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Argentinian Gauchos and their horses

  • Argentinas gauchos keep cowboy traditions alive


    Thousands of people attend the Gaucho Festival in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, as hundreds of “cowboys” parade in full costume, some holding onto a wild horse for about six seconds.

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  • The Gaucho Culture | Argentina Discoveries | World Nomad


    Deeply rooted in Argentina’s history, the Gaucho culture is still very much alive. Discover the unique culture of the Gaucho with World Nomads’ Gloria Atanmo as she travels to Salta and Patagonia to meet the country’s nomadic cowboys and learn about their proud traditions and unique way of life. Join Gloria as she saddles up and takes off with the skilled horsemen on a ride through the countryside, participates in traditional Argentine dances, and samples the nation’s diet staple, beef, in a traditional Gaucho feast.

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  • The Way of the Gaucho | National Geographic


    The gaucho is more than just a cowboy. Eschewing city life for the beauty of the countryside, cattle-herding gauchos in Argentina continue to enjoy a rural lifestyle that goes back centuries.
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    The Way of the Gaucho | National Geographic

    National Geographic

  • Argentinian Gauchos and their Horses


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  • Under the Spell of Horses - Argentina


    Download of 52 min. film under:

    No other country brings so many foals into the world, no other country exports as many horses and nowhere else in the world is there such a rich and diverse horse culture as in Argentina. The film, which is part of the series Under the Spell of Horses, gives the viewer a glimpse of three very different worlds: the gauchos in the pampa, the exclusive polo scene and the daily fight for survival of the Cartoneros, the rubbish collectors in the gigantic city of Buenos Aires.
    Director Thomas Wartmann tells a personal story from each of these worlds, and all of them end with a small dream coming true.

  • Horse Riding in Argentina


    Going Gaucho in Argentina! In this short film, Wild Frontiers boss, Jonny Bealby, leads the Gaucho Christmas tour in Corrientes, northern Argentina. Showing the group cattle ranching, learning to play polo and dance the tango, as well as taking off in a full cavalry charge, the tour lasted 8 nights starting on Christmas Eve and ending on New Years Day.

    Few destinations lend themselves to a riding adventure quite like Argentina. From cattle round-ups to riding hell for leather across the grassy plains of the Pampas, this horse-back adventure offers a perfect alternative Christmas. Think riding, walking, fishing and wildlife watching, topped off with red wine and steak to die for!

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  • Beautiful Criollo Horses in Patagonia Argentina


    When day breaks in Patagonia, the gauchos herd the horses to the corral. The horses twist and dive and try to avoid being caught for a day's work.

    These beautiful horses are part of the Jakotango herd. You can ride here in wild Patagonia every year from December to February.

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    Musician: Silicon Estate

  • How to Saddle a Horse Step By Step: Gaucho Riding - How to Saddle your Horse like a Gaucho


    How to Saddle a Horse Step By Step: Gaucho Riding - How to Saddle your Horse like a Gaucho

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    Here’s exactly how to saddle a horse with traditional tack used by the Gauchos in South America in this step by step tutorial - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: EquestrianAdventuresses

    My goal is for this to be helpful because I’m going to explain EXACTLY how to saddle your horse with traditional tack which gauchos in South America use. I explain all the pieces of equipment and the purpose and do my best to help share some knowledge and information about the culture in Brazil with horses.

    Article about the FIRST WOMAN to EVER win the Marcha 750 km endurance horse race on criollo horses in Brazil:

    Speaking the Horse Language Academy:
    ???? Learn EXACTLY how to speak the horse language to communicate with horses NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO! You will master the tools and skills required to master your energy, gain your horse’s respect and trust and do various exercises and “games” with them to build their confidence. Here’s my philosophy behind it - if I’m going to sell a course like this, it NEEDS to be something I fully and completely stand behind - AND it needs to be worth MORE than what someone will pay for it. Like, I want you to get MORE value than what you pay ME…that way, I know you’ll be happy, I know you’ll come back for OTHER things I might offer in the future, and that means a better long term outcome for everyone. So here is the link where you can purchase the course:

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    How to Saddle a Horse Step By Step: Gaucho Riding - How to Saddle your Horse like a Gaucho

  • A Man and His Horse: Gaucho in Patagonia, Argentina


    Ride alongside a true and authentic Argentine Cowboy and learn about the way of the Gaucho.

