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Commercial salmon fishing in Crawfish Inlet

  • O que o CORONAVÍRUS faz no corpo | Prof. Paulo Jubilut


    Nesse vídeo, o professor Paulo Jubilut explica como o novo coronavírus se comporta no corpo humano. Entenda o seu mecanismo de ação e como isso está relacionado com os sintomas da covid-19.

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  • Wildlife Laws: Swimming Lions | Free Documentary Nature


    Wildlife Laws: Swimming Lions | Wildlife Documentary ´

    Millions of years ago, the area was a massive freshwater lake, but today the Okavango Delta is a unique system of islands and waterways. Such a remarkable kingdom needs a ruler. Enter the lion. However, the Okavango is so extreme, that making it here has involved them making a dramatic lifestyle twist: during the wet season these lions live a semi-aquatic life that sees them hunting prey as they move from island to island.
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