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HEAVY HAULAGE In The Jungle | Full Documentary

  • Heavy Haulage of Giant Tank Gone Wrong!


    The heavy haulage of two CO2 gas tanks from the Barlage company in Haselünne to Dörpen was ill-fated from the start. The transport first attracted attention because of halved trees in the city of Sögel. Later the first gas tank tipped over shortly after passing this point and landed on the field next to the road. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

    The transport of the two gas tanks originally started on February 24, 2020 and could only be completed on March 29 after the salvage.

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  • Deberadini Heavy Haul - En Route with a Komatsu PC490


    During the week of the '2016' 75 Chrome Shop Truck Show in Wildwood, Florida, DeBeradini Heavy Haul moved a Komatsu PC 490 excavator on a 2016 Fontaine Magnitude 60 ton dropside rail 2+3+1 trailer to the show.

    DeBeradini Heavy Haul. Transport You Can Count On. People You Can Trust. Visit Call 321-299-5993 To Schedule a load.

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  • Ever wondered what its like to drive one of the biggest trucks in the world?


    Ever wondered what it's like to drive one of the biggest trucks in the world? Meet April who does just that.

    April drives a Caterpillar 797f rear dump truck at Peak Downs Mine in Queensland's Bowen Basin.

  • the DUEL TRUCK - an american nightmare ...or dream?


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    THIS IS THE REAL DUEL TRUCK! Owned by self made man Brad Wike in North Carolina. This Peterbilt is the only surviving truck from Steven SPielberg's first film. Listen to Brad tell his story of trucks and how it changed his life from a young boy looking out a window at the trucks on the freeway to looking through the windshield at the fwy. This is the true american dream.

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  • DEEP SEA FISHING - Hard Work On The High Seas | Full Documentary


    Deep sea fishing - that's working to the limit. The ships of the German deep sea fishing fleet often stay at sea for months. The hunt for the black halibut takes the team to the Arctic Circle. Storm and snow are part of everyday life here, work on board is dangerous. Great trust in their comrades and their own skills makes the crew a tight-knit community. This documentary accompanies the crew on board one of the largest deep-sea trawlers in the German fleet.

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  • How To Dismantle A South African Class 15F Steam Locomotive | Huge Moves | Spark


    This week on Huge Moves S3 - Britain’s leading heavy haulier Andrew Goodman embarks on an epic one hundred day journey on the road, rail and ocean to move a vintage 15F steam locomotive 7,000 miles from Bloemfontein in South Africa back to Glasgow, Scotland where it was originally built sixty years ago.

    Super-size missions, risky routes, and the biggest cargo on the planet-imagine hauling a submarine over dry land, transporting a fleet of mega-yachts across the Atlantic, or relocating 20 ancient Egyptian temples...and now meet the heavy haulers who tackle incredible odds to get the job done.

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  • Massive 1000 hp Kenworth C510 with 5 trailer road train


    These Massive 1000 horsepower Kenworth C510s at Burton Downs Mine are specifically designed for off-highway use and rated up to 250 tonne. They’re powered by Cummins’ 19-litre QSK-19 engine which complies with Australian on-highway emission requirements (ADR80). Designed primarily for high-end road train applications, the big-bore Cummins engine provides superior levels of durability and reliability than is currently available from smaller cubic capacity engines.

    The engine delivers 606 hp (447 kW) at 2100 rpm, with peak torque of 1950 lb ft (2644 Nm) at 1300 rpm. Other key components include an 18-speed Fuller RTLO-22918B transmission, with a first gear ratio of 14.4:1 through to 0.73:1 in overdrive. Rear axles are Axle Tech STRC-1297 hub reduction (they’re the old Rockwell off-road model) with a final ratio of 9.59:1. The front axle is Rockwell FL941 rated at 9.1 tonne and the 295 mm deep chassis which has a far thicker web and flange than its highway cousins and features a full length double frame.

    These power trailer units have a Smith built body on the power-trans chassis (they’re the company who built the power trailer unit) and they’re fitted with either Cummins ISX or Signature engines rated at 450 and 500 horsepower. They are coupled to an Allison automatic transmission and tri-drive SISU hub reduction axles.

