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Classical cloning with FastDigest Restriction Enzymes

  • Classical cloning with FastDigest Restriction Enzymes


    There are several types of cloning technologies available to produce recombinant clones for the molecular cloning workflow. Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ restriction enzymes are a traditional cloning technology for obtaining high-quality cloned DNA.

    Found naturally in bacteria, restriction enzymes recognize and cleave specific DNA sequences, resulting in sticky ends (5ʹ or 3ʹ protruding ends) or blunt ends, enabling DNA inserts to be cloned into vectors with compatible ends. Star activity, buffer compatibility, and incomplete digestion are some common hurdles in restriction digestion.

    Simplify your restriction enzyme workflow

    FastDigest™ enzymes are an advanced line of restriction enzymes that offer fast and complete digestion of DNA in a single, universal buffer. FastDigest™ enzymes save time and effort while increasing throughput.

    · Complete digestion in 5-15 minutes
    · 176 unique specificities
    · 100% buffer compatibility with downstream applications
    · No star activity due to short incubation times
    · Direct loading of reaction mixture on gels

    100% activity in a single buffer

    The FastDigest™ Green Buffer and Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ Buffer are proprietary digestion buffers which support 100% activity of all FastDigest™ restriction enzymes. This system allows for double and multiple digestions with any combination of enzymes. No sequential digestions or buffer changes are needed.

    100% buffer compatibility with downstream applications

    DNA/RNA modifying enzymes, such as ligases, phosphatases, kinases and mesophilic DNA polymerases have 100% activity in FastDigest™ and FastDigest™ Green Buffer. Therefore, enzymes used in downstream applications can be directly added to the FastDigest™ reaction mix. No buffer changes or purification steps are needed.

    Explore our wide range of FastDigest™ Restriction Enzymes at

    Type IIS Restriction Enzymes

    Type IIS restriction enzymes comprise a specific group of enzymes which recognize asymmetric DNA sequences and cleave at a defined distance outside of their recognition sequence, usually within 1 to 20 nucleotides. This specific mode of action of Type IIS restriction enzymes is widely used for innovative DNA manipulation techniques, such as Golden Gate cloning, enabling sequence-independent cloning of genes without the need to modify them by including compatible restriction sites (scars).

    Benefits of cloning with Type IIS restriction enzymes

    · Single-tube cloning—digestion and ligation reactions can take place in the same tube at the same time because the restriction site is eliminated from the ligated product.
    · Scarless cloning—scar sequences are not being introduced because the overhang sequence created is not dictated by the restriction enzyme
    · Assembly of multiple fragments—multiple inserts can be assembled together simultaneously by using the right combination of complementary ends.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific™ offers ten Type IIS restriction enzymes within the Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ restriction enzyme portfolio, discover more at

    FastDigest™ Online Selection Tool

    To find the right FastDigest™ enzyme for your downstream application browse our online selection tool. You can easily search by product name, isoschizomer name, recognition sequence, or catalog number.

    FastDigest™ Enzyme Selection Tool

    Get a FastDigest™ Value Pack

    Try the top 13 enzymes, and both the colorless and green FastDigest™ Buffers, get our Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ Value Pack (Cat. No. K1991).

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  • Directional Cloning | Directional Cloning Vs Traditional Cloning |


    DNA insert and vector molecules are digested with two different restriction enzymes to create noncomplementary sticky ends at either end of each restriction fragment. This allows the insert to be ligated to the vector in a specific orientation and prevent the vector from self-ligation.   

    In easy way, directional cloning generally refers to the ligation of an insert into a vector in a known orientation.

    The most commonly used method is to cut the 5' and 3' sites on the vector and insert with different restriction enzymes that yield different sticky ends. This ensures that when you ligate insert into vector, the different identity of the 5' and 3' sticky ends ensures only 1 possible orientation for the insert to effectively anneal to the vector.

