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Hackers (11/13) Movie CLIP - Kind of Feel Like God (1995) HD

  • Hackers HD


    Hackers movie clips:
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    Dade (Jonny Lee Miller) and his friends attempt to hack the Gibson supercomputer while Plague (Fisher Stevens) and his team try to stop them.

    In this high-tech thriller, Dade Murphy (Jonny Lee Miller) has been fascinated with computers all his life; at the age of 11, he was able to break into the computer network of several top Wall Street investment and banking firms, and he nearly caused a major stock market crash in the process. As punishment, Dade was forbidden to use a computer until his 18th birthday, but now that he's of age, he's diving back into his PC head first. Dade meets up with a group of fellow hackers: tough-talking cyber gamer Kate, aka Acid Burn (Angelina Jolie), junior hacker Jesse Bradford, born prankster Cereal Killer (Matthew Lillard), Nikon (Lawrence Mason), named for his photographic memory, and telephone expert Phantom Phreak (Renoly Santiago). Dade and his pals aren't out to destroy systems or do cybercrime for profit; they simply want to know more about the systems they encounter, and they like raising some good-natured havoc. But in their travels through cyberspace, they discover The Plague (Fisher Stevens), a former hacker turned computer security expert with a huge multinational corporation. The Plague has not only done the unthinkable and gone into anti-hacker enforcement, he's secretly allied himself with a group of criminals and is using his expertise to drain funds from corporate bank accounts and transfer them to himself and his mistress, Margo (Lorraine Bracco). The Plague is also smart enough to leave clues that would lead investigators to someone else -- in this case, Dade and his friends -- and has a secret weapon at his disposal, a computer virus that could wipe out the entire world wide web in a matter of minutes. Several sequences for Hackers were shot at New York City's Stuyvesant High School, where coincidentally several months after filming, several students were arrested by F.B.I. agents for their involvement in computer hacking.

    TM & © MGM (1995)
    Cast: Jesse Bradford, Penn Jillette, Laurence Mason, Jonny Lee Miller, Fisher Stevens, Angelina Jolie
    Director: Iain Softley
    Producers: Janet Graham, Jacob Peratrovich, Michael Peyser, Selwyn Roberts, Iain Softley, Ralph Winter
    Screenwriter: Rafael Moreu

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  • Found A Free Pit Bike


    today I was going for a walk and found a free pit bike.
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  • Fidget Toys TikTok Compilation 17


    Fidget Toys TikTok Compilation 17
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  • How To Grow 4 Inches Taller In 10 Minutes - No BS I Swear!


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  • DOOM 2016 - Easter Eggs


    ???? MERCH -

    Easter Eggs Playlist:

