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  • Scary storm came out of nowhere on a highway in Serbia


    Our car was heavily shaken during a crazy storm in Serbia. We were driving from Belgrad to Novi Sad on the highway. It was a normal day. No sign of any rain or storm. In just minutes everything changed and it was as if we would just entered the hell.

    This images were filmed with my iPhone. When the crazy storm started to bring all kind of trash on the highway I started to film. However I wasn't expecting this crazy storm coming out of nowhere.

    It was all fun until our car started to shake as a piece of paper even though this is a + 2 tons BMW 7 series. The wind was so strong that the car almost started to slide on the road. We had to stop the car and wait for this crazy storm to go away.

    Thanks God after just a few minutes the storm went away and in less than 20 minutes the sky was blue again. What a crazy and scary experience.

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  • le mystère de Sussya : un encouragement pour les croyants du monde entier, Ecoutez ça.


    #visitisrael #yeshua #israelplusprochedevous

    Israël plus proche de vous #38
    Immersion sur le site de Susseya, à environ 60 kilomètres de Jérusalem, l'un des rares sites d'Israël, voir le seul, où le nom de Yeshua (Jésus) est mentionné clairement.
    À voir absolument, un encouragement pour les croyants du monde entier et un site à ne pas manquer lors de votre tour en Israël.
    Regardez... on mène l'enquête ensemble afin de percer le mystère de Sussya avec l'excellente guide Orah.

    Invité: Orah Sofer
    Langue des signes: Lydie Irrmann
    Présentatrice: Stéphanie Jérémie
    Traduction en anglais (sous-titres) : Micaël Carter
    Restons en contact sur les réseaux sociaux:



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