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Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 on a US Navy Ship

  • Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 on a US Navy Ship


    Have you ever wondered what it takes to make breakfast for a boat full of US Sailors and Marines? We climbed aboard the USS Arlington to see how Navy and Marine culinary specialists get the job done. Turns out, it takes thousands of eggs, endless strips of bacon, and (ahem) boatloads of hash browns.

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  • US Navy Submarine Food And The Most Exclusive Restaurant | us army military


    us army military - this video shows about the US Navy Submarine Food and the Most Exclusive Restaurant, in this video explaining the food eaten by the crew of the United States submarine, and also the design of a very good kitchen place and a place to eat that is so good to see, here explained how good service to the crew was monitored from the point of view of food intake, to improve the quality of health.

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    #submarine #restaurant #usnavy

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  • How-to Eat Like a Marine in the Field


    Lieutenant Glenn-Roundtree shows us how to make his ideal MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat), which includes a beef ravioli taco and cherry blueberry cobbler.

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  • The Chow Hall • How U.S. Marines Eat In Japan


    Chief cook prepares meals for Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni chow hall in Japan. Filmed 2019.

    Film Credits: PFC Jaxson Fryar

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  • Inside US $2 Billion Nuclear Submarine Kitchen


    Welcome back to the Fluctus Channel for a feature on the scrumptious sustenance provided to the US Navy Work force.

  • Grocery Shopping on Aircraft Carrier - USS George H.W. Bushs Ship Store


    Footage of sailors shopping at the ship's store aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). George H.W. Bush is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility on it's first operational deployment educating maritime security operations and support missions as part of Operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.

    AiirSource Military covers events and missions from the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

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    Credits: Dustin Good

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  • Mealtimes Aboard the Ship: JFK Aircraft Carrier


    I had the opportunity to cover this unique story before they put the ship to rest; the only journalist to cover 'Mealtimes' aboard the USS JFK Aircraft Carrier.

  • Life onboard a US Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine USS Wyoming SSBN 742


    los mejores videos de musica





  • This Is What Thanksgiving Dinner Looks Like In U.S. Military


    Deployed U.S. Military service members enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

    Service members serve food to fellow troops in mess hall as they celebrate Thanksgiving Day inside U.S. Army bases in Asia.

    AiirSource Military covers events and missions from the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

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  • Life aboard Pre-Commissioning Unit Colorado


    ATLANTIC OCEAN (Jan. 8, 2018) Sailors assigned to Pre-Commissioning Unit Colorado (SSN 788) prepare lunch for crew members while underway. Additionally, Sailors man the bridge while underway. Colorado is the 15th Virginia-class attack submarine and is scheduled to be commissioned March 17, 2018. (U.S. Navy video/Released)

  • KRIS 6 Exclusive: Aboard USS Harry S. Truman


    KRIS 6 News reporter Jane Caffrey and photographer Mike Salazar got a taste of life underway, with a 24-hour visit to USS Harry S. Truman, where crews are now training for deployment off the coast of Florida.

  • US Marine Chefs. Chow Hall Preparation.


    U.S. Marines with III Marines Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group conducted chow hall preparation at Camp Mujuk, Pohang, South Korea. (U.S. Marine Corps Motion Imagery by Private First Class Lyman M. Green)

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  • USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Chefs Cook Thanksgiving Dinner for 5000 Sailors


    ATLANTIC OCEAN (Nov. 25, 2015) Culinary Specialists prepare cake and rolls by hand aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) for Thanksgiving. With more than 5000 Sailors to feed, the chefs are working overtime in the carrier's galley. Dwight D. Eisenhower and embarked Carrier Air Wing 3 are underway training and certifying systems for an upcoming deployment as part of the optimized fleet response plan. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Lisa Reese/Released)

  • What its like to be a chef onboard an aircraft carrier


    Business Insider UK was allowed aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy's most powerful warship.

    We were given a tour around one of the galleys (kitchen) of the ship, where head chef - Petty Officer Dean Allen explained to us the operations of the kitchen. 

