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How Japanese Knives Are Made With Japan's RAREST Steel

  • How Japanese Knives Are Made With Japans RAREST Steel


    How are Japanese knives made? With the same techniques used to craft katana (samurai swords), modern Japanese knives are some of the highest quality in the world. They don't break or bend, they can slice through anything like butter and they're a beauty to behold.

    This video was filmed at Hirata Blacksmiths (平田鍛刀場) on the outskirts of Tokyo. Sukehira Hirata and Nodoka Hirata are a married couple who craft not only Japanese blades, but blades made of the rarest steel in Japan. In fact, this is one of 3 workshops in the whole country, still producing the legendary Tamahagane steel (玉鋼).

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  • Why Japanese Chef’s Knives Are So Expensive | So Expensive


    Japanese chef’s knives are some of the most expensive knives in the world. Just one knife produced at Takamura Hamono in Echizen, Japan can cost $900. Echizen has been the center of Japanese knife making for hundreds of years, and today, it’s where many artisans spend decades learning to make high-quality cutlery. At Takamura Hamono, artisans spend over 10 years learning how to properly hammer, sharpen, and polish each blade. The knives are used in many of the world’s best restaurants, including noma in Copenhagen and Le Bernardin in New York City.

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    Why Japanese Swords Are So Expensive | So Expensive


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    Why Japanese Chef’s Knives Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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  • Why Japanese Swords Are So Expensive | So Expensive


    Japanese sword-making is a tradition that goes back centuries, and one that’s carried on to this day. Each sword takes dedication, skill and can take over 18 months to create. The resulting blades can be worth thousands of dollars. So what makes them so expensive?

    Becoming a swordsmith in Japan takes a 5-year apprenticeship, and there are only around 180 working smiths today. Master Akihira has been making these swords for 21 years at his studio just outside of Tokyo, Japan.

    Japanese swords have always been more than just weapons, they were artworks, status symbols, and throughout history had a huge spiritual importance. 

    Each sword is a unique artwork and one that is made to be admired as you would a painting. As sheets of steel are folded into each other again and again wood grain-like patterns form, and these patterns coupled with the skill of the swordmaster create a completely unique blade. 

    Knowing what to look for in each sword is important, characteristics like the angle of the blade and the way the metal is folded could give away the era in which it was made, and even who made it. Every small detail is treated as equally important. 

    Looking at the months of work that go into creating each blade, it's easy to see why these swords command such a high price. And as there are less and less sword masters across Japan, these works of art are only going to become more valuable.

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    Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive


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    Why Japanese Swords Are So Expensive | So Expensive

  • Japanese Knife & Sword City: Seki Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN


    Traveling for KNIVES and SWORDS! The Japanese knife is quite simply the best in the world. The place best known for them is Seki (関市) in Gifu where Japanese Samurai swords have been forged for over 700 years. That tradition continues today in its knives and cutlery. They're perfect.

    Following World War 2, the city changed from forging the katana to producing some of the world's best knives and cutlery. So, I ended up at Seki Station recently -- to buy the best knife in Japan! Maybe even a samurai sword, too.

    In this episode, John travels to Seki city in Gifu prefecture to check out the CUTLERY FESTIVAL known as the HAMONO MATSURI (刃物まつり) in Japan. Now only will you find over 43 knife makers selling their best at discounted prices, you'll see the most unique knives anywhere as well as Chanbara performances (Samurai Sword Fight Acting).
    The most unique part of the Hamono Festuval is an authentic demonstration of traditional sword forging using Tamahagane Steel.

    They start at 400,000 to 600,000 Yen ($4,000 to $6000) and can go up to $20,000! We'll see swords being made in Seki.

    There many things to consider such as the type of steel, the type of knife, it's balance and of course, it's price.

    **Kai KAI institutions Magoroku Damascus Santoku knife**

    The best Seki chef knife currently purchasable in
    (This is the best alternative choice if you want Seki chef Knife, because the chef knife John Daub purchased in the video is not for sale on Amazon.)

    **MCUSTA Katana Folder Knife**

    The recommended Seki versatile folder knife.
    (This knife also belongs to MCUSTA brand of Marusho Industry Inc., as same as the knife John Daub purchased in the video.)The recommended Seki versatile folder knife.

    2021 October 16th and 17th (Saturday & Sunday)
    URL: (English available)
    * It takes place on the second weekend of October annually.

    The knife I bought:
    Mcusta ZANMAI Classic Pro Damascus Flame

    Santoku 180mm ¥15,000 Festival Price

    Hida Beef (Hida Gyu 飛騨牛) is one of Japan's top wagyu beef and worth trying in Gifu or the Nagoya area.

    Best is to rent a car. It's easiest to get around this way because trains don't leave often in the countryside and many places like Monet's Pond can be accessed only by infrequent buses.
    By Train, it's a short and scenic ride from Nagoya Station or Gifu Station.

