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COVID-19 Communication: How Facts Fight Fear

  • Coronavirus: Facts Not Fear


    A virtual townhall answering questions and addressing concerns about the growing coronavirus pandemic.

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  • How should the Church respond to coronavirus?


    In the last two weeks Pastor Craig Groeschel has gained a unique perspective on the fear and anxiety related to the recent coronavirus outbreak. Hear what he's learned from his experience, and how God invites us to respond to the situation.

    When our world is shaken, it’s easy for fear to spread. But God promises to be with us no matter what comes our way. In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to trust who God is and how He says we can live—Not Afraid.

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  • Doctor Fact-Checks Media On Coronavirus



    The media is doing a poor job informing the public with accurate information on COVID-19. They bring on self-proclaimed experts that make claims that have no ground in science and sometimes are full-on lying. Also, I think they are leaning into the fear angle too hard in order to draw clicks and viewership. I believe they should uphold proper journalistic standards and stick to the facts!

    Coronavirus playlist:

    Best Sources

    If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski

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    ** The information in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional **

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  • COVID-19 and Mental Health


    The current challenges brought about by COVID-19 for people all around the globe have caused fear, anxiety, and uncertainty for so many of us. It's important to understand you are not alone in how you are feeling right now, and there are practical, healthy ways to help cope with these emotions. Expand the description to find a list of free, 24/7 hotlines, and text lines below.

    #COVID19 #MentalHealth

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    Psych Hub is an educational service, and the information in this video is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you or someone you know are experiencing what you believe are mental health symptoms, please consult with a trained medical professional or a licensed mental health provider. We recommend consulting with a licensed behavioral health provider before trying any of the strategies mentioned in our materials.

    If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911. For information on how to find support and treatment, and hotlines for specific issues and audiences, visit

    If you or someone you know are having thoughts of suicide or self-harm or are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call a national 24/7 hotline. For United States residents, those are:

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    For anyone experiencing a mental health crisis.
    AVAILABILITY: 24/7/365
    Primary line: 1-800-273-8255
    Ayuda en Español: 1-888-628-9454
    Video relay service: 800-273-8255
    TTY: 800-799-4889
    Voice/Caption Phone: 800-273-8255

    Crisis Text Line
    For anyone experiencing a mental health crisis.
    AVAILABILITY: 24/7/365
    US & Canada: Text HOME to 741741
    UK: Text 85258
    Ireland: Text 086 1800 280

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  • Global COVID-19 Prevention


    This short animated video from Stanford Medicine's Maya Adam illustrates how the novel coronavirus — the virus that causes the respiratory disease COVID-19 — is transmitted among people and how transmission can be prevented.

    Get the latest news on COVID-19 testing, treatment, and tracking data:

  • Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche message on COVID-19 outbreak


    In this video, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche shares his thoughts on the coronavirus outbreak around the world and offers an inspiring message to all those learning to live with awareness, compassion, and wisdom.

    Everybody has a lot of fear, panic, and anxiety, but the most important thing is our mindset and how we think about this. Especially from a meditator's point of view, whatever we are facing in our lives — if we try to take it as a learning opportunity and a way to grow, and we try to transform those fears and anxiety into support for our meditation, or our practice — that is really a great opportunity.

    Normally, our lives are like the waves of the ocean. There are a lot of ups and downs. Not only in our lives but in society and the world, there are always ups and downs. From these ups and downs, we can learn a lot. We can grow a lot. We can gain a lot of insight from these ups and downs. The main important thing is to not give up. What we say is that we need to “let go.” Letting go is, of course, now that we are having this problem, that we have to accept the situation. This is true. This is the reality right now. This virus is breaking out around the world, and many people are having a lot of problems and difficulties. But sometimes, if we give up, we cannot learn. We cannot grow, we cannot find a solution, and we do not know what to do. So, the most important thing is to not give up. We all have great potential. Everybody has wisdom, love and compassion, awareness, and skills. All these are within all of us. Try your best to use your knowledge, wisdom, skills, love, and compassion.

    Subtitle captions are available in multiple languages.

    To learn more about meditation or Mingyur Rinpoche and his teachings, please visit Tergar Meditation Community at and

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  • How To Cope w/Covid-19 Pandemic Fear and Anxiety


    What do we do to cope with our fear surrounding the Corona Virus (Covid-19)? In this episode Wesley Anne Little informs us how we can handle our emotions better during this time.

