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EXTREMELY Rare Lighter Restoration, World War 2 - D-day 1944!

  • EXTREMELY Rare Lighter Restoration, World War 2 - D-day 1944!


    Restoration of a VERY RARE LIGHTER from world war II. This is a Normandy beach area metal detector ground found, with a special emblem attached to it. See me restore this war relic.

    This is a EXTREMELY rare and special war relic probably from the World war 2. The lighter was very worn out before the restoration. According to the donator it was found near the coast of the Utah beach in Normandy France with metal detector equipment. This is one of the beaches where the allies landed the coast at D-day June 6. 1944 – So my guess is that it has been in the ground since the days around D-day 1944.

    I started by cleaning the emblem who was attached to the lighter. I was VERY surprised when I saw how cool this emblem looked. I guess it is an old US marine emblem from world war 1 or 2 but I am not sure. I heated the lighter to remove all the parts which were soldered to the lighter and there after I removed all tiny parts. They were very hard to remove. I guess the many years on Normandy beach in France has been harsh to it.

    I sandblasted the brass body and grinded the whole lighter with 500, 1000 and 1500 grit. I polished it to mirror blank and added all the small part again.

    The beautiful US marine emblem was cleaned in vinegar before it was attached to the lighter again. This is such a beautiful war relic and I hope that you enjoy this restoration video.

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    Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

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  • Restoring World War I Trench Lighter - Antique Lighter Restoration & Repair


    This World War I Trench lighter in in dire need of restoration and repair. It's missing some parts and rusted badly. I started restoring this lighter long ago but I continued now because I finally came up with a plan to make new screw for the bottom. Th lighter was made by Imco. You've seen me restore number of Imco lighters previously. They have usually interesting mechanics. Unlike the previous lighters, this design was also made by other manufacturers.

    This lighter did not have many parts to disassemble. I left the cap attached to the body because it was riveted on and removing it would have cause unnecessary damage to the body I can mask the cap during nickel plating to keep the parts in their original colors.

    After disassembly the rust was removed with electrolysis and the body was polished. I didn't have too much damage from the rust and the whole body was covered by patterns so I wouldn't have sanded it much anyways. After polishing the pars were decreased with acetone. the cap was pianted with nail polish so it will be protected from plating. If this as not done I would remove the plating from the cap afterwards. Then the parts cleaned with acid bath and electrolysis and put into the green nickel plating bath.

    While the nickel plating was going on, I made new screw for the bottom. I used 8 mm brass rod. I don't have metal lathe but I wont let that stop me. I used files to shape the rod to the wanted shape and added threads. then I bent a thin wire so it formed a ring. I drilled a hole trough the screw and put the ring on it.

    I used ketchup to polish the used brass parts. Ketchup has vinegar and enzymes that help with cleaning the brass. It's also readily in nice paste form so it's easy to apply on the surface and it doesn't smell like vinegar.

    After the plating was done I assembled the lighter. The screw was perfect! During the assembly I still needed to add the second missing part. It was a really simple fabrication, however I was lucky that my first estimation for the correct length was correct. The lighter works really well and is one of the coolest lighters I've restored. I also was inspired to make short scene WWI flashback scene. It turned out to be more distressing than I originally thought but let's not forget WWI was very brutal so maybe that's how it fel like in the trenches.

    Thanks for watching I hoped you liked my video. Please let me know how you liked it. Next some ways to support me in making more videos.



    Tools used in this video:

    Ready to use nickel plating kit:




    Restoration playlist▶


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  • Broken Machine Gun Lighter Restoration - Browning M2 repair


    Lighter restoration of a broken Machine Gun model Browning M2 .50 Caliber. I restore and repair this beauty and I also sandblast and make a custom part on my lathe in this challenging restoration video.

    I got this broken lighter from a fan who send it to me to restore. He wrote that he found it among some metal trash – somebody must have stepped on it, cause the machine gun tripod was broken and the gun barrel was bended in a way that was almost impossible to repair.

    The lighter was in surprisingly good shape, all the parts were functional. I did have to remove some deep scratches which I guess came from taking the lighter in and out from the machine gun when filling it with butane gas.

    The Machine gun needed some serious cleaning and sandblasting to remove all old dirt, rust and previous nickel plating. I have loaded the sandblaster with glass beads this time to remove all the unwanted remains and at the same time keep as many details as possible on the Browning M2 machine gun.

    I made a custom part on my lathe to link the machine gun tripod together with the Browning M2 cabinet. The old one was broken and unfortunately, I was not able to repair it. I used 3 brass pins to assemble the tripod.

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    Warmest regards

  • Restoring World War II Bullet Lighter - Antique Lighter Restoration & Repair


    Restoration of a homemade gasoline bullet lighter created in world war II. These lighters were made by the soldiers themselves from casings and bullets from used cartridges, flint and wick. This lighter lay in the ground for a long time at the site of the battle, until it was found using a metal detector. This video shows the entire restoration process. Please support my young channel with a subscription, like and comment!!! Thanks!

