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Buying a Horse at Auction



    Another day, another horse auction. Follow Becky and I too see what we look for when buying horses at the sales.

    Easy by Ceanty is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

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  • Buying a Horse at Auction


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  • Getting My New Horse at a Horse Auction Vlog #2


    Instagram: sabryna.damm

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  • Rescuing an auction pony+ and bringing it home!


    Hope y’all enjoyed this video! Make sure to subscribe and follow me on this journey with my new pony.

    * all songs in this video belong to rightful owners and creators!*

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  • MEET MY NEW HORSE ~ And come to the auction


    ** Sorry if the audio is weird in places, I edited it on my phone for the first time so it could come out quicker but I think that's what has done it!

    There is a new kid on the block and I vlogged the whole thing. Let me know what you think of her and what you think she will be when she grows up ;). Try get this vlog to 1000 likes before the Welsh Sales so I can do another vlog like this!!


    Lioness (Instrumental) by DayFox Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library

    Easy by Ceanty is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

  • Quarter Horse Sale - 2020 HPRBA Ranch Horse Sale & Futurity


    The High Plains Ranchers and Breeders Association #HPRBA held their annual Ranch Horse Sale and Futurity in the Bill Cody Equestrian Center in Amarillo, Texas. The horses were shown and demonstrated before the auction. #Horses #HorsesForSale

    HPRBA website -
    On Facebook -

    This documentary film is a product of the Heritage Preservation Project.

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  • HORSE AUCTION VLOG ~ Realities of a winter sales


    Hello guys, please read this before commenting!

    I very nearly didn't post this vlog as some people might find it upsetting but I feel it is important to show these realities. You will see in this vlog that a lot of these horses are very poor and not in great condition. Unfortunately this is sometimes the reality of horse sales as they can be a last resort for people to find their horses new homes. It is also worth noting that we are coming out of one of the wettest winters recorded in the UK so there has been very little grass. I am by no means justifying the state some of these animals are in because to me it is unacceptable. However, please remember that we DON'T know the circumstances of the owners, therefore we didn't want to comment too much on the horses. The good news is that most of them sold in the ring and some of the 'unsold' ones actually sold outside of the ring. Hopefully with a bit of spring grass these horses will be back to their normal selves in their new homes! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    Easy by Ceanty is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

  • Buying a Horse at an Amish Auction


    In order to log with horses for our wood-fired maple syrup, we get our horses from an Amish Auction in Mount Hope, Ohio. Buying from an Amish Auction could be intimidating, so in this video we give you a glimpse into the process while talking about some of our successes as well as the lessons we've learned.

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    00:00 Introduction
    00:25 Overview of Visiting an Amish Auction
    02:34 Interesting Horses
    05:20 Lessons Learned and Things to Consider
    09:02 Gratitude to my Auction Horse, Hilde
    10:00 Shameless Maple Syrup Sales Pitch - Head to to get yours : )

    Hope you enjoy and thanks for the support!



    Today we went to a horse auction for the very first time! We learned a lot and had a great experience. We are looking for a new pony and hopefully we will find a great one at a great price!

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    Shot & Edited by Jon Murray,

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  • ???????? VLOGMAS ???????? Dec 8th Went to a Horse Auction!


    My parents bought my husband and I, a night at a really nice hotel for our anniversary. Thanks Mom and Dad!

    Thanks for watching! ❤️????

  • American Quarter Horse Shopping @ 2019 Return To The Remuda Sale


    I covered the horse demonstration and auction activities in 2018 but returned in 2019 to cover more of the activities and people involved before and after the auction. In this film, you will see some of the American Quarter Horses being groomed and prepped before the auction and you will see potential buyers looking the horses over. #AQHA #RanchLife #6666Ranch #Horses

    The annual Return To The Remuda Sale is the world's largest auction of American Quarter Horses bred from legacy bloodlines and used by traditional working ranches and for performance competition events. #QuarterHorses #HorsesForSale

    The sale is held during the first weekend in October on the legendary 6666 Ranch or commonly known as The Sixes, near Guthrie, Texas. Guthrie has a population of about 400 but several thousand horse buyers and admirers will gather for the two-day sale where horses will be sold from $3,000 to $90,000 on auction day.

    For more about the 6666 Ranch and the sale:
    Website -
    Facebook -
    The Handbook of Texas Online -

    This documentary film is a product of the Heritage Preservation Project.

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  • I Bought a HORSE for My BACKYARD FARM!!!


    It was finally time to get a horse for my backyard farm! Do you think this is a good idea?

