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COOLEST Houses in the World!

  • COOLEST Houses in the World!


    Coming up are some amazing houses and coolest houses in the world.
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  • 10 Most Insane Houses In The World


    10 Most Insane Houses In The World

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

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    If a house is a man’s castle. What do these houses say about the people living in them? Today we will be
    looking at 10 of the most insane houses from around the world. Ever imagine how is it like living on a
    pole? Stay tuned for number one to find out.

    Number 10. The Glass House
    Even when looking at it from a distance, this home is definitely not like many others and requires a
    certain personality and taste for those who choose to live in it, most specifically people who don’t care
    for their privacy.
    This house is entirely see through, and pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination. All of the walls
    are pretty much giant windows allowing for everybody to see into your home and bear witness to
    anything and everything that you do.
    According to the architect that designed this thing, he took inspiration from traditional treehouses. So,
    instead of having the traditional “first floor” and “second floor”, the interior of the house is made up of
    different platforms set on varying heights, which gives you an impression of climbing into a tree house.
    Although small at only 914 square feet, the interior and the design gives you a whole lot of space for
    furniture and people.
    Thankfully this neighborhood is not too busy, allowing for some form of privacy considering the nature
    of the house. But if you still need a little bit of privacy, curtains were installed in some of the rooms in
    the house, hopefully in the as I’m pretty sure neighbors won’t be too keen on seeing what kind of
    business you do in there.

    Number 9. Fallingwater
    This house was designed in 1935 and has become incredibly popular over the years for many reasons. It
    was built partly over a waterfall, which is the main attraction about the house right in the center of lush
    It was originally constructed to be a family weekend home for Edgar J. Kaufman’s family. They used it
    between 1937 and 1963 as their own private getaway. Eventually the home got deeded to the public
    and is now a popular tourist attraction. The home attracts more than 160,000 tourists per year.
    Unfortunately, time has not been very good to the home, which is now showing various signs of
    deterioration, and the maintenance costs of a house like this is not something to gawk at. The outer
    walls must be washed very well on a regular basis and rooms are repainted as needed. Even the
    bathroom floor, which is made out of corkboard, needs to be replaced periodically. Overall, there is a
    very close watch on the home and in making sure everything is at its best.

    Number 8. The Clocktower Penthouse

    If you’re like me, you hate the sound of your alarm clock in the morning, so can you imagine living inside
    the clock itself? The good thing is, this clock doesn’t chime every hour.
    Atop One Main Street in Brooklyn, New York, an iconic clock tower was transformed into a stunning
    triplex penthouse, located in the trendy DUMBO or the down under the Manhattan bridge overpass
    neighborhood. The apartment is part of an old industrial building that was originally built by cardboard
    manufacturers, and the tower transformation project was developed by David Walentas – the man
    behind the DUMBO project itself.
    The jaw-dropping 6,813 square feet penthouse offers you a 360 degrees’ view of the city, overlooking
    the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. Its signature feature, however, are the four massive clocks,
    installed in 14-foot-high round windows on each wall. The three-story apartment, with the ceiling going
    from 16 to 50 feet in height, also has a glass elevator running up its center.
    The penthouse of the Clock Tower building entered the market in 2009 as the most expensive condo in
    Brooklyn, listed for $25 million – till then, the most expensive apartment on record had cost a mere $11
    million. The realtors, however, have been unsuccessful in selling the Clock Tower penthouse, and it’s
    now down to $18 million, not exactly a bargain but hey, it’s a small price to pay if you want to live in a

    Number 7. The Flintstone House
    This is one of the coolest houses ever, for people falling in a very specific age bracket. Like the name
    implies, it is a very accurate recreation of the home of the Flintstones, our favorite modern stone age
    It is fully functional with modern amenities yet still holds the extremely old school charm of The
    Flintstones TV show. The 2,736 square foot home is located in sunny Malibu, and was designed for TV
    personality Dick Clark.

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  • The Coolest Houses In The World


    Millions of houses exist in the world, yet only a small fraction of those are anything special. And whilst it's easy to simply throw money at a property, you'll be surprised to see that the most expensive places aren't always the most amazing and awe-inspiring.

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  • 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World


    10 Most Incredible And Expensive Private Houses of All Time / 10 Most Expensive Houses or mansions In The World Only rich people can afford.

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    There is certainly no place like home. Whether it is a big ranch in the countryside, or a small comfy space in the center of the city, a home is a place where we always want to go back to - this is where we rest at the end of a day full of work, and a space to find comfort after long travels around the world. For some people, the idea of home is beyond just having a place to rest and eat - for them, home can be anything from a twin towered building in the center of infinite gardens, to a living room with 360 degree views of the closest ocean. Today we’ll be looking at ten of the most incredible and expensive homes on Earth. Keep in mind that our picks are not only expensive, but they are very unique in their own way, featuring spaces that you never thought could exist inside someone’s home. Make sure you watch them all! Perhaps you’ll get ideas for your dream home. Number one will definitely change the way you think of home so far!

    Number 10: Chateau Artisan

    Who doesn’t want to live surrounded by water!? Back in the day, people would dig ditches around their homes and fill them with water to protect them from invaders. Today, surrounding your home with water is more of a luxury rather than a protection technique. That’s the case of Chateau Artisan, a French style house surrounded by water, that looks like something out of a fairytale. On one end of the property you can find the staircase entrance, right after you walk through the courtyard, which will definitely make you feel like you traveled back to medieval times or to the set of the Legend of Zelda. On the opposite end there is an amazing square pool with a fountain in the middle. At this property you can also find a terrace jacuzzi, a koi pond and of course, swans that get to enjoy the benefits of having this man-made lake. The three-storey house, which is at the center of the property, has 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The building is not as big as other buildings on our list - but the outdoor space definitely makes up for it!