    01:03 - Caco Cola / Coke Cola
    01:32 - Classic Secret Doom Levels
    02:01 - Classic Guy Face Gibbed Death
    02:27 - Commander Keen Head On Spike
    03:10 - UAC Complete Guide To Snap Maps
    03:36 - Dwayne The Rock Johnson / Doom Movie
    04:09 - Daisy / Missing Pet Rabbit Poster
    04:58 - Doom Demon Deconstruction Mini Game
    05:48 - idMOM_DJ / Donna Jackson
    06:05 - DOOM 1 Release Date
    06:13 - Olivia P. / Olivia Pearce
    06:21 - Atari Video Game Burial
    07:01 - K-C10UD / Kevin Cloud
    07:12 - Doom 2016 Release Date
    07:22 - RGL-9000 / Roberto Garcia-Lago / BFG 9000
    07:40 - Roberto's Hire Date
    07:51 - Camelworks
    08:02 - RPADuffy / Pat Duffy
    08:10 - Doom 3 Release Date
    08:17 - ShaleVomit
    08:24 - 666666 / Double Evil
    08:36 - Tenacious_Diaz / Mark Diaz
    08:47 - Mark's Graduation Date
    09:10 - DMMRN Doom Marine Login
    09:32 - Doom Slayer Prophecy Paper
    09:53 - Indiana Jones Ark Of The Covenant Wood Block
    10:02 - Evil Dead 3 Army Of Darkness Necronomicon Page / Ash
    10:31 - Evil Cabin / Evil Dead Series
    10:52 - Evil Dead Shotgun / Chainsaw
    11:13 - Fallout / Mixom / Vault-Tec Door
    12:09 - Fourth Wall Break Welcome To Doom Note
    12:38 - Full Metal Alchemist / Human Transmutation Circle / Teleporter
    13:36 - Gulami's Pizza / Hugo Martin
    14:09 - Gulami's Customer Organ Rotting
    14:23 - Martin's Pet Groomers / Hugo Martin
    15:07 - Hackers / Crash Override
    15:32 - Happy Birthday Cake & Balloon / Cheer / Boo
    16:50 - Dopefish / Commander Keen In Goodbye Galaxy / Secret Of The Oracle
    17:28 - Dopefish In Locker Room
    17:39 - Vending Machines / Grima
    17:49 - Dopechan Noodles
    17:59 - Grangles / Pringles / Julius Pringles
    18:27 - Mudbutt
    18:50 - Dr. Bubbles / Dr. Pepper
    19:11 - Diet Grulp Can & Bottle
    19:34 - Grud Light Beer / Bud Light
    19:58 - Duffel Bag With Dopefish
    20:08 - Demon Mural Dopefish Nose
    20:49 - Mural Soul Cube Prophecy
    21:13 - Soul Cube Location
    21:42 - Helix Stone IDDQD / God Mode Cheat
    22:05 - Icon Of Sin
    23:20 - id Developers Possession / Causalities Report
    23:59 - E3 Demo Purple Imp
    24:36 - Keehan J. / Jerry Keehan
    24:52 - Z-Sec / Zombie Security
    25:07 - Jessica In Human Resources / Jessica Harris HR
    25:28 - Kadingir Sanctum / KA DINGIR RAKI / Babylon / Gate Of God
    25:38 - LFG / Little F Gun / BFG
    25:54 - Gauss Cannon / Try Not To Die While Firing This Beast
    26:08 - Drill / It Will Hurt The Whole Time You Are Dying
    26:28 - Official Sound Track Hidden Secrets / Mick Gordon
    26:45 - Cyberdemon / Spectogram / 666 / Pentagrams
    26:59 - Cyberdemon / Spectogram / Doomguy Head
    27:05 - Skullhacker / Spectogram / John Romero Impaled Head
    27:23 - Authorization; Olivia Pearce / Spectogram 36 = 666
    27:52 - Authorization; Olivia Pearce / You Could Not Have Saved Them Anyway
    28:16 - VI. DOOM / Drone / Jesus Loves You
    29:10 - Original Assets
    29:21 - Hanging Baron Of Hell
    29:25 - Beating Heart on Alter
    29:28 - Skull & Candle Pile
    29:30 - Original Doom Door
    29:41 - Plasma Rifle Case / BZPlasma Twitch
    30:04 - Quad Damage Quake Sound
    30:26 - Doom Slayer Praetor Suit Armor / Crash Quake 3 Arena
    30:53 - Original Doom Box Art Poster
    31:20 - Original Quake Logo Poster
    31:38 - Quake 3 Cover Art Logo / Cooling Pipe
    32:00 - Quakecon Volunteers List / Sabbath Moon Sacrifices
    32:36 - RAGE / Wellspring Water Bottle
    33:20 - Doctor Samuel Hayden = Satan
    34:36 - Collectable Toys
    34:44 - Classicguy / Doomguy
    34:50 - Vaultguy / Vault Boy
    34:55 - Rageguy / Authority Enforcer
    35:01 - Phobosguy / Phobos
    35:06 - Pinkguy / Pinky Demon
    35:11 - Eliteguy / Praetor Elite Guard
    35:16 - Keenguy / Commander Keen
    35:20 - Hazmatguy / Bio Suit Zombie
    35:25 - Quakeguy / Ranger
    35:31 - Cacodemon Self Destruct Eye Bug / Glitch v1.1
    35:53 - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / Dragonborn Helmet / Arrow In Knee
    36:44 - Revenant / Spooky Scary Skeletons / Pumpkin Meme
    37:39 - Doom Slayer Statue In Hell
    38:08 - Steven Serafin Memorial / Credits
    39:04 - id Devs Achievements Plaques
    39:20 - All Hail The Dark Lord
    39:35 - Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 / Street Fighter Alpha 3
    40:36 - Nabcon / Capcom
    40:52 - Tei Tenga Mining Station / Doom Bible
    41:25 - Terminator 2 Judgement Day / T-800 Lava Death / Thumbs Up
    42:11 - Terminator 2 Judgement Day / T-1000 Freeze / Liquid Nitrogen Death
    42:45 - RAGE Ending / VEGA Elevator
    43:20 - VEGA Core / Mother Brain Metroid
    43:43 - Emacs Lisp Code
    44:18 - Shutting Down VEGA / Evil Doomguy Face

