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Cleaning the interior of a 240sx that sat for 10 years

  • Figuring Out Why My Skyline-Powered S14 Wont Start


    This week on Money Pit, we’re taking a look at one of Zach’s other projects, his Nissan S14. We’ll diagnose why his RB powered project won’t start so he can make mo powa babeh!

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    Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!

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  • How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesnt Start


    Cranks but wont start. How to fix a car that cranks but wont start, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Car cranks but no start diagnosis, inspection, tips and tricks to getting it started again. How to fix and repair a car that cranks but doesn't start up. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

    Thanks for watching!

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
    3. Professional Socket Set:
    4. Wrench Set:
    5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
    6. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

    ⬇️Things used in this video:
    1. Starting Fluid:
    2. Fuel Pressure Kit:
    3. Jumper Cables:
    4. Flashlight:
    5. Common Sense
    6. Full HD Camera:
    7. My computer for editing / uploading:
    8. Video editing software:
    9. Thumbnail software:

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  • Car Detailing Tips and Tricks


    Like what you see? Click here to keep up to date with my latest reviews, vlogs and projects!

    Today, Chrisfix and I go over all of the essential tips and tricks for detailing your car, including paint restoration, interior reconditioning and more!

    Recently, I purchased a 1989 Nissan 240SX that I'm building a new video series around. If you would like to learn more and follow this unique project, here's a link to the playlist:

    Check out Chrisfix's Supercleaning video!

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    What exactly is Saabkyle04? Aside from being named after my first car that I got in 2004, this channel is all about giving you the opportunity to see cars in-depth. Not only that, but to teach you everything that makes each and every car unique. As a long-time automotive enthusiast, I tailor my videos to those who love cars. Not only is this channel well known for my signature in-depth reviews, designed to immerse you in your favorite cars, but the occasional vlogs, projects and even collaborations! With videos that are consistent, professional and informative, you'll find vehicles from every decade, every price point and every genre, from classics to mainstream and the most elite supercars. Since 2007, I wanted to create a channel that provided a service to my viewers with quality content. I wanted to share my love for the automotive world with the rest of the world. Be sure to explore the massive video variety, have fun, enjoy and subscribe today!

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  • Saving a Nissan 240sx


    Today team Risin9 get started on the Gold 1995 Nissan 240sx. This car deserves to be back on the road.

    1995 Nissan 240sx S14 Zenki

  • Building a Nissan 240SX in 15 minutes! DIRECTORS CUT - EXTENDED W/ COMMENTARY


    You guys asked for it! Director's Cut Episode 2 on the S13! Congrats to @wyatt_siecker for winning the car and a special thanks to Cosmis Wheels for hosting it at Sema 2019!

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  • Should you GUT your Interior?? - LS1 240sx


    The age old question for all 240 owners, should i gut my interior?? should taking 30lbs out of my 130hp car really help me sling my car?? or is it just about #driftcar?? I tackle this question as I rip the crusty carpet and rear seats out, clean them, and then REINSTALL them!!

  • Civic Type R EP3 Interior Clean: EK9 Recaro’s and JDM Floor Mats


    I give my Civic Type R an interior clean that includes cleaning the Recaro’s and JDM floor mats.

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    Olly decides to clean the EK9 or DC2 Red Recaro seats for the first time since putting them in his EP3 Type R. Using a mixture of diluted Woolite on the centre section and AutoGlym interior shampoo on the alcantara suede bolsters. Also, whilst the cleaning products are out Olly also decides to clean his JDM floor mats for the first time. Check out the video to see the before and after and how much of a difference it makes. This is not a how to or a tutorial but hopefully you can pick up some tips on how to clean your interior.

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    #EP3 #Recaro #TypeR

  • How To Restore a Cars Interior


    In this video we go over my 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR and give the interior a nice little overhaul! We upgraded everything from the seats to the electronics! We were able to modernize the cars interior with just a few simple upgrades.

    Follow me on instagram - @beakhan

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  • Pt.4 Widebody Nissan s14 240sx Build - BODYWORK BEGINS!


