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Build & Test Lego Engines: V8, U12, H16, X24, multirow-radial-42, S100

  • Build & Test Lego Engines: V8, U12, H16, X24, multirow-radial-42, S100


    More engines. Bigger ones. Enjoy!

    00:00 V8: 8-Cylinder V-Engine
    01:04 U12: Twin-Straight-6 U-Engine
    02:38 H16: 16-Cylinder H-Engine
    04:38 X24: 24-Cylinder X-Engine
    06:11 42-Cyl 7-Row Radial-6 Engine
    09:49 S100: Straight-100 Engine
    11:34 side-by-side and sound comparison

    Note: In real life the U12 and X24 have 3-throw crankshafts (pistons are 120 degrees apart) and the 42-cyl has a 6-throw crankshaft. Those are a bit complex to do with Lego so I used simpler 2-throw cranks (180 degrees). Thus firing orders are not correct in those engines. Also the 42-cyl Zvezda M503 was done with radial-6s instead of the real life radial-7s because I couldn't find proper Lego parts for connecting pistons to the crankshaft. The Sherman 6046 U12 engine gearing and phase offset between the shafts were unknown to me so I just guessed them to be 1:1 and 90 degrees. In other ways the models should be correct (hopefully). The V8 has a flat-plane crank that were used in Formula One engines. Lotus 46 H16 flat-plane crank, gearing and phase between the shafts should be correct according to the schema image I found (shown in the video). The U12 has both crankshafts rotating to the same direction as was explained in mapleleafup forum.

    Photo attributions:
    Kimi Raikkonen 2007 Britain 2 by Rob Snell (CC BY 2.0)
    Sherman M4A2E8 at CFB Borden by Balcer (CC BY 2.5)
    Lotus 43 Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 by neilhooting (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Build & Test Lego Engines: 1-cyl, opp-piston, S2, V2, F2, U2, W3, S4, H4, X4, radial-6


    Using Lego to showcase different engine configurations. Each engine is built from scratch and then rotated at 3000 rpm for visualization and to demonstrate balance. Enjoy!

    00:00 Single-Cylinder Engine
    01:01 Opposed-Piston Engine
    02:29 S2: Straight-Twin Engine
    03:54 V2: V-Twin Engine
    04:53 F2: Flat-Twin Engine
    06:33 U2: Two-Cylinder U-Engine
    07:42 W3: Three-Cylinder W-Engine
    08:51 S4: Straight-Four Engine
    09:50 H4: Four-Cylinder H-Engine
    11:08 X4: Four-Cylinder X-Engine
    12:36 6-Cyl Radial Engine
    15:09 all engines side-by-side comparison

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  • Lego Technic Crossplane V8, 4 Speed Manual Gearbox, Differential


    Thank you everyone for all of your feedback! I want to address some frequent comments.

    Some of you pointed out that the firing order is not crossplane, and you are correct! Good eye! Flipping the block 180 degrees fixed that.

    I know reverse doesn't mean cranking in reverse. I just demonstrated it just for the purpose of demonstrating. This configuration gave the proportions and aesthetics that I like. Adding a reverse gear (and clutch) would make it much larger.

    All parts are genuine LEGO with the only modifications made to two crankshaft pieces (part #2853) to achieve crossplane firing sequence (see The center piece is part #2854.

    Sorry, I have no plans on making tutorials at this time!


  • Lego Rotary Engine レゴ ロータリーエンジン


    This is a model of a rotary engine (Wankel engine) made with Lego bricks. The model is based on the Mazda 13B-MSP RENESIS engine, which is mounted in the car Mazda RX-8.