    The control of these trailers is via both a cab mounted hand throttle and married to the accelerator pedal. The advantage of this for instance is when the unit is climbing a hill the trailer can be set at full throttle and when the driver changes gear in the Kenworth C510 there is minimal road speed loss as the trailer is still pushing the unit.

  • 2021 Volvo VNL Truck - Better Than Your Bedroom


    2021 Volvo VNL Truck - Everything You Ever Wanted to See / ALL-NEW Volvo VNL 2021 (Volvo Truck 2021)

    Volvo Trucks unveils highly anticipated new VNL series

    Volvo Trucks North America today revealed the new Volvo VNL series, a groundbreaking tractor that meets the needs of today’s long-haul trucking customers and professional drivers through cutting-edge innovations in efficiency, productivity, safety and uptime. Available in several configurations, including an all-new, 70-inch sleeper, the Volvo VNL series defines the shape of trucks to come.

    “The new Volvo VNL builds on our long-standing commitment to deliver the safest, most comfortable and most efficient long-haul truck on the market,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “Infused with new innovations and technologies, we’re proud to expand upon that commitment to our current and future customers with this new design.”


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  • Roads At Work. Transport In Australia Ep 2.


    Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1966. Directed by John Milson. Designed for classroom use, this film looks at road transport in Australia. The film illustrates the part played by road transport in the economy, as well as a brief history. It discusses the making, maintaining and use of roads.

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  • Jade Hunters Of China | FULL LENGTH | MagellanTV


    High in the mountains of China men gamble with their money, and their lives. The prize is some of the finest jade on earth, but winning it requires many sacrifices. Life is not easy for these men, who dedicate their life to excavating this rare stone.

    Here at MagellanTV it is our mission to bring you the finest documentaries from around the world. With over 2000 streaming titles ranging in subject from science and space to nature and history, we hope to broaden your mind by introducing you to a world of educational and entertaining content. We believe in the power of telling real stories that have defined the human experience and point the way to the future. We call it: Documentaries worth watching.

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  • Thomas Cochrane: Craziest Sea Captain in History


    Get better sleep with Sleep Theory:

    Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the historical biographies continues with a video on life and adventures of the British captain and admiral Thomas Cochrane. He took part in the Napoleonic Wars, famously winning the battle of Basque Roads, and then participated in the liberation of Chile and Peru from the Spanish rule, Brazil from the Portuguese and Greece from the Ottoman empire, which made him one of the most interesting people of the XIX century and one of the craziest captains in history.

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    The video was made by Lito Areta, while the script was researched and written by Leo Stone

    This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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  • Why Was The Great Sphinx of Giza Built? | Blowing Up History


    Find out what the Great Sphinx would have looked like when it was first built, and why the Pharaoh Khafre had the great monument built with his face on it.

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  • How Did They Build The Eurotunnel Under The Sea? | Super Structures | Spark


    Eurotunnel paints a vivid and exciting portrait of human ingenuity and the unflagging nature of mankind’s pioneering spirit. Join the 13,000 workers in their 6-year effort to complete an almost unimaginable technological feat - the 3.5-mile Euro tunnel.

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  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Masters of the Desert


    Sand, gravel and rocks. Heat, dust and heavy loads. Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles master even the most difficult terrains and challenges. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

    We have sent our full range of highly capable off-road vehicles to test the limits – from the light-duty G-Wagon 4x4 to the super-heavy-duty Actros 8x8 tractor. Watch the full movie and see yourself what is possible when performance and robustness encounter the harsh conditions in the Middle East.

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  • 10 Worlds Largest and Most Powerful Motor Graders You Need To See


    Welcome back to another video from Lord Gizmo. In this video, we'll be showing you the top 10 world's largest and most powerful motor graders you need to see. So stick around till the end, make sure to subscribe, like, and share, and don't forget to turn on the notification icon.

    0:00 INTRO

    00:14 CASE 885B

    01:12 SEM MACHINERY SEM 919


    03:31 SANY GROUP SMG200C-8


    05:09 DORMASHINA DM14

    06:13 JOHN DEERE 872G/GP

    07:17 KOMATSU GD675-1

    08:03 XCMG GR5505

    08:46 CAT 24



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  • How Container Ships Work


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    Bananas are shipped from thousands of miles away and yet are still cheaper than local Apples. The reason is the incredible economics of container ships.