    Pt.4 of the Widebody Nissan 240sx s14 build we start on the bodywork! This was about 5 days of work, well 2 days of avoiding the problem and 3 days of work!


    DAD CAM -

    Tools & things I often use/ recommend on this channel -

    Snapchat : motionautotv
    Instagram: @motionautotv



    Its about that time! Billy Mitchell from BMR racing took care of all the body work and paint prep for the S13! It looks amazing! Thank you to Billy again. If you need any body work or an entire car built hit him up!




    In this episode, I show you how to install gauges in your 240sx!

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    Great Days by Joakim Karud
    Music promoted by Audio Library

  • Project Dohctur Episode 2 - HUD DASHBOARD


    music credit: Stable Gray Inc.

    In this episode I remove the embarrassingly cracked dashboard and install the new and improved HUD heads up display equipped dashboard. Total time: 2 hours.

    Notes & Tools:

    -screwdriver (flathead and phillips)
    -10mm socket, ratchet w/ extension
    -will need a power drill and riveter to swap vin # plate
    -will need to remove entire dash assembly including steering wheel (duh)
    -avoid putting a bunch of chemicals on the dash. I cleaned mine with water. I'm testing suntan oil on the old dash in direct sunlight for several weeks to see if it damages the dash or preserves it. I do not want to destroy my dash with some cheap interior shine.

  • Installing NX1600 Cluster In Nissan 240sx S13 - Part 1


    Follow the build more in-depth on Instagram @project_sildaily

    Starting the big swap off with a gameplan, prep for the cluster to get ready to go in, and taking apart most of the dash to get to the old S13 cluster and pull it out in prep for the harness to be repined with the NX1600 pigtails, this is only part 1 be sure to watch part 2 aswell to see what all you have to do to complete this swap with as much research as i could find

  • How to make a old bucket seat look brand new !!!


    Instagram - stonebroke_garage
    twitter - STONEBROKE_GRG
    Facebook - Stone  Garage
    Snapchat - bryan098765



    Today we install our new side mirrors from EBAY! Not quiet the perfect fit but over all it works. I broke my side mirror during a drift event a few years ago. Happy to be able to see out of the s14 now hahah love you guys!

    Instagram: UniteBecause_

    PO Box 386
    Gilbertsville, PA 19525-0386

    Intro Song: Elliot berger - Hold on
    Music by Rico -

    My 240sx Build - Currently updating*
    Wheels -
    Steering Wheel -
    BC Coilovers -
    Megan Racing Rear lower traction rods -
    Megan Racing Rear Strut Brace -
    NRG Harness Bar -

    My Camera Gear
    Nikon D5500 -
    Tamron 10-24mm Lens -
    Rode Mic -
    Sony A5000 -
    Gimbal Stabilizer - Ronin M -
    GOPRO Session 5 -
    Design and Illustrations:
    Editing Software:

  • Getting A Car Running Thats Been Sitting For Years


  • Nissan 240sx Trunk Restoration DIY video


    Trunk restoration in a 240sx, using cheap common ingredients, basic methods. This is just how I like to do it, not necessarily ideal or perfection.

    I like the way it looks and it seems to hold up just fine,
    thanks for watching hope it helps you save your car/money

  • Widebody 944 Project Part 3 - Will It Start After 10 Years?


    This week we continue work on our wide body 944 project. Can we get it started after sitting for 10 years???

    How to start a car that's been sitting for years.

  • How Much Did My V10 Swapped 240z Cost To Build?


    In todays episode we do a full price breakdown of the 240z build.
    AutoTempest - Search all the top used car sites at once.

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    Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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  • Mounting a Bolt with Fiberglass in a Motorcycle Fender


    Today I wanted to show you how to use the Bondo Fiberglass kit. I had to reinstall a bolt that was secured by fiberglass on the underside of my motorcycle fender. Main thing is once you mix the resin and the harder up, attempt to get your work area fiber glassed as quickly as possible. I ended up using 6 pieces (layers) of fiberglass on the work area just to use the majority of the resin that I mixed up. I know when I first worked with this kit, I was a little apprehensive about taking on this task, but there isn’t much to it. This video is just to show you that if I can fiberglass a small area, then chances are you can too.

