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Get Started with No-Contact Pickup & Delivery

  • Webinar: How to Start and Grow Your Laundromats Pickup & Delivery Business


    DescriptionAre you laundromat owner looking to grow your Wash & Fold Business? Find out how your local laundromat business can build out your pickup & delivery laundry services with Curbside Laundries. We are laundromat owners who grew our laundromat into a six figure, full service laundry business.

    Make sure to check out the next video with an hour of Q&A! Great questions asked

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    Paano maging shopee SELLER? STEP by STEP guide in making your seller account please click the link ❤️

    Sino ang magpprint ng waybill?

    •BEST printer para sa mga online seller

    •How to be a shopee seller: STEP by STEP tutorial:

    •Paano mag arrange ng pickup sa first order mo :

    •Paano kapag wala kang printer?

    •Paano pag COD si buyer?

    MESSAGE ME! ❤️????



    ????for BUSINESS inquiries:

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  • Dominos introduces Zero Contact Takeaway


    Fresh toppings?
    Cheese burst?
    Aromatic oregano?
    Hot and Fresh delights?

    Did we get you dreaming about our pizzas already? Put your worries aside, as it is #SafeToCrave. Domino’s introduces Zero Contact Takeaway, now you can also enjoy hot and fresh pizzas quickly and safely by picking it up from over 1,300 Domino's stores across the country with no waiting and a complete Zero Contact experience

    Takeaway your Pizza safe and fast by ordering in advance. All our stores have Zero Contact Takeaway counters and practice the highest safety precautions.

    #DominosCares #DominosFoodSoldiers #SafeCravings #StayHome #StaySafe #SocialDistancing #ZeroContactDelivery #NoContactDelivery #Dominos #DominosPizza #DominosPizzaIndia #Quarantine #QuarantineLife #Friends #Family #Fun #LoveUDominos #SafelyDelivered #OrderKarnaSafeHai #SafeToCrave #ZeroContactTakeaway

  • Dominos Zero Contact Delivery Instructional Video


    Domino's has introduce Zero Contact Delivery a contactless delivery experience. Here's what to expect when your delivery expert arrives with your order.

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  • Tesla Model 3 No Contact Delivery *2020 New Method*


    Today we picked up our new Standard Range Tesla Model 3 with the newest way of pick up called no contact delivery (also called express delivery). Overall both my brother and I loved this way of picking the Tesla up. There are no people around, we can take our time, and its an enjoyable delivery experience. After that, I went up to LA and got some cool video of an APEX Model S owned by @hawkjoethetesla (Instagram). I finally finish up with the difference in RWD and AWD Teslas and how its a noticeable feeling when driving each of our cars. ENJOY!!


    My Instagram (Tesla Photos)

    Tesla Model 3: What All Owners NEED To Do!

    POV Drive In A Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model 3: A 25,000 Mile Review *Truthful*

    7 Ways My Tesla Model 3 Made Me A Better Person

    #model3 #tesla #delivery

    Thanks for watching!!
    Tesla Model 3 2020 No Contact Delivery *New Delivery Method*

  • How to Go No Contact


    If a woman’s interest level is currently low and you sense her pulling away from you, going no contact is one of the most effective ways to restore interest.

    If you’re always the first to initiate contact and reach out in relationships, there’s a good chance you’re killing attraction. You’re neither a mystery nor a challenge. Indeed, it’s only when a woman feels a degree of uncertainty and anxiety that she starts to focus on a man and think more about him.

    This video will show you how to go no contact the right way.

    For the full article visit:

    If you want to maintain attraction with a woman, right from the moment you first meet her all the way through to a long-term relationship, then I highly recommend you get a copy of my book Atomic Attraction.

    Check out the Get Her Back (Action Plan) for the best way to get your girlfriend back if she's pulled away from you or left you.

