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Defeating Springtime Seasonal Allergy Symptoms | FLONASE

  • Defeating Springtime Seasonal Allergy Symptoms | FLONASE


    Defeat springtime allergy symptoms so that you can enjoy the warm weather this year. Use FLONASE Allergy relief to keep those pesky seasonal allergies at bay!

    Visit our website today to learn more:

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  • Tips to Manage Seasonal Allergy Symptoms


    More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Manage seasonal allergy symptoms with our tips to make breathing easier.

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  • Does Staying Inside Help Seasonal Allergies? | FLONASE


    Feeling like you have to bunker down all spring long to stay away from harsh allergy symptoms? Try FLONASE instead, which helps your body stop overreacting to allergens all season long*.

    Change the way you feel about spring weather by using FLONASE and keeping allergy symptoms at bay! Visit our website today to learn more:

    *With daily use, as directed. Flonase acts on multiple inflammatory substances (histamine, prostaglandins, cytokines, tryptases, chemokines, and leukotrienes). The exact number of mediators and precise mechanisms are unknown.

  • Handling Outside Allergies During the Spring Season | FLONASE


    Open your windows with confidence this Spring season by using FLONASE Allergy Relief.

    Change the way you feel about spring weather by using FLONASE and keeping allergy symptoms at bay! Visit our website today to learn more:

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  • Excerpts from Experts: Spring Allergies


    Is February & March too early to talk about spring allergies? Not according to our expert! In fact, Dr. Jones said parents should consider starting spring allergy medications now.

    Watch as she shares other tips for weathering this allergy season and visit for more information.

  • Win the Spring Allergy Battle


    Dr. Tasneem Bhatia with Prevention Magazine, has some tips to help you enjoy spring weather while you minimize symptoms of spring allergies.

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  • Tips for seasonal allergy sufferers


    Dr. John O'Reilly, a pediatrician a Baystate Children's Hospital offers some tips to help your child with allergies deal with the upcoming season.

  • How To Beat The Symptoms When Allergy Season Hits


    Allergy season is running late this year, but patients who suffer the annual runny nose and itching eyes know it’s just a matter of time. Dr. Max Gomez runs through options people have to avoid the worst of it.

  • Preparation Is Key For Allergy Season


    Springtime brings sunshine and warm breezes – but also misery for millions of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. Lily Pien, M.D., explains how being prepared can put you on the road to relief.

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  • What you need to know to sweep away your allergens this spring


    New Campaign Offers Tips for Finding Sneaky Allergen Sources at Home

    Plus a Chance to Win a FREE Clean Sweep!

    JEFF MAY, M.A. Allergen Xterminator, Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional and Author of My House Is Killing Me! and Healthy Home Tips

    DR. MICHAEL BLAISS, Nationally-Recognized Allergist, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of Tennessee


    With spring allergy season upon us, it is important for the estimated 60 million Americans who are affected by nasal allergies to know how to locate lurking allergens to improve their spring cleaning routine. According to a Spring Cleaning Survey of more than one thousand adults, ninety four percent of respondents recognized that proper cleaning can help reduce incidences of illness including nasal allergies, yet four out of five people in the U.S. are exposed to house dust mites, the most common trigger of nasal allergy symptoms.

    The Clean Sweep campaign encourages people to take an extra step in their spring cleaning by logging onto to view a home investigation by Jeff May which pinpoints the areas of the house where allergens often lurk. Nasal allergy sufferers are encouraged to ask Jeff May questions as to how they can better clean their home with an eye for allergens and submit a personal testimonial as to how their nasal allergies affect their daily life. The top 100 testimonials will win a signed copy of Jeff Mays book My House is Killing Me! to provide detailed cleaning tips and techniques to sweep away hidden allergens. Contestants are encouraged to visit the Web site frequently to learn if their questions have been answered by Allergen Xterminator Jeff May.

    Jeff May is available to provide practical and often overlooked cleaning suggestions to help sweep, dust and wash away allergens likely to trigger nasal allergy symptoms. He can also discuss the most common places allergens hide so that the average American, who spends nearly 22 hours indoors, can properly manage their symptoms.

    Michael Blaiss, M.D. is available to discuss the Clean Sweep campaign and provide perspective on the rise and prevalence of nasal allergies, ways to manage symptoms, and what you should expect from treatment.

    For more information on Jeff May or Dr. Michaek Blaiss goto

  • Medical expert suggests ways to combat spring allergies


    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Spring is here, but so are the spring time allergies. According to the St. Louis County Pollen and Mold Center, oak, willow and ask tree pollen were the worst offenders this week. When there is rain in the forecast, we can expect relief from the problem; but, windy weather causes more allergy issues.

