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Dropping iPhone X Into Glory Hole - What Will Happen?

  • Dropping iPhone X Into Glory Hole - What Will Happen?


    Using a drone, I dropped an iPhone X into a dark and deep glory hole to see if it can survive the crazy high drop test!




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  • Dropping an iPhone X Down 4000 FT Deep Hole! - Whats In There?


    So I dropped the new iPhone X down a 4000+ ft. deep mine hole and recorded it all to see what happens.

    So here's how my experiment went down. The fishing line I bought was 1329 yards (3987 ft.) When the line ran out I was pretty disappointed thinking it's just dangling but the iPhone footage shows it seems to have hit something.

    I assume the line just kept unraveling despite the phone landing, unless it just landed on a ledge or something and actually was 4000 feet deep? Hard to tell but after the initial 2-3 second drag delay, the iPhone was going down pretty fast and for like a good three minutes.




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  • How does The Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa work?


    The Morning Glory Spillway at Lake Berryessa is an impressive, and unusual, sight. But how does the spillway, more commonly known as 'The Glory Hole,' actually work? And why did engineers build such an unusual spillway for Monticello Dam? Read more:

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  • iPhone X vs Tallest Bridge 1000 FT. Drop Test - What Will Happen?


    I dropped the iPhone X off the tallest bridge in California without any case to see if it would survive!




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  • Bird Swallowed At Lake Berryessa Is OK


    Looking at the bell-mouth spillway, it does not seem possible that a bird could fall into it and survive.

  • Is the man really falling into the Monticello Dam ? || Find out the truth here || VIRAL TIKTOK


    From one of the viral video from tiktok . Find out the truth here ! Is the man really falling into the Monticello Dam ? The Dam with 304 foot (93m) . Located in Napa country California.

    Also watch other video :

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    This man drops an iPhone X down a mine shaft to see if the iPhone will break or not. The Youtuber's efforts don't quite go according to plan...
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  • Dropping an iPhone 11 Pro Down Deep Hot Cauldron Hole - Whats in There?


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    I dropped an iPhone 11 Pro down a super deep hot cauldron hole known as Diana's Punchbowl aka Devil's Cauldron to see what's inside the steaming hot water and whether the iPhone would survive! I noticed the audio from the drop test was pretty eerie. Sounded like screaming voices to me.




  • Dropping an iPhone XS Max Into Nuclear Power Plant Hole! - Whats In There?


    I used a drone to drop the latest iPhone XS Max into an abandoned nuclear power plant from over 500 FT high! Will it Survive?





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  • Jump In An Endless Hole MUST SEE!!


    by daan verhoeven

  • Lake Berryessa and the Glory Hole during and after drought.


  • Bird swims headfirst into glory hole and reportedly survives


    A cormorant swam headfirst into a 'glory hole' in California, and apparently survived despite the ordeal. The water level in the Lake Berryessa reservoir, 75 miles north of San Francisco, had risen so much that water started pouring into a 200ft-deep circular pipe constructed in its corner. The overflow, known as the Morning Glory spillway, or simply the Glory Hole, drains water once the reservoir is over capacity and shoots it into a creek below the Monticello dam
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  • Ladybower Reservoirs glory hole during drought and flood, could you be sucked in?


    Could you be sucked into Ladybower Reservoir’s glory hole?
    What would happen if you were sucked in? (It doesn’t look good…)

    Featuring both wet and dry footage of two of the world’s largest glory holes (80ft) at Ladybower Reservoir this short video attempts to answer these questions.

    Shot in December 2019 and August 2020 at the stunning Ladybower reservoir in Derbyshire, England entirely on a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone.

  • Dropping Camera down the Deepest hole on Earth


    this is a well

    all rights go to the original copyright owners

  • Flying The Drone Inside of The Glory Hole


    Video shot made with a drone inside the spillway.

