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Computer Turns ON and then Turns OFF Immediately (Quick Fix)

  • Computer Turns On And Then Turns Off


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  • Fix Computer Turns On And Then OFF Immediately


    Fix Computer Turns On And Then OFF Immediately

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    So you have a computer problem where the computer turns on then shuts off and repeats? or computer starts then shuts off immediately? well this video is for you. In this video I will help you troubleshoot your pc problem on how to fix a PC that doesn't boot. these troubleshooting tips will help you fix and resolve your PC Problem.

    1. Check power supply, check power supply connector or extension cables. Does the Fans all start and turn off

    2. Check CPU and Thermal Compound and check Heat sink.

    3. Check Memory is seated right, also test with one memory stick in dim 1 slot, still no joy, change memory stick.

    4. Overheating?

    5. Motherboard, check caps, make sure its not grounded on case, Reset cmos and wait 30 seconds, check CMOS battery, check for beep codes, electrical shorts...examine motherboard, re-seat all hardware, remove any piece of non-essential hardware. Lights showing on motherboard? check CPU.

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  • Computer Turns ON and then Turns OFF Immediately


    This is a quick fix for your desktop that turns off immediately after turning it on.

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  • Fixing A Computer That Keeps Power Cycling


    Fixing A Computer That Keeps Power Cycling

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    Why does my computer keep starting up and then turn on repeatedly? this is normally due to a hardware problem and it will need to be diagnosed and troubleshooted to find the hardware fault. Everything from the PSU, CPU, GPU, Motherboard and RAM can cause this problem. I will show you step by step to resolve the problem.

    Link to TimsComputerRepair

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  • How to fix PC instantly shutting down after pressing power button | By TotallydubbedHD


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  • PC Computer Turns On and Then Off Quickly Live Repair EVGA PSU 700W


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    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    Super Power Cool Dude by Kevin MacLeod

    Jukedeck -

    I Serkan Akdag from assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. I Serkan Akdag from recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of I Serkan Akdag from no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not I Serkan Akdag from Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad. All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners. All company, product, and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. The use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.
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  • How to fix computer turn on and then turn off immediately


    sa video n ito itinuro kung paano i fix ang computer na turn on and then turn off again.

    Salamat sa panunuod at sana makatulong ito sa inyo itong video na ito.
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    Please watch: How to Download Pc Games Repack free 2022 I Paano mag downloads ng pc games 2022


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  • Computer Turns On And Then Turns Off Quick Fix


    Quick cheap fix for power failure .
    Replace CMOS battery if motherboard is old and facing such issue.

    Desktop Configuration:
    Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-DS3H-A
    Processor: Intel i5 4670 3.4Ghz
    Ram: 8GB ddr3 1600Mhz
    Graphic card: Galax Gtx1060 6GB EX-OC White
    HDD: Seagate 1TB
    PSU: Antec 500Watts

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  • His PC keeps shutting down... here is why


    It is INCREDIBLY important to keep your PC clean. Dust build up is the leading cause to PC death. Dust can become conductive which can lead to bigger issues. KEEP YOUR PC CLEAN! In this video it is suspected that the dust may have been causing the internal circuit protection in the PSU to fault which is why it would randomly shut off, and in my case, wouldn't turn on at all.

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  • Computer Turns Off - Quick Fix


    One of my laptops was turning off (computers normally shut down when they overheat) so I am making a video showing how to replace a laptop fan. This process is fairly easy and hopefully will save someone money (about $100-$140) by doing it. I had to replace this fan about 1 1/2- 2 yrs ago, I am not sure if the computer fan is just cheap.

    ********Remember-------Only use the compressed air when the computer is off ***********

    By using the compressed air it might solve the problem ( computer turning off ).
    If the computer is still turning off, it might be the fan.Since I knew my issue was the fan, I just ordered and replaced.

  • wont power on problem of pc || how to fix??? - computer turns on and then turns off


    I'll show you in this video how to fix and repair no power problem of desktop pc.
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    computer turns on,but no display on monitor,
    hp desktop pc - computer starts but monitor remains blank,
    computer powers up but nothing on screen [solved],
    no display or black screen on a computer monitor,
    what to do when the pc turns on but the screen remains black,
    fix blank or black monitor problem on a pc

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  • Computer wont Turn on Fan spins Then stops | PC Repair | Get Fixed


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  • Computer Turns On And Then Turns Off // Easily


    Hi Friends ????????????????????????????????