    Please click the link below to make a donation to support my work via PayPal:

    Click the link below if you need Emergency Email/Skype support:

    Click the link below to send me an email or visit my website (

    Trust yourself and trust the process,

    Chris Canwell

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  • How to Shop Kroger Grocery Delivery | How to Shop at Kroger | Kroger


    Watch the video to learn more about the easy and fast process for a delivery order at your local Kroger store.


    About Kroger:
    Liberating the food lovers of America, subscribe for fresh content and food inspiration. We are Fresh For Everyone. At Kroger, we are nearly half a million associates who serve over 11 million customers daily. We provide Americans with a seamless digital shopping experience, 2,761 retail food stores under a variety of banner names, and aim to create Zero Hunger Zero Waste communities by 2025.

    #Kroger #FreshForEveryone


    How to Shop Kroger Grocery Pickup | How to Shop at Kroger| Kroger


  • My Tesla Model Y is FINALLY ready! *no one was there*


    On June 25th, 2020, I went to the Fremont Delivery Center to pick up my Model Y (White Exterior, White Interior, 19” Gemini Wheels, plus Full Self Driving). The issues that were visible on the car are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. I feel like Tesla has made a ton of improvements to their quality issues in the past few months.

    Receive 1,000 free Supercharger miles with the purchase and delivery of a new Tesla:

    Get $10 off on your first order $50+

    ???? INSTAGRAM

    #Tesla #ModelY #TeslaModelY

    Intro: (0:00)
    Tesla Delivery Center: (0:23)
    Issues: (0:54)
    Accepting Delivery: (1:08)
    First Impressions: (1:54)
    Rear Seat Alignment: (3:18)
    Trunk space: (3:33)
    How do I drive it?: (3:52)

  • 3 Texts To Send Your Ex-Girlfriend


    3 Texts To Send Your Ex-Girlfriend (And Win Her Back) --

    Hey there, YouTube! Welcome to this video. My name is Kate Spring, and I’m a relationship and dating coach. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. If you don’t, now you do, and hopefully your life will be different after this video.

    Alright, a lot of people have been contacting me to create some videos or articles on getting your ex back. So I thought I would deliver the goods in this video. Some of you might have already seen my more in depth video on how to get you ex back. But, today, I have a video solely devoted to texting your ex back. I’m going to outline a few text messages to send to your ex-girlfriend to win her back. So let’s get started.

    Before we get started, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to get back to you, personally, as soon as I can.

    Okay, so first of all let’s cover some things to avoid when texting your ex. First, avoid texting her right after the breakup. Give her and yourself some room to breathe. Don’t blow up her phone with sappy messages saying how much you miss her or beg her to take you back! Avoid sending her mean messages telling her that you never loved her anyways or that she isn’t all that pretty and that you prefer your ex before her. This is just adding fuel to the fire and will make getting back together that much more difficult.

    Avoid the how’s it going text. You know, “Hey, how have you been?” text. That’s a dull and forgettable message that she will probably skim over and one that warrants a one word answer. In order to get your ex back, you need to excite her again. You need to create that feeling that if she doesn’t hear from you soon, she will scream, if not cry!

    The next thing to cover is when to text your ex and that is ideally after you have completed a one month period of no contact. The rule of absence.

    What is the rule of absence? I’m glad you asked. I’ll briefly outline it for you. The rule of absence is to become absent in your ex’s life for a period of about a month or so where you have zero contact with your ex. That means no phone calls, no texting, no emailing, no sliding into her dms, no matching with her on Tinder, no liking her Instagram pictures, no watching her Snap Chat stories, no commenting on her Facebook pictures or connecting through Facebook messenger.

    This is important because it gives your ex space to miss you and to heal from the breakup, and it also lets you get some clarity on the situation for yourself. You know that saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” The rule of absence allows your ex to romanticize your past relationship and have more positive, happier thoughts on the matter. Not ones of resentment or sorrow. This gives you each time to heal any wounds that your breakup caused.