    Bondo Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit (Walmart $17.88)

    Linzer 2 inch Natural Bristle Flat Chip Paint Brush (Walmart $0.96)

  • 350Z Drift Build #10 - Tie Rods & Rack Spacers


    Installing some steering rack spacers and stronger tie rods, to get a little more angle on the 350.
    Instagram: @DedicationChris
    Music By Akiro:
    Outro Music By T-Mass:

  • SR20DET Starter Replacement - Nissan 240sx Tech Tips


    @HoboLife replaces the starter on his s14 SR20DET after a bit of a struggle getting the 240sx into the garage.

    Visit Enjuku Racing to pickup ISR Performance parts. Like the Starter Hobo used on his s14.

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  • Toyota Supra Manual/ Turbo Conversion - Part 13


    Please watch: (5) New Year - New Daily - What have I bought!
    After many hours the Engine bay has been cleaned! Rear bumper has been attached! Gearbox has been test fitted! And i started work on the wheels!

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  • Nissan 200SX Coupe Datsun 200 SX Silva S12 S13 S14a B14 2.0L DOHC Video Walk Around 72,000 Orig Mi


    Nissan 200SX Coupe B14 2.0L 4 cylinder DOHC First Year Model Datsun 200 SX Video Walk Around This is a very nice 1 Owner Car tha has low original miles. This car runs great. It has the 2.0L engine which is a peppy little more and gets great gas mileage. The car just cruises down the road and is a blast to drive. I love the burnt orange color on this car. The paint looks great and has a nice shine to it but does have some fading in spots. Very clean and very well maintained over the years. Under the hood and undercarriage clean and dry as can be. The interior is very clean and loaded for a car like this. It has digital gauges, A/C, and power options. Even has a fuel and mileage monitor. The seats show very little wear and the back seats don't look like they ever got sat in much. Very clean overall and you can tell that the previous owner cared for this car and kept it as nice as possible.

    Here is the Soda Steam link Free Shipping and $10 off

    Make sure and check Out My channel I have Lots of 1 & 2 Owner Cars Trucks and SUV's on there and i sell them Cheap Also If You Subscribe You wont Miss out..;-) I Have a few Channels You can Access them Via My Main Channel page or also you can See the Links I post Below I will Also Post links to My websites and Facebook so you don't Miss any of the action Sign Up Everywhere!!..;-)


    Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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    From Wikipedia:
    This is the article of the Nissan 200SX front-wheel drive car sold in United States and Canada from 1995-98. For the pre-1988 North American Nissan 200SX and 200SX sold in Europe, see Nissan Silvia and Nissan 180SX.
    In 1995, Nissan reintroduced the 200SX nameplate in United States and Canada to designate a two-door version of the Nissan Sentra (B14 chassis, a front wheel drive car), known in Japan and Mexico as Lucino, replacing the Sentra coupe and Nissan NX (discontinued in 1993). The 200SX came in base, SE, and sportier SE-R models. All shared their front-end appearance, front-drive chassis, dashboard, and many dimensions with the Nissan Sentra (Japanese: Nissan Lucino). Base and SE editions shared Sentra's twin-cam GA16DE engine 4-cylinder engine. The SE-R inherited the 140-horsepower 2.0 L SR20DE engine used in the previous 2-door Sentra SE-R. All three came with a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic, and were equipped with dual airbags. Antilock brakes were optional in the SE and SE-R. The price, new: $14,269-17,549.

    The USA B14 200SX was never supplied to the USA with the SR16VE, a 1600cc engine that produces 173 hp (129 kW) nor the very rare 200 bhp SR16VE N1.

    Nissan 200SX Coupe B14 2.0L 4 cylinder SR16VE N1 SR16VE DOHC First Year Model Drifting Drift Burnout Sports Car Datsun 200 SX Race Racing Walk Around Nathan Wratislaw 1 Owner Car Guy NX Sentra Classic Youngtimer 1 Owner EFI Fuel Mileage Economy Gas Save Buy Sell For Sale See Watch Video Videos Search Google Price 4 Sale Race SE-R Original

  • Beige to Black interior with Dying my Headliner!!