  • How To Fix a PC That Doesnt Boot - Troubleshooting Tips


    My friends PC stopped working, so I decided to make a video on my troubleshooting methods.
    ►Castle 360EX:
    ►Tony's PC Build:

  • DIY - TROUBLESHOOT and FIX a Computer that wont turn on - NO POWER


    #deadpc #computernopower #troubleshootcomputer

    This video is a step by step tutorial on how to troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and fix a computer that won't turn on. When a computer won't turn on there are several tests we need to verify if the computer has no power. We need to start on the external environment such as the power outlet and power cables that connect the computer to the power source. After we made sure that these are working its time to look into the internal parts like the power supply (PSU), Power switch, and motherboard. The video will walk you through these procedures.

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  • Computer Randomly Shuts Down and Turns On By Itself - Quick Fix Solution


    Computer Randomly Shuts Down and Turns On By Itself - Quick Fix [Solution]

    Media Creation Utility:
    Tutorial of creating bootable utility:

    Issues addressed in this tutorial:
    pc turns off randomly
    pc turns off immediately after turning on
    pc turns off then on again
    pc turns off after a few seconds
    pc turns off automatically problem
    pc turns off after a few minutes
    pc turns off by itself
    pc turns off and on
    pc turns off and on by itself
    pc turns off and wont turn back on
    pc turns off automatically
    pc turns off but power light stays on
    pc turns off by itself windows 10
    pc turns off before starting windows
    pc suddenly turns off but cpu still running

    This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops, and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Samsung).

  • Computer turns off after starting . Problem fixed


    Hello friends here is new video for yiu if your are facing problem regarding to your computer. If your computer turns off after starting immediately.
    How to clean computer-

  • How to Fix Computer Suddenly Turns Off and Wont Turn Back on?


    There are 7 solutions ready for you in the video to help you fix a computer that suddenly turn off and won't turn back issue. Check the text tutorial here:
    Recover lost data due to suddenly turning off:

    Several factors can result in laptop suddenly turns off issue including the PC has overheated due to heavy usage, the battery is dead or not being connected properly, drive problems, etc. To fix the laptop suddenly turns off and won't turn back on, you can try the following 7 solutions in the video.

    0:00 Intro
    1:13 Solution 1: Check the Power Cord/Power Supply
    1:36 Solution 2: Check the Computer's Ventilation
    2:31 Solution 3: Check the CPU Temperature
    3:09 Solution 4: Check HDD State/Health
    3:49 Solution 5: Update Your Drivers
    4:42 Solution 6: Turn off Fast Startup
    5:11 Solution 7: Tweak the Advanced Power Settings
    5:58 Recover Unsaved Data Due to Suddenly Turning Off

    There are many situations when pc turned off and won't turn back on also causes unexpected data loss. If you’ve also lost any crucial files due to the laptop suddenly turn off, try to use Wondershare Recoverit to recover your unsaved data.
    Wondershare Recoverit data recovery official link:

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  • Fixing a computer that turns off when booting into OS/Windows


    Twitter: | Awesome Graphics Cards!

    Here's me attempting to repair a desktop that turns off when loading the OS. It was a huge pain in the ass, lol.

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  • Tech Tip: PC Turning Off By Itself


    presents a Tech Tip, PC Turning Off By Itself. John has had some major PC issues the past few months, so he decided to make a video talking about them and what ended up being the problem and solution.

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  • Computer Turns On And Then Turns Off


    hello everbody
    i need your help please
    i bought a new parts and buld computers today and i have the problem that u hear in the video
    the spec:
    Intel Core i5-6600K
    ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound
    Noctua NH-U14S
    Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P
    G.Skill Value 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz CL15 (1)
    Western Digital Caviar Blue WD10EZEX 1TB Sata III
    Antec 450W BP450S
    Thermaltake V3 VL80001W2Z

    The problem Solved What Happen Is That The Cpu Cooler Doesn't Sit Good

  • how to solve or fix restart problem | Computer Turns On And Then Turns Off


    how to solve or fix restart problem | Computer Turns On And Then Turns Off (Quick Fix)

    hello friend
    today I show you, how to fix the power off problem and restart problem easily by self..............

    so fix or solve the problem and stay with IT GHOR Bahar Bangla

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  • Computer wont turn on easy fix


    This fix may not work long term - it has worked for me so far but can't guarantee it will work forever.
    Update: This problem has since fixed itself after I changed my graphics card (i.e. I didn't need to do this anymore).