    Medical experts recommend several different ways to address springtime allergies. In the home, they suggest to keep your windows closed, particularly if you are allergic to grass, pollen or trees, and to also avoid contact with dust collecting items such as curtains and carpets. In terms of health and personal hygiene tips, take a shower and wash your hair to remove any pollen or allergens from the outdoors.

    There are also allergy treatment options such as Xyzal Allergy 24 Hour Relief. This medication providers those suffering from allergies with all-day and all-night relief from symptoms, a better night’s sleep and clinically proven relief from indoor and outdoor allergies within 60 minutes.

    Medical director at St. Charles Total Access Urgent Care Annu TerKonda joins us for tips to combat spring allergies.

  • yourhealth: Spring Allergies


    Family Physician, Dr. Pepper, discusses allergies, its symptoms and how to alleviate them on our latest episode of yourhealth.

  • 3/12/2014 Springtime Allergies


    Allergy season is here! Doctor Garrett Peel from the Previty Clinic for Surgical Care visited 12News Daybreak Wednesday morning to walk us through allergy symptoms and what we need to know about common medications.

  • Springtime Allergies


    Springtime Allergies | On Call with the Prairie Doc | April 28, 2016

    Dr. Rick Holm, The Prairie Doc, is joined by Mark Bubak, MD, of Dakota Asthma and Allergy to discuss allergies and ways to treat them.

    Dr. Bubak is certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology to care for adults and children with asthma and allergies. He has been active in allergy research and education with special emphasis on new allergy testing and treatment methods. A South Dakota native, his medical degree is from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, with Allergy and Internal Medicine fellowships at the Mayo Clinic.

    You can find his website at

    If you have any questions for the show call 1-888-376-6225 or email your questions to

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  • Spring Allergies in Naperville


    Spring is in the air and it may cause you to sneeze.

    Itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose are the most common culprits of springtime allergies.

    As mold and pollen numbers rise so does the likelyhood of allergies affecting you.

    While it’s hard to stay inside when the weather is so nice, limiting your exposure to pollen can help reduce your symptoms.

    And for the days that you need a little more help, there are plenty of medications available.

    “There are a lot of allergy fighting medications available over the counter now a days and they are all equally as good,” said Dr. Riddhi Pakrasi an Internal Medical Physician at Edward Elmhurst Health.

    Taking a shower before bed can also help ease the symptoms of spring allergies.

    Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale Reports.

  • How To Avoid Nighttime Allergies and Sleep Better


    National Jewish Health allergy expert Carah Santos, MD, shares techniques for combating allergies at night when you are sleeping. Avoidance measures include keeping pets out of the bedroom, closing windows, and using nasal sinus rinses.

    More spring allergy tips:

    Learn more about Dr. Santos:

    Title: Take The Chance

  • Mass Appeal Beating Allergy Season Naturally


    Ahh ... the first warm days of spring!

  • Teladoc Allergy Season


    Learn how you can beat your seasonal allergies with Teladoc.

  • Best ways to combat spring allergies


    Many are suffering from spring allergies. Dr. Rachel Hailey with the Lee's Summit Medical Center offers the best ways to combat them.

  • Popular home remedies for allergies offer relief


    Spring can be the worst time of year for allergies, but here are some home remedies to beat the symptoms and enjoy the season.

    41 Action News, KSHB, brings you the latest news, weather and investigative reports from both sides of the state line.

    We are Kansas City's Breaking News leader, bringing you the area's most accurate forecast and the latest sports coverage from KC's best team.

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  • Treating Spring Allergies


    Treating Spring Allergies

  • Sooth spring allergies


    Medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton gives Chris Wragge some tips to sooth spring allergies, including treating symptoms early and controlling your environment.

  • These natural spring allergy remedies that work


    If you're fighting seasonal allergies and looking for a more natural approach then you have to try this. These natural seasonal allergy remedies really work. There are several recommendation in this video to treat seasonal allergies. Try a few and see what works for you. Great for kids, pregnant women and for others that just want a more natural approach to treat spring allergies.

    Read the blog post and get the links for all the products mentioned below:

  • FLONASE® Personal Stories: David


    This video is intended for US residents only. Copyright © 2015 GSK. All rights reserved.

  • Health Check: Allergy season comes early


    Mother Nature lifted her wintry grasp several weeks earlier than normal this year. But it's a double–edged sword for those who suffer from allergies.

    Just ask Oleksandra Gelecinskyj of Minneapolis. Oh yeah, now I sneeze and cough, she says.

    Same goes for Mark Lappe of Columbia Heights, who says it's common for him to suffering from watery eyes, runny nose and a chronic cough this time of year.

    The two are seeking treatment for allergies at Hennepin County Medical Center.

    Tree pollen is the culprit for many people.

    It's tree pollen season, says Dr. John Sweet. It's starting, and people are already starting to have symptoms: the itchy, watery eyes. Some people's asthma is starting to get more reactive.

