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Can you have TOO MANY frames?

  • Why High FPS Matters


    Competitive gamers and esports pros aim for the highest FPS possible to give them every competitive advantage. We take a look at how this all works on your PC and why FPS, powered by the latest GPUs, offers gamers a competitive advantage by improving animation smoothness, reducing the effect of ghosting and tearing, and lowering system latency.

    To see the effects of high FPS in action watch the High FPS CS:GO SLO-MO Video:

    For more information on how high frames and refresh rate help in competitive gaming visit

    Check out to see how our GeForce GPUs can provide the FPS needed to maximize your competitiveness in Battle Royales and First Person Shooters.

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  • How much GPU Memory do you REALLY need?


    People get REALLY caught up on Video Card memory... so today lets talk about how much you ACTUALLY need!

    Learn more about the Corsaid 5000D at

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  • How Much RAM Do You REALLY Need For Gaming? ????


    How Much RAM Does A Gaming PC need in 2021? PC Centric puts 32GB vs 16GB vs 8GB to the test in RTX 3080 PC gaming benchmarks in Cyberpunk 2077, COD Warzone, Fortnite and Watch Dogs legion with Ray Tracing!
    Links to everything featured below!

    Contains products loaned out for review without direction or payment from the manufacturer.

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    My Fave kits of RAM:
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    Thumbnail RAM (XPG):

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    4K Benchmarking monitor:
    My Personal Monitor - Asus ROG PG35VQ:

    Philips Hue Strips:

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    My Desk 'Legs' Alex Drawers:

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    My Main Camera - Blackmagic Pocket 6K:

    My Main Lens:

    My Microphone:

    My 2nd Camera - Sony A6500:

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    Epidemic Sound


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  • These are the WORST things you could do for your PC...


    We always tell you what you should do with your computers... today we are going to tell you what you should NEVER do... This is just my opinion of course...

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    Furniture feet ideas for pedestal -
    Platform for Floor PC -
    Shielded Riser Card -

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  • High ISO does NOT cause NOISE!


    READ THE PINNED COMMENT. Our Mother's Day sale: coupon 'mom'

    First, Tony Northrup performs a series of experiments where he varies each of the three camera settings while keeping the other two settings locked: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. As he proves, the only setting that does NOT cause high noise is high ISO - in fact, on many cameras, high ISO actually creates lower noise... but in most situations, varying the ISO makes no difference whatsoever. For more information, visit

    Tony then presents an entirely new way to think about ISO. Instead of thinking of it as a camera control, think of it as a measurement of noise. It's more like a speedometer than an accelerator; if you're experiencing high noise, don't reduce your ISO. Instead, find ways to get more light to your sensor by using a longer shutter speed, a lower f/stop number, a faster lens, turning the lights up, or adding a flash.

    For tips on reducing noise by using a longer shutter speed, check out the Rule of Doubles:

  • 25 Family Guy Deleted Scenes That Were Too Much For TV


    Family Guy is one of the edgiest shows on TV, but these deleted scenes stepped over the line! Subscribe to our channel:

    Family Guy is one of those shows that has never been afraid to push some buttons and get a reaction from it’s viewers and critics alike. And that’s why we love it! They will say just about anything about anyone, and make no apologies. But sometimes, certain scenes just prove too much for the network to handle, and there are a ton of jokes that never make it to air. Whether it’s Peter with an offensive tattoo, a super graphic hallucination of Peter’s behind turning into a fly and trying to eat Quagmire, Peter being present at the Roe V Wade Supreme Court case, or Cleveland and Peter doing ten rounds of chemotherapy together for no apparent reason. There was also the scene that had Meg being shot in the head at the dinner table, a joke about an Asian in-law, Peter finding out if Jillian is Jewish, Dr Hartmann eating Lois’ tumour, Peter commenting on the race of Brian’s girlfriend, a Leper colony doing the hokey-pokey, or Quagmire making a very weird comment about when his daughter will turn 21. It doesn’t stop there, as with a scene with Jesus trying to pick up a girl, a political joke about how iPads are made, a cutaway during the already controversial Stroke episode, a scene with a missionary that might have offended some, a bit where Joe runs over a squirrel, and of course, about a million jokes about Mort that were never made it to air. All those and more remind us just why Family Guy is still one of the edgiest shows out there!

    Check out these other awesome videos!

