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Driverless Cars, Synthetic Meat & Warped Reality | What Happens Next

  • The Future of Medicine: CRISPR, Drug Prices & Gene Therapy


    01:55 Future of Medicine
    14:06 Future of healing
    27:14 Future of Diagnosis
    38:08 Future of Babies
    49:36 Future of Drugs

    What Happens Next examines the future as we confront massive technological transformations in central aspects of daily life. In this episode, we focus on water, food, work, driving, meat, and fact.

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  • Watch Before They DELETE This! - Elon Musks URGENT WARNING


    Elon Musk's biggest warning. Watch before they delete it!
    Elon Musk warns about many things, especially the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Check it out! ⭐Become a MUSK FAN & get access to perks:
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    Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming | Elon Musk ????
    'Watch Before They DELETE This!' - Elon Musk ????
    Elon Musk's Speech That Freaked Out World Leaders ????
    Elon Musk Talks About Aliens ????

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  • 5 People Who Claim to be Time Travelers


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  • Elon Musk SHOCKS the Air Force With His Candid Prediction About The Future


    Does Elon Musk not realize how he comes across or is he playing at such a high level that he couldn't care less?

    In this video, Elon sits down for an interview at the United States Air Force Association and is very candid with his predictions for the future.

    We'll break down the subcommunication behind the interaction and try to decide if Elon was oblivious or just didn't care.

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  • McQueeb Subathon Day 30 Rain World


    This is an unedited VOD previously broadcast on McQueeb's Twitch channel. Head to most nights after 6:00PM PST to catch the show! We are very proud of our community, and of the little corner of the internet we've carved out. Feel free to stop by and hang out and forget the world for a while. If you're really lucky, one of our three snakes may come by for a visit.

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  • Food Will Decide | Future of Food 2019 | Keynote Address


    Keynote speaker Ali Bouzari—he’s a chef with a Ph.D. in food biochemistry and co-founder of Pilot R&D and Render—shared is thoughts on the science of flavor and deliciousness, the 8 essential ingredients that are in every food we’ll ever eat period, whether crickets are finally going to happen as a protein source, and why it’s chemically possible to make tasty vegan white chocolate and put CBD in just about anything, but not possible to create a high-protein strawberry vinaigrette made with mung beans. (He’s tried. The results were “unholy.”)

    00:00 - The Salad Bar of the Future
    02:10 - The 8 Ingredients That Make Up Everything You Eat
    08:16 - Water
    15:30 - Sugar
    23:47 - Food Is a Toolbox
    30:00 - Pilot R&D - What We Do
    33:03 - Vegan White Chocolate
    41:21 - Eau de Halloween Mask
    44:55 - Repurposed Dairy Whey Beverage
    49:53 - Future Question 1: Production
    55:05 - Future Question 2: Ingredients
    56:51 - Future Question 3: Training
    58:43 - Please Stop 3-D Printing Food
    1:01:13 - Q&A - Why Are New Product Samples So Horrible?
    1:05:57 - Q&A - Soylent
    1:08:04 - Q&A - Marketing Demands on Food Scientists
    1:11:13 - Q&A - How Niche Are These Trends?
    1:13:28 - Q&A - Soylent Rebuttal

    About Future of Food:
    On September 18, EatingWell hosted our first-ever Future of Food Summit in New York City—in partnership with the International Food Information Council (IFIC). We gathered dozens of thought leaders—academics, nutrition experts, trend forecasters, farmers, food industry professionals—to talk about how our food system will evolve and transform in the years ahead. And some pretty mind-blowing stuff was discussed. From rethinking how consumers shop for their food to how climate change is impacting agriculture, from personalized nutrition to food systems and technology—we took a deep look at what we can expect in the years to come.

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    Event Website:
    Instagram: @eatingwell Facebook:
    Twitter: Pinterest:

    Instagram: @foodinsight Facebook:

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  • This AI Creates Beautiful 3D Photographs!


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    Their instrumentation of this paper is available here:

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    More info if you would like to appear here:

    Meet and discuss your ideas with other Fellow Scholars on the Two Minute Papers Discord:

    Károly Zsolnai-Fehér's links:

  • What Happens if You Hide in the Landing Gear


    Do you know what happens if you hide in the landing gear of a plane? today we are going to have a look at what would happen if someone decides to take a flight hiding inside the stowaway instead of the cabin.