  • How To Fix Computer Shutting down Automatically | CPU Turns On Then Turns Off Fixed


    When a computer powers down on its own This is due to the power supply ( SMPS ) malware, overheating or drivers conflict.
    Computers come with heat sinks and fans to keep the cpu cool but when the CPU overheats the computer will power off so that it isn't damaged further. Adding thermal paste between the processor & heat sink can help prevent overheating as can working cooling systems like fans. Dust can get sucked into the computer ventilation holes and clog up air flow as well, causing the computer to overheat. Keep the cpu clean using compressed air or blower to blow out any dust or particles.
    This video will help you to solve this kind of problems.
    #TARIQLAB #CPUshutdownonit'sown
    #cpuoverheat #cpurandomlyshutdown

  • Troubleshoot A Dead Computer PC No Power - Easily Fix A Dead PC


    To troubleshoot a dead computer pc with no power, you must first start to check the electrical components coming into the PC like the main power plug and AC power cord. You should also check the front power button. If not fixed, then check the power supply unit (SMPS). In this tutorial I show you how to do all of that from basic to medium troubleshooting.

    Disclaimer. Any electronics or electrical repair come with associated risk of damage to self, others, and equipment. This tutorial is a guideline only for educational purpose, so do at your own risk. If in doubt consult a professional computer technician.

    This video is only one possible way of troubleshooting and fixing a computer. I have created a dedicated series to help troubleshoot all 10 main components of a computer in a logical structure, click the link. Troubleshoot A Computer Series Playlist | Computer Not Turning On | PC Turns On But No Display On Monitor

    I have also created a dedicated facebook group to help troubleshoot computer/laptop issues. If you post your question there with some pictures or even better a short video footage you will get a better response from the community.
    Time Stamps:

    00:00 - 01:36 Unnecessary waking up and coffee intro

    01:37 Start of topic of the diagnosis and repair

    In this video tutorial I will show you the diagnostics tests to do when a computer won’t turn on.

    You should follow a logical troubleshooting eliminating process. It starts with verifying the wall socket plug is working correctly. Next, check the power cord coming from the wall socket into the power supply. You can do this by either using a multi-meter such as the following:

    Mastech Ac/Dc Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter, Ms8268, Green, Black &17.90

    Buy from Amazon (Affiliate link)

    Alternatively you can plug the power cord into another device to test.

    For this video the last test is the power supply. This can be tested in two ways. Firstly grab a different known working power supply and install into the desktop and test for operation.

    If you cannot find a different PSU, then disconnect the 20+4 pin and the 4 cpu pins from the motherboard as well as any other power cables. Use athin metal wire such as a paper clip and bend into a U shape.

    With the power supply switched off and unplugged, insert one end of the pin metal into a green slot and the other end into any black slot. Do not touch the pin further, plug in the power cord into the PSU and turn the switch on, if the fan spins then the power supply is working.

    Please note at this stage that this test will only confirm power coming into the PSU and not correct voltage; i.e the PSU may still be damaged and not properly power the desktop.

    Troubleshoot Series Intro | Desktop Pc Computer Not Turning On No Display | How A Computer Works

    Troubleshoot Series Part 1 | Desktop Pc Computer Not Turning On No Display | Computer Case Issues

    07:37 How To Test A Power Supply Unit (PSU) With A Digital Multimeter | Advanced Troubleshooting
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  • Windows 10 Computer Turns on by Itself FIX


    Windows 10 Computer Turns on by Itself FIX.

    A computer turning on all by itself randomly can be very annoying. I have faced this situation multiple numbers of times, and I had to make sure to turn the switch off, so there is no chance of it turning on automatically. There could be multiple reasons why your Windows computer turn itself on and wakes up from sleep, standby or even when its shutdown. Let’s have a look at all the possible factor, but before that, there is a way to find out what woke up your computer.

    If your Windows computer turns on by itself from Sleep at night or on any other times randomly, it can be a hardware or a software problem, and the resolution will depend on this. Here are a few suggestions that may help you.

    This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).