    25 Twisted Family Guy Facts That Will Surprise Even Longtime Fans

    25 Family Guy Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

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  • Fortnite Season 8 Settings Guide! - FPS Boost, Colorblind Modes, & More!


    In this video, I talk about about the best new settings for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. As I'm sure you all know, the FPS and overall look of the game has been really weird this season. The map is very bright, and due to bad FPS and frame drops everything feels delayed. Don't worry if you're experiencing these issues because everyone else is too. Luckily, I was able to gather the best brightness settings, video graphic quality options, and FPS Boost tricks and tips to help optimize your game in Season 8. These will include Nvidia graphic quality setting changes you can make to your brightness, contrast, and digital vibrancy, tips on which color blind modes to choose from the available colorblind options (deteuranope, protanope, and tritanope) and other tips and tricks for more frames on both console and PC. On top of that, I talked about the secret changes Epic made to the graphic quality options (high resolution textures, auto download high resolution textures, high resolution textures reminders) in Season 8 as well as what rendering mode is the best between performance mode (high and low meshes), DirectX 11 (DX11) and DirectX 12 (DX12). I tried to include as many tricks to boost your FPS as I could for both console (PS4 and Xbox One) and PC, mobile and switch, but I obviously could not fit everything into one video (some systems don't have them either like performance mode on PC). Definitely check out some of my other ultimate settings guides and FPS Boost tutorials in order to get more FPS and reduce input lag (make your game run smoother). So, if you're looking for the best settings in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 to boost your FPS, fix your games colors, and decided what to use with performance mode, then this video is definitely for you. On top of that, this video will show you tricks to boost your FPS, make your game look brighter, help you win more fights and get more wins in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 8.


    As always, if you enjoyed the video feel free to leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date with my content. If you have any questions regarding the video, the channel, or myself, leave a comment and I will be sure to get back to you. If you want to support me, use creator code Jerian in the item shop! When you use my Creator Code or Link on the Epic Games Store, I receive money from those purchases.

    0:00 Introduction
    1:03 New Graphic Settings
    3:14 Uninstalling High Resolution Textures
    4:43 Graphics Quality Options
    6:54 Best Rendering Mode
    9:09 Performance vs DX11/DX12
    12:12 Colorblind Modes
    14:41 Additional Settings
    16:14 Conclusion

    Song: Chill Piano Drake Type Trap Beat Monaco by OZSOUND

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    Monitor - Dell Alienware AW2521H 25” 360Hz
    Mic - Shure SM7B + FocusRite Scarlett Solo
    Cam - Sony Alpha a6400 + Elgato Camlink

    #fortnite #itsjerian #settings

  • Does Weight Matter On A Mountain Bike? | Lightweight Vs Heavy MTB


    It can seem like the mountain bike industry is constantly striving for lighter and lighter bikes. But is lighter actually better? To find out, we sent Rich into the woods with his trail bike and some special modifications to see how changing the sprung and unsprung mass of an MTB affects it’s performance.

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    The Global Bike Festival will take place from the 18-21 of June in Saalbach, Austria.

    How heavy is your bike?

    #gmbn #mountainbiking #mountainbike #mtb #bikelife #cycling #experiment

    If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link ????

    Watch more on GMBN...

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    Cindy - Chris Shards
    Mile High Lovin' - Rockin' For Decades
    Magic Highway - Carvings
    Going Blind (Instrumental Version) - Sven Karlsson
    Blues or Something like That - Tigerblood Jewel
    Be My Woman (Instrumental Version) - Conditional
    I Don't Mind (Instrumental Version) - Particle House
    Metallic (Instrumental Version) - Luftmensch

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    With the help of our pro and ex-pro riding team we’re here to inform, entertain and inspire you to become a better mountain biker, including videos on:

    - How to ride faster with expert knowledge
    - Fix everything with pro know-how
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    - Dial in your bike with bike set-up advice
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    Welcome to the Global Mountain Bike Network | Covering Every Angle

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    - Create in-camera motion blur effects with different shutter speeds. Learn how create different looks and create unique video styles.

    DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO!

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    More Creative Tuesday


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  • How to paint wooden window frames


    Update the look of your home inside and out by painting timber window frames in a new shade, or simply improve the fittings with a fresh coat of paint to ensure the quality lasts. Follow experienced renovator Sian Astley's advice on how to achieve a professional finish.