    Books we recommend
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    Videos to watch:
    The Smallest Military Aircraft in the World -
    ▶️ The Plane that Accidentally Flew into Space -
    ▶️ Smallest Mini Aircraft In The World -
    ▶️ Smallest Mini Aircraft In The World Part 2 -
    ▶️ 10 Aircraft You Can Fly WITHOUT a License Part -
    ▶️ 10 Cheapest Ultralight Helicopters You Can Buy -
    ▶️ 10 Cheapest Airplanes Anyone Can Buy -
    ▶️ Most Luxurious Private Submarines in the World -
    ▶️ Inside Marine One, The $237 Million Helicopter -
    ▶️ 10 Awesome Kid's Vehicles You Need To Ride Part 2 -

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    Beyond Facts is the channel to unveil all the interesting facts for you. Whether you want to learn about the lifestyle of celebrities, how they spend their millions, the most
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    Vacation time! Vacation Simulator is here and we're finally relaxing. Let's go check out the beach and see what fun we can have there. We're playing Vacation Simulator VR on the HTC Vive. This is a family friendly VR gameplay.

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  • The Rapture of Nerds | Cory Doctorow & Charles Stross | Talks at Google


    Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross have just signed with Tor Books to co-author a fix-up novel based on a series of short stories called Rapture of the Nerds. The authors and their editor told us what to expect:

    Cory and Charlie intend to write a third novella in the sequence begun with Jury Service and Appeals Court, and THE RAPTURE OF THE NERDS will consist of all three novellas, possibly with some small additional connective tissue if necessary.

    Many distinguished SF novels have actually been stitched together from short-fiction serieses like this; the venerable industry term for such a book is fix-up, which doesn't imply anything deprecatory.

  • Audi Annual Meeting 2019 - Future Plans & Models Revealed


    Audi will become a provider of holistic CO2-neutral premium mobility, with the aim of assuming a leading role among its competitors. The manufacturer is therefore accelerating its electrification roadmap and company-wide decarbonization. By 2025, the vehicle fleet’s CO2 footprint is to be reduced as a first step by 30 percent over its entire lifecycle compared with 2015. In the future, return on investment as a key financial steering parameter will also reflect the CO2 performance of the Four Rings and is to rise to more than 21 percent through sustainable management. The Board of Management is presenting the realignment at the 130th Annual General Meeting in Neckarsulm and providing information on current business developments. While Audi is mastering a challenging year 2019 with substantial operationally adverse factors, the premium manufacturer is pressing ahead with its transformation and aims for a significant increase in corporate value in the long term. The Four Rings will focus strictly on customer-relevant innovations, will further develop its business model profitably and will realize synergies within the Volkswagen Group and in external partnerships. The guiding principle of the far-reaching transformation is “Consistently Audi.”

    “Audi offers the most attractive form of sustainable mobility: Our vision stands for a new consistency in the strategic alignment and its implementation. We want to create the strongest customer experiences in our industry and thus lead Audi to the forefront of change in the premium segment,” says Bram Schot, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG. “For me, it is crucial that we become a customer-oriented company through and through. Our key topics therefore include comprehensive connectivity, a convincing digital ecosystem and highly automated driving with a focus on interurban long distances.”

    By 2025, the Audi portfolio will already include more than 30 models with electric drive, of which 20 will be all-electric. For the entry into the premium electric world, the company will by then have launched at least three models based on the modular electric-drive kit (MEB) for more compact vehicles. The first models on the PPE architecture developed together with Porsche will be available in the upper segments at the beginning of the next decade. Audi has raised its forecast for sales of all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids, and now expects electrified automobiles to account for about 40 percent of worldwide unit sales by 2025.

  • Beef Plays Minecraft - Mindcrack Server - S3 EP134 - Answers...

    43:52 your questions.

    This is my Minecraft Multiplayer Let's Play from the Mindcrack Server. I'm sorry but this is a private, whitelisted server.

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  • investing 101, understanding investing basics and best practices


    investing 101, understanding investing basics and best practices. if you want to accomplish important personal and financial goals, such as owning a home, starting your own business, helping your kids through college (and spending more time with them when they’re young), retiring comfortably, and so on, you must know how to invest well.

    teach yourself MBA basics by getting our - TEN - complete business books bundle | your all-in-one business, marketing, accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship fundamentals blueprint guides | download your copy now! |

    level-up your skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies - coursera plus | unlimited access to 3,000+ courses | 7-day free trial - join now! (affiliate link).

    #Investing #Education #Studying

    time stamps
    intro 00:00
    investing overview 00:06
    investments 02:43
    ownership investments 05:03
    lending investments 08:07
    evaluating risks 13:25
    liquidity 18:31
    financial goals 20:52
    tax 25:19
    insurance 30:25
    stocks 33:14
    stock-buying 39:28
    money market funds 45:09
    bonds 49:26
    mutual funds 53:30
    real estate 1:00:37

  • Retinal and Macular Dystrophies


    Title: Retinal and Macular Dystrophies
    Author: Paul Bernstein, M.D., Ph.D
    Date: 11/9/2018
    From Moran CORE Collection:

  • Brexit and the Post-COVID-19 Options for the Economy | LSE Online Event


    What will be the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Brexit? More particularly, how might it affect the strategy and interests of the UK as it negotiates a longer-term relationship with the EU27? #LSECOVID19

    ???? This event was streamed live on Facebook on Monday 22 June 2020:

    ???? Find out about more of our upcoming events:

    ???? Professor Sir Tim Besley
    ???? Wolfgang Münchau
    ???? Vicky Pryce

    ???? Professor Tony Travers

    ℹ️ More info:

  • Expressive Intelligence: AI, Games and New Media


    October 20, 2006 lecture by Michael Mateas for the Stanford University Human Computer Interaction Seminar (CS547). Expressive AI (Artificial Intelligence), a process occurring when AI research and art mutually inform each other, is discussed using the interactive drama Facade (downloadable from as an example.