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  • Rare Lighter Restoration - Sarome Blue Bird 1959


    Restoration of a rare very cute lighter from japan. The Sarome Blue Bird was inspired by a sixties rocket car that set the world record for land speed in Bonneville Utah.

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  • Restoration Old Lighter |world war Restore old lighter


    Hi everyone today iam showing you how to restore old diesel engine silencer.
    I hope you enjoy this video..
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  • Реставрация зажигалки/ Lighter restoration


    В этом видео мы восстановили и дали новую жизнь, уже не рабочей зажигалки. Смотрите что из этого получилось!
    #restoration​ #lighter​ #recovery​ #恢复​

  • Restoration a very old rusty Colt Walker | Restore 1 Colt Walker discarded in the landfill


    Restoration a very old rusty Colt Walker | Restore 1 Colt Walker discarded in the landfill

  • Restoration of a very old Bren Ten rusty | Restore Bren Ten destroyed


    Restoration of a very old Bren Ten rusty ( premium toy ) | Restore Bren Ten destroyed

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  • Lighter Restoration - Fooled at the Flea Market


    Lighter Restoration - Found it Rusty in Belarus. In this restoration video I chose to restore a rusty lighter, found by a family member in a market in Belarus.
    The lighter is not Zippo but it looks and works on the same principle. Was chosen for restoration because I found it interesting, as rusty as it was with the Soviet inscriptions on it. Some parts of this lighter was in good condition but overall need a small restoration. Many details about it I don't have but maybe someone who watch this video can comment about.
    This restoration video took me 5 days for working and another 2 for editing. I hope you like it and if you appreciate what I do, please leave a comment, like or even become a subscriber of this channel.
    Also, this lighter cost me 2 euro but the final result is invaluable.

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  • WW2- Lighter Restoration


    In this Video we restore an old lighter from WW2.
    The story behind it is very unknown, but we found it in Ukraine a few months back.

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    Best regards Kim and Ted

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  • Restoration of Buzz Lightyear 2020 Toy Story Repair


    Restoration of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. See me restore and repair this unique Space Ranger who was hit by the 2020 apocalypse!

    This is a manmade Zombie version of Buzz Lightyear. As soon as I saw him, I just knew that I needed to save and repair him.

    Buzz Lightyear was in very bad condition, so I started out with disassemble him into approx. 250 pieces. There were A LOT of tiny parts, wires, screws, and plastic pieces so it was quite an advanced repair. I cleaned all the parts and luckily the man-made apocalypse decorations were easy to wash off. I sandblasted most of the plastic parts with virgin Sodium Bicarbonate.

    I airbrushed all the parts in original Buzz Lightyear green, purple, black and grey colors. And everything was painted two times with a gentle grinding in between.

    I wrote to Pixar and they were so kind to send me a lot of well needed spare parts, stickers, a new upgraded head and some infinity power batteries. I even got myself a Toy Story hat. Thanks ????

    This was a very special restoration for me. I really like all the Toy Story movies. I think they are brilliant and somehow encourage hope into peoples lives. Buzz Lightyear, Woody, REX the little aliens are some of my favorite characters in these movies. Thank You Pixar for a wonderful story and fantastic animations ❤

    PLZ like, share and subscribe And DON’T FORGET TO SEE The EXTREMELY RARE War Lighter Restoration -
    Thanks for watching my channel. See you soon.

    Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin
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  • M4 Sherman Restoration Abandoned US Tank


    I tried to repair an old model of an American Sherman M4 tank. It was the most widely used medium tank by the United States and Western Allies in World War II.

  • Antique Jet Flame Lighter Restoration


    I got my hands on this old Beattie jet lighter. It was specifically designed for pipe smoking. It has a second wick in horizontal pipe which creates pressure and a jet flame when heated. These are rare and collectible lighters.

    After the disassembly I cleaned the parts well and used rust remover to get rid of any oxidation. Then the parts were polished with metal polish compound and a buffing wheel.

    Next the parts were plated using an electroless plating method which has several advantages over electroplating but the process is much more complicated and more expensive. But also once you have working solution it's quite easy to use. I can't reveal the recipe for the solution but I added a link to similar solution bellow. The manufacturers have usually very good instructions that are specific for their products.

    Link to the: electroless nickel plating solution

    A free way to support my channel is access amazon/ebay to do your regular shopping through these links. I will get a small fee from each product bought on amazon after clicking these links, whether it was the linked product or a different one.


    Tools used in this video :

    Other tools:

    Restoration playlist▶

  • Zippo Lighter Restoration, Vietnam War MEDIC Repair Perfect - Phu Rieng 68-69


    Zippo Lighter Restoration, Vietnam War MEDIC Repair Perfect - Phu Rieng 68-69
    Welcome to World Restoration
    My mission is to restore all the old things, rust, antiques and lots of things worth doing:-)
    And of course I really love to do that:))
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    Thanks for all your support and watching, I really appreciate it
    Best regards, ^-^

  • World War II Vintage Kerosene Stove Restoration - With Test.