    This includes a paid sponsored promotion which had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of the video.

    Music by Epidemic Sound:

    Inspired in part by these books:
    -The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger By Marc Levinson
    -Ninety Percent of Everything by Rose George

    [World - Single Color]( by [](
    Rolls-Royce Video:
    XKCD comic is from

    Full list of sources:

  • Vehicles Of The Future - Future Transportation System 2050


    Vehicles Of The Future - Future Transportation System 2050

    The transportation system in the future will be very different from our current system. We will see flying cars, self-driving cars, passenger drones, hyperloop one system that is projected to reach a top speed of 760 mph (1,220 km/h) and with Starship and the Super Heavy Rocket, most journeys will taking less than 30 minutes, with access to anywhere in the world in an hour or less.

    Starship-Super Heavy Earth to Earth :
    With Starship and the Super Heavy Rocket, most of what people consider to be long distance trips would be completed in less than half an hour. In addition to vastly increased speed, one great benefit about traveling in space, outside of Earth’s atmosphere, is the lack of friction as well as turbulence and weather. Consider how much time we currently spend traveling from one place to another. Now imagine most journeys taking less than 30 minutes, with access to anywhere in the world in an hour or less. It's designed to service all Earth orbit needs as well as the Moon and Mars. This two-stage vehicle—composed of the Super Heavy Rocket (booster) and Starship (ship).

    Hyperloop One :
    The Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation that moves freight and people quickly, safely, on-demand and direct from origin to destination. Passengers or cargo are loaded into the hyperloop vehicle and accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The vehicle floats above the track using magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamic drag. Hyperloop One systems will be built on columns or tunneled below ground to avoid dangerous grade crossings and wildlife. It’s fully autonomous and enclosed, eliminating pilot error and weather hazards.

    Underground Tunnels Transportation :
    To solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic, roads must go 3D, which means either flying cars or tunnels. Unlike flying cars, tunnels are weatherproof, out of sight and won't fall on your head. A large network of tunnels many levels deep would fix congestion in any city, no matter how large it grew (just keep adding levels). Fast to dig, low cost tunnels would also make Hyperloop adoption viable and enable rapid transit across densely populated regions, enabling travel from New York to Washington DC in less than 30 minutes.

    Pop.Up Next :
    At the heart of the Pop.Up Next concept is a simple two-seat passenger cabin that can travel one of two ways. The simpler and more conventional route involves attaching to a 60-kW (80-hp) electric powered sled and assuming the role of a self-driving car. Top speed is listed at 100 km/h (62 mph) and it would rely on a 15-kWh battery for a 130-km (81-mi) range. Pop.Up’s modus operandi is simple: passengers plan their journey and book their trip via an easy-to-use app. The system automatically suggests the best transport solution - according to user knowledge, timing, traffic congestion, costs, ridesharing demands - joining either the air or ground module or other means of transportation to the passenger capsule, and following passengers’ preferences and needs.

    Renault Float :
    The Float is designed to take the social interaction of Facebook into the world of cars. The glass machine will look like a bubble when on the roads, floating around using magnetic levitation tech, while able to connect to other pods to create a weird bubblewrap-style convoy. Seats can swivel and sliding doors open to force you to interact while The Float can bob around in any direction. The concept also includes a smartphone app that lets you holler for a Float at any time – the Uber of the future, apparently.

    Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion :
    The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle makes the future tangible with the revolutionary concept of autonomous driving. A luxury sedan with total connectivity between vehicle, passengers, and the outside world, it's a preview of how the self-driving car of the future could evolve into a platform for communication and interaction.

    Transit Elevated Bus :
    Passengers on board the bus are expected to experience a ride comparable to riding in the upper level of a double decker bus. They will board and alight at stations at the side of the road with platforms at the bus floor height similar to stations of an elevated railway, or via stairs descending through the roof of the bus from a station similar to a pedestrian overpass. It will travel at up to 60 km/h (37 mph). Different versions will carry up to 1,200 passengers, with the larger versions being articulated to facilitate going around curves.