    CS 547 | Human-Computer Interaction Seminar:

    Stanford HCI Group:

    Stanford Center for Professional Development:

    Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

  • Future Technologies and Our Social World


  • Technologies Today & Tomorrow with Autotext me


    As business owners, we can leverage technology to help build our competitive advantage to separate us from the rest of the pack. Are you using a digital vehicle inspection? Are you using a digital work order? Are you following the latest technology trends such as ALPR, AI/ML, and IVR? Join this class to see what your shop can do today and what tomorrow can bring! Hosted by Chris Cloutier and Craig O'Neill of

  • From Detection to Display: Using Safety-Critical Neural Networks in Automotive Applications


    Augmented vision applications play an essential role in the safety of modern automotive applications. Augmented Reality Heads-Up-Displays (AR HUDs), for example, provide drivers with 3D hazard warnings, 3D points of interest as well as directional information projected to appear integrated with the real-world environment. Neural Networks are state of the art technology for object detection, classification, and tracking. These networks can be trained to efficiently and accurately process data, which then can be displayed in front of a driver. What are the functional safety aspects of neural networks, how do we train them, and how can they be implemented in a safety-critical way? This webinar will discuss the use of AR HUDs and safety-critical neural networks as it relates to the automotive sector.

  • Taking New Zealand AgTech to the US


    Peter Wren-Hilton moderated a ‘Fireside Chat’ with special guests Rob Trice & Bill Reichert. Rob is Founder of The Mixing Bowl & Valley-based Better Food Ventures. Bill is the co-founder & Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures.

    The focus of the discussion followed the recent successful visit by 21 New Zealand AgTech leaders who participated in the 2017 Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program & Conference.

    Bill & Rob provided a sometimes brutal assessment of Kiwi entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. An absolute must watch for any New Zealand entrepreneur looking to set foot into the US market.

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  • Solving Humanitys Grand Challenges


    Exponential Technology and Solving Humanity’s Grand Challenges by Nicholas Haan (Singularity University) at Slush 2014.

    Nicholas Haan is currently Director of Global Grand Challenges at Singularity University. Nicholas Haan has worked at the intersection of science, technology, social challenges, and innovation for the last 25 years. His issues of focus have included disaster relief, food security, environment, energy, public health, education, genetics, and information systems. And his affiliations have included the United Nations, governments, universities, donor agencies and non-governmental organizations. Nick is also involved with several start-ups, including as strategic advisor to a mobile app company called eMobilis. He has a keen interest in the crowdsourcing movement and is on the regional board of directors for He has been a visiting professor at University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and was awarded a NASA Research Fellowship.

    // Slush 2016 will take place in Helsinki, Finland on November 30th - December 1nd! //

    Slush 2015 in 100 Photos:


    In 2015, Slush brought together 15.000 attendees, including 1.700 startups, 800 venture capital investors and 630 journalists from exactly 100 countries. People from more than half of the world’s countries traveled to the cold and dark Helsinki, with the ambition of taking their business to the next level.

    Slush is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students and festival organizers. Although Slush has grown from a 300-person event to become one of the leading events of its kind in the world, the philosophy behind it has remained the same: to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward.

  • Evan Kovacs and Richie Kohler - From the Seafloor to the Stars


    Exploring together for over 30 years, Kohler and Kovacs have documented some of the most historically significant shipwrecks and underwater mysteries around the globe, including the RMS Titanic, the USS Arizona and the Andrea Doria. They have filmed and co-hosted 56 episodes of the History Channel program “Deep Sea Detectives” and numerous other documentary films detailing their exploits in uncovering underwater enigmas and natural wonders. In “Seafloor to the Stars” they detail a decade of exploration on the RMS Titanic and the recent discovery and recovery of the Apollo spacecraft’s F-1 engines.