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  • 20 OUTFIT IDEAS!! aka what to wear once were out of quarantine lol


    hi guys! here's a bunch of ideas on what to wear once we're out of quarantine!

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    ✩ lullaby - youtube audio
    ✩ honey - youtube audio
    ✩ saiko - breezin

    business inquiries:

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music in this video.

    ✩ how old are you? 17
    ✩ what camera do you use? canon g7x mark ii for vlogging and canon 80d
    ✩ what state do you live in? california
    ✩ what editing software do you use? final cut pro x

    please leave requests down below!
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    if you see this comment ???? ;)

    sub count: 290,107
    xoxo kenna

  • Mr Indian Hacker Vs Crazy XYZ Car And Bike Collection, Income 2021


    Mr Indian Hacker Vs Crazy XYZ Car And Bike Collection, Youtube Income 2021

    ______________________________________ About the video :-

    Mr Indian Hacker (dilraj Singh rawat) car collection :-

    No.1 Bolero SLX (Price : 9 lakh 50 thousand rupees)

    No.2 Tata nano (Price : 2 lakh 50 thousand rupees)

    No.3 Suzuki Esteem (Price : 4 lakh 50 thousand rupees)

    No.4 Hyundai Verna (Price : 12 Lakh 70 thousand rupees)

    No.5 Toyota Fortuner (Price : 42 lakh 50 thousand rupees)

    Mr Indian Hacker Bike Collection:-

    No.1 Hero HF deluxe (Price : 70000 rupees)

    No.2 Yamaha R15 (Price : 150,000 rupees)

    No.2 Bajaj pulsar 220 (Price : 140,000 rupees)

    Crazy XYZ (Amit Sharma) car collection :-

    No.1 Maruti Suzuki WagonR (Price : 4 lakh rupees approx )

    No.2 Hyundai Santro (Price : 4 lakh 20 thousand rupees)

    No.3 Hyundai i20 (Price : 8 lakh 50 thousand rupees)

    No.4 Tata Safari (Price : 19 lakh rupees)

    Crazy XYZ (Amit Sharma) Bike Collection:-

    No.1 Bajaj Discover ( price : 70000 rupees approx. )

    No.2 Hero Splendor Plus (Price : 75,000 rupees)

    No.3 TVS Apache RTR 160 (Price : 100,000 rupees)

    No.4 Yamaha FZ ( price : 110,000 rupees )

    Mr Indian Hacker Earning :- 13 to 15 lakh rupees per month approx

    Crazy XYZ (Amit Sharma) Earning :- 11 to 13 lakh rupees per month approx

    ___________________________________________ _________________________

    Video Tags :-
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    Background music :-



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    2) This video is also for teaching purpose. 3) it is not transformative in nature.
    4) I only used bits and pieces of videos/audios to get the point across where necessary.



