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Dawn To Dusk | A Short Film About Farming and Family in the Midwest

  • Dawn To Dusk | A Short Film About Farming and Family in the Midwest


    Dawn To Dusk is a compelling short cinematic film focused on farming and family. What is it about living in the country that brings families together?

    This short film was shot in Iowa during harvest season in the fall of 2017. The farmer and his family lives a complex life. From feeding cattle, working hogs, driving truck, and growing crops, farming is a lifestyle that requires around the clock work. So what is it about working from dawn to dusk, and sometimes later, that makes a farmer so happy with their life?

    Listen to inspirational farming stories about raising family on a farm, creating your own destiny, and living off the land while watching 4k drone harvest footage in this short film about harvest.

    This harvest film, which takes place in Remsen, Iowa is dedicated to Lee Grage and Joe Staab, two farmers who recently passed within the last year.

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  • To be a Farmer - A Short Film


    This year I wanted to capture a little taste of what my life has been for the last 19 years. Farming culture is something many people don't get to experience anymore. I hope this film gives a different visual perspective on what it means to be a farmer. Hope ya'll enjoy!

    Shot on the Sony a6500

    Lens: Sigma 30mm F 1.4

    Other camera: Nikon D5500
    Gear: Zhiyun Crane

    Music from

    So God Made a Farmer - Paul Harvey 1978

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  • Farmer Rock Anthem - Ft. Millennial Farmer, Welker Farms, How Farms Work


    Farmer Rock Anthem: Featuring How Farms Work, Farm Babe, MN Millennial Farmer, Welker Farms, Big Tractor Power, Farmhand Mike, OneLonleyFarmer, Cody the Cow Vet, Fresh Air Farmer, NY Farm Girls!

    How Farms Work:
    MN Millennial Farmer:
    Farmhand Mike:
    Big Tractor Power:
    NY Farm Girls:
    Fresh Air Farmer:
    Farmer Derek:
    Cody Creelman, Cow Vet:
    Welker Farms Inc:

    The Farming Life:
    Iowa Farming TV:
    Iowa Dairy Boys:

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    The Peterson Farm Bros are made up of Greg (28), Nathan (26), and Kendal (23) Peterson. We are 5th generation family farmers who farm together in Kansas with our parents David and Marla, our sister Laura, and our wives BrookeAnna (Greg's), Riley (Nathan's) and Caelan (Kendal's). This channel is full of videos about our family farm and what we do to take care of animals and grow crops. Our videos range from parodies, to informational videos, to entertainment videos, to our Life of a Farmer vlogs. It is our hope that these videos will give everyone who watches them a better understanding of what a real farm in the midwest looks like. We try to be as honest and upfront as possible in our videos and our posts and hope that viewers will realize how much hard work goes into farming! With over 85 million combined views on Facebook and YouTube, you don't want to miss out! Please subscribe here on YouTube, visit for more info, and make sure to become a fan on Facebook (Peterson Farm Bros), Instagram/SnapChat/Twitter (@petefarmbros) for more posts about what we do!

    Original music: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
    Parody lyrics: Greg Peterson

    Farmers rock!
    Let's go!

    All the farmers in the field tonight
    Everybody just have a good time (yeah)
    The hours can make you lose your mind (whoa!)
    So everybody just have a good time (clap!)

    All you people eating food tonight (oh)
    Everybody just have a good time
    But we gon make you lose your mind (yeah)
    When you find out farmers... make that!

    On the farm, it’s the spot, hangin' with my dad,
    We work a lot (huh) non-stop when it’s time to go
    When we move that grain man it’s quite the show

    Dawn to dusk, days are full
    Blue jeans, ball cap cause that’s how I roll
    All year long we’ve watched it grow
    Now we rollin, harvest flow Yo

    I'm running through these crops like Drano
    I got that countryside view and the sun for my halo
    Farmers rock yeah! That’s the crew that I'm re….pping
    On a family farm we thanking God for His blessings

    All you farmers in the field tonight
    Everybody just have a good time
    This weather makes you lose your mind
    So everybody just have a good time

    All you people making food tonight
    Everybody just have a good time
    And we won’t make you lose your mind
    We just wanna help you... make that!