    Kohler is an author and shipwreck explorer whose 40 years of diving experiences have taken him to all corners of the globe. These exploits have been detailed in documentary films and in a NY Times best-selling book, Shadow Divers, by Robert Kurson. Kohler hosted fifty-six episodes of the popular History Channel program “Deep Sea Detectives” and numerous other television programs detailing his explorations on some of the most famous shipwrecks in the world, including the Andrea Doria, RMS Titanic, and the HMHS Britannic. Utilizing submersibles and cutting-edge diving equipment, Kohler’s focus in underwater exploration has been on the human aspect of shipwreck tragedies, correcting fractured or missing history and in doing so, providing answers and closure to family members. Locating and identifying lost warships such as the USS Murphy, USS Lagarto, U-215 and U-869 and reaching out to these people has been the real reward in shipwreck exploration. Kohler’s recent work on a forgotten WWII submarine battle helped bring posthumous recognition to American Naval Captain in an award ceremony at the US Pentagon.

    A fellow in the Explorer’s Club, Kohler continues to lead expeditions worldwide in search of lost ships and the mysteries they hold. He has written numerous magazine articles about shipwrecks, deep diving and diver safety and in 2017, published his first book, Mystery of the Last Olympian detailing a decade of work on Titanic’s sister ship Britannic. Over the years he has made numerous presentations at schools, libraries, diving conventions and symposiums promoting diving safety, education and awareness.

    Evan Kovacs a world class diver, passionate explorer, and perpetual imaginer, began his work with subsea imagery in 2003 while working with the History Channel. He is one of very few people to film—in both 2D and 3D—the R.M.S. Titanic and her sister ship, H.M.H.S. Britannic. Over the course of his career, he has participated and led expeditions to survey and film wrecks, caves, and archaeological sites across the United States, to the islands of the South Pacific, the English Channel, the jungles of Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the D-Day beaches of Normandy, the Mediterranean, Thailand, Antarctica. His underwater and topside work can be seen on National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS NOVA, CBC, NHK, and elsewhere. In 2009, he was nominated for an Emmy in videography for the NOVA program Lost and Found: Legacy of the USS Lagarto and in 2013 was underwater cinematographer and camera engineer on the Apollo 11 Rocket Engine Recovery with Jeff Bezos.

    Since 2006, he has partnered with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Advanced Imaging and Visualization Lab to build and operate imaging systems for filming both above and below water for broadcast television, archaeological expeditions, and esteemed research institutions around the world. He has filmed around the world with numerous the deep submersibles like Alvin, the Pisces submersibles, Tritons and numerous remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

  • Virtual Highlight Seminar Series: Bernard Bigot of ITER


    Fusion energy is seen as a potentially limitless power source ITER is advancing the science. The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University hosts a virtual talk - The ITER Project: moving forward - with Director-General Bernard Bigot on May 14, 2020.

  • Dunne & Raby: Dma Pop Up Lecture - Not Here, Not Now


    Recorded Oct 29, 2014

  • AI for Environmental and Social Good panel - D61+ LIVE 2019


    Moderator: Brad Howarth

    Speakers: Dr Simon Barry, Acting Director, CSIRO’s Data61, Tim Finnigan, CSIRO, Denis Bauer, CSIRO Health & Biosecurity, Dr Terry O’Kane, CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere, Dr Jen Taylor, CSIRO Genomics and Data Science

    CSIRO scientists will discuss how AI is already achieving impact as a force for social and environmental good. From predicting the climate in the coming decade and using AI to better understand how and why droughts occur, to identifying the gene that causes Motor Neuron Disease.

    This panel will discuss the fascinating possibilities and outcomes already emerging as the result of AI research at the national science agency across climate, health, energy, agriculture, health and biosecurity domains.

    The panel will also cover how AI is starting to change the way research is conducted.

  • PechaKucha - Engineering & Technology in our Lives


    Join researchers from across Scotland as they discuss the latest engineering and technology research and how it will impact on your life.


    Dr Milan Markovic - University of Aberdeen
    Marlene Cramer - Edinburgh Napier University
    Dr Sarah Anderson & Dr Shane Horgan - Edinburgh Napier University
    Lewis Osikibo Tamuno-Ibuomi - Glasgow Caledonian University
    Dr Katherine Dunn - University of Edinburgh
    Beth Trodden & Fergus Mcilwaine - Heriot Watt University
    Dr Kamaljit Singh - Heriot Watt University

  • The Coming Global Storms: The Critical Impact & Future of Weather Forecasting


    The 2020 Atlantic cyclone season shattered historical records for the number of tropical/subtropical storms in a single year and the highest number of storms since 1916 to make landfall. These storms are becoming stronger, more frequent, and with greater rainfall than ever before, leading to higher loss of life and economic damage. Like Earth, space is a place of potentially violent storms, transferring energy from the solar wind into disturbances in our planet's atmosphere and space environment. These storms have the potential to cause disruptions and failures of networked systems around the world.

    In this discussion moderated by U-M College of Engineering Associate Dean for Research Eric Michielssen, we hear from Climate & Space Department Chair Prof. Tuija Pulkkinen, and Climate & Space Prof. Chris Ruf about the coming global storms and what Michigan Engineering is doing to better help warn and protect people against their risks.