    Minecraft Facts that will Blow Your Mind | Minecraft Secrets in Hindi

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    Ayush More is an Entertainer who looks around the world and has very interesting life stories and thoughts to share.

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  • Unf*ck Yourself - By Gary John Bishop 【AUDIOBOOKS & PODCASTS】


    Unf*ck Yourself - By Gary John Bishop 【AUDIOBOOKS & PODCASTS】

    Joining the ranks of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, You Are a Badass, and F*ck Feelings is this refreshing, BS-free self-empowerment guide that offers an honest, no-nonsense, tough-love approach to help you move past self-imposed limitations.

    Are you tired of feeling f*cked up? If you are, Gary John Bishop has the answer. In this straightforward handbook, he gives you the tools and advice you need to demolish the slag weighing you down and become the truly unf*cked version of yourself. Wake up to the miracle you are, he directs. Here's what you've forgotten: You're a f*cking miracle of being. It isn't other people that are standing in your way; it isn't even your circumstances that are blocking your ability to thrive. It's yourself and the negative self-talk you keep telling yourself.

    In Unf*ck Yourself, Bishop leads you through a series of seven assertions:

    I am willing
    I am wired to win
    I got this
    I embrace the uncertainty
    I am not my thoughts; I am what I do
    I am relentless
    I expect nothing and accept everything
    Lead the life you were meant to have - Unf*ck Yourself.


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  • Diane Davis. Lying and the Other. 2011


    Diane Davis, rhetorician and post-structuralist thinker, continues with her course on the thought of Jacques Derrida. Professor Davis continues her reading of Derrida's Of Hospitality, touching on lying, the imperative of veracity, the imperative of hospitality, the Other, the internet, communication technologies, the home, and the state. This is the eighth lecture of Professor Davis's 2011 course on Jacques Derrida. Free public open video lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS, Media and Communication Studies department program, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Europe, 2011. Diane Davis.

    In 1995 she received her first doctorate at the University of Texas at Arlington, in Humanities—Rhetoric, Composition, and Critical Theory, with a dissertation titled Breaking Up [at] Totality: A Rhetoric of Laughter for Politics and Pedagogy for which she got a distinction as well. Finally, she obtained her second doctorate from EGS in 2003, receiving the highest distinction (Summa Cum Laude) for her dissertation entitled Inessential Solidarity. She would go on to publish both of her dissertations, the first one in 2000 and the second one in 2010. Professor Davis qualifies her research as situated at the intersection of rhetorical theory and continental philosophy.

    In Inessential Solidarity: Rhetoric and Foreigner Relations (2010), Diane Davis focuses on the intersections of rhetoric and solidarity so as to question and revise a significant number of traditional assumptions operating in rhetoric. She does this by exploring a sort of commonality, oblivious to borders (débordement), that precedes and exceeds symbolic identification and therefore any prerequisite for belonging. In Breaking Up [at] Totality: A Rhetoric of Laughter (2000) Professor Davis challenges traditional theoretical conceptions of rhetoric. Diane Davis manages to disturb the either/or binaries in language. She is interested in something other, a third, which is an excess to any binaries in a language that is typically of constructed of opposites. In this volume laughter becomes this third and thus the subject of her deconstructive analysis.

    Diane Davis is also the co-author of Women's Ways of Making It in Rhetoric and Composition (2008), with Michelle Ballif and Roxanne Mountford, and editor of The UberReader: Selected Works of Avital Ronell (2008) and Reading Ronell.