    Google Map:
    Seki Station
    Monet's Pond

    ★ Seki Sightseeing Association(関市観光協会)

    ★ Bushido Tsurugikai Association(武士道剣会)

    I want to say ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU to Seki city and the wonderful people who helped me make this special episode. If you are interested in Seki, please check out their sightseeing page and feel free to contact them. They really want you to enjoy their hometown! -john

    What is Damascus Steel?
    Mr. Walter Sorrells made an excellent video on YouTube explaining it. I also learned more about knife making from his channel.


    All business inquiries
    We at WAO-RYU! ONLY in JAPAN will continue to introduce the amazing Japanese food and tradition through the eyes of foreigners in high-quality documentaries.
    Many great things about Japan, which even Japanese people didn't know are introduced
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    【ビジネス関連のお問い合わせは agency@wao-corp.comへ】

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  • I Spent 12 Hours With a Japanese Blacksmith


    Today, we make a knife in Japan. In the mountains of Kochi prefecture, I met a Japanese blacksmith and he was kind enough to spend the day with me and teach me how to make a knife.
    Come connect: +

    Be a part of the Adventure:

    Thank you to Kochi prefecture for sponsoring this video and making it possible for me to share this amazing experience with the world!

    Kochi Prefecture Tourism Convention Association:
    Shimanto City Tourism Association (Cycling):
    Tatara Ironmaking Traditional Forging Workshop Kurogane (Blacksmith workshop) (He can teach in English as well!)


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  • ‘The Reluctant Master’: Sasuke 佐助 - famous Japanese blacksmith


    Sasuke is one of Japan's most esteemed and legendary blacksmith brands from Sakai City in Osaka. Helmed by master 65-year-old Yasuhiro Hirakawa, his blacksmithing tradition can be traced back 22 generations to when his predecessors crafted guns for Shogun warlords. Today, Sasuke has been crafting bespoke knives and gardening scissors for the past 5 generations since 1867. The most expensive item can fetch up to tens of thousands of dollars. In this film, I document Sasuke as he crafts one of his finest Hanabasami scissors forged from the finest steel in Japan.
    Originally wanting to become a doctor in his youth, Hirakawa unwittingly took over the family business after his father passed away and is today one of the handful of remaining master blacksmiths.
    Despite Sasuke's proud tradition, no suitable successor to continue the brand has been discovered yet, and Master Hirakawa will retire in about 5 years' time. Yet, rather risk tarnishing the Sasuke brand he would rather be the last master blacksmith than to pass the mantle to a lesser-skilled generation.
    Special thanks to former apprentice Eric Chevallier of

    *Update: A lot of people are asking me whether Sasuke still takes apprentices. Short answer is I don't know - but to my knowledge he currently is not training anyone. You'll have to physically ask him yourself in Sakai City and of course speak Japanese. His contact details are:
    'The Japanese Artisan Series' is a non-commercial project by Edwin Lee (Hong Kong) in collaboration with One Ocean Partners (Singapore). It focuses on documenting little-known but highly skilled artisans and tradespeople across Japan centering on themes of tradition and succession. With Japan's ageing population, low birth rate and reluctance of young workers to enter such niche industries, these people's traditional skills are in danger of being lost.

    Other films:
    'The Spirit of Noh':
    'The Art of Imono':
    'Wasabia Japonica':
    'The Scent of Sakai':
    'The Art of Musk Melon':

    Music: 'Hometown Hero' by Paperchaser. Licensed from Musicbed.
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    Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f4 / Sony Zeiss 12mm f2.8 / Zeiss ZF 50mm f1.4 / Nikon 100mm f2.8
    Beholder DS1 gimbal

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  • The World of Japanese Knife Sharpening, with Craft Master Kiyu Hirose - Japan Craft Masters


    Come along with me as I dive into the world of knife sharpening in Japan, to visit a knife specialist, Hirose-san, at his locally-famous shop Sanshodo, in Otsu city, Shiga prefecture.

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    If you find yourself in the area, stop by and see Hirose-san's selection of high quality domestically hand made knives at very reasonable prices.
    Check out their website in English here:

    Video, music, and editing work by me, Ben Reiter.