    Wesley Anne Little, LPC
    Specializing in Couples and Relationship Attachment

    The Man Who Couldn't Stop -
    Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts -

    01:00 - What should we do? Are we overreacting?
    05:00 - What should we be fearing?
    06:30 - What do we do with our feelings
    08:00 - How Chris deals with things? The story you tell yourself
    15:00 - Hunker down and do the top priorities
    18:00 - What should I do if i know someone who’s hoarding
    26:00 - I’m an in-house person and could get laid off, how do I process that?
    30:00 - How do we lower the anxiety of corona virus ***
    39:00 - A role play of an angry person mad at the world
    41:00 - How to cope working at home with your spouse and kids
    43:00 - What should people with OCD do?
    48:00 - How do we have compassion for this person ***
    1:05:00 - Enneagram test
    1:14:00 - How do you feel more confident in your abilities
    1:20:00 - How to not be afraid of doing bad work
    1:29:00 - For parents children process through play

    About Wesley Little
    Masters in Professional Counseling from University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
    Licensed Professional Counselor – North Carolina
    Recipient of the Graduate Honors Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Pursuit and Completion of Masters in Science in Education Degree
    National Certified Counselor (NCC)
    Completed Levels I & II Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
    Member of the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
    Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist

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    Host– Chris Do
    Cinematography– Ricky Lucas, Jona Garcia
    Live Editor– Jona Garcia
    Editor– Ricky Lucas, Jona Garcia, Stewart Schuster, Mark Contreras,
    Social Team: Elle Money, Alex Burlui
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  • Infodemic: Coronavirus and the fake news pandemic


    As the coronavirus spreads, so does an infodemic of misinformation. Researchers across the world are attempting to understand the viral power of fake news, collecting data and building models that could suggest methods for countering its spread. This film explores what makes misinformation so potent, the impact it can have on the spread of disease, and how it might be stopped.

  • Coronavirus conspiracy theories: Why do people fall for them? | COVID-19 Special


    Despite mounting evidence about the coronavirus, conspiracy theories are still on the rise. Well, the COVID-19 pandemic is scary, and people are hungry for answers. Social media is rife with speculation, ranging from the plausible to the ridiculous. Bio-engineered weapon, Bill Gates, 5G: These are just a few of the COVID-19 conspiracy theories that abound. So how should we deal with all these theories about the origins of the coronavirus? DW's Julia Vergin talked to Social Psychologist Roland Imhoff.


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  • Coronavirus: How to Teach Kids About COVID-19 | BrainPOP


    It can be scary to hear about a disease outbreak, but learning the facts can help ease your mind. Source: |

    A new coronavirus—a type of virus named for its crown-like shape—emerged in Wuhan, China in 2019, and then spread to people around the world. While the most severe cases often dominate the headlines, they’re not the whole story. Most coronavirus cases have been mild, and healthy bodies can fight off the infection on their own. Find out more about how viruses work, and the best ways to prevent them from infecting more people. Viruses can’t spread without our help, so click play to learn how not to help them!


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  • Delta Variant Versus Previous COVID 19 Infection vs. Vaccines


    Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram explains how natural immunity (from a previous COVID-19 infection) compares with vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) VS. the Delta coronavirus variant. (This video was recorded on July 24, 2021).

    Correction: Strasbourg is in France (near the German border), not in Germany.


    00:00 Is natural immunity from previous COVID-19 infection strong enough against Delta variant?
    00:32 Research study of 50,000+ patients from the Cleveland Clinic
    03:07 Qatar airport study shows previous infection with SARS-CoV gives reasonable immunity against reinfection
    05:46 UK data suggests low risk of COVID-19 reinfection among population
    07:04 Study on antibody response effectiveness (from vaccines and natural infection) at neutralizing several COVID-19 variants, including Delta
    13:33 Monoclonal antibodies shown to have little effectiveness against Delta variant
    14:31 Patients urged to get both doses of Pfizer or Moderna, especially for protection against Delta variant
    14:59 MedCram resources for medical providers treating COVID-19 patients and the case for lung ultrasounds

    Roger Seheult, MD is the co-founder and lead professor at
    He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine and an Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine.