    Every day I'm harvesting
    Harvesting Harvesting

    Comment below
    And ask all the things that you’d like to know
    We’re not perfect, don’t be mad
    Now stop – hating's bad

    One more load for us – How Farms Work
    (Another round) – Farm Babe
    Please fill up my truck – MN Millennial Farmer
    (Don't mess around) – Farmhand Mike
    I just wanna reap – Big Tractor Power
    (A bumper crop) – Fresh Air Farmer
    Need to fix the beep – Farmer Derek
    (No time to stop)- Cody Creelman, Cow Vet

    Head up header down watch that reel go round and round [3x)
    Watch that reel go round and round
    Head up [9x]
    Watch that reel go round and round, round and round
    Watch that reel go! [4x]

    All the farmers in the field tonight (fill that truck up!) – OneLonleyFarmer
    Everybody just have a good time (fill that truck up!) – Welker Farms
    And we gon make you lose your mind (fill that truck up) – NY Farm Girls
    Everybody just have a good good good time (Fill that truck up) – Iowa Dairy Boys

    Oh! Oh! (Fill that truck up) – A Farming Life
    Oh! Oh! (Fill that truck) – Cuz I Farm
    Oh! Oh! (Fill that truck up) – Farmer Tim
    Oh! Oh!

    Make that!
    Every day I'm harvesting Content (except for music) property of Peterson Farm Brothers LLC

  • Can these unlikely best friends strike a deal to save the family farm? | Counting on a New Crop


    Farmer Jim has taken shy, quiet Jon under his wing as the son he never had, and given him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take on the Giffen family legacy — Edencrest Farms. #CBCShortDocs #CountingOnANewCrop

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

    Sixty-six-year-old farmer Jim Giffen feared his family farm would have no successor until he met his best friend, Jon, a quiet 23-year-old electrician who secretly dreamed of one day owning a farm.

    For many young people, farming doesn’t feel like a realistic career path. With all kinds of financial hurdles, it has become an impossible industry to break into. For many aging farmers, whose children may not be interested in carrying on the family legacy, the reality that their farm may be on its last legs is a hard pill to swallow.

    Until Giffen met Jon, he feared he would lose Edencrest Farms. The Giffens have been a staple in the Minesing, Ontario, farming community, since the early 1900s, a fact of which Jim is very proud. With diaries from his farming ancestors dating back to 1914, Jim’s connection to his roots is strong, and his passion for the lifestyle even stronger. In fact, Jim hasn’t left the family farm in over 25 years. But with his four children uninterested in the family business, the question of who would takeover the property was left unanswered.

    Then, along came Jon. Jon’s mother, a local customer of Edencrest, got her 13-year-old son his first summer job picking vegetables at the farm. From the minute he started, Jon was hooked. He loved the smell of manure just as much as he loved the smell of hay, and would seize any opportunity to drive the tractor. With each passing summer, Jon’s respect for farming and his love of Edencrest grew, and Jim noticed. A friendship began to form between the old farmer and eager, young lad.

    When Jon turned 16, Jim asked him if he wanted to take over the farm, something Jon had never dared dream of. But there was one major hurdle — the capital gains tax. For Jim to transfer the farm to Jon, a non-family member, they would face a tax of half a million dollars. Neither Jon nor Jim could afford that. It seemed like the dream might be over, until they discovered an alternative, little-known option: a leasing program. Jim would sell the farm to Jon piece by piece and work with Jon, like Jim’s own father had done with him, to guide Jon into his role as the owner of Edencrest Farms.

    Now Jon, nervous and excited, has applied for his first loan to start the leasing program and embark on this lifelong journey. Working two full-time jobs to pay for the land, and juggling a serious relationship, Jon has many struggles ahead of him, but with his best friend and teacher by his side, he hopes he can make both of their dreams come true.

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  • Along the Edge 2019 - Harvest in the Last Best Place


    Harvest 2019 in Central Montana brought back the challenge of harvesting wheat, barley, peas, and canola in a remote area 60 miles away from the nearest grain elevator. From grasshoppers to broken hydraulic lines, to beautiful sunsets, this year was yet another adventure.