    Doctor Sweet says the first sight of buds on trees is a sign that pollen is being released.

    And also too, it's being carried from hundreds of miles away from the southern states, Dr. Sweet said.

    It's something Lappe knows all too well.

    For me it's white oak, is my big trigger, Lappe said. So when white oak is out, I get pretty severe reactions to that, Lappe says.

    Specifically, he gets asthma. To control it, he carries an inhaler.

    When I feel my symptoms coming on, I'll take a dose of this and hold my breath for ten seconds, Lappe said. It makes it easier for you to breathe, and it's easier for you to cough up the mucous or the secretions that have built up.

    An estimated 40 percent of the population suffers from environmental allergies. One way to reduce symptoms, and the need for medication, is to be tested and get allergy shots.

    With allergy shots, we slowly teach the immune system to tolerate higher and higher amounts, so when there is an exposure, there's either no reaction or minimal reaction, says Dr. Sweet.

    Other things you can do to reduce allergy symptoms include minimizing exposure to pollen by monitoring the air quality, or using antihistamines and nasal sprays.

    If medication doesn't do the trick, doctors encourage people to seek allergy testing and treatment.

    Delane Cleveland, reporting

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    Channel 12 is on Comcast cable in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis and includes the cities Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, New Hope, Osseo, Plymouth and Robbinsdale.



    We have tips on how to handle allergy symptoms this Spring. To License This Clip, Click Here:

  • Sooth spring allergies


    Medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton gives Chris Wragge some tips to sooth spring allergies, including treating symptoms early and controlling your environment.

  • Managing Spring Allergies


    Holly Firfer gets some tips on managing spring allerigies.

  • Allergy vs. Cold


    Dr. Francisco Pernas, Otolaryngologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains the difference between an allergy and a cold. There is a time difference. An allergy tends to be prolonged, it tends to last a lot more time. A cold tends to last a couple of weeks, you can get over it with some hydration.

    Regarding diagnosis, he says doctors can often tell right away that someone has allergies. You do not need a test right away to diagnose allergies. Some people want to know what they have allergies to, and we can do blood test or skin test.

  • Spring Allergies


    We are barely into the first week of Spring, but many people have been suffering with the allergies of this new season for weeks. The brief brushes with warm weather in the final weeks of Winter allowed some of the pollens and other allergens to start impacting people.

    This morning, News 13's Victoria Dunkle found out some the steps to take for relief from CVS Minute Clinic State Practice Manager, Nicki Gatton-Kendrick. She says if you suffer chronic Spring Allergies starting a daily antihistamine, like Claritin or Zyrtec, as early as February is wise. But getting on those medications now can still bring relief. For people who suffer intermittent symptoms, products like Benadryl are a good option. Saline nasal sprays also help flush out allergens that get in the nose.

    Also, she says be aware of how you are bringing pollen into the home. Launder clothes after you wear them outside. And remove your shoes before coming into the house. She also says pets can track allergens into the home so be sure to bathe them regularly.

    Spring also brings a new sports season. Gatton-Kendrick says now is the time to have your sports physicals. That way if you do have a problem, you can address it before the start of the seasons. Click here for more information on both Seasonal Allergies and Spring Sports Physicals.

    By Victoria Dunkle
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  • With spring around the corner, experts say allergy season may be brutal this year


    One doctor told 12News some ways to make this allergy season a little easier

  • Spring’s high pollen levels put hay fever and asthma sufferers at risk


    Find out more:

    Spring is the hay fever season because of the high levels airborne pollen, particularly of grasses, which causes allergies for many people and lead to an asthma attack. Associate Professor Janet Davies said sufferers should take hay fever seriously and see medical treatment to manage it. Some people with hay fever can have their first asthma attack during a severe thunderstorm, as happened in Melbourne in 2016.

  • Spring and Summer Allergies - Boys Town National Research Hospital


    Spring and Summer bring more than just pretty flowers and warm temperatures. For allergy sufferers it can be a season of misery. Dr. Nicki Nair, Allergist, Boys Town National Research Hospital, explains how allergies are developed, the common signs and symptoms of allergies, the common allergens in the spring and summer, what you can do to avoid them and when it's time to see an allergist. For more information on the Sinus Center visit,

  • Dos and Dont for Allergies


    Hi beauties! Ever had those allergy symptoms of cough, irritations, inflammation, sneezing or breakouts? Not only can it happen when spring comes around due to pollen, but also when you're going through a climate change or traveling abroad! So to help you in those moments of crisis, here are a list of foods to AVOID eating & a list of foods to eat that can SOOTHE those symptoms!

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  • Spring allergies and asthma


    FOX21 News, dedicated to providing relevant news, information and weather to Southern Colorado.
    Go to for the latest.

  • Allergy proof your home this spring


    Help Me Hank shows you how to allergy proof your home for the spring.