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    Youtube Audio Library
    ● Stranger Danger - Francis Preve
    ● Parasail - Silent Partner
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  • Why Scania created the legendary Scania V8 engine


    This historical film tells the story of why Scania developed the first Scania V8 engine, the DS14, in the 1960s. When the Swedish authorities raised the speed limit and maximum gross weight permitted for heavy trucks, it created the need for a new, more powerful engine. Scania's engineers met that need with the now-legendary 350 horsepower V8 engine. More than half a century later, the Scania V8 remains a powerful tool for the most demanding transport operations. This is where that legend began.

    Learn more about the development of the first Scania V8:

  • Minute by Minute: The Eruption of Mount St. Helens


    Episode of A&E's Minute by Minute program regarding the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens. Included are interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses to the eruption.

  • MEGA TUNNEL MACHINES - Drilling, Digging & Blasting | Full Documentary


    The tunnel builders are in constant use for the major construction projects “Stuttgart 21” and “Wendlingen-Ulm”. Numerous rail tunnels are being built in Baden-Württemberg, including three of the longest in Germany.

    One of them is the twin-tube Albvorland tunnel in Kirchheim unter Teck with a length of 8,176 meters. Before the first meters can be excavated with a tunnel boring machine right next to the A8 motorway, the workers have to load the two most important components. The two cutting wheels, which are later to remove the earth with 140 paring knives, weigh 200 tons each. The final work before the spectacular loading by a huge crawler crane starts with great anticipation. “That sets a real milestone,” says Michael Frahm, the head of the tunnel construction team. “We now have a year and a half of preparation behind us. And when the cutting wheels finally glide across the construction site through the air, it not only looks impressive, but also means for us that all the work has been worth it.

    But suddenly a problem. The crane cannot lift a cutting wheel. And suddenly everything is on the brink. The technical manager of tunneling Jens Classen knows: “We now have to find the fault quickly and otherwise improvise if necessary, as is unfortunately sometimes necessary in tunneling. It's about many thousands of euros a day.
    The race against time has begun.

    In 24 hour shifts, three tunnels are being built in parallel in different directions on the so-called intermediate attack in Stuttgart Wangen. Mostly in blasting with 50 large machines from wheel loaders to drill trucks and lots of explosives. Since the workers are here directly under the city, vibrations on the surface must be avoided.
    Well, it shakes a bit, grins Austrian site manager Georg Hofer. “But we have already gained experience here and we know the rock very well. Nevertheless, every blast is something special and explosives are generally dangerous. We cannot allow ourselves to lose concentration!
    There is a complete ban on blasting between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Then the team makes do with a mighty chisel that tears out the solid mudstone and slowly creates the tunnel tubes.

    Driving with huge machines at the end of the tunnel. Drill. Bust. Blast.

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  • Rebuilding Industry Bulldozers | Mega Mechanics | Spark


    On this episode of Mega Mechanics, at the world’s largest coal export terminal, high voltage cables are causing some real problems for leading tradesperson, Dan and his team. A shutdown is ordered, but before anything is off the ground there’s an issue. Big bulldozer rebuild has the heat on Shane to stay on track at the Hastings Deering mine shop. Bringing these mega machines back to new takes temperature and tools to the extreme.

    Across Australia, the wheels of industry turn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These machines are tough and the teams of people running them are even tougher. From deep underground, to high in the sky, these heavy metal marvels are essential to our daily lives. But, what happens when these massive machines break down? Teams of mechanics, engineers, fitters, and boilermakers step up to battle against tight deadlines, in some of the harshest working environments on the planet.

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  • German ICE Train - High Speed On Rails | Full Documentary


    The ICE operated by Deutsche Bahn is Germany's fastest train at 330 kilometers per hour. Every year, the ICE brings millions of travelers to their destinations in the shortest possible time and has been even faster since the end of 2017: Since then, the high-speed trains have been racing on the newly built Berlin-Munich high-speed axis from the federal capital to the state capital in just under four hours. Our documentary accompanies an ICE train driver in his daily work and shows the training of new ICE train drivers in the simulator.

