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  • The Sounds of Space: A sonic adventure to other worlds


    A collaboration with the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz:
    Soundtrack: | Space is more than just a feast for the eyes. It’s a feast for the ears. You just have to know where -- and when -- to look.

    Floating in the silent void of space are trillions of islands of sound, each with their own sonic flavor -- some eerily familiar, some wildly different than Earth’s. And even space itself was once brimming with sound.

    This short film takes you on a journey back in time and to the edge of our solar system and beyond, to discover what other worlds of sound are lurking beyond Earth's atmosphere. You won't believe your ears :)

    Hear the sounds directly:

    Sounds of the Early Universe:
    Venera 14 audio:
    Perseverance audio:
    Titan wind audio:
    Adapted from the Space Remix episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz

    Narrated by Dallas Taylor
    Visuals, Music & Sound Design by Melodysheep (John D. Boswell)
    Written by Kevin Edds (Twenty Thousand Hertz)
    and John D. Boswell
    Casey Emmerling: Story Editor
    Sound Mix & Additional Sound Design: Defacto Sound [

    Guest Voices:
    Dr. Lori Glaze, Planetary Science Division Director, NASA
    Dr. Keith Noll, Planetary Astronomer, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA
    Dr. Scott Guzewich, Research Astrophysicist, NASA

    Special Thanks:
    Juan Benet
    Morrison Waud
    Rowdy Jansen
    Matthew Brown

    Made possible by supporters on Patreon:

    Thanks to my $50+ Patrons:
    Ali Aljuyayd: Andrew Burke:, Axel Vei: @AxelVei, Brandon Sanders, Brenden Dearie, C, Caleb Levesque, Casey Stratton, David Balland, David Martinez, Derick Yan, Eddy Adams: Eric Capuano: ​, Eric Malette, Erik Cheatham, Frank Buschmann, Gayathri Baskaran, Gregory Cohen: Illarion Petrov, Jan Mocňák, John Maier, Kimi Ushida: Logan, Manu Duti, Matthew Brown, Micah Mangione, Michael Denny, Miguel Klagges, pavel zolotarev, Phillip Oliveto, Steve Rigby, Redspade:, Zach Fox

    And big thanks also to my $10+ patrons -- there are too many to list in the description! Here's the full list:

    Peace and love,


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  • The Cosmic Scale


    How large is the universe? Where does it begin and end? And how does it expand? These are some of the biggest questions of astronomy. And while humanity is so small that we may never be able to fully understand the true scale of the universe, advancements in technology are helping us to look ever-deeper into the wilds of our existence- towards the edge of our observable universe, known as the Cosmic Horizon. Today, we will analyse the universe, its laws, and its awe-inspiring scale.

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    Thumbnail made by Wimptastic:

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    Special thanks to Lombus, who allowed me to use his song Doppler Shores in the title screen:
    - Source:
    - Artist:

    The following songs by Chris Zabriskie are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.
    - The Theatrical Poster...:
    - Unfoldment, Revealment...
    - Cylinder Five:
    - Take Off and Shoot a Zero:
    - Oxygen Garden:

    Other songs are from the YouTube Audio Library:
    - Landing | Godmode
    - Tundras | Amulets
    - Dolphin-esque | Godmode
    - Space Chatter | Doug Maxwell
    - Traversing | Godmode
    - At The Precipice of a Dying Light | Dan Bodan

    The space scenes in this video were captured using SpaceEngine Pro, a virtual universe simulator:

    Get SpaceEngine on Steam:

    Stock footage provided by

    - NASA Redshift Animations:
    - Dark Energy Expansion:
    - Zooming into the Ultra Deep Field:
    - Virtual Clips of Hubble Repair:
    - Final Servicing Mission:
    - Observable Universe Growing ESA:
    - ESO Type 1a supernova
    - Redshift Expansion [Creative Commons]:
    - Expanding Universe Animation [Hubble ESA]:

    - Observable Universe Logarithmic Illustration:
    - Hubble Images:
    - Observable Universe Graphic: By Andrew Z. Colvin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
    - Accelerated Expansion Diagram: By Design Alex Mittelmann, Coldcreation, CC BY-SA 3.0,
    - Ursa Major:
    - Night Sky Image:

    - Number of Stars in the Universe:
    - Einstein and Achievements:
    - Edwin Hubble's 1929 Discovery:
    - The Hubble Deep Field Images:
    - How Much of the Unobservable Universe will we See Someday:
    - Some interesting notes on the sphere expanding model:
    - Type 1a Supernovae:
    - Frieman et al., Dark Energy & the Accelerating Universe:
    - Size of the Unobservable Universe [Oxford Physicists]:

    0:00 Introduction
    2:23 Defining the Universe
    6:51 The Big Bang
    9:12 The Observable Universe
    10:53 The Hubble Telescope
    11:46 The Hubble Deep Field
    16:49 Cosmic Expansion
    19:40 Redshift
    21:48 The Cosmic Horizon and the Unobservable Universe
    25:36 Accelerating Expansion
    28:29 Dark Energy
    30:14 The End of the Universe



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