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    SELLING A HORSE at an auction is quite an experience. We might even played a game of BIGGER or BETTER! Have you ever wondered the process of selling a horse or buying a horse at a livestock auction? Experience it today! Sick was a MIRICLE!

  • The November Sale : SONGBIRD sells for $9.5M


    Two-time Champion and nine-time Grade 1 winner SONGBIRD sold for $9,500,000 at the 2017 November Sale.

    Offered as a broodmare prospect by Taylor Made Sales Agency, Songbird was purchased by Mandy Pope's Whisper Hill Farm.

    A graduate of The Saratoga Sale, Songbird earned nearly $4.7 million for owner Fox Hill Farm and trainer Jerry Hollendorfer. She won 13 of 15 career starts, including Grade 1's at two, three, and four.


  • I Bought A Wild Mustang Online?! | Internet Auction Mustang Pick Up


    So... two months ago I bid on a cute little mustang on the BLM Internet Auction on a whim, and everything aligned to where I won, and she made her way to Florida! She is a personal project for myself that I will eventually be finding a home for.
    I will be sharing a lot more in-depth of my wild mustang gentling and training with this girl, subscribe if you'd like to follow her journey!
    Facebook and Instagram: @czmustangs

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    Be sure to check out the Mustang Heritage Foundation to learn more about their programs!

    Learn more about adopting a wild horse;

  • Three Tips on How to buy a Horse Cheap


    Just some ideas on how to buy a horse cheap. Three tips on how you can get a horse for the best price.

  • Heartbreaking night at the auction


    The black pregnant mare was a last-minute save. This is her auction story.

    Everyone puts the blame on the kill buyers but I watched as owners/traders dropped off horses that were put into the loose pens. Horses that would be ran through the ring and sold by the pound without anyone speaking up for them. At the end of the night, a few traders would pull a few from their kill pens and try to sell on Facebook. I want to add that we were lucky the black mare ended up in Jason Sexton's pen. He charged us what he paid for them. He would pull a few to give a few extra days on Facebook, adding a couple of hundred dollars over what he paid. Not a ridiculous amount of money like some of the broker pages out there. A reasonable fee that saves a life. If you don't want to watch I understand! There are faces in this video that I'll never forget. There are just too many uncaring owners, thanks to all the wonderful people who donated to help us save a few precious souls. You can follow this sweet mare on our Facebook page by entering #mhr8520.

  • Buying a horse - Things to look for - How to buy a horse - Rick Gore Horsemanship


    - Here I discuss things to look for when buying a horse. I discuss some tricks and excuses sellers use to hide problems and try and take the mystery out of buying a horse. Thanks to Candace for filming this.

  • Horse Rescue Heroes: Auction Rescue


    Horse Rescue Heroes is an exciting reality TV show featuring the brave heroes of Horse Plus Humane Society as they rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt into amazing homes horses of all needs levels.

    In this Episode: Never before has our camera team been allowed to document rescuing horses from the slaughter pipeline at an auction, an auction where every horse is sold, it's fate determined merely by the buyer.

    We can never thank our viewers and donors enough for all the love and support. You can be a Horse Hero - Give Now!


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    Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization & has been rescuing horses since 2003, tax ID #20-1156396.

  • How much does it cost to have a horse? feat Stephanie Moratto | Guest Vlog


    When Stephanie Moratto bought her first horse, she asked herself how much it costs to have a horse. Now that she has four of them, she can give you a perfect overview and calculation of what to expect when buying, keeping and taking care of a horse.
    02:04 Buying a horse
    03:14 Costs of boarding a horse
    05:32 Cost of feeding a horse
    06:46 Medical Costs for a horse
    09:05 Costs of supplies

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  • Come to a horse auction and rescue blind and starving horses from the kill pen! + Vet visit


    We went to a local horse auction wanting to rescue some horses in need! Come along on the journey of 3 horses.

    we had the vet out next day to give vaccines, check for infections, and float or file their teeth.

    Featured: 14 y/o appy pony, 7 y/o paint, 20 y/o paint.

    There were lots of horses, some in worse shape than others. We are self-funded and are limited in resources so we can't save every horse.

    Music: Glitter Blast
    Musician: Kevin MacLeod

  • Buying a HORSE for the FIRST Time? Watch this FIRST!


    I see so many people who buy a horse for the first time and have no idea what goes in to actually caring for the animal. It takes a lot of time and effort. Watch this before you buy your first horse!