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    *A Man and His Horse*
    A gaucho without a horse is only half a man. These legendary horsemen of the grasslands of Patagonia represent a lifestyle of simplicity, humility, and a connection with their environment. Today on Million Ways to Live, we ride along with Teofilo Fuentealva, the last of a dying breed of argentine cowboys, so we can learn the way of the gaucho.

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    In our international documentary travel series, we focus on what all these people have in common. We call them Healthy Lifestyle Principles:

    Real Food, Movement, Rest & Relaxation, Lifelong Learning, Community, and Love.

    Join us as we travel around the world to show you incredible people with amazing stories that are sure to inspire and motivate you. After watching a few episodes, we hope everyone is a little more open-minded and accepting of other ways of life and finding happiness.

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  • Photographing with the Gauchos of Argentina


    Even though I'm a little bit late on my New video every week plan here is photography update all the way from Argentina!

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  • Caballo Criollo Horses in Argentina


    Criollo horse breeder Eduardo Holliday explains what is special about about the breed, as well as what farming and ranching is like in Argentina. See stunning photos and learn more in the article Horse of the Pampas, in the October 2019 issue of Western Horseman.

  • The Patagonia Trail | Horse Riding Holidays in Argentina | Globetrotting


    An authentic horse riding holiday that brings to life the rough and rugged beauty of Patagonia, Argentina, and the local Gaucho culture. With a splash of adventure, ruggedness, good laughs and comfort, you won’t be able to find a better itinerary to delve beneath the surface of Argentina.
    Check out the itinerary here:

    Two words come to mind when describing The Patagonia Trail – authentic & adventurous. You truly won’t be able to find a better itinerary that encompasses the rough and rugged beauty of Argentina’s Patagonia while being brought to life with the gaucho culture of the region.

    Your guide, Jakob Von Plessen is one of globetrotting’s most famous guides, he has one foot in Kenya where he guides for half the year and the other foot in Argentina on this 7 night ride. Jakob has well over 15 years experience escorting guests on horse riding adventures so knows a thing or two about putting together the ideal itinerary that has a splash of adventure, ruggedness, good laughs and comfort.

    So if you’ve always wanted to travel to the horse loving nation of Argentina than NOW is your chance. We couldn’t think of a better way to delve beneath the surface of Argentina than jumping on a Criollo horse (pictured above), drink matte with a gaucho and sing folklorica around a blazing fire under a night sky.

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  • Horse Whispering in Argentina


    Horse-whispering (Doma India, in Spanish) on Estancia El Ombú, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. Working gaucho, Pablo (Garincha) Castro demonstrates that some gauchos are using gentle, repetitive persuasive techniques for training their Criollo-mix mounts. It makes a refreshing, humane change from the traditional pampas technique of breaking the animal's spirit with physical stress and deprivation

  • Wild Patagonian Horse Is Masterfully Tamed | Wild Patagonia | BBC Earth


    Masterful Patagonian gauchos make wild horse taming look effortless in this clip from Wild Patagonia. Subscribe:

    New on Earth:
    Planet Earth
    Planet Earth II

    Wild Patagonia:
    Narrated by Santiago Cabrera, this three-part series from the BBC's Natural History Unit discovers the surprising stories of the unusual wildlife and the people that survive in epic landscapes of volcanoes, glaciers, desert and treacherous oceans. Patagonia is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile.

    Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of astounding, entertaining, thought-provoking and educational natural history content.