    Full install video! (Interior tear down)
    I've always hated the beige upper interior in my 2018 RAM 2500 Laramie so instead of buying a new truck, I changed all of it to black. I tried to get everything I could OEM while also dying my headliner with a fabric dye.
    Want to do the same to your truck?

    3:52 Dye Test
    7:00 Tear Down
    18:43 Prep for Dye
    19:47 After Dye Application
    23:15 Final Reveal

    Official Instagram:

    Official Twitter:

    Main Insta:

    In this video:
    Canon 6D mark ii
    Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8L
    Rode VideoMicro
    Adobe Premiere CC

  • How To Clean a Throttle Body ~ The RIGHT Way


    How to properly clean a throttle body or throttle plate. In this video I will show you exactly how to clean a throttle body. Cleaning the throttle body is an EASY DIY, and can help with a rough idle, check engine light, even sticking throttle. Reprogramming or adapting a throttle body is also recommended after cleaning. #throttlebody #humblemechanic

    Throttle Body Cleaner ~
    WD-40 ~
    Gloves ~
    Electric Ratchet ~
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    Green Scrubbies ~
    Cleaning Brush ~
    Old Tooth Brush ~ (Just use someone's old brush)

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    Allen Sockets ~
    Torx Sockets ~

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  • Ford Transit fixing sills pt1


    Cleaning the paint on the sills to see how bad the rust is

  • Windshield and Sunroof Seal Install


    Jammed the old windshield back in and slapped together the semi-functional sunroof with a fresh seal. It will have some driveway time for a bit while other things get done. Pretty soon the donor will start getting pulled apart. Somehow lost video right as I was placing it, but I ended up just gripping from the sides and setting in place from the bottom up.

  • $40 Dollars for WHAT?! - FD Atlanta Tips and Tricks to Save Money!


    My detail brand! -
    Formula Drift Atlanta is an incredible event that I think every car guy should attend at least once. It's the home track of the beginning of Formula Drift in the United States, and it's been quite the journey of lower HP Nissan 240sx cars to Ferrari Drift cars. However, if you attend this event let me give you some advice on how to make your experience the best, what to expect if you are working media for Formula Drift, and why you should go. Thanks for watching!

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  • Building an FD RX-7 in 10 minutes DIRECTORS CUT - EXTENDED W/ COMMENTARY


    The #BADAPPLERX7 has become a staple of our channel. Join Mickey Andrade and learn about what it takes to build such an impeccable machine. From junkyard to show winner, this fd has some serious history.

    If you like this style of video, please let us know in the comment section below!

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    On the episode me do some metal repairs to Noah's Integra, watch to see how we did it

  • How To Prepare Rear Quarters For Widebody Kits


    Welcome to The Build!

    Have you ever sat at home and thought about customizing your dream car but you know it could never happen?

    Well your dream could become a reality! Here at The Build we are putting it up to you. YOU pick the car, YOU pic the customization, Its YOUR car.

    Come along with us and vote for what you want this car to be. The sky is the limit! or should I say the Road is the limit!

    Did I mention that at the end of it all, the car is going to be given away to one of you?




  • 200sx Drift Build | How To Make A Custom Sump Gasket | B204 Engine


    A little bit of a how to on making your own sump gasket or oil pan gasket using a cork gasket sheet.
    This was necessary to make the sump fit the engine without the crank hiting the oil pickup. safe to say it did the trick and the engine now turns fully without hitting the pickup in the sump!




    follow these links:

    #200sx #240sx #s14 #s13 #s14a #s15 #silvia #zenki #kouki #schassis #sbody #nismo #drift #driftcar #drifter #driftbuild #b204 #engineswap #engineconversion

    #bmw #nissan #200sx #drifting #driftcar #driftproject #driftbuild

  • 2001 Honda Accord LX 4-DOOR - for sale in Longview, WA 98632


    Karz of Longview Inc
    602 Oregon Way

    in Longview, WA 98632

    Come test dirve this 2001 Honda Accord LX 4-DOOR for sale in Longview, WA.