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  • Truck Drivers: How to Drive a Lorry Properly | British Pathé


    This film from 1965 follows the routes of two lorry drivers, 'old sober-sides' and 'old tearaway' , as they demonstrate the right and wrong way to be safe on the road.

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    (FILM ID:309.01)
    Comparison between good and bad truck drivers in Oxfordshire.

    The film follows the fortunes of old sober-sides the safe driver and of old tearaway who breaks the rules. L/S of a policeman standing on country road waving a lorry (Austin) over to a lay-by. The commentator tells us that they are carrying out spot checks to find the good from the bad drivers. The lorry being checked is that of old sober - sides. The two inspectators stick a certificate on the side of the vehicle and let the lorry move off. M/S of old tearaway leaning out of lorry speaking to policemen and inspectors, appearing to be having problems.

    M/S of two teenage girls standing on road hitchhiking the safe driver passes by without stopping (this would be breaking company regulations) M/S of bad driver pulling up to give hitchhikers a lift (breaking firms regulations).

    Various shots comparing the safe and bad drivers. The safe driver wave cars past him out of courtesy, while the bad violently swerves in front of a Morris Minor as it attempts to overtake, and blocks vehicles at a junction. M/S of both drivers pulling up at roadside cafe. Shot of bad driver putting money in jukebox and playing one-arm bandit. Old sober-sides leaves first and heads back to lorry not having wasted time like old tearaway.

    Before television, people came to movie theatres to watch the news. British Pathé was at the forefront of cinematic journalism, blending information with entertainment to popular effect. Over the course of a century, it documented everything from major armed conflicts and seismic political crises to the curious hobbies and eccentric lives of ordinary people. If it happened, British Pathé filmed it.

    Now considered to be the finest newsreel archive in the world, British Pathé is a treasure trove of 85,000 films unrivalled in their historical and cultural significance.

    British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 136,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1984. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website.

  • HEAVY TRANSPORT MISSION - Giants On The Move | Full Documentary


    How can 46-meter-long wind turbine blades and a five-meter-high drill head gear be maneuvered through difficult terrain? Despite special devices and technical tricks, the transport requires precise millimeter work, as every curve or intersection is a challenge. Our documentary shows two heavy haulage companies and the extraordinary solutions of the transport companies for the almost hopeless problems.

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  • Mega-Yacht Transport / Heavy Haulage to the Exhibition Site | Boot 2020


    Transport of the six yachts Azimut 72, Azimut 78, Azimut S6, San Lorenzo SL96 Asymmetric, Azimut Grande S10 und Princess Y85 by heavy haulage trucks on January 6, 2020. Trucks from the companies Wagenborg and Lubbers pulled the ships ashore from the pontoon. The up to 105 tons heavy and 29 meters long mega-yachts were displayed at the Boot 2020 boat show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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    ???? Excavator on 600 feet Cooling Tower:

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  • Emirates Express Heavy Haulage


    Komatsu HD785 Rock Truck shifting from jebel ali port to Continental Dubai U.A.E/sailing @ Utog

  • RJC Heavy Haulage Lowloaders


    A giant caterpillar tractor hired from Cawarden Destruction is moved from the site of former JCB Cecily Mills plant in Queen Street, Cheadle, Staffordshire, on the morning of 14th September 2020 by RJC Lowloaders of Northants.
    We see the move climbing up Queen Street bank, then past Central Garage and up Daisy Bank on its way out of Cheadle.
    A few other interesting vehicles are seen in this short film, including smaller excavators being transported to the Cecily Mills demolition site on lowloaders by Richard Long and Trans Ruby, a local town circular bus, a tractor, and another bus service bound for Leek.
    Not a typical rush hour in Cheadle!

  • The Best Apps for Heavy Haulage Companies as Voted by National Heavy Haulage


    If you are going to be awesome at something you need best people and the best equipment. Technology has brought new innovation to keep us all working better together and alone. Smartphone and tablet apps bring even more choice helping you to be more organised, search, save money and navigate new places.