    See the video Dr. Seheult references about Lung Ultrasound in COVID 19:


    Can You Get Delta Variant if You Already Had COVID-19? (Healthline) |

    Necessity of COVID-19 vaccination in previously infected individuals (medRxiv) |

    Associations of Vaccination and of Prior Infection With Positive PCR Test Results for SARS-CoV-2 in Airline Passengers Arriving in Qatar (JAMA) |

    New national surveillance of possible COVID-19 reinfection, published by PHE (GOV.UK) |

    Study highlights need for full Covid vaccination to protect against Delta variant (STAT) |

    All coronavirus updates are at (including more discussion on delta variant covid, delta plus variant COVID, COVID delta variant, and more).


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    MedCram offers group discounts for students and medical programs, hospitals, and other institutions. Contact us at if you are interested.


    Media Contact:
    Media contact info:

    Video Produced by Kyle Allred



    MedCram medical videos are for medical education and exam preparation, and NOT intended to replace recommendations from your doctor.

    #COVID19 #Deltavariant #Coronavirus

  • Why Christians shouldnt fear COVID-19


    Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is changing a lot of things in our lives today, but we don't need to fear. Taking appropriate precautions is important, but God has designed us to live without fear and we can trust his promises. Discover God's design for your life as Dr. Marcum shares Biblical Prescriptions that will help you have hope.

  • Whats the psychological impact of the coronavirus pandemic? | COVID-19 Special


    The coronavirus brings us tough times, you switch on the news or look at your favourite website, and it's not a pretty picture. More dead every day, infections on the rise - Johns Hopkins now counts more than 1 million cases, Health care systems reaching their limits. Whole countries in lockdown, friends and families cutting off contact with each other. And it doesn't end there - businesses facing bancruptcy, workers losing their jobs in droves. It is all pretty scary stuff.
    What corona virus does to the body is quite well known by now, and more research is under way, but what does it do to our soul? Fear of infection, the isolation, worries about loved ones who are at risk. How can we get through these challenging times without feeling helpless and depressed?

    Cited Studies:

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  • HOW COVID CHANGED OUR WORLD- Impact of Covid Pandemic on the World


    Impact of Covid Pandemic on the World.
    The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in January 2020 and a pandemic in March 2020. As of 29 January 2021, more than 101 million cases have been confirmed, with more than 2.19 million deaths attributed to COVID-19.

    Symptoms of COVID-19 are highly variable, ranging from none to severe illness. The virus spreads mainly through the air when people are near each other.[b] It leaves an infected person as they breathe, cough, sneeze, or speak and enters another person via their mouth, nose, or eyes. It may also spread via contaminated surfaces. People remain infectious for up to two weeks, and can spread the virus even if they do not show symptoms


  • COVID-19 pandemic: Should vaccination be compulsory? | To the point


    To call it a matter of life and death is not hyperbole. With a fourth wave of COVID-19 rolling across Europe, physicians here in Germany are warning of disastrous trade-offs as intensive care units reach capacity and patients are transferred abroad for treatment.

    Hospitals are seeing younger and sicker patients than in prior waves, especially amongst the unvaccinated. In Germany some 15 million people still lack immunity because they haven’t had the jab. Calls for mandatory vaccination are growing louder – neighboring countries like Austria are leading the way. Other countries are reimposing lockdowns. Not without resistance, as evidenced by recent protests. Today we’re asking: COVID-19 pandemic: Should vaccination be compulsory?

    Our guests: Alexander Kekulé (virologist), Susanne Schreiber (German Ethics Council), Kai Kupferschmidt (molecular biologist and science journalist)


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  • Vietnam had zero coronavirus deaths in 2020. Here’s why. | CNBC Reports


    This video was originally published on July 6, 2020.

    Vietnam is among a handful of countries to have reported no fatalities from the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Timothyna Duncan reports on how the country, which shares a porous land border with China, defied the odds.

    The headline and summary have been updated to specify the video's time reference.

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  • Turning Fear into Power: Understanding and managing anxiety - Longwood Seminar


    Streamed live on April 11, 2017

    Fear is one of the most important survival mechanisms in all species. But for the millions of Americans living with anxiety disorders, this healthy defense system has a dark side. In this seminar, Harvard Medical School scientists will explore the roots and origins of anxiety and how it can be managed.