    Number 9: Celine Dion’s Waterpark Mansion

    You heard her music, you might have seen her perform, but did you ever get to see what Celine Dion’s house looks like? Down in Jupiter Island, Florida - one of the most expensive places in USA - Celine Dion built a mansion, a space to go back to after all those weeks of touring around the world. With Bahamian vibes at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this mansion has 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, surrounded by wide open spaces and amazing views. What makes her place so unique is the water-size pool that sits at the front of her palace-looking home. It even has a water slide! Back in 2017, Celine finally put her home in the market - with a $72 million price tag, but she ended up selling it for only $27 million. Do you think it’s worth that much?

    Number 8: The San Francisco Eco Friendly Mansion

    Now that people are constantly looking for ways to make a positive impact in their environment, it makes sense that a house on our list is not only expensive, but also eco-friendly. We’re talking about this $40 million house in San Francisco’s Billionaire Row. About 40% of its energy comes from the sun and it has a rain-water collection system that can hold more than 5,000 gallons of water! Can you imagine that? This house pretty much works in harmony with nature. With 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, this house had to go through a long process to get to where it is today. However, the end result is rewarding. This house is fully automated: lights, music, temperature, doors - everything can be controlled from a personal device such as a smartphone or a computer. Even the lightbulbs will adjust automatically if you were to move the artwork or furniture underneath them. Whether it’s day or night, the non-reflective glass windows offer incredible views of San Francisco and its most popular landmarks such as The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. What better way to spend $40 million than using it towards a house as green as this one.

    Number 7: 924 Bel Air Mansion

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  • 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World


    10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    Leave a like for more shark tank, pawn stars, dr. phil, and other tv show business content. On Top 5 Best, we like to help you in mindset productivity, whether it's how to make more money videos, or going over the biggest mansions in the world, we show everything here! Make sure to subscribe for more amazing videos everyday!

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    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

    Not all homes are created equal; in size, design, and of course, price. Today we will be looking at ten of
    the most ridiculously expensive houses in the world. Make sure you stay tuned for number 1, this house
    is quite literally, a palace.

    Number 10. Xanadu 2.0
    Microsoft co-founder Bill gates is one of the richest men in the world. In fact, he is currently the second
    richest man in the world with a net worth of $95.3 million dollars. So, it’s only natural that he splurges
    on some things, like his house for instance, which he named Xanadu 2.0.
    It took Gates seven years and $63 million to build his Medina, Washington estate, named "Xanadu 2.0"
    after the fictional home of Charles Foster Kane, the title character of "Citizen Kane." At 66,000 square
    feet, the home is absolutely massive, and it's loaded to the brim with high-tech details, including but not
    limited to a guest monitoring system that would put Big Brother to shame.
    When guests arrive, they're given a pin that interacts with sensors located all over the house. Guests
    enter their temperature and lighting preferences so that the settings change as they move throughout
    the home. Speakers hidden behind wallpaper allow music to follow you from room to room.
    The house has a current worth of $127.48 million.

    Number 9. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens
    Also known as “Billionaire’s Row”, Kensington Palace Gardens is home to royalty, oligarchs, tycoons and
    ambassadors. The average price of a house here floats around £33 million. So it shouldn’t come as a
    surprise that one of the most expensive homes in the world can be found in this place.
    18-19 Kensington is currently owned by Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian business boss of Arcelor Mittal - the
    world’s largest steel manufacturer, but the house itself has a lot of history behind it, dating back to its
    completion in April 1847.
    A few notable people who owned and lived there in the past include Lionel de Rothschild who bought it
    in 1912, it also served as the Egyptian and Russian embassies for many years. In 2001, Bernie Ecclestone
    of Formula 1 fame bought the house for £50 million. However, his then wife, Slavica, allegedly disliked
    the building and refused to live there. Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal stepped up and bought the
    55,000 sq ft mansion for just over £57 million – a far lower offer than Ecclestone’s original asking price
    of £85 million. The property became known as the 'Taj Mittal', and is thought to have trebled in value
    since its purchase.

    Number 8. Palazzo di Amore
    Palazzo di Amore in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, is an outstanding palace. Once you step inside this 12
    bedroom, 23-bathroom palace, you immediately get the feeling of elegance and sophistication. The

    property features more than 35,000 square feet of living space, including a two-story entrance hall with
    a chandelier and two sweeping staircases.
    It also features a 15,000-square-foot entertainment complex, complete with a disco/ballroom, a
    revolving dance floor, a DJ booth and a laser-light system. Inside the complex, as many as 250 guests can
    make use of a 50-seat theater and a bowling alley. Outdoor amenities include a 128-foot reflecting pool
    and fountain, a waterfall, a swimming pool, a spa, a barbecue area and tennis court.
    Guests can also visit the beautiful vineyard, which produces 400 to 500 cases of wine a year under its
    own private label, Beverly Hills Vineyards.
    Finally, Palazzo di Amore, which boasts spectacular views of the West Side of Los Angeles, Century City
    and the sea, can host up to 1,000 people, with on-site parking for as many as 150 vehicles.
    The house was put up for sale back in 2014 with an asking price of $195 million.

    Number 7. Ellison Estate
    Valued at over $200 million according to tax assessments, the Fair Field Estate of industrial billionaire Ira
    Rennert is arguably the largest and potentially, the most expensive home in America.

  • 10 Most Advanced Homes In The World


    With everything from mobiles phones, to sports cars getting smarter year on year, it comes at no surprise that our homes are starting to get a tech make-over.

    We are looking at the top 10 most technologically advanced houses available on the market.

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  • 10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist


    10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

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    They say “Home is Where You Make It” - whether it’s a simple hut by the beach, a floating home on the ocean or even a treehouse, home can be anything you want it to be. It is that one place where you come to rest and unwind after a stressful day. It’s a place that you can share with your loved ones or escape from the crowds when you need to. While some of us have pretty traditional houses, some people out there have gotten very creative at making their homes and came up with ideas that are out of this world! Today we’ll be looking at 10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist. We’ll have a bit of everything when it comes to living spaces: big and small, wide and narrow, above cliffs and even underwater! Stay tuned all the way to the end and don’t miss my number one pick! It’s a house that I’m one hundred percent sure you didn’t know it exists. So, let’s begin!