    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a really old Kerosene rocket stove. There is no information about it apart from word of mouth. Rumors have it that this stove was used in World War II in Southern Africa to melt lead for ammunition for their guns. (If you have any info on this item, please comment down below and I will update the description accordingly)

    This restoration was really fun and It actually still works to this day.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    If you have any suggestions for improvement, or compliments share them below!

    Please leave a like if you did like the video, please subscribe and feel free to comment your thoughts and as always thank you for watching.

  • Antique Rusty Knife Restoration


    Restoring a rusty knife I found in the ground, in the place where my grandpa's house used to be. The house stood there for more than 100 years, so this knife must be really old, and it shows.
    There was little metal under all that rust, so I decided to make it into a small wood carving knife.
    The wooden beam was part of grandpa's house, so I thought it was a nice touch to use it as the handle for this restoration.

  • Huge WWII Brass Lighter Restoration | Mister Patina


    In this Video im restoring an old and very huge brass lighter. Have fun, comment, like and subscribe :-)

    #restoration #toolrestoration #restorationvideos #asmr #misterpatina

    Huge WWII Brass Lighter Restoration | Mister Patina

    In this Video i‘m restoring an old and huge lighter! I did some research and found out, that those lighters were build out of bullet or cannon cartridges. Possibly it was build between 1914 and 1945 - i cant tell you an exact time. A subscriber told me, that it looks like a nozzle from a firefighter hose, maybe it was a present for a firefighter.
    I bought it online from a random person for around 20$. The restoration took me about 8 hours.
    I started with disassembling this beauty, some threads were pretty stuck, so i tried disassembling it as careful as possible, because the brass is very soft. The old flint was broken, the spring was also broken in three pieces. The cotton in the mainbody looked surprisingly good - anyways - i replaced it in the end. After disassembly i gave it a nice wash to get rid of the dirt from the last decades. Because there was a lot of soot remaining on all the parts, i decided to clean the inner mainbody and the smaller parts with a soft wirebrush. It turned out very great, so i could move on with polishing. In the first step i took an abrasive compund for a nice surface, in the second step i took a finishing polish for a nice mirror shine. The parts turned out like brand new gold, time to reassemble this beauty. While reassembling, i build a new rivet for the flintstone, replaced the old flint against a new original zippo one and put a lot of new zippo cotton in it. I filled it up with a lot of zippo petrol and got to the final test. Some sparks and then - a nice calm flame :-)

    If you enjoyed the video, leave a like, comment and subscribe to support my channel.
    Thanks for watching :-)

    00:00 Intro
    00:14 First impression
    00:57 Disassembly
    03:37 First wash
    04:34 Wirebrushing
    05:29 Polishing
    06:37 Reassembling
    09:24 Final Result
    09:39 Before and After
    09:59 Final Test

    Thanks for watching! :)

    Huge WWII Brass Lighter Restoration | Mister Patina

  • Restoration a very old and rusty ANACONDA - abandoned | Restore and rebuild a very old ANACONDA


    Restoration a very old and rusty ANACONDA - abandoned | Restore and rebuild a very old ANACONDA

  • PRINCE Automatic Lighter Restoration Asian Buddha 1950s


    This was a fun video to make. I’m still learning and welcome positive, honest feedback. This lighter is from the 1950’s and has a great wrap of some interesting Asian Gods and Buddha.

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  • M40 Luftwaffe Stahlhelm restoration: from rusted rotten to solid metal and RAL paint in 10 min


    The project took 2 years and 6 months brutto, netto is 45 man days. There were 2 years of pending in the middle.

    This is smallest M40 German Helmet size - 60. Liner is just for 52 head, which is also smallest size.

    The original helmet was found in 2007 in the Volgograd region, on the battlefield in the steppes near Stalingrad.

  • Zippo Lighter Restoration, Vietnam War AIRBORNE Repair - Đa krông 73-74


    Zippo lighter restoration from The Vietnam War Đa krông Post 1973-1974 with soldiers AWESOME hidden massage engraved in to it. Today I restore and repair an awesome lighter from Vietnam with a US Army Airborne Paratrooper Jump Wings Badge attached to is.

    This Zippo lighter is a ground found from Đa krông in the Quảng Trị Province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam. It was sent to me to restore from one of my friends in Asia.


    I used a little squeeze of WD40 rust remover to loosen things up. The inner case was stuck in the zippo bottom case, so I used my new custom tool to loosen those two parts from each other. I washed the inner and outer case in soapwater. Some Beautiful hand engraved inscriptions showed up on the lighter. I cleaned the inside lighter case in the sandblaster with low air pressure and I used white virgin aluminum oxide.

    I heat treated the Zippo inner case to achieve a beautiful brown matt army color. I added the classic peace sign with my laser engraving machine. I also polished the case and lid to mirror blank. Finally I cleaned the Army Airborne Paratrooper Jump Wings decal in 12% vinegar and gave it a nice antique silver plating. I attached it to the Zippo with modern glue…sorry.