    For more advice and inspiration, head to and head to to subscribe to Real Homes' print and digital editions today.

  • How to tell when your Flow Hive is ready to harvest ????????????LIVE


    For more info visit or follow us on Facebook for our weekly Wednesday live videos

  • How to Make Professional Quality Picture Frames


    Update! The spline jig has it's own video now There are also plans for it on my website

    In this video I'm covering the basics of making picture frames. One of the most confusing parts of framing is how to plan your frame. What kind of mount, what spacing you want around the art, and what allowance you need to make the art fit in the frame properly. I've simplified these measurements and created an easy to follow worksheet that you can get for free on my website.
    AlmFab Picture Frame Worksheet

    Also, make sure and check out my video and plans for making a picture frame sled. It'll make the process a whole lot easier.
    Picture frame sled video
    Picture frame sled plans

    Artists featured in this video
    Joey Bates - Ink Portrait
    Zoe Keller - Kestrel
    Ashley Bullock - Color Study
    Shaun Kardinal - Stitched Postcard
    Chandler Woodfin - Colorful Abstract
    Jessica McCourt - Croc with a Guitar

    Rockler products featured in this video

    Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars
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    Rockler Pro Lift Router Table and Lift

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    Saw Stop
    3/16” Radius Round Nose Router Bit
    Freud Glue-Line Rip Tablesaw Blade

    Picture Framing Products:
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    Logan Point Driver
    Brilliantize Plexiglas Cleaner

    Wood finishes
    India ink
    General Finishes Water Based Top Coat

    Check out my Amazon store where you can find all the tools I use in my shop, and support my channel

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    Patreon members get exclusive Sketchup files of my projects along with a bunch of other rewards.

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  • Can you have TOO MANY frames?


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    0:00 Peak Athletics
    0:10 480Hz monitors
    1:01 Intel says chip shortage to continue
    2:01 Steam Deck targets 30fps
    2:41 Drop Summer Sale
    3:13 QUICK BITS
    3:20 RTX 40 series
    3:40 Amazon may take Bitcoin
    4:05 China's thorium reactor
    4:35 iOS 14.7.1 update
    5:02 iPhone 14 TITANIUM


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  • Warby Parker | You can never have too many frames


    Mekayla lets @MSillanpaaBMOC know that we support his decisions.

    For more Warby Parker, float on over to

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  • Frames Per Second Scribble Kibble #33


    Frame rates, how many images per second different kinds of animations have, and how many you can actually see.

    25/50 fps is standard in any country with 50hz electric outlets. Since the video has a lot of technical information already, I decided not to mention that. :0

    ► Fan Art ◄
    Kitty PandaPaw
    Jordyn C.
    Austin M.:
    Helen M.:

    Scribble Kibble is a show about animation. Find more episodes here:

  • How Many Plus Frames is Too Many?


    streamed May 3, 2021

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    Editing/Thumbnail by Magic Moste:

    #FGC #Sajam #StreetFighter

  • How much does memory affect gaming?? Tested


    We tested multiple configurations of memory on three different titles to see how memory affects gaming. These results may surprise you.

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  • Embossed Foil Distressing Technique with Merriest Frames AND More Delicate Dahlia Christmas Cards!


    In this video, I will show you how to create 2 beautiful Christmas cards using the Delicate Dahlias stamp set from Sale-abration and the Merriest Frames Embossing Folder and Dies. I'll be doing the Distressing Foil Technique!

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    **Sanding blocks for distressing metallic cardstock

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    **1 inch Post it tape for masking technique

    **Silicone mats to use when watercoloring and doing messy crafts

    **Frost White Shimmer Paint to make shimmer spray!
    Same one that Stampin UP retired!

    **Sanders Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Squares
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    **Strawberry Candies...for using with the Strawberry stamp set to put in the jars or boxes and decorate.

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    #stampinup #lisafreeman #delicatedahliasstampset #merriestframesembossingfolder #Distressingfoiltechnique

  • Dropped Frames Fix - EVERYTHING You Need To Know!


    This guide includes everything you need to fix dropped frames, encoder overload, stuttering, rendering lag etc.


    ► Nerd Or Die - Stream Overlays, Alerts and Designs
    ► Epidemic Sound - Royalty Free Music + Sound FX

    === TIMESTAMPS ===

    ► Fix Networking Lag 04:18
    ► Fix Encoding Lag 06:44
    ► Fix Rendering Lag 10:36

    === LINKS ===

    ► TwitchTest
    ► Rivatuner Statistics Server

    === EQUIPMENT I USE! ===

    ► Camera
    ► Microphone
    ► Lights
    ► All My Gear!