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  • Thermo Scientific Double Digestion Day


    Double digest your DNA in only 5-15 minutes with one buffer and load directly onto your gel with 176 Thermo Scientific FastDigest Enzymes.

    Thermo Scientific FastDigest enzymes are an advanced line of restriction enzymes that create a new standard in DNA digestion. During our 30 years of restriction enzyme research, we compiled one of the largest collections of restriction enzyme producing bacterial strains in the industry. Our large section of enzyme isoschizomers and state-of-the-art production facility facilitated the creation of the unique system of 176 FastDigest® restriction enzymes.

    Find out more at

  • Restriction Enzymes 2


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  • Restriction Enzyme Reaction


  • Cut Up Parody Music Video


    Credit for instrumental, thanks Cardi B (:
    Full lyrics:
    Cut, cut, cut, cut
    Restriction enzymes cut sequences in DNA
    BspHI cuts the seq TCATGA
    If it leaves sticky ends, that’s called single stranded overhang
    Single stranded tails bind other complementary chains
    2 strands will ligate if they’re cut by the same (enzyme)
    Non-complementary strands won’t bind -- I know that's lame!
    Blunt ends, got no tail, it could bind to anything
    SmaI cuts straight down, no single stranded overhang
    Sticky ends got single chains, blunt ends got no thang
    Let the enzymes do they thang, restriction sites in everything

    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt
    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt
    If it cut, then it cut. If it cut, then it cut.
    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt

    Fragments different sizes, how to tell what size this is?
    Gel electrophoresis shows the size, no surprises.
    Pour the gel, then don’t touch, let the liquid dry, sis
    No more comb or rubber stoppers, now you know what time it is
    Pour the buffer on the gel, DNA? Can’t see it still
    Add a little bit of loading dye so we can see it well
    Use a steady hand to put the samples iin
    Plug it in to power cell, black to black and red to red

    Watch the samples move real slow, leave it 60 mins or so
    Voltage stays on the low, don’t wanna bump it tho
    DNA is charged -- Negative to positive flow
    Peek at the side for bubbles forming-- Now thas cool, yo!
    Take the gel out, place it on a UV light
    Each band on the gel is DNA glowing bright
    Take a picture, print it out, on the paper, we gon write
    Each band’s a certain size, cut at restriction sites

    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt
    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt
    If it cut, then it cut. If it cut, then it cut.
    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt

    Bands at the top are big, bands that are below are small,
    Big pieces move slow, easier for bits to fall.
    One sample ran should have sizes that are known
    Compare the distance travelled of the other bands that’s shown.
    Bands at the same height are likely the same size.
    Estimate the size, probably… 995.
    If a band falls in between, then read between the lines
    Not the most accurate, just estimation by design

    Take the gel out, place it on a UV light
    Each band on the gel is DNA glowing bright
    Take a picture, print it out, on the paper, we gon write
    Each band’s a certain size, cut at restriction sites

    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt
    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt
    If it cut, then it cut. If it cut, then it cut.
    If it cut, if it cut, if it cut, sticky or blunt

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  • Math in Minutes: Euclidean Algorithm


  • EFRI SoRo Project


    NSF-funded joint project by four universities.

  • I Shaved My Head!


    Who knew shaving my head would give me so much more confidence

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  • MCDS Tutorial: Restriction Enzyme Digestion


    Down MCDS from:
    This video shows how to perform/simulate restriction enzyme digestion in MCDS. It also shows how to set up customized enzymes and buffers in MCDS.

  • Guild Wars 2 - The awakening of the Mad King in Lions Arch


  • Restriction Enzymes | Restriction Endonucleases |


    Suppose We have stertch of DNA containing the traget gene to be clonned.

    The central feature of restriction enzyme is that it has a particular recognition sequence at which it cuts a DNA moleule.

    Here we are taking example of EcoR1 ...

    So what this enzyme will do is that basically it would scan all over the dna until it finds this specific sequence.
    And wherever this particular sequence is found in the dna it would cleave the dna at that point.