  • The Minecraft Iceberg Explained


    Join the Discord if you're interested:

    0:00 Introduction
    1:11 Surface Level
    11:04 Shallow Waters
    18:14 The Depths
    24:44 The Fathoms
    30:25 The Abyss

    Special thanks to Mish Koz for the idea! Watch his SM64 Iceberg video here:

    I've released another video about things I got wrong, and stuff that should have been on the iceberg. Check it out here:

    Some other sources I mentioned:
    DirtPiper's Disc 11 Post:
    SalC1's pack.png video:
    MatPat's Illager video:

  • Alakh sir last reply to unac*demy ???????? || physics wallah|| competition wallah


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    #newvideoofamit sir
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    physics wallah
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    All credit goes to youtube channell : physics wallah
    this video is taken from physics wallah alakh pandey sir the god of concept
    This is uploaded only motivational purpose
    #alakh #pandey
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    all credit : physics wallah alakh pandey

  • The Language of Love


    We reserve our highest and best language for love, and yet it always seems to fail to capture the experience. In one of love’s unique ironies, it is this failure of language that keeps producing more language, so we love to tell our love stories. These stories are even therapeutic and can restore love that has been lost. Love has its own language that lives “between madness and reason,” and that language can be both ridiculous and sublime. Join us for a fun and interesting discussion of the language and literature of love.

  • Badai Pasti Berlalu - Episode 13 Part 1/4 | Penasaran! Doni Mencari Tahu Tentang Helmi


    Tonton full episode program SCTV klik

    Badai Pasti Berlalu Episode 13, tayang 30 Mei 2021.

    Karna penasaran, Doni masuk ke kamar Helmi dengan niat untuk mencari tahu asal usul Helmi. Doni pun menemukan sebuah poto USG..

    Saksikan sinetron Badai Pasti Berlalu setiap hari pukul 19.30 WIB bersama Stefan William, Immanuel Caesar Hito, Michelle Ziudith, Teuku Ryan, Vira Yuniar, Gerald Yo, Agatha Valerie, Sheila Rizkyana, Rifat Darwis.

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  • Stephen Fry - Long Time Friend of Craigs - Special Edition +Helpful Text & Imagery


    We know Stephen Fry can be a little bit complicated in his word usage and the range of concepts and ideas he will discuss. So I thought the text and imagery would be of help. The images in the intro are the same images that are used throughout the video as help to understand topics of discussion.

    The intro is longer than usual, because it's a special edition, the music used in the intro is a piece called Valkyerie by Mr. Fry's favorite composer (as you'ill find out in this video); Richard Wagner (not Frank Wagner, thanks Noitard).

    No real outro either.

    Craig Ferguson & Stephen Fry in the house! enjoy!

  • 3 Types of Investing Strategies in Stocks


    eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd, ABN 66 612 791 803 AFSL 491139. CFDs are highly leveraged and risky, and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading CFDs does not result in ownership of the underlying assets. Copy trading facilities cannot be construed as financial advice. Use these facilities at your own risk and we are not liable for losses incurred. You should obtain your own advice and refer to the FSG and PDS before deciding whether to trade with us.

    DISCLAIMER: AFSL 491139. You may lose more than your initial investment. Copy trading facilities cannot be construed as financial advice.
    eToro Services (ARSN 637 489 466), promoted by eToro Australia Pty Ltd CAR 001281634. Your capital is at risk. Other fees may apply. Refer to PDS.

    Click this 26:08 to go to the discussion right away

    The content that will be discussed is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advice. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Highly volatile investment product. Your capital is at risk.

    Create an Etoro account using this link -
    2TradeAsia -
    Discord Group -
    FB Group -
    Website -

    Music by



    Provided to YouTube by Amuseio AB

    NIBANDHANA · JK CHRISTOPHER · S. P. Balasubrahmanyam



    Released on: 2020-11-13

    Music Publisher: Copyright Control
    Composer Lyricist: DAVID RAJ

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Scene World: Interview - Jeri Ellsworth


    Scene World: Interview - Jeri Ellsworth

    Jeri Ellsworth is a self-taught computer chip designer. She is best known for creating a Commodore 64 emulator within a joystick, in 2004, called C64 Direct-to-TV. and the ATX-motherboard C64 clone called Commodore One. She also talks about her current project CastAR.

