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Finally Shifted to This Phone - After 2 YEAR ????

  • Канарские острова


    Зрелищный научно-популярный фильм о природе Канар. Условия обитания, животный и растительный мир. Остров Фуэртевентура. Киты, акулы, дрофа-красотка, стервятник, физалия (португальский кораблик), головастая морская черепаха, большелобый продельфин, бутылконосый и чёрный дельфин, черноголовый чекан, осьминог, скат-бабочка, морской ангел, буревестник, канарский голубь, канарский колокольчик, пеночка, канарская наперстянка, чеглок Элеоноры,

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  • Male bigfin reef squid may be the best fathers of all cephalopods


    The standard for good cephalopod fathers might be a pretty low bar, but bigfin reef squid swim right over it.

    Male cephalopods, such as squids and octopuses, are not known for their parenting due to the fact that they often die soon after mating – but some species of squid might be the exception to this rule, as they have now been seen investigating potential nest sites to make sure they are safe before their female counterparts lay eggs.