    He said: The specialist thing about this galley compared to a normal kitchen in the civilian world is that obviously this moves a lot. So everything has to be secured for sea, everything needs to be locked away if it’s not being used.

    When we’re fully embarked with aircraft we’re gonna be feeding almost 2,000, so that in itself is gonna be a big challenge at sea, day in, day out, 2,000 mouths to feed.

    The team had also made lunch for Queen Elizabeth II, who recently visited to officially commision the ship into the Royal Navy. 


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    Hey ya'll! Im here with a different video wanted to show you all a day in my life as a CS in the Navy. I know a lot of people are very interested in the Navy especially with a common hard working rate that I have. I hope ya'll enjoy this video I had fun filming this!! Let me know if ya'll are interested in more day in my life videos!!
    INSTAGRAM: TheDeinaLee

  • US Marines Mess Hall – What Marines Eat at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan


    Marines know there is one place they can count on for three meals a day. At Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, the mess halls satisfy hundreds of appetites. This is no easy task. Lance Corporal Cheyenne Newman grabbed some chow to bring you the story.

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    Video by Lance Cpl. Cheyenne Newman | American Forces Network, Iwakuni JAPAN

  • The Difficult Life of a Ships Cook | Chief Cook : Life at Sea | Seaman Vlog


    Chief Cook : Life at Sea

    In this episode, we will get a glimpse of the life and story of the ship's cook.

    Chief MAKOi Seaman Vlog

  • Food aboard Constitution, 1812 vs Today


    USS Constitution spent much of 1812 at sea on extended cruises to protect the nation's maritime interests. A well-fed crew was essential to the victories she won during the War of 1812. Her modern crew of 70 US Navy sailors also eat well, thought the means of food storage and preparation have changed... much for the better!

    This video offers a quick comparison of how the cook of 1812 and the Culinary Specialist of today feed the ship's company to ensure they are ready and able to meet the duties of the day.

  • Feeding the 5,000 aboard the USS Carl Vinson carrier.


    (22 Oct 2001) +++SOUND AS INCOMING+++

    1. 11-thousand square foot (1-thousand square metre) freezer
    2. Food in the freezer
    3. Various of food taken from freezer to kitchen
    4. Various of food preparation
    5. Prepared food taken to mess hall
    6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Moises, mess specialist chef
    Well, 5-thousand sailors on board. I would say we are very, very happy if we can have some 99 percent (of the) crew that's smiling every time we go past through the serving line. Other than that we have one or two there that have small issues about the food.
    7. Various of serving line
    8. SOUNDBITE (English) Vox pop, Sailor
    It is not the greatest but it is not the worst either.
    9. SOUNDBITE (English) Vox pop, Sailor
    Its all right. They do the best they can. For feeding 5,000 people they do what they have to do. Yeh, mess is all right.
    10. Various of people eating in the mess


    It's always said that an army marches on its stomach and, of course, that's also how the navy sails.

    On the huge aircraft carrier the U-S-S Carl Vinson, feeding 5-thousand sailors is a daily challenge.

    The challenge for the catering crew is to provide plenty of quantity and variety, even if the ship is at sea for weeks on end.

    The USS Carl Vinson, which is launching bombing raids on Afghanistan from the northern Arabian Sea, has seven galleys ranging from the exclusive admiral's mess to the two huge eating areas for the enlisted men and women.

    You name it, they've probably got it: from machines dispensing root beer and pink lemonade all the way to an expensive cappuccino maker.

    The 140 cooks on board will fry up a hamburger, veggie burger or a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Then there are taco bars, salad bars, a pasta bar, bagels, and hot dogs.

    Many items are available round the clock.

    The crew gets four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late-night offering called mid rats.

    That's short for 'midnight rations' and has nothing to do with the ingredients.

    The immense freezer can hold 120 truckloads of food.

    Its supplies include boxes of lobster tail and steak for a special dinner to celebrate the Navy's birthday, 226 years ago.

    The specialist mess chef, Moises, whose full name cannot be used under military ground rules, says all but a few seem happy with the results.