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  • Along the Edge 2019 - Trailer


    Almost done with the new film! My time to work on this has been quite limited but I have been slowly crafting the visual story of this year's harvest in Central Montana. The film is subtitled Harvest in the Last Best Place. Here's a trailer and release date.

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  • Tour of a small American farming town.


    We are in the small farming town of Stafford, Kansas and sharing stories of what it's like growing up in the Heartland of America.
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  • Kansas Wheat Harvest 2021


    This year for wheat harvest I wanted to do something different. I've made videos in the past of other harvests but this year I wanted to include as many farmers in our local area as I could. It proved to be harder than I thought to get a few minutes free to film other farmers in the fields as we were trying to cut our own crop, but nevertheless I was able to get some great footage from our friends and neighbors to add to the video. I wasn't able to get to as many farms as I wanted, but there's always room for improvement in the future.

    I want to thank all of the farmers in the video for being willing to let me film their operations and I look forward to doing more projects like this in the future.

    Wheat harvest in Kansas is very near and dear to my heart as I have been a part of it on our family farm from the time I was born. As I've grown up to start my own operation, I feel like its my job as a young farmer to advocate for agriculture to the best of my ability and I hope to continue doing so.

    Thanks for watching, and please share and subscribe for more videos just like this one.

    Filmed in Stafford County in central Kansas.

    Featured Farms:
    Powerline Farms
    Sand Creek Ranch
    S&S Land & Cattle
    Sunrise W Farms
    Zink Farms
    Brensing Farms
    Bonner Farms
    Fritzemeyer Farms
    Farris Farms
    Hildebrand Brothers
    H-K Cattle & Sandhills Land & Livestock
    Hearn Farms
    E & N Farms
    David Rewerts
    Howard Knoche

    Kanza Co-op (Stafford)
    Kanza Co-op (Zenith)

    Written & Narrated by: Matt Hildebrand
    Video Produced & Edited By: Matt Hildebrand

    Camera Equipment:
    DJI Mini 2 (Drone)
    DJI Osmo Action (Camera)

  • Lone Rock Farm - An Iowa Family Legacy


    Meet my parents, Ralph and Judy Braymen, farmers who have raised crops, livestock and three children on their family farm in southwest Iowa. The farm has been in the Braymen family since the early 1900s, and Ralph and Judy still live in the same farmhouse where Ralph was born in 1937. Now, they share memories of their 57 years together, and talk about their hopes for the farm, which none of their kids will be taking over after them.

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  • Dawn To Dusk Official Trailer | A Short Film About Farming and Family in the Midwest


    Dawn To Dusk is a compelling short cinematic film focused on farming and family. What is it about living in the country that brings families together?
    Link to full film---
    This short film was shot in Iowa during harvest season in the fall of 2017. The farmer and his family lives a complex life. From feeding cattle, working hogs, driving truck, and growing crops, farming is a lifestyle that requires around the clock work. So what is it about working from dawn to dusk, and sometimes later, that makes a farmer so happy with their life?

    Listen to inspirational farming stories about raising family on a farm, creating your own destiny, and living off the land while watching 4k drone harvest footage in this short film about harvest.

    This harvest film, which takes place in Remsen, Iowa is dedicated to Lee Grage and Joe Staab, two farmers who recently passed within the last year.

  • Farmers Blues - Short Film


    Written and Directed - Ibër Deari

    After his father passes away, Vedat and his son are faced with a debt left by his father and are forced to sell something precious to them in order to pay the debt.

    Cast – Afrim Muçaj, Enis Abazi, Mirsad Abazi, Sefedin Shabani
    Film Editor - Avdi Thachi
    Director of Photography - Ibër Deari
    Color Correction – Fisnik Halili
    Sound By – Engjell Mamuti
    Sound Editing and Mixing – Detox Studio
    Art Director – Ardian Kadriu
    Post Production – Lumière
    Executive Producer – Avdi Thachi
    Produced by i'FILMS

  • Our Georgia Farmers A short-form documentary


    American/Georgia grown should be on every grocery store shelf and produce section. Our Georgia Farmers have overcome very difficult times and work so hard. Listen to their stories and show your support by requesting/demanding Georgia Grown/American Made products in all the grocery stores, markets, online shopping, and restaurants. Let's come together and make a Difference!