    The House on The Rock

    When we think of houses surrounded by water, we either think of boats or island living. Well, the first unique house of this list is in the middle of the water, but it’s standing on a rock. You can find it on the Drina river in Serbia. It got people’s attention after being mentioned in big publications such as the Daily Mail and National Geographic. If you think that having a house on top of a rock is impressive enough, wait until you hear the story behind it. It all happened back in 1968 when a group of friends, tired of swimming against the current of the Drina River, decided to get some rest on top of the rock. They immediately got bothered by the rough surface of the rock and went back to the shore to bring back some boards on which they could lay on. Right after that, they decided to put the boards vertically and use them as cover. And just like that, this group of boys came up with the idea for a house on top of a rock. The house is now one of Serbia’s most treasured places. It’s a great spot to connect with nature, enjoying the river and the forest around.

    Keret House

    I told you we have some narrow houses on this list. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to: Keret House, the narrowest house in the world! This space was created by Jakub Szczesny, a Polish Architect who claims this is the world’s narrowest house with only 122 centimeters long at its widest point. And don’t let the looks fool you - this house is narrow, but this attribute is what makes it so space efficient and interesting. According to Szczesny, all the furniture had to be perfectly customized and pushed to fit into this space. It is designed for one single inhabitant, for someone who likes to work and stay at home! More specifically, this house is designed for traveling writers who need their own space. I guess that makes sense. One flight of stairs takes you into the study room and bathroom, and a ladder leads you up to the bedroom. What else can a writer need? It’s definitely narrow, but the architect definitely made it quite cozy and inviting. Who would have thought you could fit a house into such a small space? While the house was intended to stay up for just two years, it is already a Warsaw Icon and a landmark on the tourist maps for visitors of this Polish city.

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  • 10 Incredible Houses Youd Be Lucky to See Once in Your Life...


    Have you ever dreamed of living in a house that was just a little bit more glamorous? Well you're not alone, pretty much everyone has looked at mega mansions or a celebrities home and wanted to live there. But for some lucky people out there, that dream is more than just a reality, it's a way of life. So today we tracked down some of the world's most incredible and expensive houses, some of which the owners don't even want you to know about. Here are

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    Unusual and expensive houses in the world! Featuring the world's most amazing and strange houses and buildings on earth. You better check out these awesome houses with your own eyes.

  • Inside A $7 Million NYC Kid’s Dream Home With A Zipline And Slide | Dream Digs


    INSIDER tours a $7 million New York City dream apartment that has a zipline, spiral slide, climbing wall, monkey bars, and more. It’s a kid’s dream home in the middle of Manhattan! Aly Weisman goes to the SoHo loft to get a tour of the most unique apartment in the city.


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    Inside A $7 Million NYC Kid’s Dream Home With A Zipline And Slide | Dream Digs

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  • People Laughed at the Price of This House, Until They Looked Inside It


    For copyright matters please contact us at:


    Most people live in common and simple houses. Whether it's an apartment building or a cozy suburban house, you can find similar buildings in every part of the planet Earth. But some people like breaking the rules and building unusual and even weird houses.
    Neighbors may laugh at them, but it means nothing to these creative people. After all, it's mostly just envy, but when these people look inside these houses... Okay, let's not jump ahead... You better check out these houses with your own eyes.

  • 12 Most Amazing Houses In The World


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    Whether in the present day or the distant past, there have always been architects and builders who are willing to go against the trend, and create structures which are truly unique. In celebration of those visionary builders, this video is our guide to the most unusual buildings in the world.

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  • INSIDE The Top 7 Most Incredible MEGA MANSIONS in America


    Inside The Top 7 Most Incredible MEGA MANSIONS in America! We have toured some of the most expensive, biggest, and most unique Million Dollar listings, Bel Air Mega Mansions, NYC Penthouse Apartments, and luxury homes in the World. In this video I count down the top luxury properties and million dollar listings. These are homes that only billionaires can afford.

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    Filmed by: @Hanna Coleman

    Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, NYC 2020

  • TOP 15 Futuristic Houses


    As technologies and design tastes change, the way homes are being build is changes as well. here are the top 15 most futuristic houses.

    Several segments are licensed under creative commons

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  • 15 Weirdest Houses In The World


    Here are some of the weirdest and most unusual houses ever built.

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    15 Weirdest Houses In The World

  • 15 Most Incredible Homes In The World!


    The world is full of creative people, and some of them release that creativity in the world of architecture. The result? Some pretty far-out and impressive abodes for people who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. From a tall tower on a tiny lot to a gas station converted into a family home, here are 15 most incredible homes in the world.

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  • People Laughed at this House, Until They Looked Inside...


    They say never judge a book by its cover and the same goes for houses. While some home owners go for flashy opulence and community living, others prefer the secluded, hidden and private life in their fortress of solitude. Hidden in plain sight behind small unassuming front doors, there are some homes that are simply out of this world. You could be forgiven for walking right past and not even noticing these amazing residences in perfect camouflage. Ready to take a look at the most unusual hidden houses?

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    Editing: HowlingCreations
    Music: EpidemicSound

    Hidden and most unusual houses in the world! Featuring the world's most secret and hidden homes on earth. You better check out these secret hidden houses with your own eyes.

  • 15 Largest Mansions Updated 2020


    As the rich get richer, their mansions are getting bigger and bigger! Today we're taking a look at some of the biggest mansions in the world!

    Several segments are licensed under creative commons

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  • 5 Most Beautiful Luxury Villa | WATCH NOW !


    5 Most Beautiful Luxury Villa WATCH NOW !

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    A villa is a type of house that was originally an ancient Roman upper-class country house. Since its origins in the Roman villa, the idea and function of a villa has evolved considerably.