    Echizen Uchihamono's Knife Making Process:
    The 19 Steps shown in the video:
    1) 地金 (Jigane) - Unprocessed metal
    2) 鋼 (Hagane) - Steel
    3) 地金割 (Jiganewari) - Splitting the unprocessed metal.
    4) 割込み (Warikomi) - The Wedging Process, where the steel part (2) is inserted into the casing of unprocessed softer metal (1)
    5) 沸し付け (Wakashitzuke) - Forge Welding, where the metals are heated to a high temperature and hammered together.
    6) 半型取り (Hangatatori) - Forging a half shape.
    7) 中子取り (Nakagotori) - Forging the core, or tang, of the blade.
    8) 二枚広げ (Nimaihiroge) - Widening two sheets, where two sheets formed in the previous steps are hammered and fused together.
    9) 焼なまし (Yakinamashi) - Annealing, where the metal is heated to around 800 degrees C, and the stress points of the knife are made uniform. After that, the blade is cooled.
    10) ベト落とし (Betootoshi) - Removing the pits and divets.
    11) 荒ならし (Aranarashi) - Rough leveling
    12) 裁ち廻し (Tachimawashi) - Trimming, where the knife is cut into its desired shape and unnecessary bits are removed.
    13) 本ならし (Honnarashi) - Main leveling
    14) 摺り廻し (Surimawashi) - Sanding, where a belt sander is used to create a smooth surface of the entire knife.
    15) 焼入れ (Yakiire) - Tampering, where the knife is hardened by heating to a high temperature.
    16) 荒研ぎ (Aratogi) - Rough sharpening, where a grindstone is used to create the first form of the blade edge.
    17) 縦研ぎ (Tatetogi) - Vertical Sharpening
    18) バフ研磨 (Bafukenma) - Buffing
    19) 仕上げ (Shiage) - Finishing

    And there you have it!

  • Why Japanese Chef’s Knives Are So Expensive | So Expensive


    #japanese #knives
    Japanese chef’s knives are some of the most expensive knives in the world. Just one knife produced at Takamura Hamono in Echizen, Japan can cost $900. Echizen has been the center of Japanese knife making for hundreds of years, and today, it’s where many artisans spend decades learning to make high-quality cutlery. At Takamura Hamono, artisans spend over 10 years learning how to properly hammer, sharpen, and polish each blade. The knives are used in many of the world’s best restaurants, including noma in Copenhagen and Le Bernardin in New York City.

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  • Top 5 Japanese Knives of 2021


    Top 5 Japanese Knives of 2021. Today on the Knifewear channel Naoto Fujimoto will showcase the best Japanese knives available at Each person has their own opinion of the best Japanese chef knives. Naoto is a professional buyer of handmade Japanese chef knives. So we trust him with our knives!

    For all of your knife, sharpening, and kitchen related needs, head to

    Or visit Knifewear stores in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, or Vancouver.

    Top 5 Japanese Knives 2021:

    Nigara SG2 Kurouchi Tsuchime Wa Santoku 180mm:

    Yoshimi Kato SG2 Black Damascus SG2 240mm Gyuto:

    Masashi Shiroshu 240mm Kiritsuke:

    Takamura Cromax 210mm Gyuto:

    Sakai Kikumori Shiroichi Honyaki Fujiyama Hamon Yanagiba 300mm:

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  • Rare Emperor Japanese Sword Lords of the Blades Ep.4


    Rare Emperor Japanese Sword ($700 000) Lords of the Blades Ep.4
    in this new episode of Lords of the Blades you gonna see really a Rare Emperor Japanese Sword worth more like $700 000 but some things are just not for sale! Enjoy and if you have more questions let us know.

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  • How To Use Every Japanese Knife | Method Mastery | Epicurious


    Grab your sharpening stone and come to attention because class is in session! Join Christine Lau, executive chef at Kimika in New York City, as she demonstrates how to expertly use every style of Japanese knife. Professional chefs around the world recognize the unique quality and utility of traditional Japanese kitchen knives and as Christine says - once you buy one, you immediately want another. Learn the basics of each style and begin researching your new obsession today.

    Special Thanks to Chubo Knives for providing handcrafted knives and expertise.

    00:00 Introduction
    00:39 Knife Tools
    01:55 Gyutou
    03:02 Santoku
    04:06 Kiritsuke
    04:45 Bunka
    06:04 Petty
    07:09 Paring
    08:08 Nakiri
    09:17 Usuba
    10:26 Deba
    12:13 Yanagi
    14:06 Kakimuki
    15:24 Sujihiki
    17:19 Honesuki
    21:13 Hankotsu

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    How To Use Every Japanese Knife | Method Mastery | Epicurious

  • JAPANESE KNIFE - First Time Japanese Knife Buyers Guide


    Hey folks! As always thanks for tuning in, today we're going to talk about the things you should consider when looking to upgrade to your first Japanese knife. We'll briefly touch on the topics such as the common shapes and what they're for the different types of steels and maintenance levels, and what to expect when buying a knife online with us. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

    You can see our selection of knives and sharpening accessories here:

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    Instagram: @sharp_knifeshop

  • $5 Rusty Japanese Knife Restoration


    Rusty Japanese Knife Restoration Video
    I found this knife from japan recycle shop for 5$. I think it is easy to restore, but it's not like that. This knife is made from harden steel, so take a lot time to make it sharp. However I really love this knife after the restoration.
    I hope you find something useful & enjoy this video!
    I am happy to receive your feedback, advice, suggestions to improve myself.
    !!! I apologize for the mistake if I have made in this restoration !!!
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  • Sakashita Katsumi: Master Knife Sharpener


    This job was full of hardships, but I never once thought of quitting.
    A professional knife sharpener shares his passion for his craft.