    === SOCIALS ===

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  • Frames per second - how many do you need?


    a confusing question. Do you need the 60FPS of the V1? 10+ FPS of a D4 or a 1Dx? Or is 4 from the D800 enough??

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  • Serum in Depth #30 - How Many Frames Do You Need Per Table


    Serum in Depth is a series focused on more advanced sound design and synthesis theory for Xfer Records new Wavetable Synthesizer - Serum.

    Serum in Depth #30 - How Many Frames Do You Need Per Table

    In this Serum in Depth we go over how many frames you need in your tables to achieve high quality results.

    Xfer Records:

    Dorian Day:



    BEST Warzone Settings For BETTER FPS & MAX VISIBILITY for both mouse & keyboard as well as controller

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    #Expel #Warzone #CODWarzone

    0:00 Stop Playing Like This
    0:31 What We're Going Over
    1:34 Keyboard & Mouse
    1:52 Movement
    2:15 Keybinds
    2:39 Weapons & Equipment
    2:59 Killstreaks & Vehicles
    3:20 Overlays & Shortcuts
    3:48 Menu Navigation
    4:00 General (FOV)
    4:25 Graphics
    6:36 Audio
    7:07 Controller
    7:38 Recap

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  • Ask GN 55: What Really Happens When You Cap FPS?


    This episode of Ask GN talks about what really happens when you limit FPS, talks Premiere vs. alternatives, case colors, and more.
    Ad: EVGA CLC 280 on Amazon for $140


    01:00 - Question about switching software from Premiere & business cost

    04:00 - matthaus woolard: “For your big rendering task, why do you not use a Linux kernel you may well find a significant performance boost with Blender. Some users report up to 2x speed boost and no random restarts due to windows updates etc.”

    05:06 - Scooby Dooby: “@Steve Burke What is the correlation, if any, between FPS highs and FPS lows? Specifically as they relate to CPU or GPU performance (And even more specifically to i5's in a game like GTA V). I ask because I've found in my personal experience that by limiting the maximum frame rate in a game I can eliminate game breaking FPS lows and have a buttery smooth experience. I've often wondered but haven't tested what the effect would be to average FPS by limiting the maximum FPS in such an instance. Would it be possible to have a net gain of average FPS by limiting maximum FPS? :thinking:”

    13:21 – Surpuppa: “Question for the next Ask GN: In your previous video you talked about using three GPUs for rendering. Does the CPU even matter at that point when all of the workload is on the GPUs?”

    15:11 - Yourwolfsdengaming: I guess this is more a question for case manufacturers, but I was wondering if you knew why case manufacturing companies (Fractal and Phanteks, to name a few) seemingly have almost what could be described as 'random' color choices for their cases, while simultaneously ditching colors at other points that people really liked. I'm aware it might cost more paint wise, so why not give us the option for a slightly higher cost? You know, like the Phanteks Enthoo Pro cases did where 'white' was $10 more than the black variant.”

    20:33 – BlackTower: “I would appreciate the zotac 1080ti thermal pad and backplate mod video guide. Thanks GN.”

    21:23 - Clayton Fyffe: “For a Ryzen 1700X with a B350 Tomahawk (BIOS 1.6), should I trust Ryzen Master (76°C) or the CPUTIN reading in HWMonitor (106°C) when overclocking? They're within 5°C at stock.”

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    Host: Steve Burke
    Video: Andrew Coleman

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  • Frames of Mind - Theory of Multiple Intelligences - Howard Gardner


    The theory of multiple intelligences affords specific modalities as opposed to seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability. This model was proposed by Howard Gardner in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In this Faculti insight, Gardner discusses the criteria for a behavior to be considered an intelligence.

  • Rockin Frames 590 compared to 4x100 Wizards - inline skating review


    The frame will be available july 27th. However, you can preorder now at .

    Disclaimer : I received this frame for free and state my personnal feeling riding it.