    CAN KISS MY **

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    Thanks for watching my restoration video. See you soon, Cheers Martin

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  • Trench Lighter Restoration and Repair


    Hello and Welcome!
    Today we are restoring and fixing Trench Lighter I scored on eBay for $10.
    It took me a few days, I spent a lot of time cleaning and polishing it. I hope you like my Trench Lighter Restoration. Thank you for watching!

    I recommend to watch a few of my videos:
    Old Mini Vise | First Vintage Restoration:
    Kiridashi Knife in 10 min:

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  • Restoration very rare geared motors in the world in 1945 simple


    Restoration very rare geared motors in the world in 1945 simple
    we perform restoration of an old and out of service geared motor. This electric motor dates back to World War 2. It is one of the very few remaining electric motors of World War 2. it took a long time to repair and renew. a lot of parts have been severely burned.

  • 1891 German Weltrekord Ratchet Screwdriver - Restoration


    It was around three months ago when I visited my friend that works at the steel waste. He made an amazing found. He found multible items that were in a very rough condition. They almost had some kind of concrete on them and a lot of heavy rust. This little screwdriver got my attention right away. It was not clearly visible what the function of it was, but I remember that I thought it might be some kind of ratchet mechanism. At home I posted a few pics of it in my Instagram story. It didn't took long for @hand tool rescue to reply, as he has the same screwdriver, just a slightly modern version of it, but similar mechanism. After some research I found some more pics and videos online. The brand is „Weltrekord“ made in Germany and it's called „Hebelschraubenzieher“ which meas „lever scredriver“. The model I found was the first ever designed one from 1891. Weltrekord later made some small changes on the design. Newer ones have a small collet to clamp the insert bits and even newer ones came with plastic handles instead of wood.
    At first I thought this will be a quick straight forward restoration project. It turned out to be a very tricky one. The most difficult part was definitely the disassembly, it took me three full days to get it in pieces. Heavy rust has done so much damage to all of the parts. Unfortunately the handle cracked when I removed it. I tried to restore it, but it became a huge mess and I decided to make a new one to have a nice and clean look. There's a 40 minutes version of this video on my Patreon page where I show how I tried to repair the handle. I had to weld up material on a lot of parts and machined and sanded it clean afterwards. That all worked perfectly fine. Some parts have still very slight pitting but overall it turned out very well. For the finish on the steel parts I decided to try nickel plating for the first time and it worked fantastic. I went with a brushed finish and with the nickel coat the parts turned out amazing. I really like the look of the nickel plated parts with the wooden handle.

    I hope you like my work and the video.

    Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:

    Adel AlSaffar
    Alex McGeorge
    Courtney Maleport
    David Barker
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    Trevor Kam
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    웅록 윤

    Time and costs of this restoration:

    $5 wood for the handle
    $3 spring steel wire
    $10 vinegar for nickel solution
    I was working on this project for 2 weeks

    My camera:
    Panasonic HC-V180

    If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

    Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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    Thank you for watching :-)

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  • EXTREMELY Ruined Buckle Restoration, M.1888 World War 1


    This ruined Buckle I received from my friend it is M.1888 Buckle and it belonged to an infantryman of the powerful Austrian Imperial army. It was in really bad condition extremely oxidized and needed restoration so at first I even thought it couldn't be restored. I used many methods and It was not easy to restore this beautiful Buckle and make it such perfect.
    All the Restoration processes is below:
    At first need to take off prong and bar it can be easy done with pliers but the most complicated task for me was to take out the rusted pin which was stuck and deadlocked inside the bar. It was fixed heated and boiled in oil and for better removal I applied a hammer.
    It is made of stamped brass so to clean the surface from oxide I prepared special composite which consists of some flour salt mixed with 9% Vinegar and lemon juice (citric acid) this is a very effective and proven method for Restoration. The Buckle was cracked and bent in four places and took me too much time to fix it. That was hardest soldering in my life because old metal is very difficult to solder especially need to be careful not to overheat the parts for that we use tin rosin and clay to protect the metal.
    Grinding: For rough grinding is good to use nut shell and hand pestle to crush it. The crushed shell is filled into a plastic or metal container and rotated at low speed for a long time this method works very slowly but effectively it smoothly cleans a small defects and Turning a rough surface into a Perfect.
    v. Pin: The pin holds body and bar together It was made out of nail.
    v. Patina: To make a patina we use a sulfur paste which should be applied in a thin layer on a metal object.
    v. Protection: Making a protection layer is very important for that I used natural wax.
    I polished the emblem to a mirror finish while the rest left with patina, It took me too much time to Turn such ruined Buckle into that perfect and I faced many difficulties restoring this beautiful war relic. I am truly satisfied with this Restoration and epic outcome so hope you too.

    Like, Comment and Share this video with Friends who may interested, Subscribe to don't miss my new upcoming videos.

    EXTREMELY Ruined Buckle Restoration, M.1888 World War 1
    Always keep a First Aid kit when working with any kind of solvents or other chemicals. Stay Focused.

    Best wishes, Almost Perfect Restoration
    See you soon
    Music: From free YouTube audio library.