  • Cell Midscreen Combo using j.2M Extension with Broly Assist


    An example of Cell and Broly's assist synergy to allow for meterless corner carry into multiple reps of Cell's j.S corner loops. The timing of the assist call can be a bit tricky, but so long as it connects, the opponent will be in a tumble state making the follow-up 5M pretty easy. The combo also gains a decent amount of meter and does pretty good damage.

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    artiste : IZYAMS
    titre :AMANI

  • Best Acoustic Sad Songs Playlist Top 20 Best Songs Of Sad Japanese Songs


    Best Acoustic Sad Songs Playlist Top 20 Best Songs Of Sad Japanese Songs
    Best Acoustic Sad Songs Playlist Top 20 Best Songs Of Sad Japanese Songs
    Best Acoustic Sad Songs Playlist Top 20 Best Songs Of Sad Japanese Songs

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  • The Pillars of the Earth OST - Lady Aliena of Shiring


  • DURBAN GEN I Weekdays 6:30PM I only on etv


  • Healthy Homemade Granola Recipe - گرانولا خانگی سالم و ساده


    4 dl rolled oats
    1 dl sunflower seed
    1 dl walnut
    2 dl hazelnut
    1 tablespoon chia seed
    2 tablespoon coconut oil
    2-3 tablespoon honey
    1 pinch salt
    Date and raisin

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  • 【龚俊】阴冷邪魅和赤子童心两种完全相反的气质


  • Saint Tropez Caps - You Saved My Life


    ☁️Release: 11.06.2021
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    The successful Dutch duo Saint Tropez Caps has been producing chilled summer vibes & deep house tracks together since 2016.

    The two DJs and producers from Amsterdam met in the French nightlife in Saint-Tropez. Their passion for music and their preferred holiday destination on the dreamy French Riviera linked both of them for years. Now Best Friends, they keep going back there to take a break and be inspired for new productions, henceforth always looking for beautiful places.

    In 2021 they chartered a yacht and will spend hours on the breathtaking beach, Plage de Tahiti. With its beautiful crystal clear water, like in the South Seas, it is a pure feeling for life and they pass this feeling on in their music with Good Vibes & Uplifting Beats. They mentally put us in the St. Tropez Beach Club scene with: YOU SAVED MY LIFE. We will hear a lot more from Saint Tropez Caps ...

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  • Enzymologie 1 : Vitesse initiale dune réaction enzymatique


  • Casual Tunic Tops And Stylish Short Frocks/ Vintage Frocks


    #casual #tunic tops #shortfrocks
    Casual Tunic tops and stylish short frocks/ vintage frocks
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    This General Psychology video teaches the meaning of pseudoscience.

  • How to make steamed egg with microwave.


  • Graham Reynolds- Cela?


    I do not own the rights to the music, this is by Graham Reynolds! do check him out!

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  • Praise You In This Storm - Bro. Jeremy Shreiner - Evening Light Tabernacle


  • 一斗杂谈,岩元素角色的设计,简直不要太好猜。



  • Restriction Enzymes, RE, Restriction Endonuclease, Working of RE, What is RE?


    Action of Restriction Enzyme in RDT.
    Animated Explanation of Action of RE.

  • Bssv




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  • حقيقة ليكس الجديد - الجزء 2 - 3


    تحقيق لجنة التحقيق الدولية مع سعد الدين الحريري New TV: revealing Hariri's Wiki leaks Wikileaks secrets aljazeera islam mbc sudan syria quran shia

  • the boy showing the girl how to dance in a wedding


    # the boy got confidence lols .......# wedding vibes

  • VAPIANO Freshness All about tomato soup 1000 AM 1000 H


  • 重口味和活命你選哪個?越王勾踐「嘗糞問疾」的傳說



    #美女 #美人計 #西施 #勾踐 #傳說 #臥薪嘗膽 #春秋

  • Jennys blood clot story


    - About Jenny -

    Jenny Bishop is a music teacher based in Sydney. She is a fun-loving women that we can call a 'woman of faith'. She is married to Allan Bishop and blessed with 5 beautiful children and a grandson.