    It’s important to have a clear goal in mind and work towards that. Do not get side tracked or take short cuts! They will work against you and all your hard work. And your goal is not to talk to her for a month, which might drive her crazy, but, in the end, that will create an anticipation in her to want to hear from you.

    The best time to start texting your ex back is after the no contact period when enough time has passed that your...

    ** READ MORE:


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  • Doordash Driver: 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Dashing


    T3D Money Tracker

    Official Triple Dee$ Merch

    Order Your Phone from Swappa Here

    Hyrecar: Rent a Car and Work Today

    Insurance for Your Phone


    Bentley Koup on Instagram

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    The Dash Bag Song

    Doordash | Door dash | Doordash Driver | Doordash Tips | Doordash Driver First Day | How to Doordash | Doordash Tutorial | Bentley Koup | Doordash Diaries

  • How to add Amazon Locker Pickup locations on Amazon Address Book to deliver your packages


    Buy Amazon Prime free for 1st Month :
    In this video, I have explained how to add Amazon Locker pickup locations on Address book. We need to login and add the pickup locations on the address book.

    That's it. Thank you for watching my videos.
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  • Walmart Grocery Pickup - How Does Pickup Work and Tips


    Walmart Grocery Pickup - How Does Pickup Work and Tips
    Here's $10 to try Walmart pick-up, my referral link. ????

    Hi, I’m Faith and today I want to show how Walmart pick-up works and my personal experiences using Walmart pick-up. ????

    I'll be honest, I heard about Walmart pickup about a year ago. But I was too scared to try online grocery shopping. Last year, I tried Walmart pick when my little boys got sick and my fridge/pantry desperately needed to be restocked. It was life-changing!

    My Blog Post for Walmart Pickup:

    How does Walmart Pick-up work?
    You can place your order in 2 different ways. Either on the computer or on your phone. I'll show you a step by step instructions on how to order online and on the Walmart Grocery App.????

    That’s how you use Walmart’s pick-up.
    Click the like button if you thought this video was helpful and subscribe to my channel for more homemaking videos. ????

    Thank you so much for watching and have a good day! ????

    Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on the product links and purchase the product, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and my family! Thank you!

  • Get Started with No-Contact Pickup & Delivery​


    No-contact curbside pickup & grocery delivery is a safe, easy way to get all the groceries you need. Get started either on or on the Walmart App—this how-to video will walk you through it!

  • Stay at Home and Let us Serve. 48 Hours No-Contact Delivery By Soulfull in Bangalore


    We are all going through trying times and responsible social distancing is the need of the hour.
    Soulfull has set up a No-Contact Direct Delivery from our factory to your Homes in Bangalore within 48 hours to help our customers have access to safe, healthy and tasty snacking and breakfast options. Keeping hygiene at the forefront our carefully instructed and trained delivery personnel will be delivering Soulfull products.
    Click here to start ordering:

    For any further queries please reach out to us at
    - Team Soulfull

  • Pizza Hotline - No Contact Delivery


    Pizza Hotline has taken important steps to ensure you can continue to order from us safely. We have made curbside PICKUP and contact-less delivery OUR NEW STANDARD. Plus, you can now prepay online at PIZZAHOTLINE.CA or You can also pay using Tap at the door or curbside pickup. And between all orders our delivery drivers are washing down all debit terminals and using gloves. I'm Jerry Cianflone, and I guarantee that Pizza Hotline will do our part to help flatten the curve and serve Manitobans.

  • How to Start a Pickup and Delivery Service Website in WordPress?


    How to Create a Delivery Service Management Website in WordPress?
    Domain Hosting Registration Link:

    Theme Download Link:

    Elementor Download:

    ACF Download:

    We often get question from our viewers that How Can I Make a Courier Management Website in WordPress?
    Well, we already created a video on the topic, but we covered the frontend part on that video. Here is the link, you can check that as well.