  • Lake Berryessa: Glory Hole spillway in center of attention as reservoir reaches capacity - TomoNews


    LAKE BERRYESSA, CALIFORNIA — The Lake Berryessa reservoir in northern California is set to reach full capacity for the first time in 11 years. If that happens, water will begin flowing into the lake’s Glory Hole spillway like a giant bathtub drain. Crowds of tourists are expected to flock to the area to see the unusual sight.

    The Glory Hole spillway is located about 200 feet from the Monticello Dam. The distance from the Glory Hole to its exit point, located in Putah Creek, is about 700 feet. The Glory Hole is a morning glory-type spillway. Shaped like a funnel, it is 72 feet in diameter at its lip and narrows to about 28 feet at its exit.

    Water starts spilling into the Glory Hole when the lake fills up to a level of 1,602,000 acre-feet. The Glory Hole can release a maximum of 362,000 gallons of water per second.

    Water is expected to begin pouring into the Glory Hole this Saturday, as heavy rain is predicted in the coming days. The last time this happened was in 2006.

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  • Can an iPhone 7 Survive From a Space Drop Test?


    I built a weather balloon kit and decided to send a brand new iPhone 7 while its recording into space without any case/protection.

    There ended up being a massive jet stream from launch site so the iPhone traveled approx. 3 hours away and it took us another 3 hours to hike onto unknown mountains to retrieve this thing.

    If anyone has any idea why the iPhone randomly shut off and stopped recording in space before it even reached burst altitude (100,000 ft.), comment below! It was a 128GB model so it should have captured the entire crash landing.




  • Highline over Glory Hole at Lake Iovanu


    This was one of the craziest and most memorable trips I did in 2013. There were so many connected things and emotions about it that I better not say :D

    Thanks to Sava Raul for lighting my mind in a quiet night at the Art Culture Camp Danube 2013.

    Thanks to all other friends who shared this dream with me in a way or another!

    Lustmord - The Ambient Abyss
    Lustmord - A Light That Is Darkness

    Thanks to:

  • EXPERIMENT: Dropping iPHONE from 10th FLOOR


    We’ve put iPhone under water with Coca Cola, we’ve cut it in half with a SAW, now it’s TIME for a ULTIMATE iPHONE EXPERIMENT!!!
    DROP TEST from 10th FLOOR!!! Height: over 100 feet (30 m)
    What’s gonna happen?

    THANKS FOR WATCHING GUYS and leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments ????


  • What Happens If You Spray Flex Seal on iPhone X + Drop Test From 100 FT?


    I used flex seal (liquid rubber) to spray the iPhone X and then drop test it from 100 FT. to see if it survives!




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  • Dropping the iPhone 7 Plus From The Worlds Tallest Building


    I dropped the new jet black iPhone 7 Plus from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. A 2,717 ft. drop test.




  • Walking Inside of the Morning Glory Spillway


    This is part of the work we had to do to make a video previously published on this same channel, entitled: Flying The Drone Inside of the Glory Hole Thank you for watching it and any comments, criticisms or suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Phovisa.

  • The Mystery Of The Hole In Lake Berryessa Is Finally Solved


    The world is full of wonders. Among them is the mysterious hole in Lake Berryessa. No one knows how, but the mysterious hole opened up out of nowhere last year. Nobody really knew what it was, where it came from, or where the water was going to. Then, Evan Kilkus discovered something unexpected when he used a drone to explore this pit. And what he found inside was truly outrageous.

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  • Dropping an iPhone 12 Inside Candle Wax from 100 Feet! Will it Survive?


    I decided to incase the new iPhone 12 inside a giant ball of candle wax and drop it from 100 feet high to see if it survives!




  • What Happens If iPhone 12 Spins at 100 MPH on Wheel? - Will it Survive?


    I zip-tied the iPhone 12 Mini to a car wheel and had it spin at 100MPH to see what happens!




    Safety precautions were used in this video.