  • Ars Live Episode 7: the future of human space travel | Ars Technica


    Ars Technica's Annalee Newitz and Cyrus Farivar hosted the 7th Ars Live with guest Ariel Waldman, author and founder of, and Director of Science Hack Day to talk about the possibilities of human space travel. Recorded in front of a live audience at Longitude tiki bar in Oakland, CA. Read the article:

    Connect with Ars Technica:
    Follow Ars Technica on Facebook:
    Follow Ars Technica on Google+:
    Follow Ars Technica on Twitter:

    Ars Live Episode 7: the future of human space travel | Ars Technica

  • Computer Vision for Visual Effects


    Rich Radke from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute introduces the field of computer vision and its applications to creating visual effects for movies and television.

    To learn more, visit

  • Gavin hosts founder of Body Shop Booster Ryan Taylor in this informative webinar


    Gavin hosts a Webinar with Ryan Taylor to discuss strategies for Marketing & Communications. What tools can we share to assist Collision Repair Businesses to stay on the front foot & really get technology working for them.

    To find out more about Planning Plus Software check out our website.

  • Fabrications, or How to Lie with Computer Vision - Jentery Sayers


    Jentery Sayers, University of Victoria

    Keynote Talk. Digital Humanities Forum: Return to the Material
    University of Kansas
    September 14, 2013

    Full slidedeck available at:
    Since its initial role in artificial intelligence research during the early 1970s, computer vision --- defined, for the purposes of this talk, as the automated description and reconstruction of the physical world (including its subjects and objects) through algorithms --- has grown increasingly accessible to a wide variety of audiences through a broad range of consumer electronics. For instance, consider the number of cultural heritage projects relying extensively on optical character recognition. Or, in commonplace apps like iPhoto, note the use of face detection techniques for image description and searching. Elsewhere, web-based repositories such as Thingiverse are housing museum collections (e.g., at the Art Institute of Chicago) of 3D scans and print-on-demand models generated by both staff and patrons. And now Kinect hacks are practically ubiquitous on the web, with people regularly repurposing the sensor to create games, build DIY robots, and construct playful interfaces. Unpacking these phenomena across academic and popular domains, this talk highlights the need for digital humanities practitioners to not only engage how computer vision is embedded in our research but also explore how it actively transduces our materials, with an emphasis on the production of prototypes --- or fabrications --- that do not yet exist in the physical world. Here, the talk draws examples from recent research conducted by the Maker Lab in the Humanities at the University of Victoria, where --- through its Z-Axis research initiative --- practitioners are conducting experiments in stitching (i.e., translating 2D photos into 3D models), decimation (i.e., reducing the polygon count of models), and displacement (i.e., pushing and pulling the geometry of models to generate depth and detail) in order to articulate new-form arguments about literary and cultural histories. The Lab's Z-Axis methodologies develop existing digital humanities research in speculative computing (Drucker and Nowviskie), geospatial expression (Moretti), data visualization (Manovich), algorithmic criticism (Ramsay), and ruination (McGann, Sample, and Samuels) in order to: 1) build persuasive objects that, like written essays, function as scholarship, 2) explore the potential of 3D techniques, desktop fabrication, and critical making for humanities research, 3) open material culture and history to unique modes of perception and interpretation, and 4) resist quotidian assumptions that computer vision affords neutral, high-fidelity replicas of our lived, social realities. To lie with computer vision, then, is to tinker with its default settings and transductions, reconfigure them, and mobilize them toward novel and unanticipated forms of scholarly persuasion.

  • Listening to Your Demos! LIVE Feedback Friday Stream #FeedbackFriday #EDMtips #MusicProduction


    On Friday we held our first ever live Twitch stream for EDM Tips Academy students. This is the recording of my co-coach, Neel, giving feedback on your tracks! Some great tunes here, so well done, all who submitted :)

    If you want to join the EDM Tips Academy and submit your tracks for feedback, you can join anyone of our courses here and you'll be able to:

    Neel is my co-coach in the EDM Tips 8-Week EDM Production Masterclass, which you can check out here if it's something you'd like to find out more about:

    Here is the URL to the Twitch stream, and we go live again this coming Friday at 9am Pacific Time / 11am Central Time / 5pm British Summer Time:

    Hope you enjoy!

    Join the EDM Tips community of music producers here:



    Cheers, and happy producing!


    ► How to Make TECH HOUSE (like FISHER) ????
    ► How to Make TECHNO (like CHARLOTTE DE WITTE, Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer) ????
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    ► How to Make HOUSE MUSIC in Ableton 10 - Step by Step ????
    ► How to make PROGRESSIVE HOUSE (Like BEN BÖHMER, Lane 8 and Anjunadeep) ????
    ► How to Make HOUSE MUSIC (like DUKE DUMONT) ????
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    ► How to Mix a Track in 30 Seconds ????
    ► How to Turn a Loop into a Song ????
    ► How to Mix Low End (Kick & Bass) ????
    ► How to Make EDM Chord Progressions ????
    ► How to Make Music Like Flume ????