    Check out out homepage for more:

  • The internet knows everything with Justin Wohlstadter - Calls From the Future #6


    How to navigate the crazy future that's coming in... fast.

    Our guest, Justin Wohlstadter, is the Founder of

    Listen to more Calls From the Future here:

    0:03 Episode Introduction
    2:05 Justin introduction
    6:47 Educational system
    12:19 Wonder story
    29:22 Education startup
    34:29 Horizontal and vertical expansion
    37:13 Cost of edjucation
    46:17 Higher education
    50:09 Education for social classes
    1:01:49 The mental game of making technology
    1:11:13 Follow up information

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  • Outer CEO Jiake Liu on standing out in DTC, Go-to-market innovations & more | E1165


    Check out Outer:

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    More from us:
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    Show notes:
    0:00 Start
    0:59 Jason intros Outer's Jiake Liu, who pitched at Remote Demo Day & raised from Sequoia China & LAUNCH, Jiake explains Outer's DTC product
    6:01 Standing out in DTC, outdoor furniture pain points
    11:13 Gusto - Get three months free when you run your first payroll at
    12:40 Pricing the product, innovating in Go-to market strategy
    19:59 Change in consumer behavior since the start of COVID
    23:15 OurCrowd - Sign up for a free account at
    24:56 Jiake's background in Shenzhen, China's handling of COVID
    32:57 Scaling the team in a pandemic
    35:52 Vanta - Get $1k off your SOC 2 at
    37:10 Jiake's angel investing strategy, how he keeps it from being a distraction
    40:57 China / US relations, Golden Arches Theory, what can citizens learn from one another?
    54:05 Chinese food talk

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    #startups #entrepreneurship #investing #angelinvesting #tech #news #business

  • Building a theory of the voluntary sector: reflections on past policy and practice


    04-11-13 Institute of Historical Research

    David Billis (Witness)

    Voluntary Action History

  • Ryan Lee of Freedym on InspiredInsider with Dr. Jeremy Weisz


    Check out - Insider Stories with Top Leaders and Entrepreneurs on with Dr. Jeremy Weisz

    Other Entrepreneurs featured on InspiredInsider include founders of P90 X - Tony Horton, Einstein Bagels, Atari, and Baby Einstein and many more.

    All Time Favorites:
    Founder of P90X -

    Founder of Atari -

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  • The World of Wayne Scale Modelling Live Stream


    Every other Thursday, at 8pm GMT, I host a live stream where we can interact and talk everything shop lol. In fact. The conversations can sometimes get really out there. Check out and join the fun every other week.

  • Biontech, Pfizer, Tesla, Bitcoin, Target, AT&T = Stock Pre martket


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    NIO 43:43
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    RIDE 48:40
    SOLO 50:20
    KNDI 51:40
    WKHS 56:50
    BLNK 58:40
    FCEL 1:00:50
    HYLN 1:02:10
    Target 1:08:05
    AMZn 1:11:50
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  • Workshop 3 Analytical Tools Eval Wtr Supply, Hydrodynamic & Hydropower Effects 11/14/12 D1CH01-10


    Comprehensive (Phase 2) Review and Update to the Bay-Delta Plan. Workshop 3 Analytical Tools for Evaluating Water Supply, Hydrodynamic and Hydropower Effects

  • PAX East 2014 and Munchkin Easter Egg GIVEAWAY! | DonOfGaming


    We went to PAX East 2014, April 11-13 in Boston, MA! Hear us talk about what we did, what we saw and heard and what we bought and got.

