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Elon Musk: Biografia do Dono da Tesla e SpaceX | Resumo Completo do Livro Elon Musk de Ashlee Vance

  • Get Vaccinated, Not Infected: How To Get Vaccinated Safely Amid Rising Covid Cases | CRUX


    As India opens vaccination for people above 18 years of age, vaccination centres could see huge rush of people. Experts are sounding caution as the chances of people contracting virus increases manifold in an indoor setting and amid a large crowd if proper precautions and Covid-19 appropriate behavior is not adhered to.
    Here are some handy tips that you can take before heading to take that jab so that you and your loved ones remain safe from the second wave of coronavirus.
    #CovidVaccine #DoubleMask #CovidPrecautions

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