    Watch more videos here:

  • Best Japanese Style Knife On a Budget $40-$70 | 8 Gyuto Comparison


    Today we'll find out the question I have been asked many times. What's the best knife to get on a budget? Looking at 3 different knives, all the same type, 8 gyuto.


    Amazon is out of stock on the forge to table $72 knife. BUT they saw my video and contacted me and gave me a discount code you guys can use on their website! 15% off Code OUTDOORCHEFLIFE

    $40 knife by Simple Song
    $45 knife by Famcute
    $72 knife by Forge to Table
    Cutting Board


    Buy Outdoor Chef Life Merch
    Music from Epidemicsound:

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  • WOOTZ steel from IRON powder . Making a japanese NAKIRI knife


    WOOTZ steel from IRON powder . Making a japanese NAKIRI knife
    In this video, we wanted to show how you can make damask steel from iron powder. Then forge the Japanese nakiri kitchen knife.
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    00:00 Loading the crucible
    00:50 Removing the ingot
    01:29 Ingot forging
    05:00 Blade hardening
    05:30 locksmith the workpiece
    07:25 handle making
    11:40 overview of the finished knife

    #knifemaking #wootzsteel #forging #fzmakingknives

  • Sakai Mukimono Japanese Knife with saya.


    Unagi in Japanese is eel. So this cool looking knife is built to fillet eels. The sharp tip of the knife is inserted into the eel near the head, and then moved along the body of the eel to open up the entire length of the fish. Many variations of this basic blade exist but the generic name for all of the above is still Unagisaki. There are local styles that differ significantly for different cities in Japan like Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto. The Sakai Unagi shown here is called an Edosaki.

    Each blade is fitted with a traditional Ho wood oval handle with a buffalo horn ferrule. A custom wood saya and pin are included. The fit and finish of these knives is first-rate and we are proud to be able to add this traditional carbon steel Japanese knife line to our Richmond Sakai brand.

    Maker: Sakai Blacksmith
    Sakai Japan
    Construction: Ni Mai, Tradition Right-Sided Grind
    Cladding: Soft Iron
    Edge Steel: White #2 Carbon Steel
    Weight: 7.8 ounces
    Blade Length at Spine: 210mm
    Overall Length: 330
    Thickness at Heel: 5.5 mm
    Blade Height: 46 mm
    Saya: Ho Wood and is Included

  • So You Want to Buy Your First Japanese Chef Knife?


    With over 20 years experience with Japanese chef knives, Oakridge BBQ's Owner and Master Blender Michael Trump gives his recommendations for what he thinks you should pick for your first Japanese chef knife.

    Links from Video:

  • Why Japanese Knives Are The Best


    Touring Japan and visiting the world’s best knife makers
    Yu Kurosaki Nigara Moritaka
    Masamoto Zanmai

    Patreon Sharpening Kit

    Top Picks Amazon Picks
    * Disclosure : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

    My Site

    0:00 who makes the best chef knives
    0:14 different types of Japanese knife makers
    0:19 mini knife factories - artisan knife makers
    0:25 nigara knives - some of my favorite knives
    1:45 moritaka knives - amazing value knives
    2:00 the best kurouchi finish on a knife
    2:22 yoshikane knives are undervalued
    3:00 why “artisan” products cost more money
    3:15 small Japanese knife factories
    3:45 sakai takayuki - of of the best Japanese knife makers
    3:55 knives by Itsuo Doi
    4:35 ryusen knives
    4:55 medium sized knife factories
    5:17 zanmai knives - knives with best fit and finish in seki Japan
    5:25 Yaxell Japanese knife factory
    6:45 Japan knife quality
    7:29 Global Knives - Japanese Mega knife factories
    8:07 why knives from Japan are the best in the world
    8:29 why i love Japanese knives

  • The worlds hardest kitchen knife forging process and shovel and sickle manufacturing process


    The world's hardest kitchen knife forging process and shovel and sickle manufacturing process
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  • Process of making Katana kitchen knives - Japan Quality


    Please see below for the details

    The Katana Kitchen Knife, made with the same high carbon steel, is crafted in the exact same way a Japanese Katana Sword, made by a sword smith, is made.

    The Katana Sword is made from pure iron sand, however these days people use iron ore. We personally make high quality steel from iron sand, and are passionate about making real, high quality Katana knives.

    All hand crafted! All steel Honyaki Knifes

    We make the knives in the same way as a traditional Katana Sword, finishing with a beautiful tempered lines on the blade. We finish by checking and testing the quality of each individual knife to insure we sell only the highest quality product.

    Please enjoy the feel and use of our beautifully crafted Katana Kitchen Knives.