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  • Food On A Maersk Cargo Ship | Life At Sea


    Life At Sea In The Merchant Marine Aboard A Cargo Ship

    Ever wondered what food is like on a cargo ship for crew members?
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks are all provided free of charge to crew members aboard Maersk Cargo Ships. Bonded stores are available for purchase at the Slop Chest which is opened weekly when the ship is in International Waters and therefore tax-free. Special thanks to the steward department aboard this ship for their outstanding effort putting out quality meals for everyone!

    Music: YouTube Audio Library - Blue Creek Trail - Dan Lebowitz

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  • Into the Galley of a Cargo Ship | Seaman Vlog


    Chief MAKOi Seaman Vlog
    Into the Galley of a Cargo Ship

    In this episode, I'll be showing you the important role that food plays onboard a ship. It's not enough to have something to fill your stomach, it should also be satisfying and tasty! And who's the people responsible for that task? That falls to the Galley Department: The Chief Cook and the Messman.

  • Life Aboard US Navy Stealth Destroyer USS Zumwalt


    USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is a guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy. She is the lead ship of the Zumwalt class. Zumwalt has stealth capabilities, having a radar cross-section akin to a fishing boat despite her large size. It is designed as multi-mission ship with a focus on land attack.

    Video includes shots of the ship at pier, ship's bridge, living quarters, barber shop, gym, galley, bathroom, general life onboard, and launching of a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB), and other shipboard activities.

    AiirSource Military covers events and missions from the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

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    Credits: DoD | Kevin Dawson
    Derivative work: AiirSource Military

  • Modern Marvels: Mega Meals - Full Episode | History


    Love Modern Marvels? Stay up to date on all of your favorite History shows at

    Explore the logistics behind creating feasts for the largest and most ravenous crowds, and at the U.S. Naval Base in Bangor, Washington, hop aboard a nuclear submarine stuffed with enough food for a 120-day mission in Season 15, Episode 43, Mega Meals. #ModernMarvels
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    Modern Marvels goes beyond the basics to provide insight and history into things we wonder about and that impact our lives.

    HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

  • Life On A U.S. Navy Destroyer • Full Documentary


    Follow the crew of USS Paul Hamilton (DDG-60) underway in the Pacific, as the crew talks about life on a USN Destroyer - from what they do for work, to where they eat, sleep, and work out. Filmed in July 2019.

    Film Credits: U.S. Navy Video by Austin Rooney, Defense Media Activity-Navy Production - released

  • Whats life like on a Canadian warship?


    CityNews reporter Avery Haines gives us an up-close and intimate looks at life onboard the HMCS Toronto warship.

  • LCS: Providing U.S. Navy Speed to Capability


    The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is designed to complete critical close-to-shore missions, including surface, mine countermeasure and anti-submarine warfare missions. LCS offers the perfect recipe for speed to capability because of its modularity, open architecture and common U.S. Navy systems. Learn More:

  • USS Michael Monsoor Commissioning Ceremony Honors Legacy of Navy SEAL


    The Navy’s newest Zumwalt-class destroyer, USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001), was commissioned Jan. 26 at Naval Air Station North Island, California.

    The second ship in the Zumwalt-class of destroyers, DDG-1001 is named in honor of Medal of Honor recipient Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in Ramadi, Iraq, Sept. 29, 2006.

    On Sept. 29, 2006, in Ramadi, Iraq, Monsoor was part of a sniper overwatch security position with two other SEALs and several Iraqi Army soldiers when an insurgent closed in and threw a fragmentation grenade into the position. The grenade hit Monsoor in the chest before falling to the ground. Positioned next to the single exit, Monsoor was the only one who could have escaped harm. Instead he dropped onto the grenade, smothering it to protect his teammates. The grenade detonated as he came down on top of it, inflicting a mortal wound. Monsoor’s actions saved the lives of his two teammates and the accompanying Iraqi soldiers. His Medal of Honor citation reads, “by his undaunted courage, fighting spirit and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of certain death, Petty Officer Monsoor gallantly gave his life for his country, thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”