    + Villa Tropicbird :


    + Palm Jumeirah :

    + Villa Cullinan :

    + Dubai's Emirates Hills :



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  • Tik Tok Houses That Will Blow Your Mind


    Tik Tok Houses That Will Blow Your Mind! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want one of these nice tiktok houses! Watch the last video Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack

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  • 15 Most Unbelievable HIDDEN Homes


    Here are 10 of the coolest homes you probably won't even be able to find!

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    15 Most Unbelievable HIDDEN Homes

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  • The Most Expensive House in The World


    The Most Expensive House in The World

    Inside The Most Expensive Home in London -

    Inside The Most Expensive Mansion in America -

    The Most Expensive House In The World -


    They say there is no place like home, but I think some people take that too far by spending millions of dollars building some of the most palatial homes where they live with their families. From old designs to some of the best modern architectural layouts, beachfront apartments, to secluded mansions, we have for you the world's five most expensive houses. You will be amazed at how far people can go just to ensure they live comfortably, keep watching, and draw some inspiration at the end. Let's get it on.

    Welcome to Luxury Zone, On this Channel we share everything about Luxury and help you experience the billionaire lifestyle. We rank the most expensive things in the world and we have a look inside the lives of the wealthiest people on the planet.

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  • The Coolest Treehouses In The World


    These amazing treehouse structures are way beyond the norm, sometimes mixing art or luxury with the beauty of nature. Strictly speaking, a treehouse is a structure built entirely among the branches of a tree but we've been less strict because these are awesome!
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    Most expensive houses in the world
    Most luxurious homes in the world

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  • Top 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World 2020


    The 10 Most Expensive Homes In The World In 2020.

    Some houses are worth millions or even billions of dollars. They are reserved for the richest people in the world who often have a luxury lifestyle. They are of incomparable luxury with hundreds of rooms and staff dedicated to maintenance.

    The interiors of these houses are often modern but can also be decorated with vintage furniture that is often very expensive.

    Thank you for watching the Most Expensive Homes In The World In 2020. And if you enjoyed, please, like, comment and subscribe, it helps us a lot!

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    10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

    10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

    10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

  • The Neighbors Laughed At This House Until They Went Inside


    The Neighbors Laughed At This House Until They Went Inside

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    Top 5 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

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    Welcome back to Top 5 Best, for another dose of inspirational houses. I mean, we can’t really go on in life without looking at how creative people get when it comes to building and designing their living spaces. The video I have for you today is about “Houses with Surprising Interiors”. We’ll be looking at houses out there that might seem simple, old and even ugly sometimes - but once you go’ll be shocked! The interiors of these places are nothing like the way they look on the outside. At least a house on this list has made a lot of neighbors laugh and raise their eyebrows - but that all changed once people got a glimpse of what’s inside. And get ready for the houses I have at the top, you will not imagine what secrets they hold inside.

    The Texas Barn

    There’s no Texas without the barns, ain’t that right? And I’m sure a lot of people over there have made cool living spaces for humans in these buildings that are meant to keep animals inside. But I doubt any of those barn-houses can top the one I'm going to show to you today. It's a barn-house in San Antonio. Sure, if you judge it by its looks, you'd think there are a lot of horses inside this barn, waiting for their food or for someone to take them out for a ride. But once you walk inside, you realize this is actually a very luxurious and comfortable living space. Just a look at the living room will assure you that the house is anything but simple! It has fancy leather sofas and a projector to watch movies - I mean, what else do you need? There's also a dining room and an extravagant bar with high ceilings.

    The Abandoned House in New Orleans

    New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It has a lot of great food, quirky shops and of course, a lot of historical sights that reflect on the past of the nation - and that includes a lot of old houses like this one! Now, there's a big difference between old and abandoned, and when you look at this one, it is easier to put it under the abandoned category. Just look at those fading walls and the doors, I would doubt anyone lives there. But once you step inside you'll realize this is more like a luxurious mansion! And of course, it is not abandoned.

    The Toronto Gem

    The exterior of the next house on this list is not necessarily old, ugly or anything like that. It's just...normal! It looks like any other house on the block. However, I am one hundred percent sure that no other house in the neighborhood looks like this one does on the inside. As soon as you walk into this home, you'll travel back to the 60s. Because, you see...this house has remained unchanged since that decade and has been well preserved by its 97 year old owner. Some of its walls are painted with a variety of pastel colors and others have been covered with very unique wallpapers. There's also a bar in the basement covered with wood panels.

    The Narrow Polish House

    And now we'll revisit a home that we've seen in previous videos, but it's worth mentioning: The Keret House, which can easily be considered the narrowest house in the world! The widest point of this house is barely 122 centimeters long and yet, it allows someone to live comfortably in it. This home was built by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny who says he even had to customize every piece of furniture so it can all perfectly fit inside the house. I mean...even the smallest houses in the world can fit regular sized furniture! So this house must be really narrow for Jakub to have to go through all that extra work. This house is perfect for someone who likes to work from home! And even more specifically, for writers who love their personal space. I mean, it's really easy to isolate yourself in this house

    The Airplane House

    We've seen people living in RVs and other sorts of minivans and even making a home inside their cars. But, would you consider living inside an airplane? Just try to sleep during a 12 hour flight and you'll realize it is not the most comfortable space to make a permanent living space. However, this airplane in Costa Rica is probably one of the best homes you can find in the middle of the rainforest. With two bedrooms and breathtaking views, you can simply forget you're inside a Boeing once you find your way through this home.

    #viralstory #amazingpeople #top5best

  • 15 Most Luxurious Dog Houses in The World


    When it comes to our animals, some of us go all out! In fact, in a lot of cases, you could say, a little over the top! But, when it comes to the pets of the rich and famous, no amount of pampering is considered too much. From the extravagant Hollywood house to a two-story doggy mansion, here are 15 Most Luxurious Dog Houses in The World!

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  • The Worlds Coolest Treehouse ???????????? is also the Worlds Best Airbnb!!!


    The world's coolest treehouse is also the world's best Airbnb winner as awarded in Los Angeles recently! A double whammy of awesome! ????????????