  • Why Damascus Knives Can Take 2 Years To Make


    Today, I made a knife by hand. Well, along with the help of a world-class Master Bladesmith. It's an extremely unique and fascinating practice, and I really enjoyed learning the basics behind the craft. We started the day with a few small pieces of steel and ended with the most beautiful knife I've ever seen...a true work of art. Some aspects of the process are intuitive, while others (for instance, the fact that the knife is soaked in instant coffee to achieve contrast in the Damascus pattern) are rather surprising.

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  • Wootz KATANA from bearing balls


    Wootz katana from bearing balls is the longest and most complex project of ours. The bearing ball ingot was very hard to forge and was very large. Its weight was 1410 grams. After it was possible to forge an ingot, it had to be polished on a grinding machine and shaped into a blank. We made hardening on charcoal. Manual grinding of the katana took us two days. We made the handle from brass and hornbeam wood. They covered the handle of the katana with red leather and braided it. The damask katana made from bearing balls turned out to be razor sharp, since the blade was sharpened to zero. If you like how we make a katana from bearing balls, subscribe to the channel, like it. And don't forget to share the video with your friends.
    Thanks for watching, everyone.

    Making Wootz KATANA from bearing balls :
    00:00 start
    01:15 steel ingot
    02:00 Forging an ingot
    07:00 katana hardening
    08:20 locksmith katana
    09:28 manual sharpening
    10:10 Making habaki
    11:15 making a tsuba
    12:32 handle
    14:27 Blade pickling
    14:50 katana assembly
    #wootzsteel # wootzblade # forging

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  • $3000 Japanese Samourai Kitchen Knife | John Quilter




    Doug has very kindly agreed to give you guys a discount if you want to but this knife. Just shoot him an email and he'll get back to you.


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    I'm a British chef, entrepreneur and make films about food on YouTube. I used to run restaurants and even had my own. On this channel you'll learn restaurant food from the best chefs from around the world.  And Ill show you how to recreate it for yourself at home

    Increase the peace.


    $3000 Japanese Samourai Kitchen Knife | John Quilter

    John Quilter

  • Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors


    When it comes to Japanese craftsmanship, knives often get all the glory. But in the city of Sakai, where traditional metalwork goes back centuries, there is one man who has built his legacy on something a little different. Master blacksmith Yasuhiro Hirakawa is the only traditional scissor maker left in Japan. Using ancient methods, Hirakawa’s legendary scissors can take four times longer to forge than a traditional knife. To buy one of his creations can set you back a hefty amount—his most expensive pair of scissors cost $35,000. For bonsai craftsmen like Masakazu Yoshikawa, however, it’s a small price to pay for the chance to work with the highest quality tools.

    This Great Big Story video was inspired by Genesis.


    #Japan #SmallBusiness #Bonsai

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  • WOOTZ steel from tool bits | Making a CHOPPING knife


    In this video, we cook Woots steel from tool bits. From the ingot that turned out we make a chopping knife . We decided to make the handle for the knife from a particularly durable material - carbon. The scabbard for a knife is made of Kydex manufactured in the USA. The dimensions of this knife can be viewed by clicking on the link below in our store.
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    #knifemaking #wootzsteel #forging #fzmakingknives
    WOOTZ steel from tool bits | Making a CHOPPING knife


    00:00 Start
    00:30 Loading the chainsaw chain
    01:48 Removing the ingot Wootz
    02:30 Ingot forging
    08:30 Blade hardening
    09:00 Locksmith
    11:30 manufacture of the handle from carbon
    16:30 making a scabbard from kydex
    18:30 Knife testing and review



    Have you ever wondered where the steel in your knife comes from? In this video TC and Isaac take a trip to Syracuse and Buffalo New York to visit Crucible Industries and Niagara Specialty Metals. If you have ever heard of CPM-S35VN or any CPM product, it came straight from Crucible Industries. After it leaves Crucible Industries, those metal slabs are sent to Niagara Specialty Metals to be shaped and sent out to knife manufacturers. This video will help explain the process that goes into making some of your favorite knives. If you have a favorite blade steel, let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching!

    For Knives in...
    CPM 20CV-
    CPM S30V-
    CPM S35VN-

    CPM 154-
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  • The Difference Between German or Japanese Chef Knives | The Euge Food | This or That


    Should I buy a German Knife or a Japanese Knife?

    Fair warning, this is only my opinion and this is only at the most basic level.

    If you are a full blown newbie, I would go for a German knife because they are cheaper and more durable and great to learn on.

    If you have been cooking for a while and are looking for an upgrade, go Japanese with the western finish. This means you will get most of the Japanese profiles without the rust and constant maintenance.

    If you plan on going the Japanese route, I would strongly recommend either getting a sharpening stone or finding a professional sharpener in your town. There is no point in spending money on an expensive knife without plan for maintenance. Kinda like buying a Ferrari with the intent of never seeing a mechanic.

    If you have any in depths questions about this video and knives, feel free to comment or hit me up on any of my socials.

    Let's be friends!

    Please take a look at my online store, these are tools and gadgets that I actually use and approve of that will make you that much better in your kitchen.