  • We attempt to turn a 1,000ft Hole turned into Cannon - Mistake!


    We turn the Deepest Hole in the World into a cannon!

    Actually the truth is way funnier. We couldn't figure out how to actually create a cannon out of it because it is way too large; there is too much atmosphere within the system to compress. So we figured we'd see if we could do a prank video that looked realistic. It's not that good, but we still laugh about it because during filming I accidentally dropped my dad's real Civil War cannon ball down the hole. It fit perfectly and we listened to it drop for 30 seconds. So now at the bottom of the Utah desert there is a real civil war cannon ball. We can't figure out a way to get it back. Suggestions welcome!

    See us drop a camera down the hole here:

    Music: Jump Around by anoopScoop

  • How Many iPhones Will Survive in Tire Rolling Down Cliff?


    Rolling down a tire attached with 50 iPhone's down a 500 ft. cliff! Will they survive? Time to find out!




  • The Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa and Napa Valley


    The world famous Glory Hole is a morning glory-type spillway located at Lake Berryessa and about 200 feet from Monticello Dam. A shaped like a funnel, the lip is 72 feet in diameter and narrows to about 28 feet at its exit.

    For more information pls visit

    After Lake Berryessa we decided to drive and have lunch at Napa Valley ,the world famous wine growing region.

    For More Info pls visit

    We had luch at V.Sattui one of my favorite winery
    To know more about this place pls visit thier website

    #napavalley #visitnapavalley
    #Visitlakeberryessa #Lakeberryessa #GloryHole

  • Whiskeytown Lakes Glory Hole Overflows!!!


    This is a fairly rare event, and water flows down the Glory Hole only once every five years or so.
    Lately California has been in a drought, (more Southern California than Northern) but both Shasta Lake and Whiskey town Lake filled up this year!
    Water does not flow into the spillway until the lake level exceeds 1,211 feet. The Glory Hole is an overflow drain designed to keep the lake level from rising so high that it spills over the top of the nearby dam. Water going through the Glory Hole is routed under the dam to an outlet on the other side, where it flows into Clear Creek.

    If you would like some History on JFK's speech and dedication, here is the video:

    For some History on the Largest Glory Hole/ Spillway in the world. This website below shows several pictures and gives a brief history of Lake Berryessa's glory hole/spillway:

    As always thank you for watching and I hope you like my video!
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    All music belongs to, Wes Hutchinson.

  • Can a Quick Taser Blast Charge an iPhone X?


    I decided to test out the myth, will a taser/stun gun charge up an iPhone X?




  • Berryessa Dam & The Glory Hole


    We spent our inagural outing in the Tiffin Wayfarer at the Canyon Creek camp ground which is just below the Lake Berryessa Dam. The fog and sun made for some great light in the morning with enough visibility to fly the drone.

  • glory hole of lake berryessa. lake Berryessa, California . Mystery Of the hole In Lake Berryessa.


    Lake berryessa glory hole. lake Berryessa, California . Mystery Of the hole In Lake Berryessa. lake berryessa hole.

    The world is full of wonders. Among them is the mysterious hole in Lake Berryessa. No one knows how, but the mysterious hole opened up out of nowhere last year. Nobody really knew what it was, where it came from, or where the water was going to. The Lake Berryessa reservoir in northern California is set to reach full capacity for the first time in 11 years. If that happens, water will begin flowing into the lake’s Glory Hole spillway like a giant bathtub drain


  • Buraco Engole Tudo, Glory Hole no Lago Berryessa da Califórnia, O Maior do Mundo


    Buraco Engole Tudo, Glory Hole no Lago Berryessa da Califórnia, O Maior do Mundo

    O lago é formado pela represa Monticello. A barragem é famosa no mundo todo por contar com um imenso sumidouro, tubo vertical com aproximadamente 60 metros de concreto com 22 metros de diâmetro (chamado de Glory Hole, ou, em português, buraco da Glória que faz o escoamento do Lago Berryessa quando o nível da água atinge o limite de segurança, com o objetivo de evitar inundações. É considerado o maior buraco do mundo com estas características

    Music by Timmoor from Pixabay
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  • Dropping iPhone X Into Glory Hole - What Will Happen?