    2001 HONDA ACCORD 4-DOOR : LX-PKG , 4-CYL , AUTOMATIC , PS , AC , GOOD RUNNING CAR !!!!! CLEAN TITLE !!!!!! VISA AND MASTERCARD ACCEPTED !!!!! ------- $ 3650.00 ---- 360-636-KARZ ( 5279 ) ------ KARZ of LONGVIEW INC. ------602 Oregon Way Longview Wa. 98632 hrs m-f 9-5 sat 10-2 closed sun.



    ++++++++GO TO OUR WEBSITE ++++++ +++++++ TO VIEW OUR INVENTORY !!!

    Battle Ground Vancouver Camas Portland La Center Yacolt Brush Prairie Clark County Orchards Hazel Del Cascade Park Woodland Longview Kelso Kalama Castle Rock Clackamas Seattle Hood River Troutdale Oregon City Spokane Yakima Chehalis Centrailia

    Provided by

  • 240SX - Finishing Front Suspension


    When I did the front control arms on the car it was necessary to replace the sway bar end links at the same time. I left the actual bushings for later knowing that I wanted some poly urethane bushings. I've had the bushing kits for quite a while and chose to replace the tension rods afterwards. So this stuff has been lying around and it was time to finish it up.
    From how sloppy the car was when I got it, this suspension will be like comparing the old one to night and day. Still a little harsh but controlled and balanced to some degree. I have some parts for the rear that I will put off until the summer. Maybe by then I will have some other bushings to install.
    Thanks for watching! Car can now be repositioned in the garage and I can get to work on the wiring. Once a couple wiring videos are done with, should be ready to turn the key. Maybe push a button if I'm not lazy LOL STAY TUNED!

  • DA9 Right Hand Drive Conversion Part 1: Teardown


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  • Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon Wide Body Build - Auto Archaeology - Mighty Car Mods Style



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    EPISODE #36 Giveaway time! Thanks for 100+ Subs and growing! Watch the video to see how to enter to win $40 Gift Card sent to you door!

    Eagle has Landed!The Spork Motorsports Build Car 02 WRX Subaru Impreza Arrived today! We love the WRX bug eyed Wagon! We do some mighty car mod digging to see where this car has been! We have a motor swap, suspension, Front mounts, Brakes, Seats, Etc. to take care and see what we need to do on this next build adventure with Spork Motorsports. Working on getting bigger and Better Builds!!!!! Support us on our builds!






    BOOSTED Nissan Sentra SPEC-V !!!!

    MINT 280zx TURBO!

    Top 10 Engine Swap Tips


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    Building, Racing, Fixing, the SPORK SPORTS WAY


    New Episodes EVERY WEEK!

    Where it all began

    Spork Sports is a racing enthusiast dream in the making. If you like car, racing, and fabrication, Spork Sports is for you. Bringing the world of racing to your screen. Follow us along this adventure as we build, race, and fix our way to victory!

    Here the Link to our latest Budget Honda Track Car Build.

    The Spork Sports Sedan is a 1990 Civic LX 5 speed sohc d series motor. I trade a fire arm valued at $120 for the car. Drove two hours to pick it up with a trailer because they changed everything and couldn't get it to start. Fuel pump, main relay, fuel pressure regulator, alternator and the list goes on! The sad thing was I got hit home did my standard tests and my first go to fixed the problem… It was an alternator 10 amp Fuse! It is hard to see unless you pull out the fuse box or know where to look but it was that simple had a running driving car!

    It sat in the front yard as I went over plans on what to do with it. After much planning and a few months of gathering parts from online, craigslist and pull a part places IT WAS TIME TO BUILD A RACE CAR! Iv been wanting to do Vtec Club USA since they started it up in 2010 but I lived 2000+ miles away from the evens. Now that I am 200 miles away it was time to make my dreams come true!

    Follow along for this epic journey to unfold!

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  • DIY string alignment stands. GRM Live! Presented by CRC Industries


    We put together a budget-friendly DIY setup rig to align our C5 Z06. Tonight we'll go over what we did that worked and what we did that didn't work and help you devise a rig that will work for you. Join us with your questions and comments on Grassroots Motorsports LIVE! Presented by CRC Industries at 9pm eastern on Facebook and YouTube.