    Nestled between 2x National Parks and verged by the Wollemi World Heritage listed areas.

    The World's Best Treehouse (with a spa, shower, fully plumbed, fire place and stunning views of World Heritage listed rainforest) - Blue Mountains - Bilpin - NSW - Australia.

    'It took 2 years to build, is finally completed and looking amazing. What to build next? - Hope to see you soon'.



    The video & marketing strategy behind the video has helped secure a range of lucrative ongoing/organic national & international press from;

    - A partnership with AIRBNB Australia which saw it feature on Ch10 The Studio & on Ch7 Weekend Sunrise which aired to over +4 million people & featured a live proposal on air.

    - To being featured on Extreme Houses UK, Sky UK

    - To appearing in Treehouse Masters (USA)

    - To featuring in a range of national Australian TV shows from Married at First Site, The Bachelor, The Living Room, The Lucky Country, Sesame St (USA)

    - A documentary premiere at the Sydney Opera House for TEDx

    - Through to a myriad of online (Business Insider, New York Magazine, Gizmag, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, CEO Magazine, New York Magazine etc), print, bloggers, social PR, social media influencers, Grazia Magazine & fashion press as a photo destination.

    SOME LINKS BELOW. Celebrity Piece

    AirBNB Feature Post



    Build It Right!

    Mashable 'Australia's Coolest Treehouses'

    Freddie Down Under (SKY UK)

    International AirBNB Belo Awards 'Best Place' Award

  • The Most Beautiful Beach Houses in the World


    The World Most Beautiful Beach Houses | Luxury Homes
    Visit Our Website for More Luxury Architecture:
    The Most Beautiful Beach House in the World
    - Emerald Cay Estate, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
    This Exquisite Man-made Private Island Retreat in the Turks and Caicos Islands is One of the Most Unique Beach Houses in the World
    This Insane Beach House is Surrounded by Sparkling Turquoise Waters, the Island is Accessed via a Remote-controlled Swing Bridge.
    Once Entering the Main Luxury Home, Amazing Mediterranean Inspired Architecture, Million-dollar Rooms and Exquisite Finishes, Envelope You in Profound Luxury.
    The 30,000 Square Feet of Interior Living Space is Complemented by Magnificent Outdoor Areas That Provide Many Opportunities to Enjoy the Caribbean Lifestyle.
    The Estate Also Includes Two Adjoining Swimming Pools With a Waterfall, a Barbecue Pavilion, Tennis and Volleyball Courts, Two Boat Slips, a Boat House, a Guest House, a Caretaker’s Home, and Two Private Sandy Beaches.
    Emerald Cay Was for Sale at $75 Million, but the Price Has Dropped to $48 Million Until It Finally Sold for $21 Million in 2012, Local Reports Indicate That It Would Bring Over
    $50 Million if the Current Owner Decided to Sell.

    - Gemini Beach Mansion, Manalapan, Florida
    This Luxury Beach Mega Mansion is Unrivaled Among South Florida's Most Significant Waterfront Properties.
    The Estate Offers a 62,000 Square Feet Main Residence, Two Four-bedroom Beachside Cottages, Seven-bedroom Mango House and a Staff House
    The Estate Also Includes a Swimming Pool, a Small Golf Course, a Tennis Court, a Basketball Court, Fitness Center and Spa. Pathways Lead to the Beach on the Ocean as Well as to a Dock and Pier on the Lake for Boating and Water Sports. Extensive Botanical Gardens That Showcase Nearly 1,500 Tropical Species.
    The Home is Currently for Sale for a Whopping $137,500,000.

    - Mandalay Villa, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
    This is Mandalay, a Luxury Beach Front Villa on Long Bay Beach in Providenciales.
    This 13,000 Square Feet of Open Living Space is Located Only 40 Feet From the Ocean. With It's Unique Design, Features and Amenities the Villa Will Make You Feel Like Royalty the Minute You Arrive.
    The Beach Villa Offers a Vast Open-concept Outdoor Space, With More Than 12,000 Square Feet of Living Space and a Multi-level, 4,000 Square Feet Pool That You Have to See to Believe, With Shallow Pools That Rise Over a Waterfall and Under a Bridge Into the Infinity Pool.

    - Hale ‘ae Kai Estate, Kilauea, Hawaii
    This is the Most Expensive Home Ever Sold in Hawaii
    The 15 Acre Luxury Waterfront Beach Property is Made Up of Balinese-style Pavilions on a Bluff Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Kilauea Lighthouse.
    Private Steps Lead to the Secret Sugary Beachfront, Where Residents and Guests Can Sunbathe or Swim to Their Hearts’ Content.
    The Property Comes With One Main House, Two Guest Pavilions, and a Caretaker’s Residence.
    Part of the Mansion's Lushly Planted Acreage is Devoted to a Working Farm of Coconuts, Bananas, White Pineapple and Citrus Trees.
    The Home Had an Asking Price of $70 Million, Making It the Most Expensive Home Ever Listed in Hawaii. It Has Officially Sold for $46 Million, Far Less Than Its Asking Price, Yet Still Enough to Set a Record as the Priciest Single Family Home Ever Sold in the State.

    #Architecture #Luxuryhomes #Beach
    Welcome to Architecture Youtube Channel
    Architecture Is a Celebration of International Design Talents and Innovative Luxury Homes by Leading Designers and Independent Brands.
    Our Mission Is: to Bring You a Carefully Edited Selection of the Best Influential Architecture, Breathtaking Designs and High-end Real Estate.
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  • 11 Homes That Are Out Of This World


    These 11 homes are out of this world, with features like enormous fingerprint-accessible closets, zip lines, slides, luxurious interiors, and more.

    For more, visit:
    Jamie Chua's closet:

    The Pink Lady of Hollywood:

    3D printed homes:

    Cat house:

    Retractable apartment:

    Safe House:

    Hobbit Holes:

    Basement Renovations Hide Slides And Secret Rooms

    How This Tiny Apartment Easily Combines Home And Office Space

    We Tried A Smart Expanding Walk-In Closet For Small Spaces


    #Home #Design #INSIDER

    INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire.