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  • Horse Skills of the Gauchos of Argentina


    A few short video clips showing the horse skills of the Gauchos of Argentina. The video clips were shot at Estancia La CinaCina near San Antonio de Areco, about 110 km north of downtown Buenos Aires. I did not have my camcorder with me. So I took these video clips with my tiny Canon PowerShot SD300 still camera!

  • Brasil & Argentina Day 10 Rancho Santa Susana, Life of Gaucho


    Argentina, Buenos Aires, Rancho Santa Susana, Life of Gaucho

  • Argentinian Gaucho Ranch Life


    Mariel goes to El Ombú de Areco Ranch to learn about Gaucho life with Patricia Bond.
    **Graphic Content**
    (Livestock branding and castration)

  • How long will the Gaucho stay on the horse? • Expedition vehicle • World tour


    In Rio Mayo we visited the Festival Nacional de la Esquila. In addition to the sheep shearing, there was above all a spectacular rodeo during the three-day festival. If you put aside the plague of the horses it was very entertaining.

  • Gauchos argentinos / Caballos criollos en El Calafate / Argentine horses, cowboy, turismo, travel


    Imágenes de Gauchos y caballos en El Calafate, Argentina
    Argentine gauchos / Argentine criollo horses

    Con el soporte audiovisual:

  • Gaucho Martine Tatta performing with his horse at Estancia La Bamba, Argentina.


    This is a video of horse whisperer, Martine Tatta, a gaucho at Estancia La Bamba outside of San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, taken on April 12, 2015. Such a lucky horse!

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  • I Rode a Horse 300km across Chile with a Gaucho…


    **Re-upload: had to change one of the songs** The weirdest and hardest adventure of my life shot on Lumix GH5... My brother and I spent 10 days helping a real Gaucho (Chilean Cowboy) move 56 of his semi-wild horses 300km from his farm at a low elevation to another pasture at 9000ft in the Chilean Andes. We had no horse experience before this trip and it turned into one of the most memorable trips of our life. This is a glimpse into our time on this adventure.

    My Brother and I have always dreamed of riding horses across South America and when we stumbled upon some crazy photos of the Chilean Cowboy Danilo online we knew we had to commit to this idea.

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    #LumixGH5 #Horse #GH5

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  • RIDING HORSES WITH GAUCHOS | Torres Del Paine, Patagonia



    Today we went to one of the most beautiful ranches in all of Patagonia - Lazo Estancia! It is located right outside of Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile. Highlights include riding horses through the mountains, herding sheep, drinking mate with gauchos (cowboys) and taking lots of pictures :)

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    We’ve pulled inspiration from several of our favorite travel vloggers on YouTube, such as: +CaseyNeistat +FunForLouis +Jon Olsson +Mr Ben Brown , and any other talented travel vloggers that YouTube’s algorithm will hopefully connect us with ;)

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  • Gaucho for a day at Santa Susana Ranch


    We spend a day at Santa Susana Ranch in the outskirts of Buenos Aires to discover how the gauchos lived between the 18th and 19th century. We saw the home of a gaucho and learned more about the culture and the traditions of the Argentine Gaucho's, which became an important part of regional culture tradition.

    They presented the Malambo, a traditional male Gaucho dance and they showed their skills on the horse. Of course it was rounded up with an Asado Barbecue.

    Afterwards we headed back to Buenos Aires to prepare for our departure and we headed back to Germany on the next day.




    Filmed on a Canon G7X mark II

    #Argentina #BuenosAires #Gaucho

  • Argentine criollo breed horses champion handled by gauchos nuestros caballos 2017 Buenos Aires


    Argentine criollo breed horses champion handled by gauchos nuestros caballos 2017 Buenos Aires . A naturally evolved Hardy breed horse of the Argentina. They have long bushy tails. Stock compact body with strong back confirmation. They have stripes behind their knees which are found in ancient breeds like kathiawari and American mustangs. They have a black line running from back of neck to the tail. Argentine gauchos use these Hardy sure footed horses for heading cattle and managing the ranches or estancias. They have an association and breed registry. They conduct shows at nuestros caballos at la rural near plaza Italia of Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • Patagonia Wild Horse Tracking in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


    In a remote area of Torres del Paine National Park, the wild Patagonian horses roam the steppe after escaping the gauchos’ domesticity.
    Patagonia is home to these untamed horses - masters of their surroundings, owned by no one and glimpsed only by those who have learned their language: Patagonia's master trackers. We followed them as they tracked these magnificent creatures and understood why it is important to keep studying and protecting the wild horses of Patagonia.