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    Greater Than Games, Galactic Strike Force:

    Eldritch Horror:

    King of Tokyo:

    Love Letter:

    Kittens in a Blender:

    Cards Against Humanity:

    The Evil Within:

    The Behemoth:

    Magic the Gathering:

    Dungeon and Dragons:

    Borderlands the Pre-sequel:

    Andy Lunique: @Game_Diplomacy

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    On the #PAXFeminism panel: @SusanArendt, @Gamebits, @Spacekatgal, @TifaRobles @TriniD4

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  • What The Tech Ep. 169 - Xbox vs PlayStation vs Apple 6-11-13


    This week on What The Tech: A flurry of announcements all from Sony and Microsoft at E3 and Apple's WWDC. Andrew rants about the absurdity of people who hate everything and complain about everything. Sony finally unveils the hardware for the PlayStation 4. How does it measure up to the Xbox One? Microsoft announces pricing and launch dates for the Xbox One. Does the Xbox One cost too much? And Apple announces iOS 7, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and a new Mac Pro assembled right here in the USA. What does Paul make of the new naming scheme for Mac OS X?

  • Parrot Drones Hijacking


    Pedro Cabrera, Telecommunication and Security Ethical Hacking, Freelance

    The detail architecture of the most relevant consumer drones will be introduced, continuing with the communications protocol between the pilot (app in the smartphone or remote controller) and the drone. Manual reverse engineering on the binary protocol used for this communication will lead to identifying and understanding all the commands from each of the drones, and later inject commands back.

    Learning Objectives:
    1: Understand whenever a protocol between drone and pilot is secure.
    2: Learn about a new reverse engineering methodology for these protocols.
    3: Review a set of good practices to secure the environment surrounding a drone.

  • #96 General ideas, Cambodia water festival and moon festival, Bon Om Touk.


    Hi guys, how are you? in this video I’m going to show all of you about Cambodia water festival and moon festival, Bon Om Touk.
    My purpose to show about this point I want all of you to get about Cambodia water festival and moon festival, Bon Om Touk.
    My references taught by.Mr. sreng Kua teacher of English at private school with strong responsible.
    Here for others lessons:
    1. #95 99 fast ways to improve your English, How to use still and yet.

    2.#94 99 fast ways to improve your English, How to use while and during.

    3.# 93 99 fast ways to improve your English, adjective form of noun and there/ it.

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  • Dodge ram steering column removal and dollar saving tips!!! Step-by-step DIY repair for $50!!!!!


    In this video I’m doing a steering column on a 2004 Dodge ram I am taking the steering column out of a 2008 Dodge Durango and during the process I figured out that you could take the steering column out of a dodge Dakota as well the keys are different. But that does not matter as long as you have the new set of keys and you do not have an immobilizer you can do this at home and even if you do have an immobilizer you can have a locksmith come over and program the key to your truck for about $75 I also explain to you the differences between the Dodge Durango Steering column differences and a Dodge ram steering column if you’re on able to get an exact fit for your truck this is the video for you even if you’re just removing the steering column this video will be extremely helpful!! And more than likely you’re going to probably learn something that you didn’t already know. So I hope you enjoy have the best of days

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  • Dr Clements of Hippocrates Institute @ University of Florida


    Dr. Clements presents at the University of Florida

  • ???? LIVE ???? ULTRA RARE POKEMON IN 90MPH WIND ???? Pokemon GO Stream in NYC ????


    Watch me play Pokémon GO!

  • Overwatch League 2020 Season | Week 29 | NA Day 1


    Don't forget to subscribe for more OWL match content! —

    Join us for the 2020 Overwatch League season:

    Check out more matches & highlights from this week! —

    Week 29 of the 2020 Overwatch League season is live on August 21-23 on YouTube Gaming! It’s time for the last regular matches of the season before we fully look ahead to Playoffs! Who will win their last few matches of the regular season?! Tune in to find out!