    The future USS Michael Monsoor includes new technologies and will serve as a multi-mission platform capable of operating as an integral part of naval, joint or combined maritime forces. The Zumwalt-class fields a considerably larger flight deck and has capacity for two MH-60R and three VTUAVs to execute a wider array of surface, aviation, and undersea missions that deliver more manpower, firepower, and computing power to the fight. The future USS Michael Monsoor’s Vertical Launch System (VLS) features cells physically larger than similar cells on today’s ships, allowing this class to fire larger and more advanced land and anti-ship missiles in the future.

  • Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 on a US Navy Ship


  • New Zealand Girl Reacts to Cooking Breakfast for 1500 on a US Navy Ship


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  • British Mauritian Reacts - Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 on a US Navy Ship


    British Mauritian Reacts - Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 on a US Navy Ship

    This video shows you the effort and love that the fellow soldiers have for each other whilst making food. Cooking food for 1500 soldiers within 2 hours is just WOW.

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    #USNavy#USMarine #USMilitary

  • US NAVY Aircraft carrier Food || Soldiers Food on USS Nimitz


  • Dining Aboard the Navys Newest Submarine


    NORFOLK Va. (July 16, 2018) Sailors assigned to Pre-Commissioning Unit Indiana (SSN 789) prepare, serve food, eat in the crew's mess, and wash dishes in the scullery while underway. Indiana is the 16th Virginia-class fast attack submarine and is scheduled to be commissioned Sept. 29, 2018. (U.S. Navy video/Released)

  • Thanksgiving aboard USS Carl Vinson in the Arabian Gulf


    ARABIAN GULF (Nov. 27, 2014) Sailors and Marines aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal while underway in the Arabian Gulf. The ship's leadership took time to serve their Sailors and Marines more than 2.5 tons of turkey on the mess decks during Thanksgiving dinner. Carl Vinson is deployed in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility supporting Operation Inherent Resolve, strike operations in Iraq and Syria as directed, maritime security operations, and theater security cooperation efforts in the region. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Samuel LeCain/Released)

  • What do US soldiers eat while at sea?


    Type of food might surprise you

  • The History Galley: Navy Breakfast


    During WWII, Sailors needed a hearty breakfast to get them through the duties of the day. This breakfast recipe is just one of the great examples of the food that powered them! Join Naval History & Heritage Command in the History Galley to learn how to make this recipe at home.

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  • Dinner for the Crew: Mess Gear and Navy Chow


    History of food at sea, dining ware, and a sample of Navy recipes from the first half of the 1900s

  • U.S.S Razorback, The Life of a Ships Cook!


    Welcome to the fifth video of a series of videos I filmed in March of 2016 on the U.S.S. Razorback!

    The men of the Razorback are some of the greatest guys you could meet and they spent three days showing me around their old home.

    If you're in Arkansas drop by and check the Razorback out at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum!

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    Johnathan Burchardt

  • Meet Americas New Assault Ship Armed with F-35s


    Firing deck-mounted guns, intercepting enemy cruise-missiles, launching F-35B Joint Strike Fighters, and using Osprey tiltrotor aircraft to attack behind enemy lines -- are all mission possibilities envisioned for the Navy’s fast-progressing second big-deck America-class amphibious assault ship, the future USS Tripoli.

  • Sailors take their meal in a mess hall aboard USS Saufley underway in the Atlanti...HD Stock Footage


    CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is presented in unedited form. Some viewers may find some scenes or audio in this archival material to be unsettling or distressing. CriticalPast makes this media available for researchers and documentarians, and does not endorse or condone any behavior or message, implied or explicit, that is seen or heard in this video.
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    Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD.

    Sailors take their meal in a mess hall aboard USS Saufley underway in the Atlantic Ocean.