    Speakers: Isabelle M. Rosso, PhD, Greg Fricchione, MD, and Courtney Beard, PhD

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  • Germanys rising death toll: Are new restrictions ahead? | COVID-19 Special


    The number of infections in Germany keeps rising, raising fears the worst may not be over. As the country faces a deadly fourth wave, new restrictions and lockdowns may be on their way to keep more lives from being lost.
    With infections rates higher than ever and a growing number of hospitals at breaking point, the German air force has been airlifting ICU patients to regions with free beds. Many others are grieving over the lives that the pandemic has already taken in Germany.


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    #Germany #Covid19 #FourthWave

  • Covid-19: Bill Gates predicts the end of the pandemic | The Economist


    Bill Gates had long warned of the risk that a new virus would go global. Now he explains to Zanny Minton Beddoes, our editor-in-chief, how—and when—the covid-19 pandemic is likely to end.

    To find out more read here:

    00:00 Introduction
    00:50 Are we spending enough?
    01:51 Why aren't we spending the billions to save the trillions?
    03:35 What is realistic for the global coverage of a vaccine?
    04:55 Will anti-vaxxers be a problem?
    06:07 How far has this set back progress in the emerging world?

    Further reading:

    Find The Economist’s most recent coverage of covid-19 here:

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    Bill Gates on how to fight future pandemics:

    See our data on tracking covid-19 excess deaths around the world:

    The pandemic shows the urgency of reforming care for the elderly:

    Read about economic recovery in emerging-market countries:

    Official economic forecasts for poor countries are too optimistic:

    Read our article on America’s delayed second stimulus package:

    Why the true number of Africa’s covid-19 cases must be much higher than official figures:

    Covid-19 testing labs are being overwhelmed:

  • How Effective Is The COVID-19 Vaccine? Why The Vaccinated Still Get Infected | Talking Point


    How effective is the COVID-19 vaccine really, and which one is best for me? Follow Diana Ser on her vaccination journey as she finds out everything you need to know about getting that jab, from the side effects to what it all means for returning to normal life.

    Watch more #TalkingPoint:

    About the show: Talking Point investigates a current issue or event, offering different perspectives to local stories and revealing how it all affects you.
    #CNAInsider #CNATalkingPoint #COVID19 #COVID19Vaccine


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  • COVID-19: Will existing vaccines protect against the omicron variant?


    Infectious diseases specialists Dr. Isaac Bogoch and Dr. Susy Hota discuss whether existing COVID-19 vaccines will help protect people against the omicron variant and if people should change their behaviour.

    Watch The National live on YouTube Sunday-Friday at 9 p.m. ET

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    The National is CBC's flagship nightly news program, featuring the day's top stories with in-depth and original journalism, with hosts Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang in Toronto, Ian Hanomansing in Vancouver and the CBC's chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton in Ottawa.

  • COVID-19 vaccine: Bringing us together


    The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. When it’s your turn, we encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Remember that it is essential for everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, to help stop the spread of infection by washing hands, keeping your distance, and following local mask guidelines.

    Written and directed by Maya Adam MD, Faculty Lead for the Global Child Health Media Initiative. Animations by Matt Torode. Special Contributions: Jennifer Gates, Marsha Griffin, Kelly Moore, Yvonne A. Maldonado, Amy Pisani, Till Bärnighausen, Arvind Singhal and Ann Doerr.

    Note from Stanford Medicine as of March 3, 2021: Recommendations regarding mask-wearing vary by country. For these reasons, our main characters are not shown wearing masks for the entirety of this film. Please follow the guidance of your local public health agencies with regard to mask-wearing for children and adults.

    To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine:
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  • Coronavirus: We need to talk about misleading anti-vax claims - BBC


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    A vaccine is seen as a key way to defeat the coronavirus and get our lives back to normal.

    But misleading claims and false conspiracy theories about a potential coronavirus vaccine are rife on social media.

    Ogmore MP Chris Elmore, chair of the UK Parliament's all-party group on social media, has called them a ticking time bomb and is calling on the UK government to do more to tackle anti-vax misinformation.

