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Cancer colorectal : pourquoi se faire dépister ? (version sous-titrée)

  • Webinar Circular@WUR Biosphere Rethinking our food and bio-based systems


    Webinars prior to Circular@WUR. The purpose of the webinars Circular@WUR is to inform about the conference and an invitation to participate in giving shape to the conference. This webinar focusses on the first theme of the conference: Biosphere: Rethinking our food and bio-based systems.

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  • How High You Could Jump on Different Planets in 3D


    Gravity is what keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground. That’s why the average person can only jump as high as 1.5 feet straight up. But what if we had to live on another planet — say, Venus or Saturn? Let’s find out what difficulties we’d have to endure there. How high could you jump on other planets? The gravity on Mercury, for example, is less than half that on Earth, so you’ll be able to jump about 4 ft high. But if you were to jump being on Venus, you’d make it just shy of 1.7 ft high because the mass and size of Earth and Venus are almost similar with Venus being a little smaller.

    Bu the way, guys, did you know that Venus is a really inhospitable place? You’d be able to see Earth from here if not for the whirling mass of clouds above. They create a monstrous greenhouse effect, as well as immense atmospheric pressure. And despite the constant temperature of a blazing furnace, rain here wouldn’t bring relief: the clouds up there are made of sulfuric acid! Let's learn more about these amazing objects that orbit the same sun as Earth! Here are some surprising facts about the planets of the Solar System.


    Mercury 0:17
    Venus 0:52
    Luna 1:26
    Mars 1:54
    Phobos 2:24
    Ceres 2:55
    Jupiter 3:26
    Ganymede 3:57
    Saturn 4:24
    Titan 5:01
    Uranus 5:33
    Neptune 6:03
    Triton 6:34
    Pluto 6:59
    Eris 7:34

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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