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    11 Homes That Are Out Of This World

  • 5 Most Unusual Houses in the World


    In recent years architecture has moved far ahead and as a result of this people are building more and more unusual houses and hotels to stick out from the crowd as much as possible. So with that said, here are our picks for five of the most unusual houses and hotels located all around the world.

    Houses and Hotels -
    Sky sphere house
    Igloo hotel
    Underwater hotel
    Boeing 727 home
    Sky lodge hotel

    the most unusual houses and hotels that actually exist

  • Cool House Interior Design Features You Won’t Believe Exist


    Most houses are defined by their commonalities but there are 10 amazing and interesting design features we think every house should have.
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    Featuring... Treehouses and Skate Parks - What’s cooler than being able to bring the skateboard park home with you? That’s the impetus behind Tokyo based design studio LEVEL who installed a small skate park.Waterfalls - They're possibly one of the most mesmerising and relaxing things to look at and hear, so why not put a waterfall into your house. Slides - Walking up and down stairs takes time and ask yourself, would you rather walk down stairs or slit on your bum and slide down the same distance? I rest my case. Glass Floors and Walls - Glass tends to be a staple material for office buildings, so why not as a residential option? More and more people seem to have picked up on the amazing potential of working with glass. Underground Parking - Taking their cue from James Bonds movies, a number of companies, including a Swiss-based design firm out of Geneva, have managed to bring vertical parking into reality. Moss/Rock Walls - What better way to spice up your home and make it feel like your own than to upgrade its environmental impact? Pet Transit Systems - If you’re wrinkling your brow at this one, don’t worry – so did we at first. Musical Walls - Known as the Court of Water, this funky Dresden art installation slash building design is the product of eclectic architect and artist Heike Bottcher who built the blue Rube Goldberg-esque wall in 1999 for the Kunsthof Passage farm collective. Hidden Rooms - If you were anything like me growing up, you lamented the fact that your house didn’t have a secret room that could only be accessed through a hidden door in the form of a bookcase. 3D Epoxy Floors - There are a whole bunch of options to choose from when it comes to flooring for your home – from wood and tile to laminate and even rubber, the list goes on and on.

  • Is This The Coolest DIY Tiny House EVER?!


    We are absolutely in love with this spectacular DIY crafted tiny house on wheels. The construction of this stunning home is a monumental achievement for owner / builders Ryan and Ziski who built this entire tiny home themselves with no prior experience.

    This stunning tiny home is packed full of top quality materials and ultra clever design features making this a beautifully crafted and wonderfully luxurious home. Features such as smart-home automation, a hidden keyboard and even a matching dog house with green roof all go a long way to making this an amazing place to call home sweet tiny home.

    There's no question about it, building a tiny house on wheels is no small task, especially as first time do-it-yourselfers. This couple we're up for the challenge though and the result is nothing short of incredible.

    The style of this home is a very unique blend of modern and bohemian design. One for the plant lovers, this home is also wonderfully filled with houseplants that make the home feel a little as though you're in the middle of a forest.

    This project is a great example of what you can achieve with no experience, but a whole lot of creativity, passion and determination. Ryan and Ziski should be immensely proud of what they have achieved with this home.

    For me, the tiny house movement started as a very grass routes, DIY movement, and it's always so wonderful for me to be able to explore a home like this, which truly harks back to the roots and ethos of the tiny house movement, while also really pushing the boundaries of what is possible in small space design.

    We hope you enjoy the tour of this wonderful tiny home on wheels. You can follow Ryan and Ziski's DIY adventures on Facebook ( and Instagram (

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    Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
    Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
    Editing: Rasa Pescud & Archmage Cappuccino

    'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2021 Zyia Pictures Ltd



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    Mind Warehouse ►

    1. QUECHUA Arpenaz family 5.2

    2. Nano Cure Tent

    3. Flying Tent

    4. iKamper SKYCAMP

    5. Ohnana

    6. Tentsile Stingray

    7. The Crua Clan

    8. Cave Tent

    9. Camping Cube

    10. Bubble Tent

  • On the edge of a cliff : inside the extraordinary Norwegian summer house - BBC


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    Summer House teeters on a cliff, overlooking the beautiful fjords. Here, Jan Jensen, one of Norway's most exciting architects, has created an eye-opening eagle's nest of a home.

    Watch World's Most Extraordinary Homes on the BBC:

    World's Most Extraordinary Homes | Series 2 Episode 7 | BBC

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  • Take a Tour of The Most Luxurious Dog Houses Ever | The Dodo


    These dogs have cooler houses than us, and we're kinda OK with it. As we explore the most amazing Dog Cribs, we meet Bruiser the Chihuahua, Marvin the Shepherd and The Fuzz the Pomeranian, the occupants of Barkingham Palace; Poncho the Chihuahua with a Harry Potter-style bedroom under the stairs; Eggnog and Igloo, the bulldogs with a high-tech house under their parents' bed; and Louie and Marie the beagles with a personalized playhouse in their backyard.

    Keep up with Eggnog the bulldog on YouTube: The Fuzz and her siblings on Instagram: Poncho on YouTube: and Louie and Marie the beagles on YouTube:

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  • 10 Weirdest Mansions In The World


    Here are 10 of the most bizarre homes in the world.

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    10 Weirdest Mansions In The World

  • People Laughed at this Small House, Until They Looked Inside


    The Majority of people live in small and common houses. There are few people in the world that like to go against the normal and build rather unusual homes. Ever wondered what the worlds most unusual house is? Well turns out its a retired missile silo — an underground structure. For just $300,000 it's converted it into apartments for people who worry about Armageddon and have some cash to burn. Its estimated to have cost about $20 million to build and accommodates roughly a dozen families. Complete with food stores, fisheries, gardens, and a pool, the development could pass as a setting in the game Fallout Shelter, wherein players oversee a group of post-apocalyptic residents in an underground vault. This secret hidden underground house is definitely your go-to safe house if things ever do go south!