    This model is submitted to the Lego Ideas (August 19). I would like to ask your support:

    More info:

    レゴで作ったロータリーエンジンの模型です。マツダの13B-MSP RENESIS エンジンをモデルにしています。

    #LEGO #RotaryEngine #ロータリーエンジン #レゴ

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  • Assembling & Running a WORKING 4 Cylinder FOUR Stroke Model Engine - Toyan L400 Engine


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  • Lego 1 Cylinder oscillating vacuum engine TUTORIAL


    Hope you like this one, its realy reliable i noticed and you can go to high rpm without Incidents

    Technic Tigers channel ❤️:

    Also check out this video:

    Tutorial at 0:50

    Cya til next time

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  • How to Build V8 Car Engine - Full Metal 8 Cylinder


    V8 Engine Model Kit:
    DIY Engine Model Kit:
    10% Off Coupon Code: ndahack

    Thank to !

    0:00 Intro video
    0:11 Unboxing
    1:11 Assembly
    9:58 Test enginy
    11:01 outro

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  • Behind the Scenes | Building a Life-Size LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37


    400,000 LEGO Technic pieces. 8660 hours. One incredible build ⚡ ​This is the life-size Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 ????​ Go behind the scenes and see how a team of 15 dedicated builders created this staggering 1:1 model of the iconic supercar.

    Welcome to the official LEGO channel where everything is awesome!

    This is the home for all your latest LEGO movies, animations and series from your favorite LEGO themes such as LEGO NINJAGO, LEGO Star Wars, The LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO DC Super Heroes, LEGO City, LEGO Friends and many more to come in exclusive episodes and stop motion videos.

    You can also find hundreds of LEGO songs and LEGO movie trailers. And that’s not all! – you can be one of the first to discover our cool new sets with exclusive behind the scenes LEGO Designer videos.

  • Best V8 engine test EVER


    It looks awesome.

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  • LEGO Great Ball Contraption: FiveTilted Rings


    My great ball contraption (GBC) module Five Tilted Rings.

    More info and instructions:

    My website

    #LEGO #GBC #レゴ

  • Lifting platforms | Lego Technic


    in this video I show you how to lift things vertically with expanding [Add name of the thing]s. Enjoy watching,



    Underwaterbeats - Neon Lights |

    0:00 Intro
    0:06 #1

    1:44 #1 Stronger
    2:40 #2
    3:64 Motorization
    4:05 Table
    4:10 Thanks for watching!

  • 1:5 Scale Honda B18C LEGO


    Here’s my LEGO Honda b series engine. This engine is a MOC and was designed from scratch using BrickLink studio. The pistons are diecast metal and needed a few modifications to be compatible with LEGO including Boring out the hole for the connecting rod to fit the crank shaft.

  • LEGO Pullback Motors in Series HD


    In this video, I demonstrate using LEGO pullback motors in series and parallel. With pullback motors in parallel, you will get more power. With pullback motors in series, you will get more runtime. Runtime is how long each motor lasts before completely unwinding.

    When using the pullback motors in parallel, you just simple link their shafts with an axle. However, when using them in series, it's much more complicated. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to do it. Furthermore, the way I used to link the pullback motors in series is very unstable. It only works maybe one out of two times and thus, its just a concept. This is also the reason why I didn't make instructions for this either.

    Series and parallel are words commonly used in the electrical and electronics industry. The most easy way to understand what series and parallel means is by using batteries. If you place two 5 volt batteries in series, linking one of the positives to the other's negative, you will end up with a 10 volt battery. If you place two batteries in parallel, linking their positives and negatives together, you would still have a 5 volt battery, but it would last two times as long as just one battery. You can use as many batteries as you want to achieve the voltage or battery life you desire. Note that this explanation is quite simple, and in reality there are several other factors such as the internal resistance of the battery and output current.

