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Eamon: Curse of the Hellsblade walkthrough (Apple II - John Nelson and Tom Zuchowski)

  • Eamon: Curse of the Hellsblade walkthrough


    Curse of the Hellsblade ( was a text adventure game created using the Eamon system by John Nelson and Tom Zuchowski in 1991 for the Apple ][. This walkthrough was requested by one of my viewers and I hope you all enjoy the walkthrough!

    I used the ProDOS version of Eamon so that we can see the game in 80 column text with lowercase. I also used the latest ProDOS 2.4.2 and its awesome Bitsy Boot loader, created by John Brooks and P. Ferrie. Check out to learn more!

    The long play is done by Smartadventurer, a program that I wrote to automate the playing for vintage Apple ][ games. You can follow the project here:

    Walkthrough -

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  • The Last Gladiator Level 8 longplay


    The Last Gladiator ( was an action game published by Electronic Arts in 1983 for the Apple ][. You are a gladiator who fight for survival by killing all monsters in the Colosseum. Hope you enjoy the longplay!

    PS: The # of lives is stored at address $6F83 and you can get infinite lives by changing $7604 from $CE to $AD.

    Cover art -
    Image - 4AM

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  • 5000 views celebration: Transylvania III walkthrough


    Thank you so much for your support! To celebrate my channel crossing the 5000 view mark, I prepared a walkthrough for a special adventure game on the Apple IIGS.

    Transylvania III: Vanquish the Night ( was a graphics adventure game created by Polarware and published by Merit Studios in 1990 for the Apple IIGS.

    Hope you enjoy the walkthrough!

    The long play is done by Smartadventurer, a program that I wrote to automate the playing for vintage Apple ][ games. You can follow the project here:

    Cover art -
    Walkthrough - (greymouse)

  • Apple II Mockingboard DEMO


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  • Eamon | Wikipedia audio article


    This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:

    00:00:31 1 Premise
    00:01:38 2 Game play
    00:02:47 2.1 Players
    00:05:01 2.2 Monsters
    00:06:05 2.3 Adventures
    00:06:50 3 History
    00:07:27 3.1 Conversion to PC
    00:08:41 3.2 National Eamon User's Club
    00:09:42 3.3 Eamon Adventurer's Guild
    00:11:06 3.4 Eamon Deluxe
    00:12:45 3.5 iPhone
    00:13:02 4 See also

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    Eamon, sometimes known by the longer title The Wonderful World of Eamon, is a role-playing adventure game created by Donald Brown and released for the Apple II in 1980. The game is a text adventure similar to other early titles like Adventure (1976) or Zork (1980) and to later text-based Multi-user dungeons (MUDs), though with many role-playing elements not available in other interactive fiction. Eamon software is non-commercial and is freely available in the public domain.



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