    In this video, I worked on backend part. How you can register merchant account and delivery person account as well. I tried to show everything from scratch. Following this step by step guide anyone will able to make his delivery service website effectively.

    Video Index:

    Register Domain & Hosting: 00:20
    WordPress Install: 01:30
    Theme Install: 03:00
    Plugins Install: 05:20
    Bridge Theme Settings: 06:10
    Demo Import: 06:40
    Slider Setup: 08:20
    Theme Settings: 10:30
    Register Quote Request Custom Post: 17:10
    Register ACF Fields: 18:10

  • Extended No-Contact Pickup Hours


    More opportunities to checkout books
    As a way to better connect our patrons with their books, audiobooks and DVDs, the Buckeye Public Library System is now able to offer morning and evening as well as Saturday pickup times.  Beginning Aug. 24, customers will be able to use our No-Contact Holds Pickup program at both the Downtown Library and Coyote Branch:

    Monday - Saturday 9-11 a.m. & 5-7 p.m. 
    Tuesdays 5-7 p.m.@ Coyote Branch Library 
    Thursdays 5-7 p.m. @ Downtown Library

  • Learn How Record Phone Calls with low cost Olympus TP8 telephone pickup microphone


    It is simple to record phone calls with the Olympus TP8 telephone pickup microphone model TP8. I think I paid about $12 for my Olympus TP8 a few years ago but the price goes up and down all the time on Amazon. Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick-up Microphone
    You can use any digital audio recorder that has a 3.5mm input for the microphone. I prefer to use Olympus recorders as I buy them used on eBay for very little cost. I think recording phone calls with the pickup microphone connected to a good recorder is the most reliable and low-cost method to record calls. You don't get professional broadcast quality with this microphone but it is static-free and super reliable. The biggest problem new users seem to have is they absent-mindedly put the phone on the ear without the microphone.
    Any recorded phone conversations must be done in accordance with all of your local, state, and federal laws, guidelines, and restrictions.

    If you appreciate my videos you can always visit Amazon via my amazon store link and anything you buy on Amazon Jeff Bezos send me a few pennies.

    I want to thank you guys again for showing up and watching me trying to have a little fun or show you something that might help you out. I made YouTube videos for fun years before they paid a penny and I will continue to do so as long as it is fun and you guys keep showing up.
    see ya out there.
    Robb Moffett
    Robb's Homemade life

  • Grocery delivery is a breeze!


    Get fresh groceries and more with no-contact grocery delivery. It’s easy! Place your order on or in the app.

    Save Money. Live Better.

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  • How to... Do No-Contact Self Pickup


    Hi Everyone! It's Carla from the ELANCO Library. This week's video is a little bit different! We decided to talk about our No-Contact Self Pickup. Please visit our website: for more information!

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  • Sals Brentwood No Contact Delivery


    No Contact Delivery from Sal's Family Pizza of Brentwood.
    Order Online 20% Off Every Order till April 30th, 2020.Promo Code: ONLYSALS
    ~ Call Ph#(615)953-2056
    ~Delivery ~Curbside Pickup~ Beer Delivery~

  • In Business: Curbside Pickup and Delivery at Firehouse Subs


  • How To order chipotle online for pickup or delivery step by step


    How to Order Chipotle Delivery & Pickup | How it Works & Tips 2020
    #chipotle #chipotledelivery #howtoorderchipotle

    Welcome back! Today I am sharing how to order Chipotle Delivery & Pickup right from my phone! It is super easy, but I realize that not everyone has done it before so I figured why not help others bring the joy of Chipotle to their home. We love Chipotle at our house. My favorite order is the veggie bowl with chips & queso. Emma likes the kids build your own steak bowl & Lily likes the kids cheese quesadilla.

    Catch ya in the next video :)
    Kathy M

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    *** This video and channel is for mothers and women. I am a working mom lifestyle channel that was created to share with mothers and women. From review, how to videos, cleaning & meal ideas.