    ►► My ENTIRE Music and Video Equipment:

  • The Future & Opportunities in Engineering - BSE 308 Module 1


  • 2017 STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities


    The STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities is an annual educational event where attendees meet role models with disabilities who have thriving careers in STEM fields. This year’s event will feature Dr. Temple Grandin as the keynote speaker. Students will also meet other professionals in STEM fields during a panel discussion, including Dr. Amy Bower from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Mike Claes from Cisco, Patrick Williams from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, and Ryan Benson from the Centers for Disease Control.

  • The Revolution Betrayed


    What happened in the Soviet Union and why?
    A presentation initially prepared for discussion at the Socialist Party's Socialism education event in November 2019

  • I Want to Start a Sublimation Business... What do I Need to Know?


    Sublimation production is relatively easy, but you do have to make several key decisions when it comes to printers, heat presses, software, graphics, etc.
    Join us for an in-depth session where we show you what you need to get your business launched. Come prepared with your questions so that we can provide you with the answers you need to make the right buying decisions.

  • How Social Networking Became the Biggest Big Data with David Lazer & Bill Powers


    Join David Lazer of Northeastern University as he discusses the evolution of social networks with MIT’s William Powers. Powers is Head of Strategic Partnerships at the MIT Media Lab in the Scalable Cooperation group.
    The term “social network” has not always referred to a group of people meeting and conversing in an online space. Once upon a time, real-world meeting and conversing was also known as social networking. As the idea of networking and forming connections changes, so does the methods by which it is studied. And—with the involvement of technology—big data has becoming increasingly valuable.

    In this conversation, Dr. Lazer recalls when he first started studying social networks. Much of his work was qualitative. He would ask different people about their social circles, find similarities, and connect the dots. The evolution of technology soon brought his research online. He realized that the ability to digitally track moment-by-moment what people were doing in their networks could provide valuable insights.

    And so came the dawn of Big Data as applied to human interactions. Big data lets people or companies track everything from flu trends to popular news articles. Artificial intelligence algorithms can use big data to gain a greater understanding of humanity and human patterns. The question becomes: once AI knows more about human patterns than humans themselves know, can we ensure this information is used for the good of humanity?

    “Conversations in Machine Behavior” sets out to define the concept of Machine Behavior and argue for its inclusion in research institutions as a field of study. Once artificial intelligence reaches a point at which it can make decisions and carry out autonomous actions, humanity must treat it and study it as an actor separate from its creators. Drawing from computer science, human and animal behavioral studies, psychology, robotics, and more, the field of Machine Behavior is a comprehensive way to understand the future of thinking.

    Written and Directed by
    Manuel Cebrian

    Concept, Design, and Research by
    Manuel Cebrian, Nick Obradovich, Iyad Rahwan

    With Collaboration and Support from
    William Powers

    Technical Direction
    MIT Video Productions

    Shot at Frank Stella’s ‘Loohooloo’ on MIT campus.

  • Parallel Session 2-3. Measuring Korean Quality of Life: Indicators and Policy Applications


    Parallel Session 2-3. Measuring Korean Quality of Life: Indicators and Policy Applications (session organised by Statistics Korea)

  • End to End Automation for Vault on Kubernetes Using the Operator Pattern


    Full Transcript:

    ASAPP runs Vault on Kubernetes using the Operator pattern to enable service owners to integrate with Vault and manage their own secrets without requiring any SRE intervention. In this talk, we'll talk about our journey from running Vault on VMs to running on Kubernetes and discuss the advantages of running Vault on Kubernetes.

    Speaker: Pato Arvizu -

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    To learn more, visit our hands-on interactive lab environment, HashiCorp Learn:

    HashiCorp is the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. The HashiCorp software suite enables organizations to adopt consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. HashiCorp open source tools Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad, Boundary, and Waypoint are downloaded tens of millions of times each year and are broadly adopted by the Global 2000. Enterprise versions of these products enhance the open source tools with features that promote collaboration, operations, governance, and multi-data center functionality.

    For more information, visit: or follow us on social media:
    Twitter: @hashicorp

  • What is a BitCity? From Travel Surveys to Crowd Sourcing


    9:00AM - 6:00PM
    BitCity 2011: Transportation, Data, and Technology in Cities
    The Sigurd Grava Symposium on Infrastructure

    9am Opening Remarks
    Elliot Sclar, Columbia University GSAPP and SIPA

    9:30am Keynote Address
    Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner, New York City Department of Transportation

    10:45am-12:15pm Start-Up Transportation Planning: Entrepreneurial Approaches to Transport Problems
    Candace Brakewood & Michael Frumin
    Engineering Systems Division, MIT; MTA Bus Customer Information Systems
    Di-Ann Eisnor, Waze
    Rachel Sterne, New York City Media
    moderated by Benjamin de la Pea, Rockefeller Foundation