    Also you may like video: Rusted Tiny Vise - Perfect Restoration

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  • Antique Hand Cranked Hammer Drill - Restoration


    It was in spring this year when I picked up this beaten up antique hand cranked hammer drill. My friend has found it on the steel waste together with the german „Weltrekord“ ratchet screwdriver. The condition of the drill was super bad. It was very corroded, had a lot of missing screws, the handle was in very bad condition and the crank was bent so much you couldn't even make a full turn. That's all said, it was the perfect item for a new restoration video.
    At first I thought this should be a quick and easy project, but one problem after the other became visible and it turned out to be a real challenge. There was the big dent in the left side of the case. Usually you can't bend casted parts, but with a bit of heat and careful pressure on the arbor press I was able to remove it a bit. It also worked to get rid of the warping with some heat. For the finish of the housing I wanted to have an antique cast aluminium look. I thought it would look very cool if I could tumbler these parts after sandblasting. I ended up building a huge rotary tumbler from scratch and it worked very well (video link below).
    Another big issue was the tool holder and the drill bit, as they were both completly rusted. Big thanks to @Hand Tool Rescue at this point for helping me out with the dimensions on these two parts by disassembling and measuring his own hammer drill. After a bit of search on eBay I found a set of original Rawlplug drill bits. After they arrived I was able to measure the shaft and the taper of the drill to then turn a new tool holder. It all worked out very well and yes, the drill only holds with the taper ;-)
    Before I even started this project I just had one question in mind „How am I going to replace the messed up handle cover?“. My first idea was to wrap it in nice black leather like steering wheels are made. That would definitely work, but that's something I've never done before so I was quite sceptical. Then the idea of a heat shrink tube came up. That would be a very easy solution, but heat shrink tubes don't have any structuires to it and it wouldn't quite fit the the rest of the tool. Thanks to the research of my Patreons and channel members, they have found very special heat shrink tubes that have a structure in it. I really liked it as it almost looked exactly the same like the original handle.
    After all it was a very intense and time consuming project. I've done so many hours of research on this one and I had to learn new skills. I'm very happy how it turned out.

    I hope you like my work and the video.

    Huge thank you to all of my Patreon supporters and specially to:

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    웅록 윤

    My camera:
    Panasonic HC-VX11

    If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

    Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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    Thank you for watching :-)

    Building a Huge Rotary Tumbler from Scratch - Homemade Rotary Tumbler

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  • Restoration The Old Soviet Millstone With Perfect Skills


    Restoration The Old Soviet Millstone With Perfect Skills
    Welcome to World Restoration
    My mission is to restore all the old things, rust, antiques and lots of things worth doing:-)
    And of course I really love to do that:))
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  • Rusty WWII German Stove Restoration


    In this video, I will show full restoration of the German Bunker stove from the World War II. This stove has been in the ground for 77 years.

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    Top 3 rare lighter restoration

  • Rusty Mauser 98K Bayonet Scabbard Restoration


    Restoration Rusty German 98K Mauser Bayonet Scabbard
    In this video I will show restoration of the WWII German 98K Mauser Bayonet Scabbard. This Scabbard has been in the ground for 77 years.

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    No propaganda and extremism. Only history!
    The demonstration of Nazi symbols in my videos is not propaganda of fascism, Nazism, etc. They are demonstrated exclusively for historical and scientific purposes.

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    Found this extremely rusty Vintage HIBACHI Cast Iron Grill thrown in the garbage! I used Electrolysis in order to remove the rust and finally brought it back to life!!!

    Hope you enjoy the video and always remember....Rust is Gold!
    Facebook Page:
    Instagram : rust_is_gold

  • Restoration Fast & Furious Lettys Plymouth Barracuda Muscle Car


    Restoration of Letty's Plymouth Barracuda, who is Letty ?? Letty is Actually a very Famous Fictional Character of the Movie The Fast and Furious, Wife of Dominic Toretto (Fictional Character) and the Plymouth Barracuda is a Well-Known Muscle, two-door pony car that was manufactured by Plymouth from 1964 to 1974.
    The first-generation Barracuda, a two-door hardtop fastback, was based on the A-body platform (shared with the Valiant). The first generation featured distinctive wraparound back glass and was marketed from 1964 to 1966.

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    Fast & Furious Letty's Dodge Challenger Restoration

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    I hope you guys will enjoy the video and also share your positive feedback and opinions in comment section.

    Here is the Link of my Previous Video:

    Restoration Ford mustang GT Muscle

    Restoration BMW Z8 Roadster

    Ford F150 Raptor Offroad Truck Restoration

    Restoration Humvee U.S Army Armored Military Truck

    Restoration Lamborghini Huracan SuperCar

    Ferrari LaFerrari SuperCar Model Restoration

    Agriculture Tractor Restoration

    1965 Chevrolet Corvette C2 Restoration

    1960s Classic Fiat 500 Car Restoration

    1970 Volkswagen Classic Beetle Restoration

    I did this Project from deep of my heart and did a Lot of Hard Work I Hope after watching this video, U'll give a thumbs up !
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  • WW2 German Helmet Restoration - Rare and Special M42 Stahlhelm with Disturbing History!