    Intro: 0:00
    2 Configurations: 0:14
    Parallel Pullback Motors: 0:24
    Series Pullback Motors: 0:58
    How it Works: 1:46
    Outro: 2:47

    #LEGO #LegoMachine #LegoMachines

    ┏━━━┓┏┓ ┏┓┏━━┓ ┏━━━┓┏━━━┓┏━━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓ ┏━━━┓
    ┃┏━┓┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┏┓┃ ┃┏━┓┃┃┏━┓┃┃┏━┓┃┗┫┣┛┃┏┓┃ ┃┏━━┛
    ┃┗━━┓┃┃ ┃┃┃┗┛┗┓┃┗━━┓┃┃ ┗┛┃┗━┛┃ ┃┃ ┃┗┛┗┓┃┗━━┓
    ┗━━┓┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┏━┓┃┗━━┓┃┃┃ ┏┓┃┏┓┏┛ ┃┃ ┃┏━┓┃┃┏━━┛

    Background music:
    Everlasting - Ephixa & Jim Yosef [NCS Release]

  • LEGO 8 Cylinder Radial Engine 3D Animation


    Designed by martijnnab

  • Testing Various LEGO Pneumatic Engines


    Testing and running various LPEs (v8, inline 4, inline 6, and a single cylinder) made by me

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  • Lego Technic MK3 V8 Pneumatic Engine - 10x More Power! 1500 RPM! LPE MOC + 6 SPEED Gearbox Test


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    [MOC] Lego Technic RC Pneumatic Tatra 815-7 8x8 -

    Alternative LEGO RC Buggy Motor (5292) - MORE POWER! - Test and Review -

    ???? More LPE Engine Videos:

    LEGO Technic MKII V8 Pneumatic Engine - Insane 2200 RPM! LPE MOC - w/ Instructions -

    LEGO Technic 1 Cylinder Switchless Pneumatic Engine - 2500 RPM! LPE MOC - w/ Instructions -

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    ???? Engine Info:

    The New MK3 V8 LPE runs silky smooth, Revving to over 1500 RPM and delivering 10 Times more Power and Torque than the MK2 V8 LPE.

    With the addition of Twin Turbos on the exhaust, you will also get those Famous Turbo Charged V8 Engine Sounds!

    This complete engine kit Includes Modified Large 2x11 Pneumatic Cylinders and Switchless Valves for Maximum Performance!

    The Engine will reach 1500 RPM at 8 bar (116psi) or 1000 RPM at 4 Bar (58psi).

    ???? Features and Specifications:

    Runs 100% on Compressed Air
    New Improved Switchless Valve Design
    Advanced Engine casing Design, with Dual Bearing Output Support
    Revs to 1500 RPM at 8 Bar (116psi) and 1000 RPM at 4 Bar (58psi)
    8x Lego 2x11 Extra Large Pneumatic Cylinders (Modified)
    Dimensions: 208mm (8.1in) x 220mm (8.6in), 152mm (5.9in)
    Studs: 26 x 27.5 x 19
    Weight of Engine: 800 grams
    Number of Parts: 1004 parts
    42cc Total Engine Displacement
    Twin Turbos on Exhaust
    10x More Power and Torque than MK2 V8
    Pro Instructions

    Upgrades and Comparison to MK2 V8 LPE:

    10 Times more Power and Torque than MK2 V8.
    Larger 2x11 cylinders vs 1x5 cylinders on MK2 V8.
    Twin Turbos, they spin very fast off the Exhaust Gas.
    Larger Engine Size and Stronger Engine Case Design.
    Smoother running, Better engine sound.
    Latest design, Better performance.
    Switchless Valves, Less Friction.

    ???? Learn More here (MK3 V8 LPE) -

    ⏰ Timecodes ⏰
    0:00 Intro
    0:27 Overview
    1:24 Engine Sound
    2:05 6 Speed Transmission Test
    2:49 RPM Test
    3:23 Engine Specs
    3:35 Shop
    3:59 Engine Details
    6:01 Power Cycle
    6:25 Air Supply
    6:57 Bonus
    7:23 Instructions
    7:54 Outro

    #PneumaticPower #LegoPneumaticEngine #GreenGecko

  • Lego V8 Engine Build Tutorial | Turbo Mechanic | Dodge Challenger R/T


    Hey guys!! Turbo here with another new video!
    This video is bout building this awesome and big V8 Engine

    so Mr Kamalesh Tamil and I built this engine for fun!! and we shot this video with his DSLR which came out fabulous!!
    Let me know what do you think bout the quality in the comments?!

    and I'd like to thank Renan MX FN for suggesting to make this video!