    1:15-2:45pm From Travel Surveys to Crowd Sourcing: New Forms of Data in Transportation Planning
    Michael Batty, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London
    David Levinson, NeXus: Networks, Economics and Urban Systems Research Group, University of Minnesota
    Mitchell Moss, Rudin Center for Transportation, NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
    moderated by David King, Columbia University GSAPP

    3-4:30pm Private Data, Public Good: Issues of Copyright, Contract, and Content
    Matthew Daus, University Transportation Research Center, City College of New York
    Francisca Rojas, Transparency Policy Project; Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
    Bibiana McHugh, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet)
    moderated by Kenneth Crews, Columbia Law School; Munich Intellectual Property Law Center

    4:30-5pm Concluding Remarks and Future Directions
    Anthony Townsend, Institute for the Future
    Sarah Williams, Spatial Information Design Lab, Columbia University GSAPP

    5-7pm Conference Reception at Here Now, 200 Level, Avery Hall
    An exhibition by the Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University GSAPP that maps the geographic densities of Foursquare and Facebook check-ins in New York City.


    With support from:
    Columbia University GSAPP
    Rockefeller Foundation
    Spatial Information Design Lab, Columbia University GSAPP
    University Transportation Research Center, City College of New York

  • Startup Disruption - The 3 Stages of Disruption


    In this video we’re going to look at Startup Disruption, most Startups are based on disruption, something changed the game and the startup used that opportunity to create rocket-like growth.

    But what happened when the iPhone killed the Blackberry or Netflix crushed Blockbuster. When is the stage really set for large-scale disruption? And how do we see when the market is ready for disruption and massive growth.

    We will look at the 3 stages of disruption. If you’re thinking about doing a startup you have to watch this video to see when the stage is set for disruption, what needs to be in place for an industry to be ready for disruption. Doing it too early or too late can be devastating for any Startup.

    As a bonus - you will also learn a new word, I just came up with it Swarp! Yes Swarp, see video to find out what Swarp means.
    Videos mentioned::
    Evaluate Startup Ideas:
    Find Product Market Fit:

    Raw Startup T-shirt:

    #StartupDisruption #Disruption #Startup

  • BAHFest Seattle 2017 - Live Stream!


    This is the livestream for BAHFest Seattle 2017.

  • Northshire Live: Debora L. Spar author of Work Mate Marry Love with Anne-Marie Slaughter


    Critically acclaimed author and scholar Debora L. Spar presented WORK MATE MARRY LOVE: HOW MACHINES SHAPE OUR HUMAN DESTINY, an account of how technology inextricably shapes our intimate relationships, in a wide-ranging conversation with noted commentator, CEO of New America, and former director of policy planning in the US State Department Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter.

    Order WORK MATE MARRY LOVE from Northshire Bookstore here:

  • The Ethics of AI – dealing with difficult choices in a non-binary world


    Speaker: Eric Reiss (FatDUX Group) |

    I started working with user experience (UX) long before the term was even known. Over the past 40 years, I’ve encountered many issues that have disturbed me – from creating purposely addictive programs, sites, and apps, to the current zeitgeist for various design trends at the expense of basic usability. I have seen research that is faked, ignored, or twisted by internal company politics and by the cognitive bias of the design team. And I have seen countless dark patterns that suppress accessibility and diversity by promoting false beliefs and false security.

    Whenever we say, “That’s not my problem,” or, “My company won’t let me do that,” we are handing over our ethical responsibility to someone else – for better or for worse. Do innocent decisions evolve so that they promote racism or gender discrimination through inadvertent cognitive bias or unwitting apathy? Far too often they do.

    We, as technologists, hold incredible power to shape the things to come. I would like to share my thoughts with you so you can use this power to truly build a better world for those who come after us!

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    Date: 31st October 2020

    Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    A conversation with Shri K. Vijay Kumar IPS (Retd), Senior Advisor to MHA, Former Director SVP NPA, Former DG CRPF.
    ( A friendly conversation – not a sermon! )

    Police officers are well-trained to follow a set of ethical values and standards of professional behaviour. Most officers adhere to them in letter and spirit.

    Every police officer is a public figure. Their public conduct and personal traits are no secret! Therefore, the conduct of officers while on duty is as important as their off-duty behaviour. It is important for police officers to frequently reflect on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

    Shri K. Vijay Kumar will address the police fraternity across India. This will be followed by an interactive session. You are invited to log in and join the discussion.

  • IBM Watson - Can our society cope with Artificial Intelligence?


    Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Watson BD Leader Europe - IBM raises the question:
    Can our society cope with Artificial Intelligence?

  • Your Agencys Tipping Point . . . Where is It?


    The Grow Show with Jason and Joey discuss your agency's tipping point.