    Hello my Good Friends!!

    I know.. it's been too long since my last video..

    I had a lot of awesome plans, and really cool content was on the way.. but.. because of the COVID-19 Virus, this is all impossible now.

    I'm trying my best to entertain you in these tough times, so i really hope you enjoy this video!

    This video is about the restoration of German helmet that i bought.. when i bought the helmet online, i didn't know the secrets behind it.. it turned out to be a really special and rare helmet!

    I really hope you like this video, and don't worry.. more content is on the way!!

    Stay Safe, stay positive, and Enjoy the video!! :)

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  • Very Old Hair Scisor Retoration And Finalisation


    oin sas we take a look at th restorationof old things
    knife restoration, old car resoration, antiue hand crancked hammer restoration, restoration old geneve, m4 sherman restoration, rarelighter restoration
    #resoration #repair #old #new
    kuwaishu : 姚 东(财刀)726
    ID: K05328888

  • Old Electric Demolition Hammer Restoration - 오래된 전기 파괴함마 완벽하게 복원하기 RepairMan


    This is a video of restoring an electric destruction hammer produced in 2009. I don't know how long it's been neglected. It was highly corroded. 이 영상은 2009년에 생산 된 전기 파괴 해머를 복원하는 영상입니다
    언제부터 방치되어있었는지 모르겠지만 상당히 부식이 많이 되어있었어요

    복원 과정

    이 제품을 분해하는데 상당한 시간이 걸렸습니다
    분해를 하고 초음파세척기를 이용해 부품 세척과 ROC.3를 이용해서
    녹 제거와 기름때를 제거했습니다 그리고 샌드블라스팅 장비를 이용해
    하우징을 깨끗히 정리를 하고 G+PLUS와 G-SAVE를 사용해 프라이머를 해주었습니다 두가지를 이용하는 이유는 내부 녹부식과 코팅을 동시에 해주며
    두가지를 사용하므로써 효과는 증대하기 때문에 차후에 녹방지를 위해 사용하였습니다
    그리고 메탈스프레이로 도색을 마무리하고 흑염착색제를 이용해 나머지 부품들도 도금을 하였습니다 제품을 조립을 하니 아주 만족스러웠습니다!^^

    제품 모델
    2009년 생산된 신푸(?) 전기파괴해머

    [제가 사용하는 제품정보입니다]
    ※그리파즈 니트릴장갑(주황)

    ※베셀 임팩트드라이버 2500 망가진나사풀기

    ※방청제 WD-40 450ml

    ※녹슨볼트 침투제 WD-40 스페셜리스트 페너트런트

    그리고 저를 잘봐주시고 샌드블라스터를 협찬해주신
    웰무역 대표님께 감사의 말씀을 전합니다

    엔드리스 판타지 게임(광고 아니에요~!^^)

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    제 영상을 업로드할때마다 제가 이벤트도 하고있어요!

    도움이 되실만한 부분은 참고하시고!
    여러분이 보시고 의견이나 조언, 더 나은 영상의 퀄리티를 위해
    어떠한 조언도 언제든 감사하게 받겠습니다!

    시청해주셔서 감사합니다!^^

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    #Restoration #ASMR #RepairMan

  • Land Rover Restoration Part 13 - Chassis Repairs 1/4


    This video covers re-attaching a wonky rear crossmember, replacing outriggers, and general chassis measurement and repair.

    0:00 Introduction
    2:36 Rear Crossmember
    10:35 Rear Crossmember Patch Repair
    13:42 Rear Fuel tank Outrigger
    15:29 Front Fuel tank Outrigger
    21:07 Rusty Rear Mounting Tabs
    24:51 Bulkhead Outrigger Braces

  • Antique Hand Truck Restoration


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  • Rusty Old Nut Grinder - Perfect Restoration


    Today's video is a Grinder restoration video trying to do some new stuff and not only restore model cars. I really hope you like it.
    Thank you for for watching and if you end up enjoying this video please click on the subscribe button to support the channel I really appreciate it.
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    My second channel @MrRescuePlays

    Tools and Equipment
    - Cleaning (Hydrogen Peroxide, Cleaning Powder, Rust Remover)
    - Paint remove (Paint Remover, Nitro Paint Thinner)
    - Paint job (Acrylic Spray Paints, Graffiti Marker Pen)

    - Missing items (I improvise them or borrow from already destroyed models)

    Some of my other videos:

    Restoration Lamborgini Urus:
    Restoration Ferrari 458:
    Restoration Rolls Royce:
    Restoration Chevrolet:
    Restoration Nissan GTR:

    #Perfect #Restoration #Grinder

  • Fixing a Winch so I can RESCUE Forgotten Parts ~ 1950s Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 9


    Do you every have to fix something before you can even start working on the task at hand? Well, that's where I'm at here with this WINCH!

    So now that the undercarriage is off, I want to go pickup the additional track roller frames that came with the machine so I can pick the best one for Old Red! Unfortunately the winch that I want to use to retrieve them isn't currently working!