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  • GETTING my NEW HORSE!! | Hailey Liberty


    GETTING my NEW HORSE!!! | Hailey Liberty

    My name is Hailey! I'm new to the YouTube platform but you may have seen my horses/polo related content on my TikTok account! On YouTube I plan to post horsey things like vlogs with my horses, going on some fun and interesting calls with my vet, riding videos and much more!

    TikTok: yeliahxvdb

    Thanks for watching, I'll see you soon!

  • Pennsylvania Draft Horse Sale 2014


    This video is about the Pennsylvania Draft Horse & Harness Horse Sale in the Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg, Pa.

  • Why We Save Horses From Auctions


    Hello Everyone, I made a video today, and I want to ask you to take a minute to watch it. It tells my story, and why rescuing horses from auctions is so important. Please make a donation to this month's auction rescue, without your support horses will be shipped to slaughter that we could have saved. My team and I are the ones on the ground, but we can't do it without your support. You are the true horse's heroes, you are the ones skipping out on a cup of coffee or finding a way to make a donation. I can't tell you how much the horses appreciate your gift of love. Again, please take a minute to watch this video and hear my story. ~ Tawnee Preisner, Founder of Horse Plus Humane Society.



    Credit Card:

    By phone: 1-888-HPHS-077

    Donate by mail:
    Horse Plus Humane Society
    Att: Auction Rescue Fund
    P.O. Box 485, Hohenwald, TN 38462

    Please share this post, the average share can raise over $35!

    Tawnee Preisner - President

    Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, tax ID #20-1156396.


  • 2 Chainz and Mark Cuban Check Out the Most Expensivest Horses | GQ & VICELAND


    2 Chainz is joined by Dallas Mavericks owner and featured 'Shark Tank' guest Mark Cuban to hang out at the Dallas Equestrian Center, home of the best horse trainers in the country. That's right, they're checking out the most expensivest horses. Also, if you're interested, The Horse Gym 2000, the premier treadmill for horses, can be yours for just $40K.

    Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►►

    For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more.

    2 Chainz and Mark Cuban Check Out the Most Expensivest Horses | GQ & VICELAND

  • We Went to a Horse Auction!


    We went to a horse auction in Saskatoon on Saturday May 8th! I thought I would make a video to commemorate the day and to share with you guys. We had a lot of fun on a girls day out and I hope you all enjoy tagging along!

    Closer to the end I also introduce you to my own horses!

  • Keeneland September Sale: The largest and most important thoroughbred auction in the world


    The Keeneland September Yearling Sale is an annual event, bringing together high-dollar horses and big-money buyers. Take a look at what goes into the thoroughbred auction.

  • HOW TO BUY A HORSE AT AN AUCTION|Appaloosa Auction|Did we buy a horse?!


    Have you ever wondered what goes on at a horse auction? Have you ever considered purchasing a horse from an auction? Here is a HOW TO VLOG video on buying horses from auctions. I DO NOT advise green, new riders, or first time horse buyers to buy from an auction. This takes years of experience and skill. If you ever want to buy a horse from an auction I highly recommend bringing an experienced trainer, buyer, or friend. Check out how I go about picking & bidding on horses at this sale in Morris, IL. This auction was the first one they have ever held at this location and it was a Appaloosa & Ranch Horse auction. Did we bring anything home??? Watch to find out! Enjoy the ride!

  • Buying your first Horse or buying Horses at auctions - Rick Gore Horsemanship


    First rule of the horse world Never believe what anyone tells you about a horse. This rule will save your life. I discuss things to be aware of when buying a horse. I talk about horses that are drugged or worked before you see them to make them tired. I suggest that you lease a horse or get a 30 day return on any horse you want to buy. If the owner has nothing to hide this should not be a problem. Don't buy for color or looks and make someone show you everything a horse can do before you try it and then you do everything with the horse before you buy it.

  • Bidding on my dream horse + HOW TO adopt a Wild Mustang


    Thanks for watching ????
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  • Tips to Successfully Buy an Auction Horse


  • BLM MUSTANG ADOPTION | Picking Out My New Project Horse


    Howdy everyone! Yesterday I picked up my newest project mustang! He is such a sweet curious boy and I love him already. You can follow along with his training on YouTube, Facebook (Camille's Mustangs) or instagram (@camillesmustangs)
    For more information on adopting mustangs:

  • Rescue groups outbid kill buyers at horse auction


    Christmas effort will keep horse meat off dinner tables overseas

    The Denver Channel, 7News, brings you the latest trusted news and information for Denver, Colorado, Mile High and the Rocky Mountains.