    TV repair tutorial guide, 2 ways to fix Samsung LCD TV clicking on off, to reset TV just unplug power cable for 1 minute but factory resetting TV won't fix power issues, to get LCD, plasma, LED, TV parts and TV boards from use tampatecfriend discount code.
    see here common TV repairs blog-
    Note: act at your own risk working on electronics, shock hazards even when unplugged..

  • How to Speed Up Windows 11 to Improve Performance! 2022


    How to Speed Up Windows 11 to Improve Performance… Since upgrading to Windows 11, many users have reported that their computer is slower and suffering lag in many of the programs they use and games that they play. In this video, I’ll show you more than a dozen tips to improve the performance of your Windows 11 computer. All of which you can do for free without the need to buy any new hardware or software.

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    Windows 11 Tips & Tricks Playlist

    0:00 Intro
    0:23 Disable Transparency Effects
    1:11 Change Visual Effects Settings
    1:50 Disable Startup Programs
    2:27 Disable Background Programs
    3:05 Change Power Plan
    4:13 Remove Temporary Files
    4:51 Enable Storage Sense
    5:34 Remove Needless Software
    6:09 Defrag and Optimize Drives
    6:59 Turn Off Restartable Apps
    7:26 Disable Notifications and Tips
    7:54 Disable VBS
    8:24 Disable Game Mode
    8:46 Don’t Install 3rd Party Antivirus
    9:26 Restarts and Updates
    10:06 Thanks for Watching!

    Windows 11

    o Windows 11 Start Menu Tweaks That Make It Better -
    o Top 10 Chrome Extensions You’ll Actually Want to Use! -
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  • 3 Easy Tricks To Start a Dead Car - Without Jumper Cables


    In this video I am going to show you how you can start a car that won't start, whether its due to a bad or weak battery, bad starter motor or even a bad ignition switch, there are tricks you can do to jump start a car without using a jump pack or jumper cables. These tricks are quick, easy and a cool way to start a car just make sure you follow the instructions closely.

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    RAM NOT DETECTED BY YOUR COMPUTER??? EASY FIX // In this video we will fix a common problem that can happen to anyone. What if you got 32Gb of RAM and your computer only sees 16Gb? You may not even notice it until you check it in System Information.

    How to check it please see this video:

    But we all want to use the maximum performance out of the hardware we got. So let's fix this issue if it happened and get 100% of our memory performance!


    Also check out other helpful hardware videos:
    Windows & BIOS don't see you M.2 NVMe SSD? Check this out:
    How to find out how much memory is detected by your computer:
    Complete PC cleaning and Cable Management:
    M.2 NVMe Memory Card installation and testing:

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    Music by: Island - MBB

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    LED LCD TV repair videos on my channel will help you fix most problems for your flatscreen, Sony, Samsung, LG, Digital LifeStyles, GE, RCA, Vizio, Panasonic, more, Capacitor TV board repair kit-
    TV repair playlist-



    Top PS3 FIXES if ps3 fails enter service menu to repair it's a easy most common PS3 fix, REPAIRS in this video shows PS3 RESET and PS3 ERROR MESSAGES PS3 FIXES PS3 REPAIRS PS3 SERVICE MENU PLAYSTATION3 EASY COMMON REPAIR RESET FIX VIDEO TUTORIAL GUIDE The file system on the system storage is corrupted Error 8002f310 fixes ps3 no signal ps3 no picture ERROR CODE1004
    to get downloadable games content back after reset, just sign into psn account then history.
    top ps3 fails Playstation reset
    My Tampatec Channel
    PS3 playlist-
    PS3 hard drive usb update install video ps3 upgrade
    ps3 usb update

    Sony PS3 Tech Support-

  • Graphics card black screen crashing computer fix!!!


    A possible fix for those running into this IRRITATING AND PERSISTENT PROBLEM!!!!
    Please leave your comments guys and let me know if it works for you! This is for fixing graphics cards that go black and fans default to full speed due to overheating!!

  • How to Fix a Car that Randomly Dies while Driving


    Car dies. How to fix a car that randomly dies while driving DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to fix car that wont start. How to fix a car that shuts off while your driving down the street. It's often a worn fuel pump if there are no stored codes and the check engine light doesn't come on. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

    Thanks for watching!

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
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  • How to Fix a Computer that Wont Boot Up - Windows 10 Quick Tutorial


    How To Fix Windows 10 Startup and Boot Problems

    In this video I be going over how to fix common windows 10 boot problems such as BSOD stop errors and boot loops here are some basic steps you can take when your OS can not bootup if all else fails you likely have to reinstall windows

    Link to media creation tool:

    This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).