    We'll start by diagnosing, fully cleaning , & repairing the winch. Then we'll head back out to Old Red's Farm and rescue some more parts for the track loader! We'll also salvage a few other things to re-purpose or put back to work!

    Most of the projects I take on usually require a LOT of work that isn't always DIRECTLY related to accomplishing the task I set out to complete! I look at it like it's just another part of the journey, and therefore it's just as much a part of the project as anything else! That's why I included repairing this winch in Old Red's Saga! I truly hope you enjoy the video!

    Lot's More from Old Red to come VERY soon!

    In this video we will:
    0:00 - Winch Problems
    1:22 - Testing the Winch Solenoids
    5:16 - Replacing the Bad Solenoid
    7:31 - Re-Testing the Solenoids
    8:05 - WILL IT WORK?
    9:09 - Removing the Electric Motor
    11:58 - Tearing apart the Motor
    16:29 - Cleaning the Motor & Replacing the Bearings
    22:11 - Inspecting the Gearing
    24:03 - Reassembling the Motor Gearing & Brake
    26:19 - Putting the Motor Back Together
    29:25 - Tidying up the Wiring Harness
    30:11 - DRUM-ROLL!!!
    31:40 - Heading out to RESCUE TraxCavator Parts
    31:54 - Trailer Winch Setup
    32:40 - Moving Stuff!
    33:24 - Winch Setup
    34:43 - FINALLY Using the Winch!
    38:42 - Making Room for the Loader & Bucket
    39:20 - Failing to get the Loader & Bucket
    41:05 - Will the TRUCK move it?
    42:35 - Unloading the Salvaged Parts & STUFF!


    Check out the FULL playlist for the Caterpillar 955 TraxCavator Here:

    Would you be interest in owning an old track link or track pad from Old Red? I am planning to offer them as memorabilia in order to help raise some funds to put toward some of the MAJOR things this old CAT tractor needs.

    If you'd be interested in helping out and / or Owning a piece of Old Red, please leave me a comment letting me know, or send me an email at, I truly appreciate it!

    PART 1
    Will it START?!? ~ 1950's Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 1 ~ Starting the Pony Motor!

    PART 2
    Will the DIESEL Start & DRIVE? ~ 1950's Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 2 ~ Forgotten for 20+ YEARS

    PART 3
    IT LEAKS & Runs HOT! ~ 1950's Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 3 ~ Restoring the Cooling System

    PART 4
    Will the Bucket work PROPERLY after 20+ Years? ~ 1950's Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 4

    PART 5
    Fixing Hydraulic Problems ~ I Rescued TWO TraxCavators ~ 1950s Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 5

    PART 6
    Finally MOVING the Track Loader to Salvage Workshop ~ 1950s Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 6

    PART 7
    FIRST Wash in 64 Years... or Something!?! ~ 1950s Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 7

    PART 8
    Removing the TERRIBLE UnderCarriage ~ 1950s Caterpillar TraxCavator ~ Part 8

    DISCOVERY Of the Caterpillar 955 TraxCavator
    Rescuing Old Iron Episode 4 ~ Red's Farm:

    If you haven't seen the video where we DISCOVERED this Old Beast, then you should also check that one out as well! You'll be able to see exactly where this old beast has been living for all these years!

    Throughout this project we'll pay tribute to it's previous owner Red & those before him that truly knew how to maintain and operate such a cool old machine like this!

    I'll show you that OLD machines CAN be a LOT of work, EXTREMELY frustrating at times, but once running properly, an INCREDIBLE amount of fun!!

    I recently discovered this 60+ year old Caterpillar TraxCavator at an old chicken farm, and the owners have honored me with the privilege of bringing it back to life, and then putting it BACK TO WORK!

    Join me as I take you along on my journey through the many ups and downs of this project! I feel honored to be taking on this project, and I truly hope you enjoy the process and progress as we get this OLD CAT to ROAR once again

    Please enjoy! I know I did!


    If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them below!

    Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your support!

    #WinchRepair #CaterpillarTraxCavator #SalvageWorkshop

  • Rusty Cleaver Restoration with Oak Handle


    I found the cleaver that I am restoring in this video in the cellar of a friend's construction site.
    A 400-year-old house is being renovated on the construction site and I was able to discover some treasures from former days in the cellar. My friend is happy when they will be given a second life and all this stuff won't end up on the junk.
    The shape of the cleaver is very swingy and the many dents on the upper edge indicate that a butcher once worked a lot with the cleaver. A hammer was certainly also used to drive the cleaver through more solid structures with more force. The dents and dings in the upper area suggest this.
    The handle is past its prime, the wood is rotten and broken and is only held together by duct tape. I have to make a new handle here. For the new handle I have a nice piece of 400 year old oak that once acted as a beam in the old house we are renovating. The beam had to be replaced in the house, but I was able to save some pieces of the wood.