    The big worry is that these misleading claims could be seen by people who are just nervous or curious about a potential vaccine.

    BBC Wales brought together virology expert Dr Richard Stanton and Laura, who was nervous about the idea of a coronavirus vaccine after claims she had heard, to separate vaccine fact from fiction.

    BBC News

    #BBC #BBCNews #BBCiPlayer

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  • Podcaster Joe Rogan Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis, Ivermectin Treatment


    Popular podcasting star Joe Rogan, who’s been dismissive about the COVID-19 vaccine, revealed he’s contracted the disease and that’s he’s taken ivermectin, a drug for horses, to treat it. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports for TODAY.

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  • CDC leak, summary and full report


    Sorry, had to reupload this video, its the same as the poorly uploaded previous version. United States, Delta variant, acknowledge the war has changed

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    Wefwafwa YouTube channel

    Summary, Delta is different from previous strains

    Highly contagious

    Likely more severe

    Breakthrough infections may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases

    Vaccines prevent more than 90% of severe disease, but may be less effective at preventing infection or transmission

    Therefore, more breakthrough and more community spread despite vaccination

    NPIs are essential to prevent continued spread with current vaccine coverage

    Vaccine breakthrough cases may reduce public confidence in vaccines

    Vaccine breakthrough cases are expected

    Will increase as a proportion of total cases as vaccine coverage increases

    Vaccine breakthrough cases will occur more frequently in congregate settings

    and in groups at risk of primary vaccine failure (i.e., immune compromised, elderly)

    Communication challenges have been associated with increasing proportions of cases vaccinated even when vaccine effectiveness (VE) remains stable

    Important to update communications describing breakthrough cases as “rare” or as a “small percentage” of cases

    35,000 symptomatic infections per week with 162 million vaccinated

    December 14, 2020 – April 10, 2021

    Vaccine effectiveness against infection, 91% among fully vaccinated; 81% for partially vaccinated

    40% lower mean RNA viral load

    Shorter mean duration of detectable viral RNA (2.7 v. 8.9 days)

    Lower risk of febrile symptoms (25.0% v. 63.1%)

    Shorter mean duration of symptoms (10.3 v. 16.7 days)

    Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization 88%

    No evidence of waning immunity through 20 weeks post-2nd dose

    Lower estimates of VE for mRNA vaccines among immunocompromised populations

    After 2 doses, 59 - 80% against infection

    Vaccines more effective against hospitalization/death illness infection

    Delta infections associated with higher viral load and duration of shedding


    Lower cycle threshold (Ct) values in Delta breakthrough cases

    HCW, Ct 16.5

    Non delta, Ct 19

    Delta infection associated with longer duration of Ct values less than 30 18 days vs. 13 days for ancestral strains

    Delta variant vaccine breakthrough cases may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases

    UK, Cases down a bit today

    Includes lateral flow tests

    Saturday, 31st +

    Friday, 30th + 29,622

    Thursday, 29th + 31,117

    Wednesday, 28th + 27,734

    Seven days of decline

  • Bruce Lipton Talks About Coronavirus | Stress Hormones & What To Do About COVID-19


    Bruce Lipton Talks About Coronavirus | Stress Hormones & What To Do About COVID-19

    Music Licensed by Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro
    Music by Really Slow Motion
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    Amazon :