  • Time Changes: The Life of a Farmer


    Stephanie Nash: Time Changes: The Life of a Farmer
    Episode 1 - Paul O'Dell (Laurens, SC)

    Follow me, a Fourth Generation Farmer, as I travel across the United States telling the story of the American Farmer
    Each series is so unique, from the ranches of Montana to my dairy farm here in Tennessee, we all love to FARM
    It’s time we stand up as an Agriculture Community

    IG: @stephnashmusic
    FB: @stephanienashmusic

  • Farming with Family Trailer | AgAmerica


    In Farming with Family, the women of 3B Farms share what farming means to them and how it has provided stability for multiple generations. They also explain why creating a legacy for future generations of producers is close to their hearts and at the forefront of everything they do.

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    #familyfarming #texasranch #docutrailer

  • The Farmers Wife Films the Farm


    A short film/documentary by Kathleen Mackey.

  • Self-Proclaimed “Farm Babe” Shares Tips For Advocating for Agriculture


    One of the speakers at this year’s GFB Young Farmer & Rancher Leadership Conference was Michelle Miller, a very popular advocate for agriculture. She’s known online as the “Farm Babe,” and she shared with conference attendees her thoughts on using social media for promoting agriculture.

  • Becoming a Farmer: Passing Down the Farming Tradition | Corteva Agriscience™


    Lincoln Muller is becoming a farmer. Meet Lincoln and his grandfather, long time farmer Philip Muller of Martha, OK. Learn more at

    Watch the whole documentary:

    Philip is teaching Lincoln everything he's learned about farming over the past 40 years and he is always trying to make the best even better. See the pride and joy Philip has in knowing his children and grandchildren will continue the farming tradition into the future at Martha Valley Farms. Philip provides simple, straightforward advice to the next generation of farmers; just get back up and keep going.

    Keep Growing with Corteva Agriscience™ .


  • 78 year-old farmer named Daryl Jackson | Cherry Springs, PA | short documentary


    Kseni, a few friends, and I stayed at the Alth Farm (AirBnB) in PA, mainly to get away and check out the stars at the national dark-zone park. We met Daryl Jackson, the 78 year-old farmer who runs the 900-acre property. We stopped to chat about the history of the Alth Farm House & Daryl's family.

    Years ago, when Henry Alth, the farm house's former owner, passed away, Daryl & his wife Judy granted Henry's wish to be buried in Colton, West Virginia, next to his younger brother, who died when he was 13.

    This video was shot on the GH5 (V-Log), with the 12-40mm F2.8 Olympus lens, & color-graded with FilmConvert. The aerial shots were with the DJI Mavic Pro.
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    Video & Photo work - Stone Productions LLC

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  • Montana AG Report II 2-4-21


    Montana AG Report II 2-4-21

  • The Best Thing About Farming


    Shun Binford started farming straight out of high school in 1997. He filed for bankruptcy in 1998. He learned a lot from that experience and shares with us what he thinks the best thing about farming is. Join us again for this week's Growing America Story.

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  • Harvest in the Valley


    This short documentary depicts the harvesting of a large crop of potatoes in the St. John Valley, New Brunswick. The film documents the motor-driven machines that lay bare the rows of tubers, the crews of potato pickers at work in the fields as well as the sorting and grading of potatoes at a large Grand Falls warehouse.

    Directed by Larry Gosnell - 1955 | 13 min

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  • The Waters of Kansas: Farming Over the Ogalalla


    One of a series of three short films exploring Kansans' relationship with water. Produced by Kansas Natural Resource Council with the support of a Kansas Humanities Council grant. Filmmaker: Christie Dobson.

  • 30 Harvests


    Today farmers face the largest challenge of this generation – creating sustainable food systems and solving climate change. And they only have 30 harvests until 2050 to do it. Awarded a prestigious 2020 Webby Awards honorable mention, by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the 30 Harvests docudrama follows the plight of farmer Jay Hill of Dell City, Texas, and farmer and soil scientist Meagan Kaiser of Bowling Green, Missouri. In this film, they articulate the challenges farmers face while embracing the opportunity to meet the increasing demands to create sustainable food systems through the next 30 harvests, and ultimately help solve the greatest challenge of this generation: climate change.