    Ten years ago (in her early 50s) she was diagnosed with a few serious and life threatening illness. In this 11 minutes interview, she shared her journey facing her blood clot and hearing problems where God has miraculously healed in different ways.

    Those who knew her found her to be quite an inspiration. She is always positive, always helps people, prays for people and genuinely concerns and loves everyone.

    Through this interview, she would like to share how her experience can also be anyone's experience in Jesus.

    ©Soilmedia 2015
    Camera: Yohanes Ariyo
    Editor: Cahayani Hidajat

  • Guild Wars 2 Halloween event Mad Kings Labyrinth


    Guild Wars 2 Halloween event 2012, Mad King's Labyrinth.

  • JAI RATÉ MON DIPLÔME ??! | Kiyalie Kémien


    Hello guys, vous avez été nombreux à me demander des storytimes donc on commence avec cette première ou je vous explique comment j'ai failli rater mon diplôme pour une histoire bête en plus ????????‍♀️
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  • Spinach Dal in Instant Pot | How to make Spinach dal in Instant Pot | How to make Spinach Dal |




    1 tbsp oil
    1 tbsp ghee
    1/4 tsp mustard and cumin
    2 tbsp garlic
    1/2 cup onions
    1 cup tomatoes
    3 green chillis
    1 tsp chilli powder
    1.4 tsp turmeric
    1/4 cup toor dal
    2 cups spinach

  • Ntiya ntiya


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Ntiya ntiya · Maamar Saidi

    Compil Guasba, Vol. 02

    ℗ 2020 MEM

    Released on: 2020-03-17

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 《爱的魔法-金莎》确定其实还不确定 只是四目相对有心悸 不见你会想你 在人群中找你 找到后又假装不看你。抖音翻唱


  • Lab5 Concept Right hand rule and Amperes Law


  • Pakistan Vs Afghanistan Military Power Comparison - 2021


    Pakistan Vs Afghanistan Military Power Comparison - 2021 | The Statistics

    ▶About Video
    In this video we have compared military power between Pakistan Vs Afghanistan to see which one the is more powerful.

    ▶About Channel
    The Statistics is a Place where you can get information all over the world We offer you economy,military and political power of the countries various weapons and Military technologies.

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  • La Pizza Périmé Wankil Studio - Terracid


    vidéo original :


  • Siyabonga


    Provided to YouTube by ONErpm

    Siyabonga · Born To Praise In Spirit Gospel Group · Dumisani Ntimane

    Mthembe Njalo

    ℗ Mpumalanga Provincial Music Publishers

    Released on: 2021-10-23

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • International Literacy Day | Episode 81 | Indus News


    Join Mina Malik Hussain on an informative show.

    1. International Literacy Day

    * Nadira Omar - Social Work
    * Qamar ul Islam - Social Worker
    * Sahar Saeed - Educationist

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    News wire

    Indus Special

    Coffee Table

  • Demo Vision Robot phân loại sản phẩm


    Công ty chuyên cung cấp giải pháp
    - Vision 2D,3D dẫn hướng cho robot
    - Robot
    - Camera thông minh cho nhà máy.

    Thadosoft., JSC
    R202, B11A, Nam Trung Yen, Cau Giay Distr, Ha Noi City
    Hotline: +84-911379588
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  • LumiHealth Review: Earn Money While Staying Fit


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    Life by Roa
    Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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    ???? Track Info:

    Title: Life by Roa
    Genre and Mood: Dance & Electronic + Bright
    Kahakai by Scandinavianz & Laharavianz

    Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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    Music promoted by Audio Library
    ???? Track Info:

    Title: Kahakai by Scandinavianz & Lahar
    Genre and Mood: Dance & Electronic + Happy



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