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    Stress hormones shut down the immune system
    to conserve energy so I can run away from the threat.
    And I go, it's so powerful
    at shutting down the immune system
    that stress hormones are used therapeutically.
    I go, what do you mean?
    If I am gonna transplant
    an organ from one person to another,
    the recipient of that transplant,
    their immune system by definition is going to try and reject the transplant
    cause it's foreign tissue.
    I say, so what do doctors do, before they transplant an organ?
    I say, “they give the patient stress hormones!”
    Because when they get the stress hormones
    it inhibits the immune function from rejecting the graft.
    So what's the point?
    My god, stress hormones are so effective at shutting down the immune system
    that they use it therapeutically to
    stop the function of that immune system.
    So I go, so why is it relevant?
    I go, because we're put into fear.
    And everybody who listens is now afraid.
    The difference between, let's say, last year's flu season,
    I'm coming on to the news and I go,
    the flu season's back this year
    and as usual you have to take care of yourself
    and about .1% of the population
    will have severe problems with this and...
    but that's annual, that's the way it is.
    Or I come on this year and I say,
    my god, the flu is here
    we're all gonna die!
    Millions of people are gonna die!
    And all of the sudden it's like,
    that's a different news report than last year,
    that scares the hell out of me!
    So, stress is opening up our system
    from attack, from anything,
    from electromagnetic fields to viruses
    and we have to understand that stress is the bigger problem in the immune system.
    Well, the first straight forward advice is this.
    We have to maintain our physiology and our health.
    I said, well how do you do that?
    And I go, you know it's not that difficult.
    The number one thing is this, first of all,
    eat food that is good for you.
    Not industrial farmed, but organic, natural, healthy food.
    Industrial farmed food is loaded with chemicals
    that influence our system in a very negative way.
    Taking care of your nutrition, number one, is important
    because we nourish our cells and if you shorten the supply of nourishment,
    of course you're gonna be open to sickness.
    Number two is
    to take advantage of vitamins and supplements
    and things to support us
    because our food isn't that great.
    Anything we can do outside to enhance our immune system,
    let me just add especially vitamin C.
    When we support ourselves that way,
    we strengthen the immune system.
    And then third thing,
    watch what you thinking.
    Because the moment you are thinking of stressful things like,
    oh my god, I'm not working for weeks
    and my job, my salary, do I have any money?
    Fear comes from that.
    Can I pay the rent?” Fear comes from that.
    Am I gonna die? of course, fear comes from that.
    And I go, these fears
    are the primary things that inhibit the function of the immune system.
    You wanna stay well?
    Norman Cousins who healed himself from a lethal disease,
    he locked himself in a hotel room
    and got all kinds of comedies,
    Marx Brothers and things like that.
    And what did he do?
    He just sat there and enjoyed life and laughed
    and did all that and he overcame
    an illness that should've killed him.
    This is an example of what is so important.
    If we do not focus on the problems that they keep throwing at us
    and you start to look at your life and say,
    am I okay? Yeah, I'm pretty good.
    How’s my family? We're good, we're healthy.
    Even if there's a flu,
    half the people tested with the flu don't even have symptoms!
    So, it's not as lethal as they say, it's the fear of death.
    It's the problem that we must deal with today.
    Am I open to die?
    And I say, everybody's open to die!
    If you do really well and you persevere
    and when you die
    you're gonna go to this place called heaven
    and I go, consider this!
    That we were born into heaven!
    That we came here to create.
    That's what we're doing, we're creating.

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  • School Board Meeting - 11/23/2021


  • New Omicron Variant Sparks Global Fears, Nations Step Up Measures To Contain New COVID Threat


    New Omicron variant sparks global fears, nations step up measures to contain new COVID threat
    #NewCovidVariant #CovidThreat #RepublicTV

    New covid variant sparks global fears. Nations step up measures as New Omicron variant sparks Panic. South African variant alerts health ministry.

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  • Should You Worry About Covid Vaccine Side Effects?


    As the vaccine to protect against Covid-19 continues to roll out to more and more people, interest in side effects is high. This can lead to lots of media coverage when people experience side effects, particularly when serious side effects occur. We're here to talk about side effects and put some of these stories in context, which will hopefully leave less room for disiformation and scare tactics to be part of the conversation.

    Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for supporting Healthcare Triage. Head to to read this year's Annual Letter detailing what we need to do for better health and a better future.

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    #healthcaretriage #vaccine #Covid

  • COVID-19 UPDATE: Department of Health briefs media following presidents nation address



    Pretoria: Following the address by the President, the Minister of Health Dr Joe Phaahla and Deputy Minister of Health Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo, together with a panel of scientists will convene a media briefing to further unpack the address, and present the state of readiness to respond to the variant of concern (omicron) by the government.

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  • All about Coronavirus: A Video for Kids and Their Families | Michigan Public Health


    Children are naturally curious, even when facing difficult challenges. This video was created by the University of Michigan School of Public Health for children and their families to share what we know about the coronavirus and outline proven public health methods for personal and community protection. Sharing basic scientific information with children can:

    • strengthen their resolve as they struggle with new, changing, and potentially scary realities,
    • inspire them to continue learning the facts about the epidemic,
    • encourage them to participate actively in helping slow the spread of the disease.