    Teams Participating:
    - Boston Uprising
    - Vancouver Titans
    - Los Angeles Gladiators
    - Florida Mayhem

    #OWL2020 #Overwatch #OverwatchLive

  • What The Tech Ep. 135 - Innovative and Puzzling 10-2-12


    This week on What The Tech: Andrew and Paul complain about camera quality on other smartphones. Why can't anyone beat Apple's camera quality? iPhone 5 owners complain of a purple halo on photos. Did Apple screw up again? Andrew and Paul also discuss Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, and Windows 8 ahead of their launch this month. Paul address comments made by Paul Allen calling Windows 8 innovative and puzzling. Andrew brings up the Nintendo Wii U. Will it be successful?

  • 2013 Cooperstown Hall of Fame Baseball Box Break & Review


    One of Matt's favorite sets is being ripped open yet again with a box of 2012 Cooperstown, the official trading card set of the Baseball Hall of Fame. If you like baseball history this set will offer you quite a bit of enjoyment at a very low price! Every card is an amazing player with a great history so make sure you check this one out!




  • Entrpreneurial Skills Training With Ryan Lee Founder of


    Ryan Lee, who Jeremy considers one of his early internet mentors, is founder of which is the netflix for lifestyle entrepreneurship, offering entrepreneurial skills training for everyone. He is a former Recreational Therapist, Gym Teacher and Personal Trainer. In 1999 he started an online fitness business while living in his parents’ basement and grew it into an empire that did 7-figures per month. More importantly many of the people he has mentored have gone on to do big things.

    Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: [0:24] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode with Ryan Lee. [4:00] How Jeremy got started in business back in 1999. [10:31] The worst things Ryan saw working in hospitals. [19:05] Lesson Ryan teaches to his kids in light of what he’s seen. [21:26] How Ryan’s wife has influenced his business trajectory. [28:32] Cutting out the fat to focus on what was important. [33:23] The ideas that came together to create [39:23] The most popular courses in Ryan’s membership site. [43:48] How to decide to stop one successful thing to start another. [46:17] The next things for and how Ryan plans to get there. [48:00] What’s working for Ryan in terms of paid traffic. [50:30] How Ryan has used speed coaching to transform businesses. [54:24] Ryan’s lowest point in business and what he learned from the experience. [56:56] The proudest business moment Ryan has had. [1:00:12] Ryan’s reaction when his business hit 7 figures in one month. [1:06:01] The best things that came out of a $25 mastermind. [1:07:20] How you can connect with Ryan. [1:07:41] Ideas Ryan wants to give away. In this episode… The skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur aren’t always intuitive, even if a person is a natural entrepreneur. There’s only so much natural talent can achieve. On this episode with Ryan Lee, you’re going to hear about the wealth of skills training you can receive through Ryan’s site, and what it takes to become a member and get the training you need.

    Ryan Lee didn’t fall into an entrepreneurial business right away. He first worked as a Recreational Therapist, Gym Teacher in public schools, and a personal trainer. It was his training work that led him toward the idea of doing some online work and over time it evolved into a very profitable business that grossed 7 figures in one month.

    On this episode Ryan shares his journey into the internet business space and why he feels so passionately about providing training for entrepreneurs. You’ll hear a great deal of enthusiasm and practical insights from Ryan, so be sure you take the time to listen.

    But it’s not all been a bed of roses for Ryan Lee. He hit a point in his business journey where he realized that he was strung out too much, spending far too much time on the road and away from his family, and working on too many projects at once. You can hear about the effect that lifestyle was having on him and his family and what he did to change it, on this episode.

    If you’d like to get the best training available in terms of entrepreneurial skills you need look no further than Ryan Lee’s site, You’ll find courses there by people like Marie Forleo, John Lee Dumas, Jaime Tardy, Chris Haddad, Ben Settle, and much more. Find out more about the site and the benefits membership offers, on this episode of Inspired Insider.

    Resources Mentioned on this episode - Ryan’s site OR Clickbank The Continuity Summit The Consumer Health Summit



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