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    Nissan GTR:
    LEGO Speed ChampionsLamborghini Urus ST-X & Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO 76899:

    Thank you for watching guys, I hope you like this build!!
    See you in the next build!

  • Build & Test Lego Engines: 1-cyl, opp-piston, S2, V2, F2, U2, W3, S4, H4, X4, radial-6#Ep011


    Hello, I'm just a simple guy who likes to work on cars and experiment. Yes, tinkering with stuff brings about my inner childhood so I decided to hit record. This is my channel where I make pointless things out of... LEGO.

    I like to put things to their limits so join me


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  • How To Build: Lego Radial Engine Tutorial


    How to build a radial engine (like in old airplanes). In a radial engine, the pistons are placed in a circle around the axis that rotates.

    Only common parts used.

  • Mechanical Principles demonstrated with LEGO 02


    A series of basic mechanisms that are useful and sometimes seen in the real world - part 2

    0:00-0:15 Schmidt Coupling
    0:16-0:30 Geneva Mechanism
    0:31-0:41 Chebyshev Linkage
    0:42-1:06 Trammel of Archimedes
    1:07-1:33 Scissor Mechanism
    1:34-1:48 Hoekens Linkage
    1:49-2:03 Parallel set of gears

    Note: Schmidt Coupling and Chebyshev linkage come from Sariel's Unofficial Technic Builder's guide book. Credit to him for the clever designs.

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  • Engine and gearbox demonstration with LEGO


    In this video I give a quick demonstration of how a car generally works by including an engine, gearbox, and the rear wheels. Gearbox inspired by Lego Technic Mastery, Turn on subtitles for extra info.

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  • Friction clutch automatic gearbox VS fixed gear


    Comparison of the performance of an automatic transmission with a friction clutch and a fixed transmission. An explanation of why it works.

    An automatic transmission with a friction clutch is probably the easiest way to make such a thing. However, many people do not believe that it is a real transmission and can really increase torque. Some think that the friction clutch consumes too much energy, others think that it is just a trick and under load, only the engine speed is reduced.

    However, with proper torque design, this works and the transmission will actually increase the output torque at a low gear despite the use of a friction clutch.

  • Build & Test Lego Engines: 1-cyl, opp-piston, S2, V2, F2, U2, W3, S4, H4, X4, radial-6#Ep03


    Hello, I'm just a simple guy who likes to work on cars and experiment. Yes, tinkering with stuff brings about my inner childhood so I decided to hit record. This is my channel where I make pointless things out of... LEGO.

    I like to put things to their limits so join me


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  • LEGO MOC 4-speed transmission v8 engine Lego Speed Build- Rickys Bricks


    Lego build. If you like them too, you can subscribe to my channel and I will bring you more interesting models.

    LEGO MOC Back to the future Time train (2)- Lego Speed Build- Ricky's Bricks

    LEGO MOC Back to the future time locomotive (1)- Lego Speed Build- Ricky's Bricks

    Racing series

    Harry Potter Series

    Street View Series

    Tamiya car model series

  • LEGO aircraft engine in minifig. scale & working


    I guess, the first working LEGO aircraft engine, in minifig scale, in the world.
    You can vote here:
    With 10.000 supports on LEGO Ideas it may become a real LEGO set.

    A lot of engineering time to make it easy to build, yet strong. Driven by hand or an electro motor. Like a real Aircraft engineit has easy acces. And you can break it down in big components for fast repairs. It comes with a laboratory cq workshop cq assemly hall. Please support!