  • TechRax Dropping iPhone X Into Glory Hole - What Will Happen?



  • Two men vanish mysteriously while swimming in dam


    This man, surnamed Chen, suddenly disappeared after jumping into the water in a dam in the suburbs of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.

    His buddy, a man surnamed Xiong, who was filming the video, became so terrified, that he dashed into the stream to look for his friend.

    But he, too, disappeared.

    I felt a strong force sucking me in. I then became unconscious.

    Luckily, Cheng and Xiong didn' t die. About 30 seconds later, they were flushed out at another location, through a drainage pipe that' s 5 meters long and 50 centimeters in diameter.

    The hole is so huge that anyone would be sucked in. We should prevent any similar incidents from happening again.

    The pipe has been sealed after the incident.

  • Iphone X drop Test _ glory hole _ what happen?


    Drop test.

  • Have you ever used a glory hole? How was your experience? Reddit NSFW


    Have you ever used a glory hole? How was your experience? Reddit NSFW

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    #ByReddit #RedditNSFW

  • What Happens If You Dip an iPhone X in Boiling MudPot?


    I found this cool area with boiling mud pools all around so I thought, why not dip an iPhone X in there? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to retrieve any footage due to the hardened mud in the port.




  • Man fell on Glory Hole


    Wondering what will happen to the guy after he fell on the glory hole? This will explain.

  • I Lost My Drone in the Glory Hole With a GoProHero4 Black Camera


    He perdido mi drone esta mañana en Lake Berryessa in the Glory Hole, quize grabar lo mas profundo que se pudiera pero una mala maniobra hizo que perdiera el control y fue succionado por el aire que produce la caída del agua. Fue la ultima toma que realizé con él.

  • Crowds gather to see Lake Barryessa Glory Hole Spillway


    For the first time in years water is flowing into Lake Berryessa's Glory Hole spillway attracting many from around the region and generating business for the locals.
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  • Fishing In A Glory Hole


    Had some time on a Sunday Evening to spend some time fishing in the Old Glory Hole down from my house. My Boys where able to come spend so time with there Dad and catch plenty of fish. The river level was low and the fish where trapped . Was a great trip with a surprising catch on a fluke.
    Thank you for watching and please take the time to Subscribe, and Like the video.

  • Too Big for the Glory Hole


    Provided to YouTube by Merge Media Ltd

    Too Big for the Glory Hole · TORRES

    Too Big for the Glory Hole

    ℗ 2020 Merge Records

    Released on: 2020-06-03

    Producer: Mackenzie Scott
    Composer: Mackenzie Scott
    Lyricist: Mackenzie Scott
    Music Publisher: Mute Song (BMI)

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Dropping iPhone X In Lava


    What happens if you drop your iPhone X in molten hot lava? Time to find out! Don't Drop Your iPhone 8 in Hot Lava! THIS IS A PARODY
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  • Glory hole returns to California lake


    Man-made spillway drains excess water from Lake Berryessa

  • Skateboarding the Glory Hole June 2020


    Legendary Spot.
    Big Thanks to N Men, Sacto Guys and other skaters from around Cali that showed up, dried and cleaned the spot throughout the session and made it happen.

  • Drone Shows Glory Hole Spillway at Lake Berryessa Overflowing


    Evan Kilkus via Storyful
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  • Bonzing Skateboards: Glory Hole


    greatest full pipe ever

    Glory hole was in the 1978 April skatebaorder magazine. check out the video from 2007.
    Skaters: Bubba, Rolo and Scott Olson
    film/editing: Austin Graziano

    Watch video with original audio:



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