  • Seasonal Allergies - Akron Childrens Hospital video


    Allergies are nothing to sneeze at, especially if your child's eyes start to water and his nose begins to tickle the moment he steps outside. In this Children's Channel video podcast, Rajeev Kishore, MD, the director of allergy/immunology at Akron Children's Hospital, discusses the steps parents can take to ease and even prevent the frustrating symptoms of seasonal allergies in their children.

  • Pollen count still high, Allergist gives tips to beat the season


    Pollen count still high, Allergist gives tips to beat the season.

  • Getting Ahead Of Springtime Allergies


    With spring on it's way, Dr. Christine Cho, pediatric allergist and immunologist at National Jewish Health in Denver, suggests taking allergy medication daily instead of treating symptoms once they have occurred.

  • Tips for Allergy Season


    To view the first video in this series, please click here:

  • Beating allergies: How to limit the impact on you


    Beating allergies: How to limit the impact on you

  • Stay Healthy This Spring With Ayurveda


    Read Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom:
    Learn more about Acharya Shunya's One Year Ayurveda Self-Healing Immersion Course starting Oct 2018:

    Listen to Vedika Global Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Jude Feldpausch share about Ayurveda's wisdom on how to stay healthy this spring. This talk including lifestyle and food recommendations and spices to incorporate in daily cooking, along with foods that must be avoided to prevent and counteract spring allergies. Do not miss this important video on knowledge that has potential to make you allergy free this season! Jude's personal path to health through Ayurveda is filled with inspiration and her conviction comes alive in her teachings.

  • Tips for Surviving Allergy Season


    The 2013 Allergy Season is on track to be long and miserable for sufferers. Scientists say it will be severe, but you can find relief. Nicki Gatton-Kendrick is the NC State Practice Manager for CVS Minute Clinics, she says your first step is to try OTC Allergy treatments. Keep in mind they take two to four weeks to establish their effectiveness in your body, so you will want to start them before your allergy triggers start coming into season. If the OTC treatments are not bringing you relief or if you experience extreme fatigue or fever with the symptoms, Gatton-Kendrick says you should see your doctor or nurse practitioner. Click here for more information on allergies and treatment options.By Victoria DunkleFollow Victoria on Twitter @VictoriaDunkle

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  • FLONASE Personal Stories: Anthony


    This video is intended for US residents only. Copyright © 2016 GSK. All rights reserved.

  • Common Cold vs Allergies


    For more about this and related stories visit

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  • Distinguishing Hay Fever from the Common Cold


    Annually, 7.8% of adults in the U.S. experience hay fever. But because hay fever looks and feels like a common cold, causing a runny nose, cough and fatigue, it can be hard to identify. Randall Cramer, DO — Meritas Health Landmark, shares some of the distinguishing symptoms of hay fever, helping people get the medical care they need this spring.

    Dr Cramer:

  • Hay fever advice | NHS


    Hay fever is an allergy to pollen that affects around one in four people. An expert explains how it's diagnosed, symptoms and treatment
    for more information on hay fever go to

  • Dr. Bryan Stone - Treating Spring Allergies


    You don't have to suffer from allergies. Springtime can be a challenge for those with allergies, and this year's birch pollen season is one of the worst in recent memory. Dr. Bryan Stone is an expert in treating and curing the effects of allergic reactions. You can breeze through the spring allergy season. Let us help you. Call 978 557 8900.

  • Seasonal Allergies- How to Control them


    Seasonal allergies can happen in the Fall or Spring, or both for most people. It starts with a post-nasal drip, sinus congestion, and sneezing. If left untreated can lead to a bacterial sinus infection. Using remedies such as nasal lavages with saline, drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding the allergen could help reduce symptoms.
    Learn about:
    -the symptoms of seasonal allergies
    -causes of seasonal allergies
    -risk factors that lead to seasonal allergies
    -complications from seasonal allergies
    -prevention of sinusitis
    -remedies to treat seasonal allergies and side effects

  • My Top 5 Tips To Stop Spring Seasonal Allergies


    My Top 5 Tips To Stop Spring Seasonal Allergies (TGIF Ep.10)

    In this video, I share my top 5 tips to stop spring seasonal allergies. I outline 5 lifestyle-based tips to reduce allergy suffering without medicine.

    Sub-Topics discussed in this video:

    Pulsating sinus irrigation
    Nourishing the microbiome
    Reducing mucus-forming foods
    Regular vacuuming
    HEPA filters

    Sinupulse Elite Advanced Irrigation System Review:

    Nasal Probiotics 30-Day Trial:

    Homemade Probiotics: Save Hundreds of Dollars


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    Fix rounded shoulders and forward head: Massage To Improve Upper Body Posture -Part 2/2- Rounded shoulders, forward head posture (WBW Ep.27)




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