  • Lego Technic Gear Friction Train - not the Longest but the Funniest Lego Ideas!


    Want to make Lego Technic gear train with all possible power transmitting.
    I don't check gear ratio and friction, but think it's about 1:1
    Inspired by Brick Experiment Channel's video
    Thanks for Lego ideas!


  • Testing a Lego boat in water



  • Mechanical Principles demonstrated with LEGO 03


    7 mechanisms demonstrated with the LEGO technic system.

    0:00-0:21 Moving gear rack
    0:22-0:40 One way mechanism
    0:41-0:59 Offset gears
    0:59-1:24 Wobbling beam drive
    1:25-1:48 Spring pusher
    1:48-2:10 Humanoid walking mechanism
    2:11-2:29 Peaucellier-lipkin linkage

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  • Lego 1 Zylinder pneumatik Motor


    Lego 1 Zylinder pneumatik Motor, mit einem Pneumatik Zylinder und einem Schalter

  • how to make a lego V8 engine


    hey guys i hope you liked this vieo and if you did check the cinmatiic video of my moc below

    cinematics of moc:

  • This brand new LEGO part REVOLUTIONIZES Technic Building HD


    In 2018, LEGO released a new gear, first seen in technic sets in 2020. This hasn't happened for over 16 years! I present to you, the LEGO 28 tooth bevel gear. One of the most useful new lego parts 2021.

    In this video, I explain some cool facts about this new part and all the different ratios you can make with it, including the worm gear and the normal, non-beveled gears. I used lots of color in this project so you could see the individual parts well.

    I wasn't able to say much about gear ratios because I just didn't have enough footage, so I might as well explain them here. For those who don't know what a gear ratio is, it is basically how fast/slow a gear turns another. The example I used in the video was a 1:3 gear ratio. Say you have a gear with 10 teeth and another with 30. If you completely rotate the first gear once, the 30 tooth gear would have rotated 1/3 of a turn. Gear ratios also work backwards. If you completely rotated the second gear, the 10 tooth gear would have made 3 complete rotations. Gear ratios can also be expressed with a decimal over the number 1. Take the gear ratio 2:3 for example. For every 2 turns of the first gear, you would get 3 turns on the second. You can simplify 2:3 further by dividing its first number by the second. 2 divided by 3 is 0.666:1, basically 2/3:1. For every 2/3 turn, the second gear would rotate once. I apologize if I explained this confusingly, but if you want more information, just google Gear Ratio and you will get lots.

    Intro: 0:00
    Gear Ratio Explanation: 0:55
    Bevel Gear Combination Examples: 1:11
    Normal Gear Combination Examples: 2:00
    Worm Gear: 2:56
    14 Tooth Gear Combination Example: 3:10
    So what!? There's more: 3:25
    More Info(such as sets it appears in):4:04
    Outro: 4:36

    #LEGO #LegoGear #LegoNews

    ┏━━━┓┏┓ ┏┓┏━━┓ ┏━━━┓┏━━━┓┏━━━┓┏━━┓┏━━┓ ┏━━━┓
    ┃┏━┓┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┏┓┃ ┃┏━┓┃┃┏━┓┃┃┏━┓┃┗┫┣┛┃┏┓┃ ┃┏━━┛
    ┃┗━━┓┃┃ ┃┃┃┗┛┗┓┃┗━━┓┃┃ ┗┛┃┗━┛┃ ┃┃ ┃┗┛┗┓┃┗━━┓
    ┗━━┓┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┏━┓┃┗━━┓┃┃┃ ┏┓┃┏┓┏┛ ┃┃ ┃┏━┓┃┃┏━━┛

    Background music:
    Everlasting - Ephixa & Jim Yosef [NCS Release]

  • LEGO 42068 Speedbuild | LEGO Airport Rescue Vehicle | Speed Build 42068 LEGO Technic 2017


    LEGO 42068 Speedbuild | LEGO Airport Rescue Vehicle | Speed Build 42068 LEGO Technic 2017 - For the review and compare videos, see my channel.