    We are all in this together, and that includes our children!

    Michigan Public Health has created a companion guide for families to go with this video.
    Find the guide and many other resources at

  • How Do I Handle the Fear That Im Feeling?


    In this video, Eckhart answers how we transcend any fearful thoughts we might have about losing our job, money, getting sick, or the fear of something happening to a loved one. He also shows us how we can turn our attention away from any fearful thinking and focus on the inner body and deepening into the present moment. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life:

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    Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher and author, born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of 29 a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. He devoted the next several years to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation. With his international bestsellers, The Power of Now and A New Earth—translated into over 52 languages—he has introduced millions to the joy and freedom of living life in the present moment. The New York Times has described him as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”, and Watkins Review has named him “the most spiritually influential person in the world.”

    Eckhart’s profound, yet simple teachings have helped countless people around the globe experience a state of vibrantly alive inner peace in their daily lives. His teachings focus on awakening consciousness, which transcends ego and discursive thinking, and can be seen as the next step in human evolution. In the awakened state of presence, we discover what Eckhart describes as our essential identity—who we are beneath the surface—and its power for transforming our selves and our world.

  • COVID-19 Communication: How Facts Fight Fear


    There are so many unknowns around COVID-19, so how can we find credible sources of information? What is the role of communication in the pandemic and how can authorities get it right? Susan Krenn, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, talks to Stephanie Desmon about how communication can combat fear if it’s credible, transparent, timely, and gives people the resources they need. More information:

  • Vaccines in 2021:COVID-19 Vaccine Communication, Misinformation, and Fear


    The current attempt to administer COVID-19 vaccines in the United States is encountering numerous obstacles, including skepticism and fear, leading many people to forego them. How does this situation differ from previous mass vaccination campaigns, such as against polio or smallpox? How is it being affected by the growing skepticism surrounding childhood vaccinations? How can misinformation and disinformation be overcome to achieve widespread COVID-19 vaccine uptake? Experts on infectious diseases, behavior change, marketing, racial inequities, and public health will delve into these topics.

  • Messages from Leadership: Fight fear with facts.


    A message from Valerie W. Rusch, MD, FACS, President of the American College of Surgeons Board of Regents, to the surgical community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit

  • COVID Fear vs Fact: Dr. Robert Pyatt on Coronavirus


    Follow up with Kean University Assistant Professor Robert Pyatt, Ph.D., a molecular geneticist, who cautions on the need for the public to separate useful facts from dangerous opinions when consuming media coverage of the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Fear, Threat, and Information sources: Messaging and Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic


    Title: “Persuasion and Messaging in the Age of COVID-19: An Experimental Study of U.S. Adults Identifying Effective Messaging Strategies for Infection Prevention Behaviors”
    Presenter: Marcella Boynton (Co-PI, UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Medicine)
    Additional Team Members: Howard Tennen (Co-PI, Public Health Sciences), Ross O’Hara (Co-I, InCHIP Affiliate), Joseph Lee (Co-I, East Carolina University, School of Social Work)

    Title: The Pandemic Journaling Project: Design, Aims, Future Directions
    Presenter: Sarah Willen (PI, Anthropology)
    Additional Team Member: Katherine Mason (Brown University, Anthropology)

    Title: “Examining Attributions of Blame Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic in the State of Connecticut”
    Presenter: Christine Gilbert (Co-I, Graduate Student, Communication)

    Additional Team Members: Kenneth Lachlan (Co-PI, Communication), Stephen Stifano (Co-PI, Communication)

    Title: “Assessing the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Resulting Behavior Changes in Response to COVID-19 among Connecticut Residents”
    Presenter: Stacey Brown (Co-PI, Public Health Sciences)
    Additional Team Members: Toan Ha (Co-PI, University of Pittsburgh, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology), Stephen Schensul (Co-I, Public Health Sciences), Judy Lewis (Co-I, Public Health Sciences)



    August 30, 2020

    by: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 

    Today's Topic:


    Thank you, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

  • Psychological Reactions to COVID 19 | Managing COVID-19 Fear and Stress #5


    Understand the common reactions to infectious disease outbreaks, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and learn about ways to cope, mitigate against harmful outcomes, and help one another on our collective road to resilience.