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  • How to install Differential, Oil Pan and baffles on a RB26 DETT Short Block


    We show you how to install an Quaife limited slip differential, oil pan and Tomei baffles onto a RB26DETT short block.

    Table of contents
    2:00 - Diff cover removal
    6:30 Drainback oil pan drilling
    9:00 Tomei oil pan baffle install
    12:30 Oil pan install
    15:15 Diff install
    18:50 Diff cover install

  • How to install a RACING SEAT in a 240sx | Sparco QRT R s14 RB25det


    This lengthy video goes thru the process of fitting Sparco QRTR racing seats in a s14 240sx. I explain some of the issues i ran into, and 1 or 2 fixes for the issues.

    The seats :

    Music :
    Daniel Rosty & Sash_S - See The Stars

    IG : @kryptonnyc

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    Enjuku Racing has you covered

  • AE86 - Lexan Side Window Install and Review


    Hey guys I'm Devin! Welcome to my youtube channel. In this video, I install Techno Toy Tuning (T3) Lexan side windows in my AE86 coupe. I give a little review about the windows at the beginning, and then I show how to install them. Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions.

    My DRIFT Team - Unsung Legends

    The Drift Series that I drive with

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  • TFSS: How To Build A Tube Chassis Front End - Lower Core Support


    The Fabricator Series Segments (TFSS): Chapter pulled from How To Build A Tube Chassis Front End which demonstrates complete tube chassis front end fabrication on a Nissan 240SX S13.

    This Chapter covers the fabrication methods used to measure, fabricate, and install the lower radiator core support that also serves as the mounting point for the factory tension rod brackets. .

    Tools & Gear We Use and Recommend

    Learn How to TIG Weld HANDS ON!

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  • S2000 First Wash: Video 2 - Washing, Engine Bay, Drying, & Talking Future Modifications


    I've got big plans for this thing. I don't really want an S2000 in stock form. While washing and drying, I decided to do a quick cleaning of the engine bay.

    Listen to the Podcast: (Dialed In - Some Obsession Required on iTunes)

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  • How To Mold Widebody Fenders To Your Car!


    Here is the tutorial on how to mold your widebody/rocket bunny fenders onto your car! Ive never touched bodywork ever in my life and this project was the first time using bondo. This was SUPER fun. If I can do it, you guys can!
    Here are the materials I used.
    Orbital Sander:
    3m Glue:
    Fiberglass Body Filler:
    Body Filler:

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    2016 Scion FRS Mods (Current)
    -Self-molded Rocket Bunny V1 fenders
    -custom dark red paint job
    -BC BR extreme low coilovers
    -PBM lower control arms
    -Megan toe arms
    -PBM subframe/differential risers
    -Work Emitz
    -Federal ss595 tires
    Front: 215/40/18
    Rear: 255/35/18
    -custom muffler delete exhaust
    -5% tint all around
    -Valenti smoked taillights


    If you're reading this, I love you.

  • how hard can a 3000gt fuel pump be ❓ gone wrong


    ???? 3000gt vr4 fuel pump is a nightmare ❗️Please help me lol I mean I found new sending units.. buttt they are like $900 to $1,200 I can get a nice fuel cell with a nice big pump for that so idk what to do ..????

    Twin turbo Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 DOHC AWD
    ????.. My story @


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  • Repairing and Flocking the RX-8 Dash


    In this video we fix years of sun damage to the dash of our RX-8 track car before covering it in flock.

    Flocking kit used:

    Color grading was done on a monitor that clearly isn't calibrated. It was not noticed until after being posted and will be corrected in future videos.

  • Ek Civic auto to manual swap-K series


    In this video I add the rsx shifter box and cables into the car along with a 5 speed pedal. I used a blox s2000 clutch master cylinder and a generic spacer. I did not like how the spacer sat not allowing the threads from there cmc to come through. This could be fixed easy if I shaved it some. Any questions about the build or anything hit me up on instagram egchris92

    The Homies-

    Allen Spec:




    Malakowsky Motorsports-


    Dres Racing Channel-



    Moved the fuel cell. I cut the floor out and mounted the fuel cell into the floor....



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