    Our mission is to provide useful, interesting news and updates on breaking news to people in the Denver metro area, all across our beautiful state of Colorado and all over the world.

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  • INSIDE AN IRISH HORSE AUCTION ~ Holly and I go pony shopping at the sales


    The wait is finally over (sorry about that btw), I hope you all enjoy watching me and Holly looking around lots of ponies. Be sure to head over to her channel to watch the horses which weren't featured in this.

    Link to Holly's channel and Instagram are below:

    Other videos you might enjoy:
    I HAVE NEW SHOWJUMPS!! ~ Unpacking my Polyjumps and jumping Bear over them for the first time

    A DAY IN THE LIFE' riding edition ~ With Shires Equestrian

    Intro music:
    Easy by Ceanty is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.



    ›› Make sure to watch the Pony Tinder video before this one!

    The long awaited sales vlog with Meg the Egg is finally up! Hope you guys enjoy it and have a laugh!

    ›› Hey, my name is Holly and welcome to my channel! I post all sorts of equestrian videos like show vlogs, training videos, barn vlogs and more. If you want to keep up to date with me and the horses then be sure to hit that subscribe button :)

    ›› My Horses:
    Welbeck: 16h chestnut 12 yr old Irish sport horse mare
    Jack: 14.1h dun 12 yr old connemara gelding
    Khal: 16.1h bay 6yr old ISHxKWPN gelding
    Fiona: 17h bay 12yr old ISH mare
    Dali: 17.1h bay 4yr old ISHxKWPN gelding

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    Instagram: @hollylenahan
    Facebook: HollyLenahanSJ
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  • Wild horses up for adoption in California for as little as $25


    Wild horses are up for adoption for as little as $25 in northern California. The U.S. Forest Service is facilitating the purchasing of the animals, who are believed to be descendants of domesticated horses. But, the animals come with a few requirements that not everyone can fulfill. John Blackstone reports.

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  • Horse Purchasing Tips


    Visit for many more videos



    Introducing KING SOLOMON!

    He is a gangly yearling who was bred by Stolen Silver Sports Horses

    Mum went to see him a foal and fell in love with him. She just had that special feeling about him.
    It took a while for me to gather the funds for him but it was well worth it and I am just so glad he was still for sale. We saw an advert pop up for him whilst at the regionals and within a minute mum phoned to say we couldn't let him go.

    I can't wait to share his journey with you all.

    Enjoy the vlog!

    #Blessedequestrian #yougotthis #believeitspossible #towerstribe

  • Wild Horse Auction


    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro program. The BLM held an auction in Hallettsville TX Feb. 09-10, 2018

  • Information movie: how to buy an auction horse?


    The best way to buy a Hanoverian is at the Verden auctions. The wide selection on offer at the auctions shows something for everyone. Foals, brood-mares, riding-horses, leasure-horses, stallions - here erveryone can find the horse that suits him. More Information:

  • Saving Eight Horses From Slaughter


    Link to their Facebook page:

    (please follow me on instagram to keep up to date on when the gofundme money transfers and I'm able to make bail for the three ponies)
    My instagram:

  • How a Nearly $100,000 Horse Ended Up at an Auction Site


    How a nearly $100,000 horse ended up at an auction site!!
    (Donate to help rescue Paypal: )

    Here it is, his rescue day and lots of great information for you.

    If you can, please watch the whole thing!! Share, comment, like, let's bring awareness!!! If this can happen to him, just imagine what's happening to all the others! Time to stop this cruelty madness!

    To donate you can PayPal me: or pick your favorite rescue. HiCaliber is who networked me with my new bestie. See below for all the living angels who made this possible.

    Special mention to:

    Romney Snyder of HiCaliber Horse Rescue who told me about him!
    Sherri A Morris of S&S Finally Loved Horse Rescue Inc. who told Romney that I was looking for a dressage horse and to contact me!
    Jonathan Shidler & Kristina Cordiero for picking us up at the auction site and trailering us to a safe ranch.
    Katie Simon & Don for letting us stay at their awesome ranch for the day.
    Laura James Corona for being such a great new horse friend.
    Dana of Equine-Connections, LLC. Horse Transportation for trailering us to our new stable!
    Kimberly Powers & Mountain Meadows Stables for being an amazing support through this process and letting us board at such an amazing stable.
    William Faerber & Karen E Loshbaugh of Art2Ride & Art2Ride Associate Trainers for being TRUE classical kind dressage masters spreading the so important message of proper horse training, development, and maintenance. These are TRUE horse masters and I'm so honored to be receiving support from them.
    Lauren Larson of White Rock Horse Rescue and Retirement, Inc. for taking the time to show me all the beautiful horses available at White Rock!!
    Gabe Chiesa & Saskia of Farralone Farms Thoroughbred Horse Rescue for letting me play with all their beautiful OTTB adoptable riding horses!
    Blue Apple Ranch, Nicki Branch & Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue, Foothill Horse Rescue, Serenity Acres Horse Rescue, and all the other rescues for being living angels!