    Shot & Directed by : Timothy Dhalleine

    Take part in the next Patagonia Wild Horse Tracking:

    Patagonia Wildlife Safari featuring Wild Horse Tracking during March to April 2016:

    Read the interview with Patagonia Wild Horses expert and guide Victor Moraga:

    Visit Torres del Paine:

  • Gauchos | National Geographic


    The gaucho is more than just a cowboy. This Argentine way of life has existed for three centuries.
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    Gauchos | National Geographic

    National Geographic

  • 012D Amy Evans on Argentine Gaucho Intermediate Championships Dressage Aspen Farms Sept. 2018


    012D Amy Evans on Argentine Gaucho Intermediate Championships Dressage Aspen Farms Sept. 2018

  • Working with horses in Argentina


  • An Authentic Horse Whisperer


    Argentine gaucho Martin Tata communing with a horse, and briefly showing his amazing riding skills.
    Not the type of video I usually post, but I had to share this. Hope you enjoy it. I did.

  • Amazing gaucho dance with boleadoras unique Gaucho dance with boleadoras | boleadoras


    A unique Gaucho dance with music and energy. Attached to the ropes are boleadoras, which are small balls traditionally used in South American dance. This dance requires extraordinary effort and talent, making it all the more exciting.

    A very talented Indonesian Grab Driver singing Guantanamera Spanish song (in Bali)


  • Argentine cowboys seek official recognition of their sport


    It is a colourful but dangerous tradition of cattle herders that roamed Argentina's rural areas 200 years ago. The Jineteadas rodeo showcases the best horsemen in the country and now they are pushing to be recognised as an official sport. Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports from Jesus Maria in the province of Cordoba. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check out our website:

  • Gauchos | National Geographic


    The gaucho is more than just a cowboy. This Argentine way of life has existed for three centuries.
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    Gauchos | National Geographic

    National Geographic

  • Argentina Estancia to Estancia Horse Ride


    Beautiful footage from our horse ride across the Argentinian wetlands.

  • Gauchos working the Estancia in Argentina, South America 4K


    This video is about Gaucho Girl from Austria living and working in a Estancia in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina South America

    Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro

  • Argentinian Gaucho Tour with Signature Tours


    While there are so many attractions in Buenos Aires not to be missed, our time in Argentina would not be complete without visiting the luscious countryside.

    Just a two hour drive outside of the city we visited Estancia El Ombú de Areco, a ranch to experience the gaucho life. A gaucho is a skilled horseman who becomes one with his horse through the practice of gentle horse whispering.

    During our tour we had the opportunity to ride horses, enjoy a Argentine meat BBQ, watch some traditional dancing and of course try some famous Argentinian wine!

    Read our complete travel guide to Estancia El Ombú with Signature Tours ►

  • Argentinian Gaucho using ancient method to gain the trust of untamed horse


    May 21, 2017 - Estancia el Ombu de Areco, Pampas region of Argentina

  • Argentinas gaucho - 27 Oct 07


    Argentina goes to the polls this weekend, with the prospect of President Nestor Kirchner's wife succeeding him as leader.

    One place unlikely to be deeply affected by the election is the wide open ranges of Patagonia, in the south of the country.

    There rides the Gaucho, still living a lifestyle that has spanned generations. Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo reports.




    The Gauchos are an institution in Argentina, and the annual festival of The Argentine Tradition is one of their main celebrations.

    The festival is in honour of Jose Hernandez, author of Martin Fierro - Argentina's epic poem about the life of a legendary Gaucho.