  • How to Fix Computer No Display or No Signal on Monitor


    In this video I show a bunch of solutions to fix computer no display or no signal on your monitor.

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  • Stop A Smoke Alarm Chirping With 3 Quick Fixes


    Hard-Wired Smoke and CO Detector:
    This video will provide 3 different fixes which will help to stop the annoying chirping coming from your Smoke Alarm or Combo Smoke and CO Alarm. This should be relevant for both battery-powered and hard-wired (battery backup) units.

    Tools Every Weekend Warrior Needs
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    Buck Bros Wood Chisel Set:  
    Klein Voltage Tester:
    Klein Outlet Tester: 
    Wire Strippers:
    Little Giant Ladder: 

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  • Computer Turning OFF after FEW minutes


    How to FIX PC that Suddenly Turned OFF
    Computer Turning OFF after a Few minutes ( PC Suddenly Turned OFF )
    Biglang namamatay ang PC/Computer
    Tagalog Fixing Pc problems
    In this video i sharing what i do when my computer runs for a few minutes and suddenly turns off. Or the computer just turns on and then turns off by itself.

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    Earning money online -
    how to

  • Gigabyte GA H6M-WW Repair || Starting Problem || CPU Fan spin 1 second then turn off immediately


    How To Repair Gigabyte GA H6M-WW Motherboard, Starting Problem | CPU Fan spin for 1 second then turn off immediately.

    ''चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें जिससे हम आपके लिए और नए-नए वीडियो लाते रहें धन्यवाद''
    ????????????'???? ???????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????, ????????????????????????????,???????????????????? & ????????????????????????????????????

    ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????? :
    Lapcare H61 No Display :
    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 No Display :
    Zebronices G31 No Display :
    Acer Motherboard Bip Sound :

    gigabyte motherboard no power
    gigabyte motherboard repair
    गीगाबाइट मदरबोर्ड
    गीगाबाइट मदरबोर्ड की मरम्मत
    motherboard repair no display
    motherboard repair near me
    gigabyte motherboard no display problem
    computer turn on then turn off immediately
    How to Repair No Display motherboard
    Monitor going to sleep problem
    repair motherboard pc no display
    gigabyte motherboard no display
    61m gigabyte motherboard no display
    immediately turn off computer
    dead computer
    no power motherboard 100 repaired
    This video is made for technical purposes only. To reduce electric shock and death risk Please do not open to repair or modify. If you are not qualified for this, Don't attempt to do what you see in this video, You can do everything at your own risk and responsibility.
    ????????????????????????????????????????: This Channel DOESNOT Promote Any illegal activities ,all contents provided by This Channel is meant only for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only .

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  • Computer ON-OFF Problem Ahh? Solution In TAMIL


    Hi Frds Ungal NANO TAMIZHA

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    PC On Off Problem solved
    #pconoff #computerBootsupproblemPc #ScreenonoffSolution #ComputerSignalproblem

    computer turn on then turn off immediately
    Solution for pc which turns on and off immediately after few seconds.
    how to boot windows
    Computer Pc fan on & off Restart again & again Problem Solve Video
    PC Not Turning ON | CPU Not Starting | Fix It Yourself | Power ON Problem!!
    In this video I say many steps to check why your computer is not turning ON and how to fix it yourself.
    So make sure you watch the full video without skipping to repair your PC at home..
    How to repair CPU
    what to do if computer is not turning ON
    CPU is not turning ON
    CPU ON problem how to fix it
    .How To Fix CPU not Powering On in Tamil

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  • My Computer wont turn on Fix


    If Computer wont turn on this is easy fix to get it working again by finding and fixing the issue. Includes step by step trouble shooting Guide to get your computer back up.
    If you have No signal on Screen:
    Let make it together to the next level.
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  • Quick fix for computers that have no power


    If your computer is not turning on, there are a few things you can quickly try that will get it running again in a few minutes without having to dish out cash for repairs.

    The obvious one is to check the power cable, make sure there is power to the system, that the power strip and power supply are turned on.

    However folks often miss the simple ideas of trying it in another socket, or directly plugged into the wall.

    One other trick people hardly ever know is to remove the power cord, and hold in the power button for 15 to 20 seconds, and try turning it on a few times still disconnected. This discharges any remaining voltages in the system, and lets it start from a fresh power configuration.

