively used for active screening.
    However, as symptoms vary by the condition of the immune systems of each patient, thorough testing and monitoring is vital.
    Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.

    #COVID19 #symtom #distinct

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  • How COVID-19, flu and cold symptoms can differ


    How to tell the difference between COVID-19, cold and flu symptoms as fall bring its usual load of coughing and sneezing.

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  • COVID-19 survivors open up after battle with virus | GMA


    Medical staff and patients celebrate recovery milestones across the country as patients leave hospitals.

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  • Do COVID-19 symptoms show up in any order?


    Answers to viewers’ coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.

  • Colton Underwood opens up about his recovery after contracting COVID-19 l GMA


    The former “Bachelor” also talks about his new memoir, “The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV.”

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  • COVID-19 symptoms different for everyone


    COVID-19 symptoms different for everyone

  • COVID-19 Lingering Symptoms: How Long Do Symptoms Last Even After Clearing The Virus?


    WhiteBoard style discussion on a Research Letter published in JAMA looking at over 100 individuals who had cleared and healed from COVID-19. The authors established an outpatient clinic to care specifically for patients that had COVID-19. They found that a large percentage of these patients had lingering symptoms that persisted for weeks and weeks after clearing the infection. Check out the video for all the details!


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    Link to study:

    There will be a running series of videos using the most up to date information on COVID-19, but this is an evolving field and new videos may come out that contradict that previous information. That is okay and is the nature of a fast paced and evolving clinical scenario. Stick with us as we work to unveil the intricacies of COVID-19, it's clinical significance, and the societal implications. ***This is strictly educational and not to be mistaken as clinical recommendations, please verify all information with accepted guidelines and practice patterns.***

    THIS VIDEO DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read, watched, or listened to on this video, or any other videos, reports, texts tweets or other sources.

  • Seasonal allergies symptoms vs. COVID-19 symptoms, how to tell the difference


    Allergy season is here and people are feeling the affects. Tree pollen and soil mold are incredibly common right now.

  • Coronavirus - Symptoms and Getting Checked Updated 1/24/21


    This video covers the symptoms of Coronavirus, including how they overlap with more common illnesses like seasonal flu. The video also explains what people should do if they suspect they may have COVID-19 including contacting your doctor, contacting the ER ahead of coming in, and getting tested.

  • Fauci on what to know about COVID-19 vaccine l GMA


    Dr. Anthony Fauci shares the latest facts on the vaccine, including when we will know how long immunity lasts.

    Coronavirus live updates: Fauci calls vaccine rollout 'bittersweet':

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  • Coronavirus victims who now suffer long-term symptoms l GMA


    One in ten people who had COVID-19 reported long-term symptoms in a new study and while they recover at home many are still unwell in need of help.

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  • CPD Webinar : Covid 19 - Eye Symptoms


    #ABMA Presents Live Webinar on
    Covid 19 - Eye Symptoms

    Date : Sunday, 26 April 2020

    Speaker : Professor Ahmed Sadiq
    Facilitator & Chairperson : Dr Zubair Ahmad

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  • Flu vs COVID-19 - Signs and Symptoms


    The Flu and COVID-19 have a lot in common. Most notably, it is almost impossible to differentiate between them based on signs and symptoms alone, because they are so similar. COVID-19, however, presents with some unique features, not seen in the Flu.



    Coronavirus Variants and Mutations:
    Sounds of Coronavirus:
    Coronavirus Signs and Symptoms:


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    The content in this video is intended for educational purposes only. This video is intended to be viewed by medical professionals and healthcare providers. The content of this video is not meant to change, advise or direct any medical decision making. If you have any concerns you should always speak with your doctor or another healthcare provider.

  • COVID-19 expert on when pandemic may be under control l GMA


    Dr. Maria VanKerkhove, the World Health Organization’s lead expert on COVID-19, talks with “GMA” about the growing number of cases in the U.S.

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  • The latest on COVID-19 symptoms


    Dr. Jen Ashton breaks down possible coronavirus symptoms.

  • Oprah speaks out on deadly coronavirus toll health disparities l GMA


    Oprah Winfrey called what’s happening in black communities devastating and highlighted the number of COVID-19 deaths made up of African Americans in the U.S.