    This year for the first time ever the celebrations took place in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires.

    Each year in November the Gauchos celebrate the festival known as The Argentine Tradition.

    It is an annual display of music, colour and traditional food, to honour Argentina's cowboys-- the Gauchos.

    The week-long celebrations are a good opportunity for the Gauchos to drink, be merry, and show off their stunning traditional garments.

    But most importantly, it's a chance to keep a long standing tradition alive.

    SOUNDBITE: (Spanish)
    I do this because this is a tradition that I like. I was not born in the countryside, but I like this tradition. This is something I treasure in my heart. I am a traditionalist at heart.
    SUPER CAPTION: Tomas Gonzalez, Gaucho

    This year and for the first time in its history, the celebrations took place in Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital.

    The festival is incomplete without the traditional parade of Gauchos on horseback.

    The parade is also the event's main competition, where experienced Gauchos show off their ability to ride their horses with grace and elegance.

    The Argentine Tradition is a festivity in honour of Jose Hernandez-- author of Martin Fierro - Argentina's epic poem on the life of a legendary Gaucho.

    The poem is one of Argentina's literary masterpieces and it's considered by many as the bible of the Gauchos.

    Martin Fierro preached unity among the gauchos.

    And many years later these cowboys are honouring that notion, joining Buenos Aires city slickers in search of a common identity with the old masters of the Pampas.

    You can license this story through AP Archive:
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  • The GAUCHOS of Argentina


    My trip to Argentina would not have been complete without this chance encounter with the small local Gaucho Community. This was a festival by the community for the community. The charming part was that it was not touristic nor commercial and they were as curious about me as I was of them .
    The overlap in cuisine was exciting as I shared in rolling the empanadas, a skill I learned in my Gujarati home while growing up. Continents cultures and language barriers collapsed with the warm and inclusive Chinitas.

  • Gauchos, Argentina


    The gauchos are self-sufficient free spirits who were wedded to their horse and the open plain.

    © Jimmy Nelson Pictures B.V. 2016

  • Pilar in Buenos Aires is the world capital of polo | The Economist


    Polo player Santiago Tanoira explains that in Argentina, polo isn't just for high rollers, and it goes hand in hand with hundreds of years of Gaucho tradition.
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  • Argentina: Gauchos


    In this video, Navigator Kierra teaches a bit about the life of Argentine gauchos.

  • Broadband Shorts: People And Places Gauchos


    To license this clip go to The gaucho is more than just a cowboy. This Argentine way of life has existed for three centuries.




    Thousands have turned out in the Argentian capital, Buenos Aires to watch the 'cowboys of the pampas' show off their riding and dancing skills in a Gaucho Festival.

    The festival was held in the city's oldest abbatoir, 'El Matadero'.

    Horsemanship forms the backbone of the life of the Gaucho.

    Living on the 'pampas' of Argentina and Uruguay, the traditional life of the Gaucho cowboy was a hard one.

    Bringing up cattle, these proud people have survived the onset of modern farming techniques to keep their distinctive culture alive.

    In Buenos Aires, thousands came out to watch the Gauchos at play at the 'Feria de Mataderos'.

    This year's celebration was given extra importance because it is the 110th anniversary of the 'Mataderos' market.

    The market is the largest abbatoir in the country, employing 4 - thousand workers.

    22 - thousand cows are slaughtered here every day.

    Up until 1918 it was possible to watch the killing of the animals.

    The market is now a centre for Gaucho culture, with smaller festivals held here every Sunday.

    The highlight for many visitors is watching the traditional 'carrear de la sortija' Race of the Ring.

    SOUNDBITE: (Spanish)
    Well, the sport consists of letting go of a sharp point in a small circular ring. It is a tiny ring which you can only see when you are practically on top of it. With a point like this you push it through the ring and retrieve it. If you remove it successfully you have to lift your arm. If you don't lift your arm then the run doesn't count.
    SUPER CAPTION: Voxpop, Gaucho

    The Gauchos still rely heavily on the by-products of cows in order to survive.