    Here is a little bit of my journey this far.
    About me: My name is Kathy and I am a single mom of two girls (Emma and Lily). We live in Texas and I work full time. Life is busy, but we make it work + have lots of fun in the process. I enjoy sharing tips with my busy mom tribe in hopes to inspire other women to live their best life. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out on any videos in the future! I'm so grateful for all your support!! xo

  • Contactless Payment, Tap & Pay and Store Pickup | Denise Brooks - Alexis Information Systems


    Do you need help setting up a store pick-up system? Call Alexis Information Systems at 479-365-3158

    #storepickup #retailsales #acceptcreditcards

    Exploring the payment options as we discuss Contactless payment, Tap, pay & go or No-contact Checkout.
    Implementing a new checkout procedure to make store pickup an option for your store visitors.

    I hope this information helps your business save money and please subscribe!


    Ecommerce Coaching

    Tech Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Alexis Information Systems is a technology solutions firm located in Fayetteville, AR.
    Live chat :
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    Avalara for sales tax
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  • Waitr offering “No-Contact” delivery amid coronavirus outbreak



  • Create your own Pickup and Delivery App || Live Demo || Code Brew Labs


    In this video, you will see the customer app of our Pickup and Delivery App. It has an amazing UI and it will run seamlessly on iOS and Android.
    Launch your pickup and deliver app today:

    Our pickup and delivery solution will include:
    - Uber-like customer app (iOS & Android)
    - A Website
    - Driver App
    - Advanced Dashboard

    On demand delivery app like postmates are in hype across the world. They allow customers to pick up and deliver anything in just one tap. Apart from this, our app has a convenient and comfortable UI for customers.

    Whether you need a courier delivery app, courier tracking app, or maybe for some other pickup and delivery business. It is the one-stop solution for any kind of pickup and delivery solution.

    How it works:
    The customers simply need to click on the app and raise a request for pickup. They have to enter the details that they wish to deliver. The pick-up man will come to the customer's address and picks up the package and delivers it on time.

    The customers can even select the choice of their vehicle, according to the size and type of courier being delivered.
    This delivery app is best for small business and mid-size business.

    Get your parcel delivered in 5 easy steps
    1. Order received from a customer
    2. The delivery agent gets assigned to deliver the product
    3. The product gets picked up from a nearby store
    4. Product is delivered at the customer's doorstep with zero contact
    5. The invoice is sent to the customer.

    Feel free to check our other Live Demos:
    Food Delivery App:
    Grocery Delivery App:
    Deliver Safe:
    Taxi Booking App:
    Food Delivery App Admin Panel:

    0:00- Introduction
    0:29- Sign up Page
    1:03- Main screen of App
    1:12- Pickup and Delivery
    1:53- Choose Vehicle Type
    2:53- Details of Order
    3:24- Choose Images of Product
    3:33- Multiple Payment Gateways
    4:00- Nearest Driver Assignment
    4:28- Switch Rider
    4:47- Cab booking and Ambulance Delivery
    5:19- Push Notifications
    5:30- Travel Packages
    5:54- Emergency contacts
    6:15- Settings

    About Code Brew Labs- Code Brew Labs is an ace Mobile App & Website Development Company with numerous successful projects by our extensive clientele based across the world.

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    #pickupanddelivery #courierdelivery #deliveryapp

  • How to add curbside pickup, delivery to a Google My Business listing


    This video shows you how to add curbside pickup, store pickup, delivery and same day delivery to your Google My Business Page. The attributes section has these tags which you can add and then apply to your GMB Listing. The attributes are available in the info section of your GMB Page. Add these attributes and click apply to add them to your Google My Business listing.