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    - Music by Epidemic Sound

    People Laughed at this Small House, Until They Looked Inside

  • The Coolest Houses In The World #Shorts


    The Coolest Houses In The World #Shorts

  • The Coolest Houses In The World


    Top 10 of the most awesome homes people live in all around the world!
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    Most Bizarre Deadly Weapon
    10 Strangest Buildings In The World

    If you’re feeling bummed out about living in your boring ol’ rectangular living space with banal décor and common property features, it’s time to take a trip to see some other homes and their creative architectural and aesthetic themes. Of course, you don’t have the time to drive out to ritzy neighbourhoods and admire their exorbitantly priced homes. But don’t fret; we’ve got you covered with a list of the coolest homes around the world. Some are pricey while others cost a mere $5000, but they all have one thing in common: they’re freaking cool.
    The thing about having the resources to build a house to your liking is that, well, you can do pretty much anything. The only limitation is your imagination, and as we’re about to find out, these home owners are certainly not lacking in that department. Some are built above waterfalls while others pay homage to classic cartons, and some are even categorized as futuristic despite being built decades ago. If you’re a fan of architecture, most of these are sure to amaze for their creativity and ingenious design. Would you believe us if we said there’s an upside down house that made the list? What about a house wedged between two boulders and made entirely of stone? Or how about a replica of the famous homestead displayed in the classic The Flintstones cartoon? As we said, the only limitation for building a home is your imagination, and that’s even true if you’re strapped for cash. Building a house with nothing but a chainsaw, a one-inch chisel, and a hammer seems like hogwash, but someone pulled it off.
    So let’s think beyond the traditional white picket fence and aim a little higher, shall we? How about a bubble house with oval windows everywhere and entrances that lead directly over a pool? Oh, not cool enough for you? Well, you can always look to a 13-story skyscraper built by a retired Russian gangster.
    These houses ooze cool. And if you’re going to settle down in your own living space for a while, why not do it in style? And who ever declared homes have to be rectangular anyway? They can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In a world already full of trite, mainstream ideas, let’s give some love to the quirky and unorthodox. These are the ideas that inspire and progress rather than remain within the conventional. So here’s to the unconventional, we say. A house isn’t deemed cool by adhering to traditional themes and aesthetics, after all. So think outside the box and show your creative flair by brazenly displaying your style, modern tastes be damned. Remove yourself from the assembly line and be the coolest cat in the neighbourhood by finding inspiration from these houses. And make no mistake, these are cool houses. We’re talking Samuel L. Jackson-as-Shaft cool here, folks. So with all things cool in mind, sit back and prepare to be in awe at how cool these houses are. Cool? Cool.

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    Flintstones House
    Wooden Skyscraper House
    Bubble House
    Eliphante and Hippodome House
    Upside-Down House
    Foam House
    Water Tower House
    Stone House
    Fallingwater House
    The Hobbit House
    Exploding Houses

    Music Track:

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  • The 5 Coolest Houses In The World #Shorts


    The 5 Coolest Houses In The World #Shorts

  • 10 Most Insane Houses In The World!


    Whether you live in a small apartment, a city townhouse, or something larger, the chances are you dream of one day having your ideal home… but how far would you go if you could afford it? While most people opt for a more traditional design, there are some that go all out in search of the perfect place to live, and they certainly aren’t to everyone’s taste. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most insane houses in the world!

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    Background Music By: Kevin MacLeod:

  • 10 Coolest Container Houses In The World


    10 Coolest Container Houses In The World
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    Creativity knows no limits, and nothing encapsulates what creative lengths people will go to more than people that make houses out of shipping containers. Before you start thinking about towers of stacked containers know that these twenty container houses are nothing like the battered and dented hobbles found in dystopian movies. With that said let's jump right in.

    Container House, Austria
    Our first container house on the list sits pretty on a cliff overlooking the Otztal Valley in Austria. At first glance, it may not look like it was made from 14 different containers slapped together, but it most definitely is.

    Shipping Container Guest House
    Not everyone wants to live in an entire house made from shipping containers, and who are we to judge? Still, a shipping container guest house is a good middle ground as Poteet Architects showcased with their charming little project.

    Kalkin’s 12 Container Home
    One might think that making a house from a shipping container means having a small home. Kalkin certainly threw that idea out the window by building a small mansion out of twelve reclaimed shipping containers.

    Wohnwürfel, Container Mini-Apartment
    Houses are expensive. There’s no escaping that fact. As populations grow, land becomes scarce and very pricey to everyone that isn’t born a millionaire. Therefore, apartments and mini-houses are becoming more and more popular.

    Container Build Group - Luxury Homes
    A life of living in luxury may not be quite so far out of your reach as you might think. Not if you fork out the dough for a container house like this one.

    Shipping House, Cape Town
    Cape Town is home to a container house inspired by changing how we build homes and lessen our impact on the environment. This may shock you, but the average house uses up a lot of resources to build. Shipping container houses are an extreme form of recycling, and there is no better proof of what can be achieved through this effort than Stephan Smith’s design.

    Minimalist 20-Foot Shipping Container Tiny House
    Shipping container houses don’t always have to be huge. They can resemble tiny apartments too, and we can’t talk about tiny homes and not mention those created by Tony Lopez of Alternative Living Spaces and Chris Buonaiuto of A2U Container Living..

    Maison Container by Patrick Partouche
    There are shipping container houses that disguise their former lives with spackle, an angled roof, and a coat of paint. And then there is Patrick Partouche, who created the Maison Container project to fully embrace the concept of shipping container homes.

    Shipping Container House in El Tiemblo
    Speaking of shipping container houses that embrace what they are, there is a home in El Tiemblo that leaps behind this idea. Although a bit of an ugly duckling on the outside, the inside of this house is sleek and modern with stark colors uplifted by warm, wooden decals and plenty of natural light.