  • Reasons for Hope - Achieving a Brighter Future: Is Science a Hope or a Threat?


    Reasons for Hope - Presidential Lecture Series of Central European University (CEU), April 4, 2019.

    Advances in biotechnology, cyber tech, and artificial intelligence could enhance everyone's lives. But they must be applied and regulated wisely if we are to avoid dystopian risks. These are of two kinds. First, humanity's ever-heavier collective 'footprint' on the Earth could leave a ravaged and depleted biosphere for future generations. Second, new technologies are so powerful, and our world so interconnected, that even small groups, by error or design, can create disruption that cascades globally. Minimizing these risks - and ensuring that developing countries benefit fully -- poses novel challenges to society and governance.

    A lecture by Martin Rees, United Kingdom's Astronomer Royal.
    Welcome Remarks Michael Ignatieff / President and Rector, CEU

    Learn more:

  • Defining the Roadmap Towards Optimized, Connected Smart Labs of the Future


  • Hes Why I Have My Vision - Alecia & Marty Have a Friendship Forged in Diabetes History


    Clinical trials are incredibly important for research, but the people who take part don't usually get to meet anyone they've helped. Marty & Alecia are a very special exception! Marty Drilling took part in a clinical trial in 1974 that later helped save Alecia Wesner’s eyesight! We’ll share their remarkable story and talk about how much progress has been made in treating diabetes eye issues.

    Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group! In Innovations this week.. a new partnership in the closed loop space. We'll talk about Lilly and Ypsomed

    Check out Stacey's new book: The World's Worst Diabetes Mom! This podcast is not intended as medical advice. If you have those kinds of questions, please contact your health care provider.

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    Use this link to get one free download and one free month of Audible, available to Diabetes Connections listeners! -----

    Get the App and listen to Diabetes Connections wherever you go!

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    Episode transcription:

    Stacey Simms 0:00

    Diabetes Connections is brought to you by One Drop created for people with diabetes by people who have diabetes by Gvoke HypoPen, the first premixed auto injector for very low blood sugar, and by Dexcom, take control of your diabetes and live life to the fullest with Dexcom.

    Announcer 0:22

    This is Diabetes Connections with Stacey Simms.

    Stacey Simms 0:27

    This week, taking part in a clinical trial is incredibly important, but it's often thankless you don't expect to meet the people you might help years later. That's why it was remarkable when Alecia met Marty,

    Alecia Wesner 0:40

    the people who tested that technology, I'll never meet them and tell them but you know, you're some that I can still see or the reason I have the strap is the reason that I do all of these things. And my doctor had told me that most of them, you know, they either left or didn't or they lost their life

    Marty Drilling 0:56

    while she was moved because I was still alive and she'd been told we all died. I was just moved to St. meet somebody who had benefited and certainly appreciated.

    Stacey Simms 1:06

    Marty Drilling took part in a clinical trial in 1974 that later helped save Alecia Westerners eyesight will share their story and talk about how much progress has been made in treating diabetes eye issues.

    In innovations this week, a new partnership in the closed loop space could bring a new pump to the US market.

    This podcast is not intended as medical advice. If you have those kinds of questions, please contact your health care provider.

    Welcome to another week of the show. I am so glad to have you along. If you're listening as this airs, it is Thanksgiving week here in the US probably a Thanksgiving, like none other for many of us, but I hope you are staying healthy and safe. Of course on the show, we aim to educate and inspire about type 1 diabetes by sharing stories of connection. My son Benny was diagnosed with type one right before he turned two, and he is almost 16 years old. This episode I think is a really nice one for Thanksgiving. It gave me a lot to be thankful for specifically, the amazing people in the diabetes community who lived through very different times, and went through these clinical trials to make things better for people that they assumed they would never meet. It's also a really great Thanksgiving story, because it's just one of these heartwarming, yeah, I got to admit, Alecia made me cry. Oh, my goodness, it was a wonderful story.

    So I'm really glad you're here, we also have some really good information about not just taking care of your eyes, but complications that can happen, what you can do about them and the progress that has been made. So if this is something that you have been worried about, I just saw a Facebook post from a young woman in her 20s with something very similar to what Alecia went through. I think this will give you a lot of hope. And some ways to take action.

    Quick reminder, my book, the world's worst diabetes mom is on sale through the end of this month, I think it makes a great holiday gift, you kinda have to sort of know who you're buying it for. You know, make sure if you're getting it for your mom, or your wife, that you let them know that you don't think they're the worst that It's me who's the worst, I could see how that could go kind of wrong, but just go to Diabetes And you will see the book, scroll down a little bit. There's also a tiny little shop button at the very top, but the promo code is “November.” And that'll take $4 off through the end of this month. And that is plenty of time to ship it to you for the holidays. And I will sign it if you buy it off my website. I can't sign it if you buy it off of Amazon but it is there in paperback ebook and audiobook,

    okay to Marty and...



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