    Find us on Intagram : @tmwskate
    Join our Discord :

    + Skate Setup
    Florian :
    FR iGor boot
    Wizard NR100 frame
    Locoskate's Revolver Wheels 85A
    Superfeet Yellow Carbon insoles
    Intuition Liner
    Custom-made UFS to 165mm Adapter

    FR FR1
    Endless Frame 90
    MyFit Second Skin Liner

    + Filming Setup
    Insta 360 one X 2
    GoPro 8

  • ????When & Why we use 9 frames in a 10 frame box


    In this video, we show you when and why we use 9 frames in a 10 frame box.

    Stainless steel 9 frame spacer and other beekeeping products we use can be found here:

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    #Beekeeping #Beekeeper #Honeybee

  • How many frames per second can the human eye really see? #sponsored


    In this PAX 2018 video sponsored by ASUS ROG, we break down the science behind one of PC gaming's endless debates: what FPS can the eye really see?

  • How to stop getting Dropped Frames in OBS


    In the latest version of OBS 24.0, there is a new feature to dynamically change the bitrate to manage bandwidth congestion. in this video, we review how to stop getting dropped frames in OBS during your broadcasts using this new feature. Remember this feature is still in BETA. So it's worth testing this feature with various bit-rates to see what gets the best results for your live stream. This new feature allows OBS to use dropped frames as a way to judge what the ideal bit rate should be.

    If you are just learning about OBS, bitrate is essentially the quality of your live stream. You can have a 4K resolution live stream with a low bit-rate and it look poor quality. And you can have a 720p resolution live stream with a high bit-rate which could look great. So giving OBS control over your bit-rate is an easy way to optimize your broadcast as congestion in your network connection changes.

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  • How to Get More Done and Waste Less Time


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    It's hard to be productive when you're juggling a dozen different tasks and can't decide which one you should tackle first. Without a method of filtering and prioritizing your work, you end up spending precious time on things that don't matter... and letting the really important tasks fall by the wayside.

    Today, I'll share a tool you can use to get CLEAR on what tasks are truly important, which ones should be tackled first, and which ones should be given to other people, automated, or simply removed from your life. It's called the Eisenhower Matrix.

    #productivity #planning

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  • Does Higher FPS = More Stutter? Framerate vs. Frame Pacing


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  • How To Stop Dropping Frames In Streamlabs OBS ✔️ EXPLAINED ✔️ 2019


    ???? Updated OBS 2020 tutorials here ????

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    Hey everyone! Josh here with a video explaining how to stop dropping frames while streaming in an easy 7 steps.

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  • Is More Than 60 FPS on a 60 Hz Monitor Better?


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  • Frames Per Second explained and shown


    Many of you might have heard the term frames per second (fps) when it comes to video recording or video playback, but ever wonder what it is? Well in this video not only do I explain what it is, but I also demonstrate it in this video so when this video ends you're guaranteed to know exactly what fps is. To watch a clip in 60fps download the file below (because YouTube only plays back at 30fps.

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  • DIY Eclectic Gallery Wall | Framebridge Tips and Tricks


    Join Tessa, Framebridge's Head of Merchandising, as she shows us how to hang a large, eclectic gallery wall—without measuring anything! Tessa uses 20+ frames she's collected over the years to update her home office space. This gallery wall tutorial covers layout, spacing and overall design techniques plus tips and tricks to avoid ever pulling out a measuring tape or ruler.

    Shop Framebridge Photo Gallery Walls:

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  • How To Use Multiple Time Frames


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    Warrior Trading // Ross Cameron // Day Trade Warrior

  • When to Retake Flat Frames? Lets discuss!


    We've talked at length about flat frames on this channel, as they tend to be so important to correct so many defects that are hard if not impossible to correct in post-processing. So, when should we be taking, or retaking flat frames?

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  • 1 Cool Thing: Aura Digital Picture Frames


    Aura classes up the digital picture frame and cloud-connects it so all the grandkids can send their pictures to Grandma. We take a look. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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  • How To Trade Multiple Time Frames | The Triple Screen System For Forex & Stock Trading


    In this video you’ll discover:

    • How to trade using multiple time frames on Forex, stock market or any other financial market
    • How to use multiple time frames in trading (the best method)
    • What is Alexander Elder’s triple screen system
    • How to use multiple timeframe confluence to find the best trading signals
    • How to use trading technical indicators in order to scalp, day trade or swing trade the markets using a multiple time frame analysis (how to buy and sell using different time frames)
    • How to interpret trading indicators and how to combine indicators in order to identify current price trends on different time frames and predict where prices will move in the future (multi timeframes explained for beginners)
    • How to make money trading stocks and Forex market using multiple time frames
    • How to correctly trade Forex and stocks with technical indicators and what are the best trading indicators and tools suited for a multiple time frames strategy
    • How to take long and short positions using a combination of indicators on different timeframes (D1, H4, H1, M30, M15 and M5 charts)
    • Which are the best combinations of indicators for scalping, day trading or swing trading using a multiple timeframe system
    • How to take signals of crossovers, pullbacks and how to follow the trend using the triple screen system
    • What indicators you must include in your multi time frame trading strategy/system
    • Other day trading/swing trading tips with multiple time frames

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  • Frames And Setups Of Inline Skates - That You Have To Know - Inline Skating Know-How Basics #03


    ► Description:
    My name is Daniel and I'm the founder of Daniel's Skating School & Daniel's Skate Shop and in this video I will tell you all about frames for inline skates!

    Until today you have probably asked yourself which types of frames exist or you didn't know that there are different types of frames. If you not know which type of frame is used for which style of skating, I'm here to explain that to you!
    In this video I will show you which types of frames exist on the market. I will also show you the advantages and disadvantages of every type of frame.

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    ► USD Carbon Team XV
    ► USD Carbon Team Blue
    ► Valo BS LIght Ox Blood
    ► USD Carbon Free Montre Livingston
    ► POWERSLIDE Metropolis 80 2017 + Pleasure Tool Frame
    ► KIZER Trimax 3x110 Frame
    ► KIZER Type X Frame White
    ► KIZER Advanced Powerblading Frame Black
    ► GROUNDCONTROL FLT 2 Frame Black
    ► KALTIK Flat Stealth Feinberg Pro Frame
    ► UFS Transformer Ice Blades
    ► Others

    ► G-Form Shin & Knee Pads:

    ► G-Form Elbow Pads:

    Filmed By:
    ► Daniel Lott
    ► GoPro Hero 5 Black

    ► Feiyu G5 3-Axis Splash-Proof Handheld Gimbal

    Used Music:
    ► Intro:
    Audionautix - Corporation Motivation
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    ► Background:
    Joakim Karud - Almost Original

    ► Outro:
    Jo Cohen & BQ - Glowing At Night [NCS Release]

    ► Frames And Setups Of Inline Skates That You Have To Know Inline Skating Know-How Basics #03
    ► daniel's skating school daniels skating school aggressive inline basics aggressive inline skating basics skamidan skamidan inline inline skating aggressive inline skating aggressive inline aggressive inline skating rollerblading blading inline-skates inline skates rollerblades rollerblading lernen how to inline skate roller blades inlineskates rollerskates rollerskating
    ► skamidan schienen und setups frames setups inline skates rollerblades antirocker flat triskate triskating freestyle antirocker frame freestyle frame flat frame triskating frame x frame transformer ice blades ice blades ufs frames powerblading powerblading frame frame for grinds grind frame speed frames powerblading frames Frames And Setups Of Inline Skates Frames And Setups advanatages disadvantages frames advantages frames disadvantages frame types types
    ► Universal frame system frame setups inline skating setups rollerblades setups rollerblades frames inline skating frames aggressive inline frames aggressive inline skates frames differences between aggressive inline frames different frames powerblading frame rollerblades frame types rollerblades kinds of frames best frame for grinds grind frame rocker frame rollerskating

  • This Is What Happens When Your PC OVERHEATS! ????


    Overheating is one of the main problems with a lot of PCs but what actually happens when components get too hot? Sure they throttle but there's a lot more going on that I wanted to discuss.

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    Phanteks P300A -

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  • Streamlabs OBS Tutorial - Frames skip issues resolved!


    This is a tutorial on how to solve the issue of frame drops and skips while streaming in streamlabs OBS. If you have any futher questions you can comment below and I will try to help you solve them ASAP.

    Thanks for watching guys my apologises for the unprofessional commentary haha. Please make sure to like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed!

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    Streamlabs OBS fix!