  • Minnow: Helping to Make Takeout & Delivery Efficient


    There are inherent problems in restaurant takeout and delivery. Minnow helps solve one of them. The Minnow Pickup Pod is a touchless, contact-free solution for food delivery and pickup -- helping to keep food secure and people safe. While not originally built with COVID-19 in mind, the Minnow Pod finds itself perfectly positioned with a product that's a win win for operators & customers. Join Jaime Oikle of and Steven Sperry, CEO of Minnow as they talk about the companies origins and where they are today. Learn more at Plus stay tuned to for more industry updates.

  • LBFEs contact-free holiday meal delivery process


    Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly has planned a contact-free experience for volunteers, their families, and our elders this holiday season. This step-by-step video shows how volunteers can safely bring joy and a homemade holiday meal to an elder, who would otherwise be alone on the holiday.

    If you're not yet an LBFE volunteer but would like to brighten this season for an isolated, lonely Chicago elder, sign up for an upcoming volunteer orientation at:

  • #shorts,No Contact Book Pickup????


    Uploaded February 11,2021

  • Tombolo Books offers no-contact downtown delivery in St. Petersburg


    In light of recent developments with COVID-19, Tombolo Books has shut down its sales floor and closed curbside pickup.

    Our first priority has always been the health, happiness and wellbeing of the St. Petersburg, Florida community. We are still offering delivery to the immediate downtown St. Petersburg area, and shipping with USPS.

    You can browse and order books on

    Stay home, stay safe, and keep reading, St. Pete!

  • Reserve, Arrive, Retrieve! No-Contact Pickup Service


    An overview of how to use the No-Contact Pickup service at the Buckeye Public Library System.

  • Fargo Public Library - No-Contact Curbside Pick-up Service Guide


    As part of the City’s Reopening Fargo | Phase One comprehensive plan, the Fargo Public Library has been offering curbside pick-up of library materials. We invite you to watch this short video to learn more about how to access our No-Contact Curbside Pick-up Service.

  • EPL curbside pickup


    Get started with curbside service by following the below steps:

    Place your holds online at or by calling your favorite ECPL location.

    When your holds are ready you'll receive an automated text, email, or phone call asking you to call your pickup library to schedule a pickup time.

    Call your pickup library to schedule an appointment to pickup your holds. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday.

    Arrive at your scheduled appointment and call the number posted outside the library. We'll bring your new items right out! If you're returning any items, please place them in the outside bookdrop and we'll quarantine them and check them in.

  • Curbside Pick Up Plant | No Contact Plant Shopping



    Peace everyone! Today we are going on a little adventure...come with me as I do a curbside plant pick up. #houseplants #plantshopping

    Boulevard Flower Garden:








    The knowledge I had then is not the knowledge I have now - Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture)

    Some products received for PR purposes all opinions are those of
    Keisha Adinkra


  • Get your groceries delivered or curb-side pickup using Prepears grocery integration.


    This video explains how you can get the items in your grocery list delivered or for curbside pickup using Prepear's grocery integration. ONLY TAKES MINUTES!!! Take the stress out of shopping with kids and save money by only buying the items in your grocery list.

  • Origami Frankenstein


    Don't adjust your screens for this special and spooky black and white episode in celebration of Frankenstein. This week Ms. Cynthia will teach you how to create a Frankenstein goodie holder just in time for Halloween!

    When your done, make sure to go online to find fun Halloween books that you can place on hold through our No-Contact Pickup. You can pickup them up when you are notified. You can also read via our ebooks. Go to

    To learn about No-Contact Pickup visit:
    To search ebooks visit:

  • No-Contact Delivery


    We know that you’re concerned about COVID-19. We are too.

    Hungry Howie’s has been making pizza for our customers for almost 50 years. The health and safety of our customers has always been our top priority. During this pandemic, we are even more concerned. We are now offering no-contact delivery. If you’re having your order delivered, our drivers won’t be offended if you ask them to “Please Step Away.” This means that when a driver arrives, feel free to ask them to set down your pizza where you choose and step back to provide appropriate social distancing

  • Origami with Ms. Cynthia - Halloween Witch


    Ms Cynthia will put a spell on you as she teaches you how to make a super fun and cute witch, just in time for Halloween!