    HiCaliber Horse Rescue:
    S&S Finally Loved Horse Rescue Inc.:
    Equine-Connections, LLC. Horse Transportation:
    Mountain Meadows Stables:
    White Rock Horse Rescue and Retirement, Inc:
    Farralone Farms Thoroughbred Horse Rescue:
    Blue Apple Ranch:
    Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue:
    Foothill Horse Rescue:
    Serenity Acres Horse Rescue:

    If I missed anyone, I am so sorry!!!!!!!!! I've barely come up for air since getting this guy on Saturday.

    Love you all!!!! Let's keep making this world a better place for our animal friends!

    Bless the bests and the children for in this world they have no voice, they have no choice.
    pssst if you watched to the end, can you see the similarities??? Unreal!!!!!!!!!! Dream come true!

    For more information and to receive your free gifts please visit:

    Let's stay connected!
    I am super active on Facebook and do a complimentary energy service every Sunday:

    To hang with me live check out my Periscope: AshleyMaven

    Wishing you a blissed and blessed day!
    Ashley Maven

    p.s. in loving memory is a previous horse of mine - not this one.

  • What to look for and what I do when buying a new horse.


  • 120 horses sold at auction in Dubai


    (19 Mar 2017) LEADIN:
    One hundred and twenty horses have gone up for sale at the Emirates Blood Stock auction in Dubai.
    The event is known for producing champions in the region's show competitions.
    Waiting for its turn in the ring.
    This is just one of 120 horses up for sale at the Emirates Blood Stock auction in Dubai.
    Bidders from across the Gulf region have flocked here to view the animals - and maybe to even buy one.
    Pureblood Arabian fillies, mares, yearling colts, colts and stallions are paraded around the showground.
    And horse enthusiasts raise their numbers when they spot an animal they want to buy.
    The sale is led by Faisal Rahmani.
    He says the event is known for the high quality of the animals.
    The horses that are sold in these auctions are horse show winners and that is why people keep coming back to buy more, he says.
    Prices start at around 1,000 US dollars but can go up to hundreds of thousands for the very best horses.
    Snagging a pure Arabian horse at this auction is must for breeders from the region who enter show competitions.
    Those that compete at a high level, those have a higher value and these competitions have big prizes, Rahmani says.
    The head of auctions takes bids from across the arena as people try to secure the best horses they can afford.
    Suhail al-Naimi is a show horse owner and participates in many competitions.
    He says this auction has produced champion horses at events in Kuwait, Bahrain and Iran.
    Today, he wants a mare to add to his collection.
    We are looking at the whole condition - what kind of Arabian horse is it? We look at the neck and face and the ears and the line of the back. And the last thing we look at is the stats and the movement of the horse, he says.
    Emirate Blood Stock claims to have sold more than 2,000 horses in the last five years and exported 200 overseas.

    Find out more about AP Archive:
    Facebook: ​​

    You can license this story through AP Archive:

  • My experience at The Dixie Horse Auction with Gracie Mae


    Some horse auctions are pretty amazing, and not all have bad horses. This one is one of the biggest auctions that lasts 3 days! People all over come to show off their horses and build their Stables reputation. It was an experience for sure!

    Summerfield Farm and Draft Horses is a small horse farm located in East Bend, NC where we personally save 4 Draft horses per year from the slaughter pipeline, retrain them as trail horses and steady field companions in their forever homes..

    Video made using: Samsung Galaxy S10+
    Edited using: Microsoft Movie Maker

  • Buying a horse at auction - Dispelling the myths


    Rhegan White, Director of Sales in UK, USA & Canada at the Westphalian Studbook dispels the myths behind buying a horse at auction.

    Come to the Westphalian Studbook in Munster-Germany to find your perfect partner.

  • SHE SPENT $6000 BUYING HORSES ! Day 103


    Please watch: CLEANING A GELDING AND PINTO VS PAINT Day 261 (09/19/17)



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