    Kitchen Store:

    Full disclosure, I do make a tiny commission from my store. I do spend a lot of time producing content for free, so if I bring you any value at all. Please take a look. Thank you for your support!

  • How Carbon Steel Woks are Forged by Hand — Handmade


    At Smithey Ironware Co., Robert Thomas and Annie Cole Arthur combine age-old blacksmithing techniques with technology used in the aerospace and automotive industries to create beautiful, lightweight, high-functioning carbon steel woks, all by hand.

    Producer: Carla Francescutti
    Director: John Barnhardt
    Camera: John Barnhardt, Kristina Crum
    Editor: Carla Francescutti

    Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
    Development Producer: McGraw Wolfman
    Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
    Audience Engagement: Daniel Geneen, Terri Ciccone
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  • Knife Making - Kiritsuke || Japanese Kitchen Knife


    Handmade japanese kitchen knife from N690 high carbon stainless steel and sycamore spalt handle with titan spacers. There I try to show all steps of this knife making.

    00:00 - observing steel plate and glueing the template
    00:41 - cutting blank from steel plate
    02:07 - shaping blank with belt grinder
    02:41 - flat grinding the blank
    03:19 - making bevel
    04:13 - sanding the blade
    05:28 - fitting the blade near the handle
    06:18 - sawing a wooden bar
    06:37 - driling handle parts
    07:48 - fitting parts of the handle
    08:24 - glueing handle
    09:02 - shaping handle with belt grinder
    10:09 - sanding and polishing handle
    10:58 - sharping the blade
    11:34 - knife overview

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  • Old Rusty Knife Restoration / Deba Knife / Japanese Knife - Restoration and Sharpening - chef knife


    Another old and rusty knife for Restoration Project, I will make a custom handle for this knife. The polishing and sharpening takes a lot of time for this type of blade. I apologize if I have some mistakes during the restoration.
    I hope you enjoy this video.
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  • Making Japanese knives - knife forging by Master Blacksmi...


    Watch in awe - knife forging techniques - Japanese knives by Master Keijiro Doi, produced by Chefs Armoury

  • Rusty Japanese Chef Knife Restoration Project


    For this restoration project, we chose an old Japanese Deba knife that we found on Ebay. The whole process, we tried to do traditionally & keep its original look. For the perfect finish, we made a Zebrano wood custom-made handle. #totallyhandy

  • Discover Traditional Craftsmanship in the Japanese Knife Capital Sakai | Eighty Days Japan


    The city of Sakai is known as the knife capital of Osaka, with a deeply rooted tradition of craftsmanship found within the ateliers of multi-generation scissor craftsmen, such as Hirakawa Yasuhiro. His work in creating traditional knives and specialist scissors is cherished by locals such as landscape gardener Yoshikawa Masakazu, who uses the hand-crafted bonsai shears made by Hirakawa in his everyday work. Meet these two extraordinary craftsmen in a exclusive tour of Sakai city with Eighty Days Japan.

    Visit Senshu:

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  • HUUSK Knives: The Actual Worst


    Good gravy its bricky on things

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  • Huusk Japan Knife Review - Is This Worth Buying for Regular Kitchen Use?


    Here we take an in-depth look at the controversial Huusk Japan Knife or giving it its full name, the Huusk Japan Premium Control Knife. You can order these from the official Huusk website of which we are not affiliated with. We purchased our Huusk knife using our own money, and found that a lot of people are calling foul or crying scam. Take a look at our full review for the complete picture regarding these cool looking knives (also known as JapaKnives, Viking Knives (insert name here).

    0:00 Intro
    0:23 Huusk Website Claims
    0:48 Trustpilot Reviews
    1:31 Our Experience With Huusk Japan Shipping
    2:44 Is the product a scam?
    3:10 Unboxing & Specifications
    4:18 Impressions & usage
    6:18 Closing Thoughts

    For the record, HUUSK JAPAN is merely a company name, the website never claims the knives are Japanese or even made in Japan. Anyone can make a company like that, so for example, I could make a company RobCram Japan. I think most people then might assume I am related to Japan in some way. If you look on the website it does not make any reference or claims of the knives being MADE IN JAPAN. These are details that most people overlook. The only reference to Japan is inspired by Centuries-old Japanese knife making traditions. That's a totally throwaway remark and means NOTHING.

    The small print in the Huusk Terms of Service:

    1.7. Please be noted that our products are manufactured and will be delivered to you from China. Thus depending on the laws applicable in the country of your residence, your purchased products might be subject to import duties, sales or VAT tax, and/or other taxes.

    2.3. Please be noted that our Goods are not designed and are not suitable for industrial, commercial or professional use. We sell our Goods for personal use only.

    Question remains then, what do you get for the money asked? Well, watch the video and find out.

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  • Masamoto KS: Worlds Most Wanted Japanese Knife


    I just got gifted the knife that everyone in the knife world wants.
    The Masamoto KS is one of the most sought after knives in the world.