    I started to remove the rust from the cleaver with electrolysis. Together with washing soda and a power supply the rust can be transferred to a sacrificial anode. Then I was able to contour the edge of the cleaver and finish it nicely with a power file. I sanded in different grits up to 220 grit. Then I grinded the blade by hand. First 240 grit then 400 grit, 600 grit and then 1000 grit and 1500 grit.
    I brushed off the upper part with an electric steel brush and then cold blued it to protect it from rust.
    Finally I sanded with 2000 grit sandpaper and polished everything to a high shine with the polishing stand and white and blue polishing paste on a felt wheel.
    Now I could make the handle out of the beautiful piece of oak. I made an inlay from a piece of plywood that gives the handle a dynamic look. I polished up and reused the brass and probably copper applications that framed the old handle. A piece of brass that decorates the new handle lengthwise connects the applications and makes the wood look narrower.
    I finished the wood by hand with 240, 400, 600 and even 1000 grit sandpaper, which made it very smooth. The ergonomic shape of the handle and the fine surface make it very comfortable to grip.
    I treated the handle with linseed oil at the end to preserve it.
    Of course there is a beer tasting again.
    I hope you have as much fun with the video as I had making it - I really like the result ????

    00:00 - Intro
    00:43 - Disassembly
    01:21 - Rust removal with electrolysis
    01:56 - Woodwork
    03:02 - Metalwork
    04:26 - Cutting Threads
    04:48 - Sanding 1
    05:18 - Blueing steel
    05:48 - Sanding 2
    06:32 - Polishing the cleaver
    06:54 - Making an oak handle
    09:28 - Linseed oil protection
    09:59 - Polishing brass and copper
    11:07 - Beer tasting
    12:05 - Sharpening a knife
    12:19 - Assembly
    12:44 - Result
    13:46 - Testing

    Elegant Logo by Free Music | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

    Result Scene:
    Timeless - Lauren Duski from Youtube audio library

  • Restoration Abandoned Very Old Phone Found From Landfill, Restore Samsung Galaxy Note


    Restoration Abandoned Very Old Phone Found From Landfill, Restore Samsung Galaxy Note

    Follow me for update:

    Top 5 Restoration videos :
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    3. Restoring iPhone Xs max | Destroyed phone Restoration | Rebuild Broken Phone

    4. Restoration abandoned destroyed phone | Found a lot of broken phones in the rubbish

    5. Restore Galaxy Note 9 Cracked - Restoration Destroyed Phone

    Please Note: JaiPhone assumes no liability for your phone damage as a result of any of the information contained in this video.
    Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.

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  • Vintage Tile Cutter Restoration


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  • Hand Cranked Grinder Restoration - Antique Bench Grinder 4K


    #handcrankedgrinder, #restoration, #benchgrinder,

    This is my previous video:

    I restored old rusty IXION hand cranked grinder in the video. Made in Germany

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    Camera : Sony FDR AX33
    Microphone : Rode VideoMic Rycote
    Light : 2 Pcs Softbox Lighting Kit
    Video Edit Software : Davinci Resolve 16

    INTEL I7 2600 CPU 3.40 Ghz
    HYPERX 1600Mhz DDR3 16GB Ram
    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4Gb

  • Lighter from WW2 - Restoration


    in this video i restore an old lighter from the 2 World War.
    I Start with disassemble the lighter so I can restore all the parts.
    Then i put the rusty parts for 2hours in citric acyd to remove the rust.
    Building a wooden partholder for sanding and polishing with the drilling maschine.
    Cleaning the smal parts with the small wire brush.
    electroplating copper for rust protection.
    Electroplating silver
    assemble all the parts
    try out the lighter :)

  • Реставрация зажигалки/ Lighter restoration


    В этом видео мы восстановили и дали новую жизнь, уже не рабочей зажигалки. Смотрите что из этого получилось!
    #restoration #lighter #recovery #恢复

  • Very Rare Musical Lighter Restoration...Japanese 1960s!


    I restore a very rare musical lighter. This vintage Aria lighter comes from Japan! To fix it I had to use a lot of rust removal, thank you PB Blaster, and a whole lot of polish. I pulled out my small hand tools to grab all the little springs and screws. I couldn't believe how many little screws it had.

    Watch Next:
    Vintage Rusty Oil Lamp...A Full Restoration

    Rusty Old Hand Cranked Winch... Restoration Miracle

    Rusty Animal Trap Restoration

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    We love restoring vintage odds and ends. What antique do you want to see Restored?




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  • Repairing the Leg of a Tilt Top Table - Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration


    Tom Johnson of Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration in Gorham, Maine restores this tilt top table that has suffered a split to one of its three legs. Tom has been restoring furniture professionally since 1979. Visit our website at call us at (207) 222-2266, or write us at And for those on the west coast looking for custom framing, be sure to check out Tom's daughter's shop, (@emcollierframes on Instagram).

  • Zong Free Unlimited Internet in 2021 | Get Free Internet Without Using any Pakage and Codes


    We Discuss in this video about, Zong Free Unlimited Internet in 2021 | Get Free Internet Without Using any Pakage and Codes in hindi urdu language with full detail.

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