    The living conditions aboard US Navy destroyer USS Saufley (EDDE-465), underway in the Atlantic Ocean. Cooks cut vegetables. They prepare food inside the ship's galley. Sailors in a mess line as it extends onto the two decks. Sailors enter the mess hall. Food served to the sailors. A man carries his food tray to the mess hall. Sailors seated in the cafeteria eat their meal. Men put soiled plates in a bin. Officers eat around a table in the Chief Petty Officers' (CPO) mess room. CPOs bunk room. Officers eat around a table in the wardroom. They confer and look at a map. Location: Atlantic Ocean. Date: 1952.

    Visit us at
    57,000+ broadcast-quality historic clips for immediate download.
    Fully digitized and searchable, the CriticalPast collection is one of the largest archival footage collections in the world. All clips are licensed royalty-free, worldwide, in perpetuity. CriticalPast offers immediate downloads of full-resolution HD and SD masters and full-resolution time-coded screeners, 24 hours a day, to serve the needs of broadcast news, TV, film, and publishing professionals worldwide. Still photo images extracted from the vintage footage are also available for immediate download. CriticalPast is your source for imagery of worldwide events, people, and B-roll spanning the 20th century.

  • July 4th Steel Beach


    The 2015 Fourth of July celebration on board USS Essex (LHD 2).

  • STOPPED by U.S. Navy while Fishing! TOO CLOSE to a NUCLEAR SUB!


    STOPPED by U.S. Navy while Fishing! TOO CLOSE to a NUCLEAR SUB! (Catch & Cook)

    I got too close to a nuclear submarine while fishing for Flounder! As I was approaching, I got stopped by the U.S. Navy and was told to stay 1000 yards away from any US military ships. Puget Sound fishing at it's finest! Lesson learned - don't get pulled over by the military, intercepted by the navy, or boarded by the navy! Reminded me a lot of the coast guard boards submarine video... Besides being stopped by the Navy patrol boat, I get to show you how to catch flounder in the Puget Sound, and did a fun catch and cook with a creative flounder recipe. While I got stopped by the feds, it was an awesome day out fishing the Puget Sound.

    Official Website:

    NWFS Hoodies & Tees:

    YouTube Audio Library

    #pulledover #usnavy #pugetsound #nwfishingsecrets

  • Navy Culinary Specialist - CS


    Formerly known as a mess specialist, Culinary Specialists (CS) keep the crew happy, healthy and ready for daily operations. You’ll learn a wide range of cooking techniques, traveling the world to embrace different culinary styles and food options. Life as a CS will take you to ships, to Camp David, or even to the White House as a personal chef. Only a few can say they’ve perfected the art of cooking at sea—and as a Culinary Specialist, you are one of them. Learn more at

  • USAF Deployment Food Military Deployment Dining With Security Forces


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  • President Bush has breakfast with US Navy 5th Fleet


    (13 Jan 2008)
    1. Wide of US President George W. Bush entering breakfast room of US Navy 5th Fleet
    2. Bush greeting officials; UPSOUND clapping and cheering, zoom out to wide of room, zoom in to Bush greeting officials
    3. Wide of officials clapping, pan to Bush standing in line for breakfast
    4. Bush pouring syrup over pancakes
    5. Bush making his way to his table, shaking hands with troops at the table before sitting down for breakfast
    US President George W. Bush had a breakfast of bacon and pancakes on Sunday with troops from the US Navy's 5th Fleet in Bahrain's capital Manama before boarding Air Force One bound for the United Arab Emirates.
    He was expected to give a speech in Abu Dhabi about regional security and his push for democratic reform in the Mideast.
    On Saturday in Kuwait, Bush said he was open to the possibility of slowing or stopping plans to bring more US troops home from Iraq, defying domestic demands to speed the withdrawals.
    Updated on war developments, Bush said the US presence in Iraq will outlast his presidency.
    He said any decision about troops levels needs to be based upon success.
    He said there was no discussion about specific numbers when he was briefed by General David Petraeus, the top US commander in Iraq, and Ryan Crocker, the US ambassador to Baghdad.
    The war, now in its fifth year, was a dominant theme during Bush's stops in Kuwait and Bahrain, two Persian Gulf nations crucial to US military efforts in the region.
    Kuwait, invaded by Saddam and liberated by a US-led war in 1991, is a major military staging area for the deployment of US troops and equipment.
    Polls show people in the US overwhelmingly oppose the war.
    The Democratic-led Congress has tried for a year to force Bush to order withdrawals or set deadlines for pullbacks.
    But Bush, supported by most Republican lawmakers, has prevailed in every showdown.
    Iran also is a main issue of Bush's trip, particularly in the five Arab nations he is visiting.
    Nervous about Iran's military might and rising influence, the leaders of these nations also are anxious about the confrontation between US and Iranian naval vessels off their shores.
    Arab allies want assurances that Bush is not interested in starting a war that could threaten military bases on their soil or the lucrative oil trade
    through the Strait of Hormuz.
    But they also want security commitments from the president.
    A White House spokesman said Bush called Jordan's King Abdullah II to update him on his trip to the Middle East, which showcases Bush's new drive to secure a peace pact between Israel and the Palestinians this year.
    The president told King Abdullah that he had been encouraged by what he found in Israel and the Palestinian territories and hopeful about the progress that can be made there, the spokesman said.