  • 2018 Poynter Family Farms


    Poynter Family Farms spring tillage, planting, side-dressing, crop-dusting, and harvest 2018 in mid-west Indiana! Check out the rest of the videos on our channel!

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    Song: Caught Up In The Country
    Artist: Rodney Atkins
    Year: 2018

    Song: Reppin' My Roots
    Artist: Granger Smith
    Year: 2017

    No copyright infringement intended, all rights reserved to the artist and publisher.

  • Healthy Soil & Passing it on to the Next Generation


    Farmer John Snyder of Preston, Minn., shares stories about using soil health practices, what he has seen during his time farming, and the future he's trying to create for his grandchildren. If it's good for the land, then it's going to be good for you. That is the bottom line, he says. More at

  • Life of a Farmer


    Life of a Farmer features farmers of different ages on farms of different sizes and types. The documentary features the values and traditions they have in common and the challenges of adapting to new technologies, passing the farm to the next generation and lessons learned from a life on the farm. The families are not related, but their lives are all devoted to farming some of Ohio's most common crops on farms in Urbana, St. Paris, Delaware, New Paris and Plain City. Through five different stories, this special Our Ohio documentary seeks to tell one story: the life of an Ohio farmer.

    The five farmers profiled are Abe Hostetler, a 90-year-old retired farmer; Kenny Lensman, a 53-year-old farmer; Tim Jordan, a 22-year-old farmer; Luke Davis, a 14-year-old aspiring farmer; and Randi and Randy Dibert and their three-month-old daugher, Lydia.

  • Family vs. Corporate Farming - Facts, Not Fear


    In our latest installment of “Facts, Not Fear,” we’re exploring the family farm with fifth-generation Columbus farmer Crystal Klug.

    Check out for more information.

  • CI Living Silo The Film


    Silo The Film trailer is showing at Farm Progress Show

  • Why I Farm | Rising Above Floodwaters


    Farmers along the Missouri River and its tributaries faced devastating flood waters in the spring of 2019. With millions of dollars of losses and the future of family farms in the balance, farmers had to rely on their faith and strong-will to keep pushing forward. This is the story of one of those families – the Casners from Carrollton, MO.

  • Visit an Iowa Farm!


    In this vlog we go back to my hometown in Iowa and visit my childhood best friend's farm. It felt so good to be back in a place that felt so familiar and welcoming.

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  • A Cinematic Video | Life As An Urban Farmer


    #Cinematic #Cinematicvideo #urbanfarming #urbanfarmer #lifeasanurbanfarmer

  • WHY We Started Farming || City Life to Farm Life || Sustainable Living


    Many people ask us why we started farming. In this video we talk about why we started farming and the progression of our small farm as we strive to create a sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy and please SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more videos to come!

    Farmer's Markets we are at:
    Saturdays (May-Oct.) Verde Valley Farmer's Market in Camp Verde, Arizona
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    Fridays (June-Oct.) Sedona Community Farmer's Market at Tlaquepaque


  • Handling Stress on the Farm


    Dr. Norman B. Epstein, Professor of Family Science at University of Maryland College Park, discusses how to handle stress in the farm-life.

  • Afraid Farmer Climbs MASSIVE Tower | Harvest Video 28


    Today, I have to climb the grain leg to switch which pipe we are dumping our dry corn into and we continue our corn harvest!

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    Hartung Family Farms is a farming operation out of Jackson and Clinton County Iowa, with our main farm located in Preston Iowa. We have around 2400 acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, rye, and oats as well as around 750 head of cattle. We have a wide range of International equipment from small tractors from the 1970s to newer large farm tractors!

    The contents and opinions displayed on this channel are my opinions and do not represent the opinions of John Deere and Deere and Company

  • Farmer Turned Racing Legend | SPOTLIGHT


    We got a chance to sit down with the legendary import drag racer Adam Saruwatari. Since the late 90's and the rise of the import car scene, Adam was one of the pioneers leading the way in developing the 1/4 import drag racing scene. From his class leading RX-7 to the fully built Honda NSX, he made a name for himself as not only going fast but looking good. Little did anyone know, his family has been in the farming business for over 4 generations.