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  • COVID-19 Vaccinations: Addressing Fears and Barriers


    Fears and other barriers are keeping some individuals from getting vaccinated. Gain insights on how an empathetic strategy, authentic communication, and accessible resources can empower the diverse communities served by healthcare organizations.

  • Facts Not Fear: Coronavirus Special Report from East Tennessee


    We recognize the dramatic daily updates in aggressive COVID-19 coverage can spark fears. Frightening headlines, social media speculation, maybe you see it in a worried text from your mom. We're all in this together, though.

  • The power of fear in a changing world | Natalie Boudou | TEDxGlionInstituteLondon


    After beginning her career as a commercial lawyer, Natalie moved into the communications field before making a seamless transition into the world of executive coaching and consulting. In 2016, she co-founded and managed a training and consultancy firm specializing in resilience and agility at work. She has since worked with multinational corporates as well as various UN organizations. After beginning her career as a commercial lawyer, Natalie moved into the communications field before making a seamless transition into the world of executive coaching and consulting. In 2016, she co-founded and managed a training and consultancy firm specializing in resilience and agility at work. She has since worked with multinational corporates as well as various UN organizations. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • Rainbow Table Ep 11 - COVID-19 Facts and Fears


    Join us for the LIVE kick-off to Season 2, Wednesday, February 24 at 12 PM EST / 1 PM ADT / 9 AM PST as special guests Dr. Samir Sinha and Dr. Gloria Gutman discuss COVID-19 Facts and Fears with our host, Deb Pearce!

  • Facts Not Fear: Why hospitals can mandate COVID-19 vaccines for workers


    The claim that employers can't force vaccine mandates due to COVID vaccines being experimental isn't true.

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  • Back to School: A Covid-19 Retrospective and What Lies Ahead for Higher Education


    On our August 11th State & Territory Alliance for Testing communications webinar, we were joined by David Clark, CEO of Shield T3 and Dr. Craig Stephens and Celine Schmidek from Santa Clara University who shared the lessons they’ve learned from setting up their testing programs and communicating with staff, students, and parents about their plans for 2021 school reopening.

  • Coronavirus Outbreak: Fighting fears with FACTS | PROMO


    India’s leading digital news publisher, is helping you fight against COVID-19 with round the clock news, verified facts & updates.

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  • CANVax Presents – Pediatric COVID-19 immunization and adult booster doses


    CANVax hosts Public Health Agency of Canada Webinars on COVID-19 Vaccines for Health Care Providers. Learn more at

    Presentation Highlights:
    - To provide an overview of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children 5-11 years of age and its use and administration, as well as timing of the concurrent vaccination programs this fall and winter.
    - To share evidence and information on the management of vaccination pain and fear in children.
    - To provide models for the operations of immunization clinics and considerations for their use.

  • Cross Cultural Communications During Covid 19 Webinar


    The New Brunswick Multicultural Council hosted a free virtual training session that looked at various cross-cultural responses to the Covid-19 situation that can be influenced such as:
    - Communication
    - Access to Services
    - Promoting Social (Physical) Distancing
    - Societies with low compliance to government directives

  • Bloomberg Markets Full Show


    Alix Steel brings you news you need to know and trends you need to watch as U.S. markets get into the trading day.
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  • Are You Afraid of Making Mistakes in English? How to Study Without Getting Bored | Polyglot Advice


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    In this video, I'll be interviewing Wouter, a Dutch polyglot, about overcoming fear in language learning and achieving your goals faster. Wouter will share a lot of useful tips that helped him learn more than 20 foreign languages and stay motivated all the way through.

    ○ This Rule in American English Transformed My Accent:
    ○ American Accents Ranked From Easiest to Hardest:
    ○ 10 Different Ways to Wish “Happy Birthday”:
    ○ How Do I Learn 3 Languages at the Same Time:
    ○ Improve Your Accent in English:

    0:00 How many languages can Wouter speak?
    3:35 When did Wouter start learning foreign languages?
    5:20 Is it okay to make mistakes in English?
    9:23 What does Wouter's language learning routine look like?
    13:26 Can foreign languages change your personality?
    16:27 Does Wouter plan to learn more foreign languages?
    19:52 Is it okay to show your weaknesses?
    21:17 Should there be one world language?

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