    When your done, make sure to go online to find fun Halloween books that you can place on hold through our No-Contact Pickup. You can pickup them up when you are notified. You can also read via our ebooks. Go to

    To learn about No-Contact Pickup visit:

    To search ebooks visit:

  • Quarantine Eats Episode 18: No Contact Pickup


    For this episode, I got takeout from The Kebab Shop and tried their no contact pickup, which wasn't what I was expecting.

    Wolfe Pit: - Great Channel check it out

  • Pickup Only Mode on Store Pickup and Delivery Shopify App


    Pickup only mode is a faster checkout experience exclusively available for merchants who only offering in-store pickup to their customers. In essence we remove the shipping address and rates section of your checkout process by disabling the Requires shipping setting on all of your products.

    Learn more at:

    Try Store Pickup and Delivery app for 14 days for free:

  • Medication Pickup or Delivery with CVS Specialty


    With the CVS Specialty mobile app, Specialty patients choose to pick up their medications at CVS Pharmacy, or have them delivered to another location of their choice.

    Learn more at

    Watch other CVS Specialty digital tool videos:
    Digital Tools Overview:
    Refilling Prescriptions:
    Order Tracking:
    Making Online Payments:
    Messaging the CareTeam:

  • Get Deliver Breakfast Lunch and Dinner from Yumitos


    Delivery & takeout from the best local restaurants. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and more, delivered safely to your door. Now offering pickup & no-contact delivery.
    customers. visit:

    Follow us:

    contact :844-yumitos(986-4867)
    Business email:

  • Deliver Groceries With Point Pickup and Get Paid Cash!


    When you sign up make sure to type in my full first and last name like that we’ll both receive referral bonuses. Name is Luis Davila.

    Learn how you can deliver groceries with #pointpickup from stores like #walmart and get paid #cash

    Point pick up is another grocery delivery app you that allows you earn money with your phone just like Instacart and Shipt. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to worry about shopping for the order. All of the shopping is done by the Walmart employees. All you do is pull into the parking lot, have your order loaded and off you are with the groceries to customers home. Sign up with Point PickUp today.

  • Overview of using the TSCPL@Home service


    TSCPL@Home delivers library items directly to your home every other week.

  • Curbside Pickup: Convenient and Contact-less


    Watch as PDL staff walk you through the process of using Curbside Pickup. Access library materials without entering the building. Place your holds, wait for the email that they are ready, and schedule an appointment today!
    Visit to learn more!

  • NO CONTACT electric scooter food delivery in Hollywood.


    I’m taking every precaution. I realize the handwashing on the gloves I am using in the video is not a good method. Starting today I’m gonna wear my usual protective bike gloves but no latex glove. After each delivery I will sanitize my hands with alcohol-based sanitizer and then spray my gloves with the bleach and water.

  • Get Your Papa Johns Pizza With No Contact Delivery


    Papa John’s Pizza has the tastes that you love and now they have launched no-contact delivery. Get that great Papa John’s taste even if you are in quarantine!

  • Placing Books & Movies on Hold for No Contact Curbside Pickup


    A quick guide from the Clear Creek County Library District for placing books & movies on hold for no contact curbside pickup. Visit for full details.

  • The Bay Areas #Best #Contactless Pickup and #JunkRemoval


    Ask us about our contactless pickup services! JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Mountain View offers customers the option to choose a no-contact pickup to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers and our teams. Call (844) GET-JDOG or (650) 279-3874 today! Find us at: #covid19protocols #veteranbusinessowner #military #supportlocal #mountainview #Sunnyvale #losaltos #jdog #trust #paloalto #siliconvalley #veteranownedbusiness #veteranemployment #integrity #shopsmall #respect #junkremoval #santaclaracounty #safety #customerservice

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