  • computer Laptop turn on then turn off few second problem solution


    in this video i will show you how to solved computer laptop turn on then turn off few second step by step and any electronics circuit shorting problem solution.

  • Computer Turn Off - Quick Fix Home 2017 Free!


    My laptop was turning off auto (computers normally shut down when they overheat) so I am making a video showing how to replace a laptop fan in a home. This process is fairly easy and hopefully, will save someone money by doing it home. I had to clean this fan about 15 days
    ago, now it works very good let's check it out, guys.

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  • Student Repair | Dell CPU fan spins for a second then turn off immediately. Power on but no display


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    Dell 14087-1

  • Fix Computer Shuts Down When USB Is Plugged in


    This vid helps fix Computer (your Windows PC) will be shut down while U plugged USB device in.

    Check your PC for potential malware with Avast Internet Security@ Learn more?

    * Fix error code 624
    * Fix Clock Error
    * Fix error code 0x8007000d




    PC not booting up or turning on? is the computer dead? well in this video we will go through some basic steps you can take to try and fix your computer. No computer problem is the same and to a non-tech savvy person fixing or repair a computer can be a bit daunting.

    Just follow these basic steps and you should be able to diagnose your own computer problem. There are many reasons why a PC won't won't turn on but it you follow this video you should have a working computer or found a solution to the computer problem that you're having.

    First off keep it simple and cheap.

    1. Check for burning smell inside the computer or PSU (power supply) and check for any blown caps.
    2. Do you have any spinning fans? or attempting to spin?
    3. Do you have any lights on the motherboard? or any activity from the computer?
    4. Check for any loose cables or components and make sure they are fully inserted. (make sure you are getting power to the motherboard.)
    5. Try removing the CMOS battery for 30 mins and then put it back in. Or replace the CMOS battery with a new RC2032 battery. You can also remove the power cable and CMOS battery and hold the power button on to deplete the power from the computer. Hold for 30 seconds)
    6. Check the power cable on another computer or better still if you have another cable try that on the dead computer. Replace if faulty.
    7. Any beeping sounds coming from the computer?
    8. Remove any unnecessary cable like CDROM drive and try and power on the computer.
    9. Check the power button or bypass the power button on the PC case.
    10. Check PSU with power supply test if you don't want to buy a new one right away. If you have a spare PSU use that for testing. Replace PSU if needed. (You can jumper the green and black wires with a paper clip to see if it powers on.)
    11. Check ram sticks one at a time and see if it boots or turns on.
    12. If you have a black screen and the computer is on it could be a GPU graphics card issue.
    13. CPU or Motherboard issue. how do you which one it is? well unless you have a test bench setup with that socket motherboard to test the CPU you will never know. Most of the time it's the motherboard that's failed. But at this stage, you need to decide to buy or build a new computer or replace the motherboard to test the CPU. I know when you brought your £1500 or $2000 computer 8 years ago you think it's still worth that today but it's not worth £100 today. Time to make some decisions on what you want to do.

    Remember testing a dead computer yourself can be a costly venture and a computer tech should have all the right tools and parts to save you money in the long run.

    I am sure I have missed some bits out but it's hard to think of them when your filming.

    Why not join our forum for a chat.

  • Quickly TRACK and REMOVE Objects 100% in DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio COLOR Page | No Fusion Required


    Today we learn how to TRACK an object and REMOVE it using the PATCH REPLACEMENT effect in DaVinci Resolve 17! We will jump into the Color tab to do it, no fusion required!

    Purchase DaVinci Resolve Project Settings Presets:

    0:00 Tracking Patch Replacement
    1:11 Example #1 - Track & Remove Object
    1:27 Reset US - Your Screen Looks Like Mine
    2:11 Add Node
    2:28 Add Patch Replacement
    3:00 Turn on FX Overlay (if you can’t see it)
    3:30 Track Object
    5:04 Move Patch into Position
    5:22 Patch Replacement Tips
    6:50 Example #2 - Track and Remove Blemish
    8:29 Pro Tip - Use Global Blend!
    9:02 Pro Tip - Match Texture/Color
    10:36 Example #3 Clip - Touchup
    11:02 Pro Tip - Zoom/Pan in Color Tab Viewer
    11:54 Example #4 - Matching Texture
    14:04 Outtakes

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