    Here are the some of the most useful apps for heavy haulage companies.

    Read the full article at

  • Extreme Trucks Heavy Haulage


    A few loads taken to various mine sites across Western Australia.
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  • Slippery Yacht Loading / Heavy Haulage to the Pontoon | Boot 2019


    Loading of the three Yachts Pershing 8X, 66 Ribelle and MCY 70 by heavy haulage trucks on February 7, 2019. The big yachts were displayed on the Boot 2019 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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  • Davies Turner - Long Haul Trucking from UK to Turkey in the 90


    From UK to Istanbul with Davies Turner and his DAF 95. Round trip across 11 countries

  • July 31, 2018/972 Beautiful Truck


    JBG Travels PO Box 1193 Sheboygan, WI 53082, USA ????????????????

  • Scania R 730 | Review | Truck TV Australia


    Matt Wood finds out how Scania R 730 models are hauling harvest for Esperance Freight Lines.

    As part of the best transport and logistics coverage in the country, Truck TV Australia is the video home for TradeTrucks (Deals on Wheels), Australasian Transport News and Owner//Driver.

    Here you will find hard-hitting coverage of the news and issues that impact the industry; profiles of the characters and companies that contribute to its world-class reputation; and the best technical updates, truck and van tests.

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    Australasian Transport News
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  • The Logistics Involved In The Truck Driving Industry | Big Australia | Spark


    Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and home to twenty-one million people. It’s an enormous landmass with extensive resources and massive industrial operations underpinning its economy. It’s a country where big ideas are dreamt and then built.

    In Big Australia, each episode highlights some of the mega projects and operations that shape the country. It demonstrates the sheer scale and brilliance of these projects and covers the various stages from concept through to completion. This series takes innovation to a whole new level and takes viewers to the frontline of some of the nations' biggest industries and beyond.

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  • Caterpillar 988H Heavy Haul


    988H Off to a new Home!
    Call Ellefson Off Highway for all of your mobile equipment needs!

  • Kings Heavy Haulage SUPER TRUCKERS Première.


    The SUPERTRUCKERS series will drive onto your TV screens 20th Feb 2015 - on Quest (Freeview channel 37) at 9pm. This is a fly on the wall series about us at Kings Heavy Haulage. A professional family run business based in Bristol. Please see our website at -

  • Juggernaut


    Unissued / unused material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.

    Colour item.


    Various shots lorry park full of cargo contains and trucks. Various driver getting into cab of his truck, we see him getting into his bunk. Various shots of lorry on road, on the front of the cab are the words London Paris Express. Lorry drives through suburbs and arterial roads. Truck drives into another lorry park.

    FILM ID:3391.06



    British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 136,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1984. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website.

  • McFadyens Heavy Haulage


    MacFadyens moving wind turbine blades from Global Energy Park to Gordon Bush BRORA.Prt1

  • Loading Mega-Yachts during Flood / Heavy Haulage to the Pontoon | Boot 2020


    Transport of the four yachts Riva 90 Argo, Ferretti Yachts 780, Pershing 7X and MCY 80 by heavy haulage trucks on February 11, 2020. Trucks from the company Max Goll pulled the ships onto the pontoon. The up to 98 tons heavy and 29 meters long mega-yachts were displayed at the Boot 2020 boat show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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  • Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul


    Public Access program, A Growing Concern, featuring information regarding the ongoing resistance to Tar Sands oil production in Alberta Canada and the transportation of large pieces of mining and refining equipment from the west coast to Alberta Canada.

  • A day in the life of a Heavy Haul Truck Driver | I QUIT


    So when it’s time it’s time... I am quitting for a short vacation I’ll be back very soon. But I do want to go home and hang out with my kiddo for awhile. I hope you all enjoy my last video on the road for a couple weeks I will see you all back out here very soon...