    Retail price: 89.99 Euro
    Parts: 1094
    Build time: 2 hours 30 minutes
    Released: 2017

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  • How to make a Lego Technic V6 Engine


    This video guides you through series of step by step instructions on how to build a cool LEGO Technic V6 Engine.

    This builds is super easy to make and can be used in almost every model.

    We hope you enjoy this video, comment down below on what we should make next, and don't forget to like and subscribe. Enjoy your day.????????????

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  • W-9 two-stroke Lego diesel engine.


    Lego W-9 diesel engine with incredible realistic sound!

  • 42 Zylinders Sternmotor Swesda M503 radial engine in einer LEGO Technic version MOC


  • Pursuit of Flight - Designer Video


    The design video for my LEGO Pursuit of Flight project, which was crowdfunded through the Bricklink Designer Program. Thanks to everyone who made this project a success!

    For those that missed out, another 5000 units will be available to pre-order beginning on August 3rd, 2021.

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    #LEGO #BricklinkDesignerProgram #kineticart

  • Lego Technic ADT 6 - Heavy Duty Automatic Semi-CVT


    A somewhat continuously variable transmission that can operate at several speeds between 4/15 and 4/5 of input. A clutch gear is used to detect torque and distribute power between two gear paths. When there is load on output, clutch gear slips, power is diverted to slower path, and output speed decreases.

    Torque Creation Mechanism (Technic Brick Power):

    Related Mechanisms:

    More Torque Detection with clutch gear:

    0:00 Preview
    0:06 Torque Detection
    0:55 Summing Differential
    1:14 Demo
    2:42 Display
    2:58 Concept Car
    4:00 Subscribe!

    Music in this video: 备兴天下beat

  • Cold Starting LEGO Engines


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  • Lego Technic Tractor and Truck Pull - The Technic Twins


    The Technic Twins present... The first Lego Tractor and truck pull. We put 5 Lego vehicles (some homemade and some sets) up against varying weight. The max weight that we used for the video was 2 1/2 pounds.

    We would like to thank everyone who has subscribed. We eventually want to get to 1000 subscribers and we have a great start. Please subscribe if you haven't!

  • CADA C61071 Tiger I Tank *RC* - Speed Build Review


    CADA C61071 Tiger I Tank *RC* - Speed Build Review

    Music (Epidemic Sound):
    Dark Utopia - FormantX
    Keep Close to the Guide - Philip Ayers
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    The Proving Grounds - Dragon Tamer
    Genetic Malfunction - Robert Ruth


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  • LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter - LEGO Speed Build Review


    Detailed look at LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter - LEGO Speed Build Review

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  • LEGO Creator 31057 Catamaran - LEGO Speed Build - Der Katamaran -


    LEGO Creator 31057 Catamaran Speed Build.
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    Age: 6 - 12
    Pieces: 102


    Complete secret missions with the agile, high-speed Air Blazer helicopter, featuring spinning main rotor and tail rotor, tinted cockpit, large engines, rear landing light and a red and black color scheme. This 3-in-1 LEGO® Creator model rebuilds into a Seaplane or a Catamaran.

    Features a high-tech, agile design with large spinning main rotor, spinning tail rotor, tinted cockpit, large engines and a rear landing light.
    Check out the cool red and black color scheme.
    Spin the huge main rotor and tail rotor and take to the sky.
    Easy three-part modular design for quick model reconfiguration.
    This set includes over 100 pieces and offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 6-12.
    3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Seaplane or a Catamaran.
    Air Blazer measures over 1” (5cm) high, 8” (21cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide.
    Seaplane measures over 1” (6cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide.
    Catamaran measures over 3” (8cm) high, 3” (8cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide.