    They have an amazing cutting profile, and made of white#2 steel, and are extremely hard to find and get. These are considered collector's knives, and sell for many times more than suggested retail price. See how you can get your hands on these knives.

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    Items in video
    Masamoto KS -

  • See how a Japanese Swordsmith forge a Katana


    Rediscover Tours gives you a chance to know Japan in depth. We can arrange any kind of activity carefully selected by our team.

    While staying in rural Kyoto, one of the best experiences is to visit Yuya Nakanishi, a real Japanese swordsmith.

    In his forge you can make your own Japanese knife, learn how Katana are made and how to appreciate them. Watch the light reflecting on the blade, discover every detail carefully created by hand; first the Hamon or blade pattern; then the Hada or steel grain and finally the inscription, Mei in Japanese.

    We hope this video made you want to learn more about Japan and that you will look at the katana with new eyes and communicate with its soul.

    For more Great Tours in Japan:

  • Best Japanese Knives on Amazon


    ????1. Shun Classic Chef’s Knife. ►►
    ????2. KUMA Chef Knife. ►►
    ????3. Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife. ►►
    ????4. YOSHIHIRO Japanese Chefs Knife. ►►
    ????5. Shun Cutlery Premier Knife. ►►
    ????6. Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife. ►►
    ????7. Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife. ►►

    The Guide to Best Japanese Knives

    Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list.
    Our complete review, including our selection for the year's #Best_japanese_knives, is exclusively available on

    --------------- WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS ---------------

    Best knife Sharpener 2021 || Best knife Sharpener Amazon

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    Top 5 Best Knife Sharpener Reviews

    The Best Chef Knife || Best Knife For Kitchen

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  • Kamikoto Knife Unboxing And Honest First Impressions The Good Bad And Ugly


    Disclaimer I'm not sponsored by anyone for my reviews and these are my opinions as average consumer, I have been in contact with Kamikoto and they said was going to look into the distribution point and said if was any issues with the knives they would be happy to send replacements.
    I will try them out and make another follow up video about quality, I'm on fence about the one that has the bent blade, easy enough to fix but would not have left factory in that condition for what they charge.

    Im Sorry So long but i feel only fair that you the viewer have un edited first look at how things come instead of wondering if was sugar coated.

    If your so inclined you can use the code i found MONDAY for 50% off your purchase at

    The Origins of Kamikoto

    We set out to develop a single bevel Japanese steel knife that we would be proud to use and gift to our friends. For us, knives are a matter of heritage, craft and skill. We sought the counsel of Japanese blade experts and multigenerational Japanese knife smithing families to create knives that could win the appreciation of the best chefs in the world and knife enthusiasts alike.

    Each blade pays tribute to the centuries-old craft of knifemaking, and is handcrafted with precise attention and care, employing traditional skills handed down by expert knifemakers through the centuries. Kamikoto is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and sources its steel from select and carefully chosen steel mills on Honshu 本州 island, from the prefectures of Niigata 新潟市, Ibaraki 茨城県and Kanagawa 神奈川県, among others. Kamikoto knives are solemn blades made for a lifetime, crafted for chefs and knife enthusiasts.

    A Process Refined over Generations

    The oldest katana 刀 were hot-drop forged – blacksmiths drew swords from a blazing furnace and painstakingly beat it into shape with a hammer. This technique strengthened the metal to exceptional hardness. In forges of this age, metal is cut, then heated to strengthen and harden the blade. Kamikoto knives are made from high quality steel from Honshu 本州, Japan – a steel with high corrosion resistance and durability. In the Kamikoto forge, steel is heated up to 1922°F for two hours and annealed at 392°F for two hours. This strengthens the steel and diminishes the flexibility of the blade – to ensure the knife keeps its edge for longer. The blade stays firm when held against a whetstone. Such blades are prized because they sharpen well, and last a lifetime.

    Kamikoto’s 19-Step Practice

    Each Kamikoto knife goes through a rigorous 19-step process that takes several years from start to finish to complete. With more than 100 years of experience between them, our expert bladesmiths forge and shape raw steel into hardy blades, polishing and sharpening them to an excruciatingly fine edge. Each blade is individually inspected before it leaves our workshop, ensuring that every single Kamikoto knife stays true to the Japanese legacy of crafting single-bevel Japanese steel knives of an exceptional quality. Kamikoto knives are a study in skill; you feel the spirit of the craft in every piece.

    Fully versed in traditional blade-making practices, Kamikoto's blades are handmade by a select group of experienced craftsmen in Niigata, Japan, where blacksmithing can be traced back to before the Edo period, as well as in Yanjiang, China – a town with over 1,000 years of knife and sword making heritage. Today, Yanjiang is the leading center of Japanese-style knife forging, polishing and balancing – where the Japanese legacy is preserved, and carried on, with reverence for the skill of the knifesmiths who evolved this craft centuries ago.