    They make and sell leather products, including whips and lassooes.

    Many are sold at the fair.

    Their culture was in its heyday between 1775 and 1875.

    Modern farming techniques and the ever-increasing demands for beef and leather products have threatened their way of life.

    But for this cowboy, they will always survive.

    SOUNDBITE: (Spanish)
    We don't want to forget all of this. It is our tradition. It is of our people. It will continue to be ours.
    SUPER CAPTION: Voxpop, Gaucho

    Dressed in their traditional ponchos and cowboy hats, couples danced throughout afternoon on Sunday.

    Their long, colourful scarves were originally worn to protect them from the prairie dust of the 'pampas'.

    But there was no dust in the centre of Buenos Aires.

    For many, the day was just an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a large beef steak washed down with a bottle of red wine - Gaucho style.

    You can license this story through AP Archive:
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  • Caravana de Gauchos - San Luis, Argentina


    Copyright: ®Epic Heaven

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    #Gaucho #SanLuis #Argentina

  • Origen de la palabra Gaucho : Historia y acepciones, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay.


  • A photographer from Argentina captures “gaucho” life


    Our Urban Voice is a photographer from Argentina acclaimed for using his camera to tell stories about his country. In his early years, Aldo Sessa studied painting and worked at a newspaper as a photojournalist. Today his work has been displayed in over 50 galleries worldwide.

    Also Sessa’s latest exhibition centers on the Argentine cowboy called the “gaucho.” It includes photographs taken in both black and white and color.

    Aldo Sessa has published over thirty books during his career. His latest book on Argentina’s gauchos took four years to complete and will be available around the world in 2018.

    Check out this week’s Urban Voice profile on Argentine artist Aldo Sessa to hear him share his insights.

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  • Argentina Gauchos, Dancing, and Flags Galore!


    For Dia de la Bandera, I went to a fair in the Slaughterhouse aka Mataderos neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am bad at vlogging and forgot to record barely any of me explaining things but here is a video of the day. To find out more about it visit and read the whole article!

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  • Explore - Argentina - Patagonia to the Pampas 4 of 4 - BBC Travel Documentary


    Explore - Argentina - Patagonia to the Pampas 4 of 4 - BBC Travel Documentary, recorded 12.02.2011

    Simon Reeve leads a team of presenters on a journey through the spectacular landscapes of Argentina, from the vast ice fields of Patagonia to the wide-open plains of the pampas.

    In the south, a group of indigenous people are locked in a historic dispute with the area's biggest landowners, Italian clothing giants Benetton; in Buenos Aires, the children of the disappeared are seeking to find out the truth of what happened to their parents at the hands of Argentina's generals; and in the pampas we meet one of the last true gauchos, whose way of life is being destroyed by an argricultural revolution.

    On the way, we take in one of the greatest matches in world football, visit a penguin colony on the edge, and meet a bishop with a rather unorthodox interest in Evita.


  • Buenos Aires Gaucho Day Trip - Don Silvano Ranch


    The agricultural lifestyle of the cowboy, or gaucho in Argentina, is a big part of the heritage and culture of the country. This Buenos Aires gaucho day trip allows you to get up close and personal with this exciting way of life.

    Book your tour here:

    This video highlights what you can expect with a full day on the ranch. The day is packed with several activities such as horse riding, a gaucho skill demonstration, an Argentinean barbeque, and a traditional folklore show.

    0:00 Intro to gaucho day
    1:13 Highlights of the experience
    1:42 Things to know before you book
    4:15 The experience
    9:18 Final review
    Embrace the chance to indulge in tasty empanadas, delicious local wine, and a barbeque feast fit for a king. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy various farm activities such as horseback riding, zip-lining and walking through the natural surroundings.

    This tour is also a great learning experience about the Argentine culture. There is not only an enchanting show but also a riveting demonstration of gaucho skills.

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