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  • Coronavirus: Quebec woman keeps testing positive, but has no COVID-19 symptoms


    Eight COVID-19 tests have come back positive for Sarah-Laurence Côté since May, but the Quebec nursing student has never displayed any symptoms. Mike Armstrong explains how this has put Côté's life on hold.

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  • Managing COVID-19 Symptoms at Home


    Symptoms of COVID-19 can include fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, headache, muscle
    pain, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell. Not everyone with COVID-19 has all of these symptoms. If you can manage your symptoms at home, stay home.

    What you can do at home:
    -Get plenty of rest and do activities that require little effort like reading a book or watching a movie.
    -Drink lots of water and other fluids.
    -If you have a sore throat, eat soft foods like soup, or smoothies.
    -If you regularly take any medicine prescribed by your doctor, keep taking it, unless a health care provider tells you to stop.
    -If you have a fever, take fever-reducing medicine like acetaminophen, following the instructions on the product label.

    Taking care of your symptoms at home, when you can, is an important way to slow the spread of COVID-19. For more information about COVID-19 visit:


  • Kawasaki Disease and COVID-19: What Your Family Needs to Know


    As experts learn more about COVID-19, a growing number of pediatric clinicians and researchers are looking at the links between COVID-19 and Kawasaki Syndrome, a pediatric multi-system inflammatory condition, which, at its most dangerous, can seriously impact a child’s heart. Phoenix Children’s Heart Center Division Chief of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU), Josh Koch, MD, explains the connection and how we’re diagnosing and treating it here.

    For more information, visit our Heart Center website at or call us at 602-933-3366.

  • Understanding Covid-19 and sore throat


    The Doctor Is In!
    Let's learn the difference: Coronavirus, allergies, sore throat, or strep throat?
    Dr. Freddie Gomez finds out from his guests:
    • Dr. Ma. Lourdes Enecilla, ENT head and neck surgeon, and a fellow of The Philippine Society of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
    • Dr. Juliet Balderas, pediatric cardiologist and Philippine Heart Association Council Chair

  • A COVID-19 Survivor’s Story


    Wilton Ferebee is a deck electrician specialist and Master Shipbuilder at Newport News Shipbuilding. He’s also a COVID-19 survivor. This spring, Ferebee found himself an intensive care unit and on a ventilator as a result of the virus. Now recovered and back at work, he has a message for fellow shipbuilders.

  • STAY STRONG – Neurological Symptoms and Issues with COVID-19


    How does COVID-19 impact the brain? Montefiore’s Chief of Division of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery and Surgical Director of the Montefiore Comprehensive Center for Stroke Care, Dr. David Altschul, explains the neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19 and details when they can occur, who is at risk of experiencing them, and their long-term impact.

    This video and related content is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911. If you have any medical concerns or experience symptoms, please contact your doctor. Need help finding a doctor? Please call 1-800-MD-MONTE (800-636-6683).

  • Less Known Symptoms of COVID-19


    Common symptoms of COVID-19 include cough, congestion, shortness of breath and fever, but there are some lesser known symptoms starting to be reported, such as loss of taste. Dr. Ross Goldberg talks about these new developments on AZ Family.

  • What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms of COVID-19?


    If you have a cough, fever or difficulty breathing, you may be showing signs of COVID-19. Dr. Jennifer Frank, Chief Medical Officer for ThedaCare, explains the steps you should take.

    Get the latest news on COVID-19 testing, treatment, and tracking data, visit

  • I Think or Know I had COVID-19, and I had Symptoms. When Can I Be With Others?


    If you have or think you might have COVID-19, it is important to stay home and away from others. When you can be around others depends on different factors for different situations.

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  • 6-month-old survived COVID-19 after having open-heart surgery l GMA Digital


    Erin Bates got a guard of honor from hospital workers after beating COVID-19.

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    #GMA #Coronavirus #Survivor #GoodNews

  • CDC lists new symptoms and warning signs for COVID-19


    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has alerted the public to new COVID-19 symptoms and warning signs as some patients experience complications.

  • How to tell: COVID-19 symptoms or allergies?


    It's already bad enough to deal with seasonal allergies, but on top of that, many are confusing allergy symptoms for those of COVID-19.



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