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  • Rescuing a 14 Ton Bread Truck | Ice Road Rescue


    A rescue team must pull a 14 ton truck that has been impaled by rocks back onto the road so that it can be repaired.
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  • 1960s UK Lorry, Truck, Haulage, Roads


    From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit Clip ref KLR1147

    1960s UK Lorry, Truck, Haulage, Roads

  • West of Scotland Heavy Haulage


    West of Scotland Heavy Haulage moving 90bridge deck, from their yard Cumbernauld to LWC Craigneuk , on 14axles on drawbar

  • Starsky Robotics - The Long Haul


    Short-documentary on Starsky Robotics and how it's CEO, Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, thinks driverless trucks will affect the world.

    Directed by Ben Strang at Blueprint Motion Pictures

  • លះបង់ដើម្បីសម្អាតប្រាសាទកេរដំណែលបុព្វបុរស | Angkor and Beyond Documentary Series


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    កាត់ត៖ សែម វណ្ណា
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  • The Fishermans Friends - Keep Hauling


    The original ‘buoy band’, bound together by lifelong friendship and shared experience. For 30 years the Fisherman’s Friends have met on the Platt on the harbour in their native Port Isaac to sing the songs of the sea. A decade ago they were persuaded to sign the record deal that saw their album Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends go Gold as they became the first ever traditional folk act to land a UK top ten album. Now the incredible true story of how that happened is told in Fisherman’s Friends. From the makers of the 2018’s hit ‘Finding Your Feet’, this new movie starring Daniel Mays, James Purefoy, Tuppence Middleton, Noel Clarke and directed by Chris Foggin is already tipped to be the feel good hit of the year. The film is out now. The Keep Hauling album contains 17 Sea Shanties , some old , some new and some slighty blue - available here

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    Music video by The Fisherman's Friends performing Keep Hauling. © 2019 Mighty Village Records Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

  • Grand Coulee Dam: A Man-Made Marvel


    Grand Coulee Dam: A Man-Made Marvel, produced by the Bureau of Reclamation's Pacific Northwest Region's Public Affairs Office, is now showing to enthusiastic audiences at the dam's Visitor Center. This film, newest in their lineup, is loaded with historic construction footage, photos, and newsreels from Reclamation's legendary hydropower workhorse.

  • The Dubai Road Express | Legends of Long Haulage | Chapter One


    It was one of the most exotic and exciting adventures in the history of transport: a round-trip of more than 18,000 km between Norway and the Persian Gulf.

    In the late 1960s and into the 70s, a few daring men drove what became legendary truck routes – the Bandar Abbas Express and the Dubai Road Express, transporting parts to ships stuck in the Gulf due to conflict and unrest in the Middle East.

    From snow-covered mountain passes to the scorching desert heat, it was a small band of intrepid drivers that chose to venture into the unknown, driving across unpaved desert and relying at times on handmade maps that they charted out through the years.

    Revisiting the 1976 Dubai Road Express film produced for Scania, we take a trip down memory lane with some of these brave and now legendary truck drivers, looking back at a unique moment in the history of trucking.

    This is the story of a handful of tough, groundbreaking drivers behind the wheel of some of the most reliable trucks ever made; vehicles that served as their trusted companions, transporting them thousands of kilometres from home.

  • How I Grew From 1 Lorry to a Fleet of Over 35 Vehicles & Machines in 7 Years


    This is the 2020 Ashville vehicle, plant and machinery fleet tour; all the weapons used by Ashville Waste Management, Aggregates, Concrete and Construction on a daily basis.

    Take a look at the journey of how Daniel Louisy went from one DAF Grab Lorry (Truck) to a growing fleet of over 35 vehicles and machines in just 7 years!

    00:00 intro
    01:00 Vehicle Fleet intro
    01:09 Grab Lorry (x7)
    06:08 Tipper Lorry (x16)
    06:57 Skip Lorry (x3)
    09:24 Baby Grab Lorry (x2)
    10:29 Volumetric Concrete Mixer Lorry (x3)
    11:14 Concrete Pumping Lorry (x1)
    12:01 Tractor Unit with Tipping Trailer (x2)
    13:04 Private Number Plates
    14:59 Plant & Machinery intro
    15:07 Forklift (x1)
    15:21 Digger aka Excavator (x2)
    16:11 Loading Shovel aka Wheel Loader (x2)
    17:05 Material Handler (x1)

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    :: ASHVILLE ::
    waste management | aggregates | concrete | construction

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