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  • Farmland



  • An American Farm Family: The Cooleys


    Welcome to Strawberry Hill USA—a family-owned and operated farm rooted within the rolling hills of South Carolina. Established in the early 1900s by the grandfather of James Cooley, Strawberry Hill has since transformed into the largest strawberry farm in South Carolina and a full-fledged American farm experience for all who have the opportunity to visit. Whether it’s picking strawberries in the spring or pumpkins and sunflowers in the fall, the Cooley family stays busy harvesting and supplying smiles within their local community.

    Watch to learn more about the resilience of this American family farm operation, the love they hold for each other, and the pride they carry in showing the world what American farming is really about—working hard and doing it with your heart.

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    #americanfarmer #farmseries #documentary

  • Iowa History 101 Series - Iowans at Work: Corn Farming


    Iowa History 101 is a new State Historical Society of Iowa live webinar series that focuses on various historical topics seen through the lenses of work, play and home. This webinar features Leo Landis, state curator, and focuses on Iowa's history of farming corn.

  • A Drone And A Dairy Farm


    This is a short video made with a professional Drone at a dairy farm in Wisconsin through the seasons of the year of 2018.

    Directed, Edited, Written and Produced by Guilherme Preising

  • Who is a farmer?


    Do you know what a farmer does? In this video you will learn about the job of a farmer!

  • Who is the American Farmer


    Who is the American Farmer? Gracious. Caring. Solid Work Ethic. Focused on their family. That’s exactly what we saw in this farmer and rancher. Join us again for another moving Growing America Story.

  • #HEREStotheFARMER: Ziel Farms in Iowa


    Take a tour and check out some awesome antique tractors at Ziel Farms in Boone, Iowa with farm owner Eric Ziel and his family! #HEREStotheFARMER

  • Jake could have got himself killed when moving cattle got wild. | Faith, Farming, and Family


    We moved our cows, but things got interesting! Our 8-year-old got to push cattle by horseback for the first time, and Jake could have got himself killed catching a calf on the loose! Welcome to our family farm, and join us behind the scenes for faith, farming, and family.

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  • Women in the Agricultural Workplace: A Documentary by


    Women at various stages in various agricultural careers share what it means to be a woman in agriculture, their challenges, and their hopes for the future of women in the industry.

    Download the results from's Gender Roles & Equality in Agribusiness survey report:

  • Life On the Farm - Short Documentary


    A short documentary about Livesay Orchards. A large family-owned farm that is known around Oklahoma for the peaches and pumpkins the farm produces.

    All music is courtesy of Epidemic Sound.


  • Midwest dairy company delivers nostalgia to customers


    According to USDA, the number of dairy farms has steadily declined over the past 40 years. Rising costs forced smaller and medium-sized operators to face the tough decision of cashing-in their chips or doubling-down on the future.

    And, as producer Delaney Howell discovered, one dairy farm made a decision to go all-in on an unconventional business plan that brought on more employees, opened the front door to guests and appealed to those with memories of milk bottles clinking together as they went into the home delivery cooler.

  • Build the Movement: Farmer Parties


    Each fall, the Washington Young Farmers Coalition brings together hundreds of farmers from across the state for a young farmer mixer complete with live music, local food, dancing, camping and, of course, plentiful opportunities to make new friends. Thanks to their efforts, Washington State is a place where young farmers feel welcome and connected, whether they’re in Olympia, Spokane, or anywhere in between.

    Presented by the National Young Farmers Coalition in partnership with Applegate, Organic Valley, and UJI Films. Thanks to Michael Graziano, Common Ground Farm, the Rutabaga Babes and the wonderful farmers of the Washington Young Farmers Coalition including Tierney Creech, Brian Estes, Addie Candib, Ariana Taylor Stanley, Justin McClane, and Becky Warner.

  • Passing The Farm To The Next Generation


    How to pass the farm on to the next generation is a puzzle as old as time itself. Inevitably, the question will be asked...who's next?

  • American family farms face uncertain future


    Doug McKelway reports on the struggle to preserve not just a livelihood, but a way of life.

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  • Stories: Farming All My Life


    What Stories do you have from your life of farming? This week, William Dove shares about hardships, what farming is really about, why folks don’t understand how important farmers are and so much more. Join us again for this week’s Growing America Story.



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