  • Copying effects to multiple frames in Premiere Pro


    Copying effects (Paste Attributes) to multiple frames in Premiere Pro

    Copying the same effects settings to multiple clips is very easy when using the Paste Attributes command in Premiere Pro. You can also copy the keyframes and have them automatically scaled based on clip duration.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



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  • How to Give Picture Frames and Furniture A Cool Antique Brass Look | CRAFT | Great Home Ideas


    Tara Dennis shows you how to upcycle your old furniture using embossing and stenciling. Click here to subscribe:

    Welcome to Great Home Ideas, where you’ll find inspiring home makeovers, delicious recipes, quick & easy DIY projects, design & gardening ideas, plus hints, tips, how tos and advice on pets, health, tech and more. Check out our channel & subscribe to see more videos like this one every day of the week.

  • Divide One Rectangle Frame into Multiple Frames in Adobe InDesign


    In this video, you can learn how to divide one rectangle frame into multiple frames in Adobe InDesign. Use Arrow keyboard shortcut keys and create more than one rectangle frame in InDesign.

  • How to polish a bike frame and remove scratches


    Ever wondered how to get that sheen back on your once-sparkly gloss-painted bike? Perhaps a little heel rub or bike lean gone wrong has left a scratch in the surface of your paint?  

    In many cases, all it takes is a few basic supplies, a little elbow grease, and a bucket of patience. And to show you how, we enlisted Steve Gardner of Velocraft in Melbourne. Formerly known as Bikes by Steve, VeloCraft has quickly become one of the most sought-after bicycle paint shops in Australia. If you’ve ever seen the paint on a Prova or Bastion you’ll understand why. 

    A quick disclaimer: This is just a quick guide to the process and includes tips used to add a mirror-like shine to gloss painted frames. The same technique and process applies to remove superficial scratches and rub marks. It’s important to note that the instructions in this article do not apply to satin and matte finishes. 

    To read the full feature, visit

  • Modifying a 10 frame Langstroth Box to fit 7 Flow™ Frames


    Stu takes us through all the ins & outs of modifying a 10 frame Langstroth box to fit Flow™ Frames 7.

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  • How to add multiple data frames in ArcMap layout | ArcGIS layout view multiple maps | v4


    In this video you will see How to create multiple-data frames in ArcMAP. This video is helpful for study area mapping. Watch the full video to learn the process. If you are having any problem comment below. I'll try to help you very soon.

    Check out this video if you don't know how to download shapefile for any country

    This is a whole new tutorial for ArcGIS. In this ArcGIS tutorial, I'll show the basic things about ArcMap. This playlist is made for beginners.
    Learn ArcGIS software in this lecture series...
    You can also check my Fiverr profile if you want to get any job done
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    Today we see how high we can push Minecraft's Frame rate!
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    » Falling For A Square - Tones Tones Tones (Instrumental)

  • Candlestick Pattern Secrets No One Talks About! - Multiple Time Frames


    Breaking down a candlestick pattern signal from a higher timeframe gives you the chance to get a better entry and tighter stop losses, which then gives you a better risk reward on your trade. If that wasn't enough, it also gives you a higher probability of the trade working in your favour... Now please tell me who wouldn't want all that? I hope you said you do.. so take a few minutes to watch this video and learn how to do multiple timeframe analysis on candlestick patterns to get the most pips on your trade.

    Using multiple timeframe analysis in your trading strategy is an unbelievably powerful tool you can add your price action analysis, and technical analysis of a candlestick pattern to find that winning edge you been looking for to take that next step to becoming consistently profitable in the forex market, stock market or even with trading commodities.

    Using my previous video explaining the major candlestick patterns (the most basic technical indicators) you should be looking for and then using that candlestick analysis combined with multiple time frame analysis to further analyze the trade you will be taking is something I wish I learned earlier in my career before taking the losses I did…. Using these candlestick pattern secrets will help you get a better grasp on what the market is actually telling you, saving you from losing money on falso signals.

    I’m not going to lie to you, becoming a forex trader is not the easiest career choice, but learning trading strategies to trade the forex market is one of the most important steps you will need to take to make this dream a reality.

    I hope this video is one the many I have and will be posting that will help speed up that process for you and make this process a little bit less painful for you. I wish you all the best on your journey in the fx market and hope to see you soon in the next video.

    Stick around until the end for a little extra tip on how to enter and exit this trade to maximize your gains on this trade.

    Hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching.
    Have a great day, take care, and happy trading!

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    CMC MARKETS - trade on MT4 or their Next Generation Platform with 1:30 leverage

    TRADERSWAY - Trade with MT4, MT5 and Ctrader (Calgo) with choices up to 1:1000 leverage

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