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  • From Cooks to Captains: Filipinos in the US Navy


    In this video, I compare the historical treatment of Filipinos in the Navy to our modern experiences. The trend has certainly been positive. Filipino-Americans today are deeply appreciative of the opportunities available to us, but we also realize that there's still plenty of room for improvement. This digital story is, in part, a tribute to the Stewards who had gone before me and my peers. It also bears a message of hope for the future.

    Admittedly, the video a short study into a very broad subject. There are literally thousands of parallel success stories in the fleet, other branches of the uniformed services, and the United States in general. But this video should serve as a good starting point for those unfamiliar with historical and modern Filipino narratives in the Navy. With your help and a little more work, I intend to submit this work to the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) for their consideration and collection.

    This video was produced for Dr. Schrum's postgraduate Digital Storytelling course (HIST688/HE792) offered at George Mason University in Spring 2021.

  • Innovative Training Makes Impact on Ford Culinary Specialists


    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Feb. 8, 2019) Sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford’s (CVN 78) supply department attended Chef Jacoby Ponder’s first Chefprenuer Academy held at Stratford University. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Cat Olaes/Released)

  • Breakfast Tradie Sandwich Recipe - Goodman Fielder Food Service.


    Breakfast Tradie Sandwich Recipe - Goodman Fielder Food Service.

    In this video, Chef Karyn whips up a quick and easy tradie breakfast sandwich, using two meats, eggs and hash browns.

    Get the photo recipe instruction here:

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  • Ralph H. Weller, Ships Cook, 3rd Class, US Navy, World War Two


    Ships Cook, 3rd Class Ralph H. Weller
    DOB: 9 March 1926
    Hometown: Towanda, PA
    Place of Birth: Elmira, NY
    Inducted: 29 January 1944
    Discharged: 12 October 1945
    United States. Navy
    World War, 1939-1945
    LST 391 (Ship)
    26 September 2001
    Latham, NY
    Weller, Ralph H.
    Landing ship tank
    Veteran oral history interview published by the New York State Military Museum.
    The State of New York, the Division of Military and Naval Affairs and the New York State Military Museum are not responsible for the content, accuracy, opinions or manner of expression of the veterans whose historical interviews are presented in this video. The opinions expressed by those interviewed are theirs alone and not those of the State of New York.



    This video I discuss some cultural things that happen in the navy with relationships while on a U.S. Navy ship. This is one thing I suggest avoiding and sticking to tinder and various other ways to meet people.

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    Disclaimer: All views expressed on this video and comments made verbally or written do not reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or Department of Defense and are that of my own.

  • USS Reagan Below Deck: Americas Heartland Series


    This is a story not so much about the exciting life topside but the more routine life below decks. While seemingly mundane, the galley crews like Culinary Specialist or C.S., Torry Mitchell, take enormous pride in their work. Visit
    to watch the entire episode 412.



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