    Dieser wendige und superschnelle Helikopter eignet sich für geheime Missionen. Sein Hauptrotor und sein Heckrotor lassen sich drehen. Außerdem verfügt er über ein getöntes Cockpit, große Motoren, einen Hecklandescheinwerfer und eine Lackierung in Rot und Schwarz. Dieses LEGO® Creator 3-in-1-Modell kann in ein Wasserflugzeug oder einen Katamaran umgebaut werden.

    Die wendige Hightech-Konstruktion ist mit einem großen drehenden Hauptrotor, einem drehenden Heckrotor, einem getönten Cockpit, großen Motoren und einem Hecklandescheinwerfer ausgestattet.
    Achte auf die coole Lackierung in Rot und Schwarz.
    Wirf den mächtigen Hauptrotor und den Heckrotor an und flieg los!
    Einfacher Aufbau aus drei Modulen zur schnellen Umgestaltung des Modells.
    Dieses Set enthält mehr als 100 Teile und bietet Kindern im Alter von 6 bis 12 Jahren ein altersgerechtes Bau- und Spielerlebnis.
    3-in-1-Modell: Lässt sich in ein Wasserflugzeug oder einen Katamaran umbauen.
    Der Helikopter ist 5 cm hoch, 21 cm lang und 16 cm breit.
    Das Wasserflugzeug ist 6 cm hoch, 14 cm lang und 14 cm breit.
    Der Katamaran ist 8 cm hoch, 8 cm lang und 7 cm breit.


    Music: Birds in Flight

  • how to make a lego technic boat


    hey guys, this a really cool tutorial to make a lego boat, that was made using the parts of the lego set 42108.(lego technic). please like, subscribe and share this video, and comment for the next video!

    #42108 # boat #lego

  • Magnetic Coupling and watertight enclosure prototype #2


    This is the second iteration of my magnetic coupling with a first somewhat usable prototype of watertight enclosure for RC components.

    00:00 Intro and assembly
    03:09 Climb test
    03:30 Submersion test and watertight info
    05:48 RC test

  • Lego Technic One-Direction Mechanisms | Level 1-5


    this is a video about mechanisms, whose output only turns, if the input turns in one direction. This can be used for example for a flywheel or a wind-up-mechanism.
    Enjoy watching,


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    #5 (A bit different):

    Underwaterbeats - Neon Lights |

    0:00 Intro
    0:06 Level 1 - Simple
    1:15 Level 2 - Chain
    3:19 Level 3 - More compact one
    5:17 Level 4 - The most compact one I could find
    6:10 Level 5 - A completely different idea
    7:25 Thanks for watching!

  • Biggest LEGO Leaks News and Rumors 2021! LEGO Technic Raptor, Bowser Airship and More!


    A Quick update to the LEGO leaks and Update 2021video from yesterday Plus more! The latest LEGO NEWS for today is the leaked image of the LEGO Technic Ford Raptor 42126 and LEGO Super Mario Bowsers Airship 71391. Plus an update on the LEGO gwp Adidas Superstar set.

  • LEGO Technic Trophy Truck - Powered on a BuWizz 2.0


    An off-road LEGO truck, it also can reach top speeds of 15 MPH
    0:00-0:22 Intro
    0:22-2:08 Functions
    2:08-2:49 Driving
    2:49-2:58 End

    Music: Ocean View - Patrick Patrikos, Youtube Audio Library

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  • LEGO Weapons For Mechs Part2 - Build Video


    Melee Weapons For Mechs
    00:00 Intro
    00:40 Sword 01
    01:10 Sword 02
    01:41 Sword 03
    02:17 Lance
    03:03 Mace
    03:42 Ax
    04:18 Hammer 01
    05:00 Hammer 02
    05:51 Buzz Saw
    06:28 Shield


    ★My Playlist

  • Lego Technic MOC 71783 MOC 73232 Emergency V16 Diesel Generator Legolaus


    Own Creation Spring 2021.
    Animation by:

    Account supported by:

    Fotos and other Informations look at



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