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  • Watch SpaceX launch Starship SN10, at the edge of the exclusion zone!


    00:00:00 - Intro
    00:01:35 - Prelaunch Preview
    00:06:00 - Q&A
    02:30:00 - Tour of the Telescope Tracker
    02:38:30 - Q&A
    05:11:10 - Launch Attempt / Abort
    05:15:00 - Break
    08:10:35 - T - 1 Minute
    08:11:35 - LIFTOFF!
    08:13:45 - Engine Shutdown 1
    08:14:48 - Engine Shutdown 2
    08:15:54 - Apogee / Flip
    08:17:30 - Flip Manuever
    08:18:00 - LANDING!
    08:26:13 - EXPLOSION!!!

    Starship SN10 will be attempting a medium altitude test flight (~10 km). It will lift off from Boca Chica, Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN10 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.

    Need to know more information? Check out our Prelaunch Preview -

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  • Napo in... Polvere al lavoro -


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    Napo in ... polvere al lavoro illustra alcune delle molte situazioni e sostanze che generano polvere e sottolinea l'importanza di controllare l'esposizione alla polvere sul posto di lavoro per evitare problemi di salute. Il film termina con un botto - un'esplosione di polvere - la rapida combustione di particelle fini sospese nell'aria spesso, ma non sempre, in uno spazio chiuso.



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