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  • Why Buy $1000 of Vintage Japanese Knives for Restoration?


    Restoring vintage rusty Japanese Knives
    My Trusted e-store
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    Amazon Picks
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    0:00 $1000 of rusty Japanese knives
    1:00 vintage Japanese knives
    1:28 carbon steel yanagiba
    2:04 kurouchi santoku
    2:52 rusty santoku
    3:06 takohiki
    3:30 aritsugu or Masamoto
    5:13 high quality yanagiba
    6:00 rusty high quality yanagiba
    7:03 vintage Masamoto yanagiba
    8:43 classic yanagiba
    9:13 vintage nakiri
    9:53 professional deba knife
    10:37 petty utility knife
    11:00 nakiri knife
    11:55 yanagiknife
    12:29 deba knife
    13:03 usuba knife
    13:28 how to keep busy
    13:42 raising money for charity
    13:56 what not to cut with knife
    14:48 $1000 knife box

  • MAKING SUSHI KNIFE - Forging a Japanese Sushi Knife out of Rusted BEARING


    Thank you for watching.
    I hope you like my work and the video.

    #Forging #knifemaking #Sushi

  • WOOTZ steel from the CABLE . Japanese kitchen KNIFE


    In this video we will make damask steel from a rope. Then we will make a Japanese kitchen knife from an ingot of steel. I wish you all a pleasant viewing. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification of new videos ... If you liked the video, put it like) ...

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    Wootz steel from the cable . Japanese kitchen knife

  • Best Japanese Knife Set in 2021 – For The Home Kitchen Cook!


    Best Japanese Knife Set
    Japanese kitchen knives have become a favorite among both professional and amateur chefs. They are super sharp, lightweight, and thin and help make preparing food more enjoyable and easier. Watch this video for our favorite models.


    Best Seller in 2021 ►►

    Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list.

    Our complete review, including our selection for the year's #Best_Japanese_Knife_Set , is exclusively available on #knifesharpenerguy

    These Best Japanese Knife Set Video Buying Guide Included Products Are:

    1. EUNA Japanese Knife Set

    2. Ross Henery Professional Japanese Knife Set

    3. Kyoku Japanese Knife Set

    4. Yarenh Japanese Knife Set

    5. Rachael Ray Japanese Knife Set

    6. TUO Japanese Knife Set

    7. DFITO Japanese Knife Set

    8. CHUZHEN Japanese Knife Set

    9. Hajegato Japanese Knife Set

    10. YARENH 4 Pcs Japanese Knife Set

    Nothing can make precision cuts better than Japanese knives. These knives are known for their unique and beautiful designs. Every kitchen in a five-star hotel has the best Japanese knife set.

    These knives can preserve the flavor and the texture of the food. They can cut very thin slices without destroying the structure of the food. These are powerhouse knives but they are delicate and can chip when not used properly. That’s why most chefs use this knife.

    That’s why if you’re looking into venturing into Japanese cutlery, you need to buy the best brands. And we are here to help you pick out the best from the bunch. Our comprehensive review will help you pick the best knife set that can transform your home into a 5-star kitchen.

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  • Forging a Damascus Japanese Sushi Knife


    Available Artworks:

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    In this knife making video we're tackling a complicated and beautiful damascus Japanese sushi knife. The knife is made from a beautiful high layer raindrop damascus that we make from scratch in the video. This is not a traditional or historically accurate build, it's simply my modern take on the piece. Enjoy the process and thank you for watching!

  • How to sharpen a single-bevel knife Sharpening Knife Techniques Japanese Knives Shimomura


    How to sharpen a single-bevel knife Sharpening Knife Techniques Japanese Kitchen Knives
    Shimomura Industrial

    Japan Tsubame Sanjo kitchen knife

  • Hamon Basics


    Blade smith Walter Sorrells talks hamons -- theory and practice. Hamons have moved from traditional Japanese swords and knives to modern blades. See how they work and how they're made.

    More at:

    Learn to make Japanese swords:
    Support us on Patreon:
    Tactix Armory:
    Walter's Instagram: walterstactix
    Tactix Armory Instagram: tactixarmory
    Twitter: @WalterSorrells



    Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife, Fishing Knife, Meat Cleaver, Outdoor Cooking, Butcher Knife

    Product link below;

    Music in this video:
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  • Miura Knives Shop in Japan


    Miura Knives shop in Japan
    We can ship anywhere all over the world.

    If you are looking for japanese kitchen knives you have found the right place .Miura Knives is a duty free shop located in Nagoya city ,Osu district,Japan. We are open everyday,from 10 to 19 o’clock.Our japanese kitchen knife store has a big selection of japanese knives brands and whetstones. We can also ship our products worldwide by EMS,SAL or DHL express.

  • Kitchen knives Spyderco Kanetsune Tsubazo Santoku Gyutou Made in Japan


    Kitchen knives Spyderco Kanetsune Tsubazo Santoku Gyutou Made in Japan



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