    Five Shipping Containers Turned Into a Cozy Modern Home
    Debbie Glassberg is the proud owner of five shipping containers. Now, this might not sound all that impressive, but when we show you what she did with those containers you are sure to be impressed and maybe a little envious too.

    The Crossbox House
    The French know how to make good coffee, good wine, and good…shipping container houses?

    Container Summer Residence
    Who wouldn’t want to work within walking distance of the sea during summer?

    Beach House Built From Recycled Shipping Containers
    ‘Why not just build your own luxury home from shipping containers?’ is what designers behind this stylish house in the Hamptons clearly thought.

    Earth-Cooled, Shipping Container Underground
    Retiring in the countryside is the dream of many people. For Steve and Shirley Rees, they took this idea to the next level. Rather than buying a cottage or a townhouse, they bought two shipping containers and buried them.

    Jean Nouvel’s Shipping Container Restaurant
    Why eat in a restaurant when you could eat in a shipping container instead? As a part of a refurbishment project in West Paris, a guy named Jean Nouvel launched new buildings made from shipping containers; a restaurant and a greenhouse.

    We hope you enjoyed this video. Which one of these container homes did you like the best? Let us know in the comments! If you like seeing cool videos like this one, then click subscribe and turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when we post a new one! Thanks for watching!

  • 15 Most LUXURIOUS Dog Houses - Dog MANSIONS


    The most luxurious and amazing dog houses ever made! Some people just spend way too much money on their pets. What the most expensive thing you've bought for your pets? Let us know in the comments!

    Several segments are licensed under creative commons

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  • 20 COOLEST Houses In The World


    Millions of houses exist in the world, yet only a small fraction of those are anything special. And whilst it's easy to simply throw money at a property, you'll be surprised to see that the most expensive places aren't always the most amazing and awe-inspiring.

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  • The Worlds Most Expensive Hidden Homes


    Underground mansions, secret entrances, and tons of aesthetic visual deception! Here's the most expensive hidden homes, scattered across the globe!


    The World's Most Expensive Hidden Homes

  • 10 Biggest Houses In The World


    Here are the 10 biggest and most expensive homes in the world. Join us while we take an inside look at these incredible mansions from around the world.

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    10 Biggest Houses In The World



    The most expensive dogs houses in the world?, yes, you read well, the most expensive dog houses in the world. See how luxurious and incredible they can be in this video.


    Victorian Style
    That's what the sign says at the entrance of this spectacular Victorian house. It's worth mentioning that is one of the most luxurious dog houses in the world.

    Hamptons Style
    The Hamptons is recognized as an exclusive area of New York, this place is the favorite spot for vacationing for both the richest and most famous.

    Brick Estate
    This house is really spectacular! You can see that the details in its design and structure emulate perfectly a conventional brick house.

    Andy Ramus´ Dog House
    This creation is the ultimate representation of doggy luxury and extravagance, but also of the unconditional love that someone could have for his or her dog.

    Jwoww's dog house
    Are you a consumer of MTV content? So, it's a fact that you remember this celebrity, or maybe not ... She is Jennifer Farley, better known as JWoww, one of the participants of the famous reality show Jersey Shore that was broadcast for first time in 2009.

    Brooklyn Brownstone Style
    Does your dog pay attention to details? Maybe this house is what you're looking for! The level of detail and the material that were used to make it are truly amazing.

    Glam Limestone
    This dog house is one of the most extravagant and glamorous of this top! Every detail of the Glamorous Limestone will surprise you.

    Pawj Mahal
    This luxurious palace is worthy of a prince or canine princess! According to my very distinguished knowledge of history, the impressive Taj Mahal in India was built by the Muslim emperor Shah Jahan as a sign of his endless love to his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

    Mediterranean Doghouse
    A German shepherd and a farmer are the owners of this house that was ordered by the New Zealand supermodel Rachael Hunter.

    Hilton dog Mansion
    If you have a beautiful Spanish-style house. So, why don't you give the same comfort to your conceited dogs? That's exactly what Paris Hilton thought, at the moment to order the construction of a two-story mansion with 28 square meter

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    Hi there, welcome to World Trend. In this video, you will discover the most unusual, coolest and insane houses in the world. Architectural concepts from all around the world are becoming more and more unique and creative. What your house would look like is completely up to you and. as technology advances, everything is now possible. from the most expensive mansion to the affordable house, here are the most unusual houses you've ever seen.

  • Top 10 Coolest Houses


    Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! For most of us, a home is a simple dwelling with enough walls for just the right amount of privacy and amenities that give us the creature comforts we crave. Then there are the visionaries behind these ten abodes, which are easily the coolest houses found around the world. Warning! After this installment, you may never look at your humble home the same again.

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    10. Turning House, Czech Republic
    9. Eliphante House, Cornville, Arizona
    8. Fallingwater, Bear Run, Pennsylvania
    7. Wooden Skyscraper House, Arkhangelsk, Russia
    6. Dar al-Hajar, Yemen
    5. Giant Seashell House, Mexico
    4. Star Trek Voyager House, Leicestershire
    3. Airplane Hours, Lebanon
    2. The Flinstones Home, Malibu, California
    1. The Slide House, Japan

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  • WORLDS COOLEST HOMES: Tiny House Sweden.


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    This week I'm up on a mountain in Northern Sweden to visit two amazing architectural tiny houses, they are only 20m2 and 14m2. Both of these are vacation rentals and can be booked all year round.


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    Spend your day and night on the mountain in the company of nature, tranquillity and the expansive view of one of Sweden´s most beautiful sceneries. There is heating, light and cool water in the house. Sleep on comfortable Futon mattresses in linen sheets on a sisal and wool mat. In the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast with bread from a local baker. After your stay, Orbaden Spa & Resort welcomes you down to the riverside for a day of spa offering facilities such as sauna, mineral-salt-bath and heated outdoor- and indoor-pools. Towel, bathrobe and slippers are provided upon your arrival and flavored water and fruits are available during your visit in the calming relaxation area overlooking the River Ljusnan.

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